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Published by: mario freire da silva junior on Mar 14, 2012
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Available at select retail partners, physicians & spas.


www.robertocavalli.com .


Ph. Reproduction by photographic or any method will be treated as willful violation of the copyright laws. She has a feline grace and the energy of a rebellious creature. She moves the world and makes heads turn. Some women wait for the world to move them.D. she turns her excesses into elegance.robertocavalli. Her apparitions become events. and Jenny Rushmore. She does not go unnoticed.com Some women just wait to be noticed. She is uncontrollable. She is an enchanting woman who inspires the creator and enables him to imagine the silhouette and the motifs of a fragrance that dresses a woman like a fabric.FEBRUARY 2012 • VOLUME 96 • NUMBER 2 BEAUTY FASHION On the cover: ® BEAUTY FASHION www. She is the Roberto Cavalli Woman. Sexy. sophisticated.com ® FEBRUARY 2012 . www.beautyfashion. Some women wait to be tamed. P&G Beauty & Grooming CEW Discusses How To Connect To The Hispanic Consumer Nugent Helms Derm-Driven Elayda™ NPD Reviews 2011 Beauty Sales Marc Rosen Authors Book On Glamour Suppliers Directory 27 29 30 32 33 34 32 36 37 38 53 © 2012 BY BEAUTY FASHION. THE NEW FRAGRANCE FOR HER AT-COUNTER 31 35 CounterCulture CounterClothes THEBEAUTYBIZ 10 16 27 29 The Beauty Flash Industry Ear AHAVA Reborn Face Forward KAPLAN MD Skincare Delivers Results At Bergdorf Goodman Suppliers Strategize For New Business Challenges PCPC Assembles In Naples Hot Topic: Natural Ingredients In Beauty Products -Scott Heid. Her life is a scene on which she plays with glamour and charisma. No reproduction of material contained herein without express permission of the copyright owner.


BEAUTY FASHION ® FEBRUARY 2012 • VOLUME 96 • NUMBER 2 20 FOREIGNCORRESPONDENTS 39 Beauty Australia -Andrea Ferrari REGIONALCORRESPONDENTS 40 Spotlight On Dallas Beauty -Normita Joven THEPARTYSCENE 20 On The Avenue 34 THELATESTLAUNCHES 23 Top Shelf EVERYMONTH 8 10 12 Editorial ComingUp Calendar 35 .

from discovery through development. to the emotional pleasure and celebration of the final product. www.givaudan.Experience the excitement of our creative process. Join us and enjoy the journey.com .

I will have this printed in blue. Word is that participation is robust and hotel rooms are scarce—but not as bad as Indianapolis. there will be even more new additions that we will have missed…alas the nature of the beast. as well as the annual suppliers’ review. This year’s edition is being held in Naples just after President’s Day weekend. I am sure this will be the subject of much of the unofficial conversation in Naples this year.EDiTORiAL In addition to my daughter Abby turning 21 years old this month. George Ledes President and CEO F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 8 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . the European community. We start this year on a good note from the domestic market but there are overriding concerns about the global market. I trust that as an industry we can continue to grow and evolve in this dramatically changing economic and retail environment. February holds another long withstanding event: the annual Personal Care Products Council meeting. Of course. and in particular. Of course. Please note that beyond the standard fare of PCPC-related articles in this issue. we have added a special section on skincare. I have my fingers crossed for a strong Valentine’s Day showing. as soon as this is written. by the time this is read we will know the outcome…lest there be any doubt. new technologies and new players. This ever-burgeoning category continues unabated with new launches.


sampling and when to contact them. Aziza Agrebi. Carol Dociotto. state-of-the-art installation on the beauty floor of Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship store in Manhattan. The store has information on consumers and their purchase patterns. The launch was celebrated at Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York City flagship store with a series of special events including Dior’s Celebrity Makeup Artist Ricky Wilson’s appearances on January 7 and 8. Vice President Marketing. we reassure her that it doesn’t have to be [applied] Dior’s Joshua Grant applies in an extreme look. Wilson Dior Beauty filled Saks’ beauty floor with music. Le Gloan (4th l.La Prairie’s Installation At Saks Mr.) with La Prairie’s François Le Gloan products in key traffic spots. Marisol Schaefer and Farzad Javaheri La Prairie has opened a new. Our key collections are set up like jewels. “The installation has a very residential feel.” Ms. This new La Prairie installation did a “booming business in November and December with a very strong January as well. I can’t wait to do it again next Cosmetic Executive year.” “Our outstanding team gives personalized advice and builds relationships with customers.” explained La Prairie’s François Le Gloan. Bethel and Mr. “Any time a client sees something very edgy.” makeup to a client as Ricky Mr.” “A striking feature of the installation is its three. “Some sections provide ‘high touch. Oldham dubs the installation’s location at the crossroads of the beauty floor as “Hollywood and Vine. “It offers a variety of ways to shop [within the space] and has areas for private consultations. preferred products. Vice President/DMM. Wilson was “so happy to partner with Saks on Wilson supervises. A DJ sponsored by Mr. “It’s a comfortable space where you can come in. Rimma Zabeginsky. a limited-edition collection of beauty products and accessories created in collaboration with German contemporary Artist Anselm Reyle. “It is most important at events like this to educate the client on Dior Beauty—its history and its relationship to fashion. very visible seating areas.” shared Kate Oldham.” He teaches the customer how to apply makeup at home. Wilson MARCH Beyond Beauty Dinner 2012 Ann Moeller join Ms. Wilson at a Dior Beauty outpost. trends and offered makeovers for clients. Saks Fifth Avenue’s Karyn Benvenuto and Kate inviting installation has a very feminine exterior and features displays of new Oldham (r. The open. which is assisted by the strong clienteling system at Saks. Vice President.” affirmed Denise Yarcheski.’ and there are areas where customers can play with products.” Dior’s Anselm Reyle Collection In early January. chic and bright installation’s three stations are located in the middle of Saks’ beauty floor. this special event. Saks Fifth Avenue debuted Anselm Reyle for Dior. Wilson discussed tips. outposts on the beauty floor provided maker Forum with Bethel with ULTA’s Chuck Rubin additional support for the event. with DJ Stef Nava of Scratch Events BF F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 10 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N .” Along with beauty makeovers at Dior’s instalWomen’s NewsDior’s Leslie lation at Saks. La Prairie. Runway beauty looks from New York’s Fashion Dior’s Joseph Johnson and Week Mr. Americas.” Mr.) with La Prairie’s Mia Rahhaoui. Le Gloan declared. Rachel Lavipour. Mr. sit and spend time.” The new installation “truly reflects the beauty of La Prairie. This clean.


5 MARCH 22 FEBRUARY 8 Professional Beauty London ExCel Centre • London (T) info@mrapr.com Luxe Pack-Pratt Art of Packaging Award Dinner University Club • NYC 6:30 PM (A) (B) (TA) (212) 925-2507 elaine@kxassociates.com ADMISSION DETAIL (IO) Invitation Only (TA) Tickets Available * Phone numbers provided are for further information.23 Beauty & Wellness Exchange Montage • Laguna Beach CA (T) (203) 202-2576 www.luxepack.com ICMAD FDA Cosmetic Regulations Workshop NYC 9:00 AM (TA) (847) 991-4499 www.com/beauty MARCH 14 CIBS Monthly Luncheon The Manhattan Club • NYC 12:00 PM www.org FEBRUARY 20 .com APRIL 26 MARCH 9 .cew. LEDES EXECUTIVE OFFICE 16 E.18 The Makeup Show LA California Market Center • Los Angeles CA (T) (TA) www.exchangeevents.com www.com APRIL 27 Fragrance Foundation FiFi Finalists Breakfast Mandarin Oriental • NYC 8:30 AM Members Only (A) (212) 725-2755 www.personalcarecouncil. ADAMS afarah@beautyfashion.com PHOTOGRAPHER HOWARD BIEGEL PUBLISHER AND EDITOR EMERITUS hbiegel@beautyfashion. Marshall OCD Foundation Beyond Beauty Dinner Honoring Maesa Group’s Jill Belasco.12 FEBRUARY 16 Cosmetic Executive Women Newsmaker Forum with Ulta’s Chuck Rubin Harmonie Club • NYC 5:30 PM (R) (S) (TA) (646) 929-8026 www.cibsonline.cibsonline.org Cosmoprof Bologna Bologna Italy (T) www.11 FEBRUARY 15 CIBS Monthly Luncheon The Manhattan Club • NYC 12:00 PM www.org MARCH 13 March of Dimes Beauty Ball Honoring HSN’s Mindy Grossman and Fairchild’s Gina Sanders Cipriani 42nd Street • NYC 6:00 PM (B) (TA) (212) 353-1143 jcarlo@marchofdimes.professionalbeauty.uk CIBS Spring Cocktail Party 6:00 PM (R) www.cosmoprof. NY 10016 Telephone: 212-840-8800 Fax: 212-840-7246 www.com DIRECTORY EDITOR jdrucker@beautyfashion.cibsonline.beautyfashion.org Luxe Pack Shanghai Shanghai Intl Convention Center Shanghai China (T) www.cew.cew.com ART DIRECTOR JENNIFER DRUCKER ERIC MICHELSON ddavis@beautyfashion.org MARCH 28 .com APRIL 11 FEBRUARY 9 James E.icmad. FARAH DEBRA DAVIS LINDSEY E.29 MARCH 7 Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Awards Product Demonstration Metropolitan Pavilion • NYC 6:00 PM (R) (IO) (646) 929-8026 www.com JOHN G.cibsonline.com ADVERTISING DIRECTOR ladams@beautyfashion.cosmeticworld. Kaplow’s Liz Kaplow and Scent Marketing Institute’s Caroline Pieper-Vogt Union League Club • NYC 6:00 PM (B) (TA) (608) 845-3664 MARCH 9 ICMAD Cosmoprof Bologna Reception Bologna • Italy (R) www.org MARCH 17 .mdna.com APRIL 17 MARCH 9 .com ADELAIDE P.org ICMAD Technical/Regulatory Forum Balboa Bay Club • Newport Beach CA (M) (847) 991-4499 www.com Cosmetic Executive Women Young Executive Committee’s Cocktails & Connections: Speed Networking FIT • NYC 6:00 PM (TA) (646) 929-8026 www.com 12 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N .com www.icmad. MARCH 4 .com SUBJECT (A) Awards (B) Benefit (E) Retail Event (I) Product Intro (M) (P) (R) (S) (T) Meeting Press Trip Reception Seminar Trade Show BEAUTY FASHION EVENTS CALENDAR FEBRUARY 22 .cosmoprof.BEAUTY FASHION PRESIDENT AND CEO SENIOR RETAIL EDITOR ® GEORGE LEDES SENIOR PRODUCTS EDITOR gledes@beautyfashion.com Beauty International Dusseldorf Germany (T) (312) 781-5185 www.com CIBS Monthly Luncheon The Manhattan Club • NYC 12:00 PM www.com F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / MAY 4 CIBS Ladies Day Spring Luncheon New York Hilton • NYC 11:30 AM (R) (IO) www.themakeupshow. 40th Street Suite 700 New York.co.cibsonline.fragrance.24 Personal Care Products Council Annual Meeting Ritz-Carlton • Naples FL (M) (202) 331-1770 www.


net Dallas/Fort Worth.com Richmond.CONTRIBUTING editors&columnists CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Italy Simona Barello simona.com Chicago.: (760) 295-6999 lynndludlam@aol.com South Florida Kay Renz kayrenzpr@aol. IL Lisa D.: (919) 872-4234 bridgettelacy@att.: (617) 262-9700 bjasnoff@hotmail.beautyfashion@gmail. DC Bernadette Lacy tel. MA Brittany Jasnoff tel.uk Brazil Fernanda Bonifacio mfmbonifacio@hotmail.com Colorado Hilary Martin tel.es REGIONAL COLUMNISTS Seattle. CA Raphaella Barkley tel.com . VA Emily Kirkpatrick eskirkpatrick@gmail.: (206) 284-8998 mecronin@mecronin.com.de Fax: 011-49-621-400-6065 Marc Rosen marc@mra-nyc.barello@gmail.com Spain Julia Rossi juliarossi@hotmail.co. Lublin tel. CA Lynn D.com Houston.com Fax: +39-06-59887673 France Sarah Colton sarahcolton@sarahcolton.com Raleigh.: (404) 874-6998 toni_lublin@yahoo.: (214) 504-6157 normita.com Boston. GA Toni M.: (773) 643-0238 lenol66@aol.au Germany Heide Kuhn-Winkler info@hkw-pressoffice. WA Mary Elizabeth Cronin tel. TX Mary Sit tel.com Atlanta.: (303) 499-6244 fax: (303) 499-6245 winedunce@gmail.com Los Angeles to La Jolla. Lacy tel.: (571) 451-4187 bernie368@gmail.com Fax: 011-331-45885386 Australia Andrea Ferrari andrea@esprit-magazine. TX Normita Joven tel./fax: (713) 973-6798 maryesit@gmail.com Washington. Ludlam tel. NC Bridgette A.com UK Lorraine Wilson-Morris lorraine@esprit-magazine. Lenoir tel.: (775) 849-7724 raphaellabrescia@msn.com San Francisco.


