HOW TO GET THE TARGET ID OF YOUR MACHINE ======================================== Summary: just double-click on the i4tgtid.

exe icon to get the target id. -------If you want to run the software with a nodelock license, you need to get the target id of your machine when ordering the license. The following explains how to obtain this id. There are 2 executables : (the last version can be found at ml) 1/ i4target.exe 2/ i4tgtid.exe (Intel platform) (Intel platform)

If you double-click on i4tgtid.exe, a message box displaying the win32mac target id of the machine will be presented. The target id is a number represented in hexadecimal notation. Make sure that the string "win32mac" is also displayed alongside with the target id. Depending on the network configuration of your machine, the win32mac target id might not be available. This is when i4target.exe in command-line mode is needed : 1/ Open a Command Prompt window and directory to your CDROM drive. 2/ Run "i4target -z" This will list network adapters that can be used for the target id. 3/ Run "i4target -d xxx" where xxx is one the network adapters listed in step 1. 4/ Run i4target or i4tgtid You should obtain the same target id as in step 2. NOTE: Do not repeat step 2 once you have a valid win32mac target id. The target id is also displayed: 1/ in the "Import Certificate" panel when installing the software. 2/ in the Tools/Options/Licensing panel when running the application. 3/ in the Nodelock Management tool, from the Start/Programs/CATIA/Tools NT menu.

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