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l Mission & Visions for Rohde & Schwarz l Market position of Rohde & Schwarz l Drive Test Tools l ROMES software platform l TSMx scanner l Summary

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Missions & Visions
1. Increase your revenue with a stable mobile

network 2. Reduce complexity of measurements 3. Quick roll out of new network technologies

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Agenda l Missions & Visions for Rohde & Schwarz l Market position of Rohde & Schwarz l Drive Test Tools l ROMES software platform l TSMx scanner l Summary | R&S Drive Test Solution | 4 .

autonomous company For 75 years the specialist in T&M and wireless communications Represented in over 70 countries.4 billion (FY 07/08) Export share >80 % 7500 employees worldwide | R&S Drive Test Solution | 5 .Rohde & Schwarz at a Glance l l l l l l Independent. with subsidiaries in 57 countries Turnover of EUR 1.

Volume of Sales: Group of Companies | R&S Drive Test Solution | 6 .

Rohde & Schwarz Around the World | R&S Drive Test Solution | 7 .

3GPP. | R&S Drive Test Solution | 8 . l Many satisfied customers around the world: global operators. ITU. . regulators. LSTI.5G testing l Member in international bodies and normative committees e. ngmn. etc.g. military. ETSI.R&S Drive Test Systems l Coverage & QoS Measurement Systems l 20 years experience in development of Drive Test solutions l Core expertise in RF Test & Measurement l ONE software platform ROMES for all technologies l Full product portfolio for comprehensive 2G. 3G and 3. railways. phone and chipset suppliers.

coverage and usage of specified resources l Monitoring l Chipset/Handset vendors l Scanner measurements bring network issues to light l Service Suppliers | R&S Drive Test Solution | 9 .Who uses our Drive Test Systems? l Network operators l Network optimization/planning l Network troubleshooting l Benchmarking/Competition analysis l Ensure network quality and coverage l Handset test with CRTU and ROMES l Regularity authorities l Ensure quality.

. Finland. UK. Belgium) Regularity Bodies (e. Austria. Germany. Belgium. Croatia. Spain) Railway operators (Germany. Croatia. Greece. Spain. Switzerland) Telefonica (Urugauy. Netherlands. UK) Orange (Netherlands. Hungary. Peru.R&S Drive Test customers Vodafone Global (UK. Germany.g. Spain. Germany) T-Mobile International (Czech Rep. Hungary. New Zealand. Costa Rica) Safaricom (Kenya) Crossroad Wireless (USA) Sony Ericsson Mobile (Sweden) Military Universities | R&S Drive Test Solution | 10 . Poland. China. Poland. Netherlands. Austria. Norway. France. Saudi Arabia. Germany. Italy. Romania.

Agenda l Targets for Rohde & Schwarz l Market position of Rohde & Schwarz l Drive Test Tools l ROMES software platform l TSMx scanner l Summary | R&S Drive Test Solution | 11 .

Drive Test Systems Suitcase System Fixed Expert System Backpack System TSMx scanner ROMES2Go ROMES Software ROMES NPA | R&S Drive Test Solution | 12 .

Benefits l Full indoor tests with one TSMx and two mobiles l Rugged compact backpack for all terrain l Video and voice quality measurements l Battery packs provide power supply for up to 4 hours l Approximately 6 kg | R&S Drive Test Solution | 13 .Backpack .

Benefits l Fully equipped measurement solution with one TSMx and 4 test mobiles l No expensive vehicle modification is necessary l Video and Voice quality analysis is integrated l Rugged suitcase for all usage sites l All components are fixed l No cabling issue TSMx Antenna Mobile Antennas Power Supply Trigger In-/Output GPS Power Supply GPS PPS Pulse USB Port | R&S Drive Test Solution | 14 .Suitcase Solution .

Agenda l Targets for Rohde & Schwarz l Market position of Rohde & Schwarz l Drive Test Tools l ROMES software platform l TSMx scanner l Summary | R&S Drive Test Solution | 15 .

Software platform ROMES 4 | R&S Drive Test Solution | 16 .

EDGE. HSDPA. DVB-T. Spectrum Scan l WiMAX. HSUPA. WLAN. WCDMA. GPRS. CW.What is ROMES? l ROMES is a Drive Test Tool used for: l Network Optimization (Capacity and Quality) l Quality of Service surveys l Benchmarking l BTS Position Estimation l ROMES collects and evaluates Drive Test Data from devices: l Test Mobiles / Data Cards / UEs l R&S Scanners l GPS l Supports all major Technologies: l GSM. DAB. LTE | R&S Drive Test Solution | 17 . DVB-H. CDMA2000 1x EVDO.

txt ROMES TSMQ scanner ROMES4 *.RSCMD Test mobiles USB / PCMCIA ROMES Nokia GSM/UMTS ROMES Qualcomm GSM/UMTS ROMES LTE Mobile Post Processing NPA | R&S Drive Test Solution | 18 .Drive Test Architecture Scanner Hardware GSM/WCDMA CDMA2000 1xEVDO Driver Application ROMES WiMAX LTE TETRA Spectrum GSM/WCDMA/ CDMA2000 1xEVDO/CW Spectrum GBit LAN ROMES TSMW scanner Firewire *.