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Kristen Stewart has been named the face of the newest fragrance by Balenciaga, created in partnership with Coty Prestige. The fragrance, which is set to launch in the fall, will be the latest fragrance from the brand since 2010. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. announced a strategic initiative designed to strengthen the Company’s global go-to-market capabilities and improve profitability. The initiative includes a realignment of responsibilities in the Fragrance Business Unit under its Group President, Nicolas Mirzayantz, and a reduction in workforce in fragrances as well as various parts of the organization.

K a o C o r p o ra t i o n h a s named John Nosek as President of Kao USA Inc. Mr. Nosek will oversee the Consumer Products Business, Professional Salon Business, and Molton Brown USA Inc. The Kao USA Inc. brand portfolio includes Ban ®, Jergens ®, Curél®, Bioré®, John Frieda®, Goldwell, KMS California and Molton Brown.

e.l.f. Cosmetics has appointed Shawn Haynes in the newly created position of Vice President of Retail Sales. Most recently, Mr. Haynes was Senior Vice President of Sales for Markwins International where he managed the seasonal cosmetics collections business for the Americas.
ULTA Beauty announced that Catherine Halligan, Senior Vice President of Powerreviews Inc., the world’s largest social commerce platform, has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Ms. Halligan fills a directorship vacated by Hervé Defforey, who resigned from ULTA Beauty’s Board. Pratt Institute - Luxe Pack Art of Packaging Award Gala, benefiting the Marc Rosen Scholarship and Education Fund for Packaging by Design at Pratt Institute, will honor Shiseido for its outstanding commitment to package design, on April 17 at New York City’s University Club. Heidi Manheimer, CEO, SHISEIDO Cosmetics America, and Katsuhiko Shibuya, Creative Director, Shiseido Co., Ltd from the headquarters in Tokyo, will accept the award. The Fragrance Foundation has announced the appointment of eleven new members to its Associate Board. The new members include Erin Cohen, Adrienne Davis, Jenifer Geller, Tara Kearns, Anita Maiella, Julia Manna, Jennifer Powderly, Renato Roque, Laurie Verbinski, Kate Voyten and Talar Zokian. The Fragrance Foundation announced that Actress Jane Lynch will host the 40th anniversary FiFi® Awards at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York City on May 21. The 5th edition of LUXE PACK Shanghai will be held from March 28-29. Ninety international exhibitors are expected to attend, a 10% increase compared to last year. M·A·C Cosmetics has opened its latest studio in Travel Retailing at Singapore Changi Airport, Budget Terminal. The M·A·C Pop-Up Shop is staffed by M·A·C Makeup Artists and will be in place for 6-9 months. 16
/ B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

L’Oréal has completed the acquisition of Pacific Bioscience Laboratories Inc., the leading innovator in sonic skincare devices and creator of the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System and Clarisonic Opal™ Sonic Infusion Systems. Pacific Bioscience Laboratories will remain in its corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Redmond, WA, and its management team will stay with the company in their respective roles. Lynne Florio has assumed the newly created position of Global Brand President of La Prairie. Ms. Florio has been with the company since 1989, acting as worldwide President since 1992. François Le Gloan assumed the position of Vice President, Americas, responsible for North and South America, Australia and New Zealand markets. Yves Le Breton has been functioning as Vice President, Corporate & Sales Strategy, a newly created function to drive the development of sales and distribution worldwide, including the travel retail business. Ms. Florio, Mr. Le Breton and Mr. Le Gloan are all members of the Board of Directors and report directly to Patrick Rasquinet, President and CEO of the La Prairie Group.
F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 /

reported net sales for the fourth quarter of 2011 were approximately $189. Steve Cohn. a dedicated area on the show floor for companies with a distribution age of 2 years or less to display their product and/or brand.95 54. Ms.D.S.13 No Issue 64.88 41. Inc. President and Founder of Innovationedge. Professor of Chemistry. Town & Country Publisher Valerie Salembier helped raise over $2 million to establish a scholarship fund for the four daughters of the murdered police officer Peter Figoski in her capacity as the unpaid Chairman of the New York City Police Foundation. The 2012 HBA Expo will feature the new SPLASH! Pavilion.06 67.32 59. Sharkey. Media Industry Newsletter MIN’S Monthly Boxscores Source: Media Industry Newsletter <<>> 2012. is available in over 1.. driving product innovation and continuing to enhance the brand’s sales and financial performance.39 73.56 18 YTD 2012 40.46 ----------12. Brazil.75 -5. Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce has awarded its 2012 WFFC scholarships to students Lauren Ritzmann and Diane Schmitt.88 0.54 28. one of the largest remaining independent brands. Too Faced. Editor in Chief.56 BF 40.20 24.1 million.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2010. Department Head. Ley FRS. Inc.60 YTD 2011 38. Ph.80 51.LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vu i t t o n h a s a p p o i n t e d Alexandra Kole as Chief Executive Officer of OLEHENRIKSEN of Denmark.07 30. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. LLC. Thomas D.80 51.69 59. each company will have a kiosk area to display their product lines as well as host meetings on site.58 -12.44 F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N .70 -14.67 36. The L’Oréal Group has chosen to set up its Latin American Research and Innovation Center in Rio de Janeiro.69 59. a 68% increase from $112.95 41. On April 14. Too Faced Cosmetics has announced a new investment partner.62 0.25 -18.95 54. Weston Presidio.. has launched its new Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Ph. Germany.200 stores in the United States and 500 internationally. Kole will be responsible for expanding Ole Henriksen’s market presence globally.07 30.20 24.58 -12.D. Leslie Vosshall. Instead of a booth.70 -14. LVMH purchased Ole Henriksen in January 2011. Title Allure Cosmopolitan Elle Glamour Harper’s Bazaar InStyle Lucky Marie Claire Vogue W JANUARY 2012 JANUARY 2011 % of Diff.88 0.13 ---------64.06 67.57 -13.07 77.88 41. Ph. The Group has had operations in Brazil for 50 years. Former Senior VP of R&D and Board Member Quest Flavors and Fragrances (UK and Netherlands).62 0.25 -18.69 28.54 28.46 ------12. Cambridge University.07 77.39 73.67 36.44 % of Diff..31 36.D.69 28. The project represents an investment of around €30 million that will create 150 direct jobs by 2015. Just the Numbers Inter Parfums.32 59. Cheryl Perkins.31 36.75 -5. Members of the SAB are: Steven V.32 28. and Brian Willis.32 28.60 38. 4. the “Prix de Parfum Artistique” for outstanding artistic fragrance will be awarded for the first time.57 -13. M.95 41. comprised of five scientific talents in key research and development areas. 4. during the Global Art of Perfumery in Düsseldorf.

futur • fracas • bandit • cravache • baghari • visa • calypso • douglas hannant .

Lord & Taylor’s Senior Vice President/ GMM for Cosmetics and Fragrance.THEPARTYSCENE THEPARTYSCENE on the avenue Duane Reade Opens On Broadway Duane Reade including the LOOK Boutique as well as a unique fresh food. “It’s cozy and comfortable. the LOOK Boutique is fully staffed with Beauty Advisors. “We are always expanding the mix of products in the LOOK Boutique to provide change and newness. I fell in love with Barbara Zinn-Moore’s leadership and her attention to detail. Ms. According to Duane Reade’s Marcia Gaynor. Trish McEvoy and her team opened a state-of-the-art space on Lord & Taylor’s beauty floor at the New York City flagship store.” Ms. The store had adopted many of the state-of-the-art features from its 40 Wall Street F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / On January 17. Ramkissoon Trish McEvoy (2nd l. beverage and snack department. Marcia Gaynor. Gaynor and Mr. Zinn-Moore. GMM Beauty. Rodbell. Duane Reade’s Tajpal Ramsaroop. McEvoy loves the atmosphere on the beauty floor. which was celebrated at its grand opening on December 16. Gail Trippodi and John Livingston The Broadway and 52nd Street location of Duane Reade in New York City underwent a complete renovation and extensive expansion.) join Ms. at the Ramy Liz Rodbell and David Clements Brow Bar Brendan Hoffman (2nd l. Anil Ramkissoon and Scott McCulloch in the Duane Reade LOOK Boutique Ms.) and Trish McEvoy’s Geri Emmett (r. Always considering Lord & Taylor as a possible location for her installation.) with Lord & Taylor’s Barbara-Zinn Moore. McEvoy and Ms. The installations are in select Lord & Taylor locations nationwide.” Trish McEvoy At L&T Duane Reade’s Jeff Koziel. Zinn-Moore. like a small town. And. Ms. said “Trish McEvoy / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N 20 .

We are thrilled with the partnership and look forward to a growth opportunity with Trish McEvoy. Marianne Klimchuk and Sandra Krasovec Ms. i t i s n o w ava i l a b l e exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman. Ted Boccuzzi. Ms. Mario Magali. Clinique’s Winning Team Bergdorf Goodman’s Maddi Marlowe and Palm Beach Beauté’s Abdou Dia highlight Judith Leiber Amethyst. I t wa s l a u n ch w e e k beginning January 23 for Palm Beach Beauté’s Judith Leiber Amethyst. The scholarship was presented at CIBS’ December luncheon meeting. McEvoy (2nd r. a junior majoring in package design. Elayne Aguasviva.) with Lord & Taylor’s Ashley Esposito. David Clements.on the avenue was always a brand we wanted. The newest jewel in the Judith Leiber collection. Louis and Ms. Judith Leiber Amethyst on display in Bergdorf Goodman’s fragrance department Lord & Taylor’s Canez Louis.) with Lord & Taylor’s Samantha Rozelle. Fodairo F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 21 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . Zinn-Moore and Ms. It fits what we do. Stephanie Sadowski. Barbara Zinn-Moore and Sally Shaw Clinique’s Carolyn McCool (2nd l) and Kristin Mercado (3rd r. Nikki Fodairo. Tiffany Gore.” 2011 FIT Scholarship Winner FIT’s Alicia Tagliasacchi (3rd l. Colleen McCorry and Sannet Sookiasian Amethyst Arrives At BG The recipient of the CIBS (Cosmetic Industry Buyers and Suppliers) annual scholarship to an FIT student in the package design program is Alicia Tagliasacchi.) with CIBS’ Nick LoPrinzi. Javier Valderrama.

Secretary.” declared Barbara Zinn-Moore. Customers got one-on-one consultations with Clarisonic’s skincare experts and received deluxe samples of Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser and Gentle Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce (WFFC) recently announced its 2012 General Board of Directors. Kathryn Bardsley. the Clinique counter at Lord & Taylor’s flagship store in New York City broke the record for the largest sales in the brand’s history. June Burkhardt of JC Burkhardt Consulting. Amy Marks-McGee. Bea Hornedo and Celine Roche (back) Dolores Avezzano. Joan Huang. Celine Roche of Mane USA. Fodairo with Lord & Taylor’s Rosanna Zekic and Clinique’s Carlene Williams At 4:45 PM on January 14. Alpa Roman. The team at-counter was given a special surprise salute by Lord & Taylor and Clinique executives on January 19.on the avenue Hydro Cleanser. A Clarisonic Brush Head was featured as the GWP. Anderson and Mr. Amy Marks-McGee of Trendincite LLC. Erica Lermond. “I am so proud of this Clinique counter’s record-breaking performance for 2011. Jeanine Pedersen. Sephora’s Patricia Ortiz (c. Ms. WFFC 2012 Board Clarisonic Demos At Sephora (Front) Gillian Bleimann. Medina hold the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System. BF F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 22 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . Lord &Taylor’s Senior Vice President/GMM for Cosmetics and Fragrance. New York City’s Sephora Times Square featured demonstrations of the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System on January 20. Patricia Halle and Joanne Kennedy Clarisonic’s Wendy Anderson and Michael Medina greet customers. Kathryn Bardsley of International Flavors & Fragrances and Treasurer. Vice President.) with Ms. June Burkhardt. Officers elected were President.

as well as a regeneration of cells and retained moisture using a high concentration of Regenerist’s amino-peptide complex..7 oz. F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 23 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . CHANEL LE BLANC Brightening Moisturizing Cream and CHANEL LE BLANC Brightening Moisture Lotion Olay® Regenerist™ Micro-Sculpting Cream Fragrance-Free Skin is smoothed and hydrated with the new. $195.THELATESTLAUNCHES THELATESTLAUNCHES TOP SHELF Recent launches in the skincare category target dark spots and boost hydration for a visible transformation. CHANEL LE BLANC Brightening Concentrate Continuous Action TXC™ To capture all of the luminosity of a fine pearl. which delivers 12 hours of effectiveness to reduce hyperpigmentation. more even-toned and moisturized with this potent concentrate. It is available at drugstores and amazon. It is available at department and specialty stores and on CHANEL. Skin is brighter. 1.7 oz. with pearl protein extract that enhances radiance and brings hydration to the complexion.com. comprised of hyaluronic acid and glycerin. It is available in two tints to fit a range of skin tones at Estée Lauder counters. Broad-spectrum SPF 35 sunscreen offers protection against UVA and UVB rays while sheer pigments. “beauty benefit” cream that works to enhance skin’s radiance while diminishing the appearance flaws.99 Estée Lauder DayWear Anti-Oxidant BB Creme SPF 35 Moisturize.00 Also available: Estée Lauder DayWear Oil-Free Creme SPF 25 All launches are currently available unless otherwise noted..com. brightening optics and light-reflective pearls add instant luminosity. The skin experiences restored volume and fullness through Olay’s proprietary intracellular fortifier. $38. The proprietary Super Anti-Oxidant Complex combines with a blend of balanced hydrators and barrier boosting lipids to provide skin with lasting hydration.com. moisturizing cream. 1 oz. unscented version of the brand’s best-selling.00 Also available: CHANEL LE BLANC Fresh Brightening Foam Cleanser. perfect and protect with this all-in-one. Travel Retail locations worldwide and esteelauder. 1.. $24. CHANEL combines its signature TXC™ molecule.

