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Emerging Trends in Apparel Retailing and Malls in Mumbai

Emerging Trends in Apparel Retailing and Malls in Mumbai

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Published by: Sahil Chaubal on Mar 14, 2012
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Emerging trends in Apparel Retailing and Malls in Mumbai

A report submitted by Hiren Gor

Acknowledgement I thank Mr.Sugam Chaubal, my project guide, for his guidance and kind support. This project would not have materialized without his help.

List of contents • • • • • • • • Introduction Shopping Malls in India Arvind Brands Some facts about the group Objectives of the study Details of the project completed The LAW Brands Mall Parameters considered

• Malls covered • Details of Shopping Malls Covered

2. 5. 3. 4.• Shopping Mall Score Card • Competitor Mapping Details • Observations and suggestions • Word of caution • Learnings from the study • Areas that could have been improved • Appendix 1. Actual Information on Shopping Malls Sheet) Mall Averages Sheet Shopping Mall Rating Sheet Shopping Mall Scorecard Competitor Mapping Details Table Of Contents: Chapter Introduction Shopping Malls in India Arvind Brands Some facts about the group Objectives of the study Details of the project completed Mall Parameters considered Malls covered Details of Shopping Malls Covered Shopping Mall Score Card Competitor Mapping Details Observations and suggestions Word of caution Learnings from the study Areas that could have been improved Appendix: Actual Information on Shopping Malls Sheet Mall Averages Sheet Shopping Mall Rating Sheet Shopping Mall Scorecard Competitor Mapping Details Contact Details Page Number 1 3 3 4 5 5 8 9 12 42 45 46 47 47 47 Annexure 1 Annexure 2 Annexure 3 Annexure 4 Annexure 5 Annexure 6 .

In the domestic apparel market (where the total consumer spending in 2003 was estimated at Rs 68. both because retail space was limited and investment in apparel companies was restricted by law. China is way ahead with over US$ 50 billion coming from its apparel exports. Until a few years ago. the total organized Retail Industry stands at Rs. which was also the primary reason why large . The share of the top 15 companies in total Indian apparel exports is about 18 per cent. has lagged behind its neighboring countries. which is growing at 20 per cent. the past few years have seen a churning on the home front as well. Things had changed a good deal in the past few years. India.3 billion in the previous fiscal year. Notably. In contrast. the government had de-reserved the garment sector. research and development. even smaller countries like Bangladesh exported apparel worth US$ 7. and training. it was an uphill task for most companies to go beyond the Rs 1 billion mark. India competes with countries such as Bangladesh and Thailand for the eighth position in the global share. low-cost labour and huge potential at home base. This deterred large corporate houses and foreign companies from getting into the apparel sector.Introduction In. This is also the time for consolidation of available resources. To start with. Margins will decrease dramatically when dealing with the likes of WalMart. Issues which the government still needs to get its perspectives right on. despite having a large base of natural fibres. rationalized excise duties and introduced Cenvat across the textile value-chain. This translates into a Rs. in addition to reducing import duties on machinery. the combined share of the top six branded clothing companies was less than three per cent (about 10 per cent in the branded segment). The scenario is not much different on the export front.920 crores market for branded goods. It has taken 10-50 years for 20 of the top apparel companies to attain sales of Rs 150 crore. Profits will come only from savings across the production and management systems. large buyers would prefer dealing with a few select countries and vendors – ones who can offer quality and quantity in quick time. With apparel exports of US$ 5.1 billion (200304). is related to labor laws. Meanwhile.5 billion in 2003-04. The protected environment of the quota and reservation regime which ended with December 2004 did not serve any cause for the Indian apparel industry.10.000 crore). down from US$ 5. the target for the clothing and textile exports from India by 2013 – set at US$ 25-30 billion – should be achieved. If things stand their ground. India the ready-to-wear business began in the early 1950s.000 crores of which 39% consists of Clothes.28. According to KSA Technopak. Textiles and Fashion Accessories. With the abolition of quotas. The initiative on debt restructuring of existing units was also a welcome measure in the light of interest rates that are globally competitive.

