ERICSSON CABLES A8Cot. Today.' It was set up in the year 1967. M. Sweden. BIRlA ERICSSON OPTICAli LJM\riO. of India.All standard UNI::. This confirms the dependability and reliability ofUCl products. Universal Cables Limited entered into a collaboration agreement with Mis. Bhopal & 8angalore and all consultants like Ell. assisted UO( to manufacture. ERICSSON CABLE AB of Sweden. to manufacture Mixed Dielectric' Capacitors. capacitors along with associated equlpments on turnkey basis. Lloyds Bureau of Shipping. In 1977 this division entered into a te'cnntcal. of . The entire plant is housed in a dust-proof pressurized building to ensure consistency in the product quality. Crown Agents and others. UCl aJsonas a Capacit9r Division.expanded its manufacturing range by setting a PIJF unitto include Jelly Filled Telephone Cables to cater the increasing demand of Ihe$9 cables. TECHNICAL ADVICE problems team. MECON. ' Under the Collaboration Agreement of Mis. Sweden. . In 2000. approx. 1-999.COMPANY PROFILE _III:I!:!R'. The R&D laboratory of UCl is a recognized unit of Department Scientific and Industrial Research of Govt. claims to have the most sophisticated plant. . fores!geihg the future demand of optical fibre cables in the country.:~: Unlversa1 Gables Limited (UC1) was established in the year 1962 as a modem mass production unit for manufacture of Paper Insulated Power Cables in technical collaboration with world's largest cable producer BICC UK. AS~A BROWN BOVERI KABEL. AB of Sweden in the year 1977 f@r manufacture of Gross-linked Polye~hylene (XLPE) insulated Power Cables for tRe first time in the country. analysis of Power System on request and design & supply Filter Banks. equipment laboratory and testing facilities available in the country. drinking water. in technical collaboration with WOrld-renowned company TOSHIBA. It can also carry out harmonic.o (BEdl). Today Company is the foremost manufacturer of XlPE cables with modem dry cured dry cooled proCess for voltage range extending from Low Voltage to Extra High Voltage. The R&D programme is mainly directed to applied research for product development. DCl. ISiISO CERTIFICATION UCl is also accredited System and ISIISO System.' Company is continuously meeting objectives & targets being set time to time by the board of directors under the able and active advice and analytical approach of Shrf V. MEANS ARE AS IMPORTANT AS THE END UCl proudly. 'Subsequently the collaboration was eictended to include All Polypropylene (AII-PP) Dielectric Capacitors impregnated with Non PCB oil. UGE. UCl also believe in playing the role of good corporate citizen and has always participated in developing the neighbourhood particularly in the area of education. Ffuoro-Plasfic Cables. ASEA BROWN BOVERI KABEL AB.P. WCI.l to set up a new unit at Goa to manufacture these cables. a leader in its field' of activities. process development and technological upqradatlon. while distinguishing itself by the latest technological tie ups with the foremost leaders in the world of this industry and the most up-to-date technoloqy.. In 1993. ASEA BROWN BOVERI KABEL AB. Mis. in the country. CPRI.orous in-process quality checks by. over 25 years enabled {he company to flourish in a highly competitive' world. 50 km away from UCL.' .ew horizons by setting new 'challe· ges and targets time 10 time and by diversifYing into Telecom field. Its quality Is taken as standard in the world market.polymer and produced complete range of dielectrics presently used in special cables. QUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS Whether conventional or specially designed to any Indian' or International speclflcation. UCl's products are put to the grill of rig. UGl brougf)t complete know-how of compoun(jing of . environmental protection and infrastructure development. Power Capacitors.D. Vjndhya Telellnks Limited (VTl) and is situated at Rewa. agriculture.jointventure with MPAVN for manufacture of Jelly Filled Telephone Cable in technical collaboration with one of the world's leading manufacturers of Telephone Cable.. wbo became-chairman of the company in 1990. Dastur.>TARcables are lSI marked.. .i!Iii!::""'. gulged company to grow and touch n. UCL decider. In 1985 MIs. Japan to manufacture Paper Ii. CERTIFICATION The above claim is certified by various test authorities of the country like ERDA Vadodara. & VTl jointly entered into the field of Optical communication by way of manufacturing Optical Fibre Cables in technical and financial coltaboratlon with Mis. This unlt is named fyI/s. lSI MARKING . RESEARCH circuit.' collaboration with General-Electric Company of USA.N. Late Shri M. . IQ 1983.staqe inspection and testing. O<3L embarked on a. Pnyamvada Birla. This division offers complete scheme for power factor improvement and can' supply. serving the aspiration of the nation in the field of Power Development. Jain. & DEVELOPMENT UCL emphasizes on in-house Research and Development. His successor Smt. who heads the cornpanyever since Its inception. Sweden under the name MIs. further . who had adorned the chair of the company from the day of its inception for' . Birla. the Capacitor 'Divi~ion is rated to be the foremost manufacturer of -All PP Power Capacitors in LT & I'!T range. " In. specially for very high temperature operation and high frequency signalling UCl is a vibrant progressive company. It specific with IS/ISO 9001 for Quality Management 14001 for Environmental Management 'The Company welcomes enquiries on cable engineering and provides solutions through its design and development also assists customers in cable design to suit their requirement.

