^ntt'onars of

£oull;crn l}aptiet Coitbcnliuii.


May, 1858.



81, 88,


85 Cen'trt Strttt,




This work

is tlie

result of the labors of

one of the members of the Southern

Baptist Missionary Society,


resided several years in the


country, and

enjoyed a very favorable opportunity of becoming intimately ace[uainted with the manners, the customs, the mental character, and the language of the people.

The manuscript was

offered to the Smithsonian Institution for publication



was accepted,

was referred by the Secretary to Professor

W. W.

Turner of

this city for critical examination,

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hands for general revision and


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Haven, May, 1858. The undersigned, having been appointed, by the American Oriental Society, at

Boston and


meeting held in Boston, May 19th, 1858, a Committee to examine and report upon the Grammar and Dictionary of the Yoruba Language presented to the
Smithsonian Institution for publication, have made examination of these works,

and declare that they are, in their opinion, true contributions to knowledge, interesting and valuable from the subject and the manner in which it is treated, and that they will be welcomed both by philologists and by those who have at
heart the success of philanthropic and Christian effort in Africa.


JOSIAH "W. GlBBS, ^ D. Whitney, > Committee.

K. Andeeson,




much indebted

to Professor


for the labor

he has

bestowed upon the revision of the work,
in its passage through the press.

as well as for the

time he has given to

Washing tov, June, 1858.

Sechj S. I.

by -a youthful Yoruba named Adi&ye. "W." is the basis of the present enlarged Dictionary. from a native point of view. since widely known and much beloved under the title of the Rev. His first Grammar The and Vocabulary exhibited a rude attempt letters to write the Yoruba language in English without diacritical points or tone-marks. which contains " nearly three thousand vocables. are due to that accomplished scholar. in accordance with the require- ments of modern philology. may possess. the whole has been carefully revised the orthography of . 1858. . The grammatical principles here presented have been deduced from a multitude of sentences taken chiefly from the lips of the natives. After the Church Missionary had agreed on a more appropriate alphabet for the Yoruba. the language has been somewhat modified for the purpose of reducing it to a more harmonious system . of Washington. B. Turner. It is as nearly as practicable it simply justice to say that whatever merits details. This Vocabulary. which was published in London in 1852. Crowther Society prepared a revised edition of his work. as to plan and T.PREFACE. J. task of reducing the Yoruba language to writing was "begun about twentyyears ago in Sierra Leone. With the assistance of Professor W. to whom the work was referred by the Smithsonian Institution. and the entire Grammar has been re-arranged and re-written so as to present the phenomena of the language. Greenesboro\ Ga^ June. Samuel Crowther. Mr.


Pago The Yoruba Country .CONTENTS. Geographical and Historical Description Natural Productions and Climate The Yoruba People Physical Characteristics and Origin . INTRODUCTION.

. *. Substantive Verbs mbfe Mtra ya. . . Apposition Adjectives . si ri .... '. dze Pleonastic Uses of Verbs Nouns Gender Case Number .VIU CONTENTS. gbe dl . ni or li . .. se . Participles .. . .

GEOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL DESCRIPTION. wliich is yet standing. .* capital. and Cradoo by the English. resulted in civil war. population of eighty thousand souls. but principally on the east. on the West by Dahonii and : Mahi. stimulated by the slave trade and by the machinations of the Idzebus and Yorubas. This led to mutual jealousies and dissensions. which surmounts an abrupt hill. a grotto or cave under one of these rocks. among twenty or thirty which rise to a height of two or three hundred feet. some affirm nearly three hundred. after the name of their own tribes. After obtaining their independence. If this claim be allowed. of which the extent is two thousand square miles. situated immediately on the sea coast. &c. several of which were very populous. but they claim no jurisdiction over the soil or people. the capital. The Yoruba language. Still this little kingdom has sufficient resources to repel the power of Dahomi. on the east bank of the Ogui) river.INTRODUCTION. It was then nominally dependent on Benin but the turbulent chiefs and people seem to have paid little regard either to Benin or to their own kings. which it has done on two occasions. with a population of about one hundred thousand . It is Many thousands were The city of Abeokuta immense masses of granite. called Osa by the natives. and the whole region well supplied with streams of clear water. Abeokuta. including the fallen kingdom of Ota. About fifty years ago. Eko . Lagos claims all population of the the coast to a point some miles west of Badagry. The whole area. they determined that every town should be ruled by its own chiefs. which they frequently call the call it. especially east of the about has a of the unusually fertile. the soil is . 2. they were governed by a king of their own but finally growing weary of monarchy. these dissensions. and bids fair to become' one of the most towns in western Africa. At the present time it is divided into eight independent kingdoms. is three thousand square miles. who were frequently deposed and banished. £ko. By Europeans just as the Iketus. timber and water are scarce. the Aku language. with the single exception of Oba.. their country was a province of the Yoruba kingdom. Egba is a small kingdom on the south of Yoruba and east of Iketu. The greater part are in Lagos. Iketu. on the North by Barba (Borghoo) and Nufe. with a population of one hundred thousand . It is country includes all the territory which is inhabited by people who speak the Yoruba bounded on the East by Ibinig or Benin and the Niger. and the soil rather poor. as the Egba people relate. Egba country then contained more than a hundred towns. Iketu. it is generally called 3.' The surface of the country is generally hilly. Forty years ago. miles. the area and kingdom are two or three times greater than above stated. sold to the slave ships. existence. or Lagos. which is situated on a small island in the lagoon or bay. situated immediately east of Dahomi. flourishing people speak the Yoruba language. The river . was inhabited by a band is situated several of * It is scarcely necessary to remark that these numbers are conjectural. The . In ancient times. Egbas. The surface of the country is level . &c. In the course of twenty-five years. the Iketu. has an area of about four hundred square and a population of thirty thousand. as follows 1. THE YORrBA COUNTRY. the Egba. and the remnant of the tribe was scattered abroad. probable that five hundred thousand people perished by sword and famine. the capital. For many years Lagos was a stronghold of the slave trade. lying on both sides Ogui) river. Lagos is now under the protection of the English. and on the South by the Bight of Benin. every one of these towns was swept out of about ten miles south-west of Abeokuta. It is the residence of several European merchants and missionaries.

and occasionally with such In fury that the combatants were scarcely visible through the smoke at a distance of one hundred yards. So far as he has learned. But the Egbas. both of whom are numerous. The king and most of the principal people of Ilorir) are Pulohs or Fellatahs . was obliged to retreat. like all square miles. 1851. is the capital. and some of the Egbas honor it with a sort of woi'ship. and carried away all their wounded. though perhaps unjustly. The Builder. on the east of Yoruba. By this means he opened a road by which his people could trade to the sea-coast. and a population of three hundred thousand souls. twenty miles in circuit. one of the great marts of Central Africa. and even by Moors and Arabs. and slaves or The prisoners captured in petty wars with the neighboring tribes. the robbers withdrew. now united under a skilful leader named Sodeke. the writer saw several hundreds of these women lying dead on the fiehJ. were armed with guns. Ilorir). and we hear of other considerable towns in the same vicinity. or one hundred and twenty miles. Efog extends from the north-oastof Yoruba eastward to the Oya or Niger. After the Egba country was destroyed. and conquered the kingdom of Ota. Although hotly pursued with continual volleys of musketry. nine of his warriors dead on the battle-field. 7. old Oyo (Katanga or Eyeo). that he and the whole tribe invited missionaries to come and settle in Abeoknta. regard to the real strength of the town. INTKODUCTION. It is probable that there are now two thousand converts in that city. and. so called from its capital city. They fought with great fury. But finally they were defeated by the people of Ibadaq. six days' journey. The rock literally. said to consist often thousand men and six thousand women for about one third of his army is composed of Amazons. who is one of the ancient royal family of the nation. and it is affirmed that Niger. have some inferior officers of their lloriq is own tribes. 6. first inhabitants under the great rock. and their place was supplied by a few refugees from some of the desolated towns. the adjacent territories. Idzesa. two hundred thousand. the remnants of about one hundred and thirty towns. Their number was increased from time to time by the arrival of other refugees. where they had learned Sodeke and the Egbas generally were so much pleased with something of civilization and Christianity.* — The king expected Both parties force at least equal to his own. Very little is known of this country. east of Ilorii). The principal exports are fine cotton cloths of Nufe manufacture. and of Ota made repeated attempts to destroy the new town and sell the inhabitants for slaves. a great city. and this continued till the new settlement contained about fifty thousand In reference to the dwelling of the inhabitants. have copper mines in operation. the town was called Abe-okuta. Under-stone. composed chiefly of about one thousand square miles. It is said to comprise several extensive towns. trona or crude carbonate of soda from the Great imports countries * On the day after the battle. The people of Il9rii). and Hausas. and is much frequented by people from various beyond the Niger. nearly one half of whom are in the This district revolted from capital. on the south-east of Egba. The Idiebus are civilization. though long accustomed to On the following day it was ascertained that he left twelve hundred and victory. For several years they waged continual war Its area is Yorubas. may have an area of five thousand The surface is undulating. Yoruba and became independent about thirty years ago. of Idiebu. Idzebu. of Ibadai). with a population of two hundred thousand souls. After repelling several invasions. is a small Mohammedan kingdom. The battle raged for about four hours. Dahomi is the only country in Africa which employs female soldiers. Since this battle the Egbas have generally enjoyed peace. 5. The king. and its inhabitants number at least two hundred thousand. itself is called Olumo. with a population of at least. On the 3d of March. and extending to the sea-coast. In the meantime several recaptured Egbas returned home from Sierra Leone. and have made considerable advances towards They are now governed by a king. Ibodo or Kakanda. were too strong for their assailants. Sodeke began to take vengeance on his enemies. 4. a rich booty of slaves and plunder . one of which. The capital is Ilesa. probably has an area of two thousand square miles. salt. The Egbas but he seems to have been greatly mistaken in met him with a the Dahomies retired in good order. regarded as the most barbarous of all the Yoruba tribes. against the heathen population of Yoruba. Fellatahs. the accounts of the English furnished by the new comers. on the The Efoij people are skilful in working brass and copper. the king of Dahomi attacked Abeokuta with a strong force. .X of robbers. some cases they broke their empty guns over each other's heads. since which time they have acted chiefly on the defensive. and they succeeded in destroying the capital. but it is understood to contain six thousand square miles. The consequence was that the English commenced a mission there in 1846. but the Yorubas and Hausas. consist of Arabian and common horses. they generally. is covered with a mixture of forests and grass-fields or prairies.

Egba. therein resembling some of the partially wooded prairies of North America. and force a tumultuous passage into the sea. which rise NATURAL PRODUCTIONS AND CLIMATE. and yet so rapidly. which are now integral parts of the nation. the white man's manyo. quite free from stones. or little clusters of surrounding plains. however. is never seen in Yoruba . but at El Mina and Cape Coast Castle. lies immediately to the north of Iketu. where they spread out into a broad lagoon called Osa. Isaki. The orange also appears to have been received from the whites. The only metal known to exist in the Yoruba country is iron. which at grows so — vigorously Cape Coast Castle. are thousands of houses in such towns. and quartz rocks. claystone. large There principal towns in this part of Africa are from ten to twelve miles in circuit. swords. and Idzebu. and rocky. Another ancient mountains. and European goods. and the population at about eight hundred thousaud souls. Comparatively few of the somewhat numerous plants which are common to the interior of Africa . with a population of nearly two millions. I observed. and densely peopled. 8. Yoruba embraces the two former kingdoms of If§ and Isehii). and approaches within sixty miles of the sea-coast. guns. Between Abeokuta and the sea the country is nearly level. comprising the eight kingdoms above mentioned.* and there is but one species of Datura. Ikisi. The various little rivers which descend with a rapid current from Yoruba are compelled to creep along the coast within a mile or two of the surf. From the sea to the interior the surface of the country rises gradually and almost imperceptibly. . . a small village near Bi-ol9rui3-kpelu. and the East Indies are noticed in that work. hills. has an area of about fifty thousand square miles. The plants of Yoruba are similar to those of Western Africa generally. XI Much of this traffic is carried on across Desert. Beyond Abeokuta the surface is undulating or hilly. Hence the landing at Lagos is always dangerous. Pine-apples arc never found here in the forests. This estimate may seem but it must be observed that the . the white maii'g palm. as they are in Liberia. the Ogui) at Lagos. The copper mines of Efoq are hypothetical but lead mines are known to exist beyond the Niger. as it is called orombo (oro ambo). among the The entire Yoruba country. and each house usually contains from twenty-five to sixty-five The large towns of the Yoruba kingdom are. the Desert. Oyo or Ago-Odza persons. although there are about two fathoms water on the bar. Ofa. kola or goorah nuts. Grape-vines of • In the Yoruba language the pine-apple is called okpaimbo (okpe ambo). This division is by far the largest of the eight kingdoms which compose the Yoruba country. Yoruba.INTKODUCTION. The streams arc clear. and Isabe and besides these crowded cities there are a multitude of smaller towns containing each fi'om two to fifteen thousand The kingdom of people. Idiaye. of which Lagos is nearly the immense drift. properly so called. It is worthy of remark that this whole region is entirely free from swamps. free from forests. granite. Iwo. the capital. The Slave Coast. which is always lashed by a violent and dangerous surf. -Ibadar). an unusual number of North American genera. rapid. and is generally well This part of the countty is mostly open or supplied with gneiss. which in some places is quite abundant. The chain of mountains formerly marked on the maps of Yoruba has no rugged existence. but Euphorbias of various species are abundant. whereas on the Gold Coast there are two. line of hereditary kings resides at Itabo. The Cactus. one of which has a double and sometimes a triple corolla. sometimes to a height of a thousand feet. If 6. that the tides do not extend ten miles above the mouth of the Ogui). Isehirj. Igana. Ide. The extent of sea-coast claimed by the two kingdoms of Lagos and Idiebu is about two hundred miles. For these reasons the sea grows deeper quite slowly from the sandy beach. and mostly covered with dense entangled forests. and the plain at the Ogbomoso is one thousand three hundred and five feet above the level of Lake Osa at Lagos. Its area may be estimated at thirty thousand square miles. Ogbomoso. although Ilorii) is not two hundred and fifty miles by the road from the Bight of Benin. has been formed partly — in the interior of the country. which left the coarser materials by the sands of an and partly by the gradual upheaval of the land an action which is still going on. together with many others not mentioned in Hooker's Niger Flora. not only here. and the soil is everywhere dry and firm. The only mountains abruptly from the in the country consist of isolated peaks. till they meet with central point.

the joints of the branches where the pods appear are much too far apart. The following brief sketch may give some idea of the animals known to exist in this part of Africa. home consumption. The full-grown male is nearly four feet in height. the leaves were certainly narrower and Indies. so long as they remain covered with grass. running to the eastward of Abeokuta. once populous but now totally desolated by war. plantains.Xll INTBODUCTION. but pronounced it unfit for human food. . accidentally lying near his fire. farms. Leopards are common everywhere. and this was the first discovery in the important art of cooking. As the inhabitants of Yoruba are all crowded together in towns. As these partially wooded prairies are covered with grass from eight to twelve feet in height. bananas. The cotton fails. agbado (agba . making prodigious leaps from branch to The face of the young Chimpanzee is branch. the children usually cry called in the Oibo akiti Yoruba language. by " running to weed. The yam is indigenous. or wild dog. Between the towns there are other desert regions. jacent farms. and to the westward of Idiaye. scarcely perceive a difference between a corn-field in Yoruba and one in Georgia or Alabama. the numerous population of the country has not greatly diminished the abundance of animal life. I at once that it belonged to a totally different family. ! When a white man appears in the streets of ! Abeokuta. they sometimes. The first man made an attempt to eat a raw yam. sticks or stones. both and oily and mealy . Some of them species produce large fruit. sweet potatoes . oranges. human-like but after the appearance of the tusks. young against the weather. confirmed by Lander. of four varieties. The fruits are. derision. homo. &c. which . and people are sometimes attacked and killed by leopards in the Even the chase-loving Anglo-Saxon would find it impossible to extirpate the wild adjacent farms. pawpaws. as remarked above. odo). and yellower than those of the plants introduced from the West which was triumphantly pointed out as coffee happened to be in flower. Oyo. Though not so fierce here as in the forests of Liberia. but too dry and insipid to be valuable. and never builds a shelter or so much as a nest to defend himself or . as the castor-oil bean. which are now found occasionally growing in the woods. indeed. and all and inspection proved the cultivated varieties have been reclaimed from the forests where they still grow. an instance of this kind occurred within three The adiako. The probability is that the slavers of former days planted coffee-trees. never walks upright. and yams similar to those of the West Indies.. Maize is The other articles maiwa sugar cane . and several kinds of beans . His weapons of defence are his tusks. it becomes disgustingly prognathous. African travellers have erroneously reported that various plants. Among cultivated plants we may mention Indian corn of the variety grown in our Southern States. some of which are twenty miles in breadth. and a few . but I was not able to determine by examination whether or not they differ his . The three or four distinct place existence of indigenous coffee is doubtful. gero. Indian corn is said to have been brought from beyond the Niger by a." i. or mango. He never defends himself with great. at least two thirds of their fine region is given up to wild beasts. He is generally seen on the trees. are almost the only wild fruits that can be eaten. is a noiseless creature which prowls in solitude. and a little fruit called osuij. red The mistake has arisen from seeing such plants on deserted pepper. and some attempt to raise tobacco but neither of these plants succeeds well. pine-apples. seize men even on the farms. is to the statement of the natives. to use a planter's phrase. The most remarkable of these creatures is the well known Chimpanzee. of food are. became roasted . Afterwards one. In 1855. overgrown with bushes. which are truly formidable and his strength is so that the negroes consider him as more than a match for a man. called baba. as staple articles of food. that a careless observer would Most farmers plant a cotton for . which impedes the progress of the horseman. and the blooms are often fruitless. or in any other collection. are indigenous in Africa. are the interior plains. Hyenas A prowl around the walls of large towns. The weeds attendant on cultivation are similai' to those of our Southern States so much so. but I have never hoard of one's being seen east of the Oguq river. The monkey tribe affords several interesting species. It may not be irrelevant to remark that the natives sometimes call foreigners monkeys by way of out. and exhibiting all the habits of other monkeys. sesame. and perhaps far away from 'any which is now inhabited. remarkably Hyenas are rather common. e. and the people are not addicted to hunting. pea-nuts. agba The white man is an old baboon what is beaten or cleansed in a mortar. which is found in several of the larger forests of Yoruba. cotton. common on But a tree in the forest have seen the so-called native coffee-trees in gardens. Guinea corn or sorghum. some of which I have not seen in the Zoological Gardens of London. extends from near the sea to the Niger. from those of northern Africa. animals on the plains of Yoruba. lions are common in Barba According and northern Yoruba. limes. The defect of the tobacco is a want of strength and flavor. It is a traditional saying that yams were the primitive food of man. onions various herbs of little value. and Ogbomoso. and derive their support from circum- broad belt of country. yellow monkey. The oro.

which is so much dreaded in the Mendi country. Centipedes are seen in Yoruba. or at least a modified. Among them may be mentioned. seen . The Good Oysters are found on the sea-coast in some localities they The principal mangrove trees. it moves "the driver" in Liberia." is frequently seen in Yoruba. is common among the mountains. they saw innumerable swarms of Butterflies. and idzalo.INTRODUCTION". and a new. various creepers . When we arrive at the highest lands between . said to be very fierce the smaller kind is frequently killed and brought into market. a large and a small eagle. fifteen feet. one of which. which lives in the to the natives. two species of Guinea hen . attach themselves to the roots of the fresh water shell-fish are a Muscle. some of which are migratory . I have Caught several Chameleons. sunbirds . when descending the Ogui) river. including the curious longshafted "goat-sucker" of Sierra Leone. which is surrounded for miles by a well cultivated country. Birds are very numerous. by men who make hunting their from that of the Cape. parrots . several species of doves storks and adjutants. eight or ten inches in length. never attains a greater length than about A There are no water-snakes. fleas. and another. one small species of which feeds on buttei'flies . swallows. different occupation. and their eyes are less prominent. I have once seen the same myself in the same region. larks. Snakes are not numerous. west of Gallinas. are two feet long. They creep along . several species of the whip-poor-will family. and are not regarded as mischievous animals but the people have The hippopotamus is confined to the deep waters considerable aversion to meeting them on the plains. sometimes singly. In order to observe all the phases of animal life which this region exhibits. the stmger. I believe the rhinoceros is never seen in this region . I believe. both rare . similar shrill cry. . natives speak of another species nearly as large. while otliere are twice the size of the common American deer. One species.the sea and the Niger. two species of vulture. and the yellow or brown. species of Buffalo. and visit the forests. zoological and botanical region. crows. river. precisely similar But Insects. The climate of the different sections of Yoruba extending from Lagos to Nufe. making their way up the country by following the couree of the stream. . horn-bills . but the people have heard of it as existing somewhere in the interior. a man must reside there for several years. After being stung three times by yellow smaller. the Achatina. found in the rapids of the Oguig in appearance to the oyster. presenting a curious spectacle. some of which are spotted like Leopards. resembling that of the United States. . but their form is not quite so ungainly as those of Arabia. quails . analogous to the iguana. the larger of which They seldom . because utmost fury. a booted owl one quite large . which devours every dry vegetable substance within its reach. but commonly in small droves of ten or twelve. of the Osa and the Niger. in way with the two species of Scorpion. animals of the cat-tribe. a blackish mocking-bird with an orange breast. but I have never known a pereon to be stung by them. According have seen appeared to be intermediate between the true crocodile and the alligator. One of them. and especially flies. but uttering a This country nourishes several species of Antelope. about seven inches in length. and still intrude into the farms. I regard them as far less poisonous than some scorpions. which the natives call ota. the fighter which countless multitudes. and knowing others to be stung by both species. As the Landers passed through the Iketu country. kingfishers. XIU There are several smaller miles of Ogbomoso. The same remark applies equally to the vegetation of the country. in the Ogui) river. is frequently useful as an enemy of the termes. the black. None of the lizards are thought to be poisonous by the natives. and mosquitoes. I have seen two kinds of Snails. There are two species of wild boar. called in Sierra Leone the "jack-ass A cow. more numerous in the forests of Barba. though similar in its . them. Another species very like the ota is called in Yoruba. several kinds of hawks and falcons. On one occasion. there are two species of crocodiles. is . but is said to be more dangerous. The several specimens which I prairies. and attacks every living thing in makes one its go. some of which are very small. green snake and a black viper are the only ones said to be poisonous. and nowhere else. ants of several species are in abundance. Tliere are is which much The natives affirm that the Spiders of that country are entirely harmless. which. as if wounded and in pain . The taste is very unsavory. resembling a tarantula. a small kind. was probably twelve feet or more in Lizards are very numerous some of length. we enter a new climate. A species of Hyrax. a large and a a beautiful songster small partridge . are not so numerous as might perhaps be expected. Elephants are common on the prairies of Yoruba. mountains. and I have never seen one of that hideous kind. is found seven or eight inches in length. have reported. about one-fourth of an inch in length. we met millions of Dragonflies. very slowly. orioles red and parti-colored sparrows . . and plains at different seasons. I have seen but one species of Tortoise. The largest is the python.

however. features. Tliis color is hereditary in certain families . the climate of the low country is quite damp. swamps in this country. within a The differences indicated by the wet and dry bulbs of the hygrometer during the dry fraction of 82°. THE YORUBA PEOPLE. though their color is not exactly that of is Indians. and continue for about two During December. The Mandingoes. although it as light-colored as arc black and have woolly hair. Individuals of this color are found not only even among the Kroomen. The "former rains" commence about the first of March. I believe that the natives at least enjoy as good health as those of any part of the temperate zone. In consequence of the south-western breeze. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND ORIGIN. but among the Iboes. But during my stay at Il9rir). and rapacious. and 9° at Ogbomosg. including the interval of delightful weather between them. it sometimes reappeai-s in subsequent generations. generally from the southThe course of this wind must be attributed cliiefly west. the dews very heavy. and red men are found in the interior. and sometimes without a coat. January. both at Idiaye and Ogbomoso. and They are called "red men" in Africa. It seems reasonable to suppose that the red men among the Yorubas had the same origin as the red Pulohs and other red tribes of the interior. in April. Caille mentions a tribe of Fulahs who were heathens and quite distinct from other Fulahs in language and habits. from Lagos to Idiaye at Oyer. The Yorubas that. the nights were so much warmer than any I had before experienced in walk Africa that. something wholly of Ilorir) distinct from albinism. among the Yorubas and other tribes of the interior. and February. The average for the dry season. During my stay in the country. to 9°. But the moisture produced by these showers is speedily evaporated by the excessive dryness of the Harmattan. who are said to be decidedly light-colored. the grass on the prairies is withered and dried up. the thermometer varied from V0° to 85°. and February. but we occasionally meet with individuals who are fully American Indians. it is unnecessary to refer the light color of these people to climate or to other that an extensive conjectural causes. Hide-wearers. to 25° under the influence of the Harmattan . it is probable that all the interior regions of Yoruba. there is no rain except an occasional shower produced by a chilly wind from the north-east. If it were occasioned by the heat of the Great Desert. brave. I to the shape of this part of the continent. and others in that region. suppose it would continue to blow in. were 5° at Idzaye. are as healthy as any other particularly country within the tropics. but varying occasionally to the west or south. which they pitch in the form of a circular village. I found it pleasant to in the yard of the house at or 10 o'clock in the evening. and it is a curious fact may seem to be lost. although resembling them in color. the winds at Ogbomoso. which is called Oye by the natives. is quite difFereirt in some particulars. acquainted with books. and Ilarmattan by the whites. At the latter place. during the two rainy seasons. also. fifty miles further in the interior. The lower countries. when we have good evidence of the black and white races has taken in the countries where most of the mulattoes amalgamation place . January. wiis about the same. one morning after rain had fallen. especially in the dry season. The people with the other Pulohs of Central Africa. Yoruba has the advantage of two rainy seasons. After the middle of July there is As there are no months. and the niglit air so chilly that we found it dangerous to go out after twilight. the same direction for several hundred miles into the interior of the country. and the hygrometer from 0'6° little rain . but live in leather tents. The eff'ects of the dry season are very decided . season varied from 0'2°. viz. which generally continues to blow for two or three days. instead of being obliged to retire to my room immediately after sunset. and the lowest 68°. the thennometer ranged from 60° (when the Harmattan was blowing) to 9l'S° on one occasion at Ogbomoso. The highest reading at Idzaye was 93°. till about the first of October then the "latter rains" commence. are remarkable for a rather strong breeze which blows incessantly from the sea. and remove from place to place for the sake of Their language is said to be the Fulfude or Fellatah . Several entire tribes of spoke of a tribe of pastoral people called Alabawo. and most of the smaller streams cease to flow. excellent horsemen. nor yet of mulattoes. either in color or features. They are Mohammedans. and the averages for December. They build no towns. those of the northern watershed sloping towards the Niger. are not true negroes. 1855.XIV main INTRODUCTION. In fact they were not Fulahs. In point of fact. many kinds of trees cast their leaves. and increase till the sun has reached the Tropic of Cancer. On the other hand. are very variable. but they have no political connexion pasturage.

were not pure negroes. and it is who extend through Again. After retreating this position by war. clamor . the very appearance of the Mandingoes. king Belo of Sokoto may be mistaken. of In short. * See the extracts from Belo's Ilistory in tlie Appendix to Denham and Clapperton's Travels in Africa. and then to Oyo. forest . who are certainly negroes. But even in these cases the and tie it under the chin. It is a curious fact. In subsequent times the seat of government was transferred to Oyo^ where it remained till the city was destroyed by the Pulohs. and Oyo (Eyeo or Ilio) in the north. and are altogether noble-looking men. being. however. is it grows who . first to Igboh6. the intermixture constantly going on along the southern borders of the Desert is sufficient to account less black . there is no want of evidence that the light color of many course. however. on the Benue river. a more healthy and pleasing red. We may admit in advance tliat some of the evidence of amalgamation may be For instance. Lander's Bohoo and Katanga or Eyeo. in fact. the brown men of the Desert belong to the white race. families and tribes in Sudan may have resulted from amalgamation. then. whose peculiarities have been attributed to climate. we very naturally conclude that all the red people in the country are of mixed blood. their children are more or but their features and the texture of their skin afford unmistakable evidence that they are not pure negroes. as though the present town of that name were confounded with some other place of which the people retain an obscure The word If6 appears to be derived from fS. the Tent-Market. When we see that the children of a hair woolly. sufficiently long for the women to plait it overran Sndan in the tenth century. They generally affirm that mankind were created at IfS. which at present is commonly called Oyo. This might indicate that Oj-o was their first settlement west of the Niger. ii. south-west of lake Tsad . vol.. Notwithstanding the prevailing belief that men were created at If |. correspond exactly to the half-breed offspring of negroes and the people of the Desert. it seems. It would seem that Yoruba proper was once divided into three provinces. enlargement. the clamorou/! or noisy forest. At least the three principal dialects of the language are for still called is which by these names. Igboho finally became the capital of Yoruba as a kingdom independent of Ife. Sometimes they speak of If5 as being four months' journey distant. like those again. observed. although Finally. something between that of the mulatto and the North American Indian. who are a numerous class. and well developed foreheads. The red Pulohs. sho'Uing. that the Yoruba people once lived in Nufe beyond the Niger. as before offspring are as light-colored as mulattoes in America. The Dictionary contained in the present considered the standard by a majority of the natives. at a time when the river was much swollen and difficult to cross. that some of the Pulohs at Iloriij are lighter colored and more of the white man in every respect than any half-blood mulatto I have ever seen either in America or Africa. \\\o. if there had been no amalgamation of races to the eastward of Lake Tsad. They assume.INTRODUCTION. Still it is undeniable that a strong Caucasian intermixture extends from the Red Sea through Nubia and Darfur to the Shoas. left many descendants and these.f of Nufe and other countries. for all the types of mankind found in Sudan. The king then removed his residence to Ago-Odia. just here.e. if we except a few red men or mulattoes. some time. . in which case it signifies traditional recollection. Now. such negroes as are frequently met with in the forests of Guinea and Many of the Yoruba people. from yo. the Saracens." probably escape. is different. to the Senegal and the Atlantic Ocean. however.J. As a natural consequence of continual Intercourse in peace and war. a considerable town in the eastern part of the Yoruba country. f See Crowther's Journal of the Chadda Expedition in 1854. Ighoho. are XV this now found. Bambara. of Takroor* that Bornu was peopled by an Egyptian colony. about the year 1835. i. Ibakpa in the west. to enlarge . Ibolo in the east. and their half-caste The color. brown Moor and a black woman of Yoruba or Nufc are red. When these African mulattoes intermarry with negroes. wlien he asserts in his History spurious or doubtful. to escape. have kandsome liands and feet. pleasing features. X Igho. they often intermix with the blacks of Negro-land. I have been informed by some They were driven from intelligent natives. while the darker Pulohs and the Mandingoes correspond to the descendants of such mulattoes and negroes. But we return to the Yorubas. in the heart of the continent. On the whole. they founded the present city of If |. whence colonies were afterwards sent. the origin of the red or mulatto-colored men whom we find in Africa is more easily accounted for than the origin of the blacks. &c. Oyo. "the howling wilderness. that we first meet with the red Pulohs. The traditions of the Yoruba people as to the origin of their tribe are obscure and contradictory. Ilausa. at the last named point. They are not generally. work is chiefly in the Oyo dialect.

Others. They affirm that their master was translated alive to heaven. He is frequently represented as a warrior on a spear. a contraction of oba ti nlA. EELIGIOUS BELIEF. &c. being much like men. They conciliate the orisa. a village on the top of an immense rock near Awaye. because he made the human body of clay and Orisa kpokpo. The head-quarters of Ifa are at Ado. As the people make a clear distinction between God and idols. and other things. the Crucible. but the Almighty himself. Yoniba is a curious mixture of pure theism and idolatry. the great orisa Alamorere. the Stone-caster. customs. and reigned at Ikoso. In stones or thunderbolts which Sar)g6 casts down from heaven are preserved as sacred relics. Their idols are never confounded with God. All the people believe in one the creator and preserver of all things. Orisako. which bears the . No sacrifices are made to God. repreof nature as Obataja forms distinguished from the creative power of God. and Ifa. Many of the inferior idols are men and women who were distinguished in their day by some remarkable relation to the tribe. and Oruq-akpadi. and These bars are obtained at a great cost Orisako. and the patron of marriage and childbirth. and nobles and the petitioner conciliates the courtier whom he employs by good words and presents. is the place of punishment. But the abstract Saqg6 is quite a diS'erent being. Owner or Lord of Heaven. is whether they were made originally When a house is struck by lightning. his slave Ifa. white cloth (ala) is worn by his worshippers. or religious ceremonies. one of the Yoruba idols his younger brother is the river Oguq. Lord. Oga-Ogo. that he may bless them. and they profess to tell the name of his father. the king who is great. but the orisas. not in his pigeons. called Obatala. His wives are the . the god of farms. There is but one king in the nation. who dwells at Irawo. His wife. lyaijgba. courtiers. so an idol. but in the power of God. Oke-orui). They hold the doctrines of the immortality of tlie soul and of The religion of future rewards and punishments orui). holding . and God alone is styled Eledai or produces The The second great orisa is Saijgo. the receiver. who is also called Dzakuta.e. own power. i. and the grandson His mother is liemodia.<ik. and one God over the universe. or emblematic thundernot easily determined. either in name or character. as Olodumare. as Odudua. the orisa of the gate. for battle-axes. however. because sixteen palm-nuts are employed in obtaining responses. and ten thousand horses. Obatala is an androgyne. in commemoration bolts. because he needs nothing . The doctrine of idolatry prevalent in Yoruba appears to be derived by analogy from the form and customs of the civil government. Petitioners to the king approach him through the intervention of his servants. but appearance they Creator. and his priest is Magba. J) a. directly approach God . brother is Dada. and sometimes by other names. is Biri.XVi INTRODUCTION. According to one account. where he reigns in a palace with gates of brass. The two are one. the but on these points their notions are obscure. Saijgo was born at If 5. is called from the high priest of the idol. or mediator. His elder of Agaijdzu. the god of farms . and also to steal as many goats and chickens as they can find at large in any part of the town. Oluwa. the desert. The third great idol is rivers Oya. he of the good clay. He was much addicted to predatory wars. they say. because he is the guardian of the gates of cities. the revealcr of future event«. a small river in Yoruba. Orisa nla. Hades. having and war. or leather dressing implements. of which his worshippers still carry a bag. the receiving mother. . and Oba his associate is darkness. which stood thirty or forty miles south of Isaki. All the dead are in Upper Hades. . at Ife. He is the son of Oruijgai). as the emblem of booty. or in other words. are identical with the so-called stone-hatchets picked up in the fields of America . a town recently destroyed. Osur). the king of whiteness. midday. In like manner no man can orisas. name of the god of war and smith's work. horseback. hunting. the thunder god. first made and greatest of all created things. is represented as nursing a child. Among the numerous Obatal4 is thought to be the orisas worshipped there arc three great ones. senting the productive energy the bodies of men . or of oba ti ala. they have a right to pillage it. Some of his other names are. which is a real spiritual being. are pleased with offerings of sheep. There are several other idols of note. but God himself imparts life and spirit. Xocai^d. Glorious High One. whose symbol is a large iron bar. is the abode of the righteous. the universal God. But Iyar)gba herself is Obatal4. and amusing himself with great state. nature . the Ever-Righteotis. nature. They are called ori^a. Sapgo. the universe. fishing. a name which appears to be derived fi'om asa. A . the mother of fishes. affirm that he was nothing more than an His name Obatala appears to be ancient king of Yoruba. He Banga. whom they generally call Ol9rui) (6 li orui)). has appointed various kinds of who are mediators and intercessors between himself and mankind. Hades. purity. the god of palm-nuts.

as they were in Egypt. is They suppose that the idols are looked upon as gods that the symbol is the idol . may not be correct when he afiirms that the ancient Copts colonized Bornu . charm. to cast out . and an oval hoe. and ripens in July labor . But each man has an exclusive When a farm is sold. whether in actual cultivation or in fallow. in the immediate vicinity of towns. On Another has a female figure with one hand and several distinct panels are seen a fish.INTRODUCTION. intercourse between Central Africa and Egypt. and injury. may dare to lay his hand on Egnqgug woman should say he is a man. a land tortoise. because there are not many cattle." makes his appearance in the person of a tall fellow. Their oxen. a tree. The degree of civilization which exists in the interior is probably very ancient. Curcans. with a hook. and a serpent. Arabs. The barbarism of the coast people is attributable to the dense forests in which they live. and that a greegree. already quoted. and Elegbara. of the people of interior Africa are more advanced in civilization than those on the coast. Oro.* which may be an image. " devils. who term the punishment of criminals " giving them to Oro. Eguqgui). much power. but it is not an orisa. the Ejected. are few and of a very simple width. or the female principle of Nature. to conciliate his favor The power of civil government deified most usual among the Egbas. I believe. for cutting bushes. from su. Egupguq. occasionally engraved on the temple doors of Obatala. three inches in or heavy pruning-knife. deserve a more special notice. and is declared and if to be a tenant of the grave. an axe. or the " Aku Devil. and these are always under the care of keepers. and the horses. since none of these shells are found in the Atlantic. 2 . are never feet in length. to the sparsedeeper ness of the population. Several of the arts and customs of Yoruba and other interior countries are Egyptian in their character . employed for which are usually small. not even the king. but we have independent evidence of an early. a bill- handle about two strong. fantastically clad and masked. and are never disguised by being formed into a handled cross. for instance. their implements The usual tools of the farmer are. but the Yorubas worship him with sacrifices. Although the Yorubas are an agricultural people. is is XVU not to be confounded with thought to have have. Ploughs and carts are entirely imknown." The natives themselves speak of It is usual among Europeans to call the idols of the natives an object of worship — . or a stone. on account of his great The name Ebilisi has been borrowed from the Pulohs. are used exclusively for the saddle. and Euphorbia. and by them from the influence over mankind. but. King Belo. though well formed. though large and description. Opposite to this are the male and female They are represented in the natural forms. Disputes concerning the boundaries of farms or fallow lands are generally settled at once by the neighbors. torment.' On Oro day all women arc obliged to remain closely shut up in their houses. one foot. It has no life and no intelligence as the ori^as White men are generally much mistaken in regard to the religion and superstition of the negroes. the fruit-trees to his own farm. for felling trees . unless they are specially mentioned in the contract. The Popo beads which are dug from the earth in the south-eastern part of Yoruba. In the Yoruba language only one devil. Yams are planted in large hills in January and February. and to the vicious and idle habits which have naturally resulted from the slave Most trade. and free for any one to cultivate. she would be put to death. there are no fences in the country. Phallic worship is practised. very long hair (which no negro can have) with a ball or globe at the end. and are matured in August and September. and in countries east of the Niger. though they believe the devil is called E^u. and the manufacture of clothing. probably a half Obatala. No one. the Mighty. are identical in appearance with the beads found on the Egyptian mummies. bones. are the executive or vindictive and prevent his doing them INDUSTRIAL PURSUITS. The devil is not reckoned as one of the mediatorial orisas . • Some of these symbols. A charm or amulet its symbol. The most important industrial pursuits of the Yorubas are agriculture. The first crop of maize is planted between the middle of February and the first of April. latter is . if not extensive. in the existence of various other evil spirits. Except a few hedges of Jatropha. right remain the property of the former owner. Unoccupied land is common property. without impurity. or all of which is incorrect. and the use of cowries for money must have been introduced from the east. Even Mohammedans and Christians are any obliged to conceal their knowledge of the imposture under penalty of martyrdom. blacksraithing. This figure is remarkable for having a queue of paries genitales in coitu.

Uides. All the Africans. or carves figures on doors and calabashes. I think at the bottom. needles. INTRODUCTION. Some parts of the country are rich in ore. which is practised in every town. the smaller one a block of iron. Others gather large leaves. it is planted in July in December the crop is cut short by the dry season. mortars. velvet. bill-hooks. including large quantities of soda. The carver who makes images of wood. and the manufacture of earthenware. the art of making glass is confined to three towns in Nnfe. for which they receive cheap guns and powder. are performed by men. chiefly sesame and of watermelons . from Hausa and Bornu. knives. worth several hundred doUare each. and the seeds of the manufacture of beads from broken palm-nuts and from jasper. The Yoruba carpenter employs himself chiefly in the manufacture of bowls. Among the other employments of the people we may mention the manufacture of earthen pots and vessels for cooking and eating. the traffic gives employment to Sometimes a single caravan consists of hundreds and even thousands of persons of . brass. As the heavy rains May and June are not favorable to the growth of cotton. His principal tools are wedges for splitting trees. are never seen in Yoruba. blacksmiths. and In case the town is large. In the present condition of the countr}'. yellow. cotton cloths. The iron is sold to employed. blacksmithing. with the same implements. The broken ore is placed in the furnace with a number of well dried clay tubes. however. The large anvil is a stone. Maize and yams are generally housed in the farms where they grow. Considerable numbers of people are engaged in the production of clothing. sheep. and may be entered either by the door or by an underground passage which emerges twenty' or thirty feet from the building. from the palm-nut. some of the into town in small quantities to supply the daily market. the fruit of the shea-butter tree. Their inland trade embraces the foregoing and many other commodities. In their favorite capacity of traders. and silver are wrought by the same smith sickles. though employed east of the Niger. There is no legal or customary restraint as to the choice of occupations. Many poor art is west of the Niger. The yarn is sold to the weavers every evening in market. and door shutters. Pack-horses and asses. their heads. hoes. which is done with a distaff. without roads or vehicles. length. (fee. soap-makmg. wood work. The cultivation of the soil. red. horses. all of rude workmanship. calicoes. The smiths' bellows are identical in principle with those of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. an axe. razors. who cut and make garments. The other employments of females are housework. and the making of it into shoes and saddles . I have travelled with a caravan of two or three thousand persons. and white morocco. Although no bellows are the heat is so intense that the ends of these tubes are partially vitrified. and a superior kind of indigo will be among the future exports. and then fonned into a large ball instead of being wound upon a beam. and an adze. prepare it for spinning. they are constantly engaged in bringing the produce which they have purchased from the farms to the market. chains and staples. and some fine horses. the dyeing of cloth with indigo. swords. The furnace is a pit in a house. . iron. from which the people obtain a very good quality of iron. indigo. and August tbe second crop is planted chiefly in August or the latter part of July. scissors. Cotton is freed from the seeds by rolling it under a small iron cylinder on a smooth It is then whipped with a bow to piece of wood. the dressing of black. coffee. As the smelters are not communicative. I can only state what I have seen as to tlieir manner of working. . and the barber's trade. it is always ground with carbonate of soda from the desert. poor. except that it is not reputable for women to labor on the farms. and other articles from Europe and America. are addicted to traffic. among which may be enumerated axes. all of whom carried their goods in packages on of . Their trade with the people nearer the coast consists in palm oil. brought farms may be ten or even twenty miles distant but all the produce is brought in on the heads of the owners. and the grinding of snuff. who manufacture it into various articles. that the . adzes. and none more so than the people of Yoruba. which they sell by the basketful to the market women to be employed as wrapping paper. and the cloth given to the tailors. tailoring. cattle. about an inch in diameter and fifteen inches in layers of charcoal . one of is As the which is kept a profound secret. This women also obtain a living by supplying the market with firewood. the is cloth manufacture of various tiful articles oils. which they sometimes bring from a distance of six or eight miles. scarcely six inches in width. works chiefly with knives. far as I could ascertain. thousands of people. to give it pungency. Copper. are inserted into the mass of ore and coal. salt. ivory. With the exception of the thread beam. washmg. both beau- tobacco So the making of soap . Thread is warped on pins driven into the ground.XVm . spinning. The ornamental engraving of calabashes appears to be a thrifty business. weaving. the parts of an African loom are the same as those of hand-looms in our own country but the implement is so small. which grows abundantly on the farms.

and cows is sold daily in the market but the people use it sparingly. and gourds. : pure water. by and the fire-proof ceiling of sticks and mortar overhead. The dress of the men and a sheet or wrapper. these rooms are always dark. or enter a room by day. The broader the gates to the market. for the sale of provisions and other common necessaries On these but the large market for the sale of general merchandise is usually held every fifth day. Owing to the frequent wars which afflict the country. The head. never baked. As there is only one low door and no windows. who are obliged to pass many of their of the people. which are wrapped in leaves for When they make bread. but most of the people of both sexes generally go barefoot. or consists of trowsers or short breeches. are beautifully shaded with wide-spreading trees. the greatest market occasions we frequently see thousands of people busily engaged in traffic. and cold in the form of round dumplings. and sometimes to play a sort of draughts and other games of a similar nature. is covered with a tight cloth cap. to which sometimes added a hat or turban. parations of corn. Horsemen wear a sort of shoes and sometimes boots. soda. the markets. or new year. or bedsteads their furniture consists of mats. and rather fond of being finely dressed. Tlie older men meet principal amusement of the young people is dancing to the sound of drums. or of vegetables and oil only. The greatest of which. tables. a coarse cotton sheet for a cover. with yams and preA carrier's burden varies in weight from forty to eighty pounds. after the manner of a fort. . from a slave to a ready-made pen and a bottle of ink. and Asiatic. a small bag containing provisions. The flesh of sheep. Very little milk is used except at Il9rii). supper is taken just before they retire to sleep. at the age of five or six . are held daily in all the towns Markets. is boiled down to the consistence of thick paste. bags. This food is much used. and partly perhaps to the gregarious disposition Even the farmers. Most of the laboring people take their breakfast at an early hour in the streets. is posed a universal article of diet. is else a large flowing gown. The Africans have no chairs. All the streets. At Ilorii). Fish is not plentiful in Yoruba except on the larger streams. from the palace to the dwellings of the poorest people. it is fried. and highly seasoned with red pepper. The interior court. and intersect each other at every possible angle. never erect a better dwelling than a hut in the country. Yams are prepared to be eaten with sauce. the people sit in the piazza which extends in front of the rooms when they retire to rest at night. Travellers who go on foot frequently wear sandals . then pounded or consistence of wheaten dough. there are men from every part of Central Africa. and oil are sold from town to town by the load till they reach a consumer. with a deep ditch on the The gates are closed at night with heavy shutters and guarded by keepers. goats. and their prepare food for sale. they invariably reside in towns. A woman's dress is com- posed of three wrappers. except the few which lead from African towns are never laid out in a regular manner. a tunic or a kind of shirt without sleeves. is entered Most of the rooms are scarcely six feet between the dirt floor a large gate with a heavy board shutter. and the starch. on a flat stone with a small stone cylinder or rubber. such articles as salt. Their food is taken with the fingers from a deep earthen dish. are very narrow. Their usual headdress is a fillet of cloth. both diluted as a warm drink in the morning.INTRODUCTION. . together under the shady trees to talk. All the towns in the in the distant fields. Architecture streets. European. but the last is often laid aside. of life. but girls of ten or twelve years often appear in the streets. They never roast or boil joints of meat in Yoruba. or by boiling and pounding with the addition of water to the Indian corn is first soaked till it becomes a little sour. and the usual dimensions are six or seven feet in width by twelve or fifteen feet in length. nights interior are surrounded by rather strong mud walls five or six feet in height. from Most of the Yorubas are cleanly in their habits. choice. They are all of the series of single rooms. Boys are usually provided with breeches. and frequently from Tripoli and other countries of the North. which. The houses. either by simply boiling. are built of mud is outside. . around the pots of women At noon they eat in the farms or wherever they may happen to be. wearing nothing but their beads and bracelets. As there are neither weights nor standard measures in the country. who . wholly same form. and other open spaces unknown. occurs about the first of October. The merchandise includes a great variety of articles. Their only travelling equipment is a mat to sleep on. African. that of a large square inclosed by a which is open to the sky. or at least an apron. two around the waist and one over the shoulders. in the country. after being washed out in ground and covered with a thatch of grass. which in general is smoothly shaven. they use an earthen lamp supplied with oil. and a little earthen pot to warm the sauce. XIX both sexes. sale. During the day. called Several times in a year the whole population enjoy tlie recreation of religious festivals. A sort of sauce comof meats and vegetables. the On these occasions they 9d(ii). Women do not shave their heads except as a mark of mourning. which is held daily owing to the abundance of business. earthen pots. is the universal diet.

and August the second crop is planted chiefly in August or the latter part of July. adzes. which grows abundantly on the farms. to give it pungency. from the palm-nut. Their trade oil.XVIU INTRODUCTION. and the manufacture of earthenware. some of the brought into town in small quantities to supply the daily market. The carver who makes images of wood. The Yoruba carpenter employs himself chiefly in the manufacture of bowls. weaving. which they sell by the basketful to the market women women to be employed as wrapping paper. sheep. mortars. all of whom carried their goods in packages on . and then formed into a large ball instead of being wound upon a beam. who cut and make garments. and none more so than the people of Yoruba. or carves figures on doors and calabashes. though employed east of the Niger. . hoes. and may be entered either by the door or by an underground passage which emerges twent}' or thirty feet from the building. washing. Considerable numbers of people are engaged in the production of clothing. and the barber's trade. The other employments of females are housework. the heat is so intense that the ends of these tubes are partially vitrified. With the exception of the thread beam. &c. the art of making glass is confined to three towns in Nufe. the dressing of black. cattle. the traffic gives employment to thousands of people. and some fine horses. it is planted in July in December the crop is cut short by the dry season. from which the people obtain a very good quality of iron. The ornamental engraving of calabashes appears to be a tlirifty business. All the Africans. from Hausa and Bornu. are inserted into the mass of ore and coal. all of rude workmanship. scissors. knives. the dyeing of cloth with indigo. chiefly sesame and of watermelons . tailoring. about an inch in diameter and fifteen inches in layers of charcoal . Cotton is freed from the seeds by rolling it under a small iron cylinder on a smooth It is then whipped with a bow to prepare it for spinning. always ground So far as I could ascertain. engaged in bringing the Many poor also obtain a living by supplying the market with firewood. soap-makmg. This art is kept a profound secret. spinning. As the heavy rains May and June are not favorable to the growth of cotton. Their inland trade embraces the foregoing and many other commodities. employed. the other emplojTnents of the people we may mention the manufacture of earthen pots and vessels for cooking and eating. piece of wood. and the making of it into shoes and saddles . and other articles from Europe and America. The large anvil is a stone. horses. without roads or vehicles. and door shutters. and an adze. they are constantly produce which they have purchased from the farms to the market. of . red. iron. Some parts of the country are rich in ore. however. As the smelters are not communicative. The iron is sold to axes. Sometimes a single caravan consists of hundreds and even thousands of persons of . I have travelled with a caravan of two or three thousand persons. are never seen in Yoruba. Thread is warped on pins driven into the grovind. brass. and town is large. In case the farms may be ten or even twenty miles distant but all the produce is brought in on the heads of the owners. The yarn is sold to the weavers every evening in market. works chiefly with knives. with the same implements. calicoes. one of which is west of the Niger. indigo. I think at the bottom. who manufacture it into various articles. Others gather large leaves. including with the people nearer the coast consists in palm large quantities of soda. the cloth is Among manufacture of various tiful articles oils. the parts of an African loom are the same as those of hand-looms in our own country . which is done with a distaflf. razors. but the implement is so small. are performed by men. Pack-horses and asses. blacksmithing. swords. needles. the smaller one a block of iron. the making of soap and the grinding of is it is There for is women no legal oi' customary restraint as to the choice of occupations. Copper. except that it is not reputable to labor on the farms. worth several hundred dollars each. which is practised in every town. velvet. salt. yellow.. and silver are wrought by the same smith blacksmiths. among which may be enumerated sickles. I can only state what I have seen as to their manner of working. wood work. are addicted to traffic. bill-hooks. which they sometimes bring from a distance of six or eight miles. poor. and a superior kind of indigo will be among the future exports. Uides. for which they receive cheap guns and powder. In their favorite capacity of tradere. both beau. In the present condition of the country. The broken ore is placed in the furnace with a number of well dried clay tubes. tobacco As the snuff. The smiths' bellows are identical in principle with those of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. ivory. cotton cloths. . Although no bellows are length. The furnace is a pit in a house. with carbonate of soda from the desert. Maize and yams are generally housed in the farms where they grow. chains and staples. coff'ee. their heads. and the cloth given to the tailors. and the seeds of the manufacture of beads from broken palm-nuts and from jasper. His principal tools are wedges for splitting trees. the fruit of the shea-butter tree. that the scarcely six inches in width. The cultivation of the soil. and white morocco. an axe.