the Indian marketplace is all decked up to a world of opportunities. Between them. food courts. Shopping Mall Scenario in India India stands on the cusp of a mall boom .investments could not be made in branding and marketing efforts. Mumbai and Delhi alone will have over 20 malls each in the next two years. ft of space for customers. large exporters taking interest in the home market. Adding a reasonable assumption of 20 sq. Truly. Valet Parking. CEO.a retail report by real estate consultancy Knight Frank says about 300 malls will spring up all over the country over the next 2-3 years. Our apparel brands and retailers cannot afford not to take up the challenge. entertainment zones. New malls come equipped with air conditioning. gaming areas. The ongoing changes both in consumer lifestyle and retailing make it the most happening place to be in. escalators all aim at adding intangible value to the customer.S. ft of retail space. Customer Service. Today. atriums etc. . Shopping malls cater exactly to those needs. multiplexes. Infact the brands are the ones who stand to gain the maximum from these opportunities. he looks for a total shopping experience. Nagesh." Today’s consumer no longer looks towards just going to a store and buying a product. retailing in shopping malls is the future is. lifts. Indian corporate houses foraying into fashion and retail. Shoppers' Stop. B. ft of retail space per person. He says: "Consider just 1% of the entire Indian population. there is an immediate requirement for over 200 million sq. With so many factors rooting for India – MNCs setting up manufacturing base in India. is certain that there is a need for the malls. they will cover more than 25 million sq. global names like Tommy Hilfiger opening shops here – the domestic clothing industry can only prosper.

To understand the mall scenario in Western India To come up with parameters to be considered while deciding on whether or not LAW Brands should be present in a particular shopping mall • • Preparation of a Mall Scorecard with measures & metrics To comment on earlier decisions regarding Arvind Brands’ presence or lack of presence in certain shopping malls • To do competitive tracking in various malls for Lee. Arrow and Wrangler .Objectives of the study • • 1.

Hence this project gains its significance from the above mentioned reasons. It is one of the areas which is currently experiencing maximum growth rate. the most happening concept would be the malls. The method employed was a visit to the mall or the construction site and discussions with the mall manager and other related persons apart from a detailed observation.Details of the project Time Frames 25th Dec 15th Feb Commencement of field Work Completion of field work and data collection 23rd Feb 24th Feb 3rd March 11th June to 14th June Data Analysis Commencement of project report Completion of first draft of project report Analysis of data and creation of mall rating scorecard. . As one would know that in the current retail trend and the emerging consciousness of branded clothing in the mind of the Indian consumer. 15th June Final Draft The project consisted of conducting a detailed analysis of the existing and upcoming malls in Mumbai so as to identify appropriate locations at the end of the study. In case of non-availability of mall managers. sales and marketing managers were contacted for the required information. This has been identified as the most potential area for growth as far as brands go.

Mall Parameters Considered: The factors (for rating of malls) which were considered were • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anchor Stores Presence of confirmed competitors Total Floor Area Parking Space No. cleanliness of the mall and availability of space to move around The kind of people who walk in i. PCOs. children’s games and entertainment. Middle class. upper middle class or the premium segment. etc. of Stores Mall Status Location of the Mall Footfalls Age of the Mall Zoning Mall Frontage Number of Nearby Malls in the same location Efficiency Ratio Other Factors included: • • • • • Other facilities available like efficiency of customer service. multiplexes. of Floors No. banquet halls. services like ATMs.e. Facilities like the food court. entertainment centers. and special entrance for the handicapped. . The number of escalators and elevators and their location in the malls concerned Location and cleanliness of the restrooms.

A few of them were non. Mumbai City A list of 25 malls was given.e. A separate excel sheet with the details of the malls has been attached for further details. The list is as follows Sl. Based on the observations given in the appendix. plans are yet to be finalized) Care was taken to see that as far as possible the other malls apart from the list in a given location were covered. . it has been possible to come to certain conclusions and recommend some suggestions. A detailed analysis of the malls is given as an appendix. No.existent (i.List of Shopping Malls covered 1. Hence a total of around 19 malls were covered. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Mall Name Location Status Crossroads R Mall Inorbit Infinity Centre One VAMA CR2 High Street Phoenix Nirmal Lifestyles Raghuleela Megamall Citi Mall The Hub Grand Hyatt Raghuleela Arcade Lake City Mall Eternity Atria Oberoi Mall Prime Mall Megapolis Beaumond K-Mall Huma Hard Castle Inorbit II Tardeo Mulund(W) Malad(W) Andheri(W) Vashi Pedder Road Nariman Point Lower Parel Mulund(W) Kandivali(W) Andheri(W) Goregaon(E) Santacruz(E) Vashi Thane Thane Worli Goregaon(E) Ville Parle(W) Thane Prabha Devi Chembur Mulund Kalyan Vashi Fully Operational Fully Operational Fully Operational Fully Operational Fully Operational Fully Operational Operational Operational Operational Operational Operational Operational Operational Under Construction Under Construction Under Construction Under Construction Under Construction Under Construction Under Construction Planning Stage Planning Stage Planning Stage Planning Stage Planning Stage Most of the malls in the above given list were covered.