com. which include m-Tranexamic Acid. uniquely-designed Acne Cleansing Brush Head.com. The cream utilizes organic green banana and organic lemon thyme to promote firming while oat sugars work to deliver an immediate lift to the skin. 4MSK and Multi-Target Vitamin C. 1.TOP SHELF Clarisonic Acne Clarifying Collection A breakthrough for breakouts.00 Also available: Shiseido White Lucent AntiDark Circles Eye Cream..com. The Extra-Firming Skin Care line is available in March at Clarins counters nationwide and clarins. 30 ml. works with the cleanser to effectively remove dirt. producing over 300 movements per second. Shiseido Suncare Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF42 and Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream Clarins Extra-Firming Day Wrinkle Lifting Cream With over three decades of research from Clarins Laboratories. $170. The oscillating brush head. work to rapidly reduce the appearance of dark pigmentations on the skin while preventing future discoloration. the formula of the Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser is combined with the sonic cleansing technology of the two-speed Mia 2 using the new. cells and elastin offering immediate and long-term lifting effects.7 oz. clearer skin is achieved in one simple step. The serum is available in March on shiseido. accelerates cell turnover to diminish accumulated melanin pigments. oil and impurities in the skin. Containing 2% salicylic acid to gently dry and clear acne along with a restorative blend of botanicals and vitamins. The system is available in April at Sephora and clarisonic. $80. 50 ml. $169. $125.00 Also available: Extra-Firming Day Wrinkle Lifting Lotion and Extra-Firming Night Rejuvenating Cream F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 24 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N .00 Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + Key proprietary ingredients in this powerful anti-spot serum. with yomogi extract and angelica root. Shiseido’s signature MelanoCrush Energizer (ME Complex). this treatment cream works to rebuild collagen.

The signature Cellular Complex that includes glycoproteins. the benefits of the skin-nourishing antioxidant are enabled—no sunlight required.com. With the key ingredients that include vitamin D. It is available at Nordstrom. as well as Swiss garden cress sprout extract and golden caviar extract. the powerful formula of White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream works to reduce under-eye puffiness while firming. moisturizing and protecting the delicate eye area.com. 50 ml.2 oz. hydrates and promotes optimal skin function. 1 oz. soap-free cleanser that purifies and hydrates the skin. retinol and salicylic acid. skin is hydrated. Neiman Marcus. Dennis Gross Skincare Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil Sun exposure is necessary for traditional vitamin D oils to activate.00 Also available: Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 25 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . Sephora Collection Supreme Body Lotion and Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer Dr. a skin-lightening peptide. $58. squalane. Bloomingdale’s.00 Also available: Sephora Collection Triple Action Cleansing Water. fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. La Prairie is available at Bergdorf Goodman. Nordstrom. The rejuvenating cream offers an immediate boost in volume and works to minimize fine lines and wrinkles while protecting skin from environmental aggressors.La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream Targeting hyperpigmentation and under-eye circulation concerns. Saks Fifth Avenue and shoplaprairie. Key ingredients of the cream include Oligopeptide-68. Sephora Collection Head to Toe Hydrator. hyaluronic acid spheres. $12. 20 ml. $65.00 Also available: La Prairie White Caviar Spot Treatment and La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream SPF 15 Sephora Collection Purifying Cleansing Gel HydroSenn+. $350. Sephora’s exclusive natural active that delivers and retains moisture. horsetail and ginseng extracts. It is available in two skin-typed formulas that can be purchased in March at Clinique counters nationwide and clinique. Sephora and on QVC. along with the nourishing effects of desert date extract and the gentle cleansing of gypsophila extract work together to produce a non-irritating.. 4.. hyperpigmentation is corrected and radiance is enhanced.00 Clinique Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream A more youthful-looking complexion is achieved with this cream that uses the plant-based extract of mitostime to visibly lift and firm the skin. but with this serum containing Ergocalciferol.

Diorsnow White Reveal Ultra Purifying Fluid and Diorsnow D-NA Reverse White Reveal Night Concentrate (Continued on page 41) F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 26 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N .00 Also available: Erno Laszlo Instant Eye Repair. boost overall luminosity and calm and smooth the complexion. 1. Potent ingredients combine with 100% active Icelandic Glacial™ Water.7 oz. Diorsnow White Reveal Fresh Toning Lotion 1. Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. $95.. Diorsnow White Reveal Wipe-Off Gel.com. Erno Laszlo Refresh Moisture Infusion and Erno Laszlo Velvet Night Cream Dior Diorsnow D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence This highly-concentrated.com.. sagging skin that forms at the chin and jaw line with this peptide. The Diorsnow skincare line is available on dior. 1. sugar beet and tyrosinase inhibitors. specialty retailers and strivectin. The serum is sold at department stores. Diorsnow UV Shield BB Crème SPF 50 PA+++. along with glycerin and vitamin E for increased hydration. Ovaliss™. Erno Laszlo Intensive Porcelain Veil. 50 ml. Venuceane™ and Renovage™ work to restore and protect the skin. $89.7 oz. along with vitamin C.. multi-benefit skin brightener offers an increase in hydration and leaves skin feeling smoother and more refined.TOP SHELF StriVectin-EV™ Get Even Brightening Serum Brighten skin and diminish the appearance of dark spots with this potent serum that promotes even skin tone and overall radiance. to combat hyperpigmentation. which counteracts acidity. The formula’s Three Dimensional Complex offers an immediate lifting effect while key ingredients of proprietary Essenskin™. The formula contains proprietary NIA-114™. to boost the production of collagen.00 Also available: Diorsnow White Reveal Makeup Base SPF 35 PA+++. The serum is available at Elysée Rejuvenation Centers as well as on HSN and hsn. Diorsnow White Reveal Rich Toning Lotion 2. willowbark extract. Erno Laszlo products are available at Nordstrom. this revitalizing gel provides key anti-aging benefits combined with a hint of semi-precious gems for instant luminosity.00 Also available: StriVectin-EV™ Get Even Spot Repair Elysée Scientific Cosmetics YouthSpan™ Resculpting Concentrate Target loose.and botanicalpacked firming serum that works to reduce and reshape the contours of the face. $130. The formula contains pearl extract.7 oz.00 Erno Laszlo Morning Beauty Rescue Based on a formulation from the archives of the venerable skincare company.com. $65. 1. which works to reduce the causes of hyperpigmentation and rebuilds healthy skin.

we F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 27 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . To begin the re-branding. the sole cosmetics company located in the Dead Sea region. Deadsea Mud.and GMO-free. AHAVA unveiled its new. while additional stripes indicate a heightened degree of treatment. For easy reference. and a relaunch of AHAVA’s Web site.THEBEAUTYBIZ THEBEAUTYBIZ REBORN AHAVA. Not only was this reflected in its crisp appearance. to discuss the triumphs and challenges of re-launching the skincare brand. a stripe-based system was placed on the packaging of the facial care line to signify the product’s level of intensity. Already an established brand with an extremely loyal following. Furthermore. Time to Hydrate. Beauty Fashion: Why was there a need to re-launch AHAVA. and what were the goals of transforming the brand? Elana Drell Szyfer: There were several different rationales for the re-launch and transformation of the brand. Deadsea Salt and Deadsea Plants. From a strategic point of view. sulfate-. several formulas experienced an update for optimal performance. Along with the restructured organization of its product collections. A single stripe denotes the most basic level of care. nature-inspired packaging. from a smudge of mud to a sprinkle of salt. AHAVA’s facial and body care products were organized into cohesive collections. While many of AHAVA’s product formulations remain unchanged. has made the skin-nourishing benefits of the Dead Sea available to all. SLS/SLES-. sulfite-. Time to Smooth and Time to Revitalize. AHAVA underwent a complete repositioning in 2011 in an effort to streamline its product offerings and better communicate the brand’s message to its customers. To realize our growth objectives in the North American market. and incorporates the natural elements of the environment around it coupled with high performance skincare ingredients. Beauty Fashion met with Elana Drell Szyfer. petroleum. but the packaging itself is more eco-friendly by using less plastic than before. The re-launch of AHAVA was executed in several stages. while the body care products are organized by key ingredients: Deadsea Water. Representative images on the body care cartons. In addition. which comes from one of the world’s natural wonders. Since its inception in 1988. The restructured lines for facial care are arranged by skincare concern and include Time to Clear. CEO of AHAVA North America. Therefore. revitalizing properties that the minerals of the sea possess. we wanted to more clearly communicate with the consumer about the natural and “skin-friendly” orientation of our line. depict the AHAVA’s Elana Drell Szyfer chief ingredient of the product. The re-introduction also incorporates re-vamped marketing materials. complete with a new slogan. the Dead Sea. proprietary ingredients and point of difference. North America is the key growth market for the brand for the next several years. re-designing the packaging and marketing materials and creating a new product architecture were the outcomes we chose to support these objectives. has been dedicated to its mission of revealing the mystical. AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories. Streamlining the product line-up. the Israel-based skincare brand. we needed to elevate the brand’s position and strengthen the communication of the brand’s unique story. all products are now produced to be paraben-.

positive reaction to the re-branding. We had the most successful second half and holiday season in our history. For the first eight weeks or so. we are seeing very high. we have also taken the opportunity to strengthen our face portfolio. and GMOs. What we did to help address this situation was a lot of education. BF: Have there been any notable changes in AHAVA’s sales numbers since the re-launch? EDS: Yes. wish lists and rewards for brand loyalists. specialized preference options for email subscribers. BF: Last year. Agence Air. We have however started working with a wonderful new agency to help us continue to do strategic work to strengthen our ability to communicate our brand story and creative work to demonstrate it visually and verbally in the clearest way possible to the consumer. and our goal is to continue to evolve the brand to achieve success both in North America and around the world. and the two actions together started to have traction. We had our biggest year in our four-year history of being on HSN. in their daily skincare lives. The agency. organize our facial skincare line by key customer concern and add two new ranges of anti-aging products. Lord & Taylor. and if she understands it. We started to promote the fact that we don’t test on animals and that our packaging is recyclable. We kept the old line in a section called “last chance” on our Web site. however. The packaging was such a departure that she was confused and concerned that we had taken away her favorite products and changed the formulas drastically. additional video and skincare tips and much more. sulfates. for a brand that comes from a specific place and has a unique and authentic story. we started to see a major turnaround in the business. AHAVA debuted its new tagline. The customers have now acclimated to our new look. BF: The updated products were first introduced on HSN in March 2011. double-digit growth in many of our key accounts including Nordstrom.REBORN chose to re-formulate the line to be free of parabens. when they need it. In addition. We’ll be launching a mobile site. and they are loving our special offers on favorite existing products and coming to expect that they see our new items first. Through the re-launch. BF: What are AHAVA’s digital initiatives for the upcoming year? EDS: AHAVA’s digital initiatives over the course of 2012 are focusing on a few things: 1. “My Skin Reborn. ULTA. HSN is the perfect venture to share pictures of the region and tell the story of its magic and proprietary minerals and their performance on the skin.” How has the new slogan resonated with the customer? EDS: The slogan was ideated to convey the feeling that your skin has after it has been immersed in the magical waters of the Dead Sea. a new custom skincare regimen creator. Last year. we wanted to articulate what that experience feels like for your skin. They have been wonderful. The jury is still out on how the customer is reacting to the tagline specifically. Our retail results are the proof to this pudding. Getting to know our online customers one-on-one in order to give them what they need. Consumers have now had a very strong. and it’s bringing a lot of new consumers to the brand. the customer was lost. We used conversion charts from the old line to the new line in our merchandising at point-of-sale and online. at first the customer was confused and concerned. as a way to build consumer awareness across all channels via the high visibility of HSN to over 70MM viewers. As most consumers don’t have the good fortune (and time) to have exposure to the Dead Sea regularly. Body Care and Sun Care. both online and in-store. we are actually a full service line of products for Face Care. what has been the experience of selling through this channel? How has the HSN customer reacted to the re-launch? EDS: HSN is an important vehicle for the brand. Blue Mercury and Beauty 360 among them. nurturing and supportive partners. and loyal customers found their products and were happy with the consistent high quality performance we have always delivered. After about two months. We were also doing a great deal of direct sampling and public relations to talk about the brand. is an expert in this type of work. Finally. we launched the new brand first on HSN and gave them all new launches first. (Continued on page 44) F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 28 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . BF: What has been the consumer response from the re-branding? EDS: Honestly. New consumers started to take notice of our new look. while we are known for body.