Z560. 6230 Sagem OT 260/290 Siemens S55-R/S75-R Novatel S720 Sierra Wireless AC595 Kyocera Coronado HSPA/WCDMA/GSM: l GSM/(E)GPRS: l l l CDMA2000 1x EVDO Rev A: l l l l Generic mobile driver for AT commands | R&S Drive Test Solution | 19 . N95-NAM. E1820. etc. E22x. etc. 6630. etc. A875. N80. 6680. TU550. 6121. A860. U700. Option Globe Trotter Data Cards Novatel Wireless Merlin U740/870. U900 Huawei E17x. 6650.Supported test mobiles l l WiMAX: l l l l l l l l l Beceem BCS200 Wave 2 chipset Qualcomm Test Mobiles TM 6250 / 6275 / 6280 / 7200 / 8200 Samsung Z500. etc. N95. N85. Sierra Wireless Aircard A850. 6720. N96. Nokia 6120. LG MU/CU500.

and hard handover l Video and Voice Quality l Network Quality.Why do I need a Test Mobile? l Trace interface offers access to measurement data l Dedicated mode measurements l Throughput tests l Connection Quality l Soft. ratio of dropped/blocked calls l IP-protocol tracing l Tests from the subscribers point of view | R&S Drive Test Solution | 20 .

Why do I need a Scanner? l 50x higher performance than test mobiles can deliver l Independent to the network l Hidden neighborhoods l Pilot Pollution and interference causes are not detectable l Spectrum analysis provides a detection of external interferences l Independent of mobile chipsets –> reference l Higher level and time accuracy compared to mobile based measurements l Use of only one unit for different networks and applications l No costs and no capacity will be allocated l Cheaper compared to many band-dedicated units | R&S Drive Test Solution | 21 .

Mobile / Data card vs. Scanner Data Cards Frequency limitation Operator limitation Operating charges QoS End-to-End Coverage Accuracy Speed Single bands YES YES YES YES SOME LOW LOW R&S Scanners 30 MHz to 6 GHz NO NO SOME SOME YES VERY HIGH VERY HIGH | R&S Drive Test Solution | 22 .

ROMES benefits l Network optimization l Reduces number of sites l Less power consumption l Less investments into sites l Evaluation during the drive l Time saving way in finding Interferences and missing Neighbors l Modular and flexible architecture l 16x mobile driver support l No limitation for number of connected devices l Service contract includes free updates l Important Post-Processing tools are supported l Costumer get all equipment from one supplier | R&S Drive Test Solution | 23 .

ROMES key features GSM Interference Analysis HSPA Measurement ROMES2 Go WCDMA Interference Analysis Neighborhood Analysis WiMAX Measurement Voice Quality LTE Measurement Spectrum Scan BTS Position Estimation Generic Mobile Driver Route Track Visualization Network Problem Analyzer DVB-T/H with ETL Analyser Indoor Measurements IQ Streaming Floating License Scanner Overview | R&S Drive Test Solution | 24 .

GSM Interference Analysis in 4 Steps Adj-Channel Interferer 21 20 45 89 20 Co-Channel Interferer ROMES BTS List 1. RxQual & C/I during call 2. Violating any of the above thresholds triggers an “interference event” 4. Test Mobile delivers RxLev. Definition of thresholds based on a) C/I ≤ X b) RxLev ≥ Y AND RxQual ≥ Z 3. Automatic identification of interferer(s) | R&S Drive Test Solution | 25 .

Interference Event List | R&S Drive Test Solution | 26 .

Interference Analysis l C/I Analysis with: l GSM test mobile l GSM Network Scanner l GSM BTS base station list | R&S Drive Test Solution | 27 .

Background (1) | R&S Drive Test Solution | 28 .Interference Analysis .

GSM Scanning
l Decoding of broadcast information as like BCC, BSIC, CI, LAC, MNC,

MCC l Vertical gray bar refer to same channel but different sources l -> Possible interferer

| R&S Drive Test Solution | 29

GSM Scanning
l TopN view of scanned channels together with BCH information l Scanned C/I value to compare with test mobile

| R&S Drive Test Solution | 30

GSM NWS Spectrum Measurements
l l

Shows all frequencies of one cell Serving Cell (SC) sources are:
l l



Either a mobile Selected channel of the GSM NWS


SC BCCH and TCHs (acc. to BTS list)


Each channel can be selected for details and waterfall history

| R&S Drive Test Solution | 31

Automatic Identification of Interferer l Automatic Identification of Interferer by Training Sequence Code (TSC) and Timing – with reference to the BTS list | R&S Drive Test Solution | 32 .

Automatic Identification of Interferer l even a 2nd interferer in the same situation is identified | R&S Drive Test Solution | 33 .

Interference Analysis .Background (2) BS3 69 40 26 SC BTS BTS BTS BTS 1 2 3 4 C0 (BCCH) SC 20 25 70 BS4 20 33 10 20 25 70 90 20 15 25 40 53 69 40 26 20 33 10 BS1 90 20 15 BS2 25 40 53 C1 C2 | R&S Drive Test Solution | 34 .

Cell (=70) BTS4 – C0 (= 20) BTS1 – C1 (= 20) BTS2 – C0 (= 25) BTS3 – C2 (= 26) BTS3 – C0 (= 69) C0C0 C0Cx CxC0 CxCx (Adj) CxC0(Adj) | R&S Drive Test Solution | 35 . Cell (=20) C1 Serv.Interference Analysis .Background (3) Possible Interfering Type of Interference Channels C0 Serv. Cell (=25) C2 Serv.