Mumbai City 1. 10. 12. 14. 19. 7. 3. 6. Ahmedabad and Pune City 1. 2. 8. 5. 9. 16. 13. 4. 11. 17. 18. CR2 Crossroads High Street Phoenix R Mall Nirmal Lifestyles Inorbit Raghuleela Megamall Infinity Centre One Raghuleela Arcade Lake City Mall Eternity Citi Mall Atria Millennium Mall VAMA The Hub Oberoi Mall Grand Hyatt Prime Mall . 15.Details of Shopping Malls Covered in Mumbai.


Fujitsu Concept Store.Orange Shop.240 & 240 A Backbay Reclamation Scheme III Bar. CR2 Developer: Piramal Group Location: Plot No. Moti Mahal Deluxe Tandoori Trial. Japengo Café. Olkos. Calzzare. Blak.IInd floor Foodcourt is still empty . Omega boutique. Limon.Commercial area has only offices. no other nearby stores to attract shoppers . Swarovski. Bhandare Opticians.Parking is a hassle as it is on different floors and also inadequate .Inox is what is drawing people to the mall Overall Rating: 86 . Biba. Aftershock. Zodiac. Soles. Ruby Tuesday Stores present: Chemistry. Bateel.Small mall . KIOSKS.Mostly designer stores no fashion big names except for Zodiac . Ruby Tuesday.Footfall average is low and fairly constant for both weekends and weekdays . Catwalk. Poonawala Fashions. Hidesign. Rajni Patel Road Nariman Point Mumbai – 400 021 Ph: 56548907 Anchor Stores: Liberty. Liberty Revolutions. Club Mahindra. Sweet World Comments: . Cookie Man.1. Aftershock.

Priyanka Telecom. Bhandari Opticians.Bad Maintenance of Washrooms . Lacoste. Ritus. Sargam. Pallazio.The mall has lost its attraction power. Patchi. Hidesign Boutique. The Jamo Shop. Mado Perfumes. Aavran. Chinar. Planet Fashion. Ashmina. Mango.Crowd comes mainly for McDonalds and Pyramid . Pyramid Supermarket. Swarovski.Customer help desk not properly positioned . Kachins. Kids World. youth and young executives . Pyramid Bldg B – China Garden. Ermanegildo Zegna. Home Delight. Satyapaul. AND. Home Fashion. Pyramid Megastore.Lack of Air Conditioning in the main hall . Piano Bar. FX Audio. Sleepins. Giordano Travel Gear. Pyramid Megastore Comments: . Bose. Samsonite Luggage.Mostly families.Lack of Parking Space though there is presence of Valet Parking . Wills Lifestyle Stores present: Bldg A – McDonalds.Crossroads Developer: Piramal Group Location: Tardeo Mumbai Anchor Stores: Pyramid. McDonalds. Tag Heur. shows signs of ageing . Jammin Bldg C (The Arcade) – Opal Times Style. Ensemble.

