FERRERO INDIA (Redefinition of Marketing Strategy) Nupur Khanna Pallab Roy Pankaj Giri Parshant Mittal Parul Patawari Pooja Sharma MIB-I semester .

including mainly: chocolate spread. A wide & complex portfolio of products. pralines. • Be unique! Never copy anyone else. then • Manufacture with the most modern technology.000 employees. today Ferrero International is the world’s fourthlargest companies in the confectionery Market : 16 plants & 36 commercial companies all around the world.000 crores of turnover in 2006. The original Ferrero philosophy was based on a few simple principles: • Use only the highest-quality ingredients.Ferrero: An Introduction Ferrero is company founded in 1946 in Alba. cold tea & chilled chocolate products. heterogeneous and highly fragmented markets with some major . 35. Originally from pastry shop. 20. Ferrero in Europe & in India The European confectionery industries are very competitive. candies. bakery. chocolate snack eggs with surprise.

The . Tic Tac. Kinder Surprise. About two third of the entire market is satisfied by the top ten western European confectionary companies (67%). Chocolate products clearly dominate the confectionery scene followed by sugar confectionery.players leading the industry in nearly all countries involved in this business meeting. Nutella. Italy and Spain alone account for 74% of the total Western European confectionery market leaving only a share of 26% which is spread across the remaining European countries. Happy Hippo. Ferrero Rocher and more. France. chocolate outlines and chewing gum as shows the table below: - Segment distribution Varieties of Products available in Europe: . Kinder Bueno. Germany. Giotto.There is a wide range of products available in European confectionery market like Ferrero Prestige.The five largest Western European countries including the UK.

Perfetti Van Melle and Ferrero. Segment wise distribution of Indian confectionery market 325. 68% MINT/CHEWING GUMS CHOCOLATES BARS CHOCOLATES COUNT SUGAR BOILED CONFECTIONERY . Nestle. TIC TAC: small candies of different flavours. 12% 250. 9% 2000. FERRERO ROCHER: leaders in Europe are Cadbury. Ferrero entered India in 2006 with 4 products of its range: NUTELLA : the world famous chocolate spread. whole roasted hazelnut & crispy wafer. KINDER JOY:chocolate snack egg with surprise inside. combination of creamy milky chocolate. 11% 350.

Lotte and Wrigley’s are swinging in to action with new marketing strategies backed by investment to grab largest share of Indian confectionery market. to allow FDI in India as compared to previous years. . Perfetti Van Melle.Indian confectionery market is expanding like never before as the local subsidiaries of global confectionery majors like Cadbury. lack of infrastructure causes complexities in distribution and transportation. More liberal policies of govt. The small shopkeepers play an important role in the distribution of products. The Indian market is scattered into small areas. About seventy percent of confectionery market is based in the urban areas. Availability of cheap labor. Mainly sugar-boiled confectionery products dominate Indian market. Salient features of Indian confectionery markets: The size of Indian confectionery market is growing at the rate of 15 to 20 % annually.

FOR COMPLETE REPORT AND DOWNLOADING VISIT HTTP://PAKISTANMBA. they have a sense of taste as well and they would like to use Ferrero products as a status symbol in different occasions like Valentine’s Day. These people know about different brands and are demand a superior product.Issues faced by Ferrero in India: Target market: Urban middle-high class people should be targeted because of the purchasing power this population possesses. Mother’s Day. Holi. Rakshya Bandhan. Moreover.JIMDO.COM . Deewali and many more.

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