” KAPLAN MD Skincare was founded eight years ago. “KAPLAN MD fills a niche in our assortment at Bergdorf Goodman for a serious. He attributed this to the reaction he received from speaking to the customers at Bergdorf Goodman. Kaplan discusses the benefits of his product range with a customer. Creator & Founder of KAPLAN MD Skincare. Kaplan. M.D. and look forward to sharing it with our customers. While Dr. “I was also pleased that so many of my New York patients came to support me. During the training session. “The customers were absolutely enraptured and amazed at the science behind the products.” said Aja Passero. Kaplan explained the science behind each product as well as his motivation to create a skincare line. working to fill a void in the selection of skincare products.” The day was considered a success for Dr. Kaplan. environmental damage and natural hormonal progression] and how they affect both men and women from the day we are born. Stuart Kaplan O and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. who has been in practice for 25 years. Bergdorf Goodman notified their VIP customers about the PA while Dr.” noted Dr. yet luxurious skincare line backed by the authority of a highly accomplished Dermatologist. SVP/GMM Beauty for Bergdorf Goodman. Preceding the introduction of KAPLAN MD Skincare into Bergdorf Goodman. we believe it provides a complete balanced diet for the skin. “With the brand’s unique combination of prize-winning technology The KAPLAN MD Skincare counter at Bergdorf Goodman KAPLAN MD Skincare’s Dr. it was most important to teach the specialists the unique aspects of the line and explain what distinguishes these products from other skincare lines.” he said. “We are very fortunate to have such a great sales team at Bergdorf Goodman. the cosmetics department and Bergdorf’s entire corporate staff. Kaplan and his team. The Beverly Hills-based Dermatologist met with customers at the Manhattan specialty store to conduct skin consultations and present his collection. “When training the team.. Kaplan was examining the products that were available for his patients. made a personal appearance at Bergdorf Goodman showcasing his comprehensive line of skincare products. Kaplan reached out to his bi-coastal patients. Dr. Kaplan trained the entire beauty floor—including two dedicated product specialists for his collection. 29 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . “I truly felt a partnership between my team. which officially made its debut at the end of November 2011. Especially when I explained the three causes of skin aging [chronological aging. a result of Dr. Dr. Kaplan.” said Dr.” Prior to the event. Kaplan.THEBEAUTYBIZ THEBEAUTYBIZ FACE FORWARD KAPLAN MD Skincare Delivers Results At Bergdorf Goodman n January 20. Stuart H. he found that many contained unnecessary fillers and only one or two hero ingredients— (Continued on page 45) F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / Dr.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 30 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . including that our industry is now competing for ever scarcer and more costly resources. Wendy Chang Executive Vice President Marketing & Product Development Dermaceutical Laboratories The beauty industry is ever evolving. Here are their comments. technique and exploring the unthinkable. In our industry’s efforts to cut costs. Marketing & Business Development Arcade Marketing Arcade sees three major opportunities for 2012—all centered on helping our customers go to market: C o n t i n u i n g t o i n n ova t e t h e sampling solutions we offer our customers. There are many reasons for this. In a world that is moving at warp speed. The biggest challenge will be to convince the customers that fragrance is the combination of art. Dr. She perceives a true value proposition. the lab and manufacturing. We recently collaborated with a high profile company. we can create new applications for the skin. and hair care and cosmeceutical market. The hiding behind cleaned-up fragrance tests and halftrue focus groups is not real perfumery. North America Firmenich The consumer in the US is talking with her wallet. Evonik. With fragrance. the bigger issue will be whether the consumer will increase her spending and create growth. Diane Crecca Senior Vice President Sales. Our size and the character of our ownership permit us to move quickly. However. sweat and tears. familyowned enterprises in a rapidly consolidating industry. John Rush Vice President of Sales & New Business Development Custom Essence Custom Essence remains one of a handful of privately-held. I am absolutely positive the consumer will reward those who take such steps. allowing them to build their brands. addressing our customers’ needs to extend the delivery channels for samples. (Continued on page 46) Chris Young President C+N Packaging Raw material cost increases continue to put pressure on margins. We see great opportunity in today’s environment. including as well the growing numbers of consumers who engage in online shopping and social media. she knows when she smells it. striving to meet increasingly shorter turnarounds which are the “new” normal. we can accommodate our clients’ needs by being smart and responsive. to develop a unique product called Powder to Cream. we need to pay more for it. including stretching our geographical reach to service global and local brands with local production in the growing Asian and Latin American markets. and the best way to stay current is by driving new innovation and technology. Third. body. The good news is that they are all achievable.THEBEAUTYBIZ THEBEAUTYBIZ Suppliers Strategize For New Business Challenges Beauty Fashion asked leading suppliers to the beauty industry what they believe will be the greatest challenges and opportunities they foresee in pursuing their business this year. across many categories she is buying again and buying quality. If we are to believe early indicators of consumer purchasing trends in 4th quarter 2011. efficiently and effectively. This new product innovation took a lot of correcting and fine tuning in Jerry Vittoria President Fine Fragrance. This is scared-cat perfumery. we expect modest growth in 2012. But the final result offers a unique and sustainable product. Ferdinand Storp General Manager drom Fragrances International Back to blood. It is the perfect product which looks like a loose powder and transforms to a cream upon touch. By merging these two systems. Second. authoritatively. Forget the focus groups. So our biggest challenge is that we need to refocus on quality and accept that to create real quality. decisively. we have hurt this consumer’s perceived value. This innovation changes the way we view traditional powders and creams.

Our Aestheticians spent three months learning our treatment methods. Our education strategy addressed three success factors: traffic flow. EDUCATION Training And Education Program For Clarins’ New Installation At Bloomingdale’s 59th Street Clarins’ mission is to provide women the right product. The day began with their experiencing a Tri-Active Facial Treatment and seeing the results that ClarinsPRO delivers. Our new experience allows Clarins to break down a barrier—the counter—to be more approachable than ever in welcoming clients to be a part of our brand. removing a barrier between Clarins and our clients. while our Skin Care Specialists have received advanced Skin Time Discovery Treatment training and the season’s latest makeup techniques from Pati Dubroff. ClarinsPRO professional product range and how to perform treatments with our National Spa Trainer to ensure the experience. offering high speed coaching at the Discovery Table while they were facilitating their first events. Clarins’ Celebrity Beauty Artist. the best advice and the most pleasurable experience. We invite clients to explore the world of Clarins with assisted-sale or self-serve shopping. Clarins Skin Spa treatments and intimate educational workshops at the Clarins Discovery Table. touch and results met our brand expectations. and we can’t wait for them to experience it. developing a Skin Spa business and facilitating skincare or makeup Discovery Table events. Our new Bloomingdale’s 59th Street counter is now counter-less. Our teams are highly specialized— freelancers are trained to get our chairs full. They learned how to introduce the spa through our Discovery Treatment and menu of Tri-Active Facial Treatments. BF F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 31 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . Next. Our unique point of difference at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street is the Clarins Discovery Table. The Clarins Skin Spa invites clients to escape to a place where hands meet nature. These workshops teach our clients how to use the professional techniques at home. Our clients deserve it. We’ve expanded our ability to service clients with 12 interactive stations prioritized to ensure that animation is always happening in the highest traffic areas. We then moved to the selling floor. our Skin Care Specialists spent the day at our flagship Madison Avenue Skin Spa.AT-COUNTER AT-COUNTER CounterCulture BY ALLYSON KING CLARINS VICE PRESIDENT. where Skin Care Specialists offer intimate educational workshops.

PCPC will work towards strengthening its legislative advocacy and regulatory policy positions. Mr. NGOs and media. Charlie Cook and Stuart Rothenberg. followed by a crossindustry panel that will focus on the latest trends within the industry. a 23-country study of consumer attitudes towards trust in business. “The meeting also provides an opportunity for suppliers and beauty magazine representatives to meet with executives from member companies.” shared Mr.THEBEAUTYBIZ he Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) meeting.” This year’s meeting will focus on the challenges of international business. the premier event for leaders in the personal care industry. numbers were tracking up 10% over last year. Registration for this year’s meeting is anticipated to increase from the previous year. Spiro. innovative products they have come to depend on.” stated Lezlee Westine. enhance its comprehensive. we are incorporating a bit of politics and punditry. “For anyone who has been attending the Annual Meeting over the PCPC’s Lezlee Westine PCPC’s Dan Brestle PCPC’s Art Spiro past several years. “Given that 2012 is an election year. Founder of trendhunter. regulatory. arguably one of the few meetings that brings these diverse groups together in one place. who will offer their insights into November’s elections.” noted Art Spiro. President and CEO of PCPC. science-based Safe Cosmetics Alliance program as well as increase its global access for member companies by “working towards harmonization of regulation. PCPC is comprised of more than 600 member companies. beauty industry leaders come together at this meeting to discuss issues facing the industry and explore new trends and opportunities ahead. In 2012. Westine explained that there are three primary goals for the Council. The International Association Meeting will feature a keynote address by Neal Flieger. you have witnessed the ‘Brand New Attitude.” This year’s meeting will include well-received segments from years past while introducing several new elements into the schedule. regulation by the US Food & Drug Administration and the varying requirements for selling cosmetic and personal care products globally. focusing on targeted priorities—expanding industry knowledge and innovation. Elizabeth Arden and PCPC Annual Meeting Planning Committee Chair. we require transparent and consistent regulations in every market in which we do business.” The 2012 meeting will center on the theme “Brand New Attitude.” said Dan Brestle. (Continued on page 48) F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / T PCPC ASSEMBLES IN NAPLES 32 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . Westine. legal. revealing the results of the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer. Ms. legislative and international issues for our industry. Jeremy Gutsche. As the leading trade association for the cosmetic and personal care industry. This session is a great opportunity for senior executives to hear about critical issues facing our industry and will facilitate discussions for viable solutions. creating unique business opportunities and advancing the industry’s policy objectives.com. “In order to offer global consumers the safe. Executive Vice President Fragrance Innovation. Chairman of StrategyOne. Innovation will be explored on February 23 with keynote speaker.’ The meeting is now streamlined. reducing trade barriers and including the global regulatory and trade environment. Florida this year from February 22-24 at the Ritz-Carlton. address legislative and regulatory issues and explore the latest in product innovation. Spiro noted that there will be a media-focused panel on February 24 with speakers from “diverse and nontraditional” markets. At press time.” he said.” For the upcoming year. “The Council [works] to keep the industry informed on ingredient safety. will convene in Naples. Chairman of the PCPC Board of Directors. The Council meeting’s panel discussions present the most pertinent information that encourages dialogue between attendees. “Each year. “We are the voice on scientific.” “The ‘Brand New Attitude’ is a renewed recognition that we are one industry. government. “We are continuing the Policy Summit [on February 22] which received high marks from attendees last year. This panel will feature renowned DC Political Analysts. nomenclature. and we are all better off when we work together.” said Ms.

depending on the situation. our main focus is on developing products that women love to use. which wouldn’t be present in man-made ingredients.THEBEAUTYBIZ THEBEAUTYBIZ HOT TOPIC: Natural Ingredients In Beauty Products How do beauty companies choose natural or man-made ingredients? At P&G Beauty & Grooming. man-made ingredients can be tightly controlled for consistency and purity and in some cases can be safer alternatives. for both people and the environment. it’s not possible to make generalizations about all natural ingredients compared with all man-made ingredients—each one must be tested and evaluated before used. which use less energy and fewer resources. Other times. BF by Scott Heid. Safety and natural ingredients don’t always go together. However. everything has a safe and unsafe range. Some people say that natural ingredients are purer. renewable natural ingredients can be a more sustainable alternative: for instance. Ph. check out FDA’s website: fda. a flower might be endangered. Technical External Relations. Sometimes it’s also possible to get greater product benefits with man-made ingredients. P&G Beauty & Grooming F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 33 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . Global Sustainability Leader. safer and more sustainable than man-made ingredients. The safety scientists at P&G use the same time-tested methods employed by regulatory agencies to ensure any product ingredient is well within its safe range. Natural ingredients are more complex and may be less pure. certain plant extracts like gums can contain allergenic proteins. Did you know most plants contain thousands or even millions of individual chemicals? That means we pay close attention to using natural ingredients because their quality can change depending on factors like harvest times and soil conditions. For instance. The most sustainable product ingredients and materials can be either natural or man-made. vitamins or beauty product ingredients—natural or not. for instance. For more information on natural ingredients and safety. P&G Beauty & Grooming and Jenny Rushmore. whether it’s water. poison ivy extract wouldn’t be used in a product just because it’s natural! In fact. Even eating too many carrots can turn skin orange.gov/Cosmetics/ProductandIngredientSafety/ProductInformation/ucm203078. Science Fellow. there are a few important points to consider: Jenny Rushmore Scott Heid.htm. but is that really true? In reality. an ingredient’s source does not determine its safety. Despite what you might first think.D.. Pantene Nature Fusion is now using renewable sugarcane-derived plastic to replace traditional petroleum plastic in its bottles. For example. so using it in a formulation would be unsustainable. Natural ingredients aren’t always more sustainable than man-made. Ph. In contrast. We evaluate a wide range of natural and man-made ingredients for formulas and make sure all ingredients are safe for people and the environment—regardless of their source.D.