Nike. Rocky S Jeans. Haani. Be:.Overall Rating: 86 3. HDFC Bank ATM. Bowling Company Stores present: Skyzone: Adidas. Royal Sporting House Quorum: Amber & Shiring. Aura Homes. Pantaloon. ac. Cheema. Pepe Jeans. Reebok. Weekender. Park Avenue. Lifestyle. Watches and More. Spykar. Rupa Vohra. Inc 5. Mohir. 240 expected in near future 6-story parking facility to be constructed Multiplex will be coming up in the same compound Well maintained interiors. Lacoste. R Mall Developer: Runwal Builders Location: . Ritu Kumar. Citibank ATM. Mumbai 400 013 Ph: (022) 2496 4307/8/9 Anchor Stores: Big Bazaar. Bandhez. AND Anita Dongre. Marks and Spencer. Oobe. Reflect Optics. McDonalds and others Comments: Highly dispersed area At present 80+ shops. Bennue Sehgall. Florista. Studio Lingerie. Metro Shoes.800 Overall Rating: 178 4. Hangten. Subway. Orrefors. Clarks. Krishna Mehta. JVP. Lower Parel. Kaysons. Runah Station. Minawala Jewellers. SF Jeans. Quorum Bar. Corporation Bank ATM. Mogra. High Street Phoenix Developer: Ruia Group Location: The Phoenix Mills Ltd 462. floors Big Bazaar and the Multiplex will draw in the crowds but may not draw in big spenders Current Parking . Shlok. Color Plus. Blackberrys. Wrangler. La Galleria. Senapati Bapat Marg. Sweet World. Calzarre. Jewellery Story. Jane Shilton. Zod Food Court. Lifestyle. Pantaloon. Killer.

Masti Magic. Amazon. My Kraft. Planet M. Subways. meant for the masses Families and students mostly come presence of theatre draws crowds Many corner spaces still being constructed Adequate Washroom Facilities Footfalls Weekends – 60. Purple Kid. Adlabs. Provogue. Tanishq. Ruff Kids.000 Overall Rating: 132 5. Hakoba. Pride Third Floor: Pooja Restaurant. Nirmal Nagar Mulund(W) Mumbai – 400 080 (022) 5597 3180 . catwalk Shoes. Food Bazaar. Samsonite. MSH Sarees. Monginis. Jackpot. Bombay Chowpatty.000 Weekdays – 25. Remamika. Sleep-ins. Kittens Shoes. Tip Top. Vaideshi Restaurant Cream Centre. Mulund Check Naka LBS Marg. Big Bazaar. Westside. Tangerian. Baskin Robbins First Floor: Raymond Ltd. Nirmal Lifestyles Developer: Dharmesh Jain Location: LBS Marg. Casio. Sumangal Art Gallery. Jammin. might show that sales are insufficient Mostly a discount mall. Weekender. Guddies. Gold Adlabs Stores Present: Ground Floor: Trigger.Old New India industries Next to Kelkar Industries Nr. Wonder Kids. Café Coffee Day. Diamond Jewellers. Afton. Reia Fashion Store. Pizza Hut Comments: Powerful centralized air conditioning Many shops displaying ‘sale’ signs. Dr Sanjay Shah. Dreams Linen. Lifestyle. Archies.000 to 30. Milk Magic. Pizza Hut Express. Big Bazaar. Mulund (W) Mumbai -400 080 Ph (022) 5555 4143 Anchor Stores: Lifestyle. Westside. Bata Second Floor: Only Women. D’designer. Opp. Chandrana. Beauty Art. Telebrands. Lifestyle. Pretty walk. Big Bazaar. Livin. Sunway Leather. Citibank ATM.

Beautiful Women. Archies Gallery. Lifestyle. Hidesign. Planet M. Shopritte (75. Planet Sports. Sony. Ginny & Johnny. D’damas. Fame Multiplex Stores Present: Ground Floor: Allen Solly. Pink World. Levi’s. Guess. Liliput. Health & Glow. Fashion Station. Spencers Hypermarket.Anchor Stores: Shopper's Stop. Ritu Kumar. Origin. Cat Walk. Sia Art Jewellery. Sports Station. Lee. Shopper's Stop. Infocity. Bose. Little Master. Hobby Ideas. Shoprite Hypermart. Pepe. Malad(W) Mumbai – 400064 Ph: 56 777 999 Anchor Stores: Shopper's Stop. Cookieman. Oobe. Reebok. Levies. Health & Glow. Earth. Regal. lilliput. Provogue. Jashn. Coffee World. Satya Paul. Planet Fashion. Sony. K-lounge. Biba. Tomato. Orra. Men’s Boulevard. Tandoori. Barbie. Model Art. Link Road. Zodiac. Fab India. Hakoba. Mochi. Pampered Home. Titan & Tanishq. Link World. Smaller Designer Boutiques Comments: No proper zoning Open air concept. Marks and Spencer. Me n Moms. Charter and Keith. Lifestyle. Free Look. Sachins. JBL Audio. Intouch. My Dollar Store. Indu Art and Frames. Samsonite. Pizza Hut. Giordano Travel Gear. Sogni D’oro. Archies Gallery. Multiplex (under construction) Stores present: The Grill. Pepe Jeans. Twisted Vision World. Be:. Kian. 1016 Pepe teens. Biba. McDonalds. ac only in individual outlets Huge expansion plans Presence of LAW Brand Competitors Mall is impressive initially but no boards giving proper store locations Very difficult to move around in the daytime due to the heat Confirmed Louis Phillipe 8 Screen Multiplex under construction LAW Presence is required Overall Rating: 144 6. Leonidas. Proline. 9 to 9 Dollar Shop. Zodiac First Floor: Arrow. Remanwer. . Exquise Salon. Sunglass World.000 sq feet). La Galleria. Café Coffee Day. Blue Tonic. Fab India. Liberty Revolutions. Marco Ricci. Ethos Swiss Watch Studio. Provogue Studios. Millionaire. SF Jeans. Dak’s. Inorbit Developer: Rahejas Location: Mindspace.