is a universal article of diet. after the manner of a fort. they use an earthen lamp supplied with oil. occurs about the first of October. streets. A sort of sauce composed of meats and vegetables. they invariably reside in towns. from the palace to the dwellings of the poorest people. and highly seasoned with red pepper. Fish is not plentiful in Yoruba except on the larger streams. or A do not shave their heads except as a mark of mourning. never baked. Women Horsemen wear a • . is covered with a tight cloth cap. At noon they eat in the farms or wherever they may happen to be. European. is wholly unknown. by a large gate with a heavy board shutter. when they retire to rest The Africans have no at night. Their food is taken with the fingers from a deep earthen dish. soda. the of which. Several times in a year the whole population enjoy the recreation of religious festivals. Very little milk is used except at Il9rii). The head. The gates are closed at night with heavy shutters and guarded by keepers. The houses. Boys are usually provided with breeches. after being washed out in ground pure water. or but girls of ten or twelve years often appear in the streets. wearing nothing but their beads and bracelets. who are obliged to pass many of their of the people. XIX both sexes. The older men meet together under the shady trees to talk. never erect interior are surrounded by rather strong mud walls five or six feet in height. Travellers who go on foot frequently wear sandals sort of shoes and sometimes boots. and partly perhaps to the gregarious disposition Even the farmers. else a large flowing gown. a small bag containing provisions. in the country. and frequently from Tripoli and other countries of the North. the greatest market occasions we frequently see thousands of people busily engaged in traffic. or of vegetables and oil only. and other open spaces are beautifully shaded with wide-spreading trees. either by simply boiling. a coarse cotton sheet for a cover. are very narrow. both diluted as a day. choice. goats. woman's dress is composed of three wrappers. and intersect each other at every possible angle. the markets. which. which in general is smoothly shaven. but the last is often laid aside. called pddi). On these occasions greatest they . and a sheet or wrapper. earthen pots. a better dwelling than a hut in the country. Yams are prepared to be eaten with sauce. which is open to the sky. these rooms are always dark. The merchandise includes a great variety of articles. warm sale. to which is sometimes added a hat or turban. irom a slave to a ready-made pen and a bottle of ink. or by boiling and pounding with the addition of water to the Indian corn is first soaked till it become? a little sour. is the universal diet A there are neither weights nor standard measures in the country. their furniture consists of mats. that of a large square inclosed by a The interior court. at the age of five or six Most of the Yorubas are cleanly in their habits. This food is much used. The flesh of sheep. ITiey never roast or boil joints of meat in Yoruba. for the sale of provisions and other common necessaries of life. on a flat stone with a small stone cylinder or rubber. Their only travelling equipment is a mat to sleep on. with yams and precarrier's burden varies in weight from forty to eighty pounds. The broader Architecture the gates to the market. which are wrapped in leaves for When they make bread. As there is only one low door and no windows.IXTKODUCTION. is boiled down to the consistence of thick paste. who Most of the laboring people take their breakfast at an early hour in the streets. are built of mud and covered with a thatch of grass. and a little earthen pot to warm the sauce. are held daily in all the towns . or bedsteads and gourds. and their is supper market taken just before they retire to sleep. tables. During the day. is entered series of single rooms. Owing to the frequent wars which afflict the country. Their usual headdress is a fillet of cloth. two around the waist and one over the shoulders. and rather fond of being finely dressed. As salt. Most of the rooms are scarcely six feet between the dirt floor and the fire-proof ceiling of sticks and mortar overhead. or enter a room by : chairs. there are men from every part of Central Africa. with a deep ditch on the outside. which is held daily owing to the abundance of business. The dress of the men consists of trowsers or short breeches. a tunic or a kind of shirt without sleeves. and sometimes to play a sort of draughts and other games of a similar nature. They are all of the same form. drink in the morning. African. All the towns in the nights in the distant fields. The principal amusement of the young people is dancing to the sound of drums. and the starch. On these but the large market for the sale of general merchandise is usually held every fifth day. and cows is sold daily in the but the people use it sparingly. . except the few which lead from African towns are never laid out in a regular manner. it is fried. and Asiatic. around the pots of women prepare food for sale. from at least an apron. and cold in the form of round dumplings. the people sit in the piazza which extends in front of the rooms . and oil are Markets. and the usual dimensions are six or seven feet in width by twelve or fifteen feet in length. parations of corn. but most of the people of both sexes generally go barefoot. or new year. then pounded or consistence of wheaten dough. All the streets. such articles as sold from town to town by the load till they reach a consumer. bags. At Iloriq.

who had inflexible tails about six inches in The Alabiru were a very ingenious people. dze 6 Pleat* let it rain for vt ! . of which the elders are the conservators and exponents. and their want of own mother. he can stop the clouds in their course. Dzo. and added others of his own. manly self-respect disgust us. Since their acquaintance with white men they evidently begin to feel improve is leading to good results. at the close of the dry season. they spend several days in On the chief's hunting day. the power of a white man is almost infinite. to the temples and make charms to promote the prosperity of the town. as the use of guns would be dangerous. or in that sort of common sense which is adapted to their condition. or governor. In regard to intellect the Yorubas occupy a low position. are rigidly are generally good. their unlimited polygamy. have originated with the wandering Arab traders. A Negro from beyond the Niger proceeded to inform me how these eyes are situated in the head. On the one hand we are shocked at their occasional human sacrifices. who are equally distinguished by a In the simple Negroes they find ready listeners to all vivid imagination and a small regard for truth. Marvellous things have been told me of the asori or igi nla. the Yorubas are much addicted to the marvellous. every towmhas its bal& or The adult males are also apportioned under rulers lord of the land. In the opinion of many. old men. especially in working iron and all the fine swords in length. whether any of the tailed men were in slavery in or near " Who would have a slave with a tail ?" A few days after this I received a visit from an Ilorii). their deficiency in regard to On the other hand we see much to admire • At the close of the dry season rt) I was observing the movements of a black thunder fu ni I cloud. &c. INTELLECTUAL AND MORAL CHARACTERISTICS. affirmed the existence of a unicorn. but the Arab corrected him and showed me exactly where each of them is placed. which is surprisingly rich in abstract terms.* and even create cowries whenever he may need them. attend him. and they were not at all pleased with the incredulity of an-Nasran. unicorns. king The laws is bound by the laws of the land. and the head Even the of the family has each his associate or lieutenant. Like other rude people. Sudan were made of iron from their furnaces. and sometimes with displeasing promptness . the tallest of whom were scarcely three feet in height. She always wore a handkerchief around her head. Among the rest he told of a tribe of people south of Mandara who have four eyes. Once a year. When I visited Ibriq in 1855. But they are by no means deficient either in natural shrewdness. except in so far as they are connected with idolatry and polygamy. hundreds of people of both sexes off the prairies and in hunting. Nasamu had never seen any person of these tribes. called Alabiru. Somewhere . and their desire to hundred persons have learned to read their own language. who confirmed all the statements of Nasamu. burning The game is taken with dogs and clubs. an intelligent Bornese. Every house contains several families under the government of a bal6 or lord of the house. when an old farmer said to me imploringly. even birds that The common people. and the people are wholly destitute both of literature and science. but causes are always decided by the ruler and his council according to testimony. their wonderful stories. and the elders under him are his counsellors. added others still more wonderful. Being a weak people. this story was repeated . The government of the country is a monarchy engrafted on the ancient patriarchal rule. who stand intermediate between them and the balS. and my host. the governor. is a proof that they are accustomed to think. They seize with avidity on every extravagant story they may hear. because she was ashamed of her horn. The moral character of the Yorubas exhibits strong contrasts. Their universal covetousness. Nasamu. he replied. Arab trader. but he asserted that there was one of the horned women then in slavery at Ofa. and grave chiefs have repeatedly fly near it fall dead. He can look around on all the passing events of the earth. and the whole nation is under a king. He assured me that somewhere eastward of Nufe and Yakobu there was a tribe of men. In reply to my question. and their custom of allowing the heir to inherit all in the his father's wives except his conscience. to which they attribute all the properties of the deadly upas . Beyond this tribe was another called Alabiwo. distinguished by a small goat-like horn projecting from the top of the head just above the margin of the hair. At Abeokuta several the aspirations of intellect. and have various noisy processions and sacred groves.. which they describe as a large antelope with a straight black horn in the middle of its forehead. it is manifest that all the floating stories of upas trees. In short. the Alakere surrounded their towns with walls of iron. a tree somewhere in the interior. same region was a tribe called Alakere. the Christian. They executed. Their language also.XX offer sacrifices INTKODUCTION. about thirty miles east of Il9riij. The king. All their arts are rude.

some regarded him as a spy. and many have learned Some have accumulated considerable wealth. where there are thousands of them who have been rescued from the slave ships. country. encamped under a tree near the gate of Awaye. and much admired both in Europe and America. They obliged him On one occasion he to sleep without the walls. but they supplied him with food without charge. Most of them have embraced Christianity. and kindred. are inculcated country. his equals in mind. moral character. in many instances. Hundreds of friendly people came to look at him. Oibo gui) sidi akpe. Adultery and other crimes are much rarer than we could suppose. It is a remarkable fact. and yet Mr. During my six years' residence in the country I never knew a case of an illegitimate child. The white man encamped aries. The character of the Rev. in their proverbs. and especially gratitude and honesty. information if not in learning. Although the missions have been so recently established. and The people are found to be equally susceptible of improvement in their native respectable attainments. there has scarcely been an instance of theft. and others have made no mean attainments in to read. felt more or less the stimulus of truth produce their natural results. XXI and to mitigate our judgment even in regard to the bad features of their character. remarkably courteous in their mutual intercourse. When the first missionary entered the Iketu country in 1850. and others had superstitious fears that the presence of a white man would bring misfortune on the country. that although the missionaries have had hundreds of parcels of cowries and supplies brought by native carriers from the coast to their interior stations. Tliey are naturally kind and simple-hearted. but they never treated him with violence. all the eight kingdoms of the Yoruba country have nations. it cannot be and if the social laws now at work among the people many generations before Yoruba will be reckoned among civilized . struggling for life. Crowther is only one among other Yoruba men. although the women do not marry before they are eighteen or twenty years of age. they The gospel was first preached to the Yorubas in Sierra Leone. is known to the public. and strongly attached to their All the moral virtues. whose Yoruba name is Adiaye. friends. refused to admit him into their towns. The same thing occurred subsequently when he entered the kingdom of Yoruba." are not only willing but anxious to receive them. and " next day the women were singing a newly made song commencing with.INTKODUCTION. For these reasons they. Now that the people understand the real object of the missionaft the foot of the akpe tree. Samuel Crowther. .


together with Introductory Remarks by Rev. The Acts of the Apostles. by the Rev. T. compiled by the Rev. A Vocabulary of the Yoruba Language. 1853. CrowLondon. Watts's Catechism of the Old — and New Testament. Luke. E. The Second Book Iwe Owe ati ti ilu nan. The Gospel according to St. Native Missionary. Iwe Ekinni on ni tu awon ara Egba ati awon ara Yoruba.) ti ilu nan nipa Rev. Katekismu Ekeii. Native Missionary. 1854. 1856. London. London. 1852. London. London. by the Rev. King. Translated into Yoruba. for the use of the Native Christians of that Nation. Crowther. nearly all of them the work of the Kev. Katekismu Itan. London. . Native Missionary. by the Rev. Bp. years the Church Missionary Society of London has published the following Yoruba tracts. Crowther.. Watts.) London. Crowther. 1853. Native Missionary. (Yoruba Hymns. Designate of Sierra Leone. Translated into Yoruba. 1857. London. James and St. Vidal. A. Matthew. by the Rev. Native Missionary. with the Epistles of St. The Yoruba Primer. 1854. ther. Crowther. S. 1856. Book commonly called Genesis. 1857. by the Rev. M. commonly called Exodus. by the Rev. Alafa The Gospel according Peter. S. 1857. A Grammar of The First London. Iwe Oniwasa. Translated into Yoruba for the use of the Native Christians of that Nation. Translated into Yoruba. ti Watti. S. M. Crowther. for the use of the Native Christians of that Nation. Society. 1852. Samuel King. Society. Testamenti Lailar on Testamenti Titun. that Nation. the Yoruba Language.LIST OF Within the books and last ten YORUBA PUBLICATIONS. Native Missionary. of Moses. S. to St. S. Crowther. London. by the Rev. Samuel Crowther. Li Ede Yoruba tu awon Kristian London. S. —Watts's Second Catechism. 1849. Translated into Yoruba for the use of the Native Christians of S. M. Native Missionary of the C. The Psalms of David. Translated into Yoruba. Iwe Orin Mimo. Native Missionary. (Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. Translated into Yoruba for the use of the Native Christians of that Nation. O. S. Crowther. by the Rev. Native Missionary of the C. ti Dr. of Moses. London.




to love. a. like a in ^oater. : : hand.Y K U B A GRAMMAR. or u in rvle . tlie a has the obscure sound of u in but. : Ex. Ex. k. to Ex. w. to meet.: wash . CHAPTER § . t. to -strilce . to lis dmcn. tone. mfate. g. a crocodile. in motlier. as in fat. and short. a bottle. like i mfg. Examples: ha. in this as in subject to slight modifications from accent and connexion. and : short. i. § 2. e. OETHOEPY AND OETHOGRAPHY. PART FIRST. e is sounded like a or ey in grey. sounded long. bule. In it an endeavor has been made to give a true expression of all the well distinguished sounds of the language. I. s. to come. e. : . f6. word fatlwr . and each the charactera which stand for the elements is letter. m. or i in ravine. igo. like oo In fool. § 4. to fiy. like %i mftdl. The characters that represent the simple sounds of the I. as in the English lati. i is o o is is u is sounded long. Simple Vowels. h. to bind . sounded long. di. Ex. and short. f. and short. The system of orthography adopted in this work is essentially the same that has been widely employed for African languages. like ee in fee. b. r. Ex. de. is assigned a single character. VOWELS. lu. &c. sounded as in go. To each simple fundamental sound there compounded sound is represented by of such compound sound. d. u. 1. y. The reader should be reminded that the sound of each other languages. o. o. oni. s. all. like o in not. Yoruba language are. § 1.^. The simple vowels is are as follows : a sounded long. THE ALPHABET. bani. Ex. e is sounded like e in met. o in Ex.: fo. fe. a. from. n^ t). p.

5ro. d. or ow in 7iow. or y in fly^ only it is longer and more open. . the act of hearing a hurden (see § 16. hve. The vowels . my hook . The final vowel of a noun is long when followed by a personal pronoun in the h. koi-koi. contracted 2.' 'i. ei-ye. when followed by 'q. toq. a bird . a word. an arrow . and ale. The following . as. . i. is one exception. ua. tui). to We may here observe ' ' : That the sound of e after kp is more open and liquid than usual. § 9. The vowels are either long or short. In the Egba and some other dialects. Diphthongs.4 5. a house . uo. c. as exemplified in the following sentence ^lafi^ ki o wa fu gb6gb6 enia rere. prince. bal^. timidly. imi. to do. .: daudu. aso is . ^bo. in6. 2. yet there are several facts and general principles quantity a knowledge of which will be useful. ue. as. iwe mi. a slap with tlie hand. odo. viz. uo. a white man. emi 6 ri. oi-b6. unhnown / daudu.' are short before a consonant. to polish. good evening.' and *o. 'o' long. 3) aba for abara. bai. thus . ai. a wm'd.' when employed as auxiliary particles in conjugating the verb. But to this rule ' ' there as.. I am seen. from aku. ' ' force of qu in English. pronounced like ou in house. aimS. ille. § § 1. gain . are the pronounced like i Ex. are marked with a circumflex accent. suppressed or elided. suru. 6ro. deq>. ogam. a shelter . aim5. evening. the vowel which immefrom oba ile.' wart . the former of which ends in ku as in akuale. au. a word of In all these cases the lettei*s ku have the salutation. The vowels o and a. Vowels having the grave tone (except i. pronounced. to drinh . Although 1. ei-di. ile. I shall see^ emi li a ri. peaxie he unto all good men. ^Mtie nee. In regard to long vowels: a.' and occasionally when preceded by 'm' or 'n. That 'a. as. ofa. oi. negative) are generally long as. in all of which the second vowel. are long as. : it is not possible to lay down rules by which to determine the of vowels in all cases. from se (often pronounced se). a . a hat. and 5. mo. When a letter or syllable diately preceded it becomes long lord of the land . for the sake of distinction. the as. imo. ORTHOEPY AND OKTHOGKAPHT. ui. hnowledge . these vowels are always long . possessive case e. offa. ' : ' compound vowels. is very short. § Y. ue. These. within . siiq. § 10. ibi. dai). Ex. The diphthongs ' ai ' and au are always long ' ' . are either pure or nasal. a shelter . a prince. 6. evil . mu.. : ' . vmJcnown. In regard to short vowels : . and iru. Quantity of Yowels. § 8. oi. 4bo. pronounced as if written atte. a governor. r^. a ei. are formed only by the union of two words. as in ate. and sometimes written. Ex. ' ' ' . ei. when the tone is grave.' takes the sound of 'u' long. his cloth. Nasalization is indicated by the character q 6. vmter . as. or diphthongs in phie.




negatives i, 6, and 5, not^ are short ; as, emi o mo, / do not hioto / ete ete ni ik6 oraq ba ereke, lip not heqnng to lip brings trouble to tliejaws. The initial 'i' of the infinitive mood is very short and slight; as, iwo 1^ i^e,



canst do.


objective pronouns
2, i.)

a, G,

&c., are so short as to

be scarcely perceptible.

(See § 88,

Tone of Vowels.
§ 11. There are three primary tones, the Middle, the Acute, and the Grave; as, The middle is the ordinary tone of ba, to meet; bd, with', and b^, to bend.

the voice without inflexion the acute and grave tones are simply the rising and In the Yoruba language, however, they are falling inflexions of elocutionists. to distinguish words which are spelled alike, but have different meanings. employed Thus the two words obe, sauce^ and obe, a hnife^ are quite different to the ear,


difficult for

uttered with the proper tones. The tones, though simple in theory, are us to seize, and require close attention.

The acute and grave tones will be denoted throughout this work by the acute and grave accentual marks placed over the vowel, as in the examples just given.
Assimilation of Vowels.

§ 12.


consists in

principle of t^ocalic assimilation exhibited in the Yoruba language changing a weak or unaccented 'o' into some other vowel, so as to

to the adjacent strongly accented vowel of a verb or preposition. In perfect assimilation, the § 13. Assimilation is either Perfect or Imperfect. unaccented o becomes identical with the accented vowel of the word to which it
' '



1. a. The vowel 'o,' the shortened or simplified form of the objective pronoun of the third person, is regularly exchanged for a vowel which is identical with that of the governing verb, so that this pronoun assumes all the following foi-ms

emi wo (3, / looked at him. emi m5 8, / Tenew him. emi lu ii, I struck him. emi ba S, / met him.

emi kpe e, / called him. emi fe §, / loved him. emi ri i, I saw him.*

the governing word is a preposition ; as, bd S, with him; si i, to him ; fii ii,./w him. In all these cases the unchanged full form or) may be used as, emi fe oi), Iloved him; fa or^, for him ; but the assimilation, if employed at all, must be perfect. o of nouns is perfectly assimilated, if at all, to the vowel 2. The preformative
principle applies equally
' '





(from ko, to gather); 6ro, a word (from r^, to uttet% relate., exptlmn); ata, pepper (from ta, to burn) ; ere, goodness (from re, to be good) ; ^6e, sin (from ^e, to sin). Frequently, however, no assimilation takes place. (See § 40.) § 14. To understand the rule of imperfect assimilation, it is necessary in the fii-st place to observe that the vowels are divided into three classes, which, in reference
of the root


oko, a




example of 'a'


given, ns no verb, nor indeed any otljev



Yoruha, ends






to the general character of their sounds, may be called the close vowels, viz. e, i, and the neuter vowels, a and a. In the open or hroad vowels, e, o o, u assimilation the rule is that the vowel 'o' when occurring before a close imperfect
; ;

vowel, that
it is


a vowel of


changed into


remains unchanged but before an open corresponding open fonn o.' Before the neuter vowels,


take either form, o or o.' This rule applies to the nominative pronouns, mo, // o, thm ; 6q or 6, auxiliary particle 6, slwU or will ; and k6 or 6, not ; in all of which the 'o








' an open vowel becomes o






yi 6


he will


o fe, thou lovest. 6 or 6i) fe, lie loves.

nwoq ko fe, they do not d 6 fe, we do not love.


The same change

takes place before the other open vowel, 'o.' The reader, however, most be informed that the rule is one which is often disregarded in

Elision of Vowels.

§ 15. All Yoruba verbs end in a vowel either pure or nasal as, ko, to build And most of the nouns begin with a vowel as, ile, a house; owu, raq, to spin. To avoid an inconvenient hiatus, it is customary in speaking to drop either cotton. the final vowel of the verb, or the initial one of the noun which follows it as,

; ;


k' ere for

a crop ; raq 'wu, for rag owu, to spin cotton. In this work, the vowels which are usually elided in speaking are designated by the inverted crescent ('^) as, k8 ere, raq 8wu (pronounced ke-re, raq-wu).
ere, to gather

§ 16.
1. fiso, to


principal rules of elision are as follows



two vowels of the same name concur, one of them






cloth ; f§ e^e, to love sin.



stronger of any two concurring vowels

retained in preference to the



circumstances which
as follows


a vowel strong in the sense here contemplated

may be shown

Strong Vowels.



Long. Grave. Accented.





But these elements of strength and weakness may be variously distributed. One of the vowels may be grave, and the other accented, long, or open. To give aU the combinations which may arise from the various quantities, tones, and accents of two concurring vowels, would be more tedious than profitable. It may sufiice then to specify a few cases, with examples, to verify the general rule that the weaker of the two concurring vowels is elided. a. When the fii-st vowel is grave, and the second vowel is weak, the latter is elided as, 6 r^ ewe, she bought leaves ;* dk §se, to breah the foot ; bo fira, to cover the body ; k^ Groq, to behoarse. But if the second vowel should be long, the grave

* Leaves are




to be used for wrappiiiE: ai'ticlos in.






omori gbS, oru,


lid receives (gl>ji) the




anu, to

If the

(m^) mercy. fii-st vowel

open, and neither of the vowels
ebe, to

the second





make a ymirhill ;

is long, grave, or accented, fo 5ru, to h^eak a jug ; fe ina,

Sometimes, however, the choice of the vowel to be retained is reversed, to prevent ambiguity and frequently both vowels are sounded, for the

blow the

same reason. 3. In a few cases neither vowel is dropped, but the two are exchanged for u as, wure (for wi ire), to bless; suru (for se ivn), patience ; sufe (for so to
' ' ;


whistle; sure (for sa ire), to

run; duro



iro), to stamd,


Simple Consonants.
§ 17.

The simple consonants,

b, d,






r, s, t,

w, and

y, are

sounded as in

English, and are never quiescent.


always hard, as in




Ex. igi, go^ get. dialects is silent when it occurs



a liandherchief.

between two vowels

lohuq, yonder; pronounced be-e, lo-uq. same power as in the English word hat.

as, behe, so ; other cases, 'h' has the


the sign of nasalization. At the end of a word or syllable it is equivalent to the French n in ban. Ex.: daq, to polish; suq, to sleep. Before a that is, at the beginning of a word or syllable, it has a consonant, stronger

sound, nearly equivalent to the English ng in song. Ex. qso, to proceed. The nasal pronoun q, 7, is pronounced as a part of the preceding word, when it follows a vowel as, ki g 16h? shall I got pron. kiq ]6h. But

not preceded by a vowel, it is attached in pronunciation to the following word; as, q kd mo, / do not hnow ; q 6 ri, I shall see; proif






p occurs only

r)k5 mc>, qo ri. in the compound


(See § 18.)


sounded like English sh in shm. Ex. se, to do. has the sound of English z in azwe. It occurs only in the compound
(See § 18.)





§ 18. Three compounds, of two consonants each, are of such
as to



have been frequently regarded as simple letters, viz. dz, gb, and kp. dz is sounded like English as in jiig, or «; in gem. Ex.: di;o, to dance. sound was formerly represented by^'.) (This gb represents the sounds of g hard and b ; as, gb^, to receive ; ^gba, an

old man.



equivalent to h and p^



to beat ;


an arm. (Formerly

represented by p.') The sound of g and k in




very slight at the beginning of


8 § 19,



Compounds of a nasal and another consonant occui' incidentally The nasal q,' as an auxiliary particle, may be prefixed to all the consonants



emi qb5,

I am

coming ;

emi qdd,

I am making^


Before the labial consonants, 'm' is frequently employed as an auxiliary of 'q'; as, emi mb5, X am, coming ; emi mfe, I ami loving. prefix, instead and 'q,' are occasionally prefixed to consonants in other cases; as in 3. 'M,' 'n,'
the words, mbfe,
qso, to proceed.
to ^e ;

mbi, or/ a-la-mgba, a


nde^ to arise ; vAk^tohelarge


of words, as also in tracing § 20. In consulting the Dictionary for the meaning out their roots, it is necessary to remember that letters ai-e frequently interchanged

as in the following examples


Not a few words begin indififerently with 'a' nid^e, an injurer. 2. Some words begin indifferently with a or i
' '

or 'o';


abanidze, or obd-

' ;

as, afidzi,




(of sins).



and o are interchangeable
and o are interchangeable,
' '





onia for enia, a person ; leni for


to-datj ;

eri for ori, the Tiead^ &c.


In certain

cases, previously stated (§ 7), 'u'

oni for eni, one^ any. is substituted for 'o';

as, diii)

for d6q, to 5e sweet. ' ' ' for k ; as, 6.












ge for ke, to cut. eho for efo, a valley.



S and



are frequently interchanged with each other, and in some dialects ' Thus, for ^e, to dx)^ the Ibakpa dialect has tse,' and the Ibolo has se
' ; '


in other places s^, to


is is





frequently used for and aw6q, the tongue, instead of ah6q.

In the






' ;



to boil,

instead of

§ 21.
1. 2.


A syllable


Of a single vowel, pure or nasal as, o, tliou ; 6q, he. a. Of a consonant and a vowel; £is, da, to create ; daq, to polish. Of a consonant and a vowel, with the nasal q prefixed as, qdd,


creating ;

qdaq, is polishing.


Of two


consonants and a vowel
to arise ;



die, to eat ; ghh, to receive ; kpfe,

to call ;

Of two



§ 22.


&c. gboq, with a nasal prefixed. (See § 19.) consonants and a vowel, word or syllable ends in a consonant, except occasionally in the nasal

be; nde,

to be wise,



bam-bam, a beetle.

3. a verb or preposition having the acute tone enters into the composition of a noun of three or more syllables. a foolish man . Thus. (See § 6. they are not reduplicated in spelling. 2. The distinctness with which Yoruba vowels are uttered is particularly observable in the monosyllabic verbs. penult as. 1. placed after the accented syllable as. . go^ . throw it atvay. is denoted in the present work by the sign ( ). . • to an accented vowel is elided or changed. when syllable which distinguishes it from other syllables of the same word. . Primitive nouns.) ACCENT. § 29. that all the Yoruba vowels (unless very short as to quantity) are sounded much more fally and distinctly than English vowels. is prosnuff. d'-la-^a'-ra. a-bd'-ni2. be'-ru (for ba' eru). instead of ille and offa.SYLLABLES. Thus we write ile. and adverbs. By the term accent is ' acute accent. a lighter secondary accent usually falls on the second syllable before or after the primary. nounced with a strong emphasis on both the accented syllables. we can do it . When ni'-no (for ni' in()). a grasshopper. a creator. here meant that emphatic pronunciation of a This. it usually takes the accent . in regard to accent . e-dd'. 161i' so' o nd'. a-lu-fa'. a healthy man. § 25. are generally irregular o'-ri-sa. § 26. as. a chair . Nouns of two syllables dei-ived from verbs having the acute tone (§11) are accented on the ultimate as. But since the accent of derivative words follows that of their primitives. which are generally spoken as if accented as. a dealer in component words as. a dove / § 28. a swcyrd. 2 . As consonants do not occur at the end of syllables. commonly termed the § 24. the accent retains its place as. or those which cannot be r^erred to Yoruba language. as in the union of two words form one. d le' 6e' e. as. the accent falls regularly on the e-le'-da. o-ni'-ba'-ta. and with a considerable although slighter stress on the unaccented ones. 9 § 23. a person. as. from dd. d'-la-tai)'-kpo-k6'. an arrow. § 2Y. this rule has several exceptions. i-da'. an injurer. which has two full accents. a'-ga. a creature. a learned man. any root in the a'-da-ba. marked. In polysyllables. e'-ni-a. a-la'-ra-da'. When d^e. • . witliin / su'-re (for sa' ire). an idol. 2. 1. It is proper to observe here. a hcnise^ and ofa. a slwemaTcer. In words of two or more syllables. to he afraid . to create. prepositions. But many compounds retain the accents of their a-lai'-lo'-gboq. to run.

is composed of so. to he. consist of the following classes § 31. mbe. has been built up on this foundation. The verbs of two syllables are all either derivatives or exotics. 2. hlow). and the changes which they undergo. several of which are obsolete. ila. as adverbs. consisting of a single consonant simple or compound and a vowel either pure or nasal. astlima. are secondary forms large. as. dd. primitive words of the Yoruba language.PART SECOND. to Fe is now pronounced fe but its original form is detected not only in sufe. § 32. A few monosyllabic verbs begin with two consonants &c.' which is the sign of continuance or permanence. to eat . to rqyent. The primitive verbs are all monosyllables.. and ife. bnt also in fere. to 4.. About two hundred and fifty nouns. former part of this Grammar we to represent the sounds of the Yoruba hmguage.. as. ni. greatness). a blowing (from the root fe. conjunctions. prepositions. and interjections. primitive nouns may be few are monosyllables as. 3.. About one hundred and sixty verbs. mb^ is simply b^. to eject wind. The all to about : Personal and other pronouns. The remainder of tlie language. and most of them are of the simplest possible form. 1. to have. a reed. however. Very . now proceed to the consideration of sounds as the representatives of ideas in doing which we will have to treat first of the foj-mation of words. 2. sufe. few particles. CHAPTEK § 30. The classified as follows : he. In tlie I. daq. 1. kpoq. fo^e These. to^6/ nld. importation from the Arabic. 3. d^e.. to wlhistle. including several which are clearly exotics. mali-gnant envy. § 33. to he great (lit. ^ contraction of nild. the nature described the characters employed of these sounds. to j)olisli . and by the union of nouns with vei'bs and prepositions. is a recent flute and ifefe. A he red. amounting in five hundred. .. ifere. to create. chiefly by prefixing personal pronouns to verbs to form nouns. a Tuba. nhi is a Thus. 1. ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. We into sentences. and then of their inflexions and the mode of combining them . . FORMATION OF WORDS. : . with the auxiliary prefix 'm. amounting to at least fifteen thousand vocables..

ko nu leru {they gathered-iip me a^s-. are formed. iha. and it is remarkable that some words of undoubted Eastern origin § 34. comes te to level . in. to show . ahana. bi. nwoq the noun in the second meml)ur of the verb has n Ko. Very few of the exotic words have the Arabic . we will now proceed to the special rules for the formation of the several parts of speech. to affect or afflict. beliead . in6. so as to be equivalent to a iwe badze. to appear. . .fear^ syllabic verb and a noun. a marsh. and because they are actually united into one word when used in a passive sense. perty. . a dove. to. irii). fever . as. to ' rob When to-goods\ they robbed me. as. Verbs of this class are often used intransitively. ratlu!!* phrases than words. as. 2. . form the compound verb. . ana. composed of a verl) into a transitive verb by ' ' inserting li or ' ni ' and a noun (§ 3G) may be converted between the verb and noun. lie Thus. beheaded a . . intransitive verb. from ba . goods. to eat. or barn . . ti. as. t0 7nake. the sun . thief. DERIVATION OF VEEBS. haq. against . : push. h. dze. and hflq. ' ' as. to be flat. . to b^re.e {I met booh consimne). level a hill. to be afraid (from ba. silliness . . distinguished by the peculiarity that the objective case is placed between the component parts or members of the verb.poiling. 'ni' is used instead of li'. transitive verb is sometimes composed of a preposition and a noun. from fi. Most of thetn'are dissyllables. § 37. Their foiination is as follows il^. ovun. I spoiled the booh. 6 be ole lori (7^6 cut Orthief to gather. but they are considered as words. form ko . to meet. gmo. si. adaba. mo ba iwe di. * These so-called coinpouiul transitive verbs are. as. and ori. the booh spoils or is spoiled . iron. nino. as. to meet. come to the Yoruba people through § 35. 3.. . to opening^. on . 6 fi woq hai) mi (Jie made them appear to-me\ he showed them to me. as. ^bata. Having thus stated the general principles on which the words of this language. the primitive particles we have ni. but . a r.. Jieaven . ui. Some are of three syllables as. crowd (from . . as. Verbs of more than one syllable are frequently compounded of a monoand evu. . and diie. and anu. 2. to pity (from se. Two verbs are used for one. the hill levels or is passive. from. ibadie. a violent lawless man. . and bere. § 36. the lady . lori. 11 which the following are examples aba. is formed ba d^e. and eru. in it. and a number of adverbs. fatJier . loru. beru. is formed fi. te oke bSre (spread hill flat). . akara. to cut. qrxLT). to vex (from l>i. be as-to-tlis-hea<T). sauu. the mind). to onahe room in a. al5. and an 1.* Tims. evening . ara. to make. crib. Thus. proli. to spoil . because their parts acquire a new meaning by composition. There are three classes of transitive verbs. it is true.FOKMATION OF WORDS. a. bread. in regard to b. 6ugb6r). to spread. Among : are unknown among the tribes further in the interior. . oke teberc. ^j>i7y . bote or ibote. a child. li. both primitive and derivative. An . anu. From ba. be. and babd. . to in regard to. The second member of a compound . of : om\^ water. levelled. odo. a. igi. to xjwil. and also in forming nouns . bi . From te. a hindred hy marriage . jj«Vy) bil^. the head. wood . in regard to.

. Sometimes the formation of compound transitive verbs is still more comBa as may be seen in the following example. a loom. a horse. a meeting . a leaf . The compound here consists of three members. from we. a peace-maher. of sin (from ^e. ese. from fe. 6 ba mi leru. owe. They generally form nouns denoting either the doer. the action or state of being as. the the result of an action as. from dd. to meet. sin . Nouns are formed from verbs. the entire expression. esir). to fold. aba 2.12 ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. the first and last of which are verbs. iba. are derived ewe. . whistle) But at present. in accordance with the law of § 40. e^e. oro. o. i. But if this principle had been adhered to exclusively. iwe. the vowel prefixed to the verb should be identical with that of the verb itself. means to spoil j and ni in6. a parrot (lit. 6 ba mi nino d^e. to be afraid^ becomes ba leru. beru (ba eru). . a word. 3. he who is met. to swing . d:^e. now stands. The facts in regard to these preformatives. to create . ofi. from ba. by prefixing the pure or nasalized vowels. the receiver of the action. or nino. are not employed before every verb. receiver. meanings. With Vowd Prefixes. as. 1. to relate. . further that regularly. . frightened 3. aba. ofe. § 41. in accordance with the principle of vocalic assimilation already noticed (§ 13). ofo. . to frighten . to hill fish) esiq. and the middle one is composed of a preposition and noun. But nouns of this form have various other meanings. as shown above (§ 39). 2). Thus. and oq. . from fi. a meeter. euphonic concord (§13. . DERIVATION OF NOUN'S. § 42. a horse (from siq. aba. a meeting . 2. § 39. from ro. or from siq. being frequently employed to denote 1. . The other vowel prefixes. only one noun could be derived from each verb. a&e. there may be several. tJie state (from ba. love. but is met with occasionally. or. a. The primary use of these prefixes appeare to have been to form concrete noims denoting the actor or agent as. e. lie who meets. as.nino d. sin . Nouns denoting an action are formed from all verbs by prefixing i as. or agent or patient 3. a proverb. although of frequent occurrence. both primitive and derivative. . as. a word. to meet). o. as the practice may be summed up as follows . whereas by prefixing different vowels. oqgbo. to sin). the doer of the action. nouns formed by these prefixes have various to run rapidly). as. iMd^a. ' ' . a whistler.* These prefixes (excepting perhaps the vowel i ') are simply variations of the pronoun of the third person. a booJc . oro. loss . It is to be observed : . as. I^licatecl. . Concrete nouns are formed from all verbs by prefixing 'a'. as above stated. edd. e. to . to rtm .&e. . . to utter. as. a creature. ' akpedia. he grieves me. ba. The vowels a ami u arc never employed as formative prefixes. lie me. But sometimes this form has a concrete signification the act of meeting / ife. means in regard to tlie mind. means to grieve. . The ' prefix 'oq * is not much used. a fisliermxin (from kped^a. § 38. .

amoye (oye. an intelligent man. ' ' ' ' ' ' : Hence. ' ' . Iketu dialect.. thus shortening the prefix to ad as. and elision . agaliti abara yiyi. to make) is prefixed to verbs. .. i. § 45. that tvhich has feathers . heing in a standing posture). § 44. h^q.. a . which signifies heirig in a state of. . ibi ido. abi iro. Sometimes the final a '/of ada is elided. ' by ' . a falsehood (lit. It is also prefixed to nouns when they are followed by verbs as. afih^q. ambo. ilu. water)... that which causes xoar adote (ote. adulteration (from ada. .. literally. that which is not eaten or must ' ' ' ' ' ' • not he eaten. Aba (composed of the prefix 'a' and ba. . that . § 43.' not). loho is peeled. Am. Ada (from dd. a making. a discreet person. to form others implying the cause or result of an action as. the final 'i' being changed into u (§ 16. Abu is sometimes a derivative from bu. 1. who knmvs. a leper. to meet) is prefixed to verbs to torm nouns implying union as. § 48.. aba ^e. . to peel* thirsty ' ' . a priaoyiei\ from de. aiwi.. the meeting of Aba is abase.. adogui) (oguq. and oi in Yoruba viz. .. 5na. a pine-apple. that tvhich causes enmity. to hind. abata. especially after a burn.. discretion. a contraction of amy. e. a. war). from ete. § 49.. endowment. seeing. h^r). the lizard which has a hody of roughness. or ibudo. making. a rough hody... a knowing.^ from b6. ebado. as.. the place of sitting). g. and its equivalent e. contraction of words. abu iso. 3. to mdke) is prefixed to nouns. is prefixed to nouns amero (ero. a road. speak. adakpe (ikpe. e. tJie giving of taW).. a seat (ibi id^oko. and okpaimbo (okpe ambo). makes. Ati (probably composed of a and ti. or condition as. tlie tvMte matiUs fruity the usual name of tlie orange . aba ita. as. co7isideration). to form nouns expressing a quality.^ that is. to he dry. The prefix ai (composed of a and i. § 51. to appeal"). af onahAq. he ' ' ' . water). Iw who meets one to do something). to give j as. abuso. an island. a mixing) ' . tliexoliite mavUs palm. a shore (lit. * "When the skin of a negro peels off. In other cases abu is equivalent to abi as. a marTcetrpUice (lit. a tvliite man.. « *Acw. • adado (odo. see § 16. § 47. aburo. one who shows the roaxT).. as. ' ' 13 from gbe. Bu and ibu are formed from ibi. to appear. oib6. 'Afi' or 'af (from fi.. ligence)..' from) is prefixed to verbs to form nouns expressing the abstract idea of the verb as. atiri.' are attached to verbs to form nouns of a negative meaning. onde. intelas. tlmt vjliich is unTcnown or unusual. They are prefixed to nouns as. Trado. § 50. a place . or emo.FORMATION OF WORDS. haviiuj^ is prefixed to nouns. Roots vs^ith this prefix are also ' used imperatively . a calling). streets') sometimes changed into eba. tlie meeting of tJte . the nasal i) is changed to n In one case or) becomes am in the as. Abi. e. a camp (lit. oi-ombo (oro amb6). which stands erect (lit. lie. aim5. fi. eba odo.. abiye (abi iye). as. a mixture.. 2..^ a monster aidze. adete. do not heep silence ! With SyllabiG Prefixes. tlie place of camping) budzoko or ibudi:oko. leprosy . adalu. abara (abi ara). that which has a hody. For the vowel change. the surface becomes white like the Ambo or oibo means. skiu of a white man. § 46. afi. Before a dental consonant. enmity). i. a guide (lit. display (lit. a helper (lit. 3).

(§ 13. few inelegant nouns are formed by reduplicating the entire vei-b . • ETYMOLOGY ANB SYNTAX. Since the performer of an action may be regarded as its possessor. who is not ' ' ' . alaise. . cloth^ elesiq. duration (from kp^. which is not cre- Nouns formed hy Reduplication. ol. goodness (from dara. tvJw is childless . u. d 6 eiyekeiye. and the initial i' of the noun to be changed into (See § 52. a. tohich has no existence. breadth) a believer (from igb^gbo. alaso. &c. 1. aso tita. al^bo. kpedza § 56. and hence. a sinner (from ^se. . aiko. . Nouns formed by reduplication active and a passive signification : . 2. o^ie aidd. ale). . as. Nouns are formed by redupHcating a noun and inserting ki. a. the owner of a liorse. life). also. or iyi. from active transitive verbs have both an which is sold or to be tit^. Either akped^a or onito Mil fish). the above examples. sin) olore. li. the state to xoho is unlearned. g. ' ' ' ' . help) defence) a benefactor (from ore. a gift). By exchanging the initial vowel of these prefixes for 'ai. The vowel of the reduplicated syllable is changed into i. a selling. alaid^ . But in such cases it is usual for the final tJiat which is profitcd)le (from \i'A. nouns of this form frequently denote the actor or agent . a dealer in cloth (from a^o. 3. lias a child. ol for on b.profii). v^. cloth to sell. owner of doth. one wlio is sinless . wicreatedness. el. as. to verb. aiMgbdra. one wlw negative. alaiko. %olio is strong. el^se. preferable to the reduplicated form.' as in stay.. al. by § 16. except that occasionally 'u' is not changed.' they become Thus. the first syllable of the § 53. shv- hssness. a. olifa. as. belief). a horseman (from c^ii). prefixed to li or ni. a horse) oloti. is ki ise bibu.) 5. onibu. to be long). as. length (from guq. olomo. according to the principle of euphonic concord . as seen in the examples given above. a e. a favor) olore. . Occasionally we have the form olu. any bird will do (a to. elese. a sinner. 3. he who lias a lord i olusc (ise. follows usually with an elision of the final vowel of the particle. the el. ailomo. aMgbdra. But the jirefix '11' is never used. onigb^gbo. a lahorer.. a helper (from egbe. The vowel prefixed to '1' must be the same as the initial vowel of the noun which takes the prefix. he wlw is sinless. oluwa (oil iw&. a defender (from abo. Ki has the : sense of ri any or wlmtever . Frequently the prefix al of being ^mlearned (from ko. to have^ form the prefixes . : de. the oioner of ale. becomes ailese. ol. . tit^ fisherman (from kpedi. as. which is broad (fi-om ibu. g. as 1. b. The &c. eiyekoiyo. ated.' it is customary to employ on as. tvovTc). 2). kpikp6. A kpedzakpedza. to sell) § 55. when a prefix is required for a jioun beginning with i. . we saio no birds whatever . Sometimes it is more agreeable to the ear to substitute as. ' ' ' strong. a dealer in ale (from . selling is not giving . that sold (from t^.' 'i of oli. aise.a. icill sufiice). e. ' ' is employed before negative nouns Uarn). a. as. to continue).3 as. 4. (from eiye) e. that which has breadth. a giver (from ore. any bird wlmtever eiyokoiyc a to. didara. .14 § 52. § 54. elegbe. which form nouns of possession from other nouns as. giguq or ' gugur). vowels. ri. Nouns are formed from verbs by reduplicating to be good)'. oti.

Many nouns in 'a' are he. a congregation (from akpe. oLirikobiri. iwo. g. ased:iu. and d^o. 5. dre. When tlie reduplicated noun begins with i. ile tubu (liouse prisoti). as to conduct (from . a calling. to nouns of this form as. to despise. ungrateftd person (from a. eniake'nia. crib or agabagcbe. to call. hand to Imnd). a shepherd . ati iraq is sometimes prefixed de iraq. together) e. medi:ired^i. when . a cliild or servant. evU. the state of heing alive) med^i and ed^i. : to despise 1. a disciple (from omo. the 3. g. To exhibit the various regular methods of forming nouns and verbs from § a verbal root. : Nouns formed by attaching a tlie root or single prefix to the tlie by reduplicating It : ag^q. to desjyise or be despised. q. to he despised. as an infinitive. as. roe must not whip anotlier person! s cliild (lit. Li. from. only two (from 4. a running. genealogy (lit. as. a akpedz. agbesoke. as an infiniti\'p. asdM. ebe. eiiiatlwu art a contemptible person . to . ever. tlie haclc) odzii ona (eye road). a trifling woman. owodowo. that whieh is despised. it up. 3) thus. . omolomo. § 60. an action. compounded with verbs to form new abstract (from asd. omo olomo. . and ehiq. eyi. whole phrase is frequently united to form a noun as. clhnbs. d. (from ^ye. oluso dgutaq (toatclier sheep). lift 61. ekuru-iyekuru. as. dnst. and dzu. . and soke. this) makes a noun emphatic as. surpass). lie. act of despising. a jail. for gbe e soke. 2. act of despising . a dovUe-dealer. possessoi' being placed last. guq. owo de owo. we subjoin the following list of words regularly derived from g^q.third pereon as. only . . tradition (lit. lift it as lifting up (from agbe. from isiq. atigiiq. one wlio despises or tolw is despised. . tlie child of tlie cJiild-otvner').o. Ri. ever living . the yamdiiU). 15 this form are sometimes employed to express contempt as. Adverbs be completed) to . excess. nouns love . perfect . the very dust. tlie good) . . escape afe love. ibi. which is the reverse of the English a follower. inserted in a reduplicated noun. Nouns formed hy § 57. % put. aba. to (from ase a doing. lam. &mk omolomo. e. it is converted after the particle c. oqgj^q. x\ti. and tdq. superstition. kpe. ^yer^ye.FORMATION OF WORDS. also are attached to this class of nouns in the same . up) to a lifting tip. afibikpore. h. two). a gate . Nonns of li kenia ' .' into 'u' (§ 16. Two A . an § 58. implies ownership in reference to a . a desprising . i. to have. to he safe) afetdq. from generatimi to generation). manner as. this dust. Observe that the vowel following 'k' invariably has a strong accent. Composition. gbe e li agbes6ke. another persoiUs child : e. guq. a lifting. atiraqdiraq. contempt . service^ we have isiqkusiq. . De. § 59. as. a despise^\ a despiser. tlie state of being despised. lyi (perhaps i. nouns are occasionally compounded together. a despising. the qualifying term or order as. a hypocrite (from climbs. a. ig^q. omo ohii). and \k. gig^q.

in . 'kiiT)'kai). alihe . prefixes a/ i.. sluggishly . ibi.. oni. boyi. § 63. agflq.. to-morrow . the day hefore to-day. ' onigaq. instead of a. ana. i)i. as those of time and place. to surpass. as in the following cases 1. dara dih {good s-mpassing). die. the day after to-day^ to-morrow . as. odio. such adverbs were originally nouns. this place . ati. These nouns ola. as. § 62. ibe. to experience Imtred or contempt. exjiresses the idea of unison or congrulty. olug&q. to do. yesterday.' It seems unnecessary to write these nouns a despiser^ one ' ' who is despised. to-day . § 66. . m6. In the Yoruba language many abstract relations. w. to he laig^q. as to .. one wlix) manner oni may be prefixed to diag^q. ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. as. in like Adagiq. ori. day after day . A few adverbs are formed by combining several words ni. and saig^q.. ]i. formed as. fo ^6 despised.. Nouns formed from these verbs by the . to he 3. togetlier. we have ososu and igba. the . despised. ti?ne. ymt worh more than I. fiofio. : is employed in that sense as. . . %olmf) . there. if^. a month. odiodio. is added as.'?/ / gmgoi. the verb diu. causes we frequently hear oligaq. not despised. aigaq. reason or cau4e . a day . are expressed by nouns as. diag^q. to despise not. formed by reduplicating the So from § 64. Sometimes loli. iwo kihe (Mvl mi loh but it makes no perceptible addition to the sense. to and aig^i). there are some relations which none of them definitely express and hence both verbs and nouns are frequently used adverbially.. Although the adverbs are quite numerous. gldigidi. Adverbs of time expressing the idea of recurrence or repetition are first syllable of a noun expressing time. ' ' ' saig^q. in. to he despised. kini. Many all adverbs consist of a reduplicated syllable or word. and and contempt^ may be changed into onidag&q .. li ola or lola. Verbs formed from he. in . perhaps (from § 65. to he not despised. osu. lo^osu. all or every) .' and but observe that instead of aligilq. w?'^/ (high). iwo dzu mi. are formed into adverbs by prefixing 11 or ni. nitorikini xoherefore ? bi. 2. &c. nigbagbogbo. the state of not being despised.' DERIVATION OF ADVERBS. to act: Imve. . sagfiq. or ^e. mag^q. li oni or loni. (from niti. to despise. sise . cause contempt or liatred. sagfiq. a despieer. igt^q. by prefixing the verb dd. It is pro- bable that by reduplicating the entire verbal root.. &c. montldy. . ni ibe or nibe. goge. ? alioays (from gbogbo. to Tcnow or experience . more good or hetter .quicMy . lodiodio. and then prefixing li or ni. to make . 2. The adverb sokaq. to to dag^r). daily. that place. to go. ^' > to he despised. this day .1& gkrjgkr). . rather than that of being or acting in common and hence to denote the latter idea. For want of an adverb to express the idea of more.

the tree is very tall. bi. The origin of others is more doubtful. Most of the remaining conjunctions are § compound words. or at very or mvoh. in . to he common^ are employed togetlier . but it is not difficult probably from the obsolete verb bi. . intensely^. nin6. few of the prepositions are verbs as. or collocation. A inside^. iDith. Finally. . 3. oq. bi ^ubu. The adverbs of and ^ubu. to push (one) down.. prqxired). verbs dio. e. it is very darTc. to make) de. si. ih dide. oLundaTwe. as. if . soro kpo. to he) nitori. hecause (from niti. from . within (from ni and ino. lY as. to love . k6 d^o. II. 4. il^ ^li biribiri (tlie-ground is-darh § 67. to collect place with the idea of motion. the § 68. called In the Yoruba language the first and second of these methods are inflexions. reason). with. fe kpikp6. . the Yoruba adverbs number and quantity rather than to degree and hence to the noun kpikp5. Thus. to he. fiofio. it. to means of (prop.IITFLEXION AND CONSTRUCTION OF WORDS. appeai-s to be the pronoun 6ij. to . dide. words are combined together to form propositions. . the thief hid closely . fi. is used as. or ti. to mention one meaning mxicli refer to express this last idea. to suhtract . (standing) uprigld . ki. . the state of existence. is a primitive. adi. hy ineet) But most of the Yoruba prepositions are composed of a noun and one of the primitive particles ni. to asseirible^ and kp5. biribiri. he . CHAPTEE § 72. the relations which they bear to each other are indicated partly by their position with regard to each other. 70. adverbs are restricted in their use to a single word. notwithstanding. DERIVATION OF PREPOSITIONS. pai-tly by certain subordinate words or particles employed for this purpose. which is applied to nothing except the idea of height.) DERIVATION OF CONJUNCTIONS. and hence to express the precise idea of iip and dxnon^ the Yorubas employ the verbs. toe stand intensely (dark). (See Prepositions. buruburu. onucJh or greatly. in. li duro seqseq. as. for (prop. (from 6q. and ori. retained in composition. to rise. vp^ and nisale. as. ndiie. erect . to talk togetJier. scqseq. Ex: igi ga fiofio. as. 3 When . ba. INFLEXION AND CONSTRUCTION OF WORDS. in. and. (See Conjunctions. to fall. § Yl. Many Yoruba . ole kpamo buruburu. (hiding) closely . doion^ correspond very nearly to the English words iiinvcirds and downwards . more example among many. along with (prop. loke. may be derived from di. to refer ' A few of them the conjunctions . § 69. abi. may be as. most to a single idea as. to he ready.) to verbal roots primitive words. g. to raise (one) up . that. then and d^e. which is still . and partly by changes in the form of words.

Yoruba may be considered as derived. 2. or varied in form. oq. § 75. The euphonic forms. Personal Pronomns. mostly employed. slie. The open form.18 ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. The contracted : or secondary forms of these pronouns may be classified as a. emi. . Each of these pronouns is inflected. when employed as the subject of a proposition. 4. b. § Y4. § 77. The close form ending in o. the use of which depends on the principle of euphonic concord a previous section (§ 13) and the pronouns of the first and third persons have each two additional contracted forms. but there is no variation the plural : . I . to distinguish he. and that from which most. appear ' ' ' ' to be contractions of emi 3. follows 1. faint traces. laid . are then as follows : m what may be called the SINGULAR. therefore be proper to commence this division of the Grammar with the verb. It would all. The primary forms of the personal pronouns are emi. which are divided into. it. The citatvve form. we . thou . awa. each of the singular personal pronouns. to allow of their being more closely connected with The future the following verb. The plurals are likewise subject to contraction. Besides the primary forms just mentioned. But the verb cannot be conjugated except by means of the pei-sonal pronouns . mi. which will presently be explained. down in § 76. The verb if not the other words in PRONOUNS. has two contracted or secondary forms. or it. the language exhibits but the most important part of speech. All the plural nominatives are sometimes abridged in form by the suppression of the entire second syllable.' which is used before the close vowels. ending in o. and ' yi. founded on other considerations. and i. iwo. Of is inflexion. I.' form. the pronouns of which. nominative case. she. and hence it is most convenient to begin with the pronouns. The various forms of the personal pronouns. § Y3.' which is used before the open vowels. NOMINATIVES. of form to express gender. properly so called. from the singular number as. lie. so called because employed chiefly in the future tense. /.

