PEFC is an internationally
for sustainable preferred label forest management.

Forestry certification ensures that forests are managed according to clearly defined environmental, social and economic criteria. Chain of Custody certification for companies in the supply chain is a mechanism for tracking certified materials from the forest to the final product. The PEFC "green trees" logo provides end users and consumers with assurances that the product managed forest. comes from a sustainably-



• • • • • • maintenance biod iversity protection prevention prohibition chemicals prohibition organisms and improvement of

of ecologically of deforestation

valuable areas

of the most dangerous of genetically modified

protection of the rights and well-being of the workers in the forest and supply chain promotion of local employment of the rights of the native

• • • •

consideration population

respect for land use rights a voice for those who live and work in the forest.

• PEFC is approved
by: policy for ~ the EU model purchasing wood-based products ~ the UK Government's Central Point of Expertise on Timber (CPET) procurement products ~ the BREEAM construction ~ the EU Ecolabel paper requirements for policy for wood-based criteria for sustainable

• PEFC offers:
~ wide availability of wood and paper products: two thirds of the global certified area are manged by PEFCendorsed schemes ~ greater availablity • of certified products

by specifying PEFC, you are supporting sustainable forest management.