Moti Mahal Delux. Santinosn Samskriti. Entertainment Zone (12. Fame. Lunettes. Rajdhani. Kool Kids. Ruby Tuesday. Archies Gallery. Shamiana. Kliera Third Floor: Redsavior. Thai Lotus. Dotz.000 sq feet). Bombay Blue Express. Natural Ice creams. Soda Pub. Chaat Corner. Weekender. McDonalds (Not yet open). Dosa Dinner. W. Raghuleela Megamall Developer: Wadhwa Group Location: Behind Poiser bus depot. Comments: Very new mall. Selfridge. Linen World.000 sq feet). scram. New York Bite. Fame Multiplex (1. Sweet World. Only Paratha. Little Punjab. Fame (not yet open). Kailash Parvat. Roti. Instep. Star Collection. Nails Studio FX. Sanjay Ice Cream. SV Road Kandivali(W) Mumbai – 400067 Ph: 28631508 Anchor Stores: Piramyd (12. Spaces. United Colors of Benetton. China Joe. Juice Zone. foodline. shows potential Many unoccupied shops Great Interiors At present 37 stores functional estimated capacity 400 . 50. Pizza Hut. SD Lounge. Subway. Music Masti. Kailash Restaurant. EVA. Kwality Walls. Nandus. Cotton Décor Second Floor: Kiah. Aquis. Gadget Boy. Sheetal. Choksi. Dosa Delight.Revolution. Foodline. Entertainment Zone. Kailash Parvath. Pampered Home. Tiny Toons.000 sq feet) Stores Present: Ground floor: Modila. Timezone Comments: Very well maintained Highest footfalls New Mall Good Zoning Adequate Washroom Facilities Central Air conditioning is Inadequate Overall Rating: 182 7. Excalibur First Floor: Nokia Cellular World. Birdies. Wrangler. Rockport. Bowling. Sleepins. Chopstick. Wills Lifestyle Second Floor: Barista. Pizza Hut express.

Raymond Shop. Infinity Developer: K. Provogue Stores Present: Ground Floor: Westside. 28. food court and entertainment zone Overall Rating: 106 8.000 on weekends Expects to be fully operational in three months time Total mix of shops. Planet Fashion. Mumbai Anchor Stores: Westside. Payless Optics. Food Bazaar. Centre One Developer: Benzer Group Location: Sector 30-a Vashi Navi Mumbai – 400705 Ph: 2781 2222 Anchor Stores: Pantaloons (45. only zoning done for jewellery. Cookie man. Mochi.000 sq feet) . Zodiac First Floor: Food Bazaar. Archies Gallery Second floor: Still under Construction Comments: Mall multiplex yet to open Size comparatively small Footfalls 5000 on weekends Footfalls 3000 on weekdays Not very visually appealing Not suitable for LAW Brands Overall Rating: 78 9. Raheja Constructions Location: Andheri. Candytreats.- Footfalls 7-8 Thousand on weekdays. Planet M.