Scanning WCDMA/CDMA l TopN view including pilot pollution (bar chart lines) and broadcast information e nc re rfe e Int UL Count of Pilots not limited | R&S Drive Test Solution | 36 .

Scanning WCDMA/CDMA l CPICH power and aggregated power represented as fading taps | R&S Drive Test Solution | 37 .

Scanning – SC Tracer l Over the Air BTS test l Synchronization of BTS Meas. time Delay time | R&S Drive Test Solution | 38 .

Neighborhood Analysis – Features l Easy way to find Interferences l Find missing or wrong neighborhoods l Done by demodulation of broadcast information l Intra 2G/3G handover optimization l Only base station list is required | R&S Drive Test Solution | 39 .

low data rate l Approval of wanted Missing-Neighborhoods l Less dropped calls l Increase revenue and customer satisfaction | R&S Drive Test Solution | 40 .Neighborhood Analysis – Benefits l Automatic searching for network troubles l The quick discovery of reasons for dropped calls.

Neighborhood Analysis 2G/2G l Overview on 2G/2G neighbours – mobile and scanner comparison Only Neighbour of one TopN member In TopN but not in BA list How often have neighbours of the BA list been measured by the scanner Shows all neighbours of selected Serving Cell on the left with their measurement values | R&S Drive Test Solution | 41 .

Neighborhood Analysis – 2G/3G Target: Network Optimization Key Information: Active Set l Active Set l Strong Signal available l Strong Signal available Soft Handover Status Active Set full Active Set not full Interference (Pilot Pollution) Missing Neighbour | R&S Drive Test Solution | 42 .

Neighbourhood Analysis – Background TSMx NodeB Data Base ? SIB11 Active Set ? = SIB11 Neighborhoods ? = Neighborhoods | R&S Drive Test Solution | 43 .

Interferer Active Set full 3 dB Activ set Measured CPICH Registered Neighborhood: Interferer. wrong Neighborhoods No Neighborhood: Possible Interferer Active Set not full 3 dB Registered Neighborhood: wrong Neighborhoods No Neighborhood: Missing Neighborhood | R&S Drive Test Solution | 44 .Missing Neighbor . Pilot Pollution.

Normal cases Active Set full 3 dB Activ set Measured CPICH Registered Neighborhood: normal case No Neighborhood: normal case Active Set not full 3 dB Registered Neighborhood: normal case No Neighborhood: normal case Measured CPICH filtered by several absolute and relative criterions | R&S Drive Test Solution | 45 .

Decision tree Criterions TopM Abs. Criterion fulfilled Rel. Criterion fulfilled TopM is neighbor of Top1 in the DB no PI Type = 1 Within Add Window? yes Active Set full? no no yes Missing Neighbor (MN) Not fulfilled Not fulfilled yes Cancellation M = M+1 M > Active Set Max Count (= Active Set full?) yes PI Type = 2 no no Within Interferer Window? yes Possible Interferer (PI Type) | R&S Drive Test Solution | 46 .Neighbourhood Analysis .

Neighbourhood Analysis – HW requirements l l l l l l TSML-G GSM Network Scanner TSML-W WCDMA PN Scanner or TSMU with WCDMA PN Scanner Option (TSMU-K11) TSMU with BCH Demodulator Option (TSMU-K14) TSMU with GSM Network Scanner Option (TSMU-K15) Or TSMQ | R&S Drive Test Solution | 47 .

Neighborhood Analysis – SIB 11 Analysis l Overview on differences between SIB11 and NodeB data base !! Missing !! | R&S Drive Test Solution | 48 .

Handover Analysis Filter Type of Handover | R&S Drive Test Solution | 49 .

BTS Position Estimation Wo l What is the target of this application? rks CDM for G l Generating of BTS lists in just driving with TSMx scanner A20 SM. l What are the requirements l TSMQ or TSMW l TSMX-PPS GPS Module No c No i osts nter actio ns | R&S Drive Test Solution | 50 . W 00 1 l Reuse BTS lists for Neighborhood Analysis x EV CDMA DO l Reuse BTS list for Interference Analysis l Use BTS list to find BTS positions of competitors/operators in other countries l Share BTS sites with other operators l .

LAC CellID) Estimated geographical location S OME R | R&S Drive Test Solution | 51 .BTS Position Estimation l l Driving around the area of interest Output result is a list with: l l Seen BTSs (incl. MNC. MCC. BCCH.

Estimated BTS Export BTS List to ASCII | R&S Drive Test Solution | 52 .

BTS Localizations result | R&S Drive Test Solution | 53 .

HSDPA - Technology Overview
Node B:
Generation of Scheduling Information for the User Data based on User Feedback
HS -D PC Ch CH an ne Pa lQ cke ua tA lity CK ( /NA CQI) CK cke Pa
High Speed Dedicated Physical Control Channel

I) H: (CQ CC lity ua -D P CK lQ HS ne /NA an CK Ch tA

High Speed Shared Control Channel


HS-SCCH Scheduling Information
High Speed (Physical) Downlink Shared Channel

HS-(P)DSCH User Data
| R&S Drive Test Solution | 54


HSDPA – Features/benefits
l Support of Qualcomm chipset l Qualcomm TM6275, TM6280, TM7200, Samsung Z560 / U700 l Option Globetrotter Fusion+ HSDPA data card l Novatel Wireless Merlin U870 PC card l Nokia N95 / 6120 / N85 / N96 / N6720 l Huawei E17x, E22x, E1820 etc. l LG MU/CU500, TU550 l Throughput performance on