Macy’s Inc.” featured Linda Levy. “At Macy’s. “The Hispanic beauty routine starts early. Cosmetics & Fragrances. Inc.” informed Ms. Procter & Gamble and Graciela Eleta. The panel discussion. which hark back to the roots of their heritage.THEBEAUTYBIZ THEBEAUTYBIZ HISPANIC CONSUMER osmetic Executive Women (CEW) hosted its premiere Women & Men in Beauty Series event on January 19 at the Harmonie Club in New York City. Alexandra Vegas. “We look at our stores on a door level to make sure that we offer the right products and selection for our customers.” She added that Macy’s pays close attention to the sell-through in its doors. “For Hispanics. Univision Communications. Client Development Group.” She also informed that Hispanics will typically “go the extra mile in the beauty category” and are more inclined to splurge on personal care products. our data shows that Hispanics outpace every other consumer segment that comes through our doors.. especially for young girls with their Quinceañeras. and our Hispanic customers over-index in the makeup and fragrance category. HOW TO CONNECT TO THE CEW DISCUSSES C Univision’s Julie Pinkwater and Beth Ann Martinelli (r. Director of the Multicultural Business Development Organization. entitled “Marketing Beauty to the Hispanic Consumer. With the spending power of the HispanicAmerican consumer estimated around $1.) with ScrollMotion’s Paul Morris F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / The Estée Lauder Companies’ Susan Akkad. “Winning her over early on is critical for sustainable growth.” said Ms. Merchandise Marketing.2 Univision’s Graciela Eleta with Macy’s Linda Levy and Alexandra Vegas of P&G trillion. making sure its product offerings are what the customers want—holding especially true for the cosmetics. Reinforcing the sentiment. Levy. Eleta added. according to Univision. exploring how to connect to the Hispanic shopper. Ms. Diana Espino and Catherine Barber (Continued on page 49) 34 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . the eyeshadow and the eyeliner. Vice President. Identifying the needs and recognizing consumer habits of the Hispanic segment remain equally imperative for personal care brands. skincare and fragrance categories. Senior Vice President.” She later revealed that Hispanics have a preference for products that use natural ingredients. a comprehensive understanding of this segment is crucial. Vegas. cosmetics are all about the ‘and’ not the ‘or’—it’s the lipstick and the lip gloss.

” Mr.” Ms. I wanted the Cast Members to be in uniforms that make them feel good. youthful design. believed it was time that the Cast Members got a new look. “We immediately zeroed in on Prabal because his collections embodied the perfect mix of modern.” The Cast Members’ costumes are made of polyester. “My intention was to reflect the style and playfulness of shopping in a Sephora store but to also make sure [the clothes] would be functional in such a fast-paced environment. The costumes have special features that help them to work more efficiently. the CFDA-award-winning fashion Designer. The women’s pant suit and the separates for men give a sleeker. Rothstein declared. was chosen to give Sephora’s Cast Members a new look. Prabal Gurung. fashion-forward look and product selection that is featured in all of Sephora’s stores. with or without the sweater. we offer a tunic that can be worn over tights or black pants and a fitted blazer. we’re constantly evolving and elevating the store experience. . He reflects Sephora’s ideal of client-inspired beauty. as reflected in our stores throughout North America and Latin America. and we are so thrilled to have been able to do this project with him. unexpected elements to timeless designs. The pieces have been created in our signature brand code colors of black and red to make the new costumes unmistakably Sephora. Gurung explained. which hasn’t changed since 2001. He is a true partner that understood our vision and could interpret the Sephora brand into a costume design. BF F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / S 35 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N .” “Prabal delivered a stylish selection of pieces that fulfilled the needs of our staff. Prabal has the ability to design clothes that are modern and cool yet accessible to all women. pants and bowed blouse combination that looks polished and feminine. which are a polyester/cotton blend. and we felt our cast costume. “For women. . look great and ultimately [help them] do their jobs better. except for the women’s and men’s button-up shirts.” The new costumes for women and men will be in each US Sephora store in April. Ms. and we require closed-toe shoes with the uniforms. more tailored look.” Sephora’s goal was to align the look of its store cast with the modern. At Sephora. Gurung’s favorite design elements—a flash of vibrant red.” Ms.” The dresses incorporate one of Mr. “That’s what The new costumes for Sephora’s Cast Members designed by Prabal Gurung guides my work. didn’t accurately reflect the Sephora of today. “Men can top black pants with their choice of either a short-sleeved polo shirt or long-sleeved dress shirt. Mr. Rothstein reports. The tunic and pants for both women and men have pockets. we have and will always encourage creative expression with hair and makeup amongst our cast. Senior Vice President of Marketing. in addition to the brush belts the Makeup Artists are provided for their tools. “At Sephora. “I’m not a Designer who makes trendy clothes . Rothstein explained. “We have parameters around how to wear the newly designed costume combinations based on the casts’ selections. the only trend that is universal is that women want to feel beautiful. classic tailoring and accessible styling that we were looking for. Gurung is regarded by his peers as bringing fresh.AT-COUNTER AT-COUNTER CounterClothes Sephora’s New Apparel For All Cast Members ephora’s Sharon Rothstein.” he shared.

Senior Counsel at Covington & Burling. hydroquinones and botanicals. enabling us to use purer. We acquired Onset Dermatologics.THEBEAUTYBIZ THEBEAUTYBIZ NUGENT HELMS DERM-DRIVEN ELAYDA effrey Nugent is Founder. which provides higher concentrations of hard-working anti-aging ingredients. a high growth developer and marketer of solutions for the care of skin. This system is easily personalized. Beauty Fashion: How did your broad background and record of creation at such companies as Revlon and Neutrogena shape your decisions in what you did and didn’t want for Elayda™? Jeffrey Nugent: I have been obsessed for the last ten years with the vision of creating a Johnson & Johnson [type] of skincare company that would enable us to deliver a higher order of skincare benefits from Rx to consumer products. We’ve reapplied the highly emollient foam ingredient delivery technology from our Rx company—HyTrate ™ Foam—on Elayda™ to provide higher levels of active ingredients with lower irritation. consumers can advance to the next Level. It is divided into three separate operating companies each respectively dedicated to Rx dermatology. but their skin continuously improves over time. Nugent recently met with Beauty Fashion to discuss his company and its unique structure serving consumers as well as the medical community. significant improvements to what is currently available to consumers. I have pulled together top Dermatologists such as Dr. Then. we wanted to come out with clinically-substantiated. Mr. Dr. for increasingly better results. Doris Day. BF: How are you positioning Elayda™ in the skincare category. every sixty days. the dispensing of skincare products through physicians’ offices and the consumer skincare brand. Ava Shamban and have tapped key people from my Neutrogena days. Continuous Results™ by Elayda™. The non-aqueous foam delivery system also gives these ingredients greater stability. consumers can progress to increasingly higher levels of actives over time as their skin becomes acclimated to ingredients such as retinols. and consumers are encouraged to start at a level and advance at a rate that would be most beneficial for their skin type and experience. The dual thrust of the Elayda™ line allows consumers to step up to significantly higher levels of actives. Zoe Draelos and Dr. (Continued on page 50) F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 36 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . ™ J Jeffrey Nugent BF: Who are the experts on your team? JN: We have a very sharp. so they not only get fast results. Past President of the American Academy of Dermatology. Consumers typically start at Level 1. an Rx dermatology company with wonderful underlying technologies and have begun to migrate some of these technologies to products that physicians sell from their offices as well as our consumer brand called Elayda ™. niacinamides. I also have top regulatory advisors including Peter Hutt. These technologies have enabled us to deliver truly disruptive benefits—benefits that historically would have been limited to prescription drugs and dermatological procedures. Dr. more active ingredients that are faster acting and more effective. The consumer group is run by Drake Stimson who has had extensive experience in his career at Procter & Gamble. Aided by the collective thinking of our experts in the Rx company. and what are its unique points of difference? JN: The Elayda™ line is unique because it combines ingredients that were previously incompatible and delivers these ingredients at higher. Level 1 delivers ingredient levels that are already higher than most consumer products and is designed to deliver dramatic improvements quickly. This team is focused on the unmet and unfulfilled skincare needs in the consumer marketplace. dedicated team in each of the divisions. President and CEO of Precision Dermatology. With our step-up Elayda™ skincare program. Darrell Rigel. more effective levels to provide significantly better anti-aging results.

From the stellar increases in prestige skincare to the continued gains in makeup. “In the U.” reported Karen Grant.S. While both channels were positive.” “In continental Europe. Inc.S. versus 2010. prestige beauty is experiencing a time of unprecedented growth. skincare and fragrance sold in U. but nonetheless. followed by skincare at 3%.K. In 2011. which is a joint presentation with The Fragrance Foundation. while makeup grew a healthy 9%. to the double-digit rebound of fragrance. or U. Grant continued.S. for example.. fragrance sales grew 5%.” In addition. compared to 2010. (Continued on page 51) F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 37 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . “where the prestige market is more mature.S. department stores both posted double-digit dollar growths of 14% and 11% respectively.S. U.” Ms. while fragrance sales declined 5% in dollar sales. growth is more tempered and performance among the categories has not been as dynamic as in the U. prestige beauty is enjoying one of the most robust sales periods ever.’s research. It was the beauty industry’s first look at 2011 year-end results for skincare.S. “In the U. Makeup sales posted the biggest increase at 8%. prestige beauty managed to flourish thanks to brand media investment. makeup and fragrance. and global prestige beauty sales for 2011 at its annual “Hot off the Press” event at New York City’s Plaza Hotel on January 31. beauty sales in both the mass and prestige channels were positive month after month in 2011. Food/Drug/Mass channel experienced a 4% increase in sales for total beauty in 2011. prestige beauty reigned supreme. according to SymphonyIRI Group. compared to 2010.K. In National Chain stores. Vice President and Senior Global Industry Analyst. bigger in-store animation and price promotions. and China. The NPD Group. the U.THEBEAUTYBIZ THEBEAUTYBIZ NPD REVIEWS 2011 BEAUTY SALES T he NPD Group divulged U...

That collaboration led to a friendship with Ms. M The iconic CHANEL Nº 5 perfume bottle The flacon for Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door was designed by Mr. which was designed by Marc Rosen. Moon Drops. he accepted an extracurricular Marc Rosen assignment to design a flacon for the Actress Arlene Dahl’s fragrance. packaging Designer and CEO of Marc Rosen Associates. His first bottle was created for the Revlon fragrance. During this period. Mr. package and promotion—all have to be right. Dahl and ultimately to their marriage 26 years ago. His career in the beauty industry began at Revlon where the legendary Charles Revson left an indelible impression on the young Designer. Rosen shares his stories of the beautymakers who shaped the industry as well as the famous flacons that entice customers. wanted to celebrate the glamorous heritage of perfume bottles as an art form and their importance to the beauty business. The most important lesson Mr. Miss Dior’s Baccarat crystal flacon (Continued on page 50) F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 38 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N .THEBEAUTYBIZ THEBEAUTYBIZ MARC ROSEN AUTHORS BOOK ON GLAMOUR arc Rosen. DAHLIA. The jacket of Glamour Icons features the flacon for KL Karl The bottle resembled an Lagerfeld. In his new book Glamour Icons: Perfume Bottle Design. Revson was that the three “P’s”—product. antique cut-glass decanter. Rosen. Rosen learned from Mr.

Located on Sydney’s fashionable Oxford Street in Paddington. new and exciting beauty brands that are among the best in the industry. HUB Makeup’s mission is to meet and exceed industry needs. such as body painting. Makeup Artist. makeup kits. allowing customers to have access to professional products. Tropez and butter LONDON.FOREIGNCORRESPONDENTS FOREIGNCORRESPONDENTS by Andrea Ferrari BEAUTY AUSTRALIA HUB Makeup is also a premium stockist of Gorgeous Cosmetics. This is largely due to today’s makeup ‘pro-sumer’ wanting to visit a store that stocks professional makeup. training and advice. cases and accessories to hair care and styling tools—for both professional use as well as for beauty enthusiasts.” said Mr. HUB welcomes the general public and industry professionals alike.” The HUB Makeup store in Sydney HUB Makeup is a shop for professional Makeup Artists that was established in Australia’s Melbourne and Brisbane in 2009. HUB is known in the makeup industry as experts in their field. “HUB Makeup brings a global beauty concept to the public. McConnell. HUB of Sydney exclusively offers the full listing of Gorgeous Cosmetics’ in-store makeup and beauty services. character makeup applications and airbrush makeup lessons. “HUB Makeup now caters to both makeup industry professionals as well as makeup and beauty enthusiasts. rather than just your regular department store brands. Kryolan and Zuca. Temptu. F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / The makeup walls inside of the store / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N BF 39 . specializing in hands-on advice and training for customers. as well as HUB’s more creative services. Recently. Ben Nye. as well as the recent additions of St. Hairdresser and Founder of Gorgeous Cosmetics. the HUB store stocks products— ranging from cosmetics. Founded by David McConnell. carrying the entire range of products. are among some of HUB Makeup’s most popular brands. HUB has opened its first store in Sydney that welcomes both professionals as well as the general public. all offered by qualified Makeup Artists. sourcing hard-to-find.

