3/14/12 Eve of the Ides Great news legally we do not have to have the looming holocaust 2B or Not 2B The question

of the essence 1 or 666? www.1or666.com If we can get a high majority declaring self 2B human thus subscribe to APPOSITE SCROLL Absolute People Parity One Spirit Intuitive Triage Existentialists Simplistic Coherence Rule of Law Logistics We can save ourselves and bring the ICE before the ICE SMELTER (our courts) http://www.scribd.com/doc/62297204/On-Realizing-the-Debts-Incurred-by-the-Satanic-Theirs-ShouldBe-Enough-to-Make-Even-the-Anti-Christ-Convert-to-Believing-in-God With that thought vivid in mind we can then see By their own enactments and declarations the sanctimonious bastards wrote their epitaphs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8lygVXgumY&feature=related Vatican Rome Italy - The Crown Corporate State of London, London England - District of Columbia Washington USA

Insidious Capitalist Emperors Like other financial empires in history, Smith claims the contemporary model forms alliances necessary to develop and control wealth, as peripheral nations remain impoverished providers of cheap resources for the imperial-centers-ofcapital.[1] Belloc estimated that, during the British Enclosures, "perhaps half of the whole population was proletarian", while roughly the other "half" owned and controlled the means of production. Now, under modern Capitalism, J.W. Smith claims fewer than 500 people possess more wealth than half of the earth’s population, as the wealth of 1/2 of 1-percent of the United States population roughly equal that of the lower 90percent.

Self Incriminating Nuances Declare selves corporations autonomous states that do not pay taxes to countries that surround them

So how in this Hell
did they take control of England’s, Italy’s, USA’s and United Nations armed forces financed by the humans of relative countries to protect them consistent with the concept of HUMANITY www.jencit.org Jesus Existentialist Nation Confucius Invincible Triad

Human rights are commonly understood as "inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being."[1] Human rights are thus conceived as universal (applicable everywhere) and egalitarian (the same for everyone). These rights may exist as natural rights or as legal rights, in both national and international law.[2] The doctrine of human rights in international practice, within international law, global and regional institutions, in the policies of states and in the activities of non-governmental organizations, has been a cornerstone of public policy around the world. In The idea of human rights [3] it says: "if the public discourse of peacetime global society can be said to have a common moral language, it is that of human rights."

Despite this, the strong claims made by the doctrine of human rights continue to provoke considerable scepticism and debates about the content, nature and justifications of human rights to this day. Indeed, the question of what is meant by a "right" is itself controversial and the subject of continued philosophical debate.[4] Many of the basic ideas that animated the movement developed in the aftermath of the Second World War and the atrocities of The Holocaust, culminating in the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Paris by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. The ancient world did not possess the concept of universal human rights.[5] Ancient societies had "elaborate systems of duties... conceptions of justice, political legitimacy, and human flourishing that sought to realize human dignity, flourishing, or well-being entirely independent of human rights".[6] The modern concept of human rights developed during the early Modern period, alongside the European secularization of Judeo-Christian ethics.[7] The true forerunner of human rights discourse was the concept of natural rights which appeared as part of the medieval Natural law tradition that became prominent during the Enlightenment with such philosophers as John Locke, Francis Hutcheson, and Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui, and featured prominently in the political discourse of the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

From this foundation, the modern human rights arguments emerged over the latter half of the twentieth century. Gelling as social activism and political rhetoric in many nations put it high on the world agenda. [8] “ All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. ”

—Article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)[9]

Fiduciary Abrogation Contracted Trust www.ssreifpfee.com SSRE IF PFEE Satanic Spirit Roman Empire Ipso Facto Prima Facia Evidence Exposed By law the world armed forces are traitors to their own countries, cold as ICE mercenaries paid off by stolen money with all that they do

Crimes Against Humanity
I am of the opinion if these issues of the utmost dire kind could be addressed by the media the Armed Forces Regulars would become aware of their Faux Pas OOPS!!! As would the world populace that could convert to the other mad Double Think and go sanely ballistic body heat liquidating the ICE

Doublethink M-Mad: Foolish, crazy, barmy, nutty, nuts, around the bend (Sensible) Insane considered legally incompetent or irresponsible because of a psychiatric disorder showing a complete lack of reason or foresight people legally considered as psychiatrically disordered people who are considered legally incompetent or irresponsible because of a psychiatric disorder

M=Irate: Very angry, incensed, furious, mad, irritated, enraged, fuming, infuriated

A=Appropriate: Suitable, fitting, apt, proper, apposite, right, correct

A=Appropriate: to take something that belongs to or is associated with somebody else for yourself,
especially without permission I AM What AM I? Inherently will determine self who I AM when I is You

"He who keeps danger in mind will rest safely in his seat; he who keeps ruin in mind will preserve his interest secure; he who sets the dangers of disorder before himself will maintain a state of order" "A man who has made a mistake and doesn't correct it is making another mistake" HE Humanity’s Enemy Worst nightmare is for the humans to know who the HE is No different than any other organized crime … once reasonable evidence has been collected simply arrest and process them through legitimate courts of competent jurisdiction that will be competent once scrutinized by the Humanity VIP – Vested interest Participants The ICE guilty of fraud to say the least, aliens from out of State through deception gained control of finances and armed forces, caused human armed forces to genocide all over the world pitting humans against humanity … on and on, however tax-evasion is enough to give them incarcerated life, that should any persist to deny will not deny the smaller incarcerating box implanted 6 feet within ME Mother Earth All things relative humans brothers and sisters and Satanic Alien boxed in Humanity surround

So much to report … so little time … but just dying to break the news

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