Members of Vermont Parents United, a project of the Vermont Workers’ Center are speaking out on issues that matter

to us... “I work full time, make $24,000 a year, and support three kids on my own. My son has a had a prescription for glasses for five months but I can’t even afford to get it filled. The closest place that will accept Medicade for him is in Rutland but I live in St. Johnsbury and don’t have a car. I am living completely on the edge and my childcare provider helps me hold it all together. If I lost my subsidy for childcare I don’t even know what I would do. My kids love it there and it gives us very important stability. I am organizing with other parents and standing together with providers who are organizing to demand a system that puts our kids and families first. It’s time to change and it needs to start now. With us, and our kids, we stand together as one!” -Jessica Gray, St. Johnsbury
Jessica is a manager at McDonalds in St. Johnsbury and her three kids go to Cherry Street Play Care.

Vermont Parents United is organizing for: ● Quality affordable early education for all. ● The right to organize and a seat at the table for Vermont’s early educators ● Putting People First so all our needs are met including the human rights to education, healthcare, housing, healthy food ● and good jobs.
Vermont Workers’ Center Contact: Kate Kanelstein, 802 862-4892

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