Project Server Utilty Links

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Project.QueueAddToProject Method

Project.QueueUpdateProjectTeam Method

Project.QueueCheckInProject Method

Project.QueueAddToProject Method

Project.QueuePublish Method

Project.ReadProjectStatus Method

Project - Correct algorithm to create Project using PSI

Error:ProjectResourceNotFound coming while using QueueUpdateProjectTeam().

problem with PSI - UpdateProjectTeam

I'm getting error GeneralOnlyInsertsAllowed' when trying to add a new task to a project

Equivalent PSI Methods

com/en-us/library/ms487478(  PSI: Find out the GUID of the current user http://geekswithblogs.12).net/MTex/archive/2008/02/06/119326.aspx . PDS and PSI Code Examples http://msdn.

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