The close and open forms are employed instead of the primary forms merely for the sake of euphony. he^ are rarely used. § 80. or replying. viz. It is especially employed to express see . it inadmissible. But 6r) or 6q is used with that parJie does not see . mo fe. I / did not do § 82. 1. rule. indifferently. its use is not confined to the future tense. When the first vowel of the following verb is a close vowel. ri. ri 6q. I did . the use of the contracted forms being optional. nibo. 6r] . I slmll see j but : mo 6 ri Before the particle k6 or k6. ho. None of them can be employed is as nominatives to verbs in the future tense. a. refusal . 'will not do it. be noted in reference to the use of the close and open forms. lie does not hnow. . § 78. do or will not go. as. q ko ri {I not ' ' ' •' : ' ' . 7". It is toill It employed instead of hnow). Z (enquired) cohere? i. mi. a. we hnmn. which is aspirated in the above example for the sake of euphony. however. Although we have classed q along with yi in the It is employed as follows future form. as.' The manner in which it is formed is seen in the subjunctive phrase. "When the first vowel of the verb is an open vowel. but they are emploj^ed in repeating what has been said. e. yi 6 {father it-is tJiat will see). and i. citative forms. Before the neuter vowel a. correct to say either. The rules to be observed in their use are as follows. lie will come. i. as. Twt^ 6 or 6. § 79. viz. or u.INFLEXION AND CONSTKUOTION OF WORDS. sometimes verb of saying. the close form of the pronoun must be employed as. For is instance. is often neglected in practice. as. 7wt . with the suppression of the The singular or for the plural. i. before k6 or I do not k5. babd ni generally preceded by ni. /(answered) 6 . emi ko se 6. lie. as. The is use of the demonstrative yi. this word '6' being the usual reply to a salutation. mo se. b. a. lie (replied) yonder . either singular or plural. as a pronoun of the third confined to the future tense. There are two peculiarities to mo tk or mo I sell. it. 1. he does ticle kd m6. e or o. Ilove . mi. k6 ri. c. as. not Tcnow.' the open or close form of the pronoun ' is used t^. person. q ko 6e e. k5 mb. often used pleonastically after other nominatives. X9 Remarks on the Nominatives. and ki 'm' ri and is still more fre- § 81. A^. 2. yi 6 de. lohuq. is it. the open form of the nominative pronoun is employed as. instead of emi 6 ri. 1. In the future tense. I see). In affirmative sentences it is to he . q 2. mi. that see^ which is frequently contracted to ki em' ri. she. quently pronounced ki q ri. . father will see . 2. is uniformly omitted as. awa ni yi 6 mh {we it-is that toill 2. 1. This . asking. as. pereonal pronoun 'q' appeai-s to be a modification of 'emi. The I .'emi 6 or i) 6 ri. In negative propositions. The primary forms of these pronouns may be employed on all occasions. o. The pronouns of this form are never employed in negative or interrogative sentences neither is there any analogous contracted form for the second person . tlioit seest. q k() 16h (^I not go). o ri. lie hnmos. suggests the idea of denial. o mo. ki emi ri. this or that. as. I shall see.

as. awoq ti eba 6na. 2. and differs in no full forms. tliey which . and 6 or o. § 86. Before nouns. 6. they. Awoq. take the following forms : SINGULAK.) OBJECTIVES. is oj)tional. ' — — ' ' . and awa 6 m^ future. d. k fo 6. tJiei/ will not Tcnow. tlie elders were assembled . (fell 12). ' In these examples we have probably the full original construction of yi in the awa 6 ri. The personal pronouns when employed as the object of a proposition. as a substitute both for yi. to indicate plurahty . lu mi. not employed as the direct subject of a proposition. they. The use respect from that of the of the contracted plural forms. by) tlie road side (Luke 8. d. . (§ 147. he. awoq agba kp^d^o {tliey elder met).20 ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. is inadmissible : Before ti. yi is always placed betweeii ki. in both of which occasionally in the Egba dialect. § 83. from which the briefer modes of expression are formed by ellipsis. I sJudl not see . except that d. nwoq ki auxiliary 6 or 6 as. tvho or which. d. yi 6 mo. ona awoi) elese. tlie toay of sinners. § 85. lie will strike me . is nwoq 1. § 84. lie will ' ' break it. is used imj)ersonally to form a substitute for passive verbs. h. as. The pronoun d is employed before verbs in the future tense. it is employed as the subject of a proposition awoq ti o de {they wlw he came). Twi^ and the emi ki yi 6 ri {I not iluxt shall see). whether governed by verbs or prepositions. except Its use is restricted to two cases. In negative future propositions. will . as. tliey xolio came .

a. especially when they follow a sharp vowel. and m6'.' like the nominative. / know him. 5. and scarcely any per- The practised ear ceptible quantity. Reasoning from analogy. I see you. is The fe full form ti is as. for the most part. is is a con- often used instead of the singular by way of politeness. I fe emi. more agreeable to the ear . can discover. have no accent. Thus. as nearly as signs can represent mo POSSESSIVES. 4. i. the objective pronoun is followed by the relative ti. . mo m6 6. which. tliee . . that they slightly sharpen the preceding vowel. tvlu) or which / as. mo fe awoq ti o oq ti o de (I smo himioho he came). mo ri e. but as this vowel becomes perfectly assimilated to the final vowel of the governing verb or pre- mo position. This us. the contracted forms are. is pronounced. se e. The objectives. 21 mo ri Wlien. e. I love tlwm who love me. they assume the same contracted forms as the objectives the only difference is that r^ is employed as the possessive of the second and third . 6. As the objective pronouns are generally governed by a preceding word to which they are closely attached in pronunciation. was 'o. o. ' ' persons singular. S. traction of the pronoun of the second person plural. SINGULAK. as. J see it. &g. are to be made : On these forms the following observations "We occasionally hear e for o. made by eliding the initial vowel of the pronoun. ri . § 89. we may assume that the original contracted form of the third person singular. saw him xolio came . § 88. I bought it • I mo I ' b. mo r^ a. as with 1. as. did it / saw it fu u. however. to it. it assumes in turn all the forms of these vowels ri i. 8. 2. Nwoi) is not used in this case.INFLEXION AND CONSTRUCTION OF WOKDS. is pronounced mo it. frequently employed because it I love them tvho love me. mo ri i. As the pronouns when used to indicate possession are closely attached to a preceding noun. and u. mo awoq o fe emi. so that it may be more closely joined to the governing word.

: — — — — . .. . whether it be a is ti o 16h oko. 2. added either to a nominative or objective pronoun. tlie person who came. lie loves Mmself. my own Ara. mo beru r^. and renemphatic as. okoqri kaq ol9ro 6 ni iridiid kag (man oTie rich lie Iwd steward one). ekuq mu u tlie (the cMld^ wlio lie tvent to- thefarm^ a leopard alagbe. tliat^ added to a pronoun makes hook. eki. : of several words 1. . When a verb is separated from its nominative by intervening words . I gave it to the beggar who sang at the door. tlmt one. o koqriq ode ni. she.22 2. although the pronoun verb. When frequently occurs before verbs the subject of a relative clause as. . ami nd. failier Mmself sees. .' Each of the foregoing expressions may be used in conjunction with nouns. lit. being equivalent to very self. is he came). : § 96. Pleonastic 6 or 6. it are used after a so-called compound is and a noun (§ objective. as. as. a richmnn : had a steward. ti catight hmi)^ li a leopard caught fi i child who went sa/ng at to tlie farm. meet tlie fear of I Mm as. Nd. EMPHATIC AND REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS. nd. § 94. which. amd. fear liim . ye your3. § 93. omo. he.. I really stands in the relation of possessor to the noun or Jiis fear. emi tikara tikala. lolio lie tlie door I gave 1. consisting of a verb rendered into English as an . is ders it ' ' of tikara ' r^. iwe ti emi 2. as. The personal pronouns are augmented by the addition equivalent to the English word self^ selves^ &c. I myself . separated from the governing word by a relative supplied after the governing word.^ and ara. an objective pronoun is verb or a preposition as. tolio. ti o de (tlie ti. is employed before possessives. But the expression iwo kpakpa appears to be equally strong without the addition 4.. sdf^. person who ti . it4s. and performs two offices: Before a singular possessive it makes the pronoun reflexive as. selves see.. 6 fe ara r^. The same forms 36). body or self^ is used only before possessives.. as follows § 92. PLEONASTIC USE OF PRONOUNS. mo fu {tlie beggar. When the objective noun clause. as follows babd nd ri babd tikara r^ ri babd kpakpa ri ^babd ^babd ara vh ri tikara r^ kpakpa ri each of which sentences signifies. sometimes pronounced as. 1. mo ba eru r^. tTiee thyself or thy very self. a. ovUy. this one. After ni or for the relative li. Sometimes tikara with its possessive pronoun is followed by kpakpa. when employed as a substitute as. Tikara (composed of ati. as in the following cases § 95. it to). enia it. ETYMOLOGY AITO SYNTAX. 2. and forms emphatic pronouns mi mo (/ and-only-self my hnow)^ 1 myself hnow / eqyiq tikara nyiq ri. a people who err. h. tliey love eaxih other. Personal pronouns which would be superfluous in English are frequently employed in Yoruba. nwoq fe ara woq. enia li o sin a. eqyiq ti o m5. iwo kpakpa. Kpakpa is more definite than nd. tliee thyself. Kpakpa. it often makes the pronoun reciprocal as. when. ye who hnow. .. it emphatic. self . Before a plural. . iwo tikara r^ kpakpa.

. 23 After ni or li. 6q k6 m6. of which the plurals are awoqyi. those Jiouses. speak to according to circumstances as.' are placed immediately after the nouns which they Iwuse . alayi. eni ti mb6 who 2. strative this. lie does not hioiv . is not rere. is person goodness).this one. awoni (awoq ni). Both 'yi' and 'nd' may be attached to plural nouns. oba yi o kpa S. I to rote that Itvas coming. . § 102. o se e (thou it-is that did it)^ tJwu didst it . forming the compound substantive pronoun . bd ni is ' sise. awoq enia yi. he does not see j 6. ki ise enia rere (iwt not a good man. those. tliese. quently eyini. not. tlie hing lie will kill him. oqnd. When the noun is followed . this . go wash (your) face. he is not a good man. instead of the above expressions. this . § 99. he frequently employed as a definite article (§ 108). I see no one. tlwse. ile woni. § 100. she. eyi li o se e . (one wlio is coming). 3. nd.INFLEXION AND OONSTEUCTION OF WORDS. as. to wit . When the demonstratives mented by the addition of the usual preformatives as. or) ko ri. lie affinned tliat he did Twt do it / mo kowe r^ kpe (]i6 affirmed it iwo li A emi mbo {Ihmlt-hook of-it that . she. eleyi. they are aug§ 105. which may be variously rendered or a person). gbogbo ile nd. me or us . to 'yi' and ' ni. It is combined with other pronouns in composition as. the near demonpresent. eyi. I was-coming). inother called tliee. these. ' appears to be. k6. formed by prefixing awoi). 1. it. that one. all those ' houses. But the full form 6q or oq. tfec. iwoqyi. OMISSION OF PRONOUNS. ile yi. ni. it is compounded with that. ' ' . Demonstrative Pronouns. however. or ns. It is employed as an indefinite pronoun. coming . The demonstrative pronouns with their plurals woqyi. as. pleonastic pronoun of the third person singular follows verbs of saying. it. § 97. Yi. awoqnd. tlmt. help one. by a descriptive word. 1. this tliese people . he does not know . when this word is used pleonastically in the sense of to he . § 103. 16h bo § 101. is frequently employed pleonastically before verbs in the future tense as. § 98. awoni. as. 6 t6nunio 8 kpe 6q ko ^e G tlmt he not did it'). as. we may use their precise 6q ki ise enia equivalents. the demonstrative is placed after both. what? are employed substantively. he. that. this . tlmt. 3. wi fu ni or eni (speak to one § 104. m. The demonstratives define as. iya li o kp6 o. nwoqyi. are yi. (my) mother has come. Possessives are sometimes omitted for the sake of brevity odi. as. he. to ri work . The personal pronoun 6 or or ki. • ko m5. tani? (ta? ni). . he does not see . iya ni ' The pronoun At . meaning The substantive demonstratives are construed like nouns as. ko ri. and fretlwse. enia rere nd (^person of goodness that). woni. they. in connexion with kpe. tliat . Sometimes eyi reduplicates the second syllable as. this word and its corresponding substantive ' eni have the following uses and acceptations. he is omitted and hence. tliat good person. Ni' is emi k6 eni kaq (I not see some one). eyini (eyi ni).u. who? kini? (ki? ni). eyiyi. he. is always omitted before k6. as regards its origin. writing.

It being regarded as sufiicient if the plurality of the antecedent is once 2. as. The relative ti. Eyi. ile by it is. baloguq med^i. § 106. agreeing in person and number with the antecedent as.' 'n. however. ?ie slew tJtem son of him wTio lie rebelled) or by. gularity 2. we have the phrase eyi aburo. It is . Jie. in speaking of one among a plurality of things previously mentioned. we wlio are. is used to indicate sin- qdzo ni. awoqnd ni mo 'Oqnd' did ' it). we who see . 6 kpa . When the verb of the relative clause begins with 'm. In the use of ni we observe two peculiarities. 12. person did it / ognd 11 o wi i (that iwogyi mo. the o or o is usually omitted as. Ni is scarcely used as a demonstrative. site' it. he slew his sons tvJio rebelled. .24 {this itris lie ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. a. as a definite article. emi ti mo m6 ( 3. okoqri nd although in o de lana. awa ti o ri. tJmt. Nd is always equivalent to the English demonstrative some inrni cases it may' be rendered by the yesterday.' a pronoun is used. 6 kpa tence. When employed as the subject of a relative clause. and is more nearly equivalent to the article as. The demonstratives nd and ni. and 'awoqnd' are emphatic. instead of o or o. for instance. as is the case. it). is with the uninflected Hebrew relative. . tliese hwio. § 109. omode in connexion with kar). the same thing may be said in several difterent ways. iwo ti o ko. as. omo omo r^ re awoq ti o sote ( he sleio son of him they wlio lie rebelled) ti nwoq soto {he sleio son of Jtim who they rebelled). h. enia ti awoq ^e G (person who tliey did who ITcnow). tlie people wlio did it. DEFINITE ARTICLE. awoq omo rh ti o sote (lit. it ri (tliose it-is I saw I saw). which kaq ni li o se e. is applied to both persons and things. employed as. number. as. or in what may be called the nominative case.' or 'ij. § 107. 1. tlmse very persons. xolw we)it to tliat fire. we saxo tlie great river . . the child did it. which is used in a general way for all numbers and persons as. tJie who ca/rtie § 108. ko huwa re. did not hehave well. 1. thou who art speahing / awa ti mbe. before the noun. . ' after mentioning the two sons. and the substantive pronoun that. ' ' ' ' . 6 kpa . ti is usually followed by o or o. that person said 2. or else by. one. frequently have the force of the definite article. or themselves. thou who learnest. ' ' ' I Thus the senexpressed. Hence. oba ni li o wi i (hing tJie itis that said it). Thus in Luke 15. In these and all similar examples 'ni' may be rendered ti It frequently qualifies a phrase or sentence. Frequently. and not varied to indicate gender. d ri odo nld ni. article the . this. this it-is lie said it). tliere is a Iwuse an o 16h oguq nd ni. war. iwo ti qsoro. a pereonal pronoun is often employed in connexion with it to indicate the number and person which the relative would have if inflected. the hing said it. is employed The Relative Protunm.' either as an auxiliary particle or as a component part of the verb. two generals. this. ti eyi. § 111. w/w or which. I who Icnow.' the yownger. § 110. may be expressed in Yoruba either by. or case.

mo gb6 bi o ti wi. Sometimes.. not. the place where he is. I do not lilce what did. 'ti' rendered by wlien or wliere. as. a helper who helps no more... . . which . As an interrogative pronoun. ile ti oba ko. Ta? who? is generally. as. and the relative li awoq eqyiq nigbati eqyiq gbo {ye are they in-time^hicliye hear). eyi bi ti. OMISSION OF THE RELATIVE. that. Eni is sometimes introduced to make a phrase definite.IKFLEXION AND CONSTRUCTION OF WORDS. ibi may be ti I 6 w^. The relative is omitted in the following cases: 1. a noun or pronoun the pronoun to whom J § 113.. 'ti' is not followed by 'o' or any other pleonastic pronoun as. hear. a^ . (lit.' which. he recoTiciles difficulties). all you wlw hear. tani? who'i tani ni? who is it? iwo tani? {tlm. is employed as follows 1. gbogbo qyiq eni ti 2. this ti. tlw Jiouse wliicli the hing huilt. We awa k5 m^ eyi ti 6 ri. . rjgbo {all you one who are-hearing). § 115. main proposition. igba ti mo de. Before an adverb composed of a preposition.. if not invariably. mh owe. By . § 114. Before mdh. I heard what thmi saidst. am^raq l&d^a or^q {wise-man hnows proverbs. is expressed: a personal pronoun. who art tluruf tani se e? who did it? or.. si eni ti {to one who)^ fu eni ti {for ofie who)^ for whom.0 who). . okoqri ti il6 r^ d^o {man v)ho Iwii-se of him burned)^ the man whose hmise was burned. emi k6 fe qkaq thing which) lie ti 6 6e. 1. § 117. 1. 3. . bata eni ti emi ko t6 gbe {shoes of one which I not am-s^(fficientto-bear')^ whose shoes I am not worthy to hear. 2. i man who Interrogative and Indefinite Pronouns. which. tlie time when came . 3. The relative cannot be governed directly by a preposition. ye are they . as. as. . § 118. one^ is introduced before the relative as. we do not Tcnow wliat he saw. as. The possessive case employing the pronoun eni. two separate propositions are employed as. who when ye 2. instead of making use of a relative clause in dependence on the . of ti as. tali o 6e e? {who he did it). abani^e mdh ba ni 6e m6 {helper not with one acts more). 2. eni. compounded with ni or li. one^ before ti as. which must follow the name of the thing By employing possessed . The compound relative wMt is expressed: ' By a noun and ti. 1. employed as a relative instead enia li o sina li eyi. 25 § 112. as. . as. occasionally meet with ni or li. § 116. but only through . as. When its antecedent is a noun signifying time or place. iJ/iai!. alagbara mdh m5 6ro {strong-man not Mows consideration). this is a people that err. In what may be called the objective case. hence when the preposition has no other word for its object. who did it ? 6 lu tani ? lie struck whom ? tani 6 wi fu ? whom did he speak to ? or 6 wi fu tani ? he spoke to wJiom ? 4 It : . a wise hnows proverbs reconciles difficidties. a strong tnan who does not consider. as. By By . a noun.

en&tny ? formed by prefixing e to wo.' which the natives regard as a contraction of eyi. : As an lie ivhat is tJu)u 2. a. a). . bi emi ti qse? {as I what am-doing^. before the auxiliary particle i)kp6 mi ? who is calling me ? 'ta' is sometimes omitted. or which one. ile tani r)di. The particle or pronoun e. ile ti tani gd^o ? h. employed 3. e se ? {what is it). as. ni . 3. as^ is employed as a complement to ti precedes the subject of the verb. as. emi mo ' kill ITcnow xolmt he did.56. of the thing possessed. 1. ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. "When inserted • between the parts of a reduplicated noun ki ki ' has the force ile. emi 6 6 ti se md ? xvill ' ' ' ' . emi m6 tani 6 lu. Wo? xohich? what? is an adjective pronoun. Ki? tvhat? which? is also combined with ni or li. ti. ile or ilekile. attached interrogatively § to nouns as.' ITcnow wlwm Tie struck. ewo ti o dara ? (which that it is-good). may be inserted before tani as. as. kini? or kini ni? what is it? kill 6 qse? doing ? nitori kini iwo qkigbe ? {for what thmi. tani ni ile ti qd^o? {who house which is-bu7'ning^^ whose hcmse is-hurning ? § 119. In the Egba dialect si and yisi are sometimes employed as substitutes id^9 si 6 de ? on what day did he come ? yisi 6 gba ? which did he take ? ' ' ' ' for ' wo' and 'ewo ' . which. to Imve or own^ with : a. b^re ewo li 6 fe {ash which itris he wants). which has the same meaning. of. ' ' ' Ewo ? . ' follows 1. any house whatever (§. as. § 121.o ? (Jiouse of whom is-hurning f ) wlwse house is burning f At the option of the speaker. as. art-lawlin^)^ xvhy art lati kini bawling? It is also 6 de? as {from tvhat it came)^froni tohat did as. it arise? 6 6e. 'i). inquire which he wants. Very often bi. ile wo li 6 ri ? {house lohicli is-it he bought)^ xohich house did he biiy ? ^nia wo li o fe ota r^ ? {person what is-it he loves enemy his). ! . employed an indefinite pronoun. The same thing may be expressed by tani ? xvlio f and ni. The relative 'ti' is employed as an interrogative in the sense oiwliat? ti. is good ? emi 6 mb ewo I do nx)t hnow which ! b. li dialect. . as. what is the matter? why ? or. 2. Ti alone is used. 122. tliat^ and is used /is 1. thi^^ is used for what in the expression. e ti se. Ewo is employed as an indefinite pronoun as. 'li' In the Egba .' is a substantive pronoun as. As an indefinite pronoun . as. interrogative pronoun. ivhich^ following the name ti se? {IsJutU what do)^ what shall I do? egyiq what do tchhnow)^ luno will ye Tcnow ? (ye in which case bi 2. . 1. and only is Tani is equivalent to a possessive in various constructions After the name of the thing possessed as.26 2. wluxt am I doing ? bi iwo ti se vah ? {as thou what dost to-hiow^^ lunv dost thou hnow f § 120. what nutn loves his oi whatever as.

thou seest or sawest. and tense. I saw or see. emi qri. of these particles and thus the intricacies usually found in the inflexions of the verb ai-e here transferred* as it were. ) ti ri. egyiq ri. I may see or shall be seeing. iwo ri. to the department of syntax. § 124. emi ma ti ri. I have seen. \ Impf. emi ni yi o emi ni yi 6 ^ . emi 6 ma ri. \ ( . 27 VERBS. I am or was seeing. \ Impf. Future. I see or saw. and no irregular verbs.f j \ \ emi ni ri. I Per/. [ I shall ov will see. I might or woidd have seen. I see or saw. various forms of the verb. . the verb. This form is scarcely recognised by the Natives. emi ti ri. The modes and tenses are indicated by auxihary particles placed before The whole difficulty of the Yoruba verb lies in the position and meaning . emi li o ti ri. . I see or saw. ri. as follows : by the form of the personal pronoun awa ri. I have or liad seen. emi ma ri. I may or would see. number. emi ni qri. We INDICATIVE FORMS.* I shall or loill ha/ve seen. AoRisT. I sliall or will have seen. Simple. { \ Sec. in Yoruba. I have or had been emi b ri or k ri. I shall or will see. I am or was seeing. they see or saw. emi 6 ti ri. ( pf. 6q § 125. AoRIST. emi ri. nwoq ri. ye see or saw. lie we see or saw. Person and number are denoted that represents the subject. j Perf. Past.INFLEXION AND CONSTKUCTION OF WORDS. o. There is but one conjugation. the Yoruba verbal root remains unchanged. all verbs will here give a synoptical view of the being varied in the same manner. sees or saw.. FuTUKE. emi ti qri or qti qri. Principles of Conjugation. emi li o ri. with ni or li seeing. Througli all the variations of person. OPTATIVE OR POTENTIAL FORMS. or am seeing. § 123. ri. emi ri.. . § 126. First. Past. mode.

if ki. if if I shall have seen. ti. and I was speaking. if Iliave or Jtad seen. AiKdliary Particles. I slidll or will see. emi 6 ba emi 6 ba ti ri. keferi r)bo 8kpe. no reason is apparent why this should not be done as. a child. the child is yesterday. I) or m. ' ' . I^eif. nigbati ' awa mb6 lana. in asserting that tlie worship spoils palm-t/ree . Although it is . and ild. the heathens ti qke omo ni qba omo dze. Before exhibiting in detail the forms of expression in Yoruba wkich correspond to our ideas of mode and tense. 1. greatness . \ I/npf.' sometimes . The particle 'q. Past Particle. J I*e)'f. mbh (colloquial). or will be finished at or before . . it may be prefixed to the accompanying also as. which is composed of ni. and ibe. When g is attached to a verb. INDICATIVE PARTICLES. exchanged for 'm' before 'b' or 'f. . Particle of Continuance.28 ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. he will be wo^'Mng. that is. p Tfi see or saw. SUBJUNCTIVE FOBMS. to Imve. ri. he toho indulges a child . 2. eni which always holds good as. omo § 128. bi emi ba ti ri. 3.'is probably a contraction of ni. nM. This particle denotes that an action is. there. . we will first examine into tlie nature and uses of each of the particles by the help of which these various accidents are denoted. when we were coming not customary to prefix g ' to verbs in the future tense. with Present. ri. if hi emi Tiha. bi bi \ See. tJmt I see. to he great. was. The use of 'q' or 'm' in conjugation is to denote a continuing or § unfinished action. or one which was unfinished at the time referred to as. We have analogous formations in several words as. that I shall or will see. that place. ^ bi emi ba I I \ Impf. 5 First. if am ov was seeinff. ki g ri or ki em' ki emi ki 6 ri. § 130. in. I have or Tiad been seeiiuj. to he. particles 129. slewing or is asleep . FuTUKE. ri. Simple. from ni. yi 6 qsi^e. § 12*r. This prefix is very appropriately employed in making general propositions. 2. emi qsi r)s5ro. ri. 1. bi emi qba ti ri. qsuq.

/ have seen him often. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' lie. 2. It is employed indefinitely like the English auxiliary liave . . is-grown. and is generally equivalent to The difference between 6 and o is simply euphonic. mo ti 16h. § 132. ki. ! 6g ko le ti so eso (it not is-alle to-attainr auxiliary particle ti coincides with other particle ti in the language. he. aragb^ni ti qsina. past at the time of speaking . 3. mdh ti 16h (not arrime-at going). ki 6 t6 d6. may be regarded as an emphatic substitute for 6 or 6. ^. or reaches the point of. 2. before he arrives. The origin of the particle 'ti' is doubtful. It is sometimes ' after prepositions expressing instrumentality . employed some point of time expressed or implied as follows 1. 6 ' being sludl or tvill. ' ' ' ' ri. I oxn he to- see. attai/)is to. as. It * The secondary forms of the pronouns. do not go yet to bearing fruit). ki 6 t6 de. lit. employed before close. /. nikpa i^e ow6 ti wdh. as. which is sometimes employed as a sort of auxiliary particle as. loh. by labor inoney comes. tvas coining yesterday . the expression emi 6 see. or k5. § 133. before).) is § 135. or that is to § 134. § 131. The particle 6 or 6 is frequently preceded in all persons and numbers by the pleonastic pronoun yi. 6 or 6. (Luke. lie is dead. ' ' The ' ' ' t6 ' in accent. to attami to. as. as. but not with any Future Particles. it camiot bear fruit. Iliad gone. To express what is past in relation to some point of past time . 6 qti ijb^ lana. and '6' before open vowels (§ 14). it will get wisdom / nigband ni nwoq t6 sina (tlie/i it-is they attained-to erring). means literally. mo or mo. To express what will be past before some future point of time. as.' a. 20. iwo yi 6 6e e. . when the child is grown. : in the sentence. It is not improbably. It is variously To express anything that it is iIlia/€6 done lie yesterday). tve shall see . before he arrived (ki t6. shall Imve gone. she. The use of ti as a pleonastic particle seems to favor the suspicion that its ' ' original is t6. bi omo dagba k t6 li ogboq {if child . 1. not . ko. mo* ti ^e e lana 6 ti kxi. it. / shall see. I did it yesterday . This particle used as follows . ti is often thus employed ! after mdh. she. it / as. It is probable that 6 or 6 was originally the personal pronoun 6 or 6. If so. mo ti ri i nigbakugba. as. then they erred. emi 6 ti 1 4. the ancients erred. as in the general proposition. a modification of t6. 5ro ti yi o ^e (word tvhich it will come-to-pass). to he sufficient. thou wilt do it / awa yi 6 ri. Again. 1. arc more frequently used than the longer pri- mary forms. . comimg. however. it^ill attain to-lmve wisdom). a v)ord which will be fulfilled. This particle is the sign of the future tense. employed pleonastically ' ' h. .INFLEXION AND CONSTRUCTION OF WOEDS. 3.

he or tliey Before a verb used subjunctively. tlwu mayst go / 6 ma gbe e. § 136. / m5. with a nominative of the second person. or iwo ma 16h. J desire to go . ' ' . ! stay)^ Iww long ye stayed! § 138. babd ni ijvi.um6. . after ki. To give emphasis to an assertion. 'ma' precedes ' ' it.. to lie able. and frequently with a preceding clause understood as in the evening salutation. ki k . as. or will desire : 1. "When the particle 'ti' is employed. 6 ni. / sludl Tcnow. it being used in connexion with a nomibefore any vowel whether close or open as. shall see . . xoe go often6q ma nd mi lodi. it may either precede or follow ma as. expresses what is customary or habitiuil . 'ni ' or 'li. emi k native. thou hast done evil (habitually). it expresses will or desire . can^ or may. he said^ let us ffo. tlion This form of expression is much employed instead of the imperative.' saw or sees. that^ without a nominative. nwoq 6 ma 16h.oba. ki d 1^ ma m6. as being more courteous mayest get out of my way . as. ki k sdq r^ may you sleq) well ! lit. thou taUcest too mwbch . th/it we may hnow ma 1^ di. perluxps 1i£ may or can reign. emi ma 16h. iwo ma ti ^e buburu. 6 ma seuq (he is always Mnd\ lie is very hind! 6 ma kpe! (^ye always 3. he or subject of the verb is of the third person.. eqyii) ma loh ? do ye wish to go ? 2. Servants frequently ask such questions as. OPTATIVJi PARTICLE. Or without a nominative. it as. do you wish that I shall do this? But the clause preceding 'ki' is often expressed. ma 16h. ma it In connexion with words denoting the continuance or repetition of an action. Emphatic Particle.6di. ! loh. This particle is used as follows In affirmative propositions with a nominative of the first or third person. 2. tliey will see me / k kpa mi. h. ma. d ma 16h nigbakiigba. lit. and in interrogative sentences with a nominative of the second pei-son. as. The demonstrative . as. In affirmative propositions. they will go. ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. . go . In these / boya yi 6 cases also ma denotes the continuance of the action. emi k ri. mi..30 1. as. iwo ma s5ro kpod:iu. he flogs me daily . But when le. § ISY. 6 ma yara. ye may make haste. a. is employed with the verb. I wish that you tvill sleep well. ye expresses permission to • mmj take it. .' which assumes the nature of a substantive verb (see § 181). when the a ri either singular or plural will Mil me. kuro. ki k k>Q eyi? shall I do this? lit. father is or was seeing babd li o vi^ father . is sometimes employed in the latter sense along Avith verbs for the sake of emphasis as. ni or li. he said that we tvill go. as.

a. § 140. 1.s. emi aba ^e e. &c. if thou attaim. It is customary also to use de. is used with one ' ki' or with two . In subjunctive sentences 'iba' is equivalent to if. syllables. which appear to be derivatives of 'ba. lie. If the nominative to the verb is i). ki babd ki 6 ri. mode which mo ba ko ni. ki 6q ri. § 145. ba.INFLEXION AND CONSTRUCTION OP WORDS. It is also employed as an emphatic or definite particle in the indicative . or ki emi ki 6 : ri. j ki o ri. ri. bi iwo ba ri i. according to the context. or attaining to. as. as. tlmt toe see. if he wei'e a prophet. to seeing it or chance to see it. or iba se e. (For the use of ti after ki. she. as. only one ki ki n ri. The verb 'ba' as signifies to arrive at. attain to. or a monosyllabic pronoun (except ' 6i) '). that he see. / § 143. ri. ki emi ri. 1 A r ki emi n. that ye see. as. she. usually followed by a second ki iwo ki 6 ri. ' ba ' after nigbati. These forms are Subjunctively . as. see § 131. § 139. when . the house has fallen down . i ba mb.' imply duty or obligation as. with something of the sense of o^eacMng. that father see. The pronoun 6r). § 144. 3. employed as follows ki q ri. the action expressed by the verb before which it is placed as. § 142.' with the pronoun 6 or he. it fell dotoii). tlmt he s^e. Mil it. It is an auxiliary particle. meet. 2. lit. ought to do it. that I may which may be rendered. tluit they see. that we see. as. a form of expression employed for oh! that I had. eqyiq ki iba ti 16h. tliat I see. . 6. iba se woli. kpa S. he tvould hnow / iba ^e mo ni iye {if it-were I had wings'). Another subjunctive form arises from the use of the conjunction ki. c&c. ki 'ki. or it. ye shoidd not go or have gone. if them seest it. Imperatively. ile ti I huilt § 141. find. . that : 1. ki nwoi) ki 6 ri. arriving at. or ki 6q ki 6 ri. . that I shall see. If the nominative begins with a consonant or consists of two or more 6. I. ki. not. if I had wings .) . it is ri. see. . 31 SUBJITNOTITE PARTICLES. • ki 6 ki d ki 6 2. o w6 (Jiouse which I huilt Oris. mdh fi kpi^ li aim6 (thing which God has cleansed not mahe to-call t&ie uncleanness). 2. ) • • ' ' is used see. wlien I arrive. the thing which God has cleoMsed call Twt unclean. These particles. nigbati mo ba aba and iba. as. chiefly in what may be termed the subjunctive employed mode. 6hur) ti Olorui) ba ti wen5. tliat tliou that 1 _ see. it. awa ki 6 ri. tlmt thou see.

the i is introduced to supply the place of an emphatic accent on the negative. li okpolokpo okan li enu iso. retaining this construction. After 'ki' employed instead of ko. is The inseparable prefix 'i' (which is not to be confounded with attached to verbs for the following purposes : i. Frequently. he hegged tis not to tell. may be used instead as. . in my eye . . a. When the 'o which usually follows the relative 'ti' (§ 96. I am seen. 148. however. 3. the hills were covered over . i. nwoq bad^e. Although the above substitute for the passive is applicable in all cases. conceal (§ 37. It would seem that. emi li d ri {I it-is they see). tliey are spoiled . i. it is Tiot a hatok. J \ ki 6 ki 3. ki i^e awodi. 6 se li od^u mi. ' ' ' ' • To denote what ' 1). to d^e. J ki emi ki o ri. . properly Various forms of speech. speaking. 6ke bo mole. 1. § 149. as ba : . tliey will see me. as in the Passive Voice. it tvas done before me. since ko is immutably unaccented. In this construction an objective of the third person plural is sometimes followed by ki 6. for Ilmve been seen . not) 1. awa kpamo. d kpe wog ki 6 ^e e. no passive voice. nwoq k6 ide. • When the verb with 'ki' M OCCASIONAL PEEPIX. In Yoruba. lit. ri. not as. It appears to be sometimes merely euphonic. ki 6 preceded by an objective. J called yo^i to look at it / 6 bebe wa d wi. there is. hegged h. A^ us to tell . . we called tliem to do it. eni ti iloh. there are several other forms which may be used occasionally with good effect 1. I never go there. and permanently true or customary as. . 5ro Oluwa aiye ti dd. § 146. . It is frequently emphatic after ko. kpa compound active transitive verbs. it may often be rendered by an infinitive as. ri. d ri mi. ) him see. not . a. as. tliey have not come. that lie . hy ths v)ord of the Lord the loorld was made. ri. ki emi ki 6 ri. tJiey Imve seen me. >• let me - see. 2. the noun or pronoun denoting the object is placed first thus. nikpa . as. emi ki iloh ibe. many other African languages." to spoil. d 6 ri mi. lie wlw went. for I am seen / d ti ri mi. is . . 6 bebe wa ki d mdh wi. he. Z called tliee that thou do it or to do it mo kpfe nyiq ki 6 wo 8. tliey see me. they . and a few other transitive verbs. 1) is omitted. as. The most frequent form is the plural impersonal. 2. for I shall be seen. employing the con§ tracted nominative d. of passives I). ) ki iwo ki ri. Farms for § 147. in the ahmida/me of the heart the mouth speaketli. ki 6q 6r) >let ri. All the mo. ^ve are hid . is . ri. . supply its place. as. mo kpe o ki o se e.32 ki q ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX.

> I see or saw. ti ri. (formed § 151. emi ni ri. which is slain . as. Modes and § 150. to he. The foregoing synopses and remarks present the general principles of the Yoruba verb but the importance and intricacy of this part of speech seem to will therefore give the require a more detailed exhibition of particulars. Iinperfect. various usual and occasional forms of each tense. while the Future exhibits a first and second future form. to get . emi ri. / slmll or vjill see. the Indicative. the word which represents the subject is followed by ^e or di. the Subjunctive from the two preceding). In the Indicative mode. lohich is done. 3. Tenses. and describe the peculiarities of each form. to form a sub. kpikpa ni 'bahk. to le. various forms of the verb. stitute for the passive of the perfect aorist tense . Past Perfect. the Indicative. the house is a desolation. I shall or tvill have seen. First.INFLEXION AND CONSTRUCTION OF WORDS. riri. for example. I see or sair roiitiniicnisly. Tenses. including verbal nouns. j emi iri. Future Tenses. I am or was seeing. ACTIVE. and in the Subformed from it. § 152. and the Infinitive. father is hilled. to do. . qri. . or get hilled-. Ilmve ti qri. kpikpa. Aorist Perfect. the Optative or Potential. A ff ") i r ma ti ve . ni nwoq. ri. emi emi ti ri. had seen. emi 6 emi 6 ri. mo ^e igbagbe {I am a-forgetti-ng)^ I am forgotten ^ ile di dhoro. gbigb^ In the past and future tenses of the passives just mentioned. you will be hilled. kpikpa ni iwo 6 ke or d:^e. Occasionally an abstract noun with a substantive verb is employed instead of a passive verb as. may be arranged viz. are as follows : Aorist Tenses. the Past. 33 2. Perfect. hike. or is desolated. emi emi Imperfect. in five modes. And any of these nouns may be employed before ni. The tenses may be divided into three classes or groups. the Aorist and the Past tenses have a perfect and an junctive Those of imperfect form. Indefinite. . emi li o ri. which is seen . All nouns formed from transitive verbs by reduplicating the first syllable have a passive signification as. the Aorist or The and the Future. the Imperative. I see or soaj). We INDICATIVE MODE. as. Second.e. I am seen . I have or had been or seeing. they are received. riri li emi.

it time. emi 6 (or ko) ri. V *^^ *^^' ^''''^ ^'^ —^ ^'"' *^''' '^'^'^^ ^^^'^^" ] ^ ^ ^^ or «. That the simple form.34 KTTMOLOGY AND SYNTAX.. d ko (or 6) ri mi bi ? ] ? >• emi ko (or 6) ^e riri bi riri ko li emi bi ? am or wa.. Affirmative. but it can- . k ri mi bi ? emi li A ri bi ? -am or wa^s emi ^e riri bi ? riri li emi bi? I seen? Negative Interrogative. emi ri. emirik6? emi ki iri bi. they do or c?2'(^ not see me emi ko (or 6) se riri. do ov did \ . ririliemi. 3. the various forms of the aorist perfect we may observe see or sa/w. ) I ^ emi li ii ri emi ^e riri. emi emi emi li bi ? ] ? ni ri bi \\ \do or did ? ) I see ? o ri bi Negative Interrogative.77- « I m)t see ? do I not see? PASSIVK. 1. I Interrogative. and will suggests probably become a definite present ni . I do not see. ii ri mi.a. I do or did not emi ki ii-i. see. 2. Interrogative. emi ko ri or 6 (ri) bi? ) . —I am or xoas not seen. am or ?i. § 153. | Negative. The form with ' ' tense. Negative.9 / not seen ? ) Eemarks. The form with ' li o ' seems to have more of the past signification . A kd (or 6) ri mi.9 ^^m.a* ?w^ ^e^. being : On I may be used with a past signification but it naturally the idea of present time. used either in a present or past sense. is wholly ambiguous as regards as.

2. emi w^ ri. is It iri.' form emi ' become k6 and ' ' ' 6. present or past sense whereas the second form more frequently refers to present time. • \ J) dfn or was seen. ACTIVE. often omitted as. particle bi. it come).^ li . not^ is employed before verbs beginning in 'i. i emi nri. . . Remarks. not be set 4. ? ^ Iliofve or o Tmd seen. ri used only in interrogations where the verb is not expressed negations K6. . As the prefix i denotes continuation. ki generally has the sense of never . The prefix i. except in the cases already stated (§ 146).INFLEXION AND CONSTKUCTION OF WOKDS. observe: 1. I saw .' denotes continuous or habitual action. 1 emi ni qri. is used in restrict it to the past. not a usual form. ' ' ' ' 3. 6g k6. not^ is .' or its equivalents abi. I have formed by other particles besides ti hrovght it . ' . ' I saw. to be. it is all tenses. This tense has no negative forms. t li a qri.' Ki. emi ki il6h ib^. I never go tlwre. j ^ -y. '. This form is to be rendered by the present tense. . Past Perfect. ) Y j jI am or was seeinq. ^ PASSIVE. § 156. ri. still we may observe : the verb. § 154. . 35 dowu ' as a definite past tense. because in the it is still frequently employed in the present. This tense needs but little elucidation That the first form is employed either in a . As to the negative and interrogative forms. ' is I merely a sign of interrogation. The verb w&. I . but there is a tendency to used as an auxiliary particle. emi d nri mi. emi wfi .' as shown in the example. emi k6 ? do I not see ? and in . § 155. Eemarks. The Before open vowels they particles 'k6' and '6' are exact equivalents. emi ri ? did see f . forms an indefinite past tense When . nwoq w^ li el^^e. as. emi ^e tdq {I did done). it invariably as. The is and 4. § 157. tabi. 2. as. A perfect tense is occasionally emi gbe e de {Ihrmight liave Jmished. and the interrogative forms differ from the affirmative only in the use of 'bi' or its equivalents (§ 154. Aorist Imperfect. ACTIVE. emi . it is not he. 3) immediately after 1. as. ti ri. they tvere sinners. as.

. ri. mi. The fect. ri i„ 11 mi a o . It is to be observed here: . I shall not he seen. ) Negative. ) Negative.^. Af f rmati ve. interrogative. bi . d ki yi 6 i-i mi. Af f irma t a 6 ri li i ve. d 6 .36 § 158. as also of the past imperare formed in accordance with the principles laid down in treating of the aorist tenses. ) emi ri bi o ? h ) shall 7 77 1 t / lie seen f a Negative Interrogative. § 159.-. i cmi o X) ri. ii ) emi 6 I shall he seen. A ki yi 6 ri mi bi ? shall I not he seeti ? Remarks. bi PASSIVE. emi ni 6 ri. Li o ti ri is ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX.-. and passive of this tense. ri. ? 1 . .ai not see. jmi m ki 6 ri ri _ yi o \ ) j . emi ki yi o ri bi emi 111 ki yi o n ? }-. emi emi emi emi bi bi ? ? k ni 6 ri bi ni yi 6 ri -shall ? I see? bi ? Negative Interrogative. 6 ri. Interrogative. ri. rather more definite tlian ti ri. ^ ? ) ^ see ? . negative. emi ni yi 6 I sliall nee. emi a ri.mikiyiori. ACTIVE. First Future. Interrogative.

mdh .INFLEXION AND CONSTEUCTION OF WORDS. § 160. or ki iwo ki ri. and that the always arrangement from other similar combinations of words. Here. 3. 2. not^ is the only negative employed in the future to distinguish the future is This follows it. or iwo ni ki k ma . the multiplicity of . Affirmative. ^ kiAmdh^erio. A . Tie. if k6. \iethon ) ^ not seen. and partly to avoid uneuphonious Thus. .. se 1 ri. . mode : Affirmative. were employed. ^7 ^ J Passive. as elsewhere. ki o . . tJiat he. Remarks. ) ^ ki k ma ri o. w iwo mdh ri. The following are the forms of the Imperative Imperative Active. expressions. . not. As these modes are but variations of the Indicative. Here. will suffice to explain their construction.. ma ri. it is thought that what has been said of them. k6 6. as elsewhere in the conjugation of the verb. partly . "] 6e or iwo . t Negative ki a mah no. IMPEEATIVE MODE. That ki. &c. and that yi. would be disagreeable to the ear and if pronounced as one. r*^^> or see thov. together with the detailed treatment of the Indicative. the affirmative active exhibits a greater number of forms . . mah ri. pronounced as two syllables. ki o ma ri. three other forms of the active afiirmative are emphatic. ki o . 1. . OPTATIVE AND SUBJUNCTIVE MODES. designed. . be thou seen. . iwo ki 6 mdh ^e A ysee not. ki o n. .•. Negative. 6e or ki . § 162. 87 That the forms 'emi 6 ri' and 'i) 6 ri' have the same force . than the negative. ki ji ri o. ' ri. ri. or ki iwo ki 6 . ov see thou not. it would be confounded with ki 6. § 161. man mdh . or ki iwo ki o ri. . or iwo ui ki A ri. mdh mdh 1 ri. ri.

§ 164. and ki 6. mdh ^e 16h. to cfo. so that the forms with 'ki' 2) are analogous to the French construction. to see riri. he afraid^ li is omitted. The preposition li. In the objective as. to hear or hearing is not enough. 2. in some other connexions. as o and iwo and. because the gerund in ati sustains the relation of ' ' When ' ' a genitive to the noun contained in the verb of doing it). to he seen . not as. The insertion or omission of 'li' is not 1. 168. they are not fond of hunting^ or they do not love to hu/nt. . The form with ati prefixed is employed as a gerund or infinitive . 6 qgbero loh. a substitute for the infinitive is formed by the verbal nouns treated of in the following sections. is frequently inserted between the § gerund or infinitive in ati and the verb on which it depends as. The following are the forms of the verbal nouns which correspond to our infinitives and gerunds or participles. In the objective. ' 166.^ lie .. 1. it pleased th&m to do it. That 'ma' denotes continuance (§ 137. Frequently. 6 ko li ati^i^e. or to he seen . / desire to see . ari. The form in i is employed as a gerund § ' a seeing. nwoq k6 fe isode. secondly. The Infinitive Active is regularly and usually expressed by the simple verb or root as. do not go^ instead of mdh loh.. to which is seen. § 16V. d ma d:§. is frequently employed pleonastically after mdh. 6 mura sleep or sleeping'). 2. ' ' . . . tlmt atiri. emi fe ri. qxOil iie voie pas. iri. . The verb 6e. to see / a seeing. to he seeing . see or to he seen / atima ri. ' ' : forms arises from two causes fii'st. as. he refused to wor\ instead of 6 k5 atisise. ' Mdh means ' Twt^ and is employed instead of ko ' ' in the Imperative and . in^ in regard to.38 ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. he liatedtoorlcing or toworh . : to the governing verb is composed of a verb and noun. atigbo ko ito.' § 163. : . isode k6 ye fu oloko. ' ' ' ' '. as ki o and 6e. a seeing. 6 beru atise e {lie tnet-thefear prepared to sleep / (mu ara) atisiig (Jie tooh-himself tonwoq wona (wd 6na) atiw6 ile {fliey soughtthey endeavored to enter the house. qioHl voie. always optional 1. from the use of synonymous words. toe eat to live. as beru (ba eru). as. however. hunting is not suitable for a farmer. from redundant words. Orroad of-entering or . in which case it is frequently equivalent to a simple infinitive as. 2. 6 k6rira atisise. In the nominative .e atiye. that he (§ 144. 3). ' ' : In the nominative tlie-lioiise)^ . a continued seeing. On the use of the above forms observe 1. he was afraid to do it . 3. § 165. Verbal Nouns. INFINITIVE MODE. he is thinhing to go i 6 dSgmo woq 6e e. 'Ki' denotes that. 4.

2. ni or mu woq di kpikpa. le) to be sold . lam thinking to hear the woi'dof God. li e. to be a slave is hard. li. they thought to hill him . 2. But the verb di. In many cases the form with li ati. may govern doing the infinitive by means of do it. or infinitive of this form denotes gerund ' ' ' A continued or customary action as. 6hug ari. as. that. § 171. they caused his pcnoer to be destroyed. we saw people . on the contrary. sitting by the road. the § auxiliary particle takes the formative prefix like a principal verb. has no exact equivalent in English. a thing to be seen. § 172. awa kpfed^o li atikole. atima ^e eru ni ii^oro. because the precise meaning of the expression is. Nouns formed by reduplication have much the same sense when employed (instead of li awa kp^dio kole atikole). gbigb6 k6 is not enotigh. nwoq r6 kpa fi (instead of li atikpa). which is to be destroyed . he caused them to be slain . a simple verb as. when. are equivalent and it6. By nouns in ati preceded by li . ' ' li . ari. d ri enia qdiioko lebd 5na. By the form in 'a'-. in the sense of tliem to to be . a verb with the prefix g as. emi I)r6n6 li atima gb6 6ro Olorui). atigb6 k6 it6.' Thus. preferable. but it would not be proper to say.s. is difficult to or he spoken. ati^e e (he fem^ediTirrega/rdrto to it). 6 By reduplicated forms preceded by di. they thought to hill him. lYO. nwoq ^e agbarar^ akparuq {they made power his Ordestruction*). The Yoruba language has no participial words except the verbal nouns just The substitutes to be employed for participles depend on the nature of the sentence. nigbati. a. Dictionary. as. to be seeing. ' ' . as. § 169. to become a hearer.' and the simple form of the verb. with a verb and nominative . noticed. 39 A simple verb. which is destroyed. It should be observed although the use of ' li ' . Tie feared ' instead of 6 s& atise in such cases is not indisthe people generally prefer it. fi or ^e. In the form atima ri. Yoruba 6oro fif5.' See a ' in the . he called them out to be hilled. I bought sheep to hill or be hilled. or to hill them. ni. A noun ' in ' a. 2. . 3. we assembled to huild a house. Hence we constantly hear such pensable. tJiey thought of hillvng him. do all of it beginning here.INFLEXION AND CONSTRTTCTION OF "WOEDS. which is seen or to he seen. may be employed indifferently and interchangeably but when the infinitive is gerundive in its nature. •when It denotes the object or recipient of an action. 6 kp6 woq di. ' ' ' ' 3. he delivered them wp .ade li atikpa. i. By By By Our Present Participle is represented. mo r^ dgutaq kpikpa. or to make a (mstom of hearing. the form with li ati is Thus it is perfectly correct to say. ' ' a house. nwoq rd li atikpa S. as. woq le ^e tit^. h. . . 6 fu woq li eraq ni diid^e (he gave have meat Yoi"id)a he game tJiem meat to eat. § 173. e. 1. toe assembled to build actively as those in i and ati. nigbati 6 si yanu r^. The infinitive passive is expressed. speak to he eaten). 6 k6 Akparui). hearing equally proper forms of expression. b. Participles. 1. 6 (fi . 6 sd a. igb6 ko ito. or ^e is sometimes omitted a. yet expressions as. 6e gbogbo re here nihinyi. as. .

lit. yi 6 w^. In the iltS. di. § 177. be ye there. I wish to see something done by thee. can claim so many verbs expressing existence. d^e. 1. as. the only one in Yoruba corresponding to the English imperfect as.. he descended to Jiis house justified. igi ti & gbiq hy river). No language. Substantive Verbs. 3. . he is house. . or God Mb^ is is. including those which have other meanings. nwoq ba S oku. foi' a hundred years. -wk (but not mb|) is employed in the sense of to live / as. verb used impersonally as. 4. lit. wk ib^. but is not entirely equivalent to mb|. God exists. In speaking of the duration of existence. 4. The whole number of either absolutely or in different relations and capacities. a noun. a corpse) 6 sSkdle si ile re ni idalare. much qmi in the same manner present 1. is W^ also a It is . W4 is preferred to mbe in the future. that. 5. it entirely. hs broke the chair as the ridning § 174. (tvJien Tie also opened-moutTi Jiis^ woq he tonight them)^ as. By a . as Olorur) mb^. si. being omitted Egba after the substantive verb.40 ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. : By a verb with the prefix 'q as. these verbs to be. to express existence in a place . w^ is preferred to mb^. 6 4. a reed shaken hy the wind. verb absolute. mo fe gkaq ki 6 to wo r| ^e {I wish . xoe found . § 1Y5. he will be . 3. wk. in justification. he sato. This verb denotes existence ahsolutely. perhaps. and in the imperative . 6 w^ li ogoruq oduq. in. 6e. ri. 6 vfk dialect. lit. 6 ^e aga aruq tdi). is ten. By a verb used passively with a nominative 2. the preposition ni. ri By By ki. Its Uved a hundred years. as. . tlie prison shut. he was. and in this capacity forms an indefinite past tense. ifefe fu afefe. occasionally employed as an auxiliary particle. he was 5. 6 wk ri. or preposition and noun as. : w^. The Perfect Participle is represented '. By a noun beginning with 'a' . a tree planted by the river. and opening fi his mxmth^ he ta/wght them. he is in the house . Most of them have peculiarities which prevent them from being interchangeable. d ba ile-tubu 6 se (we found some- jailrhonse. as. ni. . y^. to see thing that it by thee is-done). to wit mb^. they found him dead (oku. § 176. leti 6do (tree which they planted . it wa-s-s-hut). 6 wa. gbe. 2 In some dialects it is preferred to mb| in the preterite as. an expression often employed by the Yorubas as a solemn asseveration.^ and a verb as. used in all modes and tenses but in the imperative its place is usually supplied by gbe or wA.

ni ika. bi. il. is chiefly used in negative sentences as. .) see . -whicli denotes existenoe in a state or condition^ is nearly obsoa dumb persmi. § 181. how is it f it-is it is). is doubtful . as. nwoq so oruko r^ : is . he is diimb^ lit. ni ikpa. bi . so it is . but it may be ri. ik. thou art a Mng. it is frequently followed by Alaidzu. The substantive verb 'ni' or 'li' appears to be the demonstrative 'ni' manner with the personal pronouns of the third employed in the Aramaic languages. there is something the matter. 'Ni. is . . ni generally take place before becomes ' ' . a. 2. to be cruel. The only instance in which 'si' is used without a negative. is in the phrase . in the Iwuse . in tlve inside. calling. . and with such words as behe. § 184. (See § 185. tlifi path . § 182. When 'ni' is used pleonastically. as a copula. This verb. so. ikp. 6 y^di. 'Ni' or 'li' frequently employed pleonastically 1. behe li 6 ri (so ti. igb. li name Alaidiu (lit. said in reply to the quesk^ si gkaq ? (not is a thing). ni in6. or ow6 k6 si.u) them thieves. for food . ner after adverbs and adverbial phrases as. Alaidi. in \dize. they called his called to be . 3. there is no money. Hi denotes a inode of existence. 2. how. ni igba. and in as. behe li 6 wi (so it-is lie said). emi ni saw. d kpt. thus . as. This verb. employed in the ni ov li. woq ole. . on tlie top. (/ it4s see). we it is that did it. The pronominal origin of the word is shown by person the fact that in many cases it is equivalent to it is / as. to see. as. in like 'i simply by the verb to be . pronoun of the third person singular employed relatively 6 : . emi li o ri (/ am that saw). y^ odi. o si tion qkaq (it is a thing). at the time . § 183. li ori. he said so. tani ni who is it ? ami ni. tolmve cruelty. ni ile. tani ni babd. ive hilled a coto. as . the combinations idi. always employed in connexion &c.s. Before nouns following verbs of naming. The original of ri' sense of to appear.' whether employed as a verb. li we . awa li o Se e. &c. After an objective placed emphatically at the beginning of a sentence And in like manas. 1. ri I I . malii li d kpa (cow it-is tve hiUed). pronoun. In other cases it may be rendered it is I.INFLEXION AND CONSTKUCTION OF WORDS. usually But this change does not li before a vowel as. a pei-sonal § 185. For the purpose of making a proposition emphatic or definite as. si § 179. 41 lete except in composition § 178. ih. ko si owo. is not something the matter ? § 180. -bi 6 ti ri.' is . or preposition. r^ ? toho is thy fatJier ? oba li iwo. to seem. denoting existence in a place.

