Explanation: • Considering rectilinear path of flight and neglecting all forces that causes turning effect, we have: (refer figure) Figure:

Also for instantaneous value of u and R the flight path is given by:

• The equation of in direction normal to motion is : • From above two equations we get: • These are two very important equation of motion and hence can be molded according to the requirement as an when required. .

Application of equation of motion: • The above two equations can be used to determine actual thrust during actual vehicle flights. . • Integrating the above equations we get actual histories of velocity and distance traveled thus the complete trajectory.

which will be curved. • Thus the acceleration in the direction of flight is obtained as: • The force vector diagram shows the net force to be at an angle to flight path. Figure: .Wingless rocket projectile Explanation: • The equations used above can be further simplified for wingless projectile as α=0.

time of effective exhaust velocity. in above equation. velocity is given by: • Where B = HERE g= avg. hence: • The flight velocity changes with burning of fuel and at the end of burning period . .In sounding rocket • With respect to sounding rocket the trajectory is vertical thus sinθ=1. gravitational attraction c= avg.

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