Jenna Price Dear Mrs.

Caruso, My past English/Writing class was English 1101 and I took it last semester. I took it with you and it was a very good, relaxing class. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be taking you again this semester! Anyway, I had a good experience with that class. It was time consuming, but we were always given enough time to complete our assignments. I hope to be as successful in this class as I was in my last English class. The main goal I have for this class is to walk out with an A. I plan to put all the effort and time that it takes to achieve that grade. My stance on reading and writing is iffy. I very much enjoy reading, but not so much writing. There is a chance that I would enjoy writing if I felt I was actually good at it. I hope to become more confident in my writing. I have had one bad experience when it comes to researching a topic to write an essay. It was my junior year in high school and I had to write a research paper for my senior project. The information seemed impossible to find. It was horrible containing the research and the hardest paper I have ever written. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I was conducting research about the local animal shelter. I love animals. Therefore, I loved learning about how the animal shelters help with the needs of the animals. Honestly, that research paper destroyed my desire to write. I hope to write about fun and interesting things during this English course. Sincerely, Jenna Price

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