Good Morning Soule Road Community, I am writing this morning to address a story that was shown yesterday evening

on the Channel 40 news regarding Soule Road Elementary School’s approach to St. Patrick’s Day. The story alleges that Soule Road School, and specifically Principal Curtin, have “changed the name of St. Patrick’s Day” in an effort to be more inclusive and diverse. The story is misleading for a number of reasons. To begin, the Channel 40 story wrongly attributes quotes and motives to Mrs. Curtin. Mrs. Curtin and I both declined to comment on this story so as to not legitimize or give credibility to it. Secondly, and most importantly, Soule Road has not changed the name of St. Patrick’s Day. It is noted as St. Patrick’s Day on the Soule Road school calendar and will be in future years. O’Green Day, on Friday, March 16, the day before St. Patrick’s Day, was set up as a day to encourage students to celebrate the holiday by wearing green. As in previous years, Soule Road’s approach to St. Patrick’s Day is organized and planned in conjunction with your PTO. This year’s activities recognize St. Patrick’s Day in exactly the same way it has been recognized for the last several years. Mrs. Curtin did not change any practice associated with this. A green theme in March has been used by your PTO to incorporate a number of fun, educational activities planned for the children of Soule Road during the month and is aimed at recognizing Soule’s school color, the coming of spring, healthy lunch choices and St. Patrick’s Day. I have complete confidence that Soule Road children have been given many exciting opportunities to show their St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Going forward, the staff will continue to work collaboratively with your PTO to plan appropriate celebrations that accentuate and supplement the curriculum and do not take away from our primary mission of teaching and learning. Parents interested in engaging in productive discussions on this and other important topics are encouraged to attend PTO meetings and School Council meetings or request a meeting with Mrs. Curtin or me. Sincerely, Marty O’Shea Superintendent of Schools