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AMORC the Rosicrucian Messenger (date unknown) 1931? 1932?

AMORC the Rosicrucian Messenger (date unknown) 1931? 1932?

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The Rosicrucian Messenger was published by AMORC. This is Vol 1, No 4, July-August, year ? 1931? 1932?
The Rosicrucian Messenger was published by AMORC. This is Vol 1, No 4, July-August, year ? 1931? 1932?

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Published by: sauron385 on Mar 15, 2012
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The Rosicrucian Messenger

This Messenger is issued solely to acquaint the public with the activities, principles, and purposes of tne Rosicrucian Brotherhood, A M O R C , and is published by tne above organization, bi-monthly, at San Jose, California.

VOL I. NO. 4






W r ig h t (C o n tin u ed from last issu e)
a lter

By W

R. M . L e w is

M en and w om en w h o go through life w ith ou t usin g the u n ­ developed psychic an d mental p ow ers w ithin them are sim ply len gthening the tim e o f the stru ggles w ith life ’s obstacles. Furtherm ore, such p ersons have no p rotection again st the m an y ill­ nesses, diseases, failu res, p itfalls, an d oth er treach erou s th in gs th at su rroun d all o f civilisation . T h ey becom e victim s o f p ersons w ho have stro n ger m in ds an d stron ger w ill pow er. T h ey becom e tools in the h an ds o f those w h o w ish to dom inate them . T h e y never rise above m ediocre p laces in life an d never attain se lf m astership or p rosp erity , tru e health, o r happiness. T h e R o sicru cian s have fo r cen­ tu rie s poin ted o u t the sim ple m ethods w h ereby men an d w om en
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L ife, to m any, consists o f the five objective senses o f m an. W e are p erm itted to know the objective, the m aterial side o f life through the m edium o f the senses, o f seeing, h earing, feelin g, ta stin g , an d sm ell­ ing. T o m any, all th a t life can afford is th at w hich is confined w ithin the realism o f these sense im p res­ sions. T h e w orld o f color is those light w av es w hich the retina o f th eir ey es are sensitive to. T h e m agn itu de o f soun d, to them , is lim ited m erely to those vib ratio n s o f th e eth er w hich cau se the diap h ram o f th eir ears to vibrate in resonance w ith the sound w aves an d th u s perm it them to becom e conscious o f it. T o them , feelin g is th a t w hich m erely excites their physical, n ervous system . T h e y p e r­ m it these five senses to bu ild a w all arou n d them and lim it them to the
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D o not close y o u r eyes an d a l­ low bias o r p reju d ice to interfere w ith y ou r n atu ral right to inves­ tig ate w h at the R o sicru cian s have to offer. F reely m ay y ou in q uire and becom e acq u ain ted w ith the R o sicru cian society and freely m ay you en joy it or p ass it by. T h e d o or is open to y ou and it is y o u r privilege now to sta rt a new life an d begin to jo u rn ey on this royal road to h ap pin ess and success. Som ew here in this little p ublication you w ill find su gge s­ tio n s a s to how you m ay contact those w h o will g lad ly help you and advise you.

(C o n tin u ed from p ag e 1)

can develop the inner, secret facu lties and pow ers th at w ere given to every m an and w om an a t birth b u t which lie undeveloped and unaw aken ed until w e use the p rop er m ethods to let them fun ction in all o f th eir great pow er. T h e Rosicru cian s do not hold th is knowledge in secrecy although it is the greatest o f all secret know ledge. T h e y are w illin g to share it and to give it freely to those w h o seek fo r it or ask fo r it. T h e R o sicru cian m ethods con ­ stitu te the royal road to the realization o f o u r dream s in life. T h e m ethods do not interfere w ith ou r regu lar d u ties in life n or w ith our religious, social, or business p osi­ tion excep t by advan cin g u s and m aking u s m ore successful and m ore m asterfu l in these things. T h ere are no fan atical or extrem e irration al p ractices b u t ju st sane and easily un d erstood m ethods w hich every m an and w om an can a p p ly in their daily life w ith success and pleasure. Y o u do not know how fascin ­ atin g life can becom e and how rap id ly y ou can change the course o f y ou r life and the problem s that co n fron t you by follow in g the R o sicru cian m ethods. T h e Rosicrucians extend to y ou a sym pathetic and u n d erstan din g hand o f fellow ­ ship an d invite you to share with them the g re at know ledge th at has com e dow n through all the ages and which h as m ade the R osicrucians well know n in every land o f the w orld fo r m an y centuries.