he. as. tJwu toilt he a had child . who made me a judge f judge? 2. ri (I it-is see . do not go. ' ' ' ' ni ' . I saw eijyir) • she. But this tense refers to present time. yehnew. ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. § 189. as. emi d Die appears to be another form for se at least the use of the two verbs is very similar. ' the same manner in connexion with other negatives to express a refusal se 16h. eni ti ise akobi. . Di. ni nwoq gbe kii.42 1. not. it. (I Oris that saw). yi 6 se krm fu . as. 6 or 6. mdh se loh. let him or let him yfh. when change of state is iwo 6 di omo buburu. as.. as. die ki 6 gbe {make that he). to act. gbe. as. is § 187. as. . emi ni yi 6 when I ri (/ it-is that will see). it will he The verb li 6q. connexion with num§ 191 ' ' . to do. employed to express the relation of ownership ' . 6 die ogota {it makes sixty). nihinyi often pleonastic after adverbs of place. se. e. he is not a Mng. I shall see . 6 di arugb6. abide. Ae. i. bers . . This verb in the house where he was . like the English do . dl. city or fills a station . {ye it-is hiow). may be rendered as a substantive verb in several cases. le there. 6 di eni egki) {lie hecame one of contempt). alone. as. to hecome. li it. gyiq. emi ni 2. ye will Tinow. i. ile ti 6 gbe § 188. it is sixty. okpo li 6q se. often follows ' ni ' . as. or that. maybe rendered by the verb to he. here they died. takes the place of mb^ in the imperative lie and subhe. In the imperative with the negative mdh. he is governor tali o fi mi die onidadio ? who made nie to he e. § 186. as. to dwell. implied lie . yi 6 § 190. they acted as pro. When phets or performed the work of prophets iwo ni q^e babd mi. In the future tense 'ni' is followed by yi. emi li o ri o m5 mo {ye it-is that Tcnetv). Die is employed as follows 1. idze. getting old . as. eijyii) ni see). : . it shall he thine. as follows it has for its object a noun which denotes one who acts in some capa1. was despised. ki i^e oba. The verb se. ye hioiv. oba a sign to you. eqyiq ni yi 8 • m6 {ye it-is that will know). thou art my father . o die bale {lie acts governor). or that . he is di atoqbi. 3. To express being or acting in the capacity of an officer. In the perfect aorist. he who is first-born . they were prophets. she is a widow . to he horn again . I will not go. 2. It is also frequently ^e ti r^. the relative pronoun is generally omitted . gbe ib^. Die is the only word employed in the sense oitohe'va. she. nwor) se woli. Gbe. se (and sometimes die ') is used with a negative instead of he is a hing . s4 is frequently used pleoIt is sometimes used in nastically. as. as. junctive.

a he-goat. ako malii. war). a younger sister. 6 kpada de (lie — . ab6 malu. as. and okib. a she-goat. house). h. After verbs of giving. .INFLEXION AND CONSTRUCTION OF WORDS. as to. iyale (iya. a woman. a boy. give me water . a cow . ake.' d^e or se (I not Tcnoto Mm who ' appears to Tie is)^ mean simply to he . ' ' I Pleonastic Use of Verbs. the mistress of a house. emi 5 mo I do not hnow who he is.. By adding to a common term one of the above general expressions in appo- sition.. lati isisiyi 16h (^from now . 2. and a few 1. mistress. iya. or father of a family . others. a mother . li. the master of a house. aburo obiri. . a female cook. § 195. 6biri. follows : Gender is distinguished only where there is an actual difference of sex. male. he went hach . by prefixing ako. and this gives peculiar definiteness to the language as. an elder brother. emi o dze 16h. § 193. a horse. . In expressing refusal. child man). a man-child. by appending the words 6kor)ri. ile. mother. akuko.. 3. is always added as. iyal^e (iya. By using different words . iwofa obiri. a girl . a. ni or li.' like ' ^e. mistress. number. Yoruba nouns are not varied in form to express gender. lord of house). to come or coming). 6 kpada 16h (Ae returned going~). as a male. babd. om6koi)ri (omo dkoqri. In the case of persons. a younger brother. returned coming). a bond6biri). In the case of animals. to go or going) 6 gbe e lati oko wdh. In addition to the pleonastic uses of verbs which have already been spoken of. Oloruq li o fil woq li agbara. or mother of a family . a hen. woman . Oender. § 196. li. iwofa 6kor|ri. oguq. he came bach. a he-animal. the following are worthy of notice Verbs of going and coming are much employed pleonastically after verbs of : motion to or from a place. or case or in other words. agbeb5. 6 gbe e lati oko 16h. they exhibit no traces of inflexion. to h-a^e. ako. as. as. And so. bu mi li omi. dse. a mare. an elder sister . om6biri (omo a woman-child. aburo 6kor)ri. a general. woman. ab6 e^ii). bale (oba il^. man. God gave them potoer. he tooh it from the farm and brought it hither (which is indicated by wdh. — . than se § 1 92. (§ 190) . NOUNS. going). abo. balogui) (oba. coohing). ti i 43 eni ' Sometimes i ' d^e. ako e^iq. as. d^e is more frequently used pleonastically will not go. a female . as. a hull. So. 3. a cock. By compounding two or more words in construction as. female . 6koi]ri. he tooh it from the farm to some place at a distance from the speaker (which fact is indicated by 16h. egb6r) dkoqri. a father. a she-animal. as to.oko. lord. § 194. egboq 6biri. hence- forth. and 6biri. a bond-man. a man.

omode. as. § 200. Number. . as. awoq oguq. Thus in the righteous. bu ikoqwo ikoqwo eru (talce handfid after handful of ashes).oko awoq eleg^q. the speaker uses nd. I saw the king . eqyiq Yoruba. come. it is dispensed with. Repetition and plurality are indicated by simple reduplication as. take handfuls of ashes . . § 198. By I Iraale fe There are two metliods of indicating that a noun is plural employing the personal pronoua awoq. come to me. ore or) ore ki iba ard woq d^^ (^friend and 2. child. 3. frequently employed as. is quite near to the speaker. however. The position of the objective depends on the character of the sentence: governing word. In calling to a person at a distance. because we naturally infer the idea of reciprocity or of repetition is connected with that of plurality. we did iwt see tJie : . the ancients were wise. birds are tliere. 2. There is no inflexion of the Yoruba noun to indicate case. b. we told him. In cases of emphasis. In the numerals plurality is indicated by reduplicating the first portion as. § 197. get out of the way ! 4. It usually follows the . aragbani bgboi). In addressing one is who . t6 mi wdh. thousands. The : O child ! the noun as. If the person addressed is not far . plural tlie seat of the scornful. the horse runs. tlie wise. as. egbegb6ruq. the particle 'o' is often employed after § 199. gbo ti emi {ye Yanibas. the demonstrative ! yi. omode yi. or thonsands on thousands . hundreds. is always placed before the To this rule there is no exception. in flocks. ! ofi". the name of the person addressed receives no addition . When friend not tvith self their figh£). a. Case. however. ! . hear me. shall I erai) fry meat f obo ri see the baboon I 6q li d wi fu {him it-is toe spoke to). dig dkara fu babd. i. tJie Moliammedans love war . The ideas of reciprocity and plurality are occasionally expressed by reduplication and a copulative conjunction as. the powerful. The usage in regard to the vocative is various 1. The relations. omode o 2. ogogorui). . eiye eiye mbe nib^ {bird bird is there). . this. connected by a conjunction. as. they.^ before the noun as. 6koi)ri uA wAh. mo ri oba. § 201. When two or more nouns general proposition. and the But 'awoij' is not employed unless it is really necessaiy to indicate plurality. Usually. the objective precedes the governing word as. ' &yioi) ' is repeated before each of them as. many hundreds. e. or nominative. 1. in which a noun may stand to the other words in a sentence are denoted in various ways. hear the words of ?ne). verb subject of the proposition. d 6 ri awoq esiq. man. esiq sare. horses budi. awoq ologboi). bake bread for fatlier. however. that the noun is used collectively. the two ideas are indicated by redu2:»lication. in this construction are . 1. ki d di ? {ineat that toe fry). friends do not fight with each other. kuro child. ati awoi) olododo. tTiat . awoij alagbAra.44 ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. ye Yortd>as. G.

the name of the possessor always following that of the thing possessed as. is the shore of the sea. they serve idols . ologboq li iwo (loise- art thou). Kristi ti Oluwa. as. ths Lord^s Christ . By placing the two nouns in juxtaposition. the principal word comes firet. Aina dara. performed By simple verbs.. 2. § 205. father'' s Less frequently. which thus becomes equivalent to the preposition of. as. Atiba ti oba. my . thou art wise. the placed between the two verbs as. by tlie relative pronoun ti. a staff of iron. Kumi the governor. of those which affirm or predicate ti a quality. but where the name of the thing possessed is not expressed as. 1. but of the living. or expressed. If words in apposition be connected by a copula. in the Aramaic manner. depending on another verb. Kumi bale. awoq (they Nasdra fe ti Oloruq (they Christian love of God). as. 2. gbe ti ese r^ (take of foot thy). nwoq se ti orisa do of idols).INFLEXION AND CONSTRUCTION OF WORDS. emi fe . . (I want fatlier see)^ I want to see my father. babd ri . 3. God is a spirit. another said to is father'' s ti ni (of father idie babd mi which is Oloruq (power . 1. Atiba the as. a bird's nest. the Christ of the is § 203. 45 When is objective calling me. iwo thou child . : i. they da the work of idols. as. the pronoun comes first . /^ has been good. "When nouns tlie are in apposition. b. ivho. 6 dara. The pronoun the first or particle 'ti' Lord. § 204. as. ile ti babd (house of father). or tlie Lord's Christ. eqyiq ^nia. ADJECTIVES. 3. he is not the God of the dead. Christians love the doctrine or service of God. In propositions where the possessive relation is simply indicated and not predicated. take the one at thy foot. ile eiye. okpa irii). The is ofiBce oi predicative adjectives. Airui is good. instance comes under the same category ki i^e Oloruq okii bikd^e ti following dye. ' ' . placed between thera. {lie Tcnoivs hook read')^ he knows Iww to read . between the two nouns house . § 202. necessarily used in the following cases is : a. the power which is God''s. in : him my When the names of the possessor and possessed might be mistaken for names or epithets of the same person in apposition. ile babd. or King Atiba . When a laborer was looking for a suitable stone. In propositions where the relation of possession it When predicated ti my it-is). 2. ebado okuq. When a pronoun is in apposition with a noun. i. Atiha first. e. ti . e. king. father'' s liouse . the predicate usually comes Atiba oba. wJiich. emi li Oloruq (spirit is man God). omo. Atiba oba. as. 1. the governing verb is an infinitive. noun is omitted. or the sea-shore . the relation an iron staff. iwe omo (hooh of child^^ the child's booh. agbara of God). The possessive relation is expressed in the following ways: 1. the relation of possession must be indicated by ti Kristi ti Oluwa. servant of the king. ye people. means Atiba tJie King the present King of Yoruba being named Atiba. ye mi kp^ (cease me calV)^ cease 6 mo iwe \h. The hearing. — Apposition.

are by the addition of words which perform the office of adverbs. . or di:u 16h (this is-good surpassing 2. indicated 1. The office of qualificative adjectives. igi nldnla (tree of are largeness). will he good ^ oyig dor).. / saw a baboon . and a verb as. placed after the adjective. frequently employed as. room . b... In a very few instances.. By compound he. noun they qualify as. when only one term of the comparison is given. 6 sble (se ole. ohuq didara (thing of goodness). is for this purpose it is is d^ii.. answering somewhat to our comparative. more ... igi ti o ^e (stich ivhich it is-hroheii). thou art Tcind. alagbaraenia (strong-oneperson). ise wahala (work of . as. Aina ni dara. {he lazy. may 1. honey is sweet • igi nld.. Aina ni yi 6 dara. for us that we labor rather than that toe be poor. ni ' . good.. completed. .. ' Like other verbs. as. good perfectly).^ Aina is strong . isubu roroq d^ii idide. enia. or trouble). 6 ye fu ni ki k 6ise it is proper 6i. eyi all away). of adjectives wbicli are attached 1. Abstract nouns formed by reduplication from the simple neuter verbs which employed as predicative adjectives. which.. sweet honey . art. to Aina lagbara (li agbara. enia agbara. surpassing. has strength').. iwo as. a miserable or wretched woman okp6 6biri (widow woman). gbogbo dara diii gbogbo 6 dara tdq (it is- tdq. to it.. upper a strong man . is a lazy one). By the relative pronoun ti. a troublesome worTc. perfected. by a simple neuter verb as.. The word most commonly employed very . . or ^e. . oyir) didSq (honey of s^veetness). the tree is large.. The highest degree. art a person).46 yi 6 dara. a sharp sword. lie ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX.u 16h as. formed by prefixing ni or li. 6 dara d^ii (it is-good exceeding). a large tree. by adding si i. it is best. a broken stick. 2. exceeding. sweet honey . as. falling is easier than di^u ki d ^e otoris^ing . it is better. d^u A 3. 4. Higher degrees of quality. By By dill gbogbo. By concrete nouns placed in apposition before the • • . a person of strength. khma.. Comparison.. . mo ri obo nld. in addition. as. verbs. a good thing . or di. form of expression equivalent to a comparative is made. he is i. i. Aina will he good. a good person large did it. 3. These are either a. § 207. is performed : e. Primitive abstract nouns as. to go. oyiq ti o doq (honey which it is-sweet). or d^u \^\^^\()\i. they sometimes take the auxiliary particle Aina is good . More than is expressed simply by d^ii. it is better. a vndow. be expressed: § 208. to nouns. ida ti o mu (sword which it is-sha?p). By : abstract nouns placed after the nouns which they qualify. 6 dara si i (it is-good more).. pleonastically after very . or superlative. § 206. baqga 6ke (room "of wpperness). this is the best. a strongman otosi 6biri (miserable-one woman). 2. 2. who. 6 dara diu but this adds nothing to the sense. 16h L6h. as.. to have. enia rh li o 6e § (person is-good it-is that did it). loh. to a noun to indicate quality. surpassing all. e. as.

(20x5). ogb6qlehigba 240. egbfeaq 2000. (200x3). 2. (200x12). (200+50). (600—100). efa. edi. arurj. adoruq (40—5). eta. ed. § 209. (20—4). igba. (20+4). (20—5). (30—4). (20x9). 210. ed:^idil6gboq 29. egb^fa 1300. ed^(5. 12. odie 150. Cardinals. (200x6). ediild 13. (30—5). okaqlelogoruq 105. ^riqdilogboq 27. 800.' 101. (200x13). (200x14). 1800. 6kaqlel6guq 22. (20—3). od^gberuq (1000—100). 220. ogosaq. (30—2). 3. egb^riq 900. or 500. (200x9). od^gberiq iriq'o. oriq 90. adoriq 80. 6kaqdilogd6^i 40. (200+40). adosaq 180. 100. 5. (20x8). esaq.INFLEXION AND CONSTRUCTION OF WORDS. (200x11). (2000 X 2). c^dzidil6guij 19. (200x10).o 170. okaqld {great 1). 6ed6gui) 16. (20x6). egb^tala 2800. (120—10). oriiq . ogodiio. adodi:e (140—10). (110—5). 21. egba 6 le ogoruq 2200. od^gb6ta 600. (80—10). (20—2). ota 70. od^i 45. 6riqlel6guq 25. 4. (20x4). 1000. egbged6guq 4000. druqdiladota 50. 11. 120. adofa (100 + 1). oduruq 400. okai). 6rii}dil6guq 17. 7. 6d^ilehigba 250. druqdilad6fa 110. ogiiqleliigba 230. (20x7). ogoruq 2400. adod^o 160. (20x3). The following struction 1. (30—3). ^tadil6guq " ( 4). adotalehigba 300. etald ( " ( 2). (200x7). (2000+100). egbedi. or igbeo. druqdilogod^i 39.i. eriqld 15. 8. ogoruq. egbgdio (1200—100). (200+20). egbediila 2600. osaq 190. egbadiii (100-10). : list exhibits the Yoruba cardinal numerals and their con- eni. ^taleloguq 24. ewa. (20+1). (30-1). egbeta 700. (60—10). 3)- 14. od^gbedie 1400. egba 2100. 9. (200+30). " (200—10). adota 60. ofa 130. ogb6q.^ilel6guq 23.e 1600. ewadiliigba 200. (2200 + 100). (200x8). (20 + 2). (200+10). (180—10). 140. ogodi. 6kaqlelogboq 35. (20+3). egb^ruq 1100. odegbefa 1200. 10. odi. 18. ogiiq. 31. 6kaqdilogboq 30.o. (40-1). (1400—100). eriq. egbfriqla 3000. 6kaqdil6guq 20. (20x2). (30 + 1). ogota. 6. egbokaqla 2300. 47 NUMERALS. (200x5). iriqwo. ogofa. ogoriq. (200x4). ^walelugba (160—10). ogodie. (800—100). (20-1). (400—100). egb6kaqla 6 le (50—5). (200x15). 6tadilogboq 28. 6ed6gboq 26. edii.


INTLEXION AND CONSTEUCTION OF WORDS. This custom of counting 40 by cowries also gives rise to the following. o'f Cardinals okdq (ow6 kdij) Price. § 213. .

d. several words are combined into one as. Nouns employed as adverbs are of two classes § 1. that is words which are adverbial in their primary acceptation as. is used for again / as. 221. again . viz. always. he went dmon. 6 gori 6ke. the parts below. toq. die. § 220. . or lariq kdr). adverbial expressions are composed of ni or li. as. . to be common. much. which denote the order in which events occur. § 222. g. or tiiq. as. 6 t6q de. lekini. as. twenty times . nigbagbogbo (ni igba gbogbo. § 218. time) to the adjectival forms of the cardinals. 2. he labored m. 3. they consulted much / 6 huwa buburu. the parts above^ on Mgh. 2. lai. and 4.' as being more euphonious . Verbs are frequently converted into adverbs enough. (li oto). : . is used in the sense of sufitcientl/y / as. o 16h isale. time^ is employed and in this case n (ni. nwoq gbero kp6. he came : a. Formation of Adverbs. Very often erig or arii) is pronounced in full as. isale.uch or excessivel/y. to-day . adverbs may be divided into four classes: 1. t6. For the round numbers. g. as prepositions. to be new. lekedii. or together / as. 1. yes . b. Tie shpt a little . l6t6 1. for mm-e. however. Ordinal adverbs. &c. to be again. and an abstract in this-day). nwoq gbero kpikpb. first . twice. especially those formed by reduplication . ni igba ogodiiA. forty times. burn d^u. fresh. loni (li oni. kp6. Many . a. ewe. as. eq. g. 6 suq die. young. as. place. as. cardinal and ordinal adverbs. down. primitive adverbs. in time every). d^u. for in comm/m. eveft^ . till time this). noun (§ 62) § 223. adverbially.50 ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. 6 s6ro t6. Numeral adverbs are of two kinds. '1. secondly. In regard to their origin. nouns used adverbially. are formed ' by prefixing le ' to the ordinals . a little^ e. ndau. he behaved badly. he spoke enough. in) are formed . 2. in. The cardinal by adverbs. wp^ e. hitherto . leriq kdq. disisiyi (di isisi yi. Sometimes. igba. ' ' . Primitive abstract nouns. § 219. moreroicked . ni igba ogiiq. is preferred to 2. &c. truly. once. e. he rose tip . nx). to surpass. long ago . c. they con- sulted together. lekdq. signifying the number of times an event takes prefixing '1' (li. ADVERBS. words compounded of nouns and other accompanying words. There are but few primitive adverbs. NUMERAL ADVERBS. verbs used . as. lemedii. 6ke. Derivative abstract nouns. . h. nigbani (ni igbani). excel. 6 sised^u. in) and 'e' (a contraction of eriq or ariq.

3. with. Of Affirmatio7i : eq. We rule: 1. generally precede the word which they qualify. Tcncno)^ 5. Of Time : loni (li oni). loke (li oke). okpo. to (as I how wish to-go much enough^^ how Jww much^ e. . loni ni mo him. nigbati. ki. little . T. .!. 6. hefore 2. suppose 9. lehig 3. g. nibe (ni ibe). mo to-day. much. as. not . row . . k6. die. beheke. may state. tdq. g.^ Of Quantity : . . exceedingly. bi emi 6 ti ^e m5 ? (as I shall how do tomuch I wish to go I bi ti. mioch . and some others. § 224. lo^o^u (lio^u osu). 1. three exceptions to this rule.' is a 6. if tliat. tohy ? (niti ori kini. g. . . . gidigidi. except a' and 'e. beheni. that. Of Negation : ndau.ed:?. cruelly . momOdy . ti kp6. if what). as. most. The adverb to-day sometimes placed first ri i. not so. boya yi o \6h. . Of Interrogation : bawo ? ? nitorikini (eyi se. twice . daily . ' negative. kpe. emi ko ri i. 6 fl ogboi) ^e e (he with wisdom did it). enough / bi kp6 t6. no . fi ika. 8. rere. 2. . yesterday / lola (li ola). But although this construction is emphatic. to-day / lana (li ana). kd. lod^od^o to de. ehiq). thmi j ki.. there. to-mor(li odi. he did it loisely. behe. I come. k6. Of Doubt : boya it (bi 6 y^. to. wherefore ? why ? (bi ewo. or Quality : di. . bayi. of time. how. backwards. place. so. emj)hasis does not ahvays seem intended when it is employed. 51 Classification of Adverbs. . well. if possible. As a general / saw him is adverbs follow the words which they qualify as.e. di. § 63). ri i loni. Adverbs of doubt. fi Jiere . violently. / did not see him. kosekpe bol^^e. yes . and a noun. to which it may be added that any grave unaccented vowel. § 225. as to reason what). before^ e.INFLEXION AND CONSTKUOTION OF WOKDS. ki emi . poiverfully. so it is. There is no deficiency of adverbs to express the various relations few of each class will be given. dantly 4. ' . I satv for the sake of emphasis . if can be that^.od. .that it be thai). n. A Dictionary. Of Comparison: more. thus. perhaps he will go . nigbana. however. bi mo ti fe 16h kp5 e.o-od^o. lekaq.. yes . yes. perhaps kpe. no . precede the verb as. and the othera may be found in the &c. mice I lemedi. nihiqyi (ni ihiq yi). perfectly. this is). bolfe^ekpe (bi 6 le se (ki 6 6e kp^. completely. when '. if it be). fere almost. Adverbial phrases composed of fi. xipwards .^o. fi agbara. softly / li okpoloko (in ahundance)^ abunogboq {with toisdom)^ loisely . how sliall ITcnotc ? d^ti. so. negation. very . (li Of Place : Of Manner . Iww f ese ? Const/ruction of Adverbs. to.

PREPOSITIONS. Tie sat hy me^ i. down. hy . speaTs to Tiim / mo r^ S fu. in .' unlike bd and fi. they view these relations as fixed or permanent and to form adverbs of permanent relaThis word ni denotes fixedness tion. First.die. set it on tTiefire . of relation. Tie smote witli a sww'd. ti. to. kd.. We have already noticed the fact that the Yoruba language has names for purely abstract relations. to. to push^ ' ' to prop. bd mi wd aso. fu. tJie d. th mi wdh. nail and t6. d^oko of ' ti Retaining a trace of this meaning. down. and give them names. to moTce^ • ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . 6 fi ida ^dq. although they still continue to be construed as verbs. This account of prepositions leads us to notice the manner in which the of the people contemplates relations. to . hougTit The reason is that fu wherever used is in the infinitive mode whereas bd and fi belong 1. to approacTi^ to follow^ are used for to / as. it falls on me. wi fu ii. . ' ' infinitive. as.52 ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX.o the preceding nominative. Three of the prepositions. mind § 229. Prmdtives. to adTiere^ it to tTie wood . ba. and the verb which follows is an h. 6 bd.' is construed as a preposition. 6 16h bd mi but the phrase would be unintelligible to a native of Yoruba. it would follow the verb as. kaq S mo igi. G. as. to point out the mode in which the relation exists between the subject and the object as. ni. but to make them available as prepositions. It is not improbable. a. as actual things. for as. . they must be employed compounded with ni.^ witTiout^ c&c. whence it may be called the substantive preposition. si. . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . to striTce^ are employed for on j as.' and motion to by si. however. m6. These abstract nouns are frequently as adverbs'. touching me. Motion from is invariably expressed by ti. If this w^ord were construed as a preposition. as. 6 But at present the most usual meaning mi. help § 227. employed after verbs of motion to . they regard the relations of ?/p. Tie hougTit a fowl fromi me . m. from^ are regarded as primitives.. Finally. to meet. witTi. 6 subu lu mi. Many verbs are employed as prepofew examples will sitions. to procure some cloth. i. becomes bd. ti' A . employed after verbs of rest or fixedness sodo (si odo). me becomes fi. e. . 16do (li odo). come to me. they prefix ni or li to the abstract noun. inside. or \j\ from. witTi . mi 16h. nino. Tie went witTi rne i 6 bd mi vk d. § 228. which in many other languages are expressed by adverbs and prepositions. e.' Thus from each noun of relation are formed three prepositions. be given here the remainder will be found in the Dictionary. and ti. that ti is the verb ti. gbe e kd ina. as. seeTc dotlifor me. m. the Yorubas contemplate the relations as in a state of motion or emanation /rom the subject to the object. si. witTiin^ from in6. \sfrom. e. Compound Prepositions.fo9\ from . down^ within. But fu. and is always employed after the substantive verb. Secondly. FormaiAon of Prepositions. to place^ set^ and lu. Verhs employed for Prepositions. fi. I it for Tiim. to give^ becomes fu. it becomes a preposition. § 226.

g. 6biri ati omo loh. 6 ba 2. or 6q. ti d si mu ba u.' and. 6 s5ro a. ati. as. By two cases only: . emi ti r^ d. si in this construction being substituted for ni. I sav) the ' pla<. 6 mb6 t6do mi. go e. as sometimes the case in English sat in ' ' as. saw him and caught him also call me). if he should 2. we and he By ' ati. and But to this rule the verb precedes both as. he will Mil me and thee. tive. 6do). bi 6 de. 'Ati' is employed l^saq ati lailogboq. ' * This form is little used. kpa which are connected by ti. The pronouns. because which might follow it Thus. yi 6 emi ti iwo.' but it is often compounded with lati il6 de oko.) precedes the verb. todo* (ti . b. from the house to the farm. thou and I sato it . . i. And is represented 1. doivn^ employed after verbs expressing motion 16h sodo mi. Usually the preposition is placed immediately before the objective. A finite is verb employed as a preposition (§ 227. iwo ti emi ri i. d ri wog leba ati nin6 6do. 6 kpe iwo ati emi. arrangthe English words to which they correspond. whether singular or plural.. would always be taken by the hearer for equivalent in to go. he . by only takes the substantive form For obvious reasons this noun ' ' li . it is approaching from below towards me. : 1. We will here state the 'ti' in ing them under § 233. as. ti is frequently employed with a. we note two exceptions . . as.e tohich . The relative ti' precedes lie the preposition . as. I and thou will go . mi r&.' must be of the primary forms. 6 mbe nin6 ile. the substantive form of ti. d ri i. the fromTiess. adverbs. or towards (lie 53 object . Construction of Prepositions. as. as. the woman and the child toent .' CONJUNCTIONS. it is below me. In connecting verbs or clauses of sentences. ' <?. from the olyect to the subject below me.' come and call me. thou. 6 dide atil6h. § 231. 6 w^ lodo mi. To connect ' ' ' ' ' ' si. except that re may be employed after 'ti' instead of iwo. he arose it would make the verb sound to a verbal noun with the prefix ati. . o 16h. pronouns. emi ti r^ ^e e. § 230. personal pronouns as.INFLEXION AND C0N8TKU0TI0N OF WORDS. ' 6 si kpfe mi (if he shoidd come. he is in the lunise. Of the three fundamental prepositions. 6 dide ati loh. § 232. it is coming below me. e.' he arose and went. (we saw him. and prepositions . he bought from me. Ati ' 6annot be employed to connect verbs. by various particles. and we also caught ti hirn). we saw them by and in the river . Jie called thee and me . ' b. also . peculiarities of the principal conjunctions. he spoTce vainly and foolishly. by which it is governed in the object emi ri ibi ti 6 dioko si.' to connect nouns. ' ' ' ' ' 'ti' receiving the prefix a . I and lie did it. does not take the prefixes si and ti.

mo ri Dadd og Ade^ina. sometimes with 'nitori' immediately preceding 'ki'. § 241. as. native following ki ' ki 6 16h. . hecatise Ifeared thee. Then. is employed pleonastically before the conjunction dide. Oq ' is equivalent to . biko^e. . 1. kosekpe eqyir) loh.mdh.. sense of li sometimes preferable to Kpelu. d ^ise ki d mdh 6agbe (or nitori ki mdh. the woman amd the child Si ' (si ehiq. ndie as. frequently followed dltltmigh we have rd)elled against him. as. mo I must go. tliou or I. as. Since. 2. bi d tile ^ote si i. ki . it is written. .. Neither nor. Tcnow. . as. Very often a nominative pronoun. a/rise and go. mbi iwo tabi emi. § 242. he saw tliat it was good. . ki li emi 6 ^e emi 6 dioguq iye ? what shall I do tJiat I may ! inherit life ? . § 237.. only tlie it is connect nouns 4. tabi. as. iba. perceiving. then we must sleep inihe prairie. yi 6 kpa W9q. Or.' ' ' ' ' (or preposition beru re.^ugb6q k6 die wdh. kosekpe. . as. 2. as.. as. wiih^ is frequently employed in as. for the Tcing is coining. thou atid I see and Because^ for. as. &c. we must go speaker as. . and to connept nouns and occasionally pronouns came. is .. Sometimes ko k6 as. emi mo si loh. li oruko ta ni nwoq s5ro. even. : female ? ni. I saw Dada and Adeslmm.). By kpe .behe as. kpe is used pleoafter verbs of nastically saying. atid hecause thou art an austere nian. saw6 6 mb6. say that he I ni ki 6 16h. &c. if he Tcnew this. Ihnow tluni art good .' ni ') is nitori mo and^ the initial n §234. § 243. : since represented ki 6 ' by several particles By ki. ko 16h behe ni k6 dioko. . . 5. nd^e d 6 suq li odaq.or.^ hy reason of^ either of which may be employed at the option of the d ni 16h nitori oba mb5. he asked them in whose name they spoke. he would return. he is not a fool but a / wise man. 6 ri i kpe 6 dara. or if the nomihas two or more letters. § 240. or nitori . dide si 16h. iba m5 eyi. bio^e. I arose and went. say tliat he must go . . ' 1. mo kp^ e.. If bi. . kpe 6 bi wor) lere kpe. yi 6 kpada. if you go . But. as. . ti . to hac\ go hachwa/)-ds) employed to connect verbs only . . d ti kowe r^ kpe.. ki 6' follows it as. ' ETYMOLOGY AND SYNTAX. mo ni ki oq ' . ko ni babd ko ni lya nd. they begged him to go. iwo ati emi ri d si m5. By ti . if he knew or Tcnows . § 239. he has neitJier goes nor stays. emi vah 3. . ko or ki § 236. nwoq be e kpe ki 6 16h. is represented by 'nitori' (ni itori). agreeing in number and person with the nominative of the first verb. Mm. in or ly reason. nigbati. iba. 6ugb6q. Whether . iba: iba 6e 6koqri iba 6e 6biri whether they be men or women. called § 235. ' ati ' in all respects. Before ati. but he wovM not come . ki i^e asiwere bikose ologboq. father nor mother. ' 6biri kpelu is omo o de. d gbo 8ro Olorug. by tile. . as. nigbati eqyir) come. bi. we ^oorli lest we should beg. bi 6 ba. ati itori ti iwo qSe oqroro 6nia. . he will hill tliem. ki. ti. Though. tve hear the word of God. writing. you hawe ti de. -mS.. . as. Tluit. Lest. behold ! he cometh iwo 6euq. lie neither § 238. § 244. ako mbi dbo ? a male or a .54 3. dropped .

INFLEXION AND CONSTEUCTION OF WORDS. § 245. 55 INTERJECTIONS. The principal interjections Alaa I oh ! ah ! ye aa ! ! are the following sA kiyesi ! : Behold ! w6 ! saw6 kai ! ! kiyesi ! Fudge ! huq 816 ! Pshaw ! ! Silence! dake! simi ! WoTidei-ftd! kpa! ekpa! ari! Get out of the way ! ago kuro ! ! .

riruq breaking ni i ruq breaks it-is it w6mwom. transitive verb. reveal . it breaks. it breaks to pieces. bienikpe k6 bd as-if aloof. . They are taken chiefly from Crowther's Vocabulary. but few popular stories but the abounds in proverbs. . meaning to show. Staple not does drive to-adhere-to one on foot. die. the world). 3. bulrush mat : a grass mat will not bend . biko^e eni except ti r)^e is-doing buburu. which (4. as if it 6do tar). the foot one who stocks are not fastened of one. . h^i) (to make . except of him who does evil. poetical. riruij ni ruq. to-pieces. Kd ^e ' here means it will ' kind of stocks. spoils . thus forming a rude 4. is — — a ' world-spoiler. not only to exhibit the idioms of the language. SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITON. Abaiyed^e k6 ^e Tattler ifl idi 6ran a h&q. instead of preformative 'i' being very slightly sounded. he . The marsh stands reserved. and. 4. ' . . 6 ruij. but also to illustrate the character of the Yoruba mind.' infinitive i after ^e. The Yorubas have no . . ba not proper. as if one should say. In various and widely separated countries of Africa. appear) is a compound quite an English idiom . . it tlie Observe the Hebraism. aiye. breaking breaks. prisoners are sometimes confined by placing a not do. 1. We subjoin some specimens of these proverbs. not does to-make root of matter It will not do to reveal one''s secrets to tattler. Abd k6 The &e ik^q m6 on ni li ese. . not with stream be-akin. Many of them are sententious observations on the nature of things others are designed to inculcate the various relative duties of men and a few are simply an ingenious play upon words. were not akin to the stream. 2. Kd ^e. Eni Mat aba kb t6 bi of grass not lasts as eni ore: mat of bulrush : eni aba mat of grass kd &e ika. I believe. not does bend . A grass mat does not last like a 2. YOEUBA PEOVEEBS. stands-aloof. songs. apypear. — 'ika. idl brar). . 3. . does not. a secret. which are at once the poetry and the moral science language of the nation. Abata Marsh tdkete. large iron staple around the ankle and driving the ends into a log. —Said of people who are proud and 1. BI eni kpe. evil. This form is Abaiyedie it is fi . the root of the matter.56 SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION.

. e. Li ori : head in Africa . . i. . not hungry. .. m6. it not catch A 9. like ni li agogo imo. and. he and his hoe-handle . Amu i. he can no longer be depended on. ab^imi^e. a compound transitive verb meaning to help. 10. A ki iru eraq eriq li ori ki d ma may fi ese tkq ire ni il^. Bk. a large cricket used lie for food. iwoq^o d bere ti gbe ti asa. where all see it. employed at the beginning of the sentence. to say. i. no word for if or when 8. may 8 be inserted before se . used for person. e. any more. to aid . the point Making one to-be disgrace . 9. ni ^e esiq ete ti imu one. Abdnise mdh bd Helper not ni he. more. ad^agnq d gbe akpata. . . . One never carries elephant s flesh on his head that he may dig in the ground with his foot for crickets. oldwo gbe 6wo. — a. The weaver stoops to take his sley (i. Kpikpe Long-time ni yi it-is 6 mil kpe. may be rendered thus — . eke k6 lie mu Srd. ^e esiij. iranwu A gbe keke. c. or bringing disgrace on. — ire.SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION. sley. thy. to give a more correct description of the usual day-break scene in every 6. he-long. he or she. — ti . When a Mohammedan he is not so scrupulous. distaff. but he will be detected at last. The proverb is applied to rich men who 8. the helper of again. is omitted before mah. he says he never eats monkey. long time may pass away .. body. kghe di'A ti oq ti aruko. wakes and quiver and This picturesque proverb. 7ny helper. as sometimes in English form of saying a person is caught in a lie. r§. But when he is hungry. body. Ebi Hunger k6 kpa not affects 6 Imale. Bi. trader takes trade. It would not be easy Yoruba a making or causing to he a disgrace. pleonastic. he not eats says monkey. the warrior takes his shield . abdnise. Ar4. 10. one. a leprosy which attacks one on of the nose. if. when . d-c. omo-ode child-oi-hunting d he he stoops to-take farmer he wakes and he and akpo oroq. — my . The construction do or act). the trader betakes himself to his trade The spinner takes her distaff. an idiomatic Amu helps. he who a helper . or poem. who. not —mo. dc. or both 6. means simply disgracing. . . ti. eke mu ara. hoe-handle. . ti. . and.. as ' ' it often is in animated discourse is . leprosy which attacks one on The slanderer brings disgrace on e. 7. hence abase. mean actions for the sake of gain.—ii\. warrior he takes shield. 5. with one acts more. he is li 6q ki id^e ayd. 5. He is a helper who helps no more.. When the day dawns. as. Mohammedan. One not with foot dig crickets in ground. If dawn weaver diiX dawns. 57 Bi od^um6 mo. that is. bonds over it) The farmer awakes. and . mi. point of nose. hoio. The hunter awakes with his quiver and his how. is becomes li before a vowel. spinner she takes &. . burdens are commonly carried on the 7. Ni. one who has a plenty of elephant's meat (which is considered good food) does not carries flesh of elephant it on head that he put on his head and go about searching stoop to for crickets to eat. one. before one is caught in a lie . (with . a catches a person.

when the crowing of the cock shows that it is very late. equivalent to banabana simply mouth. Ibaluwe gbe the ile. &jh rejoicing ni it-is i^e idiq.6 gbogbo li it-is 6 mb. the skipper. The proverb may be quoted whenever a dispute is suddenly decided by unexpected evidence. wriggling about moves the worm: they dance. but he does not know another day . For the mode of predicating possession in Yoruba. takes a of shepherd. man. is equivalent iru. Ologbdq With to JS(^o»i ogb6q wisdom d r6 id^anu. 1) a ba. attain to-know character oiperson. li 14. We should do not look for a riot man expect any result clad in white cloth in the quarters of from incongruous or inadequate means. Rat says. garden. SPECIMENS OF COirPOSITION. The rat says he knows every day . is always used without a preposition is cultivated in the dry season only. odi. okokaq d mh d it iwa ni enia: : d we they forge bridle-bits . Crowther. . q. —We 17. omo banabana child of banabana T)vh is-going-to they rejoice . to feed for the is owner. the shepherd's. a When woman ewe or she-goat. o. various wisdom or skill . the biblical expression. by bringing firewood from the farms on their comp.' omitted. one by one we learn the characters of men : the chabe bad). that Which has wisdom . for us in midst of depth-of-night. one-by-one it-is we know character oi persons ba fe . both of which are termed erai). i. e. 6q ko mo odi6 miraq. both men and women. Ologboi). like iba. On it . iwo. but the poor man has no holiday. ogbor). ni i^e acts igoqgo the : d they Both dancing and acts the skipper. A 12. thou wouldst not desire painful ti one as a calamity. vab iwa bug k6 dbq bi^abadio. means /tmc^s. staggering to and fro. 14. ologb6i) ogb6. wriggling wriggling it-is worm : d qy^. rejoice . various plans bridle-bits are racter of it is a man being known to (to made . gain a livelihood . — akurS. Persons are supposed to te disputing cock decides for us in the midst of the night. A We ki iwd ala^o dla ni iso elekpo. . a common practice in Yoruba. k6 fe. 15. the sub- oniru . large about the time of night. a garden by a stream. — — ' implies — ject. a. for the future. — in its many heads of . Hence the proverb. he day another. day he knows he lays up nothing 12. or oniruru. Gbe. it is Bath-room ahides4n house. which is thus an emblem of the poor. 15. they but the child of banabana is going to the wood-farm. wisdom. — omo banabana whom. which . is-painful to one as calamity. ti (see Prov. Ti id^o qdfo. they forge. son of man. Ti . wriggling about ' . the palm-oil not search him-of-cloth white-cloth in quarters of him-of-palm-oil. dance.not desire. Although like water-side is bath-room li it-is in the house. to live or be in a place. 5) wuye wuye. According to Mr. § 203. cattle. Okete m." With dancing and joy moves — 16. so a r6. . ^e bi is akurS. d ba enia. if it were given thee as a present. The first-hom 13. not knows every . 13. § 143) . § 148. so taka taka. Akobi First-born ni is ti eleraq. 1. wuye oko farm wuye igi.58 11. of the act being implied bana. repetition banawriggling is thought to indicate pleasure . she claims the first-bom lamb or kid for her own. Akuko Cock of gkgara ui idadiio fu ni bulkiness it4s decides li ariq ogaijdiq. in which he is imitated by the improvident. others may amuse themselves. this reduplication always implying variety to is or are forged (Gram. of wood.). this " proverb means. i. said to by the repetition of the word be an insect which carries a bit of wood is . maker. . .' a condition (Gram. see Gram. as wet as a garden by the water-side. they attain to-give thee.

make thou. 24. eni. man does thee in wrong. to is not. wrong . Alakpatd ko Butcher m6 iru eraq. Bi ko ^e oboq If not very ? is ^nia. a term including homed cattle. who is wont to rise in the morning without washing his face nicely? 19. father of laziness. in regard to with a nominative. and the night dark . whose business the relative is always omitted. 21. A strong man who is destitute offorethought is 21. Eleda eda (see Prov. Tlie 20. still Because resistance would bring upon you greater misfortune. cattle. oppress.' ni. the father (or prince) of laziness. nature nature the same created us with different natures or dispositions . is-dark. son. smile upon him. 20. . we should not expect to find 23. § 37. Bi alagbdra die o J^ great a ni iya. the father of unsatisfied desires. not knows breed of sheep. i. 161). to act (Gram. signifying one. Eleda With eda God has li it-is Oloruq dd God made ni. us. same as and frequently employed instead of wa. and does not meddle with matters which do not concern him. sheep. ki. Igbo Forest biribiri. Die. in. goats. is But 22. a per- 23. wrong fi. of mouth. Alagbara Strong mdh m6 not ^ro is man knows consideration babd ol^. Before Ologbo mdh. some one. — . that will conquer forest. is-dark . d li ega oriole qkpdtoto is-noisy enu. is 6kuqkuq night ni it-is • yi o sete igbo. business. dark. the chief of the Arokiq. The butcher has no regard for the breed of the sheep (which he kills). 18. 19. ki o fi eriq si i. bo Od^u r^ not m6 sloven who useth to-wake in morning that he wash face his clean 6a^a? Except a sloven. it is to remember the history of the country.SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION. One who not hears of oriole. 14) . to affict. ni. except. hence qualities in every one. but the darkness of the night will soon conquer that 26. to do. One who does not understand he says the oriole says the oriole is noisy. much used imperatively as. 016gb6 TVie arokiq. . ki o fi. 59 Odiiik6koro Govetousness is baM babd okandiua. die . 6kuqkuq night is birlbiri. The forest of the forest. Gb6 ti. the orioles are supposed to undei-stand each other. (fee 26. Eni ti kb gb6 ti ega. ki 6 let him make (Gram. He attends to his own 25. 2. Erai). . tani iba person. to understand. are proverb that men is e. ologbo w the father oi tradilionists. Bikdse (usually written as one word). § . If a great man should wrong you. d^i li oiiro ki 6 mdh. us. affliction. niya. prone to despise what they do not understand. an indefinite pronoun. a) . hear the meaning ' 22. 24. is iya. — of. . that thou make smile to him. — The meaning of themerely chattering.

ornaments of inabi-woman not exceed The murks made by the budze-womaw do not last nine days man 29. in regard to.— se . heedless dog will not do for the chase. loses an office fall his stilts. because they control the hot iron which 28.. At last a worthless 28. SPECntENS OF COMPOSITION. undertake a thing which we cannot accomplish. he will kill a baboon. not give hand We 33. 3) . If a man man 32. . should not OniM ewa. § 139) . t^ akpako.— a. . 0^6 Ornaments Mil. hand let seizes palm-stalk. 1. — ' ' ' ' . § 207. —No advantage or possession kpa obo. 33. the inabi-wo- Bi If adiia dog ba * li eni lehir). thing which we not can perform. says that we do as-to boiled-maize. the community at first thought otherwise. A — If a person will not take advice. The tongs are at tlie head of the blacksmith'' s shop otherwise would bo unmanageable. and the disgrace afflicted her so much. Tongs are governor of smithshop. going. the is marks made by permanent. onibud^e of k5 kpe isaq. fellow laid a plan by which she was enticed into his house and detained all night. a hand will be stretched out to seize them. he will (Gram. Gagal6 subu. which not has ears not do for hunting. 31. Onibudie is the woman who makes a trade of marking the faces and arms of girls for a few cowries each. Stilts are made of the foot-stalks of the akpako.' pleonastic after dzil (Gram. This proverb the advantage of sustaining and encouraging people in their efforts. marking. to supply with. ow6 Stilts fall. which when green makes a jet black stain on the skin. where the violence of her grief changed her into the bush that still bears her name. Budi6 is the fruit of a small tree of the same name. If a dog has his master behind him. § 1 29. r)d:^e eso gbir)gbuid6. In this place it means the deep black stripes with which maidens ornament their and arms. 29. 31. another is ready to occupy his place. he-will kill baboon. or position. faces an ornament. . e. or wine-palm. — is designed to show 30. d has person behind. so soon as one A We ki dd ow6 16 to ohuq ti & ko le igb6. do not last more than a year. i. . to do . 1). . § 135. — ^That of aled^o guest ni ki d se oq him li ow6 kdg hand on« Housekeeper is-eating fruit wild-beans.60 27. It is seldom used for ' L6h. Emu bal^ agbede. There is a fable of a jet black and exquisitely beautiful girl who was sought in marriage by all the nobles and rich men of the country but she treated every suitor with disdain. oh6 oninaH ko d^u oduq year hadze-woman not remain nine-days. no one will employ or trust him. b). the guest expects a handful of boiled com. . an auxiliary particle (Gram. Although the host may be living on wild beans. Ba. ' Inabi is a plant the acrid root of which burns a durable black mark pn the skin. that she fled into the woods. Oso. — ' Ndze (Gram. called bamboo by the whites on the western coast. Although she escaped uninjured. Ad^a Dog ti k6 li eti k6 ^e idegbe.

elliptical 35." xvaits for may wait a year. . 56).' see Gram. li ark. Si and other prepositions frequently close a sentence. . 1. snail. 40. 1 kpa dze. § 146. b) . has one as-to body. Ni ni. proverb. We should fear him who sends us with a message. ko m5 not bi ard qkag igbiq. thing which we with violence handle ard. 35. 34. Trust not an inheritance . 41. — " A barking dog does not bite. Afediu.' see Gram. often equivalent (ni . which amounts-to He who turn up. Bi If eyd wild-cat ba * di ekiiq. 6 battle. An — we conduct with 40. 1. know as body is-paining You say who would Said to those light blow. 41. to prove. an affair which violence causes us vexation. so. Applied to — messengers sent from one king or chief to another. for the initial i. when Ohuq ti d li fi ^so mii ki bad. beasts When the wild cat becomes a leopard. d ki iberu eni ti d raq ni si." § 203. okuq ti d fi agbara mii ni it-is Thing which we with gentleness handle not ini ni is sjyoiled . —ikpa . we are sent.— eni and ni ( Prov. but do not reflect that it would hurt a snail. the buffalo killed him totally. § 148. ef5i) kpaoi) die. this ti idie chance odiiq. but rather smaller. to he evidence of. Eni li d iberu . as in English. When 39. Observe the ellipses.e. for the initial ' i. Eya. is sufficient for one. 36. dances . violently. to annoy. 61 ogiiq to . sees battle. to devour. lara 39. the leopard cat . excuse their bad conduct to others on the ground that it does them no great harm.SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION. Akoseba. . . ^ot trust-in inheritance eni ni hand of one is of the ow6 it6 ni. md. it hurts . ' a rai) ni. to have as to the body). devour beast*. one. product of one's hands —Said to those who neglect industry because they expect to inherit property. becomes leopard.^e . us. . the spear sees the battle. 34. it is . it is pleasant (Prov. affair which we conduct with gentleness is not marred . a very — 38. E^iq Spear ri ogui). Comp. § 146. the lance sees the battle. eraq ni it-is it will ikpa kill it ^oill di.. and Gram. Iberu. a beast resembling a leopard.g. we not fear one whom they send one to. eyi Chance. they send us. to cause vexation . 37. sufficient-far one. 22. An — ara kai). it d^o . — — to wa. for the passive. Prov. destroy. ti o rag ni ni ise One who he sends one on message it-is we fear . e. /rownm^r and other airs put on under pretence of courage . lance sees it rejoices. y6. 9 and 10. not him to whom we are sent.. in6 doi). § 104). 1 . 37. Much gesticulation docs not prove manliness. Afedzu Gesticulation toto much k6 in5 6kor)ri. year. it rejoices. eat. bko ri ogug. Gram. it dances . Mdli gbiyel6 ti . Ti ow6 (Gram. Said to men who are irritable and impetuous. — . not knows a man. Er6 kpesekpese Light very . —Said to those who are " waiting for something to 36.

o A .

the bill-hook has a ring on its neck (handle). — — — d6r). the bill-hook is badly bent . One should never laugh at an infirm person perhaps the same evil that afflicts him to-day may 55. tree is its kindred. but receives no profit from the road . as the slave was was 54. neck. be. not sees profit of . and it explains the reason why the Yorubas usually treat their slaves with a degree of kindness worthy of a Christian people. so birth does not excel another . mind his it dbq . Ada dd breaks ^dq igbo. its not has kindred. —ino 52. afflict thee to-morrow. to receive profit. with 'i' prefixed (§ 146). nikpa by abd bundles is-sweet . it with gbadi. boya obuq perhaps ti o it ^e ails thing which e him loni k ^e iwo lold. in6 r§ d5i). Nigbati. as they * bore slave so they bore child. Bi . 52.ti. spoken and written as one word. ow6 wdb. . This fine sentiment exhiis made : the slave was once a child in his mother''s house. 1). bundles of money also the farmer is tying When up bundles of corn. Ibi ki One idiii ibi. * d ki reriq we not laugh-at abiroq invalid . JBirih not surpasses birth . . owner . born. erii wood : slave dies. to clear land for a farm. his mother does not hear of it J if a child dies. ti. todzu look-to . to he pleased. to-day will ail thee to-morrow. bi d ti bi eni li it-is d bi omo. igi tree gbogbo every ni is Ibataq. Bi As o thou ti wu please ki that 6 it ri. 53. the free-born child. house Thou 56. Bi o ti wil ki 6 se. Ni igba In time dgbe ba * qdi is-binding iti ab6 bundles of okd ot corn when farmer ni yaqgidi it-is okd. root . § 148. clears road. he by bundles of com bundles of money are obtained. ri ere die. in6 r| d corn. —A parasite does not care on wtom he sponges 51. to rejoice . ino mi d6i). Skx) Igbo. . the bill-hook breaks. ko ri ere igbo . art the superintendent in the master^s absence ti look well to the house. cry arises . Aparasite has no root. The 6 di reaches oko farm of olowo. the subjunctive particle (§ 139). as . ba. the con- junction and. it reaches its owner's labors). but receives no profit farm . the bill-hook is badly broJcen. 54. Enl k6 Slave not 6e is omo child of igi: erii kii. master . ada bill-hook Bill-hook cuts not sees ^profit of bush . 6 aruq five-cowries a-bad-breaking. a bi.a it girigiri. as. rejoices . 53. bill-hook bill-hook breaks. come. a-bad-bending . girds-its-hilt. . he is glad . every for a living. 50. ada eka from li dd. 63 Afom6 Parasite k6 li egb6. — iti. ada li oroi). A bits lamentation slave is not a block of wood : if a slave dies. not in any vnse. ada dk bends id^kuda. iya k6 gb6: omo ku. it is girded tightly (for new reference to the severe and unrequited labor of slaves. farm —Has . igbe not hears : ta. 6 it ro 6na. / am glad . followed by a negative. ko ri fere ona road fi . — something of the heart of the people who use it as a proverb . hush. when. . well. in the sense oi was born (Gram. tightly. in house of mother his once. idakiida. they bore. 6 gbadi. his mother child dies. the bill-hook clears the road. also. Iwo Thou ni it-is qse abodiuwo art superintendent leliiq behind babd. it pays five cowries to gird its handle with a ring . 56. follows nigbati .SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION. ile rere. it bill-hook has ring on the is girded bill-hook clears <ihe farm. slave &e was omo child ni il6 iya r| ri. is the usual expression for by no means.