PHY/MAC/RLC/Layer 3 l BLER, CQI, DTX, HARQ-ACK, channel status l Statistical evaluation l All parameter represented by colors for quick problem identification

| R&S Drive Test Solution | 55

HSDPA - View




| R&S Drive Test Solution | 56

View 1 Subframe SCCH demodulated SCCH successfully decoded DSCH CRC Check Passed (yellow: no valid DSCH) New Transmission (red: retransmission) Modulation QPSK (red: 16QAM) Number of in parallel DSCH Codes per UE HARQ process ID | R&S Drive Test Solution | 57 .HSDPA .

etc.Decode Statistic View SB+: number of successfully decoded sub blocks SB++: number of successfully decoded sub blocks. sent more than once. | R&S Drive Test Solution | 58 . although the first transmission was already successful SB-: number of sub blocks that could not be decoded SBLER: Sub Block Error Rate in % BL+: number of successfully decoded blocks BL-: number of blocks that could not be decoded BLER: Block Error Rate in % #1: percentage of successfully decoded blocks at first transmission.HSDPA .

HSDPA Performance Views (1/2) Average CQI Requested. of codes Requested. scheduled and delta QPSK/16QAM rates Requested. scheduled and delta throughput | R&S Drive Test Solution | 59 . scheduled and delta average no.

HSDPA Performance Views (2/2) Block Error rate on hs-MAC layer (=HARQ) and RLC layer Throughput on hs-MAC layer (=HARQ) and RLC layer | R&S Drive Test Solution | 60 .

A new transport channel High Speed Downlink Shared Channel (HS-DSCH) is introduced. l Adaptive modulation and coding (AMC): Adaptation of transmission parameters to radio conditions and terminal capability Modulation schemes: – 16-QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation): UE capability – QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying): mandatory for UE | R&S Drive Test Solution | 61 .HSDPA – Background (I) l Shared Channel transmission: Channelization codes and transmission power in a cell are dynamically shared between users.

HSDPA – Background(II) l Hybrid automatic-repeat-request (HARQ) Improving robustness against link adaptation errors UE rapidly requests retransmissions of erroneously receveived data UE can combine information from the original transmission with that of later retransmissions (Soft Combining) l Fast scheduling in the Node B instead of RNC Moving scheduling and processing of retransmissions closer to air interface New MAC-hs (Medium Access Control – high speed) protocol entity in the Node B l Short transmission time interval of 2ms Accelerating packet scheduling for transmission | R&S Drive Test Solution | 62 .

DTX Rate. ACK and NACK Rate l Retransmission counter and statistics l L1/MAC statistics | R&S Drive Test Solution | 63 . E22x. l Additional parameters to HSDPA: l Happy Rate. E1820 etc.HSUPA – Features/benefits l Support of Qualcomm chipset l Qualcomm TM7200 l Option Globe Trotter GT MAX HSUPA l Nokia 6720 l Huawei E17x.

HSUPA – Cell status l Colors for a quick status overview l 7 further HSUPA specific views | R&S Drive Test Solution | 64 .

2 Mbit/s 14.76 Mbit/s | R&S Drive Test Solution | 65 .93 Mbit/s 5.4 Mbit/s HSUPA Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category 5 Category 6 UL rate 0.HSxPA – Categories HSDPA Category 1/2 Category 3/4 Category 5/6 Category 7/8 Category 9 Category 10 DL rate 1.6 Mbit/s 7.2 Mbit/s 1.46 Mbit/s 1.46 Mbit/s 2.00 Mbit/s 2.73 Mbit/s 1.8 Mbit/s 3.3 Mbit/s 10.

ROMES WiMAX Mobile support Power / Quality Serving Cell Info DL Througput UL Througput Statistics | R&S Drive Test Solution | 66 .

ROMES WiMAX Mobile support IP Messages MAC Messages ?? Coverag gaps ?? | R&S Drive Test Solution | 67 .

ROMES WiMAX Scanner Support TopN of all WiMAX Signals Channel Impulse Response Current Serving Cell ? Interferences ? Too many reflections ? Guard interval ? Aggregated Power Multi path Power | R&S Drive Test Solution | 68 .

10 Application example l Poor Service .low data throughput Low RSSI level / low CINR Low-order Modulation and Coding scheme bile Mo bile Mo Wrong Serving Cell Multi-path Issues er ann Sc r nne S ca | R&S Drive Test Solution | 69 .ROMES 4.

Used Preamble Index per Area | R&S Drive Test Solution | 70 .

Useage of Preamble Index Not all PA Ix have been used | R&S Drive Test Solution | 71 .

CINR | R&S Drive Test Solution | 72 .RSSI vs.

ROMES Measurement Parameter Mobile PHY measurement Preamble ID/Index BS ID CINR for Reuse 1 and 3 Effective CINR RSSI Tx Power BER MAC measurement IP4 and IP6 ARQ Hand-off metrics (BS RSSI/CINR) UL/DL MCS Protocol Messages Scanner PHY measurement Preamble Index Segment ID Cell RSSI CINR Actual Center Frequency Used Bandwidth FFT Size Cyclic Prefix Ratio WiMAX Frame Size Total Inband Power Doppler Frequency Multi-path Delay | R&S Drive Test Solution | 73 .