Benzer Men. Dosa Plaza. Jockey. Planet M. China Land. Samsonite. Roop Sangam. McDonalds. Purple Kid. Senoritas. Just In Vogue. 9 Dollar Shop (4000). Businessmen One Arrow shop. Ton’s of Fun. Vastra. Entertainment Zone Comments: First Mall in Navi Mumbai Zoning Done as Ground-General Utility. Proline. Nike. 1st Floor . Live-in. Chat N. Indian Terrain Second Floor: Senses. Noodles Bar. Trigger. Baskin Robbins. Subway. Pink City First Floor: Regal. 9 to 9 Dollar Store. Milk Magic. Adora Venue. K-Lounge. Sara. Gold Bazaar. Giny and Johny. Raghuleela Arcade Developer: Wadhwa Group Location: Plot No. NRI’s. Classic Bindis. Deejay. Geo Net. Pantaloons. 2nd Floor – Women and Kids Wear. Fashion Femme.Men’s Wear. Hastakala. National Jewels and Gems. Weekdays 15k to 18k Mostly service people. 3rd Floor – Food and Entertainment Footfalls – Weekend 35k to 40k. My Dollar Store.Stores Present: Ground Floor: Food Bazaar. Provogue Studio. Heritage. Pantaloons. Planet Fitness. Spaces.Virtual Wall.000 sq feet - . Café Bollywood. Oobe. Memsaab. Weekender Kids. Cotton Art. Reid & Taylor (3000) Stores Present: None are operational Comments: Mall still under construction Expected to have 600 stores Planning for Multiplex Will begin operation Dec 2006 1st phase built up area 50. Bombay Blue. McDonalds.000). Phone Shop. Fotolite. Swatch. Fashion Folks. Parfait.34/35/38 Sector 30-a Vashi Navi Mumbai – 400 705 Ph: 30919342 Anchor Stores: Big Bazaar (74. Hakoba. no major competitor shops - Overall Rating: 112 10. Fruits. Café Coffee Day. Muchos Nachos. Sole One. 4 to 14 Third Floor: Pizza Hut Express. Managing Directors.

Nike. KFC. Adidas. Fila. 1st Floor – Hypermarket and Gold Market. McDonalds. Touch. Peter England Comments: Mall expected to open Dec 2005 Expected footfalls – Weekdays 20k-30k. Lee Cooper. 4 to 14. Pantaloons (30. Entertainment Zone. Archies Gallery.80 per sq foot Efficiency – 85% loading - Overall Rating: 160 12. Banquet Hall Presence of Differential Rates Talks on with Lee Cooper Overall Rating: 90 11. Zodiac. Louis Philippe. Spykar. Saree Bazaar. Weekends 40k-50k Zoning – Ground – Impulse Buying. Samsonite. Lake City Mall Developer: Balaji Builders Location: Kapurbawadi Circle Near Ashapura Temple Old Bhiwandi Road Thane(W) Ph: 30971686 Anchor Stores: Big Bazaar (69.100. Eternity Developer: Kanakia Builders Location: Telco Compound .- Zoning Mix – Ground Flr – Shopping. Raymonds.000 sq feet) Stores Present: Operational: Big Bazaar Confirmed Stores: Pantaloons. Pizza Hut. McDonalds (5. Reid & Taylor. 3 Atriums Differential Rates: Rs. Provogue.000 sq ft). Multiplex. 2nd Floor – Food court. Biba. Fame Cinema. Gili. Oobe. 9 to 9.000 sq ft). Café Bollywood. 3rd – Food + Entertainment 80% of Shops booked Presence of 7 capsule lifts. Allen Solly.90. 2nd – Ladies & Kids. Pepe Jeans. 1st – Men. Levi’s. Van Heusen.

No significant brand names of repute Comments: Presence of small stores less than 500 sq feet Management unwilling to hand out information Footfalls Weekends – 7000. Peter England. Weekdays – 6000 Mass Mall. Regal Comments: No major Anchor Store 99% Booking complete Zoning – Ground . Citi Mall Developer: Not Available Location: Link Road Andheri(W) Mumbai 400 053 Tel: 5698 4000 Anchor Stores: None Stores Present: Small negligible stores.20k to 30k. of Eastern Highway and LBS Marg Thane (W) Tel: 56242776 Anchor Stores: Globus (4000 sq ft) Stores Present: Confirmed Stores: Pepe. Van Heusen.Multibranded outlets.Teen Hath Naka Jn. Weekends – 35k to 40k Expects around 175 stores totally Good Location but weak anchor as compared to Lake City Mall Presence of Madura Garments - Overall Rating: 86 13. Louis Philippe. 2nd Floor-Food Court. Allen Solly. 1st Floor – Apparels. 3rd Floor – Multiplex Expected Footfalls – Weekdays. not suitable for LAW Brands .