BF fragrance / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N SPOTLIGHTON Dillard’s Katey Maddux (l. Models Madison Van Gemeren and Jenn Wallace Manager of the Junior Department. and Jacquelyn McCarthy. Michael Kors. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men. The holiday festivities at Dillard’s included many perks for customers. Calvin Klein Eternity. Zoe Rice and Norma Isabel Velasquez for the occasion. Miss Dior. The fragrance and fashion show provided customers with refreshments. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue. creative brainstorming and hard work b e t w e e n D i l l a r d ’s management team and our cosmetic partners have definitely paid off. Makeup Artists.) join Models from the Scentsational Evening event at Dillard’s. Wallace showcases fashions Reaction and Ed Hardy from Gianni Bini and a Fendi Hearts and Daggers. Area Sales Manager. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. “All the planning. Cosmetics Manager. Jacquelyn McCarthy (2nd r. part of “The 12 Days of Dillard’s” fragrance event at Dillard’s of Fairview on November 26. Burberry Body. Fragrances for women showcased in the Scentsational Evening event included Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy.) and Kerri Farrar (r. Vince Camuto. The fragrances for men that were featured in the Fashion Show were Calvin Klein Euphoria Men. Coach Poppy. light appetizers and prize drawings from every fragrance and cosmetic line. Ralph Lauren Romance. Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers and Vera Wang Princess. including those from Bobbi Brown and CHANEL. Visitors were able to register to win fragrance gift baskets and shopping sprees for the store along with complimentary makeup applications and training on makeup techniques.” Katey Maddux. A Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist applies makeup to a Model F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 40 . fragrance and fashion teams were instrumental in creating such a successful event. BCBGMAXAZRIA. agreed that the incredible organization. teamwork and communication of the Dillard’s cosmetics. applied Bobbi Brown Makeup Artists Barbie makeup to the Models Martinez. Angel by Thierry Mugler. Calvin Klein Euphoria. Kenneth Cole Ms. graced the runway in the Fragrance and Cosmetics department that was decorated for the holidays.REGIONALCORRESPONDENTS REGIONALCORRESPONDENTS by Normita Joven DALLAS BEAUTY “ We h av e b e e n anticipating this busy. Dillard’s fragrance customers cheered and applauded as twenty gorgeous Models from Icon Studios Dallas. Perry Ellis.” exclaimed Kerri Farrar. Jessica Simpson Fancy. CHANEL N o 5. The glitz and glamour of designer fragrances and a Hollywood-inspired red carpet astounded fragrance and fashion fanatics during the Scentsational Evening. exciting holiday event for some time now.). wearing designer clothing and holding up matching designer fragrances.

8 oz.5 oz. The foaming gel cleanser provides a non-drying.4 oz. It is available at lauramercier. $90.00 Also available: Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm SPF 25 Laura Mercier Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Crème This lightweight. food and drug retailers nationwide. It is available at Bobbi Brown counters and on bobbibrowncosmetics.com.. less-lined look while continued use reveals a visible reduction in skin discoloration. this toner refines skin’s texture while tightening pores.00 L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Foaming Gel Cleanser Reveal younger-looking skin with the newest addition to the L’Oréal Paris Youth Code portfolio.TOP SHELF (continued from page 26) Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm This super-rich.com. .. The toner is available at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. ginger roots and a potent combination of 22 certifiedorganic botanical extracts. 1. sun damage and age spots. $50. $60. clary sage ferment works to strengthen the skin’s ability to retain moisture and Argireline ® peptide improves natural collagen production. The soothing formula provides an instantly smoother. adenosine and peptides. non-irritating formula that works to exfoliate skin while removing impurities.. a combination of Biolysat. $7. anti-aging moisturizer gives skin an instant boost of hydration..7 oz. wheat bran and cholesterol. Over time.99 Also available: L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Serum and L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Day Cream SPF 30 F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 41 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . 3. The formula’s eucalyptus extracts and water-based salicylic acid work to break down impurities and oil in the skin. attributable to linoleic acid. The cleanser is available at mass. All Youth Code products are formulated with GenActiv TECHNOLOGY™. brightening gel cream creates a younger-looking eye area immediately and over time.00 KAPLAN MD Skincare Clarifying Toner Infused with rosewater. which works to energize the repair gene to enhance skin’s capacity for recovery.

00 ARTISTRY® Intensive Skincare Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum Developed by leading dermatological research scientists.51 oz. Lord & Taylor. It is available at Sephora. the aptly-named tanning lotion won’t transfer on to clothing and disappears as easily as it was applied—soap and water remove the DHA-free formula.com.00 F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 42 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . The formula contains red microalgae and AHAVA’s proprietary Extreme Complex. to protect the delicate eye area while immediately enhancing its appearance. 2 oz.com and sttropeztan. temporary self-tanner. . The serum is available in March. The cream is available at Nordstrom. this serum renews skin’s firmness by combining peptides. which includes mineral Osmoter ™ . shea butter. which provides the ideal amount of retinol where it’s needed on the skin. $54.. natural ingredients gathered from all over the world—from the Dead Sea to the Himalayas to the Ocean Tidal Zone— this energizing cream boosts elasticity and provides instant luminosity to the eye area.00 AHAVA Extreme Firming Eye Cream With skin-healthy. Saks Fifth Avenue. ensures the absence of undesirable side effects like dryness and flaking that retinol may cause. sephora.00 St. ULTA and ahavaus. 150 ml. 30 ml..com. radiant complexion. $138. $18. Himalayan raspberry root extract.TOP SHELF RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream Supreme The gentle formula of this night cream combines the exfoliating effects of glycolic acid with the skin conditioners and moisturizers of sodium hyaluronate. The visible signs of aging are reduced while the skin’s texture and tone are restored with the Nobel Prize-winning ingredients found in the signature RES Technology. Tropez One Night Only The sun-kissed glow of spending the summer in the south of France can be achieved in mere minutes with this richly-colored. The cream is available at Neiman Marcus.com. panthenol and sunflower seed oil to reveal a hydrated. Tibetan goji berries and Icelandic moss. $195. Barneys New York and on reviveskincare. Bergdorf Goodman. Making its debut on the runway at London Fashion Week. vitamin C and soothing extracts with New Generation Retinol—delivered with the proprietary Targeting Complex. The signature complex.

Each 3-step system is available at continuousresults. @Lash ® Clinically Proven Eyelash Growth Enhancer.00 Also Available: Anti-Aging Program by ZO® Skin Health. The program includes the Offects™ Hydrating Cleanser. The kit is offered in 12 levels of progressively-increased strengths. The full range is available at select Nordstrom stores and Fred Segal in March. The Transforming Complex contains retinol and other pro-collagen ingredients delivered through exclusive HyTrate™ Foam. $79. which includes the trio of Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. Transforming Complex and Nourishing Hydrator SPF15. dark spots.Shinto Clinical by Kimora Lee Simmons Smooth Answer Anti-Wrinkle & Moisture Boost Cream Ancient secrets of eastern beauty combine with western technology for this signature skincare line launched by Model-turned-Entrepreneur. The cream is available on QVC this month. wakame kelp. Wash Away The Years ® Anti-Aging Peptide Cleanser. $325. this ultra-hydrating cream gives skin a luminous glow while firming the skin and reducing the appearance of pores. a proprietary complex comprised of pearl extract. which protects the active ingredients from degrading for maximum effectiveness. loose skin and sun damage.00 Also available: All Evens Out Clinically Proven Skin Lightening Treatment. Eric Schweiger. Ossential® Daily Power Defense. Daily Skincare Program Kit by ZO® Skin Health BF F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 43 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . followers of the 5-step system receive an effective.7 oz. Kimora Lee Simmons. 6 and 9. Ommerse™ Daily Renewal Crème and Oclipse® Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30. Pore It Out® Instant Pore Concealer & Treatment and Micro Manage Instant Microdermabrasion Cream Continuous Results™ by Elayda™ Achieve anti-aging results while avoiding a plateau in effectiveness with Continuous Results™ by Elayda™. $65.and environmental-related skincare concerns. To reduce the appearance of wrinkles.com. betaglucan mushroom and omega 3.com. Wrinkle Shrink ® Instant Wrinkle Eraser. Ossential™ Radical Night Repair Plus. select Nordstrom stores and zoskinhealth. along with Makari de Suisse and Dermatologist Dr. 1. The Continuous Results™ system. It is available at select physicians’ offices. Offects™ Exfoliating Polish. uses a step-up approach of gradually increasing the amount of retinol in the Transforming Complex with each 60-day supply. Watch Your Tone ® Anti-Aging Peptide Toner.90 Aggressive Anti-Aging Program by ZO® Skin Health The Aggressive Anti-Aging Program from ZO® Skin Health delivers a high concentration of retinol to target age. daily regimen for optimum skin health. Containing OMEGAPEARL-18®..

BF: What are some of the plans for the future development of the brand? EDS: Let me answer that in four parts: BRAND Our first goal is to ensure that we are continuing on the path we set out on last year. we are introducing a new eye cream in the Extreme line. BF F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 44 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . Our priority channels are specialty and department stores and direct-to-consumer— ahavaus. we will be strategically rounding out the product line where gaps occur and forging new ground with unique technological discoveries. this spring. one of our technological expertise. And act quickly. Look for it in our key accounts like ULTA. we are bringing to market something that consumers have been asking for. In addition. For body. as we raise awareness. Extreme Eye Cream addresses lines. BF: In what countries is AHAVA currently available? Which markets might be the right fit for expansion? EDS: AHAVA is currently sold in 33 countries worldwide. Future developments include additions for sensitive skin.com. Outside of North American expansion. In addition. We want to hear what our fans and followers have to say and act on it. Providing a beautiful. For example. key growth markets for the brand include several Eastern European countries. We are the leading local brand in Israel and have 9 freestanding stores there. We are sold throughout Europe and can be found at Sephora. We maintain dedicated to stay on this course and as part of that quest will be continuing to explore new communication vehicles—especially in the second half of the year. Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom. which was launched in the fall. we want our customers to be a part of our journey with each new product. DISTRIBUTION What goes hand in hand with our growth strategy is the need to increase the business in both our current distribution and seek some new distribution. we want to bring the conversation to them by asking questions and engaging in what they want to talk about right now.REBORN (continued from page 28) 2. PRODUCT While we have a full range of face and body products. for years—scented body lotions to accompany our ever popular Mineral Botanic Cream washes. wrinkles and firming around the entire eye area from brow to under eye. Along with our overall digital initiatives. we will be adding additional staff to our current team—nearly doubling our number of employees by the end of 2012. direct TV and beauty dot-coms. and body firming. from unique ingredient stories to engaging in daily tips. a Shoppers Drug Mart like concept where all Western Prestige Brands are sold. we want to bring a sense of beauty. relaxing and naturally renewing environment in all of our online channels. We will be going beyond “launching” new products and instead inviting our visitors to really experience our latest innovations in a visual way. consumers walk away understanding the brand and its unique story and performance based on point of difference. BF: What is the brand’s social media strategy? EDS: Our social media strategy is really just one thing: listening. We have incredible opportunity to raise our brand’s awareness and want to make sure that. TEAM As part of our North American growth strategy. in addition to an exclusive distribution agreement with the retailer Super-Pharm. renewal and relevance into our social media channels. which is elevating our position in North America and strengthening the brand’s story to communicate our point of difference. KaDeWe and other leading European chains and independent retailers. We are currently also planning our further Asian expansion—today the brand has six stores in Singapore and a presence in Japan. this spring we have worked with the very hot accessory Designer Rebecca Minkoff on a major late spring/early summer co-branded promotion. focused around the unique skincare properties of the minerals from the Dead Sea. If what we’re saying isn’t resonating. we are launching a new men’s line—first with key influencers and then as an exclusive with Beauty Brands.

repair and add fullness are also available in clear and colored options. BF F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 45 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . Cellular Rejuvenating Drazkowski Concentrate. “Consumers appreciate that these are quality products that were formulated by a skincare authority with over 25 years of experience. The KAPLAN MD Skincare product range contains BioFusion-3S. I wanted to create and Bergdorf a skincare line that was a complete balanced diet for the skin. a signature complex of three plant stem cells. Kaplan delivery method and overall purity of the formulas. a patented peptide clinically proven to boost all six elements of collagen synthesis to visibly plump and smooth wrinkles from within the skin. . Night Replenishment Concentrate and Intensive Eye Concentrate. which include the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate. Products in the Concentrate Collection.5 oz. 3 oz. Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate. Kaplan to create a line of highly efficacious skincare products based on his research and studies as a Dermatologist. that motivated Dr.” Goodman’s Jeanette The collection includes the 1 oz. Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate. along with 22 USDA certified organic extracts in all of its formulations. Kaplan. Clarifying Toner. Firming Mask. the Dr. Dr.4 oz.FACE FORWARD (continued from page 29) not nearly strong enough for desired results.” stated Dr. their potency. a newly patented ingredient using Nobel Prize-winning research to delay the aging of skin cells while forcing existing skin cells to act younger for a renewed vibrancy in the skin. 3 oz. “Just like a multi-vitamin has all the minerals and Lorna Thomas vitamins at the recommended percentages. 1. 1 oz. and they can actually see and feel the change in their skin. Pat Saxby and Elizabeth Secrest Along with Bergdorf Goodman. the range is available at with Dr. Intensive Eye Concentrate. Anti-aging lip treatments that work to moisturize. All of the thinking has been done for them. “I spent years thinking of every aspect to create the most perfect collection—the combination of ingredients.00 to $295. also contain Juvinity™.00. “They can trust and rely on the fact these products are based in science. Cell Renewing Microfoliant. The collection ranges in price from $50. and Matrixyl Synth’6™. 1. and a dedication to his patients. Kaplan Neiman Marcus.” Bergdorf Goodman’s Aja Passero. Kaplan.” informed with Kaplan MD Skincare’s Dr. 3. protect. Kaplan’s sincerity and his dedication to quality has been paying off—customer response has so far been extremely positive. Hydrating Essence. It was with this realization.7 oz. Night Replenishment Concentrate.7 oz. Purifying Foam Cleanser and 3.5 oz.