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k now ledge o f so m uch o f life and no more. M an , how ever, is ad v en tu rou s by n atu re a s w ell a s aggressive. A s ­ sociation w ith the other form s o f anim al life soon convinced m an th at he w a s to an exten t lim ited in life, th at he w a s m ost certain ly not derivin g the utm ost from it. T h ose q u ad ru p ed s that he had dom esti­ cated by kindness an d which had becom e n ot only his com panions b u t his beasts o f b u rden, afforded him m uch o p p o rtu n ity fo r study. T h e y excelled him in the sensitivity o f th eir senses. M an realized the insignificance o f his sigh t, hearing, in fa c t o f all his senses. T h e su p eriority o f the keenness o f sense w a s evin ced in all o f the v ario u s sp ecies o f anim al life. T h e intellect, w hich is one o f the ch aracteristics th at ex a lts m an above other anim al life, perm itted him to overcom e th is deficiency. It

w a s th is intellect th at m an used to fo rtify him self a s an in ferio r a n i­ m al aga in st the m ore p erfectly d e­ veloped anim als o f other species. M a n augm en ted his senses as science developed. H e invented and p erfected the telescope and m icro­ scope. B y the developm ent o f these devices, consisting o f a convex glass o r prism , the ligh t w aves w ere bent an d focu sed in to a concentrated area w hich gre atly am plified their inten sity, and the horizon o f m an 's p hysical w o rld becam e greatly e x ­ ten ded. N o w his physical vision, d u e to these m arvelou s devices, fa r exceeds the n atu ral sigh t o f the m ost favored o f the anim al k in g­ dom . T h ro u g h the cen tu ries m an has fu rth er invented an d p erfected other a p p a ra tu s th a t p erm its him to extend his physical senses. H e is able to h ear fo r th ou san ds o f m iles; he is able to feel the m ost sensitive o f physical im pressions. W ith this en larged field o r scope o f the m aterial side o f life has m an been able to find any greater happiness, h as he com e to know m ore con ­ ten tm en t? H a s m an been able to m ake the m ost o f this enlarged, m aterial w orld, w hich he has come to know ? T o d a y , there are th ousan ds, even m illions, w h o seem to be u n satis­ fied an d restless and f a r from m aking the m ost o f life, even w ith the a d v an tages o f all o f the modern contribution s o f science. T h ey seem to be a s f a r from harm onv and p eace o f m ind a s the m ost p rim itive m an w ho possessed n oth ­ ing b u t his n atu ral senses, and, therefore, knew a lim ited w orld.

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W e have m entioned th at man is u n d au n ted, aggressiv e; he even seeks to fu rth e r en large the te rri­ to ry o f his senses; he constantly im proves, through research and ex­ perim entation, his in strum en ts; still fu rth er he am plifies his concept o f the physical w orld arou n d him, but the m ore th at is revealed to his senses m aterially, the m ore m ysti­ fied an d aw e-inspired w ith its g ra n ­ d e u r he becomes. W h a t is the m eaning o f it all a n d w h at relation ship h as m an to it? T h ese seem to be th e p a ra ­ m oun t qu estions which rem ain, or seem to rem ain, unan sw ered. T h e vastn ess o f it tin ges his soul w ith sublim ity. D o e s it not seem th at m aking the m ost o f life is n ot m ere­ ly to determ in e its stu pen d ou s, m aterial proportion s? A n an alo gy to ascertain the to p o grap h y dim ensions o f an en o r­ m ous m ountain m ay app eal to the sp irit o f inquisitiveness an d g ratify on e’s im agination, bu t as f a r a s d i­ rect benefit is concerned such in fo r­ m ation alone is o f little value. T h e geologists a n d m in eralogists, w ho determ ine the n atu re o f the ele­ m ents o f that m oun tain m ake an an aly sis o f its soil and m inerals w ith a view o f u tilizin g them. T h e y relate m an an d m an ’s neces­ sities to their research, because m an is able to profit by such in fo rm a ­ tion. Is not such reason in g ap p licab le to o u r daily life also? T h ro u g h o u r physical senses w e are able to know th e m aterial w orld o f w hich w e are a p art. W e can stu d y it, analyze it, ch art and m easure it, b u t th a t alone is not sufficient. T h e m ore