WiMAX l Wide frequency range from 30 MHz to 6 GHz with excellent signal quality • Continuous RF frequency range.TSMW .even though a stronger concurrent signal is present • Sensitivity of – 115 dBm l Software defined architecture • Field upgradeable for e. prepared for all mobile communication bands • 2 receivers with 20 MHz bandwidth each l Integrated adaptive pre-selection • Minimum intermodulation with maximum dynamic • Detect and identify weak signals . new technology l Mobile usage • Integrated GPS • 12 VDC power • compact size | R&S Drive Test Solution | 74 .g.

3.4. 5. 15. synchronization from -123dBm l Up to 200 measurements/sec l Maximum dynamic range.TSMW LTE Scanner Highlights l LTE Key Features l Frequency range from 30 MHz to 6 GHz. 20MHz l Excellent sensitivity down to -127 dBm. 10. up to 64 frequencies in parallel l All channel bandwidths supported: 1. down to a C/I of -20dB l Support of FDD and TDD – from the beginning l Automatic detection of all available Physical Cell Ids l Measurements of P-SCH and S-SCH power and SINR l Channel Impulse Response for Signal reflection and Guard Interval analysis | R&S Drive Test Solution | 75 .

Lower Sensitivity Channel Measurements and Fading analysis for Doppler frequency of up to +/-100 Hz Higher Sensitivity.g. Lower Speed Power measurement of all Synchronization Signals within a certain period of time Measurement rate up to 2 Hz (due to the higher number of signal components) Measurement rate up to 200Hz C/I: down to – 6 dB Sensitivity .Smart Scheduler enables Adaptive Measurement Speed Serving Cell Measurements Interference Measurements SMART SCHEDULER Higher Speed.113 dBm (Power of PSCH and S-SCH) Code Power Measurements according to Lee criteria (50 samples per 40 wavelengths). up to a driving speed of 86km/h at 2GHz Detection of Interferers down to a C/I of -20 dB Sensitivity -127 dBm (Power of PSCH and S-SCH) Demodulation of all System Information | R&S Drive Test Solution | 76 . e.

Scanner measurements for LTE Up to 64 Frequencies TopN list of all pilots with Power and SINR Number of Pilots not limited Channel Impulse Response for Multi Path Reflections and check of Cyclic Prefix Multi Path reflections up to 8 x length of cyclic prefix (CP) | R&S Drive Test Solution | 77 .

Save time and money with ROMES NPA – get quick results l Quick overview of measurement data l No manual analysis work required l Automated problem detection l More than one file may be analyzed at a time l Automated reporting capabilities l NPA runs on same system as ROMES l Customer specific extensions possible | R&S Drive Test Solution | 78 .

RSCMD drive test files l Indicates problem areas l Offers possible reasons l Link the problem areas in ROMES l Features l Multiple file processing l Plug-Ins allow flexible analysis l Quick and simple GSM / W CD E DG E MA | R&S Drive Test Solution | 79 .Network Problem Analyzer – NPA l What is the NPA? l Automatic Analysis of recorded *.

Network Problem Analyzer – NPA l Drill-Down to the problem using ROMES | R&S Drive Test Solution | 80 .

Save time and money with ROMES NPA – get quick results l Quick overview of measurement data logged in file(s) l No manual analysis work required l Automated KPI calculation and problem detection l More than one file may be analyzed at a time l Automated reporting capabilities l NPA runs on same system as ROMES l Customer specific extensions possible | R&S Drive Test Solution | 81 .

Existing ROMES Workflow Measurement & Overview ROHDE & SCHWARZ Replay & Analysis ROMES RSCMD File ROMES 3rd party PostProcessing DB | R&S Drive Test Solution | 82 .

Current Limitations using ROMES l Analysis limited to single file l Manual work and lot of time required l Limited overview of complete measurement file l Limited reporting capabilities (mainly via screenshots) l Drill-Down possibilities missing l Post-Processing (PP) only available from 3rd party companies l No complete portfolio by R&S l PP Tool Capabilities depending on 3rd party development – no influence from R&S l Tools sometimes don’t support recently added features l Many PP tools require servers and are complicated to use | R&S Drive Test Solution | 83 .

etc. HSPA) l Well known tool for radio engineers | R&S Drive Test Solution | 84 .g. l Wide range of strong visualization capabilities l Detailed analysis of many technologies already possible (e. GSM Interference Detection.However…ROMES strengths regarding PP l Already contains analysis tools like Neighborhood Analyzer.

Times are changing: The ROMES NPA Measurement & Overview ROHDE & SCHWARZ Result Overview GUI Result Files Replay & Analysis ROMES ROMES NPA RSCMD Files ROMES 3rd party PostProcessing DB | R&S Drive Test Solution | 85 .

ROMES NPA Features and Benefits l Quick overview of measurement data l No manual analysis work required l More than one file may be analyzed at a time l Automated reporting capabilities l Automated KPI calculation l Map display using Google Maps l NPA on same system as ROMES l Also supports logfiles recorded with earlier version of ROMES l Expert system l Automated problem detection l Know-How sharing within or between companies l Customer specific extensions possible l Detailed Analysis and drill down based on well known ROMES (ROMES4.11SP1 or higher) | R&S Drive Test Solution | 86 .

Load measurement data – one or more files | R&S Drive Test Solution | 87 .ROMES NPA Workflow 1.

ROMES NPA Workflow 2. Select and configure Analyzer Modules | R&S Drive Test Solution | 88 .