we strive to add our boutique sensibility with sustainable ingredients and strong consumer insight to every new fragrance we create. consequently. We believe this can only be accomplished through greater insights into these highly dynamic markets. Frederic Jacques Vice President Fine Fragrance North America Mane As the Fine Fragrance marketplace continues to be overcrowded. Kevin Marshall Vice President/ Creative Director Marc Rosen Associates Brands will need to work hard to create “Meaningful Points of Differentiation” this year. First. Key word is “dynamic. At Mane. Fragrance Resources’ challenge is selling more than just fragrance. Customers expect new launches and collections several times a year. it is imperative that new product launches have a meaningful difference that consumers can feel and perceive. we are afforded the luxury of being a familyowned and operated global fragrance destination. while providing a unique and desirable olfactive experience. How do you continue to innovate and deliver high quality packaging. We represent a creative alternative and strongly believe that we are a necessity more than ever before and are totally ready to challenge the normal way to create fragrances in this highly unusual. Products that deliver exceptional experiences and out-perform their competition will resonate and command customer attention. Our challenge in working with a highly focused list of partners is to help them identify new fragrance opportunities in a crowded. Carl Lombardi President Lombardi Design & Manufacturing As much as things change. F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 46 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . specifically to ensure a continuous and reliable supply of quality raw materials. so that it touches the consumer more instinctually and emotionally. As consumers begin to spend again.” as these markets are changing rapidly. at prices we can work with to create fragrances that exceed the market’s expectations for innovation and creativity. The companies that do that effectively will continue to grow and lead the industry forward. Our second challenge is to capitalize on the growth potential in both emerging and developed markets. expertise and passion. to continue to manage our raw material supply. confusing arena. Flexibility is key. at a competitive price with shortened lead times on a global platform? Effectively utilize the technological advancements in the areas of design. Cosimo Policastro Executive Vice President Fine Fragrances Givaudan We see two distinct challenges that we are focused on for 2012. Gregory Mager Founder & Co-Chairman Maesa We see an everincreasing demand for novelty in the beauty market. Christophe de Villeplée Vice President of Fine Fragrance and Beauty Care Worldwide International Flavors & Fragrances IFF continues to explore our proprietary consumer segmentation focusing on how personal values drive fragrance choice around the world. Simply put. so speed-to-market has been a great challenge. particularly naturals. tangible brand attributes. competitive market. Wi t h a c o n s t a n t l y e vo l v i n g consumer it is important that we continue to emotionally engage and delight them through our creativity. Maesa has access to a worldwide supply chain and provides solutions to these complex supply chain demands. the challenge remains the same. we must be ahead of the market and consumer dynamics in order to fully capitalize on their potential.Suppliers Strategize For New Business Challenges (continued from page 30) Christoph Gerberding President and Chief Executive Officer Fragrance Resources At Fragrance Resources. they’ll do so with a renewed eye towards quality. efficacy and meaningful. manufacturing and operating systems to manage these requirements.

Regardless of a company’s size. Pochet can face the challenge with serenity thanks to its strong financial base. Jack Corley Executive Vice President Trilogy Fragrances LLC I believe the greatest challenge impacting the cosmetic supply side this year is The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 (H. Solev and Qualipac. Inflationary pressures within key economies. which offers a unique combination of glass. The fact that we are fully integrated (glass and decoration) gives us a competitive edge. such as China. More than ever before. procurement and engineering of all the players involved. We as fragrance houses must keep in mind the role of fragrance— the desire to seduce while being unique—otherwise. along with assembling operations capacity. Xavier Adnet Vice President Sales Stoelzle USA Reactivity is going to be key. Paul Ireland Senior Vice President and General Manager. As a family-owned company with a long-term vision. all of our facilities now operate on the same ERP. Jan Schakowsky. putting pressure on supplies. especially in the decoration technologies where there was a strong demand in 2011. and Tammy Baldwin. Introduced on June 24. D-Wisc.François Sabaté Sales and Market General Manager Pochet du Courval Gerald Walle President Pochet of America The supply chain in the fragrance industry has changed dramatically during the last three years. We are increasing capacity in many areas and developing our expertise and equipment for the execution of turnkey projects. fragrances will need to differentiate from the crowd with greater emphasis on the personalization of brands. The trend towards more sophisticated packaging and integrated projects challenges the planning.R. At Pochet du Courval.2359) is designed to give the U. The main strength of Stoelzle is the flexibility. which we are coordinating more effectively with our sister companies. developing markets for key ingredients has increased.2359). we all face a few similar challenges: Rising raw material costs while maintaining competitive pricing. Reduction of manufacturers has created availability issues of key raw materials. while facing a market still plagued by economic uncertainty. we can move the tools from one factory to another and reduce the lead-times along with the run size to be more reactive. however two in particular come to mind: The regulators within the European 47 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . Food and Drug Administration authority to ensure that personal care products are free of harmful ingredients and that ingredients are fully disclosed. and shorter lead times pose great challenges to heavy industries like glass making. plastics and metal. are a key cost driver for many raw materials. It is hoped that they will give us a little breathing room and stop making everyone believe that nature is our worst enemy. Regulatory Commission are on a witch hunt against fragrances. the glass division. quality and agility. fragrance will become a mere commodity and lose all its magic. Shéhérazade Chamlou Vice President Sales + Marketing SGD North America The fragrance market rebounded quite strongly in 2011.S. BF Christophe Maubert Fragrance Division Manager Robertet There will be many challenges in 2012.. but one of the greatest challenges in 2012 is going to be the prospect of a double-dip global recession and further slowdown of consumer spending. Our ambition in the industry is definitely to deliver an increased added value with consistency to our customers within a shorter lead time.. providing speed to market without sacrificing creativity and the uncertainty of the economy. The US dollar’s weakness continues to be of concern. F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / Mark Magliaro President. Fragrance Division Takasago Internal demand in fast growing. Ed Markey.. D-Ill. The Pochet Group. The advent and success of outsourcing puts greater demands on suppliers for flexibility. (H. particularly in developed markets. 2011 by Reps. Since we are operating with multi-production sites. D-Mass. Fragrance Division Ungerer & Company The heritage of Ungerer & Company is based on an entrepreneurial spirit combined with the ability to maintain long-standing relationships as well as foster new relationships. We are facing a lot of pressure to reduce lead-time on existing and new businesses.R. has been making large investments to meet those challenges. For this reason SGD will continue to focus on innovation and devote more resources to this effort.

This special program provides an opportunity for expanded participation from manufacturers and raw material.11:30 am General Session Keynote Speakers: Political Pundits Charlie Cook and Stuart Rothenberg. Spotting Trends and Sparking Innovations Discussion Panel: Trends and Innovation Strategic Appointments Board of Directors Mingle (committee members only) Board of Directors Meeting (committee members only) Sunset. On the shores of the tranquil Gulf of Mexico. Sand.Noon Registration Open International Association Meeting (committee members only) Strategic Appointments Prepare to meet with new and old colleagues and clients while furthering your business objectives in the beautiful and serene environment of Naples. Board of Directors Dinner 11:30 am .9:00 am 7:30 am .9:00 pm Thursday.9:00 am 9:00 am .5:00 pm 5:00 pm 48 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N .com. and Social Connections Join your fellow attendees for the Beach Bound Annual Meeting Social Hour.10:00 pm Friday. What the 2012 Elections Mean for Your Company.4:00 pm 4:00 pm . Legal Executive Committee Meeting (committee members only) Policy Summit The Summit kicks off with lunch and a keynote speaker followed by panel discussions on major issues facing the industry. February 22 9:00 am . make new acquaintances and celebrate the personal care industry that helps give consumers around the world a “Brand New Attitude” every morning.3:00 pm 3:00 pm . 10:00 am . suppliers and their customers will have an opportunity to continue important policy discussions. February 24 9:00 am .Maximize Your Success Strategic Appointments Meeting Concludes BF F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 11:30 am . Following the networking reception. network and enjoy refreshments at this new event.Noon Noon .5:00 pm 8:30 am -11:30 am 9:00 am . guests will move into the ballroom for a casual dinner and entertainment. Founder of trendhunter.11:30 am Government Affairs Committee Meeting (committee members only) Strategic Appointments General Session Keynote Speaker: Jeremy Gutsche. Policy Summit Mingle Following the Policy Summit.PCPC ASSEMBLES IN NAPLES (continued from page 32) The schedule of events for the Council meeting is as follows: Wednesday. Florida. Strategic Appointments 2012 Opening Extravaganza All attendees are invited to gather in the Vanderbilt Courtyard to renew friendships. enjoy light hors d’oeuvres and cocktails with your friends and colleagues. February 23 7:30 am .6:00 pm 3:00 pm -3:30 pm 3:30 pm -5:00 pm 6:00 pm -7:00 pm 7:00 pm . Media Panel: Target Markets . fragrance and packaging suppliers.6:00 pm 6:00 pm .

Matt Frost and Fernanda Albejante Macy’s Nancy Schmidt and Muriel Gonzalez with Jill Scalamandre of Chrysallis Givaudan’s Irina Burlakova Rucinski. said Ms. “It is key to understand how to communicate with the Hispanic customer. F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / Macy’s Tasha Blackman and Mary Kohatsu with Anitra Marsh of P&G BF 49 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N .” IFF’s Barbara Downey. Ms. Furthermore. lifestyle and household guidance while featuring the company’s brands. respectively. The site provides beauty. it is also vital for companies to connect with the consumer in a meaningful way. Celebrity endorsements are 10 times more meaningful for Hispanic consumers. Along with depicting the Hispanic customer in its ads. an additional boost for companies targeting a culture that already takes great pride in its personal care routine and is willing to spend the money. BAs are often bilingual. We must embrace the community. but the site allows for P&G to build a trust with its customers. Vegas agreed that advertisements must be representative. but it is best when they are inclusive. a Web site created by P&G that was designed specifically for Hispanic women. Catherine Lee and Kelly Bastidas Ms. though not required. Vegas referred to recent campaigns with Sofia Vergara and Eva Mendes as carrying universal appeal. Levy said that there must be a literal representation of the Hispanic customer in order to connect with her. Eleta.CEW DISCUSSES HOW TO CONNECT TO THE HISPANIC CONSUMER (continued from page 34) Elizabeth Arden’s Francine Gingras with Claudia Lucas of QVC L’Oréal USA’s Dan Villarroel with Ms. Pinkwater Shiseido’s Rita Mangan with Lord & Taylor’s Barbara Zinn-Moore While providing a desirable assortment is necessary. Ms. as it is our biggest opportunity for the next few years. in doors where Spanish is predominately spoken. The Actresses are brand ambassadors for COVERGIRL and Pantene. Ms. Vegas discussed the recent launch of orgullosa. Oscar de la Renta’s Jean Hoehn Zimmerman with Mary Manning of Mary Manning Associates The Estée Lauder Companies’ Matt Teri and Carol Russo with John Stella of Elizabeth Arden IFF’s Jeanine Bernstock and FIT’s Stephan Kanlian with Coty’s Breanna Martin and Mane’s Jason Boland From the retail perspective. She stated that it is a win when the Hispanic consumer relates to an advertisement as well as when it attracts those outside of the segment. Not only does it serve as a virtual community for its members.com. Macy’s has also been working to translate these advertisements into Spanish.

Rosen his first FiFi® Award in 1983. The products range in price from $39. skincare-focused company with multiple distribution channels is what hockey players call ‘multiple shots on goal. The bottle won Mr. The book also features a Foreword by Harold Koda. Our infomercial in its long form of 28 minutes is being exposed on national media.’ We are planning on being successful in the long term in each one of our three companies. amazon. the gift shops of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’m a firm believer in public relations. The line appeals to a broad target audience because you can grow with the line. An IPO is certainly a possibility. as well as an interview with Mr. Glamour Icons: Perfume Bottle Design is now available at Barnes & Noble.00 per month for a 2-month supply. Photos of launches and the accounts of his associations with some of the beauty and fashion industries’ most famous names as well as society’s ‘beautiful people’ bring the Glamour Icons to life. The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. the difficulties they see and how we can help them. we have a Physicians Dispense company that is prepared to offer an even more professional level of products to their patients. I believe in consumer loyalty and promoting repeat users. Curator In Charge. Rosen designed many memorable flacons. The Author’s proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to The Marc Rosen Scholarship and Educational Fund for Graduate Package Design at Pratt Institute. In the chapter on “A Designer’s Eye: Icons of the Past. Rosen believes that “the fragrance bottle is the silent salesman. Rosen conducted by Hamish Bowles. BF: How are you positioning the company for future growth? JN: This unique structure of a pure. The fan—a weapon of flirtation and one that is often featured in Karl Lagerfeld’s design culture— became the inspiration for the flacon. Mr. Museum of Modern Art and Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt. BF: How are you promoting Continuous Results™ by Elayda™? JN: We are using several vehicles for getting out the message. We have a national customer outreach program. We’re also experimenting with short form commercials in more targeted media. Top leaders in dermatology recommend these products to their patients but do not prescribe them nor sell them out of their offices. We quickly follow up with these consumers to better understand how we could have improved their experience with the product and brand. We ask them about their initial reaction to the products. Mr. We need that aura of glamour [now] more than ever. and we have had a phenomenal response from the Beauty Editors. we make it easy for them to return their product for a full refund. which we are in the process of broadly expanding.” He maintains that “fragrance gives us that momentary uplifting feeling of hope. Rizzoli. with customers ranging in age from low twenties to the fifties. Rosen showcases some of the most famous and iconic perfume bottles of the 20th century.com and bloomingdales. Bergdorf Goodman’s Fragrance Department.” Published by Antique Collectors’ Club. select Neiman Marcus stores. of inspiration and aspiration. and who is the target customer? JN: We are using the advantages of direct response to distribute Continuous Results™ by Elayda™. at the end of the day they are not satisfied. where he spent ten years. If. However.NUGENT HELMS DERM-DRIVEN ELAYDA (continued from page 36) ™ MARC ROSEN AUTHORS BOOK ON GLAMOUR (continued from page 38) BF: How is Continuous Results™ by Elayda™ distributed. Fendi For Women by Fendi/Elizabeth Arden Woven throughout the book are the Author’s recollections of the glamour that was inherent in the beauty business during the last century. which is the image for his book’s jacket. We’re confident that we are creating a company of significant value with multiple opportunities. BF / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 50 . VOGUE magazine’s Editor-at-Large. including KL Karl Lagerfeld. We are also looking at alternative direct response avenues as well as international markets.” Mr.com.00 to $49. BF Moving on to Elizabeth Arden.