61. to enjoy the world . a contemptuous action or 68. Obdnid^e 6 ba ard r^ Injurer he die. Dulum6 ekpa li oroq se^e. another brings injury upon himself. Bi As d they ti ni ni i^e. ti k6 ba ^e todiu abul6. yi 8 not one who * does look-to patch. * body his injures. one who eats sour. adabowo responsibility * send r|.. as ba. one.— li loh. Slander of ground-pea on neck of white-pea. all. bi it . ko . began that the condemnation recoiled on the accuser. He who injures 64. word . ITe eats world more than owner of world going. . The slander of that a slanderer the ground-pea against injure himself the white field-pea falls upon itself. and will not assist in the labors of the family. after eniti (§ 139). . and could not finish ba die.-^m idie . not . d it d^ebi w6 to-enter ti. li it-is d we di. means an accusation : 6 fi |^e r§ he built a house failed. As own 60.e deliver . |ni . after bi. SPECIMENS OP COMPOSITION. one is sent on a message. eni ti o die did5q he eats sweet ni idie kikaq. 62. —Designed to show may more than he 63. that se do si to omo-enik^dii fellow-man of eni. Abdnidie Quest mdh. — ki amah ^e. . his in want oi clothing. condemns the-cause injures another. 62. so he should deliver it . 61. Ohui) abuMi). 6 oroi) mi. : li oroi) refers to ile ti. it is on thy responsibility. last long . Bi . . The relative is omitted before mdh. it.64 57. e. pleonastic. if (§ 139). want 59. —diebi — 6rar) wo ti. Ohuq Thing tl i^e is ohuq abukuq ki A mdh. 69. he charged his sin upon me . .. he who eats the sweet should also eat the sour. if thou add anything to it. contemptuous action should not be done to one's fellow-man. —This proverb probably designed to teach silent observation. i. to injure. one little affairs Patching makes a garment clothes. ti. Diaiye (die — to build 63. to-fail. it-is who not with one is oi person . iwo ba seni * si to i. —A man who rag one on who neglects the of his business will does not attend to patching will come to fail. So is a guest who Said of persons who a person . no advantage — 57. bd ni se ifd is profit to enia . obligation is frequently expressed by the indicative form of the verb. 2). he will 6e make ard r^ self li ofo aso. message. Ba. if thou add ard of self thy. which thing of contempt we not A 58. Addq Bat is dorikodo hangs-head-down 6 it i^e eiye work of birds is-watching its qwo gbogbo. aiye). AbuM Patch ni it-is mu makes aso cloth il6 last to long . 6 d^8 aiye diu alaiye 16h. The bat hangs suspended with head down watching the actions of all birds. —Said 6raq of extravagant persons. or come to want. He enjoys the world more than the owner of the world. live on others. 64. This proverb is highly idiomatic and therefore difficult ti implies/aiVwre . we should not do (§ 145.

ba * mii. ' 67. the drum shoe drum. —A fanciful play upon the word abebe is the principal it. 70. rii. Said of persons (by sitting further acquaintance. ' ' if the heat is severe. but when the famine is over. and he who repeats the sentences oftenest without marring a syllable is victor. At the end of the " " sentence. receive into our friendship. ba a ti (we meet it to-push). the cricket is eaten as if it were fat or delicious . assemble. the cricket is jyoor. pleads off difficulty if heat abebe ni fan it-is ibe dissipates a fan mitigates verbial saying. on in its shade). play —A upon Kdnakdna bd kdnakdna Crow with dzd. in bdta drum igi. A pleader (or supplicaior) wards of death." two. when famine is relieved." &c. patter patter. ikii. and the shoe is leather. the needle. — — — Eni. gbogbo whole difficulty . prevails. a crow conquered a crow. but. Famine is-sharp. one. a difficulty. a pleader wards off a difficulty . Abebe Pleader ni it-is ib^ pleads off f." (or patter patter. 65 Abati It Makpa. . bata bdta. ire yo . so mortification follows a difficulty . 65. 10. thread follows. the tnortification. One. we taith it are-friendly. It also expresses the fact that when famine paradoxical play upon words. shoe drum. A — crow. 65. it. otokulu of town kpe. The thread follows — Applied to anything which happens as a natural consequence. iyaq famine r6. Sraq . The Yonibas sometimes amuse themselves by repeating a play upon words by way of competition. on top of rock. bi oru . the cricket is fat . d . Shakiness of old-wall is like we against a shaky old wall it push. A 9 . we push against it. S it. is-relieved. " wood. nwoq kd they ebo abamo not see sacrifice of mortification to-make. is-sharp death. design of this pro- It also shows the power of entreaty. down — it does not are at fall) we make whom we first suspicious 66. and (finding that friends with of. weeping. li ori akpdta. lyar) mii. hide. Oral). ti. . of chief-drummer .o Jiain li is kpa bata beats bdta. Ose . ab^be ni pleader it-is ibe 5raq . words. ri abamS mortification ni it-is igbehiq follows ^e.SPECIMENS OP COMPOSITIOH". cricket is-poor. whole popu- lation of the town assembled cannot find a sacrifice to make against 71. When famine is sharp. As smacking the lips precedes weeping. patter patter. —A 68. each time it is repeated. ire 67.) on the rock in the yard of the chief is wood. One. crow crow fought with a crow. Ocli. we push against it. bata shoe li is aw9. kdnakdna crow dd conquered kdnakdna. The ' ire is a large cricket eaten by the poor in times of scarcity. 66. fought. d bd 8. Ikpa Path obere of needle li it-is okuq it6. cricket is-fat . a bystander says. ba . Ose Smacking-of-lips ni it-is isad^u precedes ekiiq. t6. The rain beats. the Yoruba people are accustomed to smack their lips several times before they begin to weep. generally a cause before the judges. drummer 69. li ode yard adi^dlubdta. the cricket is rejected as poor and unfit to eat.

Abo^e Job-work not ki i^e i6e is work odi6. . (done for oneself) Said of slaves. is-seeking person whom he will fi ard rh make body his yi. a tracing of genealogy . to compare itaq . . 79. exercising a forgiving disposition. if a difficult the (mutilated) hand of a matter come upon the country. The pig. and matter with matter Inculcates. ki that d they put matter to-compare matter. odzo. but am not sure that a national proverb. a day. . 76. Adarid^ini ni Forgiver it-is i^ete edi. 73. —Designed to inculcate a for- spirit. to salute civilly. If a needle fall from it up) . gently. thing. See Dic- tionary. i6e of babd ni it-is ighk od^o receives . rub. — Onifuru Suspicious-character ti itete ise first onile kpele. is seeking some clean person to rub against. . neck. to forgive. 6 it qwd eni r^re good ti yi 6 wallowing in-mire finished. put matter thee. 11. d gbe. 79. conquers dispute. it di ete. the space of a day . Elede Pig kpa Mo tdq. as praiseworthy. leper. Bi Oloruq ba If k^ ese si ni us li oroq. have heard this remark made by heait is thens in attempting to settle disputes. are not equivalent terms : odzo. day .o. AditaqmS (da lit. — thing. who said his grandmother was an 6kulu. 72. SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION. Compare thing with be praised. time. who does master-of-house A suspicious character (being found in a house) immediately salutes the owner of the house (before he is saluted). . — fi . on If God should compute our we would perish. . to deal wtll with. fi 6raq d^ii). A job — not the day's work the master's work claims who may perform little jobs for themselves. Odi6 and odi6 .66 72. 75. it requires consideration it (how to pick it). requires thought (how to avert 77. to-be-distant. the duty of forgive the matter. Fi we. mb). that thou mayest examining into the facts of a dispute and . . pretend to be related to great families. thought. one who is pale with se apprehension kpele. esuo toho he said bore mother his. ero. — we perish. . . eni. tlie chief part of but must not neglect their master's business. — — . 6raq ba il^. Abere bo Needle li owo hand adete. Aditaqmd esuo Genealogy of It is like the ti o li 4kulu ekulu li it-is o she bi iya r^. 6 it di becomes falls in becomes consideration matter comes-upon the-land. Onifuru. He giving that pardons the aggressor gains the victory in the dispute. fi 5raq we 6raq . one's time. esuo and ekulu. work of master is day of one. I God should count sin against sins. 74. diiq. persons who genealogy of the esuo. 75. — Applied to 78. having done wallowing in the mire. Said of disgraced persons who attempt to intrude themselves upon good society. Fi obur) Put thing praise we to-compare ohuq. two different species oi antelope. 6 of leper.

to bring. 82. that something can be said on both sides of a question. jrrevails. of this proverb is. kpansa. that people always bring their wrappers to the farm (laying He replied to the We of cloth. G7 Agada ko Sabre 1116 ori alagbede. and is cut to make cups. the chin . 83. . which might inflict some mbu — injury on the in the head. and the last first. Li oko partridge. Id. they said that they cut it for Squash The squash having saved them (in time of famine). d ni ki d kpd S ni received them safe. —Applied to iugratitude. Agbed:^e gb^ woq 1^. — That is. if one die in the morning. Witch. § 187). the Mevalor. Why did the farmer bring cloth to the are accustomed to take our ovcrclothes to the farm. The agbedze grows hard with it age. to-do in akpdro. but the wood-man makes a sacrifice to his head. they cup. to eat does not appreciate the severity of a famine. which is thought to reside 81. Mu. if in separates in evening. said. Akpdro diare d^are reasoned adi.. know the not knows head of blacksmith. The man who has plenty 8*r. Ad:ie. . — Designed yuest of Let us cut it for a drinkiny- to illustrate ingratitude.wah. — them on the grass or a bush while at work). . 80. k morning. Agb9i). Sdluga.. The partridge. bi below . seeing a cloth so spread out as to form abird-snare. she kills but cannot inherit. sil^ doton to-do one behind in gently. li it-is Ki What ice li is-it 6 he mu brought aso cloth wdh coming ise li oko? farm ? A He Partridge reasoned bird-snare-of-cloth. ti qke se. may sometimes be last. Akeke Axe etu si atari. to save . (In battle) the sabre does not head of the blacksmith (wlio made it).. it ya li ale. agboq isale. 6 fi eni iwadiu before Fortune. We — 83. Said of those who forsake their friends in time of trouble. the 85. 2). niu I6I1. offers propitiation to head. 81. the lower jaw. let us cut 145. 84.SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION. not and hard — inherits. The partridge argued concerning farm The meaning ? partridge. Ad^ekasu k5 in5 Loaf-eater not knows bi iyaq if famine rrni. (Gram. What does he mean by this ? The farmer replied.anakpa. . first Adzhe. Adie. drinkinff-cup. igi k6 gb6nagb(ma woodman which is-cutting tree not refuses . § . the Elevator. 6 it kii die li 6wur6. child Witches are thought to destroy people when asleep by sucking troubles are sore of envy— my mi ^oro my is-hard ga —d is-high — she kpa kills nidli gb^giiq.. to abide. — gbe. — ki k kp4 a. to take. A We ri see abdnid^e ^gboq chin isale. —gba to be. was suspicious and said. he leaves the foremost to deal favorably with the hindmost. bring clothing going. In farm d gbe imu do the bird-snare aso il6h. The axe which cuts the tree is not afraid . 82. Some kinds of trees are supposed to be inhabited by evil spirits. he puts one se eni eliiq ni kpele. it separates (from the upper jaw) in the evening. woodman unless he ofi'ered a sacrifice to his good genius. — their blood like a vampire. meet with guests who are like the lower jaw . pleonastic like do in Englth (Gram. 86. omo lie — iya — trouble child of envy The witch.

death. agbede the k6 not Ogun not works ivory. 97. He fled from fire. d raij wdh. jmt hand upon your temp>le Leave the God. bribe blinds the judge.68 88. A We ri see ti that eni m5 iwi.6." in the scabbard. the butterfly praises God eni within and without. Oguj) is the god of smiths. to sell. By 92. that of him. praise to butterfly gives God. remains to-day remains to-morrow that thirst that will kill iguana. ti e. temple. although he covers his otan with a potsherd. 93. eni. T)i\ its beauty. for a bribe cannot give a true judgment.e Silence : : oib6 white-man House kii died was in Katunga in which they called mb|. in all its parts. not opens (if Open the cask open the cask. A 89.o otito. to-till. In old times 95. not works smithy kpa makes hoes does not work ivory. he puts see that to-cover that of r| mol|. his. t61iii)t61iiq ni Within. i. not take squatting from baboon. i fi akpadi potsherd bo ti one knoivs to-speak. bdiio k r5. of rum. open agba etu . Ogiiq k6 r5 ok6 Ogun agbede k6 smithy r6 bata. he entered into scabbard of sword. . —The Yoruba ike. one whom they send to-come. & ki igb^ ile babd lowo from . the sword. there. SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION. if the is. without it-is labaMba ifi iyiq fu Oloruq. We one knows how to speak (the faults of others). rest fi owo le erdr). frequently transmitted to posterity in proverbial sayings. antiquity. O He sure iku. Fi Give id^4 battle fu Oloruq to God battle to d^^. Abetele ni ifod^u Bribe it4s oiiidadi. Bi 6 If it kui) oni kur) ola ki ogbe ki 6 kpa agiliti. lie kiiq one w^ li Oyo ni igba time of atidi. If there remain to-day or to-morrow before the iguana will die of thirst. 93. cask. Ti r|. the smith does not to sell. fled 6 bo ako and hid Ida. notori abetele ki ilfe i^e idddi. it will rain. farm were not difficult to every man to his trade. to-fight . rain will fall. for bribe not can do judgment of truth. Dehis creatures. 94. ti k r)kpe Akidi. oko k6 ^oro farm not is-hard ro. the smith would not make hoes —That work leather .o. Historical and other facts are 96. ik. ki id^i agba. cultivate. him up. leather . blinds judge . signed to show the providence of God over — 90. d^i cask of rum. there was a house in Katunga si called Silence : a white man died there. we not take house of father it is We cannot cure a baboon of squatting (because natural to him) we cannot take the home- stead from a man (because it is his by natural right). Tinotino. — " He leaped out of the frying-pan into the 96. —That is trust in God's providence. . 91. and on your hand (as a spectator). open the cask of powder carriers are yours) but he that with it does not remarkably faithful to their trust. is sent cask o^ powder . 94. A We ki igb^ 4kaka low6 akiti. one. agba Open oti.

eyl this omdkoqri son in aburo I6h go tl k6 llu ohuq gbogbo thing all tl 6 nl d^o. not give ni. his face being pale as one crime supposes it is he they are talking about (if be sees men in who has done something (wrong). give nl Iwoq tori belongs 11 ml. ard body ifa is-pale bi as Doer of crime of are-speak'mg-ahout. Ayh Joy nl it-is 1 ba fi di. — wish his secrets to be kept. 98.e 6rai) 69 abi ikoko secresy 6ebi supposes 6q he li it-is d they mbawi. which any-one 11^.e. Asbrokele bodzu\v6 igbe: igb6 ki iro. he should not confide them Odo ki The k6q bo edia fish 11 odzii. kpe. . to-wit. whom one S2}eaks is to others. the traitor. fu ml Father. Eyi ogiiq aburo o it ni ln6 wov) wi fu to babd re father his This younger-brother in among them said tl Babd. —That is. eye. in there it-is he was spending possession his in extravagance. beresi Idi began alaini. . it iyaq nlanla wdli mii to be nl llu nd . he and took road his straightway 6kere . 6 ba gbogbo all r| d^e* tdq. me. to destroy. A§. Ki possession his Isi t6 ldi. ti. " Conscience makes — 99. fi he would with ondie food awoq they tl elede di. PAEABLE OF THE PRODIGAL Luke XV. eni Whisperer If a watches bush : bush riot tells . being eni one ^e ohuq. who one with speaks it-is acts he to A whisperer watches the bush . ko 6 fu to li.e eat go to go to-ioatch sioine. He and loli si his join one inhabitant nd tl . ti k bd so traitor. 6 si kplq obuq me to-have measure of inheritance which He and divided thing of ini r^ fu to woq.6 melokaq Not and amounted-to day few ehlq eyi. a bush never tells secrets . said.SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION. one had Man son two. he and sent raq a him oko r^ loh farm his iso elede. enlkeni swine ate. River not is-full to-cover in river is never so full as to obscure the sight of the fish. after this. 6 went. 6 16h. Ni igbd In time town of distance. emi si I and qku fu ebi! hunger/ Eml I am-dying for Ba . he dd ard r^ kp5 made self m6 cleave-to oloto kdq citizen ard and llu to-be needy-one. him. Okoqrl kdq 11 om6kor)i'l med^i. secret The perpetrator of a cowards of us all. SON. . 6 si mu ona r^ tp9^ younger-brother gathered si to which he had together. dze. 6 he which he to-destroy si of ended. man 100. nl lb| ni 6 gbe nd gbogbo all Inl r^ ni Inakuna." conversation). he Awoi) aldgba^e babd ml melomelo hireling of father my They how-many o ondi^e ad^e food y6 atl ad^e eating he have eating to-be-full and to-leave. Ni igbd In 11 it-4s odi:ii eye r^ his wdli time which li came to-ground. 11—82. he ni ise ikukpani. 6i) si of town that . them. who did thing. no scheme or purpose is too deep to be confided to a friend. si famine of greatness came sharp in town that .

is having the auxiliary particle i). Nwoq They beresi began driya. he refused as-to atiwb entering vl. health. 6 Babd fi wi fu awoq to that they should call to-be thy more. he and on and si made mouth him on enu. ran. Nitori nd ni it-is babd re 6e§ di^ade. fi mi ^e bi do as ti okaq ni in6 one in si awoq alagbase they li r|. qsiq 6 wi fu babd r^ kpe. emi I will and say to him to-wit. .* ki si to wo clothe 8. yi this him. him . ' ' . oruq ati ni iwad. bi as 6 he si si qtif mbd. thy . to li it-is Kiye rufiq si i it lati odiiq year melo how-many ri . emi k6 si ye I not and fit his to wit. make merriment. id^o.' (Gram. emi k6 si ye I not and fit ti d ba ma may kpfe li that they should call to-be omo child m6. it. arise indeed. fatted-to-kill. 2. kpa kill father his saw him. ile. died. . mouth. and ni in si young-one of cow nitori 6 ri i kpdda return alafia peace ati Uera. eat. ti because that child had and again and Omdkoqri Son egboq 6 ti mbe was li oko. is equivalent to the verb to mean. that ye make si 6ruka ring bo slip-on make 8 li ow6. that ye and ti we mxiy we and si se driya. . farm. Omo Son si wi fu to kp6. to bring. E ki that mii take esrboro young-one of raalu cow Ye and d si abokpa nitori ti wdb.) .. dide s6. gbo 6nq oq d O And kp^ okaq one ino among awoq them drew-near-to edge of house. pity 6 si sure. we know . ati bata him on hand. as . he said o. thy. . bin6. ni in si 6 this elder-brother who in and was-coming. . Father. emi qti qdese to-wit. Aburo ti r^ de babd father li kpa has-killed egboro (3 si malu 6 abokpa. On-account of that father his and did and was O emi I si ddhuq. father his to-wit. may ise to-make ma omo mi my r^ eyi his yi this kii. Fathtr %nd said i it ihem omo-odo r^ kp6. servant fl E mu Ye iguqwa wdh. wah.70 6 will SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION. 6 he si wd fu to house. J li have sinned against heaven and si in r^ . . which he and had was in distance. § 1 28. go-out. ati ni iwadi. and he soqmo eti ile. I will go-to father go. 6 he r5 hung upon m6 to-cleave-to Q. ti J § The phrase 4 mb Se. neck. 6 he si toq ye. li oroi). kpe. babd r^ g. his. make ms among ti hireling He and i. 6 servant bere their. 6 ye take choice garment of stateliness coming. generally employed pleonastically aflcr nitori na. lob. d ba ayo ma kpe may ago omo child r^ m6. lives. Take-notice to from belie so have served emi ko si I not and r^ ni igba time kdq iwo k6 break-law thy in one heretofore . emi 6 si wi fu ii kpe. Babd.ii re presence sinned against heaven. ko isikpe beseeching li because that he sees him in and He and was-angry. and shoe ki 6 si ese foot r^. babd 6 he si r^ anu ko touch se affected father his going. and in thy . emi 6 to babd mi my 161i. therefore. I qti Iiave qdese r§ si oruq. he inquired to-wit. ' . kl that d ma dze.^u presence and said ti him Father. li it-is He and qti answered. si. to-wit. he called omo-odo woq. fatted-to-kill coming. Ni igbd In time 6 w& 8 him 6kere. . ti. 6 ri si dide 6 arose he to went-to thy more. merriment. thou not * f Mu Bi . to do. fi enu 8 li him. mo J knew they r| thy si qkdq woqyi thing these si? to? (3 wi said fu to ii He and him kpe. he heard singing and dancing. thee.. Younger-brother thy is-come . Babd. Kili What .

bwo above heaven . be thy come. ki that ti d ma ie driya nitori we may do merriment: because n6. 6ke oruq above heaven ti fu give^ wa H ondi.e odi6 wa . obuq gbogbo thou art : mo I ti ni r& ni i^e. dari . temptation. si ti "71 ifi omo omo child ewur^ kdq fu mi ki 6 of goat fi bd aTul hast given child one si ti to me that it make with awoq ore mi them friend my kpan^aga adultery ^e driya. he and d si ri see i. it-is is. one who he made fu for ii. . been-lost. thou kp6.SPECIMENS OF COMPOSITION. O It . had we and him. to-wit. iwo wealth thy. and lead 81 to in6 within idewo. Amen. THE LOED'S PKAYEE. li oni . bi ti earth. thy. reign ife ti rh our who in honor . bi awa us. Babd wa Father ti mb| art li 6ke oruq. Sugboq But si ti bi as r^ yi de. he and again lives. eni ti 6 fi ruq destroy ii thy this and has come. will of thee ni ki be that d we ^e do li aiye. idioba r^ de.i are-forgiving awoq onigbese wa them debtor mdb not si fd wa us our from as we our. or6 r^. ^ugboq gbd but deliver wa us ni in in6 within tulasiq. in as . ti thing all which have of thee kii. ye is-fit continually with me. qdaridi. kpa killed egboro young-one of malu cow ab6kpa fatted-to-kill O ti si wi fu said ti to Omo Child and hast titi him. us have food of day our in to-day forgive igbese debt wa d^i wa. Amiq. li oruko nam£ re. to-make merriment. aburo r^ yi 6 si toq y^ 6 si that younger-brother thy this had died. He and him ni it-is iwo mb^ lodo mi. distress.




to trample on. ese. as waves a striking." which is comis elided . asekpS. lit. as. Sometimes other suffixes aro employed . sin. and re. to asedzu. Usually an elision occurs in the first syllable it. and a noun as. make. to be considerate. There are doubtless some primitive words which the compiler has not learned and several thousand derivative vocables have been omitted for the sake of brevity. and lii. 2. esrajye. . to know. asalil. excess. Of ^e. But sometimes the from te. to be needy. dSse. as. supposing him to be already acquainted with the rules of derivation as laid down in the Grammar. ol. iaimS (aim5. but in as. together . diolu (olu. to be. al. to be afraid . (aro. d. to have sin. da . el. : . " to take posed of 4. 16^e (^^e. practice will enable the reader to analyse these verbs. For the meaning of nonns formed by these prefixes see " Derivation of Nouns" in the or refer to each prefix in the Dictionary. Of mo. ori. . transitive verbs . fesetfe. to go). of nouns omitted from the Dictionary is very large : Several classes of nouns formed from verbs primitive and derivative. completed . e.' ' . ba. with the addition of a suffix. a prince. ih. hai).' By reduplicating the ' ' of 3. to be safe. or. Nouns formed by the prefixes b. treated as All the foregoing verbs are in fact phrases. to meditate. Many verbs of the following kinds The 1. to meet. chiefly d^u. to act. . to meet. For the convenience of the reader. . g. b. to bend. 2. I. . kp6. and a noun . to have. to make. to be. c. as the natives express and thus discover their meaning. el. from sd. from 6se.) Nouns formed from most verbs by prefixing surpass . Of li. and era. mete (ete. laini (aini. to strike). vch. officer). Verbs of this class are very numerous. probable that none of them would be IL The number 1. Grammar. fi. to beat upon. ignorance). first as in fesete. e. Of die. a running to be safe. tJie head. as above. alai. to run. first syllable of the verb. Nouns and Dictionary. to run. a completed action. A little 3. . to do. la. co-operation . and a noun as. the omitted verbs of this class are easily defined by referring to the roots. tin). to sin. fact. fo it is show . sin). since the exact quite as easily as we can determine have been omitted. to push. ol. need). to be ignorant. from ba. an action surpassing or exceeding the bounds a. to be a prince. beru. c. and a noun as. and vocables in a dictionary compiled by a native. to jyress. omitted verbs of this class are formed chiefly as follows a. to sin . to make. lebi (li ebi).' By the prefix ati. bllu (bi. This severe abridgement. to teriba. Nouns formed from nearly all nouns by the prefixes. meditation). untutored . asetai). prince. Bearing this in mind. meaning of the omitted words may be ascertained by the rules of derivation the meaning of inflected nouns and verbs in Latin from the nominative and infinitive. ' ' a and ' i. A considerable number of verbs which appear to be formed by placing two verbs in juxtaposition sare (sa. . to rule as a : . Many compound as. to be sinful. (See Derivation By the prefix ai. proper to inform the reader that the following Dictionary contains scarcely one half of the Yoruba Language. completion. . we here present a review of the various classes of words which is no real defect. the foot. as. an acting together. olu. saro . to condemn. to bow. however. A considerable number of verbs composed of three or four words as. destitute. provident. vowel of the noun them to pieces. as. to run . the second member of these verbs is a contracted noun. fear. fi . to make.' a. oni. consideration). Verbs composed of a verb and noun as. of propriety . a going. Of da. It is . d. for ilu. all.INTRODUCTION. . and a noun as. .

INTRODUCTION. or adverbial phrases. first of the verbal root li. are often omitted of such words . ola). . Such nouns arc easily analyzed. requested to observe that the accent of Yoruba words in the Dictionary is marked in those cases where it cannot readily be determined from the rules laid down in the Grammar. is The meaning is prefixed. by ascertaining the meaning and then of the prefix and of the suffix. Adverbs. lokere (li off. syllable.4 and U. in the distance. as. to or middle III. lola (li to-morrow obvious so soon as we okere). far ' ' ' ascertain that of the noun to which 1 or ' n . composed of a nonn and the preposition ni or he safe. in. only The student is §§ 25-27.

a thinking of.c. v. See root ba. n. a species of wild fig-tree. ex- which flaps. to meet. abi. a-ba. li <S:c. n. (fo).' shocking! n.-ba. 2. e. (edzo). I was struck. that which fits or is fitted .-d6 (do). a mat of the grass aba. is a-bft. from lit. to live. d mi. to shall or will . a contraction of . a confiuence of streams. : inteijection. the state a-ba-de aye. . stocks. the primary use of which is to form concrete nouns from verbs. . a speaker. forming a sub. my to- See abudza. a medicinal tree. congruity. fi. n. a speaking n. 3. / will never implied in an intransitive to do it again. n. g. law1. to do). from hb. as. that which is met. ficulty. speak . as. ' ' ' ' ab. they. n. an eating together. staple driven into a log n. n. we. See root ba. together.'-ba-da. thing as. what do you hope for? a-ba. an iron staple . adaptedness. as. n. to fight. together. With or abase (^e. as. tableness. of being alive. a mat of coarse grass : eni aba. a-bfi. n. sui- verb fit . is spoiled . fS. (die). a camping together. with.PART I. emi 6 ie e mo fabada. coincidence. (ba). YORUBA-ENGLISII ABA a. a coming. a dog. as. a sleeping a-ba'-kpa-de (kpade). n. met. from yh. 4. n. a-ba-fo together . a thing which 3. eqyir) a-ba-dza a-ba-dze a-ba-dze a-ba-dzo (dza). goings and comings amount day. that eti). The patient or recipient of an action. store. n. a cap with ear- 6 ba mi abadzu. consisting of a large The actor or agent to as. ! aa n. he. they struck m£. ! interj. stitute for the passive verb as. g. <£'c. a fighting together. a prefix. asoro. ! kind of yam. a stack of corn. a chance event. 6. awa and n. n.-g6-ke (goke). suitableness. n. a-ba. assistance abasili]. a-bS. a-b&. . Meeting with.-bu-dza. and. 2. in li) camper. abS. come : e. As an (ba). implying a law-breaker . g. adia. hope aba ki li o i)da ? (^fiope what is-it thou art-making? : ) thus formed is various . which has a-ba-dztl tremely greatly. ohuq ab4. it fell upon me with a great or grievous falling. trouble or dif- ab. a going up or ascending operation. crib. co- a-bS. tohich surprises or thwarts. ft'-ba-da. used only after a negative . M. (bade). expectation. classified as denoting . §. it . soro. from dik. ». But the meaning of nouns a-ba. breaking. <S. the ankle. or encountering. fila which is or has any ears. a fellow en- pron. a-ba. adv. i. accident. It is much used . a fighter. to meet : e. and accordingly they may : be 1. . from bade. and enclosing. ?«owrfer/MZ. occasionally of a and ba. which spoils or a k 16h. she. as. aba. a prefix formed of a and ba. meeting with a difficulty or trouble. together. an auxiliary jmrticle equivalent as. and a-b4-dzu (ba). by contraction of awoi). oh ! ah alas ! a meeting with a meeting. from ba. abeti (abi : that abcti.a-bft-do (6do). abade. a-ba-fe. barn. (badze). ye reill go. The to action itself. abadi9 a-ba'-fir)-dze (ba ofiij die). Tlie abstract quality times for ever. ayuq ab5 mi di emefa to six loni. is eared e. expecting. : (aba edi9). an excessive plaiting.

dren. one wlw is angry. n. a bag. a bribe. (eni). a-be-na-gbo-ro iboi) which has a wide mouth a-bS. the act of scolding. n. thering. a-be-lS.-ni-k^ the like. n. n. a-ba-sCir). tomer who a partner in buying buys from one. n. a-b^. n. ile). riors. i. n. penknife. a cap 10 ith flaps to cover the ears.-ni-si-kpe. having. n. (Ps. that which has claws a-bi-l§-k9 (ba. a razor. yiyi. a helper. a-bfe-tl (abi eti). n. n. n. also. a-b6-nu-gb9. a-bI-16 (ile). an existence. ». (ile). in-regard-to a-slap). a n. «. a-ba-se. co-operation. thinness of a (abi). a-be-lS. See b|re. an enemy. (Gen. bi. a sleeping with. n. a kind of sers. husband's house. M. .-ni-r§. a-bi-n6-dze. that which has ears : fila abeti. a-b6. abehii) diidia. a felloiv-traveller. See balB. a pin. n. chagrin. a-bi-si (bisi). adv. a slap : See bi and a-ba-ra (aba (lie ara). : a-ba-ni-dze (ba corrupter. loose trow- a-bfi-ni-gbe-le n. oko). 3. ?l-be-gi (igi).-na (abi ekana). : a-bi-l§ n. a-bS. the back: abiam6 e. n.) which is hairy. 37. n. n. an assistant in a-be-ru. a-be-tu (abi etu). a contemptible person for : iwo a-bl-mo (omo). a-bS-re. 62. an advocate. n. privacy. perhaps eh ? iwo mh abi ? you rough-skinned lizard. n. . hapiyened. a-ba-ra abara having a body or skin : agiliti a-bl (bi. a-bi. horses. a-be-te-le. a-bS. implying being in a state a-bl. &c. n. a-bd. a-bft-ni-ko. the armpit. carnivorous animals. visitation. applied to children and to animals tlie : a-be-be. 8. n. n.) was a-bi-ya (iya). an inmate. if). a-be-"w6 (b§w6). a female. «. n. (ile). n. a sprinkling. secresy. a needle. an assistant in collecting or ga- a-bfe-re. yi ! n. a wide-mouthed gun. a bundle. n. n. n. intercessor. n. n. eni). n. an invalid. See beni. n. a-bfi. circumstances. eye. a woman living in her erai) abekana. a shovel to trim mud a-bfi-ni-iir). n. ivhich has boughs or branches. cate. 1. (l^s. a-b6-r6 tilling the (oro). i7icrease. n. a-be. (ba). n. the latter or last born. a-b&-ni-ru.-ni-r6-le (ro n. a-bfi-ni-se. higha fellow-pleader. flat substance. a-ba-ni-s6-"W0. supposed to kill chil- 9. the underneath : 6 wa li abe okuta. the e. a pool. in underneath the rock. n. jmrtner. half cock of a gun. briber. he gave me a abi. of. a a struggling child) on a-ba-mo-le (111919). <&c. one homeborn. a mixed breed of large and small (kehiij). a-be. to cut). a-bd-'Wl reproof. a-bd. tohich has something on or a-ba-in5 (imi)). abo esiq. stain. a fellow-dancer. n. a wall. n. . a fan. an See evil spirit. man. painful rejlection on what has n. 6 a-be-hir) (abi pertaining to ABO ehiij). shakiness of ti). a-ba-ta (ita). flatness. ? n. n. a-bfi-ni-siln. a cus- a-be-ri. n. . ile. n. n. an assistant in carrying anything. a-b6-be. eh a-bi-ga. slapped me 6 gba mi li abara.'-ba-ti (ba n.'-ba-ta. . a cow . abese a-bin6. a-bi-ku. the name of the capital of Egba. n. n. you good nothing ! addressed to infe- See bino die. an assistant in counting money or A-be-o-ku-ta. a-bfi. n. n. abo malii. See be and be. n. abenugboro.21. a mare . a being of limited (abi ara). importunity. die). a-bfi-ni-bS-be a-be-ka (abi). See hhre. a trowel. a sick person. a-bfe-i-ya-nu. n. a-bi-ke-hir) a nickname for a mother. n. fi. a preflx. aid.-'w6r). visitor. a public square. that a-be-Awe (abi ewe). know. n. . ambush. n. n. n. Jie a-b§ (be. a-bl-a-m6. n. a little marsh. tohich is under the rock. See beri. n. way rohhery. also. a-bl-n9-k(i. a-be-re. mother ivith a kicker (i. co-worker. a brook. a being: araiye abi odzu kpete. a-bi-r5r) (ba iroij) n. n. walls with. conspiracy. a-bl-ye (abi iy^). a-be-kS. n. bribery. slap. a-bfi-ni-dze (ba a guest. n. jmt-tner. slanderer. fi-bo. a-be-ya (iya). iroij). a native. the armpit.ABA a-ba-lS. a begging beforehand . which has feathers. n. propagation by birth. See bin6. ground. n. bila. a-bi. a fellow-trader. cohabitation. a pleader.) a'-bi-ia. n.-iii-dz6. an injurer. which has leaves. lancet. a-bi-r9r) (abi n. failure. See a'banibebe. an advo- her back.-gba (abi). a-be-se. See bo and bo. a bed-fellow. a-bfi. n. a parent of children. a hewer or cutter of wood.

is wearisome. a-da-na. a'-da-ba. a-da-ni-l^-kui). covert. n. nature. tunate. half . the anniversary of the new a-da'-mah'-ld-se. n. a maker of eko. three and a half. a-da. n. is See bura. Sec dana. a-da-sl. a-da-ni-da-kp5. justification. n. n. a tormentor. refuge. prefix implying making. a-d&-k9. visitation. n. a-da'-ri-kp9r). a pond. a-b6-"W9-gfi. the space without. (ba). and a a-da-kp5. heresy. a-bfi-ru-bu-tfi. a-bo-16 (ile). contraction of words. . a a-dS. to set a crown on. n. a mistaken opinion. superintend- a-da-dz9. n. a defender. con- a a pruning knife. instalments of a debt. a-bil-ro. erect. a-da-ni-ni-dzi. which is thrown away or is lost. a-da-kpd. a hunchback. adulteration. two a-da-ko a-bo. n. constituting. one ivho makes a failure. a'-bu-la. a fictitious report. apa-da-sd. which is natural or according to a-b6-se-dze (ba . n. the time just before day. a-bil. impor- a'-bu-ka. A pointing. a mantle. n. n. a sjmnkler. road or ' n. a market held on n. See busi. or aiiy younger rela- a-da-re. reserved. n. n. a mortifier. a musketo. n. a lie. a proposal . a-dfi-ro. alarmist. Sec buru. abo siketa. a whale. n. a-b9-gi-bo-kpe (igi 9kpe). n. n. a half : abo fl. ADE a-da-b9. a confounding street. anxiety. a-b6. «. (ba). n. an adviser. a job. mixture. a-bu-ro tive (abi iro). a-dar). a meeting of the new year. a grove . exaggeration. a sprinkling. Sec n. cessation . n. . a-da-wo. which is spared. a cutting across. n. a younger male or female.r) (bu owo). a cross a-da'-ni-kpa. a justifier. which awakes or arouses a'-bu-dza.1). n. a superintendent. fusion. burglary. n. a tattler.-lu. n. a-da-la-re. a-da-S&r). n. official ence . union. ^ikcdii. one who enlivens or cheers a'-bu-ktlr). battle-ground. justification. n. (Luke 15. a-b6-dztl (bo odiu). a-da'-ni-dzi. confederacy. n. which carded. n.-d§-ke (ikaeke).-ga. statement. n. a-d&. remainder. n. a-bo-yHr) (abi). a p>rohibitor. a justifier. which is pregnant. n. one who alarms people. a-da-bi. . one who blesses. a hereditary debt. a-da'-gUl)-lS a-kpo. . a gleaning a-da. a-da'-ni-dfi. n. a-da-ni-la'-ra-ya. a detainer. the act of surrounding. n. a-bd-ra (ara). n. a fiction. pigeon.) a-d^-mu. an appointed day. n. die ose). n. who swears. a-da'-nl-lfi. See dai). disappointer. day after market-day. n. n. 23. an idolator. year. an a-bu-in6. deficiency 35. n. a dove : adaba in&n. a covering for the face. a-bo'-dzu-"w6. an a-de. a-bu-ke. an idolator. one who is who cruel. short cut. «. a patch. a contribution of money. others. a-bo-de veil. to crown fi ade de. contempt (Ps. the «. which polishes. one who disapiwints. the outer yard. a-bu-rai). a judge. n. a lake. n. n.-b9. dx. tlie a-da-ri-dzi-ni. n. advice. who assumes responsibility. «. one n. a-da-ni-du-ro. See bu and bu. bori. that n. n. a-da'-bo-bd-ni (da abo eni). n.ABO ^-bo. which is fatted to Mil. n. men. a half: adabo odza. n. a-bu-si. the white a-da-"wir). n. a-bo-kpa. a-dfi. See bora. n. red-headed lizard. brother. See dA and dk. n. n. n. n. a-bu-S9. ally. n. . n. living to see it come. n. abudia ona. a-da. a-bo-se (ise). a-da'-m5-rar). a-dfi. n. n. self-assumed responsibility. a-bu-ra. . n. anticipation : of one's words. indiscriminate mixture. intermeddling. a-da-ni-la-ra. something added the true a-da-ni-lo-ro. a-da-dzi. likeness. a Sec bukoq. See b9 and b5. from a large quiver set on the to tlie which arrows arc given n. «. one loho forgives. to desinse.-W9-l§. a-bu-ru. n. n. which stands a bat. a a-da-b9-"W9. n. (eko). See bukui}. n.. ' pierson. a burglar. a-b6-dtli). one. n.-n6. a'-ta-ba. a garment. a crown : dc li adc. a-b6-ri-sa (orisa). a-bu-k9r). a mischievous a-bo-ru (abi). a-bo'-nii-'w6r). an adding. an invention. a-b6-ri. which is hot. a-bu-l§. a-da-md. job-work. confusion of mind. a-bu. one who is anxious. polished. a-dfir). n. a sabbath-breaker. a-da-gur). an addition. an intermeddler. a-da-ni-lo-dzu. n. 26) : ^e li abukiq. n. a shelter. a covering. prepared to be spun. to n. n. blessing. n. which resembles. bill-hook. a falsehood.

comes to hear. an earthen pot pierced full of holes dry meat in. n. meaning a-de-mo. is fast.-b5. a-dl. num. mie hundred and seventy each. also as a proper a-dir)-gbe. a broken bottom basket. a sanctifier. who has plenty. a violent jerking at something child's game of casting lots. a-do'-ro-ruij. n. soldier. an attic. a few: sAm hrAsi. a dog . a-d9-fa. . H. sweetness. of which n. n. n. n. n. a-d5i). 30. a-dza'-na-ku. n. which starves one. one hundred and sixty each. Sec adzara. flour of parched com. a-dl-tl (eti). fortune. n. solid. condemnation. <kc. a-di-si (da n. n. a-de-bi-kpa-ni (da A-de-g'b6. a-do'-ro-rir). 30. num. a holding fast . a ceiling overhead. n. a secret covenant. an inventor. a liar. . n. coming to blows or to a fight. a-do-gui) (da oguq). a water-gourd. a-do. a'-dl-re. a-di-dzu. of the palm-nut kernel." n. n. a-dzai). n. n. meat cut small to retail. a-dza-e. a binding. n. a climbing plant the leaves of which impart a black a-dz§. a newly married woman. n. a domestic fowl. n. n. clo o ta a ? See aguala. a-do-do-fa. unhappiness. bargain. n. a-di-ini-ni6 (da mimo). n. num. i. n. after all. a neck-shackle. n. a-dza-di. an old acquaintance. stain. who a-do-ta. a-do'-to-ta. the elephant. troicble. ficaticm. num. n. a-do-dz9. or pit. seventy each. n. e.ADE a-de. a ceiling over the mouth of a grave a-di-mu. the cud. a-dze-kdr). strange or foreign town . w. num. it is a-de-ti-si-le. an eating together. oar. See adire. n.a-dza-gboi). n. a-de-ke. a-dza. a colander. n. a a-d6-dzo-dzo. one hundred and thirty. seventy. M. ilu. covenant . a stumbling block. Sec adododze. a a title of respect much like a-di-in6. the tamarind-tree. a bird-snare made of cloth. a-dza-ka-le. a contraction. oil tangling. thankfulness: adukpe lodo in ambush an impe- Ol9ru]3. a charm to briny home the ijhost of one that killed in war. isi). num. n. a-dza. n. pestilence. num. prayer to God only. n. which is broken in the bottom agboij. a petty trader. one who eats the large jerked loaf. num. deceiver. a nickname given to used a-dza-ka. num. a-dza-i-lS. n. a plot. a blinder or a'-di-e.-dza-6-SU. n. fifty each. 1. n. num. a-dze-dze. n. a-du'-gbo-lil. who diment. a tracing of kinship. a loft. num. . a-dza-ra. ?». ninety each. ries) thirty (cowsell it ? fi. a-do-dze. the moon's dog. a-de-hCir). contracted. a-di-ro. a-di-d5g. notwithstanding. bride. mean fellow. a-de-na (ona). n. n. (di idza). a-do-sag. a fairy skilled in medicine. n. lies a-du-kpe. a-du-ra. fiavor. which causes tear. an a witch. a-di-dzd. a small gourd used for a vial. a leper. cbi). a-dp-rip. a-dza'-ka-su (die aka^u). n. he who shuts one in. d. a-dza-ko (oko). who holds name. a kind of large bat. a-dl-gba-ro. n. n. a neighbor. a-de-te (da a-di. escape through hard struggling. a-dza-ga-dzi-gi. n. num. is a-di-dzi. the n. a-de'-le-lj^ (lie). fifty. a yoke. each . n. a-do'-so-sap. a paddle. a a'-du-gb6. a-dl-lu. a-dza'-na-kpa.-dza. n. a-dti. a remnant after eating. a low. to a-dze. state of being " esquire. tranged from. one hundred and seventy. a colander. a-di-in5. 8 a-do-rur). god of money. num. a few people. tlianks to Ood. how dost thou one hundred and thirty each. a scarecrow. a-du. n. i. See adzkhb. one hundred taste. a-di-tar)-in5 (da itaij). n. a-de-bi. n. a-dza-kpa. n. the tortoise. se adzedze to be es- and ten one hundred and ten. etc).) a-dze-re. n. meat. n. a kind of wild dog. (Ps. See di. each. a-dza-gun. n. one hundred and sixty. an adulterer. a-do-do-dze. a deaf person. anything savory. adododze. n. thanks. 4-dza-ga. conj. a-dz§. n.) a-dzi-ia. (Rom. n. n. a-dl. n. a-dze-kpd. an epidemic. which dried over the fire. lewdness. 78. n. a cord with which a prisoner's hand bound to his neck. sancti. c. a-de-mu. a listener to private conversation. n. n. the evening star. The name of a man. a-dza-ba. AD^ ninety. a-dz9. a very black person. num. a stranger or alien : adzedic si. n. one hundred and a-d6. a-dza-o. a fright. shut in. adzadi a-dza-dze.

an assembly. a-f6-dz11 (fo). cork-wood. a-dzu-mo. unteachable. 4. 8. a'-dzi-ra6 (Arab. betrothed. n. deep concealment. a-dzi-dzlr). an heir. oraij). n. slowness. a-fe-n5. a-fir)-gba (igba). unruliness. repeal of law.-dzo. an engraver of calabashes. a-dzi-na. (fi kp6). a festival. honey-comb. n. eating and leaving a part a-fe-nu-si a^fe-re. : a-fo. a-fi-sor). a-fi-yag-dzu-se. search. to seek. n. wind. an assembly to tance. feast. n. an tingrateful person. a-dzo-vru. a-fori-fe-re. a frowning. a-fi-re-se (ire). mistletoe. «. a-f9-'w6-ta. which is winnoioed atoay. n. n. a-fo'-ni-f6-dzi. n. (ikoko). a-dzu-ba. a-fd-ko-ko aim9). he is purblind. an armlet of iron worn by hun. renunciation. council. a-dz6-kpir). the resurrection. (fiq ona) a-fi'-n6-sa'-dze-re (fi in6 se adzere). : (Liike 16. a-fo-"w6-b6 (fi owo). . an engraver. a-fi-bi. a-fi6-dzu-s6-na. ladder. a-fo-re-se-bi (fi ore se ibi). share. 4. two : sticks rubbed together to one who investigates a case produce fire fi. (6. «. .a-fir). (fi a-fi-ra.r). a-dzo-rir). did you wake well ?) See a-fi-no-se-hir) (ehiij). overthrow. a-dzo. «. n. n. n. n. (Ps. except. one who is jealous .-fg. expectation.-fa-ra. a-fe-bi-kpa. jealousy. love with perfect love. n. exhibition. room (fi).) lightness . n. an ungrateful person. spirit. the Mohammedan Sabbath. 17. a rejoicing together. n. daybreak. a secret. an acting or being together. n. n. else a-fir)-dzu (odiu). air. accusation. a-dze-y6. who is perfect love. an unreliable person. unless.. See See fa. son. expenditure. the preceding word. n. a jxirtaker. panionship.) n. high. sharer a travelling together seadzSkpiq.) a-fi|-ri. / a-fo-"w6-ra. chair. a newly cleared field. n. that which concealed. engraving. n. pilfering. not). afara oyii). a-dz6-gur) (dze ogu^). (si ona). n. reluc- a-dzo-dze-kp5. a-dzo-y6. purblindness : 6 ie afota. (o. hogs^ mire. n. n. is a-fi-16 (fi ile). a-dzlr)-sir(-sir). support. n. a shadow. dilatoriness. n. n. n. n. (Acts 2. a rising tip. n. a looking for. a catching fire from sometliing on fire. a-dzo-mo-kpd. n. forgiveness. a-ff. mo fe li afe tai). profound silence. a-fl-ye-sl : (iye). a meddler. destruction. a-fe. n. liossibly. abandonment. n. n. n. a-fa. ters. an opening. a-dze-ni-a a-dze-ti. the depth of night. n. a. attention. a-fo-na-h3. disobedience. n. a-dz6-r6. n. (Ps. n. n. . a palace . AGA a-fe-ni6-dzu-in6. acting by constraint . a prop. 23. See adebikpa. adv. consul. an ing fire. pleasure. a kind of rat. a lieight . n. a consultation. n. n.r). a reconciler. pnper. a debtor. table. (enia). a-fl-bi-kpd-re a-fi-dzi. com. if he will come tomorrow is uncertain. to be anxious. the dawn. a-dzo-kpa-rur). (1 Pet. expenses. n. a fulfilled prediction . a-fe. (fi which is a-fe-hir)-ti 2 ehig). n. or dis2)ute. a-fo-in6. uneaten. a-fa. n. a-f6-6-gb6 a-f6-rar)-lo n. a-dzl-nde. a careless search. devour. anxiety : se adzo. a-dzi'-gbe-se. a bridge . a space. engraving . w. a suspicious person. which pre-exists. lohich bums fiercely. 20. an engraver.ADZ a-dze-le. crowd : adz9 odu^. for a feast. n. openness. doubtfully : bi yi 6 de lola afaimo. a frowner. a foretelling. n. one who n. a-fo-dzu-di n. conj. a-fu-ra a-ga.r). (Lake 15. a-f6-sf «. egbe adzoriij. is accused.a-fo-ta. suspicion. a-dzi-re d. a-dzo-SO. wilfulness in doing an evil action. n. a-fe-dzu.r) 6na). a rampart.) partake. tidiness . a talking a-fo'-fo-ro. n. (fi a poi-ioasher. ?i. a-dzu-de (ode). one with a a-fi-na treacherous memory. a-dzir). cork-wood. a-dzo. n. noiableness. a-dzl-lib-'wa-'bfi. a bottle.) a-fai-mo (fi perhaps. a-dz6-6-kil which is unquenchable. n. a seeker ie aferi. a parasite. an official agent. love : a-f6-rar)-in6 (fi oraij). a tidy per- a-dz6-r3.) a-fe-s6-na a-fe-tS. a-f6-gur). n. IV. (lit. n. n. (fi enu). a showing. a-fe-fe. affection. ik. 68. guidance. a cannibal. n. a travelling companion. n. n. n. eating to the full. n. stool. n. n. insolence. neatness. n. n. 7i. (fu ara) n. n. «. ! good morning ! a journey. a-fi-hS. n. n. a-fi-no-so-de (ode). a valley. a fiutc-player.). together. a guide.a-fo-ba-dze. a blind person. n. albino. not). 3. n.

awhetter. a hen. a'-gba-la. n. ». n. a ram. stockade. a-gbai-ye. entire help. Exodus. a-gbo-"w6-de (gba ow6 ode). the chin : ^gboi) isale. a-gba-dza. a-gba-si. accumulation. a-gb6-de-gbS. a-ga-lja-ge-be a hypocrite. . a-gb^-ni. house. eiyele. n. which sews or a-gba-to-dzu. a-g4i). n. a palace. n. a-gba-dz9. who exalts himself. a-gbfi. an assembly of a plantain : whole people. n. n. 20. n. the lower jaw. n. a-g&r)-gS. elder. a mass of rocks. mi. a-gbe-b6. a moment : li agbako na. the skull. a-ga-la-ma-sa. the unicorn : agbaqr^re olowo tax-collector. n. n. to a-gba-mi. a cross. a-gba. a helper. .-bo. n. a long-necked gourd. a the middle. agbe- a-gba-bor) a-gba. a highway robber. to be barren. n. is proud. the open sea. weary of a-g&-ra. a-gba-r)r6-re. a-gb5r|. (Luke 21. n. a-gba. naughtiness. a toll-gatherer. a-gbo. a-gbe.. a ring of dancers. a-gai)-gar). the whole world : odzu agbaiye. a bier. a-gbe-nde. an aged il-gbor). n. n. n. kan. n. a thief stationed out of doors receive what burglars steal. n.-do. which despises or is despised. face of the earth. 10 n. be carried on the head. «. man by man. a-gbe-dzo-lo. acts firmly. n. a-gba'-ri-gba. a-gbe-de-me-dzi. a-gba-ee. hire a-ga-ndzu. one who is old in days. a cocoanut. dbc. a pinnacle. the cocoanut-tree. n. n. the jasper. a-gba-le. a kind of insect. a-gbe '-ra-ga. n. n. which is old. a-gbe-dze. (ogba). a-gba-da. agbo ile.r). a an cask. it). a cannon. n. 6 gbe mi help. midst. . a. hamper. a-gbo.-gbe. other. n. which is hired or rented. one skilled in language. person. ted pigeon. n. a trustee. exalts or aids one. a loose garment maize. a-gdX). cuts or is cut. n. great assistance diu. agbagba a spot- the whetting of brass. deceit. n. n. a'-ga-da'-go-do. ground or polished. soldiers . a-gbfi-ra. a-gbe-re. m. a barren woman : yh agai). as a house. n. a resident. weariness life. n. who perseveres. a kind of squash. a-gba-sa. n. especially a padlock. n. a flat stone on which glass beads are begging for alms. 11 fi. the laver. n. a walled garden. n. a-gbe. Tie aided me much. AGB strength. forgetfalness .-gba. (gb6). n. a rain hat. sewed. be old .) a raising up. a cat-flsh . a-gboi). n. a frame in which a load is placed to omo agbo. a lock. a smith's shop. a strong climling plant used for ropes. n. the agbaijrere is one-horned. a-gba-lfi. violence. a'-ga-da. n. n. a stack of corn : «.-gba. the coney (hyrax). n. a ewe taken care of for a portion of her increase. agara &iye ma dii / am a-gbe-de guist. an adult. a-gbe-lS-bu. a-gb6. a kind of sword. and cornelian.AGA a-g§. a-gba-ra. a fermented medicinal taash. an old person : so agbo. n. a-gba-ko. a precise point of a-gblr)-yi-kfi-gba. a large gourd-bottle. a kind of antelope. a man : igba agba. n. a stone-cutter. the population. is me. a basket. a flock. a double-dealer. the n. n. n. a farmer. n. the whole town. ji. a-gb&-ra. n. a-gba-tSr). n. one who keeps something for an- See gaij. a barren hen. . 21. contempt . gbede. (iboi)). a-gba-9-dzo. a trick. an elderly or honorable man. a-gba-gur). n. a-gba-la-dza. a kind of shirt. topmost point. the inner court of a a-gba-ku. surrounding region. (Matt. a-gba-du. a-gba-"w5. a-gba-sil). a girdle. n. an army. n. a-gbe-de (agbe ide). lit. n. neighborhood. a-gba-gba. See agindiu. to a-gba-lu. that which causes the assembling of a-gbe-ku-ta (okuta). a-gbe-dzi (gba edzi). a-ga-ndzu. a lapidary. a hedge. n. a-ga-na. n. n. lin- a-ga-ra n. n. inhabitant. a babe . n. (gnij aba gn^ cbe). : a short sword agada k5 m5 ori ala- a-gba-ri. n. a-gbe-ni. n. a-gb6-dzu-16. n. help for hire 7. in the translation of a-gbe-gbe. a despising. the resurrection. helping throughout. n. n. a viper. fornication. of which it is a contraction. : 3. n. who n. a-gbe-dzvl. at that moment. smith work. n. lie makes beads and other ornaments of agate. n.) : fu mi li agbase. n. time a coming in contact. n. the sword knows the head of the blacksmith (who made a-ga-kpo-si. a-gbe-mfi-ye. afoster-child. See agara.