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w e do th is the m ore ap p reciative d o w e becom e th at th ere is som e intelligence, som e m ind o r pow er, behind these physical p rop ortio n s an d behind this g re at m aterial w o rld w hich w e realize objectively. T h e divin e intellect th at brough t th is m aterial w orld in to existence, o f w hich w e are bu t a co u n terp art, still exists. It w as not, a s proclaim ed by som e religions, to have conccived a n d created th is universe an d all th at is in it in a sh ort period o f tim e and then discon tin ued its creativ e processes. It is evident to us th at the w orld is co n stan tly bein g created an d as the ancient phil­ osoph ers have said, it is in “ a state o f becom in g.” A stu d y o f this p rocess o f crea­ tion in an y o f its ph ases through the use o f science reveals th a t the m an y m an ifestation s o f the m a ­ terial w o rld d o n ot o c cu r by acc i­ den t o r chance. T h e period icity o f the law s o f n atu re have been d e ­ term in ed ; the fa c t th a t they arc im m utable h as been establish ed; th erefore, w e realize, an d w e are com pelled to accept by p rep o n d er­ ance o f sim ilar occurren ces, th at an infinite intelligence ex ists and p er­ vad es all. A ft e r being convinced o f this— th at there is such an in ­ finite intelligence w hich is at w ork in the universe, w e sh ould not in ­ terest ourselves p rim arily in the phenom ena o f th is intelligence bu t rather the u tilizing o f it so a s to get the m ost o u t o f life. E n gin eers w h o w ould devote tim e a n d research to p lan and finally construct an elab orate piece o f m echanism , such a s a gigan tic gen erator, on ly fo r the p urp ose o f produ cin g pow er, w ith o u t a t the

sam e tim e givin g seriou s con sid era­ tion to the u tility o f th at pow er, these en gineers y ou w o u ld term as im practical w asters. M a n y men and w om en, how ever, g o through life possessing in th e ir being this in ­ finite intelligence, w hich is a vast inner p ow er th a t could produ ce m ore fo r them in life— b rin g them happiness, health, u n d erstan d in g— bu t they p re fe r to seek ou tside o f them selves fo r th a t w hich they need. T h e y try to get the m ost from life alone th ro u gh their ph ysi­ cal senses. It m ay be en tran cin g to use y ou r five o u ter senses to probe th e d i­ m ensions o f th is o u tsid e w o rld in w hich y ou live an d to learn o f the p hysical things, o f w hich you are a p art, b u t it is m ore g ra tify in g and, in d iv id u ally, y ou gain m ore from life if y ou stu d y how to avail y o u r­ se lf o f the p ow er th a t is w ithin you. H ow ever, y ou can n o t d irect this im m aterial essence in a m aterial m anner. Y ou can n o t attem p t to an alyze it, w eigh it, o r ap p reciate its valu e by su b jectin g it to the scru tin y o f y ou r objective sense, as those a re physical senses in ­ ten ded fo r the com prehension o f th in gs o f anoth er p lan e o f the m u n ­ dan e w orld. Y o u can n o t objectively see, h ear, taste, an d feel, this p sych ic force, y ou can only, th ro u gh y o u r objective senses, know the result o f this force. N o m an h as ever seen the force w e call electricity. Y o u can know electricity only th ro ugh its m an i­ festation s such a s en ergy, heat an d light, y et n o one w o u ld den y the existen ce o f electricity. T h en , w hy
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fu rth er facts, instructive litera­ tu re, o r personal su ggestions, will be p rom p tly answ ered w ithout o b ­ ligation. I f you are not livin g w ithin the vicinity o f the local branch listed on p ag e 8, you m ay w rite fo r in form ation to the N a tio n a l R o si­ crucian H ead q u arters, Lib rarian E. R . Z ., R o sicru cian Park, San Jose, C alifo rn ia , and a fascin atin g book entitled the “ L ig h t o f E g y p t” w ill be sent free. G e t in touch w ith the local branch, how ever, i f you possibly can.

