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-—— UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS Taal Reso Genate en igeney a Wat Enpayed Kerry John F. ‘Calendar Your Covered by Rapore United States Senate Sepa ce as Nema Sven CW Seana EP OSL Sa Os Tapa TRS Has Oo Fis sera n WR ERT Senate Russell Bldg, Wash., DC 20510 202-224-0214 “erminaion Sate GOTT Did any individual or organization make a donation to charty in lieu of paying you fora speech, appearance, or article in the reporting period? If Yes, Complete and Attach PART | Did you or your spouse have earned income (@ 9, salarias or fees) or nor= AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS AND ATTACH THE RELEVANT PART. Did you, your spouse, or dependant child receive any feportable Wavel or reimbursements for travel inthe reporting period (.e., worth more than $305 from one source)? IfYes, Complete and Attach PART VI Yes, Complete and Attach PART V. Senate, Washington, DC 20510. $200 Penalty for one a J] ouyou yur spose, or aegencent id nave any eponable aby j—> iene cinta 0 fa ay oat soe he [_]] seers cere roe alee TEEN Be each PARTI |_] feet ana atch PAR IL 1a you, your spouse: Sepencer CRE FORD any eparabe Woh J] bayassou an aponane poston ono bownw awalangwhe = =S more than $1000 at ean ene pro ecu were’ o Teli ete) | cee eee en investment income of mere than $200 nthe reporting petod? LX] |_]] gument calendar year? aR Vi ives, Conga 8 tath PART IIA andra Bi you, yeu spose or dependent cid purchase, ah or axcengs any) |) | Oo yaa have ary repeal agreonent ar ovangonar wih an aukide reportable asset worth mora than $1,000 in he reporting period? x} | entity? 4 , If Yes, Complete and Attach PART IV. LJ || Ives, complete and Attach PART IX. Loi Ld Dia you, your apse, dapondent cH cave any peas GE ; || tis vour FIRST Resor. Dis you receive compeneaton ofmore than roparing perdi aggegsng mare an 302 andre chonace Tye] SESS eR Baas 26 9 ene come exon? LL} EI ies Stott in Atach PARTIC J File this report and any amendments with the Secretary of the Senate, Office of Public Records, Room 232, Hart Senate Office Building, U.S. 1g more than 30 days after due date. by the Office of the Secretary of the Senate to any req on Ethics. Any individual who knowingly and willfully criminal sanctions. (See 5 U.S.C. a Cenifeation TCERTIFY thatthe staterionta hhave mace on this form anal atached schecules ae tue, Complete and covect othe best of ny knowtedge and belt C. 1001 Tis the Oplion of he reviewer tat This Financial Disclosure Statement is required by the Ethics in Government Actof 1978, as amended, The statement willbe made avaliable sting person upon written application and will be reviewed by the Select Committee fies, or who knowingly and willfully fails to file this report may be subject to civil and Signature of Reviewing Orso STI psu > Date wont Ds Tea the statements made itis form fare in compliance with Tse | ofthe Ethie in Government Act. ne Taping eave ae a PARTI. PAYMENTS TO PAY CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS IN LIEU OF HONORARIA Report the source (name and address), date, and amount of any payment from each source to a charitable organization made in lieu of honoraria to you during the reporting period. Identify the activity (speech, article, or appearance), which generated the payment. For further information, see Instructions. Note: Travel expenses in excess of $305 related to activities giving rise to these payments must be reported in Part VI, Reimbursements. i ‘Speech, Article, 1 to/16/08 Home Box Office - Real Time wiBill Maher_}| New York, NY Appearance $800 Ho 14 2 13 4 report which names the charitable organization receiving such payments must be filed directly with the Select Committee on Ethics. A separate, confider John F. Kerry EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME U.S. Government for you or yaur spouse. Individuals not covered by the Honoraria Ban: Name of Income Source ) Do not report income from employment by the 2 Report the source (name and address), type, and amount of earned income to you from any source aggregating $200 or more during the reporting period, For your spouse, report the source (name and address) and type of earned income which aggregate $1,000 or more during the reporting period, No ‘amount needs to be specified for your spouse, (See p.3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part 8 of Instructions. For you and /or your spouse, report honoraria income received which aggregates $200 or more by exact amount, give the date of, and describe the activity (speech, appearance or article) generating such honoraria payment. Do not include payments in lieu of honoraria reported on Patt | Address (City, State) Tanne | eeanoa Wash, DC Example Type of Income $15,000, MCI (Spouse) ‘Aringtan, VA Exanple Janklow & Nesbit New York, NY Royalties (ver $7,000 $35,000 2| (Net proceeds to be donated to charity.) 4