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St Stanislaus v Archdiocese Decision

St Stanislaus v Archdiocese Decision

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Catholics; to maintain a Polish Roman Catholic Church, to

encourage attendance at Roman Catholic religious services; to

attend lectures of a religious, scientific, or educational

character; also to maintain a parish school.” Plaintiffs argue


Plaintiffs also argue that a bylaw is void if it conflicts with the
corporate Charter, citing §352.110.2 RSMo, which states as follows: “Provision
may also be made in such bylaws for the removal of officers for cause, and for
the expulsion of members guilty of any offense which affects the interests or
good government of the corporation, or is indictable by the laws of the land;
provided, always, that such bylaws shall be conformable to the charter of such
corporation, and shall not impair or limit any provision thereof or enlarge
its scope, and shall not be contrary to the provisions of the constitution or
laws of this state.” The Court has reviewed the cited provision and finds
that “such bylaws” appears to refer only to “bylaws for the removal of
officers for cause, and for the expulsion of members,” and has no general
application to the bylaws at issue here. Also, the parties agree that the
document called the “Charter” is actually part of the original bylaws, as
opposed to a “charter of incorporation” as issued by the Secretary of State
under §352.060.3 RSMo.


that the 2001 and 2004 Bylaws conflict with the express purpose

of “maintain[ing] a Polish Roman Catholic Church.”

A corporation enjoys reasonable discretion regarding the

manner and means for attaining its stated purpose, and a court

will not interfere with a fair and reasonable exercise of

discretion unless there is such a substantial departure from the

dominant purpose of the corporation as to amount to perversion.

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