Start Analysis | R&S Drive Test Solution | 89 .ROMES NPA Workflow 3.

ROMES NPA Workflow 4. READY – check the results | R&S Drive Test Solution | 90 .

With ROMES4NP11 Extended NQA for GSM and WCDMA: Problem Spot Analysis with problem reasons | R&S Drive Test Solution | 91 .ROMES NPA Workflow 5.

Optional: Further drill down with ROMES (ROMES4.11SP1 and higher) | R&S Drive Test Solution | 92 .ROMES NPA Workflow 6.

ROMES NPA Output l Several screens as pre-formatted standard output available | R&S Drive Test Solution | 93 .

ROMES NPA Output as List l l Additional output: list of problems and reasons in xml format This list may be further post processed by other programs | R&S Drive Test Solution | 94 .

ROMES NPA Output on Map l Display of Problem spots on Map | R&S Drive Test Solution | 95 .

ROMES NPA Coverage Analyzer l Display of Scanner Measurements to analyze Coverage | R&S Drive Test Solution | 96 .

German l For Nokia N95. N96. N85. Spanish.ROMES2GO l l l l Ideal for indoor measurements Outdoor network tests with internal/Bluetooth GPS Convenient Replay Analysis with ROMES Software Inconspicuous test solution without any cabling l Features: l Ring buffer – never lose any data about network issues l Predefined task files – start-and-go l Small log file size – store hours l Copy or upload logs files easy via FTP l Covers GSM to HSUPA l Supports forcing functions l Layer 3 Protocol Message decoder l Available in English. 6120 / 6121 and 6720 | R&S Drive Test Solution | 97 . Chinese.

R&S ROMES2GO .Concept Measurement Tasks Input: Predefined Task are available on the mobile ROMES2GO Mobile Required Logs Required Displays Measurement Data Output: Log Files for Trace. GPS and Events ROMES converts this set to RSCMD | R&S Drive Test Solution | 98 .

like a Workspace” l Circular / Ring Buffer logs data immediately | R&S Drive Test Solution | 99 .R&S ROMES2GO .Key Features l Use of predefined “Task Files” .

Key Features l Sequence of the measurement Procedure l Transfer of Measurement File | R&S Drive Test Solution | 100 .R&S ROMES2GO .

rscmd format – Well established tool for evaluation of data – Runs on PC – Create.Modules ROMES2GO – Runs on Mobiles – UE measures by using a Measurement Task – Creates a set Measurement Data Files ROMES Converter – Converts set of measurement data to *.R&S ROMES2GO . Deletes Measurement Tasks – Configuration of Displays – Retrieving of Measurement Data from the Mobile ROMES2GO Bridge (optional) | R&S Drive Test Solution | 101 . Modifies.

rscmd Evaluation with R&S ROMES (Replay mode) or other Post Processing tools Trace Trace Data Data GPS GPS Data Data Event Event Data Data Converter ROMES *.Measurement Files l l l Combination of measurement data Conversion of data into the R&S data format *.R&S ROMES2GO .rscmd | R&S Drive Test Solution | 102 .rscmd *.

R&S ROMES2GO – Convert Measurement Files | R&S Drive Test Solution | 103 .

R&S ROMES2GO – how / where to use
Task can be changed at any time ... allows switching quick and easy to a new measurement task (Task File). User can start to work without any configuration (latest Task File will be used). Simple Data Collection or Engineering or Field Service. No data is lost! Collect data even before the Recording has been started. Standard Displays may be configured by ROMES2GO Bridge

Trace Data is displayed immediately Uploading Data manually or automatically

Circular / Ring Buffer

Standard and Specific Displays

| R&S Drive Test Solution | 104

ROMES2GO - Bridge
l Bridge from PC to

l Configuration of View,

Parameters, Technologies, Layout, Forcing Functions l Comes with ROMES2GO package l Easy drag-and-drop configuration

| R&S Drive Test Solution | 105

ROMES2GO - Bridge
l Bridge from PC to ROMES2GO Mobile l Configuration of Events l Configuration of Forcing Functions l Configuration of Layout

| R&S Drive Test Solution | 106

ROMES2GO – Data flow NPA ROMES ROMES2GO ROMES2GO Bridge Converter | R&S Drive Test Solution | 107 .

N6121. N95-NAM.R&S ROMES2GO – Scripting l can be created using ROMES2GO Bridge l can be started automatically or manually l all main services will be supported GSM. N96. WCDMA. N85. GPRS. EDGE. 6720 Ac tiv e ail eM FT P UL FT P DL P TT H PDP Deactive | R&S Drive Test Solution | 108 . N6120. HSDPA ATTACH PD P l Used within Trace Mobiles N95.

R&S ROMES2GO – Service Framework Available Services Voice Call Data Call New Services UDP Ping Scripting Example: Voice Call 01779001600 Data Call 1M.spon.bin Ping | R&S Drive Test Solution | 109 .

Spectrum ARFCN RXLev BSIC (optional) WCDMA – Top N WCDMA .R&S ROMES2GO – Scanning l GSM frequency scanning l l l GSM – Top N GSM .Spectrum l WCDMA pilot scanning l l l l l UARFCN & SCR RSCP Ec/N0 MCC MNC | R&S Drive Test Solution | 110 .

