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Abstract: based on data Purbalingga Region of family planning acceptors in 2009 recorded an intra uterine device (IUD) ranks

fourth highest of the using contraceptives as many as 12,281 the number of acceptors. This facts contrasts with the number of IUD acceptors at the health center of karangmoncol Purbalingga, it is 231 acceptors compare with the number of existing 8.041 acceptors. This study aims to determine knowledge about the IUD acceptors by age, educational level, and level of income by using cross sectional approach. Samples numbered 70 family planning acceptors. The results show most knowledegeable about the IUD acceptors 52,9% (37 acceptors). Respondent aged between 20 35 years is quite knowledgeable, mostly educated with basic education about 47,2% (33 acceptors), the majority of income > Rp 695.000 sufficiently knowledgeable 32,9% (23 acceptors). After research conducted found that the respondents about their level of knowledge of an intra uterine device (IUD) in Region Health Center in Karangmoncol of Purbalingga most have less knowledge level as much as 37 acceptors (52,9%)