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Federal guidelines require states to conduct a market rate study every 2 years, but does not require subsidy rates to be adjusted accordingly. Vermont’s subsidy is currently based on 2008 market rate data. A registered home is currently paid at 66% of the market rate for an infant. (CDD Block Grant) I have a degree in Medical Administration and used to work in a hospital full time with a good salary and benefits. After paying for childcare for two children I was coming home with $70 a week. I had to quit my job and became a registered home provider just to take care of my own kids. My parents can’t afford the cost of childcare either. A parent who gets 100% subsidy thinks that their childcare is taken care of but doesn't realize that 100% of the subsidy rate, $110/week for an infant, does not cover 100% of what it costs to care for a child. How can I ask a parent who qualifies for 100% subsidy to pay a copay? I have one family whose father suffered a severe injury at work. He was in the hospital for 3 weeks and even after returning home needs round the clock care. This family is in a time of great need so I allow him to come with out collecting the co-pay, which means my program is operating at a loss. Why H.97?
Vermont’s families and early educators are in crisis. The business model in early education is broken. H.97 brings those most affected into the decision making process. Better decisions will be made with the collective expertise of the field. at the table.

- Teresa Crete, Registered Home Provider, 1 year, Essex Junction

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