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Productivity and Quality Mgmt v2

Productivity and Quality Mgmt v2

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Published by Akhil Rupani

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Published by: Akhil Rupani on Mar 15, 2012
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Service quality has high level of
Most services are intangible as there are
performances and not objects
Services are perishable , they can not be
inventoried, saved and resold later
The actual performance of service differs
from provider to provider

Quality Circles

QC is a small group of employees working on
similar jobs, mostly at worker level to perform
quality control and improvement activities within
their workplace
These groups work on continuous improvements
as a part of company wide activity
This was started in Japan in 1962 in line with
the conviction of Ishikawa that the workers can
significantly contribute to improve quality and
Japan attributes phenomenal growth in 1960-
1970 to QC

Quality Circles

Basic Objectives:
1.Wider contribution towards improvement
and development of the enterprise
2.Respecting humanity and building a
happy and cheerful workplace
3.Exploiting human capabilities fully and
drawing out infinite possibilities

Quality Circles
Components of QC

1.Decide on the theme
2.Establish the goals
3.Clarify reasons and their importance
4.Access the current situation
5.Probe the causes and analyze them
6.Establish corrective measures
7.Implement the measures
8.Evaluate results
9.Standardize to prevent slipups
10.Reflection of the results

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