Rebuild, Invest, Promote

A plan for jobs
Rebuild the Hudson Valley
– Provide support for the revitalization of downtown Poughkeepsie and Newburgh – Fund main street revitalization and façade improvements – Expand state’s Historic Preservation Tax Credit by allowing more modest renovations to qualify for a partial credit – Maintain and strengthen local infrastructure: – Invest in Stewart Airport as a regional hub – Rebuild and repair local roads and bridges – Study the feasibility of water and sewer systems along Route 9W – Create state income tax credit for telecom companies investing in the expansion of broadband internet services to underserved communities and provide a local option for a real property tax credit – Improve small city and rural transportation systems to tighten connections within the region as well as between other urban centers including the Walkway Over the Hudson, local wineries, distilleries, and breweries, agri-tourism and local historical sites – Provide state funding for the Beacon Incline Rail – Provide support for agricultural and food processing businesses, including tax credits and low-cost energy – Provide support for the Mid-Hudson wine, spirit and beer industries, including state assistance for environmental compliance efforts, a state income tax for advertising expenses for wineries, distilleries and breweries and grants, loans and tax credits for the expansion of existing wineries, distilleries, brewers and bottling plants

Job training and effective job placement
– Create a Regional Strategic Alliance Training Program which would provide grants for the training, retraining and retention of works in strategic industries within the region, giving priority to “clusters” within emerging technologies – Provide training for entry-level positions within the Green Jobs/Green NY Program – Create a Local and First Source Hiring program within the cities of Newburgh and Poughkeepsie – Require contractors and employers who receive public funds to hire and train low-income residents

Invest in and promote tourism and agricultural businesses
– Provide support for a “I Love the Hudson Valley” campaign to market the Hudson Valley as a beautiful and family-friendly tourism destination,

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