R&S ROMES2GO – assisted Handover Suppression Assistance l l WCDMA und GSM Manipulation von Measurement Reports | R&S Drive Test Solution | 111 .

like the user would realize l R&S acquired licenses from „Opticom“ l PESQ ensures comparability of the results PESQ: Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality MOS: Mean Opinion Score Impairment Excellent Good Fair Poor Bad Grade 5 4 3 2 1 | R&S Drive Test Solution | 112 .Voice Quality Analysis .862) l Results are expressed by MOS.SQA l Measurements according to the PESQ standard (ITU-T P.

Voice Quality Analysis .Setup ROMES SQA soundcard Audio adapter Test mobile Connection over the air SQA Server ISDN controller C4 Main controller TSPC4 ? = Voice sample copy Reference voice sample l For up to 4 parallel measurement l Further extension possible | R&S Drive Test Solution | 113 .

voice in uplink direction (mobile to ISDN server) .voice in up.Voice Quality Analysis – SQA features l Real end-to-end measurements l available in different directions: .and downlink (mobile to mobile) l a reference voice sample is received & compared with a local sample copy | R&S Drive Test Solution | 114 .voice in downlink direction (ISDN server to mobile) .

PESQ Reference (= Input) Perceptual Model Internal Repres entation Comparison Audible Difference Cognitive Model Total Quality Figure Tes t (= Output) Perceptual Model Internal Repres entation | R&S Drive Test Solution | 115 .Voice Quality Analysis .

RF Power Scan with TSMx RF Power Scan view shows l All defined sweeps l Selected sweep (incl. Markers) l „Waterfall diagram“ | R&S Drive Test Solution | 116 .

RF Spectrum Scan l Waterfall diagram for quick spectrum survey Complete Spectrum | R&S Drive Test Solution | 117 .

RF Spectrum Scan l Waterfall diagram for quick spectrum survey UL Activities | R&S Drive Test Solution | 118 .

RF Spectrum Scan l Waterfall diagram for quick spectrum survey DL Activities | R&S Drive Test Solution | 119 .

RF Spectrum Scan l Waterfall diagram for quick spectrum survey DL Channel Matrix | R&S Drive Test Solution | 120 .

RF Spectrum Scan l Waterfall diagram for quick spectrum survey DL UMTS Carriers | R&S Drive Test Solution | 121 .

Web based TSMW maintenance l Change TSMW IP Adress l See installed option keys l Install new options l Check current Firmware l Update Firmware | R&S Drive Test Solution | 122 .

TSMW – IQ Streaming l What does this mean? l The TSMW & TSMW-K1 can be used for seamless IQ data recording l Key Features l Streaming of up to 20 MHz BW l Real-time or Offline data analysis l Open Interface via MatLab l Simple data transfer via LAN l Benefits l Record IQ Data with TSMW –> Replay on Signal Generator l Customer integration into its own SW l Sample Application for quick integration WiM AX Dem on cati li App o GSM | R&S Drive Test Solution | 123 .

Record IQ Data Seamless ~70 MBytes/sec @ 20 MHz and 12 bit resolution a Dat a IQ t ord IQ Da Rec lyse Ana | R&S Drive Test Solution | 124 .

Floating Licenses l Loaning licenses over defined time Drive Test System Return by Expiration ROMES Server ROMES License Rent License | R&S Drive Test Solution | 125 .

RxLev.Generic mobile driver l Supports all commercial mobiles for drive test GSM/WCDMA l AT commando view. LAC. CI. MCC l NQA can be used for call statistics l SQA analysis can be done by the generic mobile driver Modem port ROMES Core Diagnostic port | R&S Drive Test Solution | 126 . MNC.

Indoor coverage l Simple map reference l Hot spot mode or continuous coverage mode | R&S Drive Test Solution | 127 .

Route track visualization I l BTS integration by 2G and 3G database Unnecessary handover Handover „Ping Pong“ effect GSM BTS Route Track Ec/Io GSM/UMTS BTS | R&S Drive Test Solution | 128 .

Route track visualization II Downtilt „Ping Pong“ effect Downtilt | R&S Drive Test Solution | 129 .

Localization | R&S Drive Test Solution | 130 .

ETL DVB-T/H .Driver for ROMES l Combination of TV measurements and geographical location l Requirements: – R&S ETL TV analyzer with DVB-T/H (ETL-K240) and pre-selector (ETL-B203) – ROMES with option ROMES4DVB l Connection to laptop via Ethernet | R&S Drive Test Solution | 131 .

Driver for ROMES | R&S Drive Test Solution | 132 .ETL DVB-T/H .

ETL DVB-T/H .Driver for ROMES Supported parameters | R&S Drive Test Solution | 133 .

ETL DVB-T/H .Driver for ROMES Echo pattern measurements | R&S Drive Test Solution | 134 .

ETL DVB-T/H .Driver for ROMES Constellation diagram | R&S Drive Test Solution | 135 .

Driver for ROMES MER calculation | R&S Drive Test Solution | 136 .ETL DVB-T/H .

Agenda l Targets for Rohde & Schwarz l Market position of Rohde & Schwarz l Drive Test Tools l ROMES software platform l TSMx scanner l Summary | R&S Drive Test Solution | 137 .