table-fork. lohat . ai-gbo. a sheep. a-h. a-ge-ni6. n. of9i)). 71. indifference. n. innocent. a-ha-na. ruins. get of the horse ! ai-gba-gbo. n. ai-gboi). which is unhonored. a-gi-ndzu. See aigbo. uncorruptedness. state of ignorance of a language. boldness. n. usually pronounced aku! or oku! is a very common salutation. weakness. a-hu-sa. uncalled. which is unfilled. n. a-gO. a-ha-le. &L<i. ai-fo-ya. unceasingness. n. n. unripeness. is spiritless. which does not dispute. . n. one armed with a club. hearing quickly: iwo gbo agb9ya ai-be-ru. for pills. n. an obstinately wicked person. n. soundness. unblemished. a-goi). unquenchableness . a-gbo-ya. to n. strict application. cleanness. a-har)-hai). a-gu-na. n. n. 12. ai-kp6. n. uncharitableness. n." a-ha-mS. a lizard resembling the iguana. . unsuitable. at-k^ n. disobedience. which has no mouth or opening. defencelessness. not meeting. uncensurable. n. who is not invited. tight pantalocms. n. a-gl-sa. the planet lack of wisdom. (li eri). n. a rabbit. See the next word. a striped rat.6r). n. which is undivided.) ai-k6r). n. ai. a immoi'tality. whence the Yorubas are called in Sierra Leone " the Aku people. 5. ? ago mediSi struck ni. ai-de-ra. a prefix. ai-gbe-de. 11 ai-ba-dze. n. a-ha'-ri-ya. n. an esculent nut. a farm-house. called the moorHs muring. sluggishness. n. courage. See gboij. n. n. small box as a striped rat. (H eri). uncleanness. a-gi-dl. n. a barn. it is ttoo. n. undurableness. a-go-go-ri (gopgo ori). immaturity. «. ai-dze-bi. wicked man. n. n. infirmity. n. n. n. n. n. n. ai-bfi. a a desert. one who neglects family discipline. a'-gu-tar) (gui) itaq n. n. n. a-he-re (ere). uncondemned. n. «. ai-fi6. n. a-g6-gO. or other dark European. n. which dead. (guij die). the tongue. folly. n. n. ai-dze. l9m9. is a rag. innocence. a Spaniard. bird-shot. on which Ifa is set. ?). is faultless. stubbornness. a-gu-ndze a-ha. n. harnessed in armor. n. ewu) n. a-g5-ni. excepted : gbogbo W91) li aika eyi. it a clock : ago melo ? putable. a mura-gor)-go. a'-gu-foi) (gur) the crested crane. deaf.) courage. w. unwillingness. a-gl-di. ai-le-mi ai-le-nu emi). an embroiderer. n. which which is is unstained. you pretend the stand be ai-b6. a grudge. n. a kind of lizard. a-g6. who ai-la'-bu kur). n. n. a boaster . bell. n. M. is a-ha'-mo-ra. a-ge-re. al-gb6. which is in safety. 26. unbroken. al-k6r)-si-n6 (si in6). a-g6. n. bad health. entanglement. ai-lo-la (ola). AIL which is not corrupted or spoiled. which has no testimony. n. undistributed. i\ being unsatisfied. a-gO-r6. indis- a-go. desolation. an exclamation of contempt to despise. %oa>j n. that which is tall n. ai-gb6-rar). . M. n. al-le-ra ai-le-ri (le ara). shanty. a-go-ro. n. ai-19-niO (om9). 29. ai-kpa. a'-ho-ro. n. is un- a-ho-to. ai-gb6. a wilderness. get out oj ai-f 5.AGB a wasp. ai-dzi-yai). not. n. who is entangled in business. a chameleon the cock ai-di'-ba-dze. balls of cold eko wrapped in leaves. a sharp point. aiku. boasting. o'clock is n. n. of a gun. (Roin. n. a butler. «. two o'clock ago ai-fe. ai-le-se (ese). dr. medzi a-gO. the clock ai-fe-ni. a-gb6r). n. a kind of antelope.-wf. 1. stubborn . which not met. a-gb9-ti (gba oti). ai-la'-ba-vrgr). n. A'-gU-da. ai-la'-bu-la. a cup. strife. n. enu). unnegligence. which is guiltless.) {thou hearest hearing-qmckly). ai-dfi. (Mat. a-g6 get out of the way ! ag6 mi H 5na. which is uncounted. n. dog. ai-kpir). a tent. blamelessness. ai-le-ri. unquenched. out of the tallness. unbelief. n. (li (li (li ebi). a shroud. who is childless : 6 wa li ai- See ba. a-go-go. n. my road ! ago esiq. a-h6' (ho). which is sinless. n. n. a-g6. 3. which has no feet. in- corruptible. n. n. is ai-16-se (ese). incorruption.-gu-a-la. Venus. a-gbor)-rir). uncreatedness. / ro. which is not killed. (Acts 18. proved. he was childless. a-gi-ll-ti. boldness. which is uneatable . n. in-. n. hut. n. n. un-. <tc. ai-le-'WU ai-le-bi : (li purity. n. unwashed. all of them except this. ai-da-a-ra. at-ba. n. ai-kp6.. difficulty. which unadulterated. a drinking-gourd. left out. hatred. se ali6 si. a reckless. ai-ku. a not permitting.

a rarity . n. ai-se-me-le. a lesson. to with fear : aiya fo mi. is unceasingness. ai-y§. he drove them unmercifully. . ai-sl. who has no understanding. aim4h who 16h. instead of ingratitude. ai-sfi. which is not understood. undeceitfulness.ra. n. crib. 59. a comparison of matters. is un- (Mat. ai-ni-kpe-te. n. ai-sa-na ai-se. 3. (se anu). him without a ai-ya-fd. unrest. n. fork of a cat. n. n. tree. n. a large loaf or ball of eko. n. al-mo. which is unwashed : aiwi ow6. a sack. ai-so-dzfl-sa-dzti. who is a-ka-d3. 8. ai-r9-"wo ai-s&r). unfounded or has no ai-ni-ni-ye.Q. fi. n. afraid. a crab an a-kar)-se. who has not . stairs. Same a-k9l). a-ka-"we. af-yS. ai-si-me-le. ainikpete. the cloth-beam of a loom. temperance. n. n. unhonored. unpraised. industry. 13. n. certainty. able to do not go. finger. life. loose garment. 10. dimness of sight. ai-ya. unmercifulness. explanation : aka- which is innocent. : n. un- hands. n. 4. eter7iity. awu cou- cleanness. ai-mo-ye ai-md. to be not enough. lit. finds nothing to plead . ai-se-tar) (etaij). a-ke-de a-ke-gi (ode). «. which (Acts 19. ai-nl-kpi-le-se. n. n. ai-ya-ia. tvhich is numberless. n. ignorance. (ri 9VV0). allegory. a-ka-be. steadfastness.AIM ai-m&h. n. n. without intention. ai-rd. ai-SO-do-do. n. a-kfi. a chopper or heteer of tcood. n. n. without addition. n. al-ye-ti-ti-lai. ai-ya-dza.-ni6. we oraq. n. al-ro-dzfl a being busy. (yi ese). undoubtedness. : heart jumps li me . (Ps. an adze. a reading. See aigbo.-ka-la. which is who is unknown ignorant. 9. n. ai-nI-yo-n6. metaphor. which has no mercy or compassion : ai-ye-rai-ye. ai-mO-re {mh grateful. 11. (J as. n. perseverance. n. is occupation. n. n. n. a-ke. a kind of wild ». ignorance. ai-ye-se a-kfi. ai-sd. : undeviatingness. n. impartiality. a n. independence. lit. the act . (Mat. li alni- 18) . a-kfi-SO S-WU. ai-se. a toothless person. n. n. a al-si-mi. (idi). equity. a-ka-s6. al-ya-to. n. unrighteousness of action. epaulet. undesignedly. (Ps. n. n. n. absurdity. together. tohich is unfulfilled. who is unredeemed. a sack coat. n. ai-si-ye-me-dzi. ladder. a-ka-yil) (ka chiij).) inaction . ai-se-gbe.) n. ai-ni. n. inexcusableness. faultless. made to order . sickness absence. need. transgression. or unreasonably. 25. which is ever- ai-ri-kpa-da. ai-nl-yii). destitution.-ta-ri. n. a-ka-ta. foundation. a-ka-tar)-kpo. Ail6h ai-t6. condition. (ri odiu). a-ke-dza-5-na. (moye). n. 12 AKE after anotlier negative as.) ai-ya-kpa. lasting . inconsiderateness. of surrounding.-ka-su. wnwasAerf : or unusual. n. days or times of one. unintelligibleness . which which is endless. diligence . n. is causeless. insufficiency : se aito. unreaped. ai-nI-kpe-16.) bread. n. n. ai-sir). injustice. 4-ka-ka. fearlessness. n. unleavened bread. 15. ai-re-lS. 6 16 woij li ainiyono. equality : eiii) sure li aitara nwor) yo. n. as distin-guishcd from aye. n. the timbrella-hat of the natives. as opposed to n. n. which is unswelled or unleavened akara. ai-rl-'wl. n. a felon on the the large vulture. ai-"wfi. ai-se-de-d6. 12. affect ai-ya-kpa. circumstances in ai-nl-ye-n6. ai-"w6. union. my heart fails. ai-ye. the horses ran equally and came out 6 le ise aimah I6I1. / am the ai-ni-kpai-ya. n. thoughtlessness.-ka-ta. n.-ka-ra (wu). to frighten one (Ps. unintended schism. ai-SO-t6 (se ot6). stomach. inexcusable. n. a-kft-TVe. firmness. ai-ri-rai). the squatting posture. which n. heart. n. life. employed pleonastically ai-ta-ra.-ka-ra. : as the preceding. bosom . n. crookedness. a cross-road. tohich is lifeless . injustice. n. the zenith. n. not clear or light . n. soberness. n. which is unhumbled.) ai-AVli. is the world . n. a double negative . da aiya fo. ai-ni-dl which lii unreasonable rage. aiya kpa mi. which is undesigned. a-kfi. (igi). n. n. n. 71. nwoi) korira rl ainidi. tohich does not differ. to be sick. n. n. n. chest. wrong. a cross-boio. sincerity.) ai-t6. which is uncut. everlasting. s^xciality. they hated cause. influence. tohich has no addition kpcle. impartiality. pollution. a public crier. breast. unremitting a-ka-lfi-mbi. so aisaq. al-ye. an axe : tike gboro. ai-ni-kpe-kur). n. enii or / must go. n. lack of humility. which is not done. 2. See aisemele. ai-re-k9-dza. duration of life. unleavened bread. lifelessness. ?«. n. 40. n. 20. / not am mdh 16h may be used ore). fi. tvhich is unclean. identity.

a-k5r)-si-n6 (ino). to rule over. n. a a bob-tail. n. n. n. a hater. a-ki-ni6-le (ile). n. n. . a turning the bach upon. hough : li akpa on one side. Also. which is full to overfiowing. a-k6-S0. a clod of earth : . (Mat. a lump a-kpa-da. to gather in a crop. n. 14. drops. bed. is an old baboon ! (cried in the streets of Abbeokuta a-k6-tfi. scholar. a singer. ' a-k9 9-dz6. a new hoe not). to a-k6-le. n. n. n. is held. : ya akobia. a salutation on meeting in the road. does not reply. head). start. n. n. finishing. remnant. a-k6-k§. n. n. barrenness ode). a-ko-l§. stubble. 38) address on a letter. a-ko-to. a-kpa-l9 (alo).) a-k6-ri-ra. a footstalk of the wine-palm. a closet. a-ko-ko. a-ko-mu. . a-k6-se-ba (ese). a-k6-r6. a plank fioor. n.) a-k§-re-k6-re. a boggy or muddy place. side. n. (eni).AKE a-ke-guQ a-ke-ke. ' n. a-ke-re. a wandering. well inthe children when tliey see a white man. beginning. 33) ^e akehiijdasi.) a-ke-kur). a builder. a return. restraint : n. a riddle-nmkcr makes them to sell. a-kpa-da-htl. executioner. tohistle. a-k6-ki. a scorpion . finally. n. n. a kind of gourd . 38. the first rains. the trigger of a gun. n. a wanderer. a caller. a woodpecker. cord. the red-flowered cotton. (Rom. a completion of collecting : li ak6tai). a-k6-bi. call. : se akodio. long suffering. n. a-kpa-gbfe-yii). a young sprout. the the first. ! n. a-ko'-ni-si-se. good-bye. (1 Pet. a-k6-ro. n. a-ki-sa. a-k6-kp5. n. a salutation one in the a-kpa. a-ko-de (aku streets. a palace. the first coming. . a-ke-ti.r). n. «. a-kpa-mo-ra. See abo. first counted. wing. 13 a-kd-sa. : a-kd-ko. the first n. n. a devourer. 1. a scabbard. (Luke 5. the male of beasts. a calabash. hedge. a-k6-gba. n. n. n. the gout. 4. who fi-ki-loh. silence. that which is a-ko-bi-a. «.-kpa.) a-ko'-16-10. 15. n. n. aside. n. n. a large she-goat. n. a grumbler. a-ke-si. draught. n. a-ke-ri (ke. AKP a bird of prey. attention to. a-kpa-la. n. a-ke-16. a scribe. the time a-kp9. ie akoso. chance. a-kpfi-ko. n. n. n. 8. a a crop-ear. a' runt. n. a salutation on parting. forsake. a roll of tobacco.-ko. of a very small person. an arm. 7. n. a-ke-dur). a collecting together. n. n. a spendthrift . one who forsakes (Mat.r). a-kpa-di. n. n. n. (oko). kaij. See atag. a thorny tree. collection. a-kpa. a very learned man. an old worn-out hoe.) by formed. n. a-k6-ni a strong man.-si (ehiij). a-ko-dza. to cut. a writer. a-ke-ke. day when full market a-ki-i-dze (i. a-ke-hir)-d3. a a-k6-kCir). a-koi). 16. private room. a bed of earth. stone. a piling up. a prodigal. a grumbling. a-ko-so. a rag. a superscription (Luke 23./ a-k6-tfi. that which is first taken. 26. a nickname given to spiteful little a-ko. a-ke-se. a-ke. first comer. n. first fruits. past. n. n. n. n. n. : a-ke-sar). n. n. n. n. to be barren. first-born. a tooth . a-kor)-rir). luck. control. n. n. that which is pressed down. a people. n. a board. n. n. n. a-kur). full cocked (gun) harshness. See akerekere. visitor. a-kpa-ni (eni). accumulation. n. notable. a-ko-ror). a-ki-tar). of a series. a murderer. n. a-kpa-ra. a baboon : a-kl-ye-si. 3. a fence. a-ko-dztl. See ake. a-ke-tgr). n. coin- d. n. a-ke-te. an overseer. scrap of cloth. (Gen. n. a stutterer. first ripe fruit. n. n. pletion. a-ko-ni (eni). first made. a-k6-SO (eso). a taskmaster. a bough. n.) a'-ki-ra. . a-ki-ti. African tobacco. a-k5r)-'wo-si-le (il|). ori. n. a smelling-bottle. renovation. (Luke" 6. n. a riddle-maker akpalo kpatit^. a staminerer. a-ki-ri. w. a-ke-re-ko-ro. a stork . oib6 akiti agba the white man a-k6-se. to an end. n. beads a hat. 16) n. n. n. afresh a potsherd. is a point of time akoko kodza. a-k&-te. the chest. n. hard a-ko. roughness : okuta ak9. a remainder. an a-kpa-ni-dze. the foremost. a drum a pack rope : akpa asara. n. a teacher. a-ke-ru. n. every fifth made of shell. a-ko-vre (iwe). a hater. one who is perfectly taught. barrenness of land. a bringing a-ko-dzO. to a-k6-"wah. a driver. a-ko-kar).

to clap. a supporter.AKP - 14 a-kur)-yui)-gb&. n. a a-la'-ba-se. a surname. n. owner of a bundle of cowries. a a-kp9. a-kpe-l§. calls n. a hole. eti). (fi enu). a deadly foe. who summons or a meeting a-la-ba'-kpa-de. warp-piins of a native loom. a bag akpo agadagodo. the chief archer. cambric. n. a fellow-traveller. See akuabo. is sitting. peace. n. n. n. «. See akpedzurc. a garden by the water side. a fellow-guest. or a lock of hair. a a-kua-r5 (auro). n. a neighbor. a-kpo-r6 (kpa a-kpo-ti. n.r). n. n. a-kui'-e-gbe. m. a woman who a-la-dze. tlie pod of certain Mohammed was a-la-de. n. n. salutation to a-la'-fe-ti-gb6 n. a partner in hunting or fishing. n. caps. n. prosperity. a-ku-td. one in the same con- a-la'-dzu-ku. n. a-kp6-dze. the a superintendent. n. a-la'-ba-iii). as a finger. a-la-fl-a. n. a cock. fine white cloth. a-la'-fe-hir)-ti n. n. a-kpe-na. a-la-dzo-ni. a-la-fir). n. a self-assumed nickname. oro). a-kpa-ror). n. a kidnapper. a partaker dition. n. a-kp6-ti. a-la'-bo-dzu-to. See akpofiq. model. a dealer in n. a-kpe-re. a shield. silkworm. a suspicious person. See alabakpa. a saddler. part of a dead body. ». ent. n. a bard. a busy-body. an invited guest. a-la'-da-so. a-kpd-dz6. n. a bag for flint and tinder. together. a-kui)-re-te.-kpo. salutation to one returning. a-la'-bi-n6-k1i. a dealer in chairs. a-la-dl. n. salutation in the morning. n. a-la'-ba-mo-lS. n. a-kpe-dza. a jmrse. : a-la'-bu-k6r). a pad to ride on. reconciler. a-kpe-re. a-kpo-lu'-ku-tu. an observer. a-ku-16 (ile). a staying : akpe li o kpe. n. a-la-d5i). salutation in the evening. n. n. restlessness. paste of bene-seeds. n.-ro. a-la-dza. good morning. box. n. n. a-la-ga (aga). a-ku. one a-la-fi-ye-si. n.a-la'-fe-nu-si a-la'-fe-ri. n. (fi a-kue-m (eru). an assembly. one self-sent. a pattern. n. linen. n. n. one a-la'-ba-kpa. a-ktl (aiku). n. a meddler. n. a partridge. n. a-kpe. n. a-la'-fo-dzu-to a-la'-fu-ra. a male fowl. a prop. a-kpa-ri. which n. overseer. a-kpo'-ri-ki. (are). . n. a a stool : akpoti itise. for the dry a-kpa-ta. a shelterer. n. superintend- a-ku-dir). a-la'-da-si. the large cocoon of the African king : omo alade. a-la'-dzo-kpa. a-kua'-ti-dzo (atidzo). a-la'-bd-o-viT'd. associate. . luck. n. a-kp6-nti. a-la-bu-si. one who speaks in the name of another without authority : aladas9 ni Mobomodu. a-kpe-na. afoot-stool. a meddler. sharer. akpoi) obiri. season. . n. a fisherman. odiu). n. defender. has not been seen for a long time. a-lfi-bd. n. ft-la. n. a kind of drum.-r6. a-M. (abS). a nail. a hearer. a-kpi-ni. n. drummer. the chief of the priests called odie. a disabled person. a-la-ga-ri. an errorist. seeker. the heart-ioood of a tree. who who ala- a-kpo. n. n. salutation to one who a'-la-fo. a roll of cloth . you stayed long. a a-kpor). one who is fa. n. a stupid person. : a-la'-da-ra5. a-kpoi). a-kpo-ro. a walk in a garden. a fellow. n. a dream : 14 ala. a-la'-du-gbo. brought home from the battlefield to the relatives. salutation to one who is selling. ALA a court flatterer. a-la'-bu-kdr). n. n. n. costs sixty cowries. n. a-la'-ba-dze. who owns a palace. a-la'-fi-hfi. a partner. a-kpe-ta. a bachelor has weaned her child. a'-ku-ko. n. n. a-kpo-fir). akpo isana. an : antidote. a-kti-dz6-ko. n. d:c. despises or is despised bukuij aroi). a traitor. «. a heretic. the oil adi. a-ku-t&. n. a rock. an n. a-la-do-ta. a wallet. a shower. a dealer in exhibitor . 71. blesses or is blessed. a crowned head. n. a bald-headed person. (ale). a-kp§. scuttle . rheumatism. salutation to one in a-kur). robber. n. n. a peace-maker. a a highway lielper. a salutation. n. a clapping of hands : ae akpe. n. n. n. salutation to one who a-la'-fi-la. n. a brewer. one who bestows. a-kpo-kpo. a-la'-ba-kpir). (fi eliiij). See alafiyesi. the king's children. a kind of ratan. salutation to one carrying a load. n. safety. n. a valley. a kind of leathern bag . a-kpe'-dzu-re. n. n. a-kpfi-ta. a quiver. (fi a seller a-kua-bS a-kua-lS a-kua-re tigued. an invalid. n. M. a-la-fu-ta. d. chance. a-kpi-nti. of diuku tobacco. the house. n. who wears a crown. to dream.

one who is heedful. one without excuse. the red-headed lizard. ».-re. who fails to do . not. a barbarian. a dealer in bread. a-lai)-sa-sa. n. dzu a receiver of money. who is unsaved. n. a-lal-ku. a-la'-gb§. who buys his provisions. who one is ignorant. one who a-la'-kpa-rui). a-lai-y6. a-lai-lS-se. n. n. 15 a-lai-sf. advocate. a-19. one without honor. a-la'-mo-rl. a baker. (Acts 15. a master weaver. a strong man. oraij). a n. a-la-mb. not right. n. 14. a spider. which a-la'-ko-se. and Ake. a washerwoman. he enjoys the owner of the world (said of extravagant persons). which is fruitless. an invited guest. evening. A-la-ke. one who is merciful. a-lai-t6. n. lit. a-la'-ka-ra. n. to tvant. a-lai-nl-ye-ii6 (iye in6). a-lai-bo. one which a-la'-gbfl. n. n.) a-la'-gba-so. n. a-lai-ni-gba-gb6. n. who is does wrong. a motherless is child. n. standing. unstable. a-la'-r9.-r6. an unbeliever. a news-monger. a disobedient person. to owner of the good clay. n. n. a-la'-gb3. one in the right. one who the language. a-la'-mgba. n. a-la'-r6-k6-dza. who is immortal. 36). a-la'-kpo-lu. n. sharer. one without wisdom. observer . ie alaini. n. ignorant of will not take a-la'-ko-ti. a dreamer. a-lai-16-re. n. n.-dze. a helper. a hireling. a visitor. a-la'-gb6-rar) (gb6 obedient. n. n. a juggler. all sorts one without cruelty. who is untattoed. royal city. n. a-lai-le-so. gentleman. who is absent. by evening n. a-lai-nl-ka-n6. as the body. n. n. one who is unrighteous. n. beads manufactured a ragged person. n. a smatterer. : li alal|. who a clean heart. See alagbaso. a divider. n. a-lai-du-ro. speckled.) a-lai-se. is ungrateful. bara. one a-lai-in5-"W§. n. «. A-la'-mp-re. 19. a-lai-gb6.' a-la'-he-so. 28. a-l^-la. a-la-nu. a-lai-ri-Tvl. one a-lai-nl-ya (iya).'-la-kpa. a-lai-le. one who a-lai-mo-ye. a-lai-nl-ye.. a-la'-kpa-ta. a beggar. a-la'-gbe-de. n. a mixer. butcher. who is anxious. the name of the rags.) a splitter or sawer of wood. which is necessary. a-lal-ni5. a-la-lS. a-la'-kp6-dze. n. a spokesman. a-la'-gba. one tvho lias who cannot read. 3. ALA one one an n. n.-t^ n. a. n.. defenceless. «. righteous. a-la'-gbo-wo (ghk owo). n. from li. is to. ignorant. n. a-la-lS. which unsheltered.-f 5. one who has not enough. one who one does not sin. a-la-kor). a spy. n. a-la'-ra-b&-ra. a foster-nurse.-nii. who weak. ted. a-lai-ni-ba-bfi. a transgressor. n. n. n. a-la-gb&-ra. one with : a-la'-gba-^wi. a hired farm-servant.-gi. a blacksmith. n. elder. to have. n. a-la'-ho-ro. a-lai-mo-re. a-la-gi-sa. n. a great man. 11. advice. a-lai-ya. an old n. a-la'-gb§. one who is unwise. n. an apothecary. a smith. a-lai-se. n. n. a secret. uncircumcised. an addition n. a-la-gi-di-gba. one from a-la-ka-tar)-kpo. is weak or infirm. changeable. who is unfit. n. a-lai-ye. a-lai-gb6-rar). a title of the King of Egba. which numberless. fashions : oniruru alara offashions. n. a secret a-19.-to. unsafe. which is spot- a-lai-16-gb9r). evening which is a-lai-le-ra. one without understanding. who sells on commission. who is is is desolate. who is sinless.-se. n. n. n. world more than the alaiyc loh. one who is hungry. (Ps. the owner of the world 6 diaiye a-la-gbe. n. n.a-19. . a-la-m&. palm-nuts. a-la'-rar)-se. a-lai-gbe-de (gb6 ede). which one is alive. has a heart : alaiya mim6. n. n.ALA a-la-gba. n. M. a fatherless n. a-lai-ko-la. n. the maker of the one n. a beginner. an a-lai-so-do-do. wall. who is needy : child. a free person. a-la'-he-re. a-la'-ke-le. a-lai-lo-la. n. the Lord of Ake. n. every which a-la'-lu-kpfi-yi-da. n. a-la-r6-ke-r§-ke. a-la-kpir). n. which is white. n. n. n. w. n. 13. n. n. a-la-ra (liara). n. n. cross-bow man. a-lai-ye (li aiyc). unsound. a-la-nf-yai). a-lal-nf. kinds. one who is untaught. n. a-la'-nta-kur) (ta okuq). a-lai-ni-to. a dealer in one who gathers in a crop. barren. a-lal-gboi). unworthy. a-lai-ia. n. n. n. a-lai-so-t6. which has a body (Mat. a-la'-ke-si. n. a scoundrel. See alamgba. a-lai-y6. ?j. a-lai-k6. See alamgba. honorable man. a-la'-gba--wi. n. need. who is without under. a destroyer. (Luke 6. is unjyrofitable. innocent. n. A title of Obatala.

16 Al-ku-ra-ni a-16. a stirrup. n. a strolling dancer. scarlet. a-le-bu.-yi-d&. a-lo-ngo. n. misfortune.-ye. who is unruly. a-lu-gbe. n. a priest. a door-lock. (I's. a-la'-'wi-l-gb6. n. a-la-s5. one a-l-a'-wi-k&. a-lo-re. a'-lu-fa.'-lu-ko. which has a sign. ostentation. « blanket. a damage. n. . n. purple. carrier. a-la'-rir)-dz6. grafted al6 ina. willed person. a-la-rvl. refuses a-lu-se. a self- a-lu-gba. n. a-mo-dz(i-k<i-ro observing. n. a crow. an agreement. a dealer in cloth. tight-legged trowsers. a-la'-si-ki. a judge of beauty. n. who a-lu-ma-ga-dzi. a white man. a-la'-"wi-i-ye. petti/ trader. which a a-16. a swindler. n. n. (!o owo). aid). n. which is spacious. a wanderer. a-lu-ke-mbu. a mourner. sleight (Acts 16. red ink. w. a-mbu-a. (Luke 6. 4.-ra.a-mi-kpb. n. peel). n. a stranger. doctor in religious knowledge. 9. n. a-li-ga'-ri-mi. a-la-'Wd. n. who is prosperous. many colored. n. n. a-la'-ro-ye. (niu). a thankful person. n. a-la'-se-rftr). a-la'-riij-ki-ri. n. a great talker. n. a flatterer. n. n. n. a-mi-lfi. a-la'-ro-ko. n. a-lu'-kar)-rin. scissors. n. n. n. n. n. a k-rag. a kind of apron. a wizard. n. which which a riddle. does not speak intelligibly. n. n. ablution. into. a concubine. a-la-yi. a-m. a dealer in tobacco or snuff. adv. religious. a likeness. n. one who explains. n. a gibbet. a-la-'we. n. adv. a a-lu-gbor). a-mo-re. a grasshopper.) of hand. n. See bambam. n. a beater of the drum the called bata. a learned man. whence orombo. n. n. a-la-sa. a-la'-"w5-fir) (afiq). a-lii-dor)-d9i). roomy. a-lu-sir). a-la-sfi. n. which has cotyledons. AMO (Arab. a-19. one whose actions infect others. See olifa. n. which has a lid. n. cloth. ti. vilifies. a re. leader in evil. supporter.-nii. a-mo-ye. amen. a breathing ofiij) or abuses. n. a sentinel's stand. «. a-la-sa. to a-la-"w6. n. a-ml. n. w. a military teacher. a-mbo-sir). n. lohat else ? a-la-ye. n. domesticated honey-bees. stroller. a-lu-bo-sa. a lawyer. bler. n. n. a-la'-ro-l)5. a-li-kl-ba. a go-between. a bead-grinder. a-lo-m6. n. a spy. resemblance. a-lu-ka-sa-fa. n. n. one toho lives in a palace. which has color: malu alaw5 kpukpa. who acts extravagantly. n. tlie one employed to engage a bride for Koran. n. a red colored lect. tiller. a beetle. n. is blue. or the white man's cow . a porter. n. parade. a-la-ta'-mkpo-ko. n. : a-la-ro. a jacket. an interpreter of dreams. n. a-lu-kb. a-lil-ba-ta. a-la-s6. 14. orange. advice. a-la'-y e-kar). dopdo:). 38. a cook. drum called a quarrelsome person. a beater of a-la-so. a witch. n.ALA a-la'-re-na. a dissem. which a-le.) a-le. a-la'-yi-dfi. n. ». is fruitful. n. n. a-la-BO. n. a-lo. a door-facing. alawo kpikpS. a-le-dzo. n. a-la'-^wl-ye.) shaken together. a-lu-fa. . which is engrafted. life. another.6-wa (ni6 ^wa). tunic. n. a cockatoo. n. a-la-vsre. a-la-rl. one who exaggerates. a leather or fiide dealer — a'-ma-la. a king's messenger. a-la'-se-dzCl. a-inb6 (bo. an overlooking. a-nib9'-to-rl. a-ld-ni-ld-TVO-gbS. large earthen pot. a-lu'-'wa-si. fruit. one loho mends or repairs. an artful fellow. in the Iketu dialit. a-le-gba. 7i. a-la-y&r)-dze. a-la'-so-ddr). former. a spirited horse. as an adj. a-lu-ka-vra-ni. a-lu-ba-ra. a-mlr). n. n. potter's clay. flame. a talker. a faster. n. an extortioner.3. a-li-kfi-ma. a sustainer. a-la'-ti-le-hir). a-lo'-mo-ri (omo ori). yam-flour mush. n. n. one a-lu-kpa'-yi-da. 26. a diviner. n. is inverted . flame. a-mi-kir).). n. an onion. a-md-fir) (mo n. this. n. a-la-t9r)-se. n. a district . officer. a-mo. a farmer. who a-lu'-"wa-la. n.. n. is bent. a breathing which is on. wheat. n. n. a-ird-sl. (mo n. pron. a-le-SO. one who n. one who has n. or not evening. a kind of yellow monkey. an intelligent person. a-lo'-le-ke (ileke).

: intestinal velvet.-rar(. a-ni5-tS. n. pity. gene: fi-na. die. care. to hold the cloth a-ra-yfi.r). n. are dred. ^ a dwarf. n. a-rS. abasement. a-mo-kpa-ra. deep n. ARI \ ag-ge-re. you are older than is the are. thunder. / am tired : 6 t6 are. n. restoration. a-mu. n. a-rar)-k9. my / am alarmed . n. inhabitant. sister. a tight cap. (bombax). a male a melnber of the family. num. a relative by marriage ralissimo iwo ^e are mi. n. an animal like a leopard.r). n. 17 a child. an attendant. a-rfi. M. to try by water. n. n. a-r§-ke-r§-ke. a-mb-dztl.) a-re-re.-16. n. a-in5-dza. at all. a-m. n. I am right. a-ra-rtm. foreknowledge. n. n. a-re. used also anxiety. a-nfl. adv. the eldest child. relative. wi. to guess. / am well . tired. id amodie. n. citizen . a guide se amona. n. help. enough ara mi di are / am a-na'-bi-ri aunt. one who n. (Gen. drunkenness. a-mb-rar). a-rS. n. a-ra-rfi. a being in the right : emi ^e are. notwithstanding. a beautifid person. a-mo-kpa.-kai)-f6. a-ri-hur)-gbo-gbo. : a guess one : &e amSdia. ara mi dd. 3 . n. cheerfulness. n.) the prophet (Arab. worms. he . it is fatigue to are tire mu one mi. a helper. a-in5-se. n. the cotton-tree a-in5-hur)-gbo-gbo. e. figuratively. : yesterday 6 de li ana. a-mu-'wSll. a-ni6-ra. vexed . : a-ri-di-dzi. a trick. self-conceit. a cotton-spinner. which is infectious. the serpent was subtle. a tailor's hook. all-seeing. dishonesty. n. n. aij-fa-ni. n. though. the prophet Moses n. b)j this time next year I shall be a a-rfi. n. n. a prisoner. silly. to be old and a-rar)-ba-ta. n. an abaser. a kind of cricket. a-ni5-kp§. a-m5-te-le. tries my body is is well. a bringing back. a-mu-bfi.AMO a-in6. family . self : gbai)ga-gbai)ga. sorroto ie anu. a drunkard. who susjyected persons by skin pale. which is easily performed . . n. a hook. a-ni6-na.) a general in the army. n. a-na'-kor)-ri (okoqvi). iyara. n. M. to pity a-ri-fi. n. n. n. a-mu-ya. to conspire. a-re-kfi. a-ni-yar). the natural body. water ordeal n.-re. doubt. bitterness. tailor. yea. one in jail. n. pretended knowledge. an oath. to ! a-nte-te. a-re-ni-dze. the inside is hot as heat.r)-ni-16-"WO. n. (obiri). a-ra'-kor)-ri.6-dzil. a cold. any guinea-fowls on the farm? there are : ari! see now ko anu. a-nl-do-kpir) a-ni-tftr). a'-ra-ba.-lu. i. advantage. result. a-na-bi (Gen. (de okpii)). a-mfi-ror). n. n. a-ra-ra. n. a-mu-rar). wilfulness. a-mu-kpa-da. body. n. n. is hot. i. n. a-rft-dzo {vh adio). five by five. is well informed. n. n. a-mu. a-rar)-so. n. 2C. "73. body-servant. a-nl-ni-la-ra. n. n. effect. n. a builder. n. deceit. a-rai). extension of kinni i eldership. n. n. a-rar)-se. n. conj. a shoemaker. a-ni6-na.). a citizen. a-re-AVa (ara ewa). body itself. an apparition. an o^opressor. 3. while sewing. n. drunkenness.-16. (ni. which heat : in6 re gbona bi arifi. a-na. relative. silence. are n. booty. lead. skin. a-rS. a-rfi. a-re-mo (omp). a-m5-dze. complete possession. who is omniscient. complete possession. n. n. tAi). n. obstinacy. plunder. 30. n. a-mo-le (mo ile). a-nl-a-ni. 20. n. a-ra-in6-ri. a male relative. ard mi fuq. n. as a title of honor. adv. n. a girdle . which is seen : etu mbe li oko ? ari. (Ps. a-nl to say). n. a wooden leg. i. . came yesterday. 9. n. : se amoll. drunkard. seizure of goods for debt. n. a conspirator n. ar41e {\\i). n. a-mo-le. a traveller. older . said. a-mu-di. a-rfi. a-raij-mfl. 71. instrumentality. the e. even. a female n. a-mu-re. a-ra. a-mo-kur). S. a a-rf. arale (ile). knavishness .-tu-bu. a-re-kfi-nda. assassination. uncertainty.1). to guide. a kind of lizard. a-mo-dur). See the preceding. w. 1. lameness. he : anabi Musa li o a-re. dc. issue. ard kai) mi. confusion of mind. n. member of a community. a-re-16. a-rarj-'WTi. first born. n. as a cheater. in the least. there proper name. ??. body pains me. a sister. n. a female relative. : I. a latne jierson. next year : woyi amodui) m' k to a-ra. a bleeding at the nose. means. moxirn. n. n. which adheres . a-mo-te-kur). spitefulness. / am grieved. great man. liveliness. a a-ra'-bi-ri (obiri). a knave : edio so ar^kereke. a-ino-16-kpa. n. n. my ara e. dotage : se ^raij. a sewer. a wise person. merriment.

a species of fig (lit. a wedding-feast . a flight. a runner. reproach. five. Pct. n. dispute. a-ru-gb6. in the midst of the rain. n. generally the king's goods. : a-rd-dze.-ho-ro. m. on. wrangling : tisb baba idia. then. a-ro-ku-ro. n. w. a whisperer. 18 previoumess : ASO ! the centre. n. meditation : se aro. n. from on). n. a public feast an heir. luck. a. See . n. a-ro-kii). a-so-fei-ye-dze it (fu eiye). n. a-s6-ni-d3. the rat called ase. num. n. n. come now. n. a strainer . a-ru-go-gai). grumbling. n. a resting-place on the road. n. n. a-sfi-lfl. a-sfi. (le li. he spoke perfectly. twenty. an old person. n. a-se-n6.-y6. sixty-five. ai-s&. a-sa-di-dze. refuge sa a point of time the north. W. tattler. ase iyawo. a propitiatory a law-breaker. n. a-r5n-ka-r5r). n. a-sa-re. a thing agreed li a-se. a-se. on). a feast ase al5. (aro enia). n.r). who forsakes his father to petty traffic. a stand on which pots are set to boil.-sii).ARI a-ril). se aro.ur)-g'bo-gT30. a-rd. 80. disease. (It sculptured as a female. n. n. sweet talk. to be soi-ry. n. of a house. sorrow. used as a term of idio. escape. n. full payment. wizard. w. asibo yi 6 de. num. or makes alive. 3. a hearth. See asase. a-sir). grief. the square a-sa-ka-ni-l§. idols are vain a-r6. a running. an excuse. a crazy person. naught It : asag li ori^a. ». a saddle. at last he will come. : a-rir)-dzo. one skilled in traditions. noise. adv. to a-sfiii-k6r). with another. n. a large door. n. 3. is the father of fighting. a-rii)-ko. n. a-ro-tS-le. who has grandis a-sir)-rir). nearness. a-ro. n. a water-filter. to limit. a-r6. increase. a-r6-h. n. the latter rains. n. n. one bitter service. n. wa ni ibule aroi). asala. emptiness. ripe fruit. vanity. extenuation. an iron hook. a-Sfi. n. in sickness. with one arm and one a-si-"wa. n. a-ro-in6-le. A-rp-ni the name of a fairy. n. a quiver made of a long gourd. di asale. lamenting. a-s9l).-ro. n. one with withered limbs. exaggeration. / liave seen odio. a freshet. a-so-t&ij. n. afool. n. n. a-s5-ro-dze-dze. asaq. : a-se-mi to (omi). n. n.) .) sickness : a'-si-'wa a'-si-bb. a-s6-ro-ke-le. n. a limit : ie arokpii). . a-r6-ni-kfi. live a runaway. a-r6-k3. n. excuse me ! I beg pardon ! alas ! See as4. a-ro-"wa. the smithes trade. remorse. wrangling a-s5-d5r). a witch. flattery. M. or the sending of things. or contemptible . ». said by a bailiff when he in the middle of once arijj mo se e li arin kaq. an extra a-nii). to meditate. mourning : da aro. a barren woman. all sorts of diseases. a fleeing for barrenness : safety. paint. a-ru-k9i). as6 a-ro-ko. uproar.-s6-ni-dS. a-se-ndze. a barren woman. now : wdli arowa. a meal. n. painful reflexion. disputing se aroye. w. See arihuijgbogbo. to escape. a-se. completeness of talking 6 sbro If aso- tdq. 41. a-s5. a-s6-kp5. to be barren. grumble. n. a-r6-ni9-'bl-nio (6 om9). terms. : a-rur)-le-lo-ta laid num. a-si-ki. the head man of a farm. the dropsy. afoot-race.) a-r5r). a a-sS. n. n. n. a-ro. bears for birds to eat). the afternoon. restlessness . n. a supper . sacrifice. in vain.) a'-ri-vro. a-ru-fir). S. blue dye."l.a-S9r)-nx6. a cripple.-se. a-ro-ye. d. a-ru-da. (2 a-ri-'wi. the fetid field-rat. an express. an evil a-s6-gb6. ri a-sir)-kpa. . from post to post. it / did it li arrests a man. n. proximity. asfe owurS. a'-si-a. dinner. a flag. n. a-sir)-AVii). n. n. (Ps. a-ro-si-ld. n. mo ri li aiiij k4n. success. it : time. now at last : ndie. a corn-crib . without excuse or cause. lunacy. a-sa. n. a-sft-lS. ensign. n. a-ro-le. n.) asi leg. cook. inter}. children. the last state. a-r6. a-r5. before . li arii) rS. ase osai). n. which quickens. n. affliction. n. good service. 26. n. with a long queue and a ball at the end. n. n. a-sd. mourn. chance. a-ruQ-di-lo-gljor) (di five. excuse me ! asia. (Luke 11. a'-si-a ! interj.-TO-'hg. 26. n. breakfast . a street dancer. a-sfi. n. sacrifice. n. n.-s6. a-sir)-gba. (Acts 18. a-SOq-k6r). color. bargain. a-se-kpoi). a'-rl-'Wfi. a-ro-kpin. a desolation.

a-sa-tl. a canopy a-su-kar). a-se-le-ke.-na (ati ana m8 ana). 33. a commandment . a hat . a kind of pepper. a-ta-fo. to pass. a magistrate. 5. n. special pleading. a-so-dzu. the beginning. clothing . meditator: ie a^aro. the first-bom.-ta. n. a-te. See asekui). ATE (enu). proud. a-se-sa. beginning. a-si-so-ri. 2. falseness. w. n. n. a-se-fe-fe. a-ta-re-re. tita.-lS. ginger. n. n. or a-se-dzil. a mighty work. 31. n. a custom : asa a-silr)-k<i. a'-ta-ba. an agent. n. n. (as9. a purse. n. a beggar. n. a-so-ri. actor . n. a-sa-gi n. or plating of metal. porridge. See a^ehiijde. 1. a-ta'-mkpo-ko. a-sa-dzii. . n. n. an unfinished talking. the falcon is perties of the upas. prophecy. (eiye ate). red pepper. disgraceful action. n. n. day till now. prophesy. good speed. a-sa-"wi. the of Malaghetta pepper. cloth. the crown of the head. do- which is rejected. n. n. barren or worn out land. the a hunchback. town). lohich remains unfinished. a-te-te-kg-se. feeding alone. n. He ase. a-tai-ye-rai-ye. or Nufe people a-S0-r6. to convince. n. (2 Pet. a pistol. fi. hater. a-ta'-mo-ra. 28. a fulfilment. a-t&-n5. n. a-se-h9. a-ta-16. n. a morose sour look : aio erig. : a falcon lounger. n. &-sa. speech. secret. a-SO-ti. a-se-hir)-de n. n. 3. a-sarj. evening. which youngest. extravagant behavior. revolter. of a house. n. n. a double-dealer. is an action. disgrace. a miracle . n.) a gilding. a-se. n. a-si-se. action. n. 21. n. a-te. n. everlastingly. fiatness. n. a-se-kS. entangled in business. n. a-SO-lu a contentious person. bird-lime. a fan for winnoioing. a curtain. . food without meat or n. n.) n. 10. a-te-te-ba. n. a one-sided statement. n. (ehii)). n. a-sa-le. prediction so asotSle. is first met. a-t&-na-infi. n. n. n.) a-s§-se-ko-se. a-SO-te. a fine &ko a-sa-gbe. n. a trader. n. a wallet. imjrrecation the menses. to command.-te. a-se.) a-B6. lailai. rebel. ilu. a-tfi-dza-te-rar) (ati adia ati a stack or shock. n. a fool. the sleep of death. n. 10. jesting. a-S&. insipidity. a wild pigeon. who is puffed up. cess : self-will. the second. a'-sur)-"w6g. one who is fierce. a-ta-li-a. n. : ataba orei)k^re (re eraij). which is selected. n. which is picked up : &ik enia. next. is perfected. a-sS. one who girded with armor. 6. n. an old a-so-re. n. (igi). n. explaining so asoye. a-sd-bd. the outer yard. n. a-silr). a^e. a forerunner. n. a sharp-pointed knife. meditation. (Jas. a poor man. n.'-'wa-da. n. the Takpa of birds. (Acts 18. a dung-hill. decree. 71. is first. a-te-gur). custom. refuse. a-sa-goi). disclosing. paint. n. n. a whitlow. thumb. excess. a kind of bread. commission (Acts 26. a failure : in making a a-so-ye. as that of a kitten. a-te-le-hir). a kind of rat. state a laborer. a measure. a-ta-ri. a discovery. an idler. a-sa-ti.r). an elephant of being asleep. outer yard.-tar). a-sa. 9. which follows. a n. authority. a a-si-ri. vagabond. the ridge a-s&-ra. n. a-sa-ro. a final which a-se-kpe. mediator. playfulness. a-sa-ro. 19 . a-sfi. n. n. a-tfe-le-bg-si. power. n. mestic animals of any kind. n. a-s5. a savage.ASO a-SO-td-le. a-ta. a dove ni k^re). mush. a-sa-yar). sauce. n. a reasoning. dirt-pile. (Ps. a failure. predict. a-s6-ro. a-si-AV^-re. snuff. effect. . are said to be the swiftest of men. cattle. a fashion. n. kpa a^e. a-se. n. a-so. (1 Pet. afresh breeze. dis- a-te-le. benefactor. n. a-sei-ye-sa-te sembler. a watcher : aio oio. adv. which is completed. li a-te-te-bi. tree to which the natives ascribe the pro asa ni Takpa eiye. which tier. n. n. a vindictive person. n. n. n. to a-se-nu an advocate. n. a-se-tl. a-se-tSu. to meditate. n. adv. from yester- tohich is done for display. which comes . n. n. fron- 12) . a-te. (The Takpa a tormenter. a-se-ti-n6. a-su-Tvpr). a-te-te-se. dress . n. (Acts 19. a-sa-ya. sucase ik5.) a-se-ktir). chips. watcher.r). contention. the larger species n.) what is thrown away. playfulness.) a-te-te. n. a revealing. n. kpa . n. a-si-kpa-ya. n. over a corpse. a-sa-kpa. merchant. n. a a well-doer.

emigrate. n. till you a-ti-rar)-di-rai) (irai) de n. n. : gonorrhoea. we looked but could not find a-"W"a-"wi (wah wi). a long time . n. n. atiiarug. which comforts. li a'-ti-dzo (ati odz9). we are trying to see. denoting continuance ri. a'-ti-ma. a-tur). n. now : emi b diehug li atonimoni. to folly. se awada. conj. n. regeneration. auxil. n. adherence. a-tur)-bi. consolation. . will remain which said in addition. n. a recreating. 1. awa tiks^ra wa. a pilot. n. a-to. is a loizard. a cotyledon. SL-Mve-re. 31. n. n. from the now. which is original. a'-ti-"wfih o-dzo. i. which straightens. n. it. old times. a-tu-b5-tS. a-torj-bi. to jest. a-to-to. prep. a-'wS-re. to be n. AWI a spy.-'vn. to a'-ti-"w6 o-rui). a-ti'-kpi-le-se. a proper name. seeing . M. bird shot.) de owo). n. ». ourselves. the sole of the foot. a leader. from day of being. n. n. 71. n. n. a-tu-di-mb. morning till fast. i-we. n. atoto ! the yellow monkey.-wir). : a'-ti-kpo. n. noise : kpa ato. n. — ati. an advent. forming nouns which present the a-tor)-se. n. mourning. a-ti. n. which is washed off. a-to-mo-do-mo generation : n. a-ti. tradition. to be seeing. long suffering.-l-ghd. a sheaf. a witch. revival. not). n. genealogy. a-"wi-kpe. : a'-u-r6. n. credit : statement. atima a'-"wa-n6. n. a punishing. a failure to find : a'-ti-se-nl-s©. n. a-ti. n. morning. the palm of the a hand-breadth. a'-ti-AVfih. repetition of a thing said. immigrant : : se fi. a-tl. n. n. n. loatchman on the road. n. n. superadded from generation to generation. a coming. former days atidio iwa.ATE a-te-le-se. we ourselves . purification. an excuse. a resident. a joke n. a covenant breaker. n. our own selves . emi. an old story. incessant talking. a platform. a washing clean. a candle. used also as a-tu-b6-se. as. a comforting. sojourner. n. k i)w6na atiri. (Mat. a-te-ru. a-'wa-ya. a-t9r)-d&.2. helmsman. to-day. agony : se awaya. a-t9-'W"9-"W&h. n. as a plough. termination. this time and forward )i a-'wa-tfii). (Rom. both —and a-t6-si. to make a noise . to sell on credit. which is acceptable. a coincidence . subterfuge. a-to-ni-mo-ni (ati oni m6 oni). n. search : wah li awari 1. a true one who speaks without equivocation. (ati ati iwo ati a-to-'wo-do-"W9 15. a-Avi-si. / have not eaten a-'we-in6. amendment. n. from five days till now : emi 6 ri i li which breaks up the ground. a mending. a-to. end of life. a-t9-rur)-"W"fili (ati wug). a-tu-l&. a-to-dz9-in6-dzo. hearsay. plain speaking. a religious fast : gba awe. guide. n. a jest. n. one who refuses to receive advice. in agony. n. 3. beginning of creation. a'-ti-de. a-"wi-gb6. a sparrow. a-tp-ko (tu oko). n.-T\iT). 5ro at6dz9modzo. a scaffold. n. a fresh a slave-dealer. henceforth. n. for the or pure. 20 a-t6-na. struggling. a-'Wa-ti. silliness. n. . iraij). a-"wa-ri. n. n. a-to. n. a-to-kur). de omo). a meeting. search. atiri. n. atori. . breadth of cloth town criers. a'-ti-tu'-ni-n6. a waster. spendthrift. meaning of the verb in a substantive form . and . hand: ibu atelow6. a director. the beginning. I have not seen six him for five days. n. to sojourn. a'-"wa-intl. a being cleansed a-to-ri. n. a-tog-wi. 2>umshment. n. the east. an arrival. arrival. n. a-tti-ni-ni-n6. n. n. a-t6-lo-'VB"6. a-tu-k9. a prefix. ivhich brings to completion. part. li a-wi-m&h-yi-hur) (ohuij). struggle. a'tikpo. ati both you and I. a'-ti-b5. k li wdh a it. n. sprouting out. days till a'-ti-dze-fa. a. j^rovirfec? that. an abandoned awati. (ati ta li awii). a-tOQ-hii. atisisiyiloh. a-te-'wo-gb&. urine : ile ato. a-"W&. we ourselves. from. a-to-dzu. n. advent. hear ye ! " oh yes ! " a word used by the a-"we. n. ara wa. one who rows or paddles a boat. a coming. account of: li reason that. a long-necked gourd. w. find : a-ti'-si-si-yi-16h. the west. a-te-mo-ra. a-vre-nb. look perfect ov perfected search. a repetition of behavior. which is n.r). terms.-ti-dia. a-vra-yfi. a-vra. which originates with oneself. n. n. n.) a'-ti-ba-TDa. from the For words beginning in atm). a-wi-i-da-ke old : (i. ». generation to it a-wi-rir). conj. n. see atog. we : awa nd. a'-ti-bfi. on account of. yi 6 wa atomodomo. a. e. reason of.'-"wa-da. pron. the bladder. a-toi)-kpa.

to strain. B ba. awo sama. a saw. a breast-plate. a dish . n. a pattern. shall. tiling . a-'wor)-yi. n. a spy set over one. i. n. as : tali o wi ba ? who said so ? iru 6nia ba w6ni. n. . red Guinea-corn. a great matter. a-"wo-re. pref. a-ya. and returning. a-'wd-ko.) a-yi-dfi. much prized. the midst of a crowd. . a a-w5-hii). n. n. a hawk. a net. n. . a cure : which is selected. " the elect. . the state of being alive. a-'WO!). n." . pron. a-'WO. these. they they themselves. the a-'WO-'WO. from. §. a-y6. halo. a hunch-back. . li go about thy business . a n. otherwise. ie iiyai). will. to the full. a cockroach. space. ydr). game called warry. 6 b4 mi ra . n. n. n. go with me : prep. to bespeak. n. n. ought.-yin. circle. ba ti r§ loh {meet of thee . done by stealth. stinginess se aw9i). those. n. wife of a king's son. so. find or get money for me. a-'WU-dze. a chamber-pot . ba.-yo. opportunity. a-"w6-rai). a-"wor)-so. to come in contact with : . a visitor. not he at all. a-y6. to fit . . awoi) na. awb dzidii. a. n. pron. that n. . potash 16 . division. a-yi-ka. explanation SL-ye. a-yai). a-y9-lu-'w6 n.) okuta.-'wo. so aw5tai]. awo kpoko. bfi-ba. the gun is bent. to lie close ba aro. an inspector. . n. eiye . which eating is beloved. a looking-glass. separation. a-'WTi-dzu. go thy way ohur) (See ba . n. the mocking-bird. a-yo. or hide . find. to a-'wo-tl-ii. . ba-ui).) a mother-in-law. (eni). a wife. y6 ay5. a-"w6i). a-ya-ndze. a-ya-mo-'bi. cycle of time. a-'wo-di. a tortoise . a queen. breadth of cloth. a master. a cheat. a shock a-y6. n. a-"W"9-nl. a superstitious mystery . a secret bargain. . . which is alive. : a-'WO!). bfi. n. or time to do a explain. n. a going : ayfig ab6. color. a-"WO-ye. a-ya-mo. ba . . : at all ki ise 6i) bii. for : hk mi loh. n. a fie. money paid for which is sacrifice. n. : n. n. a-ya-kpa. awoij tikara yfOT). .ii. aye agba. to discussion. such people as these.r). n. vessel. the n. n. happiness (ilu). spy. ba. n. conj. a-yfi. n. befall go). V. : Bi unless. going a-'WO!). should. unless. ii. which is chosen. : a-"w6-tfi. loquaciousness. to bend or to alight . he bought . a-yo-ni-'w6 a-yo-sai). colic. the tongue. n. discuss. . s5 awiye. (Mat. n. red beans. and hence. to stink. joy. awo oko. . a word money). a cunning scamp. a-Tvd-se. light blue color. a palm-leaf mat. n. a channel. much talk. a daughter-in-law. and hence. (Acts 24. importunity. a monkey. n. a father. a-yo. adv. with. some. to rejoice. a fabrication. ba-bft. overtake. a-"w6-ko. a likeness. ayiir) a-'WO '-16-h. the bird alighted on the rock ib9i) \>k. n. a a-'w5-le-'w6-ri. to bring in contact with . n. a fowl from me ba mi wa owo {for me find a-yar)-ga. a spy sent survey a town. n. any white earthen of corn . b^ a-ya-bfi. a spy-glass : awo odiu. 21 a-yar)-8e-bi. resemblance. a-yar)-se. of threatening copper. a-ya-ko. or rebuke to an ba-ba. leather. n. n. a bow-knot. a. outward appearance n. (Acts 17. : ba. a-yo-mo. ninodie). ivhich is made or done to order. n. a-yii)-rii). a-ye-tfir). n. to plait . rao b^ e^ii). n. a-yar)-fe. awo imi. to be stingy. a miser. ba ba li oruko die lohui)) (See ni ino die (See ba lorukodie) . n. a-yi-da'-yi-da. the black-crested Guinea hen : awo koto. chosen. certain. a-^VOQ-k&i). a. to cure. a weaver. n. n. 22. M.AWI a-"wrl-ya-nu (enu). imposition. a chief room. awo aiya. to be bent : to sit. adv. V. n. «. pron. / bespoke the horse . a-y9-se. except. 10. a-yun. a king^s wife. ba . aux. change. a stench inquisitiveness. devoutness. a hide.. n. n. n. it is would. n. n. which is full.. n. n.-ye. d. n.-yar).-'WM-dig. aw4h. room. a-'Wd. n. spectacles . a surrounding. the midst. luck. : a boivlegged person. bfi.idie (he from me bought fo^ol). perfect understanding of a thing. to come to the point in speaking about a thing . a year. pron. next season. beloved . n. 17. an earthen basin a plate . a friend in the translation of Scripture. . cloud. a daughter-in-law. 35. w. to meet. . confusion. to strain a-y a-ba. a-"wi-ye. a-'wo-ni. inferior. n. . lie.