An Invitation to the Perplexed V
T h e R o sicru cian organ ization in all lan d s seeks an o p p o rtu n ity to serve its fellow b ein gs in m eeting the problem s o f life in a practical and efficient m anner. In tern atio n ally established fo r m an y centuries, th e m ovem ent is u n iversally attu n ed sym pathetically w ith the personal tria ls and tribulation s w hich beset the path of each w h o seeks hap pin ess, peace, and the fu lln ess o f a u sefu l life. N o t by tem porarily relieving you o f y o u r problem , n ot by offering an em barrassin g alleviation o f y ou r difficulty, n or by assum in g y ou r respon sib ility ; bu t by cooperatin g w ith y ou to m aster the situation and attain the result, is the method used by the R o sicru cian s in their system o f sp read in g the ideals o f hum an brotherhood. W ith o u t religious bias o r con­ sideration, w ith ou t political or com m ercial incentive, the Rosicrucian s seek to instruct and gu ide the search er fo r T r u th and the Pow er to D o. O ld e r than an y sim ilar m ovem ent in A m erica tod ay , the w o rk is carried on in every large com m unity in a dignified, efficient m anner, su p p orted by the goo d ­ will an d cooperation o f every p ro ­ gressive m an and w om an. W h a tev e r m ay be y ou r business or social position, y ou are assured o f a w elcom e in the local branch m entioned on p ag e 8 o f this bulletin, an d a call u pon them for




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den y th at y ou r inn er se lf is a great force, a creative force, an infinite pow er fo r p rod u cin g w h atever you m ay asp ire to in life? A s to an indication o f the e x ­ istence o f this inn er force, is it hard ly necessary to set forth any m eans o f dem on stratin g this force w ithin y ou r being? O n e o f the m ost p ro fo u n d and y et sim ple m eans o f dem on stratin g the fa ct that you possess m ore th an an objective or brain consciousness is to illu strate the consciousness o f self. F o r exam ple, if I w ere sp eak in g d irectly to you, y ou w ould be o u t­ w ard ly conscious o f me through the m edium o f y o u r ears and eyes. Y o u w ould hear m y voice an d you could see me. Y e t w ith the fact that y ou realized I w a s there and w ith th at consciousness o f m e, you w ould still be conscious th a t you were you. Y ou w ould know th at you w ere n ot m e an d th at you

Pago Six
were separate and apart from any­ one else regardless of how much they might look or talk like you. Thus, in addition to the consciousness o f your sense impres­ sions which permit you to know o f the world outside yourself, you' have that inner response or divine intelligence that always permits you to know that you arc a separate being. It is a self consciousness, the consciousness of self. T h is in­ ner intelligence ever strives to aid you even though you may be in­ different to it. Y our hunches, so called, your ideas, your intuition, or the popularly termed “ sixth sense" which seems to look out for your w elfare, what is the origin of them? They germinated from an intelligence within, certainly not from the impressions received by your brain or from your memory, or reasoning processes. Realize now that to get the u t­ most out o f life is to get the u t­ most O U T O F Y O U R S E L F and when speaking of self remember there is more to you than the phy­ sical self even with its attributes or senses. There is that real inner
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Worthwhile Books
(Monthly Review of Books)

o c fo a o o c * For a book of its size and price, the fascinating volume entitled, “ A Thousand Y ears o f Yesterdays,” by H. Spencer Lewis, is unusual. It is distinctive in the fact that it is dual in nature. First, it is a story, intriguing, has good continuity, car­ ries the reader along without effort; second, you are conscious that you arc being taught important laws and principles, that vital points which you have been puzzled about in the past are being explained to you in a simple and interesting manner. Have you ever felt that you would like to tear aside the veil of the past and rediscover, so to speak, the personalities of your past lives? Have you wondered what you were in some other incarnation? Have you been puzzled with what causes your unusual feeling o f pleasure or o f attraction toward strange things that your heredity does not ex­ plain? This book treats with the doctrine o f reincarnation, not in a technical way, but in a new, pleasing, under­ standable manner. Those who have never studied the principle o f rein­ carnation will be surprised at the rational presentation of the doc­ trine as the characters o f the story live their lives again. It seems as though it is the only answer to the




Your main public library re­ ceives each month, for display, a copy of the “ Rosicrucian D igest,” the monthly periodical o f this world-wide organization. Y ou will enjoy reading this magazine for it contains many inspiring and in­ structive articles prepared by teachers of higher thought, meta­ physicians, and masters o f the organization.

problems that have perplexed us, as to the why and wherefore of life, and especially as to whether we are limited here to the few years’ span between the eternity behind us and the eternity before us. Th e book is well printed and well bound, and sells for the eco­ nomical price of 85c per copy, postage paid. It can be secured from the R o s ic r u c i a n S u p p l y B u r e a u , San Jose, California, U . S. A . T h is book, or any o f the following listed here, may also be secured from the local chapter of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood in this city, whose address you will find on page 8.
"Rosicrucian Principles for the Home and B usiness"................ "T h e Mystical Life of Jesus” .... “ A Thousand Years of Y esterdays" .............................. “ U nto Thee I G rant” .................. “ Rosicrucian M a n u a l" ..................
“ R osicru cian Q u estio n s and “ S e lf M astery an d F ate with

