Getting started with Pilates

The best way to get started with Pilates is to join a class and learn the basics from a qualified Pilates teacher Our classes run for six weeks. They are small classes so are very focused to your individual requirements and run for approximately 60 minutes per session. The cost of the course is just £60.00!

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We also offer 1 to 1 sessions with our Pilates Instructor which are available upon request at a cost of £45.00 per 60 minute session.

What is Pilates?
Pilates is a mind and body technique that emphasizes the importance of beginning a movement from a central core of stability. Pilates is focused on strengthening the muscles around your spine, pelvis and hips. From this central core, Pilates works by adjusting the intensity of each exercise through the use of differing length levers (various limb movements) and resistance.

The 8 Principles of Pilates
CONCENTRATION—of mind and body BREATHING—focus on breathing is an essential part of Pilates CENTERING—development of the core CONTROL—of specific movements PRECISION—long term goal to achieve body awareness FLOWING MOVEMENTS—to achieve good control ISOLATION—of the core muscles to promote correct patterns of movement ROUTINE—repetition leading to greater skill and benefits

Young or old? Male or female?
Because Pilates is a low intensity, non-impact form of exercise, it is safe for all ages. Here at DDB, we teach Pilates to a range of ages from 20 up to 70+ We encourage it as a form of exercise for men and women alike and have an increasing number of men in our classes

Recurrent Injury?
Evidence shows that injuries are commonly caused by imbalances in the body and habitual patterns of movement. Pilates helps to correct these imbalances, re-educate the body, promote good posture and prevent recurrences of injuries including low back pain.

Joseph Pilates
Pilates dates back many decades—in fact to World War 1 when a German named Joseph Pilates devised a progressive exercise regime whilst being held as a prisoner of war in the Isle of Man. His 34 original exercises are still in use although many of them have been modified to use as the safe, low intensity form of exercise therapy we teach today.

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