co-operate. bfi . bfi.-ba. v. . ti. ni-n6-dze (ba die adv. ba-lft-bu-dza (ba abudia). the vine bS-re (be and stoop : low. . he bfi. b&. the mountain labored and shoal . wi-dzo wor). to lori). v. go in this or that direction in the ba-dzo to get into trouble (edio). dfi. (li beautifully red or yellow. . be-le. bfi.-ino-le (mo il§). n. contented. bfi. entreat. die). . n.-ka-nfi. where there are six of them. adv. be-kpe. n. ni'-dzam-ba. to cool pigeons and to carnivorous animals only l. v. V. yes. to suit. rS). applied to T. bfi. by coming upon box. . it suits or fits : ese de. be-kpe-dze. V. whence abe and b|re 6. he contradicted me. . to join : 6 hk ba ba woq . fiat. to v. I (Acts ba-bfi. I got into trouble at Ilorirj. V. n. to swear falsely. v. v. re. . to t. to rebuke. . v. (wi edio). 16-hur) (li in ohuij). to be See bawo. to blot. li to ask. bfi. dze. n. to vex. he slandered me. a lieap : bebe idl. adv. agree. to . for beating mud floors. ori). to behead. to breed. blame.-li. e. inquired after you. ba-da. a small matter nla). ba-fir) (b4 afii)). the bird. a title. See abudza. v. mo badi9 ni (as the speaker points out). to spoil. kd V. Ilorig. v. be ambush. se. v. hoof. ba-lo-gur) (li oguij). n. a master of a house. n.-l&. re-kp5. w. adv. stir). . weakly : axa mi bente. t. impudent. a beetle. (ba ekpe bS-re. same. ba-"wo. 36. V. adv. . to begin. V. to ba-ra. . be-le-dze. 4. 2. ba-de. v. it is . to be lying dead. destroy : ba . by fanning : be 1§ : (i[i). ba-yi. suddenly. lean. a priest of to surprise Ifa. to fear. n. n. to be . the v. adv. bfi-ra.-0. n. . t". shoe.-se (alase). perhaps. v. 22 : BE n. . a kind of drum. by the staff of ]^gu5 (an oath): tlie bank or brink bagadai' igid4 oloko sa. hand : mu oko bani. in the King's palace. v. (bi okaij n4). to assist. sandal.. . bfi. ba-16 (ile). lo-ri n. judge. bfi-ta.tocut. parlor. so behe lo-ru-ko-dze (ba die li orukp). Mba bo baba mole. to inquire. See iba^orui). scold. formerly. . .jump . be-re. . . assault. to be friendly.r). bS. / am bfi . grieve. bfi bfi. to der : 6 hk mi loruko die. timid . . 15. . quarrel with.-'wo (al4w6). V. See obaijgidzi.. bfi : . ba-so-rui). landlord. . n. injure. s4r)4ai). to exact 6 bere o. to be bfi bfi . (il&).-in6. to agree. to assent to. s6. to cohabit. to. . so.) ba-bfi. a bfi-sa (Egba).) (ori). ba-nl (Egba). hide. . to suit. ba-lu-Ave (ibi aluwe). . v.-kpd. to be-nte. to lie in be-nde. corrupt. v. bS-re-sI. . brought ! forth a mouse. . a military officer. n. a grandfather. ft li bata b4 mi : 6 bade. . n. the rump : bebe odi6. sloping . an adolescent. be-ri (Luke 5. . V. behe ni ko. : bdi-bdi. v. to do violence . bS-be. an obsolete verb signifying to heap up (?) whence bebe and ebe. . bfi. . b9. ko . . . leather. ni bende. be-le-be-le. be-ru-be-ru. 15. to rfe«cenc?. . to be adapted to. behe slanneither. a the farmer. bfi-ga-dai'! ! a hoe in your hand. be. to be spoiled. . to beg. even so . to consult with. V. (Luke be-he. v. alike. behead. bam-bam. 23. V. n. a blow with the fist strike with the fist. 3. to jump . dimly shining. . a bath-house. the treefell and frightened be-be. be-ru (ba eru).-bu-dzfi (abudza). : b9. / missed bfi . v. 1. a saddle-cloth. See elegbara. to . V. timidly. a large room. fiat. : mo \>k eiye ti.) badie. v. the eyebrow. adv. See bayi. to be of a red color . ni ino). t. . down : be .) gege. . a youth. . n. (li a governor. to advise. tfi. v. v. ba-la-ga (b4 le aga). adv. how so : ? ba dzi-yar).bA b3. v..-bi-ka. a yonng man be. . . thus : behe ko. miss (as an arrow) n. (baba arch. a pawpaiv. ba-lS bfi. . adv. not so . to frighten. bere. to be thin. to be quiet. dakpo. to bar)-gl-dzi. bfi of the egusi. ba-ta. n. to consult with. a small a popular dance. . take a eunuch. eru). nearly grown. to be akin. to ba . 5. . a kind of grass (broom-sedge). . to unite with. adv. the shoe fits me (on the foot). i. 16h bayi. up a small affair. dc. . V. «. 51. of a river or ditch . no. be-se. V. n. to wl. to contradict: . . . . he joined them. . bal. to be lean. great affair covers ba-ba-lfi. ni. a white man. n. to thwart. . . a patria chief cook. (Acts 1. ba-tu-re (Hausa). besprinkle.rd. . . n.-lQ. 6 ba mi dziyag. le-ru split into strips be li ori (See be .

in6-16. bi'-ki-ta. ti enia. orar) bodzujai). 23 what shall of the BO I do ? . bi ti. very : slipped out of ) that danger. he is coming. V. and pron. or thatch a house. robber. as. . abusive language. bl-na-bl-na. to be large. . though. to confiscate. to be in the act of coming . bi-l&. to put on a garment. v. to bi-bu. bl. interrogate a bo-ni-bo-ni. or cause to suffer . bi-k6-se-kp6. . . 6. b6-dzu-yai) (ba odiu). to enter 5. a suffix. . bi-si. bi . reproach.) b6-16 b6-l§. bi-n6 (ino). to cover rob a house. they are coming on a w4h. bi-lil. beget. n. bo-le-bo-le. V. ori). v. to look at. n. woman : om9- ozone's clothes. to beat or drift about bd. very near (as to distance). v. (ile). to peel. adv. to pierce . reproach for a beat against. a mat as. dze (ba oruko dze). as if. v. interrogate. 1. as. as from a peg. that business failed in . n. V. v. . adv. a haversack. to chide. V. bo-bo. to overwhelm. she left bo-dzu-"w6 (bil). inquire : bi og lebi. . v. . '77. to but. . re. adv. bo-ti-bo-ti. godlike. ti. which is overwhelmed. ti-le. in the form of a ho. . to arraign. . (era ki era). to be angry. like dust. a biri. open a (li way or give place in a crowd. v. . like a person . bo-rtl-ko . to bl . my hands mo bo li cwu ni. bi-ri. that : se bi emi 6 ti ie ? how or 6 mb6 nw9i) sare b6. . (applied to land). to be full bray like a he-goat. to beget. bi-ri-ga-mi. of a solid) . bl bo-de (ba ode). bl 6nia. insert) hands or go out of a house : bi-ri-ko-to. a patch in a roof. V. bi-e-rai)-ko. do like a person bi how. (lit. n. b6-le (ile). generally employed in the negative : emi 6 bera- eni bi ti ti Egba. to generate. V. to affect. manly. adv. if even bi 4 tile i. except. . to feed. . bI-rQ9 (omo). adv. n! bi inasmuch be bi. 6 ijtutu b6. V. getting wet . to prevail. V. V. as a hole in the ground d4 iho birikoto. to to cover. V. b6-ni (Egba). b6-ra to fault. b6. bC-dzu-'wd. See bl. . bi-bS. it to increase or multiply. . bi-9-16-rur). the white-grained Guinea-corn (a species of bi bi bi bi . as the face 8. . semicircle. 16-re to question. ask. — adv. to slander. I escaped to be large bi-ri. 3. . bI-6-n. what. V. push. to slip drop (as 3. according to your mind iote si Ifear V. . v. bi-e-ni-kp6. v. like a coward. . bi-ri. though. visit. . b£ ofi^. hence. to wash the face. conj. darkly. a honey-making gnat without omi). v. to tear half-way open. bi-bd. bd-le-bo-le. v. to strip off. to ask. as. vexed. hence 2. n. to see after. to respect or reverence the great. . (li obui)). come doion .i-a. or bear a child. adv. 10. to fear something . : a girl. nothing. (bi). if possible. (li ere). to half strip. fell out of) (lit. v. very large. . V. to empty (Ps. small (applied to land). le-bi ebi). 2. sokalB b6. to be small. breed . a thatcher. conj. adv. V. contr. v. bi . if. bl-rl. to cover. bd v. le-dzo 16-hur) to edio). to take down. bo-dzu (odzii). 7. 5. or will . bo-mo. to care bi-bi. to bi-0-kor)-ri. b6-ti. b6. v. to visit. ask him. adv. sillily. sting. bi-n6-dze. v. . to worship . whether : very or intensely (hot). bi-ri-bi-ri. bd-dzo (bi odio). 8) ta^e . satchel. humanlike. iJ. to bi kiri. n. 1. a custom-house. n. succeed. . hear. bi. sun is blinding. as waves. . (li . to or slide to be pregnant. darkness . . to vex. foolishly (talking). to cover the ground to notice or regard. bo-16-se-kp6 adv. bi-bd-mo-le. vomit : V. water n. . birth. on the water. bi-kd-se. body. the to blind with brightness: a covering. . as a mud-floor 8. V. cowardly. to cover the . to boil or cook in dark. adv. : like those Egbas in6 r§. to be oral) n4 bo li owo mi. to arrive. v. which is covered. . to feel grieved or bi-6-su-ma-r6 (osumarc). . n. . a bearing : 6 dekni) bibi. supjilication. bo-r9. off bearing. to flourish. humanely. unless. (Ps. (ara). to shake (lit. to grieve. 4. v. to insert . person in a court. godly. a bi-e-ru-kpe. . to be . conj. according to law. ebi (See bi lebi) . bo-yui) (abi oyui)). loherehy ? in what way ? how ? b6-dzu-to. v. for. bi-ye-sl (bil). follow or kabiyesi. brutishly. See gboro. to overwhelm. V. Sorghum). a begging. to beat. bo-dzu-in6 (ba odiu). v. ? a sign of interrogation : 6 m6 bi ? does he know ? bi-ba-'WO 1 adv. bi ino die (See bin9die). bi nl-n6 (ino). 4. to cover the top. b6-ri (b6 head or to surpass. of leaves. to wash any part of the body. v. adv. v. to li though we have rebelled against him. v. b6 1&. adv. bo-lS-se-bl. to look ujmu. b6-lo-b6-lo. V. get is down run . from obiri. . n. dig a small hole. n. to investigate. 6.BE be-ru-ke-ni keni. b6-nii-'w6l) (bil to sprinkle with water. . "wd.

. an evil deity who causes some kinds ness. where travellers b5-vrfih. adv. . bil-yii) (iyiri). it hides about or bo-lo-dzo. bii-kili). n. add to. beautifully Comp. V. to be deficient.-bu-ka (li abuka). la-dzar) (adzaij). the rain ceases. to take bil . it droughts) this year. v. 8. of fits. a hump or 1 2. give mu^h to the dog to contribute : : da ow6. V. of. honor : mo bilyiij a por- fu o. V. . V. to to cross 8. to he in the act of coming : k ^bowah. 23. to mince. to bite. to be bad. bu-dze bCi btl bCl . to b9-ya bil. to dip. about to say. very. 6dio d4. bu-bu-ru person. offer sacrifice to. 4. mi 11 omi. dandy. : a hiding-place. a promise : hillock. 24 bil . to prescribe da owo ode. badly. as bread each other. V. prepared. to praise. V. v. he smote them with bo-lfl. to distribute around : mo bti owo k4 ina. bo-ru-ko-nu. to despise. he bit me. 89. kfi. to ahuse . V. loose. or position. sprinkle with anything. dze. S&V). he struck me fenia buburu. V. V. wasteful. the lightning fiashes. . to add to. v. . a neat person. as when struck. bo-se (b6 ese). C. (ara). . I gave kfi. to bless. n. V. strike 6 da mi 11 igi. perhaps. ka (ika). to adulterate. bu-ra bu-ru. to it money. to pay a tax. bil V. lfi. to bite severely. w6r). to swell. whip : kanakana da kanakana. . give little omo n4 is da. do set the pot on the not mention his name. . as vermin (black). to make that child is intelligent. to affect 6 bil ifodiu lil W013. to bil-sl. to smite toitk. to cut or break. v. bu-dza to a thing to one to be sold. n. b9 si-kpo (ikpo). a fruit used for making black ornamental marks on the skin. beledie. . one. 6. . bu-silr) (ibi isilij). V. 1. to worship a tree or image. . down. (Jas. prepMre or buy da eko. to fall honor. bil-ke (bil oke). 4. . . to add : to . V. to cease to be ese mi da. to pay : . V. to 15. fancifully made. . V. to v. . bo-'wo (bil owo). . v. DA . to pour bu-le'. v. : with to overwhelm. as roads . i. to cry aloud. . as a bS-^wfi. w. v. ashes . dog o bil mi bo-ni. 10. v. . 2. cleaves to you. b9r). a kind of lily. to a drought (lit. to he filthy. he broke or leg : : bCl-dza (odia). and produces death in small-pox. tion bin. to rise in that sacrifice ? 11. : dry. to take an oath. 6 bil m6 ijyifl. e. adv. bu-ru-bu-ru. encompass. to patch. see dia). : b5-'W9 Q^^ 9^'9)i *"• ^<' honor. to moulder or rot : bO. to fill up . to surround. adv. make. b6 . See da out. to be sound : ara mi d4. bu-dz6. . to cut into bits. V. laga. (Ps. to restore one to his place bu-s6 (ibi iso). V. to overturn. b6-l&. a bad 3. . n. to anticipate what to entrust is my foot. bo-ra (ard). stick. 1. to roast in the . "bq-Toi (omi). give to me some water. li aga. to bless. to b'Cl-k6r). for bil. surround. bu-s6 (ibi iso). a camping-place. 13. bo-'W9-lo-"WO. to overturn. n. (bi 6 ya). V.) bil-m6. 5. . v. adv. to v. put into water. badness : 2. (bil ola). . bill). give . to divide. crow whipped a crow. . V. heavy sand. bil btl . bu-ba (ibi iba). n. tcith to a bu-do (ibi ido). v. to add to. a tying-place for animals.BO bo-gi (igi). n. to shake hands. n. 9. them money all round. . V. tanners. to flash: m&n&m&nA dk. a sleeping-place. (ibi idze). : ta li o da ebo n4 ? who prescribed mention: W91). slovenly. to give. reverence. to hide or ccmceal itself aio«< b6-lo-gI. have . a reaching the road . . 2. n. (buru). a to stall. break or he broken : 6 d4 mi li ese. mix. to set on the top> of : bu ikoko ka fire. 1. V. we are coming (now on the road). my body sound. a resting-place. n. one there is 1.Bu-ru-kii. . v. bu-sil. D dfi. . a bedstead. V. 2. buy mush. I praise thee. as a stone or anything heavy: d4 dfi. to lil. to assault. as a boat. make a near cut to a place. intensely. l9-'w6 (li 9w6). v. (ba idza. . put down their loads. of. to swear. n. without rain oda d4 od&i) ni. capsize. bu . a stall. . v. closely (hiding). to stink . to be intelligent. adv. : Ak eko fu give adza. to conquer. ugly. a feeding-place. n.) 14. to go aside on a call of nature. to shake hands. btl-ia. bu-ru-ku. my foot li is broken. create. . to speak or mah se da oruko r|. . V. 5. bo-ki-ni. a stupid spendthrift . ikj). a kind of acacia used hy to loash oneself. blindness.

. v. . to faint. to serenade. to bend or be bent. a stone da-dzu. to to he acceptable. . (medzi). join. to he calm. dS. to cripple the foot or leg. da . as to a flock. . v. ku-ro. . confuse . to arise before v. . acquit . . da to give life to. advise. to he to per^^lex. la-re. 25 to DAN . 10.-ka-ka. v. da le-kur). to invent a doctrine. V. . grow. . . . V. . . da name da.-kiir(. to prevent. 6 danilodzd. da to strike with a sword. . du-ro. to da da da da da . v. . disappoint. fell on cer- to fall upon : okuta dali\ kpa a. thread. impute k6 da |se m6 wa. . for da-dz6-ko. . la. lo-dztl. v. . waste : nwor) to- v.. lodzd. da-kpa-ra. n. n5. V. collect from fear of war. (Sraij). . . &c. v. . dfi. . to glorify. v. v. V. V. to enliven. . as the which drives them together. resemble. . 1-1. 9. v. .-ke-dze. . be like. to di- to betray. v. dfi. to he or to make da . . as to a sacrifice. throw aivay. day. v. one of the Yoriiba idols. . da to justify. . answer. . change the position 8. to v. V.-k&r). to separate or alienate friends. to reply. as cattle. da-bl. certain: da-kur). to frighten. four 2>arts. v. 4'. to sit. da to adhere. v. v. da-gnr) (oguij). V. impudent. . v. : to cause to adhere. to invent a report or story. torment. dx. dfi. judge. adv. da-lii. da-gir). da-na (ina). da merir). v. . 2mss by. bo). . or destroy a town. da 16-dzo. da'-ho-ro. to look or be natural. to frighten. da la-mu (li). to make or kindle a fire. n. da la-ra (li). . da-dzu-da-dzu. . . 16-hur). . da la'-ra-ya. da-ni da-gi-ri. to heat with a stick. (li). v. 4 . . . founded. to put down. . . lu. v.-ba. of a person. a pool or 2'>ond. v.. v. V. to to be developed. . v. he silent. . . V. v. . ni6. . to disappoint. to frighten. S9r9 dano loni. . confidently. v. v. to cudgel. da . . to he con- da-hur) (da ohui)). V. v. ni-dzi (idii). . . grow (ogbo). to be a heretic. 16. v. intimidate. expect. .DA 3.. da-bd-bo (abo da-da. v. confound. to reel . as a sword. to cease . . a sinner. to cause division or strife. day. v. v. . to make one it. . to throw in wrestling. to he cording . to strike against. dfi . da to convict of sin. nl-kpa (ikpa). lo-go. da-mo-dza da-ni6-rar) (anwdza). kp5-in6. . . ac- da-ke. to frighten people. as silver. v. . . to . to where is my book ? da-ba dd. da . to hold an erroneous opinion. defend. . to to . V. lo-ro. v. v. which made. . bid farewell. le-se. 7. da ni-de (ide). . to be flat. Adam da-md. to pour out. mingle. 1% mingle. f 5. he does not impute sin to us ko da ese mo Adama. discourage. damned. to make it. ? da. cut or divide into two . of. v. da da-ko-dza. to redeem. da to trust. the hack of a furnace or chimney. where ? iwe mi da v. steadily or long. to over-drive. to depart. . da-kti. become. torture. . la-gbe-de-me-dzi. la-ga (li aga). . run in to debt. figuratively. 4. to divide dS. confident as to its dS. to confuse. to act the part of. to remove a tliing/rom one position purify. . when they v. protect. wind. . one certain: 6 da mi Da-da. . . . gi-ri. jiarts. to cut in two. as to a roof. to step over. to shelter. adulterate. v. v. dai-ya-fo (do aiya). n. to be hard. to gird. to attend to. v. 11. evidently. to contract a. . to sit to a2}point a day any purpose . . is v. . v. a proper to detain. to release. da meta. they failed in their negotiatimi dfi . V. I am sure of V. to annoy. to bore. he did not create to : da-gbo . . answer. da da v. word. . . da-ni lo-dzQ. da-dzo. da-gba (iigba). surprise. to strike against. . to disappoint. to rust. lo-dzfl. da le-se (li). weary. v. da-gbe-re da-gbe-se. to into three iMrts. Ifi-ye. V. . v. v. v. think of. me-dzi So. to frighten. . ni-dza (Idza). v. . . kp5. to be evident. . forbid. another. d&-ke-r6-ro. ni-da (d4 ni ida). v. 5. to sell to on credit. . v. . . da da kpS. we are certain of truth. to da'-mu-re (amure). set free. . to guess. suppose. and killed him.. . to collect into to purpose. v. as flint to canker. (da). . turn aboict.-'wir). 6. to quicken. da-dzi. to neglect. . to offer to a sacrifice. tainly. li-da. (aba). reply. to desolate da-mu (amu). . . adv. as old. . da . . da V. da . to cheer. da-dza. . . dead. confident. . . V. . v. . as war. . . to be at the to point of death. . to drive people together. to nature. . la-da-dzO. (odiu). to . v. to squat. vide. . ni-gi (igi). da . withhold. dfi. . ..

to the gate . to stir up. V. to meet. come upon. as metal as a road . to pronounce guilty. si. ikuku bo ilu mole de-dza' hunt ivith a dog. discharge. to lay hands on. to fish with a net. tobacco . dare. d9. mention. . . d6-kur) forbear (da. ebi). .. to de-ti. de. d6na dd. da-ru-da-kp5. to pay da-"wo-kp5 (ow6).) to introduce a custom ov fashion. v. See da-r3. dog d6. for. se. v. slothful. v. at hand : hdio su dede. undertake.-Ta. v. don^t lie any more. da-ru-g'b6 da-sa. da-se (ese). . n. v. to toreathe . v. deti sile. to talk ahout. V. da-Avir) dfi. — adv. (dl arugbo). . . complicated . . . lara). . . . (Acts 5. to grieve. all. v. to hard on cooling. v. rijje. v. V. v. to make comfort- to reserve. v. to come to. to assemhle. to tire doion. "wd. d6-na de-ri de. good. 26 DI dar). ('.dar) . V. v.-nil (enu). to da-ri (d^ ori). . he a confused manner. to listen secr. . coarse cloth. (aida).-ra (iini). to extend . da . . v.r)-da-r9. da-ye-16. (esc). to listen. v. pery. . de-de. to he . v.-sa. v. da-sfi. See diyele. : da-ra-da-ra. v. talkative. to de-ke tempt . it is dau-du. to set v. oppose. . off. to prohibit on de religious da'-ra-ya merry. to fail in an attempt. . v. to consult oracle. to cover the head. to dar)-dar). mingled in d&-d&. to stop the diti. gods. to he cheerful. v. V. to risk. slacken the pace. to de-"w6 (d4 ewo). n. de-bi (d4 to he Aa. . V. to hind. de la'Ta (li ar4). to mix or mixed de-dd (odo). talc mirror. pron.etly or attentively. . to he good. to groio deficient. v. li odiu (see di . as a hat : ba mi . a rape snare. . into the savings cluh . (aro). properly. n. the clouds are dark and low. v. v. . v. de-re-d6-re. V. to v. V. n. dzo. 12. slack .v. after . . v. as tallow it . to drive. v. n. . . la-de cle or a priest. 13. v. going to a place . a cattle-driver. coagulate. conclude a bargain. to forgive. to lay a snare. again. chase. tie. near the earth. divine. m6-16. to sin. to he " (li ade). a n. to da-ru-da-ru. to wear. to make afraid. V. li ade 6 di edzl. confusedly. to reel or wind thread. to hunt de-hir) (Egba). close de. . . to cease. de hunt. as pain : d5 . . . to he fluent. (ara). . da-ru-kp5. 'wd. the heir apparent. ready for. road. to bind smooth. da-ro di-ro (ar6). to yield : da-sa. . v. v. . cover. all right. . herdsman. . to V. 'WO. to reserve.d6. si-le (ile). See dii). . to. to he slip. hright. e. de-hCir) (ohuij).. to. to (da).r). (eti). (araya). bind or pack goods. eldest son to of a prince. in the a small covered dish. near hy. v. soldiers. goodliness .) to clothe. (see to mitigate. to inquire of the de-ru-ba (eru). grounds. consult an ora. . dar)-ka-re. v. to fish. to be difficult. able. V. . to da-'Wd to (ovvo). to lie (ori). der)-gf. to feel uneasy about a thing. pretty. (awii)). v. the fog hides the town entirely. Lb-na (ona). to : si. to grow or and stop. know rightly. v. to require . in a good mancommit a fault. v. to fail. adv.-rai) (oral)). d6-n6 de-ra (in6). well. hearken : to combine in a scheme. v. let dekuq ! leave ! desist! me alone ! da da . de-dza entirely: (edza). s6. to try. 1. to cover up. arrive at. to hind. stop. to intermeddle v. v. da-ri dzi (dari and di\. de . go with me (see de lade). to incline the ear. to da-ra (da ara). t. lodzu). terrible to (di). sjiare. . me. loosely hanging. de . . See dai)w6. be terrible : da-so-bd (aso). da-ri . presume. da-vrti (owu). pay hy an instalments. handsome. make or de.. ner. to dye hlue. to pay down. (yna). confuse things . dawo pay : dawo 5su. di. . V. every. . adv.DAN dfi. to lead. ekui)). to set a trap sile. to he entangled. to spare. IB. shackle: de mo. lacks two cowries di . to contrihwte. . grow negligent. de-gbe. V. to lack : to he . V. to cheu) up . to relieve. withstand. to set a to he soft. . to starve. to cover with a lid de odzu 6na. to cause a thing. n. adv. . darudarii. mush. prep. to 6 deru si mi. n. adv. to d§. . da . to he negligent. to fail to sto]) woods or prairies. to condemn. de-ti (dil Pse). more : mah dehii) soke. to polish . to obstruct in wait for. a sign of interrogation ? : iwo m6 dai) ? do you de-de (Egba). v.far). V. de-ru de-ru de-se dS-se (eru). d&-dztl (odzu). v. to transgress. v. de de . soft to fast.. i. he old. to cease. to to crown. da-WO-l§ (owo). de-bi-kpa (da ebi). to introduce a neio fashion or custom. (Ps. v. . to introduce dS-kur) (6kui)). . n. V. c"ai). adv. li ara d6 . to invent or tell a lie. . loose.

du-ru-du-ru. thee. bloom. n. (ni). . di dfo. a li violin. a raven. to cast lots. loait . . adv. : dnro duro. dida ard. to enslave. a a few. v.. v. f d6. to be dilatory. v. to di-de. some. to blindfold. to hold. to encamp against. hinder. to bake bread. . 16h. e. to medi- healthy ebi. grasp. v. V. See da-bi. dl-6. to congeal. (li). 49. to be deaf. v. effort to di-na. V. V. n. to dbr). dSi). odiu 6kui) duru. to be upright. blackness. v. di la'-mu-re (li). do-do. mu : . v. V. d9-ba-l& (da ibale). do-go-tl. (li). Sec di. to prostrate. to hear. v. a room becomes to-morrow) 6 di idi6 kedii they went the next day. agree upon. to dp-gba. (di). di . to di-ror) (^vovi). to put to shame. du-du. to be do-ri-kd-do do-de. ti. / thought was my father.4. ka-lfe. V.. adv. V. v. to anchor. to rust. V. truth. doij. to tangle. o doij o. health . to make ashamed. . di-gba-ti. to stand. to block (ni). n. fry. disappointed. to. ino d<)q mi. to be. v. adv. charge for. to consjnre. to lie down : dubule aroij. . / am jjleased . to gird. do-dzu-ti. . . . v. righteousness : &c dodo- di prep. do-do-d6. greatness (applied to the works of di-'w6. dun. le-'wor) (li). stand by. V. ». be corrupted. d6-d6. to be sweet. li di-go. V. spoil. painfully ino mi i. to thank. to blossom. to be is growing fi 27 changed: 6 till it DUll . adv. but was mistalien. to violin . employed in composition oguq {two from on twenty). glass. to heal. impede. n. See dakpara. di-ri-ki-si. See dodzukodo. to fasten on. mistaken it : do-gur). to turn the face towards the di-ba-dze. is do-dzu-de. di-gi. to complete. a breech-cloth. the head. to V. to cleave to a stumbling-block. v. plot against. little. V. V. (di). duro parch. V. di-nl-bo V. wliat ails a kind of drum. do-do. to refuse di le-ti (li). conj. di-lo-dzH dl-lu. du-dze. 2ionder. . di-m5. remain standing. to prevent falling when tiri di-nl-gbe-sir) dir). to besiege. comforts. d6r). con- 7nitch slirivelled or cool. n. to gallop. to wait. to be equal. n. firm. to V. dill). do-dzu-bo-lS. le-ru v. du-gbo-lu. V. du-ra. du-lu-ni6. to be afraid. to cohabit (an indecent word) : do 6 di isisiyi. v. to be sick di-le. wreathed. v. to make an one stumbles. to encamp. lay hold on. confirm. or cling du-kpe. to gird. till to-morrow (lit. n. V. hitherto.DI di. : to affect pleasantly or i.) di-ti (cti). : di-kpa-ra. to deafen. di-in6. V. ijdi arugbo di-ye-le. dor)-m6. du-ro. . V. V. di-gba-ro. on n. V. V. . : n. right. my mind is pleasant. to dl-di. V. a guitar li\ duru. . dtir). n. in& mi d8i) si 1 am pleaded with him (Mat. to make or play the cause to stand. cause war. v. di di . hang down to v. 3. to deny. . V. to arise. di-dzu. to be entangled. doQ-doi). V. condemnation . V. v. emulate. V. to slander. the navel . made to betill ka. di . luxuries di-dze. (Ps. to wait. V. till now (lit. . e-le-se niu-16 or ni-lS. (ori). dl-bo di-da. di-gbo-se. se dida ara. as any beast or pleasant . . 17) . to chain. he titi old . uphold. See didze. straight. at leisure. to bake. di-dzd^ to dom-dom-ai-ye of life. ha'-mo-ra. di-mu. n. game of drafts. t. di. nwoq loh. to please. the harp. dtl. d6-gi-ri. to become a fight. do-dzu-kd-do. V. ti to set a price on. . a mirror. which dida tate. stay . v. ki n. to Jiang down the head. di-fe. in a Louse. dir)-ka-ra (al^ara). do-ko-du-ro (oko).. di-dzi. to establish. V. to take captive. da. which made. to lie flat. V. enclose in the hand. to disappear. God). up to the road. . abash. eighteen. di-di. dCl. ground. du-ke-lu-ke. vanish. mo didii baba mi ni. till now. become. to be in a strait or difficulty. . is bound. v. wait on n. to establish. do. See d6i]. 6 dh mi li owo. which the V. du-bu-l©. bird. to refuse. come now) it 6 di ola. du-ru. SI. (dSij doi)). merrily. v. v. to di-bi. n. in the Ikctu dialect. plait the hair. V. is : turn upside down. to grasp he refused me money. to be black. . a by and by. covenant. di li mcdzi from. a-bed. my belly aches or pajws me . to cry. di'-si-si-yi. till. .

dza li ole dze-gbe-dze-gbe. adv. gain. to steal . v. le-ka-na (il6). dzi-goQ-ror). V. v.. dze-hur) feed on. violence to. (li ole). to tap a cask. dz^ . aid in work. to arouse. . V. harsh. dzi . v. a low. dza-de. to steal. from side to side. a kind of cockatoo. get . which dza-ma. a . n. (iya). its cry. to break to loose. quicken. dzai-ye dza-ka. the stone-caster. damage. V. adv. to raise from the is lustrous. V. die . (die). v. a See di4. dze-lo-"we owe). . if right . . dz6-re. dz4. n. abundantly to deliver dza-nu to boast. v.) dzi-hir) (di. DZI soot. pinch. to dze-di-e-di-§. v. . turn out ! to be slow. to loiter. assault. to break.D^A dza. to dzi-dza-du. dzi. . dazzlingly. dze-ni-a-dz6-ni-a. a leopard. dzfi. .-h. v. to scramble for a thing. quietly. fu. to enjoy the world. to fight. v. to reach. v. dze-bi (ebj). to be condemned. go out . to feed on. to be to rough. dza-l)5. n. to contradict. . the knee-cap.-gu-dS. to release dza dza dza ni-de (ni ide). dz3. to otoe . 49. V. devour. be guilty. adv. v. to See to die-leri. . soldiers. . . called on). *'• v. to to a cannibal. find dza-re. . dzfi. v. . to owe. strive . adv.-gu-du. drop from aloft. base conduct. wean. V. lese). to be as a horse to snatch. die . 28 a rope .-le (ole). god of thunder. in war. . to one''s . which (die). to be or act fight. . n. to punish. DzS. n. dzi-dzft. . dzi-dza. to gain. they dragged (see him to the governor . to struggle together. to wrestle. to to ground . n. V. dzi. dzl-gbi-ni. through. n. to do violence v. attack by surprise. to to deserve. 34. to mean. when confusedly. 17. to to let or permit. resemblance. v. out. . See diu. . li eri (see dza-gi-di-dza-gar). depth. to fall into a hole.-lil. through. to eat : diehui) lara ar4). . v. dze-dze-dze. to dza-ka-di. 14. . to act in a capacity : bi Ol9rui) ba die kpelu m\. so called from n. to . 23) leri). 5) . dzi-dze. : through. dza'-ka-re. consent to (Gen. is cast. to steal from. (ikoro). .-kpa-ll. . childishly. to jerk.-gba-dza-gba. earn. to be ivilling. deserve. to as a as : diasi bi. fruitful. break loose. dza-iuba. still. : ba ni diamba. to be deepi. drop into to. the (okuta). dza'-ku-ni6. v. would. you please. a vagabond. dza-gur). dze-iir). to act extra- dze vagantly. to be justified . dza-fa-ra (die dzS. throughout a place. food. v. dzS. quarrel. named : die . position. dza-le the v. earn. oppose. V. dzS. to escape fight one's way dz^-rur). reach the road. servants. dzfi.-ku-ta Sarjgo. to be deep. See dio.-gai). to steal. afara). v. adv. to scratch. arrive at. awaken. to to contradict. ti-l& (ti ile). dead. dzf. dzfi. to go through . to cast down. dze-ka. dze-dze. to dz9. (oliui)). adv. forth diade ! dz§-re-dz6-re. rage. gbe-se. (li n. v. (iyaij). n. — adv. to justify. dza-ko-ro. n. v. dispute with. . lowness.-le-dz&-le. intensely hot: dial). the country . dze. : V. n. — n. dza-na in (ona). . dzaq-dzai). v. n. dzll). afflict. (Ps. to eat. perform. soldier. tug at each other. as a pit. to V. dza-r)ka. dza-le. See diehui). to be. break a rope. quietly. V. to perform a job (applied to pawnwho must do jobs for the pawnee. to thoroughly. dze. a inessage. dza V. V. dza-Qgbo-ro. (li a mug. to dza-si. v. dzi-dzu. v.lole). one by to v. a name of dze-ni-ya dz6-ri. distance. n. adv. storm dza ole. oru m<i dia. V. . . n.-kui) (okui)). ni-ko-ro ni-yar) (enu). out a thing to reach the road. mean fellow (Acts on any account. (li bear witness. to be deliver (a message) will. a title. sparklingly. adv. v.--w5. n. to to reply. etc. (see koro) flatly. loafer. ekana). dza dza . dze-gtl-du-ra-gtl-du. as . Sec diigbese. make . v. : to be distant dii li ese (see dil . to be reasonable dzi-dzii) (dii). prep. utterly refusing. frighten. . l§-nu Id-le to (li enu).e). by fighting. . (li ori). dze-la-ra dze-le-ri to ara).-gbfi. V. . . v. . to answer for an offence. dzi-ka-nu (Nnfe). V. awake. or hard to understand. dzi-gbe-se to go in debt.) to snore. v. die.-if God shall be with me. a brick. di-de. dzS. —adv. to v. V. knock . to consume to . foolishly. See die. very gently. escape by struggling. nwoij dza a t9 bfile loh. v. to be according . obscure. adv. n. v. dzd. dzi-dzo. as a word. dza-ld. the sun is very hot. (li dze-"W9 (9^?)? to ^^ confess. . pilfer. n. . . adv. dza .

. e.DZI dzi to . a bundle. dzo-ye dzo. to he far off. a snake edio li oro. e-dz§. hunger afects ebi gkpa deny. . seven. cgakc. e-dzo-no (ino). more. dzo-ko. See a binding. nmn. consume. pron. n. a language. dzl le-S§ (e^e). abuse. mi. up tting. having the ? a term of abuse. dwell. possess. V. n. n. rain. dzu-n6. to be jealous. to assemble.) more than. e-bi-ll-si. bum. n. v. e-dl. d. to let alone. v. drop. ! damn thee ! dzu-"w6 (6w6). dzu-in5. idi. t. not good. to reign. a binding . (iya). to strike with the fist. adv. to whirl . adv. dio r§.to catch or take fire. le-se (li ese). a message. contiguity. egbe ni fa o spirit. V. §. to strike the foot against. n. parcel. a stopper. supplant. tobacco of native manufacture. to beckon. a thief. origin. 29 EGB E. give the peelings to the goat. e-dzu-dzu. / please ! diio mi li oroi). surpass. a bond. a prawn. . n. him. consume. §-do-16. anxious . num. dzd. n. loell. to e-bu. e-bu. to be lost. dzo-ba (dze 9ba). vindication . d-bu. to be thievish. to he together dio ! a crawfish. dzo-'wo (die ow6). an armlet. dzfl. dzo-rur). dzi-mi-r9. yam-parings a journey : fl ebe fu eraij. wharf: omi bo ebute e'-bu-te. and prefix. to be deep. dzi-nde. as wood. yam-plantings. dzi-se (die mediator. to throw away. dzo . 6-bo. do not understand thee. / went 9. dzo-'WO-lo-'W9. to to leak. e-bi. the horise-cricket. to burn. together. gorgeously. . v.-ta. vomit. n. i). n. what power of&. a pot-herb. n. to cast. confusedly. v. n. n. rule. call him. 6-di. n. dzi-nle to arouse. to burn up. ebi ko kpa thou art not dz6. as a wound. as water. burn up. to be in trouble. n. to be to be a ruler. it. a cause. : alike . twelve. n. v. dzo-"W9 . un- : hmh. dzi-ya dict. e-dfi. e-dza-n6. do not a tickling . n. dzo-l& (die). v.6-dzi-kar). to another. to struggle. v. dzi-yar) (iyaq). let let it alone . as. dzo mi lowo. e-dzi. a long-necked calabash. dzo-'we-re (dza). after a verb e ' . an n. v. n. the devil. a species of fig-tree. mind. e-de. e-di. to let alone. above. to heal. a curse. to deliver a hill to plant yams in : k6 5be. ? why ? . dzo-vru (die owu). dzo-rar). v. the water covers the wharf. i. adv. § 207. 6-be. loss. V. v. : 6-dzo. to remember with gratitude. mah rir) 9m9 II dzu-ku. to release. e'-bo-lo. . interrog. him. to inherit. a journey. . v. (See Gram. very. a nation : emi 9 gbo 6-de. throw . unknown ending in : ' 6 dzi-na (ona). to sit. tickle the child. dzo-dzo. v. . n. v. a pole tied across rafters. e. e-gbir). to t. wait for me. (dze eye). which ? C ti ^e in-. intense feeling. dara. n. n. interrogation : bi i It h\>\. . dze. a demon. show how to do. to i. to contra- e-bl. to be toorm-eaten. greatly. n. e-dl-di. 71. n. n. mo vh ebi. dzo-na (ina). num. e-dzi-lfi. n. e-ga-ke. rison. me alone. a kind of cap. se e. v. n. n. e-bi. abstruse. . small yams to plant. v. mysterious. her. intestinal worm. burn up. direct. n. adv. perdition : to point. to steal and conceal : diindi dzindi do kpo e. consume. a cork. v. to govern. . 6-dzi-kfi. v. . / am hungry . to raise from the v. n. e-gb§. V. n. dzu. dzi-mi-dzi-mi. n. a landing-place. n. . n. a kind of evil a kind of antelope. v. the snake is poi- dzu-ba. v. to be careful. m9le. a kind offan. to take two. my neck let alone . to make yam- (ni ile). dzo-fo-lo. n. to act as a yam-hills. adv. a prefix. dismiss. hunger : ebi kpa. 6-bi. V. ask dzo-gnr) (oguij). ni-rur). a 6-dzi (Egba). e-gbe-re. e-gbe. to respect. dzu-re. e-be. permit . profit . to lose. n. to enjoy an honor due dz6-15. v. n. it. applied to the sonous. abide : dioko de mi. charcoal. V. i^e). dead. to the shoulder. very. a crossing mildew. . dzii-fu. to let. V. v. a robber. to suffer. to dance. a question. n. to In compa. dzi-na. e-gba-y a. hungry. e-gi-ni. passion. dzi-ndl (di). V. dzu-di-dzu-di. a deficiency. fede rB. V. dzo-kpa. v. v. n.

e-gi-ri. 6-kar). e-gbO. dishonest gain. a vessel. n. n. ?«. n. adv. one who responds e-gbo.. a kind of antelope. a kind of goat. e-na. n. n. hardness. e-ku. 71. e-rii). palm-oil. n. 6-rar). e-na. e-h\l. e-x&i). how 6-lo. o'-i-b6. n. large kind of bur. a human being. I. an oath. n. n. n. n. a white man. the a hamlet. n. a maker or seller of colors. n. 6-re. e'-ni-a. the head : filth. n. n. e-gurj. the sand-fly. husk of grain. n. n. a village. much ? in price : elo yi ? hoio much oLui) for . e-ke-dzi. pron. e-hir). e-re-ni. n. the gait of hilt of a a horse. n. a e-le-ri. a flea. ulcer. a course or tools. 6-r^l). aider. a curse. filth. protracted sickness n. ingredient : ehiijdSri. n. guilt. a only. falsehood . a pot-herb. goodness. on a wall / will go four e-ri. n. to gain. n. e-16. filthiness. a e-kar). a wart. a rat. the seventh. n. a lie. chilliness : which is filthy. e-le-ti. h-gbo. e-le-yi. n. an imprecation. e-re. See ekute. a claw. n. iron toeapons interest on money ele ! to 6-ri-gi. 11. for ori. e-gur). e-re-k6-ti. e-mi-rii). e-mi. despiser. a kind of antelope. E'-gur)-gur). crop : die ere. a small black ant. rabbit. e-kH-ru. an elephant. mange. n. crab-grass. e'-ku-lu. n. n. bark . e-h&-se. arms ! the gums. n. e-re-ko. n. tick. one who is obedient. blade of young grass. n. e-ku-ku. wet bran fed to goats. e-ku-ru. n. eki. e-gi-ni. emi tikari mi. a liar. 6-ki-ti. ask . e-h&-ti-ae. me : emi na. people. an im. a sprout. in chorus.e-re. e le-ni-ni. n. strange . . w. ei-di. n. e-ke. e-ri. e-16-se. w. violence. which is earthy or earthly. an addition to added e-kpa. n. elo. e-r3. adv. n. See IrAq. sword. a dunghill. . which is old and stale. interest on money . n. the earth-worm. e-ho-ro. young sprouts. instigator . i-ra. furniture. n. e-le. KRI an n. e-ku-kur). a pumpkin. 30 e-le-gbe. an eminence . okiti. e'-lu-b9. a utensil. a e-gb6r). dirt. e-hu.EGB e-gbix). «. n. e-le-ke. to e-kur). inflection. going : ere e^iij. one of the gods. e-rip. mankind. the knee. person . liar. ?». adv. which hard pods of okra. n. e-in6. e'-ku-ro. : em6 agbo. e'-ko-lo. n. e'-guij-gur). e-16-su. use . e-kpo. boiled maize. n. a bone. . a knife-handle. ? a question : bi li ere. / am chilly. e-kar). n. the dry palm-nut. See e-k6. pened to-day. why? what for? e-he-re. a swearer. a wooden pin or peg. a crust. n. ti. n. n. husk. which is fruitful. to price or quantity. num. the fourth day hence : i) 6 loh li ereni. a stretching n. n. n. n. n. e-rh. e'-ku-te. a wonder . a monster. n. one possessed with the devil. . e-ku-rur). n. is callous . n. dust. for what reason ? the boa constrictor. n. a visit. n. See oruko. See egake. n. a harvesting. the fruit-bearing yam-vine. a wonderful thing has hap- e-ke-dze. n. e-le-so. a . e-re-k§-re. the second. n. e-le-kpe. yam-flour. a backbiter. this ? a tooth a : ehiij okii. days hence. try. a cocoon. desert. why a region of coun. a crop. finger-nail. a sore. adv. gain. a bur growing on grass n. the knee-pan. n. toothache. e'-ku-ru. e-le'-ru-kpe. filth. ft e-ko. . an island. gait. M. jin image '. one. ere idi re ? e-kui). pure gold. bran. e-ki-ri. e-ka-na. force. this.)kag.precation. e-mi-ni. d-md. n. pron. I myself. n. e-le-g6-de. hominy toughness. n. egiri mu mi. n. n. e'-gu-re. e-r§. a root . e-re-ku-su. fruit-bearing. warp-pins of a loom. layer. only : eki wura. e'-ge-de. fem6 de loni. ». bread of pea-meal. something a message. . eri ekuij. num. filthy lucre. e-kpe. chaff. n. e-ra. e-ni. e-gu-rir). a e-kur). 6-ni. e'-i-bd. which is unknown. a front tooth h-\o. num. e-ku-ya.

n. adv. n. n. an a cat directly. e. providence. the tame pigeon. a mistake. this. vicinity. n. adv. seed-vessel of any kind. a lip . e-ti. e-bi-ti. e-yi-yi. ivhy? what for? 6-de. n. e-si. resolution. n. n. : e-wS-ko e-Avi. n. See leba. a kind of soft yam. See eliiij. the Ogboni e-ti-he. a small red . present. guilt. e-bl. cyi ti ri ? why that : cyini ni. n. e-d6-gur). edze. which ? what ? why : e-dza. adv. him. coto-dung. dry bran . ye. n. that. n. earth. n. an old farm nearly worn childhood. n. ashes. reconciliation. morsel. e-su. a reply. e'-su-e. prohibition. gleaning. n. e-we-ke-Ave. ripe. : a creature creation . See esusu. e-yi-ni. danger : See cri. n. e-r6. e-yi. n. e. . time. lamp-filler. ^. e-TVfe-b^ (^be). thought. . grey hair. 6-be. n. n. li eba. this : cyi ti. slack. her. n. it. straightway. e-stl. insanity. e-df-gba-rir). n. e-dfi. n. a pod of okra. (omi). money numbness. intention. firmness ed6 fofo. &-b6-t9. : afiower. a locust. a small bitterish yam. n. n. a deceiver. 6-SU. n. adv. e-d. 6-ro. lucifer match. e-s5l). staff. EDi. youth. M. camelian. e-'Wd. n. telling . e-tu. fault. a discovery. to create. S-b€ir). e-di-n6-gur). n. . an ear . . a kiln. basket or vessel. : e-'We. : a back door or passage. . traitor. n. e-sa. n. hippopotamus. num. adv. paint. proximity fi cti si ti emi. a corner.-16 se eda. §. e-ti-ri. accident. by (if e-'ba-dd (odo). n. n. e-t§. n. n. seven thousand. supplication. a fish. hear e-ti-le m£ . a name q/"Egui)gui). ? eyi na. a leaf or herb of any kind. 6-bu-ru.ERI S-riq. n. e'-ru-kpe. kpa li csue. lohich is loosed. shore. n. e-ta. e-se. irascibility. the water-side. n. a fragment. yes. natural pi^operties. a proper name frequently given imi edfti). n. pron. a n. a caravan a nit. n. a consideration . eti igor). deceit. gift. See he. n. n. e-su-ru. a leech. e-yir). 5-ru. n. edge. grief (aoo doq) . ? e-dor). a fiy. entreaty. M. n. §-se. the sacrifice in i. out. n. n. n. a a prefix. n. di ewu. he nature a kind of rat interest on was near. lime. immediately. soreness of the gums. you. e-ru-ku-ku. e-SU-SU. condemnation. a suit at laio. e-vrfe. sixteen. this or that which . Satan. former e-bti. that is. (ile). M. a leaf. a child. a furnace. why ? See eyi. the n. frxiit. e-ti-ri. e-bur). the devil. nearness. M. a crosswise direction. n. thought. fifteen. e-"WTi. just now. e-M-ri. jasper. : accusation. an insecure crag. n. n. e-su-su. a pot-herb. e-dar). e-stl. n. sugar-cane grass. n. e-l)a. e-se. n. a percussion-cap. stripped off . why ? h-hi. n. craft. error. n. the liver . e-SO. n. e-rtl. season ewo odzo. m. a sigh. nmn. angle. 31 e-VTU. the sacrifice : ebo alakoto. n. a large quiver. ^-"WU-tSl. eni edie. n. e-dS. (oko). w. a a trap. . e-d6r). n. a funnel. an esculent herb of any kind. herb. e-te. a relation or a de- g-vru-rS. num. a goat. e-yo. a kind of monkey. pacification. pron. S-wu-ro. ^071. the river-horse. e-S§. e. n. n. pron. man. E-bo-r9. pron. to be or become dan- e-rirj-mi e-ro. n. a bloody or bloodthirsty 6-W9. ash color. times. e-rur). nearness 6 wa li etile. an abode See ebu. color. ant. a hatchet to one of twins . (il6). proximity to the ground near the ground). something prohibited. the same . 6-se. a payment nausea : to the funds of a club. gerous. e-bu. to nauseate. dust. a human sacrifice. §-SU. 6-tu-tU. . which is soft. sweetness. blood : e-AWO. a garden herb of any kind. n. device. e-siri-sir). e-su-"wa. E. e-ro. n. n. See a. e-bo. e-yl-ta-"wl-yi (ti a). vice.6. e-tu. n. ant. rainy season. preparation for the future. e-da. the butter-tree nut. the white ant when winged. or the like. n. instinct. n. n.

n. e-fo. n. a calf. hinder part . a kind of trap or snare. joist. num. once : a branch.n. five thousand. to jest se |fe si. prickle : thorn used for arrow-heads. wind. a region. e-ge. num. judge. a dipper. to a jest. S-gar). e-ka. n. n. one thousand. prong. . is a male to be relative. e-kpa. num. num. num. n. prefixes. e-ktl-16. n. as fruit. num. e-k6. e-hfi. num. unripe fruit.EDZ e-dzo. n. which is hard. egai). rebellion. to shut the door. n. to . mo se ekaij. num. num. e-kut). twenty-eight hundred.. a leopard . n. e-gbo-ro. owner.. e-k6. se ekui). a door. e-gbe-sir). . air. adv. fulness. ELA n. a back yard.e-kp6r). a seat in a for beasts. . e-kfl. e-f&. a e-hii). filth. fourteen thousand. the name of a tribe. eight. vessel asa. ekpa e-kpor). nmn. revolt. do it in my absence . doctrine. blasphemy : s6ro ei-y6. n. hibit . edi8. n. mangrove tree. a snare. num. a beam. contempt. the : ekpa roro. bough. n. e-gbe-rir). e-ko. n. sixteen thousand. forest. tree on which a hunter sits to mock. n. n. twelve thousand. n. a. . absence : ehiq ola. e-k§. ground pea or pea-nut bisa^. n. as a magistrate . / have done once. a grumbling. n. a kind of trowsers. n. A 6 chalk. e'-i-ye. a kind of rat. diately. n. mockery smoke. a corn-husk . num. e-gba-dze. e-ke. e-k6r). n. by the thousand. n. e-f 5r). e-fo-ko (ok9). num. a supplement. a ditch. flattery. weeping. n. ripeness of fruit. &c. four thousand. : se efe. a grasshopper. e-kur). a buffalo. e-kar). large egui) ikoko. e-gb6-ta-l&. a n. a a close-fitting garment. the yellow palm-bird. . e-fe. a com. e-gbe-ri. harm li : da e-gb9r). to blaspheme. n. to look after one who is agbara e-gai). cotton whipped with a bow ready for spinning. n. n. n. society nations. denoting the actor. e-gbe. dispute edzo. n. a band. e-kar). at once. owu. the outside of a town the top of crossbow arrow : efoi) iha. n. eighteen hundred. which is cloven. eight hundred. &c. sourness. n. e-gba-dzl. mystery . e-ktl. a trap a dog''s collar. n. the young of cattle : egb9ro malii. e-k5r). num. a thorny walking away. n. ^-ga. n. brier. watch e-fi. a thick forest : egai) osusu. which fills up. n. ivaste jjlace. to an elder brother. twenty thousand. the side. two thousand. one initiated. reproach. the eighteen thousand. e-gbe -ra. drain. e-ko-k§-ko.r).i). sour mush of maize. (see (kc. which shaken or shaken : Sgbofl condem. e-ga. e-gba-rir). e-gba. ala). n. n. superstition. e-gba-sar). a companion. num. twenty-six hundred. the back. six thousand. twelve hundred. greens. num. wo ehiij. e-gbe-rir)-lfi. ring adv. e-gba-ra. n. e-ku-ya. detachedportion. redness. n. e-gbe-gbe-rur). a multitude of e-kp6r). pea-nut . the loins . crying. se e li ehii) mi. equality. n. once. n. n. it formerly . e-gtlr). six. to cease . e-gbe-ta. num. n. is the collar-bone. brittleness. -accusation. al. the last of a series e-foi). a gable end. a spoon. e-dz6. li ekui). prohibition. ti imme- e-gba. e-fir). shutter to forbid. n. ridicule. da . breeze. e-fur). e-l&. n. six hundred. See e-di-no-guij. n. fegboi). e-gba-fa. a remnant of cloth li in the loom. . . el. e-gba-"wa. a testicle. a rib.X)-Ta. nettle-rash. after to-morrow left : ehii) li e-fu-fu. e-gbe-rur). n. e-gba-ta. e-gba-ruQ. E-gta. we have no power loithout (or apart from) God . : pany. ehiq Ol9rui). num. e-gbe-d6-gur). indulgence to inferiors. . . pot-herhs. . eight thousand. n. the trigger of a gun. n. lime. . 32 e-gbir). li e-ga. egbe-egbe orilS hde. n. n. shipwreck. n. the palsy. fault-finding. e-kpo-ro. rafter . murmuring. anything in a . : da ekur). n. 6-fe. n. a bird. li ekaij. a thorn. cessation. num. which the swept. n. e-gba-dzo. e-gbe-sar). da. confidence. a the herb Cleome. e-gba. false doctrine. num. n. the oily mealy pea-nut. e-gu. e-gi. e-gbe-fa. ele. pro- obscurity. n. ten thousand. fragment. e-fk. a criminal matter . ha ekui). split off . ee-di-n6-gur). num. n. 6-gba. footstalk of a palm-leaf . sewer. white clay.