GSM. EVDO. CW. CDMA2000. CDMA2000. GSM. GSM. CW separately) TSMW Multiple in parallel (out of WCDMA. EVDO. EVDO. WiMAX. GSM. new Interface Measurement speed New TSML-GW Scanner for GSM and WCDMA in parallel additionally LTE. CDMA2000. Spectrum. CW. Spectrum. Spectrum) TSMU One at a time (out of WCDMA. IQ Soon: TETRA MatLab/C++ ROMES. ViCOM Extremely fast ROMES. Spectrum) TSMQ Multiple in parallel (out of WCDMA. EVDO. ViCOM regular ROMES.Receiver series for Drive Test new TSML-x Supported standards One fixed (out of WCDMA. ViCOM superior | R&S Drive Test Solution | 138 . ViCOM high ROMES. CDMA2000.

WCDMA900.Covered Bands GSM850. CDMA800. WCDAM2100 … CDMA450. CDMA1900 … …… 30MHz 80MHz 3GHz 6GHz TSML-x TSMU TSMQ TSMW | R&S Drive Test Solution | 139 . WCDMA1700. WCDMA1900. GSM1800. GSM900. GSM1900 PCS … WCDMA850.

TSMx Scanner – Benefits l Higher performance than test mobiles can deliver l The mobiles can only “see” what the base station them tells to see l Hidden neighbourhoods l Pilot Pollution and interference causes are not detectable l No costs and no capacity is allocated l Spectrum analysis provides a detection of external interferences l Independent of mobile chipsets –> reference l Higher level and time accuracy compared to mobile based measurements l Use of only one unit for different networks and applications l Cheaper compared to many band-dedicated units | R&S Drive Test Solution | 140 .

and Out-Band) l BTS Position Estimation l Propagation Model tuning l Network planning l Benchmarking l RF-Spectrum Scan l O | R&S Drive Test Solution | 141 .TSMx Scanner useful for … l Detection of Missing Neighbor Cells l Pilot Pollution Analysis l Interference Hunting (In.

Unique Features of TSML-x series l Applicable independent form frequency band (80 MHz to 3 GHz) l CW receiver is applicable to WiMAX measurements up to 6 GHz l Single mode operation units saving costs l Faster and more accurate than competitors l Up to 6 carrier in parallel l Broadcast demodulation | R&S Drive Test Solution | 142 .

TSMU – Features/Benefits l Proven receiver technology since 2003 l All technologies GSM/WCDMA/CDMA/EVDO and CW in one box l 2500 rake receivers enables the user to analyze fading l First receiver for broadband usage 80 MHz to 3 GHz l High speed CPICH synchronization l Up to 12 carriers simultaneously l Easy mobile backpack integration l Options give maximum degree of freedom | R&S Drive Test Solution | 143 .

80 MHz to 3 GHz possible l Highest performance (WCDMA 50 Hz) l Up to 12 RF-carriers simultaneously l CW measurements are separately possible l Low power consumption of 8 W l Fits into a glove box | R&S Drive Test Solution | 144 .TSMQ – Features/Benefits l Parallel measurements of GSM/WCDMA/CDMA/EVDO l Multitechnology measurements in one drive test l Unattached of frequency band.

WCDMA. TETRA. IQ Unbeatable measurement speed (WCDMA 100Hz. demodulation) Built-in GPS Scalable hardware – all in parallel ViCOM OEM interface l Outlook .16e and LTE TDD+FDD l l l l GSM. incl.TSMW – Wideband Scanner l 2 RF-Signal Paths from 30 MHz to 6 GHz l Each Front-End with 20 MHz BW l Pre-Selection for higher intermodulation resistance l Sensitivity down to –127 dBm (for LTE) l Support of (limited) WiMAX IEEE 802.LTE MIMO Q4/2010 | R&S Drive Test Solution | 145 . GSM 350ch/s. CDMA2000. EVDO.

TSMQ- Performance
typical meas.rate in Hz WCDMA PNS HS 50 GSM Network Scanner* 19 20 8 20 Single mode Dual mode Dual mode Dual mode Triple mode Triple mode






cdma2000 PNS 10 CW 625 * Channels per second 10 10 5 5

| R&S Drive Test Solution | 146

TSMx – Performance (Single mode)
typical meas. rate in Hz WCDMA High Speed
(incl. decoding of BCH)











GSM Network Scanner*
(incl. decoding of BCH)





(incl. decoding of BCH)









WiMAX 802.16e


LTE FDD/TDD * Channels per second


| R&S Drive Test Solution | 147

l Mission & Visions for Rohde & Schwarz l Market position of Rohde & Schwarz l Drive Test Tools l ROMES software platform l TSMx scanner l Summary

| R&S Drive Test Solution | 148

Summary l Rohde & Schwarz Drive Test Solutions offers for a wide range of application cases with software and hardware modularity l R&S Drive Test tools can help to reduce network complexity l Existing technologies can be maintained to ensure revenue l New technologies can be roll out quick to reach ROI | R&S Drive Test Solution | 149 .

com l Application notes: l 1SP56 Guideline for Scanner-based Drive Tests l 1SP55 TSMW Digital I/Q Interface Option K1 l 1SP52 Voice Quality Measurements with R&S ROMES SQA l Technical article in R&S-News l 192: Radio Network Analyzers for all tasks and any budget l 192: Straightforward solution: neighborhood analysis in 2G and 3G networks l 195: HSPA measurements with all the bells and whistles l 197: TSMW for IQ and WiMAX measurements l 198: ROMES2Go l 199: Automatic Detection and Identification of GSM Interferences l 199: Network Problem Analyzer | R&S Drive Test Solution | 150 .rohde-schwarz.Further Information l www.drivetest.

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