) with Monte Henige of Tru Fragrance Diane Crecca with Pamela Vaile of Pamela Vaile Associates The Estée Lauder Companies’ Karen Wangen and Caroline Geerlings IFF’s Christophe de Villeplée with Elizabeth Arden’s Ron Rolleston F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / E. Didier Maine de Biran and Beth Carr Ungerer’s Josephine Fugazzotto and Lucy Arcade Marketing’s Rich Nightingale and Adler (r.) join Fairchild Fashion Group’s Alison Adler Matz and Jill Belasco of Maesa.NPD REVIEWS 2011 BEAUTY SALES (continued from page 37) SymphonyIRI Group’s Larry Levin with The NPD Group’s Diane Nicholson and Karen Grant (2nd r. Scott Group’s Dara Rintel and Mark Scott with Cutler Whitman of Fragrance Resources 51 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . QVC’s Claudia Lucas with Chrysallis’ Jill Scalamandre and Catherine Walsh of Coty Prestige Give Back Brands’ Debbie Murtha with Christian Dior Parfums’ Pamela Baxter and Lisa Hawkins Macy’s Nancy Schmidt with Dior Beauty’s Terry Darland Nordstrom’s Laurie Black with Christine Dagousset of CHANEL PUIG USA’s Vanita Sabnani. C.

Darland and Ms. Schmidt and Stephanie Shemet BF F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 2 / 52 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N . Hawkins Macy’s Shawn Austin.NPD REVIEWS 2011 BEAUTY SALES Coty’s George Cleary with Ms. Murtha Firmenich’s Westly Morris with Eric Dalbo of Arcade Marketing CHANEL’s Elizabeth Mankin and Joyce Green Gurwitch Products’ Ellen Greenwald and Bonnie Beer Elizabeth Arden’s Elizabeth Naramore and Heide Rand with Paul West of Give Back Brands Ms. Vaile with Pierre Wulff of Robertet Givaudan’s Cos Policastro with Denise McEvoy of Avon Lord & Taylor’s Beth Ravalico and Barbara Zinn-Moore Dillard’s Gary Borofsky with Dana Kline of Fusion Brands Macy’s Linda Levy with Ms. Ms.

NY 10022 [tel] (212) 909-0780 [fax] (212) 715-9668 www.com Doreen Bucher Fragrance Compounds & Essential Oils ColorOptics.symrise.com obursac@luigibormioli.S.ungererandcompany. Frosting and Accessories Michel Mane Fine Fragrance Compounds and Essential Oils Heather Barrett-Babich Premium Cartons. Rigid Box Manufacturing & Injection Blow Molding International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. 1700 Broadway 25th Floor New York.hoganff. Toiletry and Household Products Stephane Tondenier Laminate Tubes.fragranceresources.com jptetrault@robertetusa. NY 10019 [tel] (212) 649-8800 [fax] (212) 649-8897 www. Fragrances. Creative.takasago.com 125 Bauer Drive Oakland. Oleoresins and Aromatics Achim Daub Fragrance Compounds & Essential Oils Vincent Langone Blending & Filling of Fragrances.A. NJ 07436 Paul Ireland Producer of Fragrance Compounds and Aroma FEBRUARY 2012 / 53 / BEAUTY FASHION .bucher@symrise.firmenich. NJ 07470 [tel] (973) 633-5533 [fax] (973) 633-5538 www.com Rafael Cruz Glass Bottles. an Arcade Marketing Company 216 Midland Avenue Saddle Brook. Exclusive Packaging Designs. Essential Oils Mark Magliaro Carla Arcangelo Flavors. NJ 07663 [tel] (973) 772-1007 [fax] (973) 771-8991 hbarrett@arcadeinc.com mmagliaro@ungerer.com CEI: Cosmetic Essence Innovations 2182 Highway 35 Holmdel. Contract Packaging. Lip Glosses. Optiview.com BOTTLE & PACKAGING DESIGN ABA Packaging Corporation 740 Blue Point Road Holtsville.com Albea Group 595 Madison Avenue 10th floor New York.alcanpackaging. Pumps. Manufacturing & Distribution Jean Pierre Tetrault Natural Extracts and Essential Oils for Fragrances Symrise 300 North Street Teterboro.com Andy O’Shea Fragrance Manufacturing Firmenich International Fine Fragrance Center 625 Madison Avenue New York. Turn-Key Innovation.com Givaudan Fragrances Corporation 40 West 57th Street 11th floor New York.robertet.com Nicolas Mirzayantz Fragrance Compounds Also: 505 Park Avenue 15th floor New York.com Mane USA 60 Demarest Drive Wayne.symrise. 620 Route 3 West PO Box 4277 Clifton.com info@abapackaging. Color Cosmetics. NJ 07647-0932 [tel] (201) 767-9001 [fax] (201) 784-7200 www.org Olga Bursac Cosmetic and Perfume Containers. 521 West 57th Street New York.SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY FRAGRANCE COMPOUNDS & ESSENTIAL OILS Arcade Marketing. Cold & Hot Foil.iff. Sticks & Lipsticks Bormioli Luigi USA 5 Walnut Grove Drive Suite 140 Horsham. Ceramic Decoration. NY 10019 [tel] (212) 765-5500 [fax] (212) 708-7132 www.bormioliluigi.com Also: Robertet. NJ 07014 [tel] (973) 777-2979 [fax] (973) 458-5224 www.com jlattarulo@robertetusa. Lotions. Assembly & Full Distribution. Oleoresins and Aromatics Diane Crecca Sampling Technologies Cosimo Policastro Manufacturers of Fine Fragrance Drom International Inc. Mascaras & Eyeliners.givaudan.com info@hoganff. Cremes.robertet. NY 10019 [tel] (212) 541-2600 [fax] (212) 489-3026 www. Fragrances. NY 11742 [tel] (631) 758-4200 [fax] (631) 758-4295 www.cosmeticessence. Essential Oils. NY 10022 [tel] (212) 371-5100 Robertet Fragrances. NJ 07035 [tel] (973) 628-0600 [fax] (973) 628-0251 www. 125 Bauer Drive Oakland.abapackaging. Optikote. Private Molds.packaging@alcan.com beauty.com Robert MacDonald Manufacturer of Fragrance Compounds. Inc.com Ray Hogan Kathleen Ryan Manufacturer of Custom Fragrance Compounds.com Chemicals Ungerer & Company 4 Bridgewater Lane Lincoln Park.com maneusa@mane. 5 Jacksonville Road Towaco. Cost-Effective Engineering & Production. NJ 07733 [tel] (732) 888-7788 [fax] (732) 888-1994 www. NY 1003 [tel] (212) 598-4310 [fax] (212) 477-4711 www.drom. NJ 07082 [tel] (973) 316-8400 [fax] (973) 316-9039 www. Mark Magliaro Carla Arcangelo Flavors.fragranceresources. Naturals and Aromatic Ingredients [tel] (201) 405-1000 [fax] (201) 405-0184 www.arcadeinc.org [fax] (212) 829-9539 www. PA 19044 [tel] (215) 672-7111 [fax] (215) 672-7115 www. Glass Design. Development & Sourcing. Plastic Tubes.ungererandcompany. NJ 07436 [tel] (201) 337-7100 [fax] (201) 337-0070 www.com AJO@drom. Inc.com mmagliaro@ungerer.) Fragrance Division 4 Volvo Drive Rockleigh.com SPECIALTY INGREDIENTS Ungerer & Company 4 Bridgewater Lane Lincoln Park.com doreen. In-House Capabilities Include Thermoforming. Proprietary Formats w/Arcade Sampling Technology. Package Design. NJ 07608 [tel] (201) 288-3200 [fax] (201) 462-2363 www. and an Also: 70 East 55th Street 3rd Floor New York. Closures.mane. Inc.com Hogan Flavors and Fragrances 130 East 18th Street New York. Essential Oils.com Joseph Lattarulo Manufacturers of Fragrances for Use in Cosmetic. NY 10022 [tel] (646) 459-5000 [fax] (646) 459-5020 www. NJ 07035 [tel] (973) 628-0600 [fax] (973) 628-0251 www. Inc.com Jerry Vittoria Creators and Manufacturers of Fragrances & Chemical Specialties Fragrance Resources.com Robert MacDonald Fragrance Oils Takasago International Corporation (U. NY 10022 [tel] (212) 489-4800 [fax] (212) 980-4312 www.

sgbpackaging. In-House Capabilities Include Thermoforming.Metal Injection Molding .mra-nyc.com Lombardi Design & Manufacturing 100 Doxsee Drive Freeport.cc Ida Traficante Manufacturer of High Quality Perfumery and Cosmetic Bottles. Decorated Kevin Marshall Marc Rosen Associates is a Boutique Creative Agency Built Around Diverse. Disc Fitments. NJ 07663 [tel] (973) 772-1007 [fax] (973) 771-8991 hbarrett@arcadeinc.com Dan Carter Plastic Jars. NY 10022 [tel] (212) 421-3307 [fax] (212) 421-2804 www. Mascara and Nail Brushes. Assembly & Full Distribution. CARTON.alcanpackaging. Fragrance and Skincare. NY 11520 [tel] (516) 546-4400 [fax] (516) 546-4413 www.packaging@alcan.com jill. Mazzei Glass Bottles & Decoration.com Colt’s Plastics Company. International Design and Branding Professionals.com sgibli@sgbpackaging. Compression Caps.maesa.O. 16th floor New York. P.abapackaging. NY 10010 [tel] (212) 719-1155 x108 [fax] (212) 719-3606 www. Fragrance & Bath HCT Packaging 746 Rte 202-206 Bridgewater. Proprietary Formats w/Arcade Sampling Technology. PA 19044 Vito Giardina Debra Beilman FEBRUARY 2012 / 54 / BEAUTY FASHION . Jars. Tottles .meadwestvaco. 360 Hurst Street Linden. NJ 07470 [tel] (973) 942-4923 [fax] (973) 942-5364 www. CT 06241 [tel] (800) 222-2658 [fax] (860) 779-0782 www.com kevin@mra-nyc. Sticks & Lipsticks Shoshana Gibli Primary Packaging for Cosmetic.com E. Plastic Tubes.com info@abapackaging. Closures. Variety of Stock in Injection. NY 10022 [tel] (212) 754-5700 [fax] (212) 754-5629 www.mgiordano. Inc. 401 Hackensack Avenue 7th floor Hackensack. Spray Cases and Special Decoration on Glass Bottles for the Fragrance and Cosmetic Industry Rafael Cruz Glass Bottles.Array of Premier Specialty Finishes Cosmetics. NY 10022 [tel] (212) 421-3307 [fax] (212) 421-2804 www. Sifters. to 21 oz. Caps. Turnkey Services . PET Plastic Bottles. Pumps.com sgibli@sgbpackaging. Inc. 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00: Air Mail-Europe and all other countries $175.Mfr Color Cosmetics.pivaudran.mgiordano.A PUBLISHER CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY The subscription lists of this publication are maintained on a confidential basis. NY 11520 [tel] (516) 546-4400 [fax] (516) 546-4413 www.com tesem. Optiview.himoff@prefacedeux .com Design.00. Incorporate Leading Scientific Technologies. Manufacturing & Filling of High-Performance Skin & Hair Care Products. Web & CD ROM Development. Rafaj Marketing Services 135 E. Manufacturers of Custom Banner Programs.milbarlabs.com Private Label Beauty. Marketing/Business Plans. Full Turnkey Service.com Sampling Technologies Aviva Himoff Lombardi Design & Manufacturing 100 Doxsee Drive Freeport. Fax: (212) 840-7246. Manufacturers of Custom Banner Programs. Wood. Single copy price: $5. Variety of Stock in Injection. NY 10016 U. Package Design. Caps.com debbie@mgiordano.maesa. 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NJ 07608 USA WWW. 30-32 HENRY STREET.288.9477 E: INFO@DERMACEUTICALLABS.COM . TETERBORO.At Dermaceutical Laboratories. we create partnerships with our clients which extend beyond quality products and customer service. This enables us to create custom tailored solutions and provide you with ground-breaking technologies and innovations.DERMACEUTICALLABS. We ensure up-to-date knowledge about your brand’s ever-changing needs.DE R MACE UTICALL ABS.COM TEL: 201.COM WWW.

As Featured in NewBeauty .No w Av ail ab le fo rE ye Breakthrough formulas that reduce wrinkles and firm skin s! Age-defying ingredients from the earth’s most extreme altitudes — the Dead Sea and the Himalayas — work together to prevent the signs of aging.

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