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$2.2? $2.90 $ .85 $1.50 $2.30

A nsw ers" ................................... $2.50 Cycles of L ife "......................... $2.50 “ M ansions of the S o u l"................ $2.50 "M ystics at P ray er"....................... $1.00




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self with its psychic force. The study o f the inner forces of man has naught to do with religious creeds, or dogmas, and it does not mean that you must be eccentric or fanatical, or must change your mode o f living. It does mean, however, that you should not blind yourself to these inner self impressions. You should not try to submerge this self that
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Although the Rosicrucian or­ ganization is primarily not a heal­ ing organization, that is, its entire curriculum and its many forms of activity are not devoted entirely to the purpose o f healing, still, through the use of the higher laws and fundamental natural principles and in addition to any assistance rendered by your physician, the Rosicrucians have arranged periods each month for those who wish to, while in meditation, attune themselves through the Cosmic with the higher officers and mem­ bers o f the Brotherhood for special help in healing and for inspiration. The thoughts of these tcachers and adepts are projected into the Cosm ic and there focalized, cre­ ating a Cathedral of the Soul— not an actual physical structure, but an ethereal, spiritual cathedral of constructive, helpful, creative thought— and you are invited to avail yourself of the great bene­ fit that can come to you through these special periods o f attunement. Further interesting and helpful literature on just what the Cathed­ ral o f the Soul is, and the prac­ tical benefit that you can derive from it, may be secured by getting in touch with the local chapter of Rosicrucians at the address given on page 8.

Page Eight

by th is local R o sicru cian C h ap ter, and w e su gge st th at y ou call u pon , o r visit, the a d d ress given below . T h e M a ste r o r Secretary , w hose nam e and ad d ress are given below , w ill consider it a privilege to an sw er y o u r qu eries, an d to m eet you personally.

Local Activities of The Rosicrucian Group And Advantages in Contacting Them
In this city is a group o f earnest stu d en ts o f the higher law s and p rin cip les o f life w ho devote a sm all am oun t o f their tim e to stu d y in g the fun dam en tal principles th at will aid in betterin g their individual lives, a s w ell as m ankind in general. T h ey , li\e you, are interested in the p er­ m anency in their lives o f h ap pi­ ness, success, and the fulfillm ent o f their desires. A s an au th orised and sponsored branch o f the R o sicru cian O r ­ gan isation , they w elcom e y ou to atten d th eir p ub lic sessions, a t w hich tim e free lectures o f a help­ fu l an d in spirin g n atu re are given. T h e y w elcom e you to visit them , and secure enlightening, in stru c­ tive, and p ractical literature, which is g lad ly extended to you w ithout obligation. T h ey w elcom e you to m eet them person ally, so th a t they m ay share their know ledge w ith y o u , so th at they m ay extend their h an d in welcome. T h ere are m an y featu res o f in ­ terest to the stu den t o f m ysticism , higher thought, occultism , and, above all, T ru th , being conducted




( Continued from page 7) constitutes y o u r ch aracter, y ou r real inn er bein g, w hich is th e p e r­ sonality, the thing, th a t d istin ­ gu ishes you from every oth er in ­ dividu al, th e real p a rt o f you. A t least give som e seriou s th o u gh t to these subtle forces. T h e R o sicru cian s a re th ose men an d w om en w h o are, in a sim ple yet fascin atin g w ay, learn in g the possibilities o f the laten t pow er re ­ sid in g w ithin m an an d how they m ay utilize these pow ers to get the utm ost fro m life. T h e y have come to realize th a t life is n ot one-sided, it is n ot all physical, th at th ere is also a p sych ic force, the soul force o f man. I f y ou spen d 168 h o u rs a w eek in living, w h y n ot d evote on e h our a w eek to learn in g the p rin ciples o f life an d learn to m aster them ? O n ce know ing these fu n d am en tal p rin ciples o f life a n d n o t ju st the exp an se o r p ro p o rtio n s o f the p h y ­ sical w o rld o f y o u r senses, you tru ly becom e a cap tain o f y o u r soul an d the p ilot o f y o u r fortu n e.
(A M O R C )






P R tN f I D I N U .

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