Submarine cables as per IS: 692..Copper Catenary cable upto 25 KV AC for use in underline structure as per Indian Railways Specification. Q Zero halogen Low smoke Flexible elastomeric .. capacitors for electric furnace..UD. and Petroleum Refineries Always ahead in. Power and Control cables for Petrochemicals as per IS. BS: 6480.*<. IEC:60502 Part-I. VDE:0255. used under over line structure In 25 kV AC traction. Insulated Cadmium. cables for Roiling stock application. Q' Heat shrinkable ~ Q High voltage all polypropylene Water cooled high frequency film power capacitors. I. IS:1554 Part-I and Part-II. BS:6622 and BS:5467.i Pressure tight cable for IndIan Navy Q High temperature thin walled flexible elastomeric (ij Insulated Cl!Idmlum copper Catenary conductor cable accessories. IEC and BS speciflcatlon.*sTaR®' Paper insulated Lead sheathed cables upto and including 33 KV (E) as per IS:692. .Loco cables for Railways. BS 607 and VDe 0250.'~:-':>J .§. Self supporting cables as per IS:1554 Part-I. Part-II.'f~?! Recent achievements of the company's R&D efforts are as under. Aerial bunched cables upto 33 KV (E) as per IS:14255. IEC : 60502 Part-I and Part-II.:. IS:7098 Part-I and Part-II and IEC: 60502 Part-I and Part-II. IEC 60502 Part-J and Part-II.Part-II Elastomeric Cables upto and including 33 KV (E) as per1S:9968 Part-I and Part-II. Part-III. thin walled ACHIEVEMENTS '?'~. XLPE insulated cable upto 132 KV as per IS:7098 Part-t. IS:7098 Part-I and Part-II. BS:6346. IEC: 60502 Part-l and Part-II. PVC insulated Power and Control cables upto and including 11 KV as per IS:1554 Part-I and Part-II.

ilway Signalling power capacitors quad cable for special purposes with nontoxic impregnanl H·igh stress low voltage capacitors. and 15:9968 Part-land Part-II . dielectric.Medium Frequency Capacitors (Water Cooled) . (. Ra.Cables and Capacitors application whatsoever G High temperature f1uro elastomeric coil lead for Hitachi Traction application. in Railway electrified area. rnetalized PP film.1994. arid impregnated with Non-PCB Oil. with extended/folded AI. IS: 9968 Pari I and BS : 6195 Radar and Data Transmission Cables as per Defence specifications. with AI. Radiation resistant Power and Control cable for Nuclear Plant as IS:7098 Part-I and Part-It. foil and NON-PCB Oil (Film +Foil) design.DC Capacitors. e @ . 8S:6729 and B5: 7846. . High temperature Silicon rubber insulated cables up to 200"C as per 6007. filter circuit. suitable for emergency power supply. Fluroplastic cables as per J8S and MIL Specification. Zero halogen low smoke fire survival cables as per IS : 9968 Part-I. oil cooled... IEC:60502 Part-I and . ~ Zero halogen low smoke fire survival ~ Underground (l cables for metro coaches and Indian Navy.Surge Capacitors -for motor. High Voltage All Polypropylene Film Dielectric Capacitors. 9 Polyethylene insulated Jellyfilied underground telephone cables and Fibre optics communication cables. foil. transformer protection. Self healing. ~ G . used in Railways. confirming to IS-13925 Part 1-1998. .: Low Voltage (400V to 1OOOV) ll Polypropylene Film Dielectric A Capacitors.j Mixed dielectric .for applications like impulse generator. confirming to rS-13585 (Part-I) . as per IS:1554Part-I. o @I G '3 High temperature traction motor lead wires.) Instrumentation cables BS: 5308. confirming to 18·13340-1993 440 V capacitors are lSI marked.

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