Spykar Third Floor: Anita Dongre. Kiah. Gili. GKB Optolabs. Bhandare Opticians. Tommy First Floor: Zest. Royal Garden Dr. L’Oreal Saloon. Mango Stores Present: Confirmed Brands: Ground Floor: Mango. Crocodile. Ashmina. Carbon Accessories. Orchestra. SF Jeans. Suruchi. Apple Boutique. Mumbai -400 018 Tel: 5624 1901 Anchor Stores: Sony. Upper Class. Atria Millennium Mall Developer: Alif Enterprises Location: 2. Shamaina. Levis Boutique.Overall Rating: 60 14. Peter England. entertainment zone and bowling alley 67 shops confirmed so far Efficiency -100% Loading Overall Rating: 94 . Catwalk. Samsonite. Annie Besant Road Worli. W. La Senza. Jashn. Sonodyne Fourth Floor: Kailash Parbat. Archies. Pepe Jeans. Indygo. Van Heusen. CPS. In touch. Aldo Shoes. Dosa Plaza. Pretty Secrets. Jockey. Scram. Santinos. China Gate Comments: Expected to begin operations in August 2005 Presence of many LAW Brand competitors No major anchor No multiplex Second Floor Space available Rate Rs. Charles & Keith. Tushiv. Chemistry. Bijoux. Louis Philippe. Wing A-1. Biba.165 per sq. Red Earth Cosmetics. Promod. Nicoli. Leonidas Second Floor: Watches of Switzerland. Hidesign. ft. Nike. Barbie. H2O. Sony. Bizarre. Provogue. Remanika. Magic Wok. There will be a discotheque. Sala Thai. Lilliput. Identity. Nine West. Fresco.

000 sq feet Overall Rating: 38 16. Nike. Swatch. The Hub Developer: Not Available Location: Off Western Express Highway Goregaon (E) Mumbai – 400067 Anchor Stores: Food Bazaar (10. VAMA Location: Pedder Road Anchor Stores: None Brands Present: Pepe. Manju & Bobby George Comments: It is a single floor MBO which houses all the above brands Approximate stock of brands(on floor) Levi’s 800-1000 pcs Pepe 800-1000 pcs UCB 1500-2000 pcs Entire Store Apprx 10. Reebok. Century Cottons. Palm Leaves(South Indian). Archies Gallery. Vallya.15. Biba First Floor: Vijay Sales Second Floor: Agni (gold Jewellery). Floorsheim. Hangers(Boutique) Third Floor: Multiplex . UCB. Movietime. Levis. McDonalds. Dhaba(Tandoori). Spaces. Giordano. Movietime Multiplex (4 Screen) Stores Present: Ground Floor: Viva (Music Store). Machu Pichu Foodcourt. Chifu(Chinese). Creations. Jashn. McDonalds. Color Plus. Tommy Hilfiger. feet). My Dollar Store.000 sq. Hugo Boss.

14 more sold expects to be fully operational by August 2005 Mall is placed between E-Serve Call Centre and Nicholas Piramal Mostly Corporate Customers Average shop size 100 to 5000 ft Since there are no competitors or strong anchor. PVR Multiplex (8 screens) Stores Present: Not Disclosed Comments: Expected Opening: End of 2005 Differential Rates – Ground . Suitable for LAW Brands Overall Rating: 154 18. Big Bazaar.120 per sq ft. feet) Stores Present: . the Mall is not suitable for LAW Brands Overall Rating: 94 17.000 sq. First Floor – Rs 125 per sq ft. Second Floor Rs.Comments: 30 Operational stores.Rs 130 per sq ft. Grand Hyatt Developer: Hyatt Group Location: Santacruz (E) Anchor Stores: Vama (40. Oberoi Mall Developer: Oberoi Constructions Location: Dindoshi Road Goregaon (E) Mumbai 400 067 Anchor Stores: Pantaloons. Lifestyle.

Prime Mall Developer: Prime Developers Location: Irla Society Road.20. good for Tommy Hilfiger. La Classique. 3rd Floor – Food Court Rentals – Ground Rs. Divi. Ma Passion.Approximately Rs. Charriol.000 footfalls per day Zoning: Ground and 1st –Retail Mix. Skin Farm. Adidas.15-20 per sq foot Mall features a musical staircase 40% Bookings Completed so far Expected to open Dec 2005 Efficiency -100% Loading - Overall Rating: 92 . Indian Heritage. Omega. Bally.000. Off SV Road Ville Parle (W) Mumbai – 400056 Tel: 30968714 Anchor Stores: Food Bazaar (10.000. 2nd -Rs.250.300. Barg & Olufson. Titan. Aigner. La Galleria. 1st – 28. Food Bazaar Comments: 80 stores confirmed Puzzle Parking being introduced (German Technology) Expects 25. Krisil. Catwalk. Living Jewels Comments: Mall is placed within the hotel Highly wealthy clientele Good For super-premium brands. Nokia. Tag Heur. 1st –Rs.Ground Floor: Samsonite.000 sq ft) Stores Present: Confirmed: Nike.Bally etc Overall Rating: 66 19. UCIE.000 CAM . 2nd – Rs. 2nd Floor – Amusement Park.200 per square foot Outrates – Ground – Rs.Hugo Boss. Men’s Boulevard. VAMA. Mind’s Eye. Zodiac. Provogue. Cheemo. 9 to 9 Dollar Store.31. VAMA First Floor: Bandhej.

Shopping Mall Score Card • • • • • • • All Malls visited were rated using a rating sheet on a maximum score of 210. with special Weightage (2:4:6) given to certain parameters: Quality of Anchor Stores (6) Presence of Existing/Confirmed Competitors (4) Total Floor Area of the Mall (4) Other parameters (2) A cut-off of 145 was set as the minimum acceptable standard Malls falling within the range of 130 to 144 can still be considered Individual Mall Scores are as follows: .

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Mall Name Inorbit High Street Phoenix 10 Acres Mall Lake City Mall Iskon Megamall Oberoi Mall Location Malad(W) Lower Parel Mani Nagar Thane SG Highway Goregaon(E) Weighted Score 182 178 162 160 158 154 .1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Observations and Suggestions The top performing Shopping Malls were as follows: Sl. Mumbai City Mall Name Inorbit High Street Phoenix Lake City Mall Oberoi Mall Nirmal Lifestyles R Mall Centre One Raghuleela Megamall Atria The Hub Prime Mall Raghuleela Arcade Crossroads Eternity Infinity Grand Hyatt CR2 Citi Mall VAMA Location Malad(W) Lower Parel Thane Goregaon(E) Mulund(W) Mulund(W) Vashi Kandivali(W) Worli Goregaon(E) Ville Parle(W) Vashi Tardeo Thane Andheri(W) Santacruz(E) Nariman Point Andheri(W) Pedder Road Weighted Score 182 178 160 154 144 132 112 106 94 94 92 90 86 86 78 66 60 60 38 Sl.No.

A sense of more detailed observation which improved over time Observation of consumer behavior Skills to convince the mall manager about the genuinity of the project undertaken and the identity of the observer Importance given to minute details which could play major role in the success of the mall. Word of caution • The study was done in the different malls and observations were noted only during some part of the day.7 8 Kakde Magnum Mall Nirmal Lifestyles Arsenal Camp Mulund(W) 146 144 These were the malls according to the study and observations based on the various parameters listed above. Learnings from the study • • • • • • Analytical skills at the end of the day to identify the possible locations for the brand in different malls based on the needs and expectations of the brands. that were decided that the brand presence was absolutely necessary or at least could be tried if a good location is available. There was no second visit to the mall to observe patterns during other parts of the week. Areas that could have been improved • Better observation of the malls under construction other than the mall manager’s statement . The short listed malls are: • • • Inorbit (Mumbai) High Street Phoenix (Mumbai) Nirmal Lifestyles (Mumbai) In case of Centre One (Vashi – Mumbai) it is suggested that the company convert the same into a franchisee store as soon as possible. A second review of the data is recommended to have a more accurate estimate. So the observations wrt footfalls are correct wrt the time observed and chances are that they might not be accurate. Learnt to give more importance to factors such as external environment and location of the mall to decide on the type of consumer who would walk in.

A second review of the malls studied to get a more accurate estimate of the details collected. .• • Work on better convincing skills at least initially to get the details of the mall.

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