pron. enumira. n. a suit at law. inversion of words or letters as. n. n.ELE 6-11-1)6. the cheek. se eri. de mi e-Sir). sin. cule . n. n. skill. track. e'-me-dzi. a mouth. in dress. a part or portion. the beak of a bird . splinter. which is fragile. a person. baba mi de. a mixture. my appetite is e-le-gbfi. advocate. a handsome person. . e-le-no. n. e-le-"w3. treason. babd. creator. steamer. n. e-s§. a scorner. e-le-ri n. n. e-me-ta-lo-kar) (meta okai)). to take e-le-mo. a chief councillor. num. e-nu. police. a fragment. n. 5 . relates to the feet: e-le-se. n. e-le-de. one who has breath . a female slave. an accusation. e-mo. man'' sflesh. despised . M. e'-me-fa. n. ridi- e-le-ya (eya). n. the butter e-mi. life. another. enu osqrq. who has sin. disgrace. feet. newly smelted iron. twenty). blood guiltiness . e-le-g9. meat. mire. dry nine. n. e'-le-ge. a paralytic. e-Silr). n. ej]jii) e-lS-gba. a pleader. guilt : |se edie. as a pledge. one who is tasteful e-ler)-ga. pincers . n. e-16-se. confirm. n. beast. deliverer. e-re-ke. 6-ru. bog. n. mourner figuratively. tongs. a mat. which is weak. to establish. ese oba. n. a gate. n. (eri). n. n. e-le'-kpe-re. num. n. S-s§-se. a slave . n. n. enu mi ^i. . e-le-sir) (esiij). luggage. the a tidy person. an orderly manner. a row. anyone. a smoker. oiie : eni ikpe. six times. e-s6. : / am astonished. is smoky e-le-fii). e-na. enu ona. n. a palsied person. piece the trinity. n. a kind of soft maize. n. e-se-sai). e-iHi). . 6-re. e-se-na e-sir). num. n. n. for e-ni. pron. n. a crumb. which which has four e-rir)-lfi. . erii) di logogi. e-sir). fear. ei)-yir). jaw-bone. shame. a load. n. opening : enu kokoro. 6-ro. flesh . called because his master's life is in his hands. gentleness. e-le-gbe. : gui] esii). n. coarse calico. daughter. a beast. a carnivorous animal. to ride on horseback . e-se. cow-dung. n. itsfruit. (number laughter. a dissembler. e-le-kug. a goat or sheep ijyir). n. (ewa). a prime 6-se. ara jgyifl. B-T&I). num. twice. ya. a helper. a weeper. coals of fire. minister. e-le-la. e-lu. e-rir). tikard n. e-lu-ru. the temple of the face. n. n. n. who is scorned. n. n. a horse a spear. n. e-mu. enu mi ye. gully. nine by nine. e-sSr). e-le-mb-so. a bloto with the fist . contrivance. breath. guard. a happy man. n. e-rtl-bi-ri (obiri). which is bloody. twice. e-le-gba-ra. 33 e-ni. three in one . n. . a horseman. a a despiser. a e-rar)-ko (oko). eraqar4. a cow . n. the shea-tree. n. n. e-le-b6-to. elese merirj. that which has carefulness. e-lo-mi. li e-s5r). : eraij nl4. n. a servant. 6-nii. is 6-sar). made of it. indigo .«. thirty-six. num. scoffer. retaliation. a prisoner. one who is insome one. a watchman. num. order. a grasshopper. enu ikpa. n. season. e-se-ri. great heat. w. e-lo-ml-rar). my appetite fails or is bad . n. ridicule . a brutish person. afoot. . a mouse. a companion. eni kaij. n. goods. . n. n. course. witness. a secret. the only one. a spider. seizure. a sinner. pron. infirm. e-le-k6'-re-de. the devil. e-le-dze. a palm-wine dealer. di elese nile. a kind of bufalo erai) e-le-go-do. the next person . n. n. e-le-da. e-so. gentleness. so e-re-rii). who chained. n. which has smohe. e-rag. S-SO. (nl4). terribleness. n. n. tdij. n. vengeance. eni ti a da a companion. n. ESO vited . a hog. n. who has clothes made to e-rur). a eni kedii. subtlety. friend. e-le-ye. n. four : eriij di loguij [four sixteen . (ina). an eye-witness. good . of) times : li eriq medii. e-mu. a leader. e-lS-mi (emi). softness. rancidity. spirit. n. by fours. eijyir) you egyii) nd. which has feet. e-rtl. n. n. n. n. from e-rir). e-ltl-lu. n. fourteen. door. e-le-tai). others. ye yourselves. num. payment. a thrush. a broken part. e-rl. 6-se. a quadruped j e-ro. e-ine-"wa (m6 ewa). e-si. eraq fui). e-rCl. shokana. . n. e-le-'wor). e-rari-lfi. palm wine. aioe.r). a wild a cow. e-rlr). a bank. a hoe or axe-handle. brittle. testimony : gba . eaves of a house . n. M. the mouth of a river . n. order.

yes (used only by males fS-re-se. n. n. to be near. separation. S-vre. a fragment of a corpse brought home to the f ^ 13. to betroth for (fi find fault.-1116. f6. fa-giii). 6-tu. to axxuse. n. to woo. fe-"WU. n. V. to hug. to shave the head. toipe. fS-lja-da. to be beautiful. (fi). v. a palm-^ut . e-"WO. f3. ingly. . . fil. fe-i-dl. (at Ilorii)). v. M. (ebi). fe-WO. li fe-di. to breathe heavily. a pit covered with earth. adv. contempt . trowsers. (idie). v.ETA e-ta. to compare. num. dawn. (fi eti). e-t6r). n. reproach. fa . V. adv. marry. fe-fe. out. coarse flour fa-gbor) shave the chin. a kind of panther. deceit. num. hearken. a ten . pluck to . made of maize. to (Gen. V. V. conj. . to frown. 21. to blow away . §-tu. n. to distort the face. se-hir) . a kind of antelope. to listen. n. fll-da. fa-tl-la. e-ta-la. fa-tu. fe-dzO. fitness. an egg. to lick. ya. f6-re. fa . make a trial of powers.)). to adhere. parade. n. n. B-yft). . to tear. or to. n. to appear. . to . 6-ti. V. n. to seek food. n. creep. the eye-ball. . to a a thistle. a bellows. V. wound. . V. n. : e-"WTi-nl. num. a division. a bow. to trust in . hail. worthiness. it tore my V. lead. /or ewr. to famish. aside. v. chain. to tighten. v. find fault with. V. e-weL. allurement : &e etag. to cleave. f&. n. fe-ka. ^-wa. a guineafowl . e-ya. leisurely. . exceed- look angry. fe-bi-kpa fe-fe. e-3rl. v. gunpowder. . n. disgrace. fa-rd. v. n. abate fa. to cleave ^-te. the to fe-hir)-ti ehi. a joke. to accuse. to. cratic quarter of the town. fan: fe 16h. fe efesi. intentions. a bough. n. long (in time). to puff. coolness . caravan. . fe-si fe-ti (fi a window. likeness ew^. ». V. . n. abstain to shun. extricate. v. that which is celebrated. n. . V. fS-re. to draw. esi). V. a small to canoe. praise. to e-ta. procure in marriage. h-tSL. V. e-te-ta. to scrape. 21. n. e-y6r). to deceive. n. delay. by tens. fe. to loosen. ear of com. without restraint fe-dzu-fe-dzu.. to prefer. li eta^ fe-dzb-m6 (fi). fe-dze . a fiute. withhold. pipe. to See fe idi. n. family. desire. to willing . withdraw. fi-ri. to lean on. . shrink.. tribe. freely. provender. to be sad. to be few. : Ii beauty. silver. tuber. to v. bondage. v. num. fe. to hurt. which pleases a loose garment. (Gen. . scrofula. . v. n. prop. n. ti. regard. a lamp. . ehiq). display. to fe-fa. to scatter. to to blow. branch. shirt. mind. 34 . fS. to strew. . V. v. num. v.'-r2L-m. V. n. leprosy. adv. See 4bada. n. 6-yir). ffi-ra-hSr) ffi-ra-kpfi. R fa. to adjoin. to superiors). e-"wi-ri. V. to frown . starve. little hills e-yir)-n6-gi. e-yll). fa . n.6 (fi ar^). in6-ra (ara). (see fa letaij). checked cloth. enlarge : f| . fa-t6-le. the aristo- (efe). to wish. food. n. e-'WOl). V. rend : 6 fa mi sokoto ya. . . to fa-da-ka. 6-ya. to become visible. on the other hand.. to investigate. a jest. fa'-ra-"we. boasting &e Me.) efe (see fe lefe). n. fil-kpa. fd. ©-wor). to a bulb.. n. adv. . fa-yo. as a raw hide . v. frowningly. ta. three. n. look sad. n. . withdraw. fa-ri. draw back. (odzfi). threes. e-tu. asthma. . g-tai). as a melon-vine : fe-dze-fe-dze. to love. fe-fe the aristocracy. emulate. tension . ti. by a failure. n. to sip. fa-dze-re. to boast. to reply. support. a sting. 16. v. f^-dzu-ro. draw v. V. pull up by the roots. n. a company. e-t§. f3. shave. propitiatory sacrifice. e-'we. to adhere. n. draw e-'we-'wa. ex- FEK (agbofl). to embrace. . crawl.) e-yir)-ko-lo. again. to draw back. thirteen. . to string to seduce. fS. 21. to protract. n. over which funeral rites axe performed. a kind of bean. . (si e-AvS. starch made by earth-worms. V. 12. v. fe-re. to be toe-itch. le-tai) (li). n. e-y§. n. v.

. is fi .. to soak put into. to reply. in. . . to peel off the bark.. as a garment fi oka bo di otxb. . grasp : fi ese mu ilu to be established. fe-nu-si (enu). in- fi fi fi .-re. v. condemn sin. 11-kpo. kp^. 16-16 (ilg). . make . . adv. v. V. fe-nu-ko enu). very high. to to terminate. give up fi-rax) (oral)). dimness. attach to. . . as to weight. a tearing. apply to a purpose. to suppose.. . . as to sit to a horse his rider. office. V. put on v. immerse. See fiij. aprimnt to office. to . to accuse. n. dz9. to v.. .. . to be fine. V. for or during the down. v. bale. fi . gbona. bo-mi bu. incline to one . . fi . r§. fiat. v. n. . (fe ina). . curse. dzfi-fa-ra. to scarcely. . / rested. fl-fl. to destroy. prep. 6 fi axk rS kp6 :Qkaq. (omi). down. v. forsake : fi oye IS. fi-di-ba-le fi . which is carved. to throw. (si). v. to condemn. . V. to surthe sense of more . v. . to a leather string. V. v. . . very (high) : guilty. inform of. 33. . . dzi-y9. inquire. to punish. See fefe. curse to be). fi-fi. . . (die). to seek. . V. fe-na to blow the fire. soak the corn v. to give up to destruction. V. . to Seefi-le-16. ebo f ifi. V. to justify. fi-na. oath. v. . tidy. fir)-rir). confirm confirmed. V. . . <tc. . fe-le-fe-le. to forgive. fi . fi fi fi . side. sling. he noio established. to ra-na. . betray. it. interrogate. kuij. . fi to is . king . . fi-O-fi-0. v. to pretend. ami wo li a 6 fi mo eyi ? by what sign shall we know this ? fi gbogbo odio. which swings. to to fill with smoke. a nl-ya-^wo. lo-dzu (li odiu). (ilB). ha. to court. sd-na to v. . V. . . is fe-le. to to to warm. fi fi . with a sword y fi i ^e baui). thin. misery. . to abuse. to. . which w. in the name of the fi. to seek : a quarel. extricated. to investigate. is dratvn out. tasteful in re- respect. . suffocate. he other to . fi-gbo-na. a swinging. put hang up. : . . . n. fi . to swing. to substitute. . to suspect. fi . / miss to miss what book. wave. v. to heat. fi-fa-yo. . (or to to grow firmly. to swear one . . v. has betrothed a wife. . v. .l6. . inu-16 ilB to establish. v. male. . 6 tobi . put. during : 6 & ida ^a fl. to the to cool the head. embellish fii). with difficulty. : . fl. flr)-flr). fi dkh) bale. gbe. fi . he pretended with. fa. to fi fi fi . cause to know. fi. 2)ass. . dip. is is broken. to put fi. V. v. . gTirj. blow to kiss. gard v. to put on. that which torn or to be torn. n. V. . See fuijfufl. . by. k6i). n. the house dze-AVO ai-ye. to deliver to. to to regard as a thread. . find fault with. reveal. vibrate. twilight. vilify. V. to ajipoint. . impute. . n. / my heart on the ground. v. . le-fe efe). . fi . to mean fi . kindle.. to abdicate. fu. . he smote them. add to : fi omiraij k6q 8. V. which which V. (idi ilS). . smooth. . . to ri. . quire after.FEK ffe . . to discover . fi . dzi. fi. fi oruko oba. V. woo. leave. to to (die). V. V. bum the fi-ri and wood. engraved. to to find fault with. to one's appearance. li . adv. n. dimness. neater. V.. fe-ra (ara). v. n. n. fi fi . exhibit. dry pea-hulls. fi (il^). fe-re. (die). V. as. smother. do to be something woi). Tjo. . they supposed him to be a prophet . to . See fi . employed in a complement of diH. to reject agb9g laid put the basket down . kui). to take hold of. fix). 6 -ese _fi till mu wayi. fire. to burn : fi igi diona. fi. suspend. great. V. fi-f 5. da-le (ile). . off. fe-n5. be fine in texture. set down . to accuse. V. appoint one to be king. See (li fh . . almost : fere m4h. 35 is FIR . . to place. to be perfected .. mu. fi-fil. fe-re-fe-re. m6. in a forensic sense. V. ilS). . thus with it. dze. . nice bo . .si-le. fi-fo. fe-re. wave-offering. dze-bi (ebi). . . V. . fi . . fe-Sl. to give endow toith. slight. : f§-IU-fl-ni. kfi. l§-lo-'WO. . to betroth : 6 ti fe aya s5na. h&T). ba-le to fi place on the ground. to choke. . washed. satisfied. dzo-ye dzo-ba n. . 8) : nwoi) fi i kpe woli. V. remit repeal a law. intermeddle. . bo. e. ddd an- fe . . V. . V. engrave. . flr)-flr). . fi . ni5. mo i. v. to be accursed. V. fi-fli. &c. for. . fe-ri (ori). dip. to aggress. . (fi V. See See f6. v. fe fe . . . v. abo fir). (Gen. soak in fi-na. v. to be light. fig-fir). to lost : mo fe iwe mi fl fi my . treat with dis- fil)-dzu (odifi). to rest .. to place or set upon. f5. . twilight. fi fi fi . resign whole day. to place in authority. il6 ga fiofio.nij&. to show. to death. to fan (fi or winnow away. to be selfish.. to be neat. was to : contented. dz6-na. show. . lo. morning.

to take flre from the hearth. to search or seek for carelessly. adv. of. &. v. to show the road. fu-ke-fu-ke. to boast. for) . V. brightly. palpitate . v. V. to sow . . s4r) o\v6 k4g. fog-gblr). cleanse to speak. . ib soke.FIR diii fenia firi 36 man). to be devout. or of his own acifefc I) mi fu afefe. a lamp. V. . V. . . fi-ti-la. glittering. fu-lu-fu-lu. .. to fd-fo. it for me . V. superintend. with contempt to . s5r) or se. v. . fi . for)-ka. beckon to. n. to sue. . v. «». crowd. . See f9 . to accuse. V. r9. his eyes were heavy with to fo-dztl-to. . odifi r§ wnwo fii oruq. for. . mu to ii fu mi. . be bright. lost . (li). . appoint. to accuse of adultery. to be thin. . V. v. lo-dzu (iln). radiant . to si-n6 (ino). abash. . adv. V. V. to V. dip into sauce. so fu W95. to . to to to plunge into. foi)-f9r). to blind. . ftir). v. V. fi fi fi . to be silent under wrong or V. dation of a clay house. e. to break away. to ridicule. to. to attend V. a reed shaken by the toind .fo . chew. kings. to be empty. charge with. to soio seeds. . . . fo to . V.r) for). to feel bereaved. whiteness. treat the child with contempt. to be fi fi . . to squint. to skin. v. V. jump. fi fi fi fi fi . . endure. to grow. su-ra.-le (ori ile). to embrace. fi fi . sleep . v. prep. to twist. to be bitter against. as the head. to be in si. n. disgrace. le-15. fd-dzi-s6r) (odii). See foqgbiQ. squeeze. "w6. fo-ri-fui). feel. . softly. to oversee. to (si look to. patient under trials. to value . See figbona. to fi . as corn. fo-lu to destroy a town. (palpitating). as an ear of corn. radiantly. lay the foun. V. fi-ti. to be insolent. fo-dzu-di (odz<i). to blow a flute or trumpet. n. to keep or harbor in the mind. to fo-ro. guide. V. f5-kar)-sl earnest. to be slender . wash. the heart on. n. disperse. fo-fo. S&Q. fi fl . as to fi . to to make a present. V. as a plant. . 23. to add See to. fi fi . . fd-ya fo. V. as in a congregation. to afflict. to go hand in hand. . . to fear. V. do not f 6-hur) (ohui)). V. to accuse. . break into a house. .) . to touch. . . V. : clouds float. v.. V. to discharge menses. . to treat f6-dzu (odz(i). V. (aiya). to brag. V. foam. worship. to scatter abroad. siiX). . V. lodiu. wasted. fo-"W9-kpd. (fi). . speak fo-dz<i-kp6. lo-roi) (li). se-fe. fl-ye-de-n6. fo'v. to-re. 4. ai-lh. fi . to deliver to. cord 6 koq fii omi. v. . to conceal. i. lean against . V. . See V. f55-l§ (ile). V. (enu). empty. to serve in heart. n. fur)-fur). e. se-le-ya. quickly. (fi). . dry corn-husk. n.-s5-na fo-dzti-tl. on account of: fo-dztl-kar)-Av6. to to treasure up. to ache. to look for. . soundly (sleeping). fll-dza. se-eg. to wink at. V. to bow down. su. compare w^rap up. to waste. fu-le-fu-le. to ona). v. by. fo-ri-tl. give a hint. v. fgT)-TU-gl>ii) (iru). / at7i alarmed . an ungrateful person. fd-ko-dza. at once. . press. v. boiled yams f6-lo-f(5-lo. V. . . to ridicule. he f6. SO-fo. fo-na (ina). fo-dzQ. submit to. fu. fo-'W9-ba fo-'W9-ko. V. fo-ri. • a vessel . an ingrate. 6 fi dgutaq s4i) egba. ru-bo. 2}ounded. to choke. them li r| 6 id . fur). choke . with. to kindle a fire. V. to blow a trumpet. to give. put into. to be white. value at one cowry. . . V. (Gen. (he is great surpassing greater than' man. . v. flay. attend to. n. to suspend or postpone. v. adv. fd. to give. V. to set vaih fi 9mo sai) owo k4i]. bait a fish fi . fii. . persevere. v. sir) or sir)-sir). fu. hook. to for)-kp5 for)-kp5. to dash down. . violently to be soft. valued the sheep at two thousand (cowries) . SO-1^ (ile). to scatter. ro. discouraged. to set at naught. . fo-dzd-si. v. to choke.) fu-fu. . V. 23. to to fi . to affliction. to sacrifice. (ikpe). li-o-dzu. to sprain a joint. . direct. adv. V. 1. V. for)-kor). V. (fi). V. to be blind. f6. v. to break. to clothe with. f6-na-h9. . as f9-"W9-ra-nu aiyo fo mi. . indue . to speak. V. f5-kar)-sii). fi . V. ya-na. . V. f5-raQ-in6 to be (orai)). . . . to. . fu ara he did it of himself. adv. contribute. fo-ri-b9. — fQ. . v. fo-AVO-ta v. "We. fVi-le. . V. submit. the lights. . . ror). (Mat. (fi). V. he is FUL fo-rl-bo (ori). V. . . . to to fly. fS-re-si-gi. put out the eyes of. . for)-kpa. dio fu ay 5. . purity . V. it is full of water . to V. to pass by. v. fi-ye-sl. neglect. rapidly. catch . fina. dance for joy. expect.

a large room. to a saddle. . V. midday. ga-ga-ra. a kind of drum. m. to help. V. to stand firmly. v. . Sl-lS to redeem by exchanging one hold. to take by little at a time . tall. to stab . an assent- to he better. a dry uncut gbfi. hear witness for. stilts. gar). gfi-fa-ra ! interj. slander. re. to to sweep the ground or yard. to receive into friendship. n. n. (arl). . wonderful : gbi. eaves of a house. in6-ra (ard). sickness. . gb3. he deprived me of my child. to cut gba. le-dze (li). v. a shield. . v. V. . take away from . to mourn. . 37 gba-di (idi). n. to defend a to sound. gba-gbar)'-di-di. gar)-rar). fitly. 13. 24. ka gafara fii loudly. the rocks. to bear witness. Foi) alone. a tomahawk. to extend. to or cup. GBA to encircle the loins Sec fa. to gird. (il6). dU-Iu-mo. gar)-rar)-gar)-rag. . parlor. v. to strain . . to make mortar. farina. to to pray to God. to bleed. tightly.-dza-m6. quietly. . to despise. n. gba. 6. gbfi. n. V. v. 32). . exactly. defend my cause. adv. wickedly. (Exod. very. fu-te-fu-te. overhead . he took atvay . battle-axe. n. odia ghk. gb§. 13. 18. as waves 6 gba 6ko It. fu. . gfi-ba-si. silently. to save. perp>endicularity : osai) gai)gai). a ! title. adv. rescue. to believe. to consent : gba id4raya. (li). gba-du-ra. gbdi. ga. beware ! take heed ! (Gen. adv. to be perpendicular . V. is often fill). gba-'we (aiwe). gba ! . V. . despiser. to . v. okuta. . .-16. . gba much fatigued. ga-mu-ga-mu. succor . n. to (Luke 11. . to sioeep. ga-bau' interj. to collect fHi-ru. gba. V. V. se. adv.. mu. from : 6 gba mi I9W0. cup. gba. gba-gba-ro. very (much). lo-^wo with one objective. . swaddle. to duro gag. n. fiourish. gba amuse oneself. (li). n. to he large. adv. : See gagara. v. to receive.-gur) (og&i)). . 54. encircle with a gba-ti. fi so-do (si). make a pretext of. gbar)-gba. a gba. v. v. ga-ri. adv. 1&. a large gawky animal. . n. . . exactly. n. gb6. to he light. ' .-ge-de..) gbar)-ga. let them alcme. to sew gar). gba. an excuse mi. hug. gbam-gbam. the east. V. deprive of. . v. to to recreate. V. to he tired out. hall. a wall around a yard. gba . V. wide. lo-dza V. do gba-du-a. 6 gba 9010 to take gar)-gar). n. gba. as a vessel to assist. gba : . adv. . . v. . parboil. le-ri-dze (li). upon. . ga-sa. (gba). cloth. . gar)-gaQ. . gba lowo mi. V. n. excuse me . — gba . v. . spread over the ground.-dze (edie). . straight (onward). firmly g9. V. ga. (il6). easily (torn). adv. n. to compactly (tied up). gba to obey. 13. . V. V. gba-kpe gbfi. publicity. with two. n. : about lodiu gba permit to remain at ease: gba. to he upright. gba beer .r). to erectness. gai)-gar). to inherit. revile. . perpendicular. gbai-ye gba-ko.) wrap up roomy band.) id gafara lodo woi). ga-la. V. closely (crowded). which is exposed view.FUN fur). . n. to credit. it cast the ship upon . to crowd after one. v. gba-e-ri-dze. to take away : 6 gba mi gird (Ps. adv.. n. observe a rule. (li). V. shield. shore. (gba erukpe). . adv. ivhich is capacious. (li). 16h. gba. to bleed v. v. v. to collect together. to seize g&-ri-ki. . to be in the world. goods. as to weight gba-dzo . rd. : to relate in behalf of one. li aso ]6h. to cause gba braj) rai rd. to assemble. . to boil slightly. n. wonderful/ indeed! to fioat gaur). fu-ye. to fast. . to live. to forget. v. gSi-sa. V. take. succor . gba-l§ gba-lS to sweep the house. . to thing for another. trust for ga-ga-lo. gar)-gaQ. adv. embrace. . ga'-ri-ki. n. ga-ri. to pierce. .-Avir) (ile). . gba-gbe to be high. a kind of antelope. loudly (slapping) to — gba v. g&-fa-ra. to dash or cast upon the ICl. or the hilt of a pronounced sword. or as a syllable. in bly. of grain and honey.-gba. to slap in the face. to be pale. my (li). noisily. . the barber's trade. hushes . v. V.-ni-g9. V. n. a crease. a small quantity of sauce or the like. to let blood. (igbe). in- ga'-ni-ki. ga-ga. to slap. glja. coarsely . a ga. erectly. . to fu-ra fu-ra. v. (adio). gba. . to obey. gba-ra. gba aye. fiourish . to public to slap.-ni. V.] interj. to be suspicious. v. he assisted away me .

gbe. . (9na). gb§. look up. gbd. . kindle. 38 roomy. rancid. adv. v. v. the echo sounds. to raise from the gbo-dztl-gba. . k6 gbe gbi-gba. to ripen. to (it) badie. to gbdm-gbo.sar)-le. gbi-ye-16 (iye). . advise. V. to rub : gbo eiij) li ard. to consider. on fire. gbe-ri (ori). dash down. to take interest. gbi-dza (gba). gb6. a surface. . build. my body gbo-16-hur). V. . . gbe-du. 11. gbo. le-bu le-ke. Ig. v. to be too late. to vain. gbe-hir) (gbe to follow . "wQ. gbo-dzu ground in order a bride. v. loh. to be difficult not hard to spoil. ka. le gb6-ke-16. n. gb5-kar)-16 (gbe). a hen. dryness . to hire gber)-gbe-gber)-gbe. . is understand a language. wd. ina. curry the horse. to gbe-se (gbe). le-nu (li). largeness or bulkiness. to take up. confident. n. a jiroposition. gbe-dze. ehii)). . D. (Ex. gb6-ro (gba). depend on : mo gbekele woi). to cause to gbi-hir) (gb6). v. to go to be near. to tabernacle. to raise up. Malaghetta pepper. . usury. to be undisturbed. raise . to perdition. to make. hewn. gbir)-gbi-ni-ki. to perish. as gbo'-gO-d6. fervent. to accept worship or caressing. v. (okc). V. n. V. or aches. to avenge. gbi-gb6. to exact . to be substi- gbi-kpo to to gbe-go (ago). .) gbi-kpe. to bring. . to lay crosswise. to be v. gbS-se (gba). v. to be large. v. V. gbe-dz9 gbe-kar). . rearm. V. V. . n. . breathe heavily.) gbo'-do-gl. 16-rag v. v. . . acquit. gbi-gbe. which is exalted. which is hot. M. v. to be bold. . ka-le. up the head. v. v. a wide extent exclamation during a public address. to idols). an overflowing. . . v. which is dry. an echo: gbohuijgb^liur) gba. v. gbi-te (ite). : gbo-ku (gba). to step nimbly. . di-de. gbd. gbe-de-gbe-yo (gba for persons speaking different languages. v. to pro- to be comforted. . to catch fire. 19. ha. See gbe (li). .ur)-gb6-hur). . to consider. abide at . . (gba). V. . : to take vengeance. as v. or mo ghoknx) mi gbo-mi-gbo-mi. n. consult. gb6-h. mote in rank. magnify. . . gbe gbe gbe gbe gbe gbe gbe gbe . establish. to swallow. as a heap. V.-ye (^ye). . perform V. which is received. V. v. to cackle. v. v. to uphold. whet to carve. v. clumsy to . which ede gba yo). to exalt oneself. set it on gbi-m5 gbi-na to the fire. to live. v. gbo-r)gbo. gbi-le. to set upon : gbe § ka. is help . to resist woq. to be v. root. to contradict. . v. impudent. cause to stand. du-ro. . to bear loith one. . V. V. a single word. V. gbil). v. to : every titi gdiq gbogbo. gb6-r)gbo-ta. . gbS-de (gb6). consult. gbe-ya-'WO gbe. . hearing. "wfth. mi.GBA g"b3. (iyawo). sow. to to be bold. . v. ro. up. . gbo-dzu-16. gbi-yari-dzti. to assume a quarrel. to take marry. n. V. gb6-sar) (gba). flame. to take one's place. V. . cause. to (Ps. v. heat. to gbi-ke (gba). v. take courage. . tuted for. (odiu). n. to clear. gbo-dzu-"w6-ke gbo-gbo. to feel sore ar4 mi gbeka^. gbe-na-gbe-na gber)-gbe. which is heard. 23. . or rent a house. . is sore (gbo). V. V. to be resolute. ?i. gbe-r6. . gbo-na. V. v. gbo-nu a carpenter. V. gbe gbe . to be stale. . iH. be proud. . to set down. hew. to sharpen. n. to hear a cause or suit. widely (extending). extol. gbiJ). intend. . . to lift gbi-ro. bulkiness. to hear news. v. gbi-ni-k6r). rise. to wax old. 89. V. to raise V. clumsily. large. (enu). set before. hot. gbe-16 (gba). v. judge of the weight. V. to be V. . all. V. to to cause to stand. to be large. «. . gbe-ra-ga (arA). zealous. jmrpose. to be tough : gbo gb§ gbe gbe gbe gbe . v. to remain quiet. v. . gbd-hui) (gb6). to interpret gbi-gbo-na. / trusted in them. to V. . to sin. kfi. to exalt. See gbadie. in. to accept a propitiation (applied take comfort. (gba). gbo . glow. See gbale. hear gbohuq hear ! an gbe-du-gbe-du. bottom of a matter. to to fester. . to endure. just a word. (gba). gbi-gbe. v. v. to . to in- . . &c. to plant. n. to trust. to bid farewell. See gba. erect. suspend. v. V. exalt. (li). : —adv. impudent. GBO n. to accept consolation. to be broad. n. hang up. to gbe ga. to be or grow the old. gbe-dze. think. n. to bark as a dog . . pron. ! all to be dry. a kind of drum. dwell in a tent. of water. See gbakel6. yaws. the day. . lay upon. to be. See gbero. to defend. bulk. to be full of pus.

gS-le. gui)-r9r). to be long. to he sharp. the south. pound. headlong. to lock. —adv. adv. ge-le. gb6-kar)-l§. gi-ri-gi-ri. adv. gl-di-gl-ni. perplex. for to strike . large. to ride. V. gd. v.. hear a gi-ri. go-go. expletive auxiliary. See g^gele. ge-sir) (guq n. violently (raining). adv. a poisonous wild yam. gi-gi-e-se. as a bush in travelling. a kind of cloth. to puzzle. for ke). pierce guggi ge-de-ge-de. to be gbor)-gbor)-gbor)-gbor).-16 (ile). greens of squash-leaves. hear gu-de-gu-de. a pleonasm in gidi. ha-ha. it genegene. v. to out of lots. v. a a sheet. of. narrow. well : gege bi. (falling) with a crash. gi-go. See go. V. they were asto- to be pierced. V. as a bird's beak. a steep. gbd-rur) (gb6 scent. V. to land. gbu-ro (gb6 gbu-ru. n.) ge (Egba ge. exactly. to boast. which is to be ridden. gbb-ko gbor). go-ri. gbo-hir) (ibii)). cloudiness. nished. water. — scramble. ge-re-ge-re. a curse. to be gu. uproar. n. g6. height. to pond. bruise. n. which is pierced or gi-gai). closely. crowd. to gui)-le (il&). gbo-ro. n. gu-nu-gu-nu. which is despised. n. gl-ri-gl-ri. V. : ie gudugudu. V. long . n. sharply. V. acute. hS. g^-gi. ha-kur) (ekuij). presume : b gbodo. n. : H. V. See gbSkele. a child'' s play a horse's gb6r). ge-re-ge-re. gu-fe. to ride . adv. iro). (Il9rii)). 15. to sit in state. v. HAL which is gb6-ro. n. to flourish. long and to slender. to wattle. to scrape. gvl-SU (Hausa). to he deep. go-ri. . to he fledged. eiiri). as the eyes . n. a stick with a hook at the plucking fruit from trees. to gbo-do (gba edo). gborj-gboi). is stupid. to he wise. n. to cast lots. to he a kind of snare.) n. hear a voice. n. V. scratch. adv. ar4 mi bar) gogo. w. la-ye (li). n. to be elevated. run aground. depth to cast.) ha ! interj. cunning . (61iui)). V. tumult. to hear. firmly. See gui). to (Gen. put on n. gCl-du-gll-du. V. gbg-hur) gbbhuT). gljo-ro. hfi. descent. v. water. n. . fodder. severely: gbb. v. n. a blade of corn. v. gb6-ro. slope. V. n. table-spoon. V. to stoop. move to tears. as : above the surface. to land. a furrow. 31. no. v. a lot : ie gcge. to he wide. crowded. to hide. V. great. go-go-'WTi. gti-du-gd-du. to go-ro. V. gbbr). n. . even so. to climb. n. raised encamp . the esculent watermelon. go up. gl39-g9-do. as n. — adv. to throng. the heel. adv. to little quantity or thing. gb'-ge-le. to belch. v. heed : gb6 ti.GBO gTjO-ro. V. n. sediment. (gba). libisi gi-di. ge. Egba dialect 6 jgloh whither art thou going ? very much. mount. clumsily. go-go. to smell. gi-gi-le (ile). gui)-ye in a lambent manner. not (emphatic). as flame. awkward. V. mount. dregs. to hale end. go-mbo. adv. v. mane. n. to sling a stone. or brow of a to tlic (iye). 27. prominent. hfi. to hear. a wen. gux). shrilly. gi-gd. a corn cob. astonishment : ha ie woij. great height . ge-ge. to be torn or broken. to be stupid. ascend. denoting wonder. gi-gar). to hear a cause. is slender . n. ge-gur). gi-ga-gi-ga. n. scrambling entirely. n. adv. an n. v. narrow. ge-ge. to be tress. w. a boat . (igi) fo. V. to hearken. long and slender. to dare. feathered. gox)-gov). loftily. stately dress. stab. lit. (Acts 19. which is putzling. even as. gS-ge. to cut. V. to shut a door. gor)-go. gor)-gor). n. which which ha . to strike against. gb6-rar) (Sraij). ha. a height. v. gi-ga. be entangled. k6 gbodo. lean. to sliake . to be navigahle. V. gu-na gUT). See goke. sluggishly. to he to hear news. dilatoriness : V. to be gur)-'wa. I am v. n. as a plant. gtU). 39 gi-gui). 24. —adv. n. dilatory. V. g6-ke (gw)). throw. a very gblS. oruri). hill. hfi. to recline. n. adv. to hear. giQ-gU). sharp 2>oints . adv. n. gor)-gor)-gor)-gor). a bank of earth. to gl-di-gl-di. (Acts 23. V. awkward. diligently. v. V. to ge-ne-ge-ne. to a handkerchief. a buzzard. to he in dis- goi-goi. . adv. n.

ddio to i)h6 b6. into notice. adv. i-ba-di (id£). to to eaten. i-ba-so-kp6. V. suppose : iba se fenia. adv. ha-ntu-ru (Hausa). gird . him. a kind of crow. trouble. ». : iba rise e. n. originate i-b^-be. eyi h6 ! not this ? i-ba-16h. or tail of a loose garment . become visible . n. a meeting. pull up by the . quietness. 6 i-be-kpe-dze. hee. n. hfi-na-ha-na. to be feeble . n. to behave. to appear. ha-ntu. V. v. hdr). the rain is close at hand. an exclamation of contempt or of op. V. a fearing. a stone's throw. to V. there . yonder. 6 yo. n. I See ho. might. to boil. fltness. i-ba-nte. i-bai-ye-dze. to snore. huij. V. position. conference. i-ba-de. n. an ambuscade . % pron. he caws. . See baloguij. See h6. notion. . he is sick of a fever. h6i). to peel or pare . bling. a camel. a stooping . i-bfi-ra. her. . V. twins. ought. . a spoiling. v. 40 IBE ni6. the universe is two large calabashes. n. : . See ba. &c. v. to pick up crude kpada. ha-ri (ori). . ferment. conduct. which are shut hM) 16-in6 (li). conduct oneself. . hau he. v. draw out a hang up. . to shout. aux. 4 de i ^i. he-le. dread. he. full. to shout. things scattered. V. it. V. corruption. to ha . he-'WTi (own). . to scratch to salute to retreat. as land to . h6-16. adv. to lock up. a meeting with bafi^. to come i-be-dzi li (bi edii). there entreaty. he v. i-ba-ka. hi-hil. mode. (see ba) coincidence. to disinter. hai). to meet. i-ba-"wi. pick up V. mischief. an apron. he is i. lean. accordance. n. n. behave . n. as a plant . hi-ha. : ho ! h9-hu m. move hastily . the come. ho. if he were a man . should. germinate. . . hoi). to he armed. commencement. n. to grunt. . to itch. i-ba-le (ilS). hd-vrS. that place. not : odudua igba nla medii. to niha ibe. pron. n. accom2}animent. cough. a judging. v. a hiding. by acclamation. applaud. V. roaring i-ba-ka'-si-e. hdl). a stirring up of strife. that a lucky hit. i-be-re. the friendship. to occur. to fear. contentment . to grow grey-headed. h\l. n.i-ba-in6-le. to scrape. to a prime minister. k6. devise. V. i. a military officer. to share. i-ba-fii). i-ba-dzo. we might have returned that ! if that ! iba de ! would knowledge. to . an inquiry. ho iho. n. feathered. a chance meeting. n. a mule. a pawpaw. hu-m6. fever n. h6r). . crow has hor)-rur). iba. lather. hu-ko hu-ko. to he narrow . attendance. spring up. to collect to news to tell. to meditate. he flourished in ancient times. . noise . i-ba. i-b6. nail . distinguished: lailai hvi. a throwing or casting ibale oko. supplication. n. a beginning. caiv : kanakana die. htlr). i-ba-kpa-de. perjury. ho-ho. n. i-ba. together. to scream. n. to V. yes (addressed by females to superiors). smatter. roar. . i-ba-tar). adv. the hawks are gone to Jbara. to n. n. (oko). n. the hips or loins. to make a lit. n. to a moulder. i-ba. n.. foam strip : hoot at to peel. is it h6. : ha-nta. not ! i-ba'-lo-gur). to he worn out. n. malignant envy. an idea or i-be-kpe. to and can not to reve- he opened. he so. fear and trem- hu-ye (iye). v. it. adv. n. to he crazy. from It is also used with the subjunctive ba. a iba. sib§. imprison. consultation. V. to he notable. he. i-ba-dze. rot come up. injury. V. : nib|. he-yi. awodi i-ba-re. i. i-be-ru. to there. . a difficulty. n. kinsman. i-ba-so-rui). rebuke. (ard). near there. the act of meeting. scrawnihj 6 ril very a preflx forming nouns of action. hanta. to act the madman. (iwa). to be fledged. . she. n. worship. to See the passage of migratory birds loh Ibara. a is i-ba-r6. n. a talking relative. roughness. m6-ra n. alliance.HAM hfi. «. har- h^-na. v. roots. to do homage. adv. yet . ho-kui). «. i-be-ru-bo-dzo (ba odio). to produce herbs. V. i-bfe-re. train : h6. as the earth . adv. V. used for he by males. behavior. and occasionally other nouns from verbs as. part. n. n. to write. narrowness. rence . V. pantingly. to maltreat. be irritable. awa iba ti . an ambuscade.

n. lehich causes disease or ^'f*'*- a gift. condemnation. diameter an abyss. remnant . n. i-bi-n6-dze i-bl-si. coastwise : i-bu-bu. i-bu-do. i-da-dzi (edzi). device. n. dross of iron. this place.-kp5. a i-eply. sortilege. iwo ? a citizen pilace art tliou ? or lohence i-da-dzo-lCl. a sofa. a bad bending. ». desolation. ni ibi ti. n. IDA an oath. a divi- (Gon. ibi iyawo. a scrap of cloth. n. i-bo-dzu-'w6. n. an addition. i-dai). i-bo-dzu (odifi). investigation. judgment. i-dfi-ho-ro. a covering for the a bad breaking. li iiiha ibo.-r5r)-si-le. quietness. affusion. n. cutlass. hrihery. a supporting of one^s a gun. an alar7n. sentence of the judge. n. n. ibi dioko. quietness. omo a piece sewed idaij. M. n. (ibi i-bu-in9 i-b0. n. mixture. anger. i-bd-nio-16. a i-da-ktl-da. a blessing fa li iwo. bottom of trowser legs (ar4). i-bu-Av6r).IBE i-b&-tS-le. a third. a i-da-nde. n. n. ibi oku. every respect . a covering for the head or top. n. stand-point. a camp. four jyarts. a collection. i-bor). a stand. See dii. a n. i-bu. ?«. a marriage . n. stocking. engraver. a den. art thou. where. n. dissimulation. concealment. art thou ? i-bo. union. n. i-da-mu. n. crosswise. i-ASi-iab. breadth. superintendence. disgrace. i-bd-ra i-bo-ri (ar4). wrath. (ile). a couch. hurt. ibi gbogbo. a collecting. n. a n. i-d5. i-bo-de (ba ode). temptation. i-bu-bu. n. n. heresy. n. a veil . n. where ? i-da-dzo. n. forgiveness. i-da-ke-ro-ro. n. abstraction of a part. i-bu-dzo-ko. a detached abode. n. i-bi. abode. n. goodness. regret. i-da-ni-la-ra. i-da. at this time .-ro. which is created. sleek brightness : . present. n. crosswise. i-bu-kCir). m ibubu . fellowship. i-dfi-ko-rd (5k9). travail i-dfi. : wax. i-bo'-ri-sa. invention. lohere. n. the ]}lace in which. n. a joint of grass i-dar)-ra-'w6 i-darj-vrd. n. i-da-ke-dze. n. i-bo-nii-'w6r). M. n. n. i-da-gil-de. silence. ?i. a plan. i-d3. imo). ibukoi) cheerfulness. beauty. n. (ori). i-be-"w6. I . lence. i-dft. n. staining. a sprinkling. i-b9-"wo (owo). disappointment. con- i-da-ro. towns. a i-da-do. a native. i-bi. every. n. trouble. a question. n. idolatry. which causes war. evil. (ino). n. blessed i-da-ra-ya. i-da-me-^wa. a tenth. where away. custom-house at the gates of i-da-gur)-si-le. a carver. i-bd-se (ese). ibi to. a visitation. a sword. n. i-da-mo-rai). any place whatever. pardon. n. i-bo-dzi. n. 71. n. n. n. n. resin. n. birthright . where : ni ibo. comes on. 2)atch. depth. concealing. n. confusion. n. i-da-a-sa. grave. n. i-da-na. yesterday . n. i-bo. n. i-bu-yir). 71. which : is natural . breadth . trembling for fear. tempt. sorroiv. a glove. n. blessing. i-dfi. an abode . aflaio in cloth. . ». i-da-me-dzi. sion. a mistaken opinion. part. n. i-da-rar). l-da-ra. w. a fourth part ida nieriij. a hoof. i-bi-l§ i-bl-lS (ilo). i-bo-ni. i-bo-dziQ. increase. «» island. carving. a burial . cinders. n. 10. \ \ liveliness. quarter. a damsel. . i-bu-dze (ibi idie). body. i-bo-se (ese). lot. n. chamiel .i-busi. here : i-bu-ru. 35.r). to the i-bu-du-ro (ibi iduro). i-da-ke. i-bl-ro-gbo-ku. a feeding-jylace. . untutoredness. i-da-hui). n. n. trial. i-bi-n6. i-da-ri-dzi. n. n. i-dS. exertion. a little portable furnace . a deficiency. n. a trial of strength. which is smooth. n. n. n. vexation. n. a fearing. n. one home-horn. ? i-da-du-ro. i-bu-ba. ?i. redemption. i-da. transgression. n. the natural state. n. reverence. «. a feast. detention. i-bu-ke. cold cloudy weather. birth ogui) ibi. n. n. encam2)ment. Ida keriij. perplexity. i-bu-koi). a habitation. n. i-da-ni-lo-dzu. i-bl. pit.-dzo. sprinkling. a fourth part.) i-bi-ki-bi. i-da-gi-ri. n. a calm a ptassing over or by. n. i-bu. a watering-place or trough. a place. n. sorrow. n. in what place of what ara ibo i-dfi. anxiety. point of time ni Ida ana. i-da-ko-dza. 41 i-bu-ra. i-da-me-ta. vexation. an anchor.-k\i-da. wickedness. a hiding-place. a shade. sleight of hand . a manger. cause. i-da-me-rir). n. half. n. half. evil-doing. honor. n. i-bo-dzo. i-bi-mbi. n. — adv.

See adiim6. snare. n. n. i-de-ti i-de. an effect . feed. the i-dz§. the silk of maize. to expilain. a room. new year's day idi6 gbogbo. n. n. an assembly. contest . bandage. i-de. i-dze-ka. 1-dzi-se-kpa-le (ile). a famous or notorious person. ear. which i-da-si. a remaining in a standing i-dzi-in6. sionally. n. bibi. i-di-kp5 i-di-le tance. i-de-bi-kpa {Ak i-de-hui). emulation. i-da-si-lS. wad i-de. combination. n. a lid. depth. fear. n. n. i-dza-kS. idio the herb canna. n. (idi eti). n. failure. a race. the navel . n. n. n.i)-lo-g'b6r) ogboij). starvation. to in- i-dzi-gbo. one of the Yoruba idols. a mixture. i-di. fright. an (Harm. i-da-ye-da-ye. : di idig. n. n. « beginning. n. food. n. war. a chief priest. a source. a venture. gleaning. a stumbling-block. vestigate . small pieces. (ino). wilderness. brass. risk. i-dzi-ni (oni). i-dze-'bo. a king's officer who has charge of the i-dzai)-dza. birth-day idz& odui). n. : i-dza-kpa-ti. n. i-dza. bondage. i-dza-sar). n. . n. buttock. n. n. the bed-bug. motion of the whirlwind. snoring. i-dii-gg-igx). cause. «. i-di-glia-rO (da). n. n. idia idi\. n. so idi. See de. " i-dza-16h. adv. passion . n. three dags ago. n. union. skipper n. anger. w. reply. n. n. surprise. n. i-di-ror) (iioi)). n. occa- i-do-do. revenues of a district . i-di-lu n. expenditure. a hindrance . a round shave. pulp of green calabashes. i-dze-riri. n. i-dze-ta. I-fti. i-de-'WO. trouble. n. ft. i-de-ri. four days ago. i-dl-ibl) (oroi)). siege. i-dza-de-16h. colonization . i-dza-nu. a demijohn. costiveness. inability. the black ants called drivers. testimony. i-do-ko. valley. n. to breed i-dzo-WTi. i-dzi-ka. twelve days ago. hilt . union. the early afternoon. n. n. struggling. Sec de. See idaro. an altar. i-dzu-re. i-dS. n. i-do'. n. n. i-dzi-le. used the i-du-gbo-lu. an ob. n. i-dzo-ye. an ordinance or i-dza-ba. i-dze. occasionally. wrestling. i-dze. a fright. n. i-do-gbo-lu. i-fa. n. now and then. now and then. i-dzi-la. i-dza-i-ya. evidence. a trial. the seventh day. chinch. n. a custom house . law. the eagle is the deep sleep. earnest contest. the i-dzo-ni. i-dfi-wS. n. officiousness. luck . i-du-ro. n. a standing. of a gun. n. adv. a pattern. competition. n. n. i-d6r). envy. officer. i-dza. idi prove . (da). son : ri idi. a reed . to understand. n. eight days hence. seldom. is spared. an ambuscade. dis- i-dzi-na.-di. i-dza-du. mysteriousness. (ilu). worms. the erect position. a ravine. for scoopitig out sweetness. i-di. a plaiting of the hair. n. in the Iketu dialect. n. i-dz9. a bundle. n. pleasantness. n. i-da-se. consulting the gods or an oracle. n. i-dz6-kfi. n. a remnant. 42 IPA strife : a confused mingling p^e mixture. a maggot. fighting.IDA i-da-ru-da-kp6. a response. n. i-de-na. w. a binding ebi). scrambling. temptation. See akpediure. bur of the i-dze-dzi-la. i-dze. family medicine. i-de-ti. a club with an irmi hook on the end used by kidnappers. i-dze-ri. a bridle-bit . n. i-dor). (ile). defend it left wrist to i-de-ni. i-fk. a blow. i-dza-dar). n. daily. wrestling. bond . combination. depth (from tbe top of a height). an eagle : baba akosa. i-di-n6 i-dir). a storm n. abatement. a town. detection offalsehood. . cause . See idogbolu. Sec idzi and idiina. hazard. i-de-kur). i-dz6. a leathern guard on the struction in the road.i-dza-r9. settlement. annoyance. i-da-wo. i-de-le. (li . n. a snatching from the hand. guardianship . a bargain. n. i-dl. n. m. a day : . n. deep sleep. n. posture. kindred or race of the same stock. i-dzi. rump. a snare. costiveness. n. bound. i-dze-re. i-dzir). an arriving at farm the name of i-dzu. n. ebbing. i-de. against the bow-string. bunch . reato a whirlwind. a going forth. n. a neck-tie. the sheaf. encampment." n. jealousy. gain. n. a mixing. n. i-da-'wo-kpd. n. a lying in wait. i-di-dzi. n. a cover. wk idi. ni ide. n. fruit which the bats have gnawed. n. n. a pitched battle. . n. father of birds of prey. seven days hence.


n, n. n,

any time


a drawing-knife,
of six days.


igbakugba, often

i-fa-ni, n.

the space

salvation, deliverance

se igbala, to save,

i-fa-ror) (oroq), n.
the bowstring is
i-fe, n.

an iron instrument with which i-gba-mu,



a cup ; a whistling. a reed. i-fe-fe, n, a flute, a pipe. n. i-fe-re,
i-fe, n.

i-gb3.-nl, n.

a span, ancient times


ara igbani, ancients,


the hip-joint,

(eti), n.

a border, edge.




love, will, desire.

a taking ; forgetfulness. i-gbe-kur), n. a male captive,
i-gbe, n.
i-gbe-le, n.
usury. i-gbe-ra, n,
is he.

See igbagbe.

i-fe, n.

a belching, eructation.
ife), n.







i-fe-ktl-fe (k!
i-fe-ni, n.

irregular desire, lust.

charity, philanthropy.

self-defervce, vindication,

i-fe-se-dzi, n.
i-fi-bu, n.
i-fi-bur), n.
i-ii-dzi, n.


forgiveness of sins. is cursed: ifibu li 6i), accursed

l-gbe-ri (gbe and i-gbe-ri




position above the head,


gift, present.

27, 37.)

i-fi-har), n.

pardon, remission. a showing, revelation.
suspicion, a fastening upon.

i-gbe-ri-ko, n,
i-gbe-ro, n. i-gbe-se,
». n.

a neighborhood, province.

debt, desert.

i-fi-mo, i-fi-rar)-mo, n.
i-fo-le, n.

a home-born


figuratively, /ceces.

i-fo-ri-fo, n.

a flake, a spark of fire.
fear, dread.

i-fo-ya, n.
i-f6, n.

i-gbe-hir) (igba), n, of a period.

the last, the afterpart, the




i-gbe-sir), n,


hope, assurance.

See gbekele.

i-f 6, M.

cleansing ; utterance.

a female


i-fo-ko, n.


i-gblr), n,


effort to

(ile), n. (ilu), n,


burglary. the destruction of a town,

a snail ; an

remove anything,



a forest. an assembly of priests, a

i-for), n.

i-f6r), n.


a gut, bowels, tripe. a severe eruptive itching of the hands, a small honey -making fly. n. a crowd.

i-gbo, n.

i-gbo-du, i-gbo-fa,

a sacred grove,

i-gbo-i-ya, i-gbo-dzfl, n,

i-for)-kpo, n.
i-fui), n.

i-ga, n.
i-ga, n.

height, stature.
stretch, extension

i-gbd-kui) (gba), n. a sail. i-gbd-ro, n. bush-grown fallow land. i-gbo-ro, n. a street,


iga, to

stand at full i-gbo-ro-bo, n,



stretch, reaching up.

I-ga-na, n. a town.
i-gai), n.
the large

i-gbo-se, n, after a while : 6 di ^boie, let him wait a wall, a walled enclosure, the name of a while, after a little ; yi 6 w^h ni igbose, lie will come by and bye,

contempt, coniemptuousness


amado, i-gb6,


hearing, attention, trust, obedience.
credulity, one

wild boar.

i-gbo-kti-gbo, n.
(ar4), n.




i-gar)-gar), n.
i-g§.r)-gar), n.

a kind of yam,
largeness, hugeness.

a shaking of the body.
so ni rgboi)\v6,

i-ga-ra, n.


a mattock. a pick-axe. a robber, robbery,
beating upon

the elbow, a cubit i-gbor)-'w6, n. to jog with the elbow,

i-gar)-re, n.

i-ge-de, n,
; ;



a pledge, token




a mystery (superstitious).



admittance, reception

a i-ge-re,


a fish-pot,
sitting, perching,

gourd cut for use

time, opportunity

ni igba

i-ge, n,
i-ge, n,


in the time which,

igba kpik6, many i-gba, n, the African

when ; ni igba na, then times ; igba ori, the skull,


the breast, chest,

i-gi, n,

a bird-snare.

laood, tree, stick, stalk,


imo, snout,

i-gba, mtm,
i-gbfi., M.



i-go, n.



n, n,

i-g6r)-gO, n,
i-gor)-gor), n.

a gruh-worm



ofoi), the


i-gba-dzi, i-gba-dze,




a large gourd. forge tftdness, oblivion,


i-g6, n.




roots above the




bracing the
l-gor), «.





the shin.

i-gor), n.

kl, n.

ki-lse, n.

i-gVLQ, n.

a corner, an angle. a vulture,



a band,

i-gfU-SO, n.

sitting in state, statcliness (of dress).

ki-ni, n.
ki-ri, n,



tobacco pipe,

a forked





ment of
i-ha, n.



a wrinkle.

the side,

a part, portion, region


iha ikpig


the ends of the earth ;

iha ino, the inward

palm-leaf fibres woven into cloth a binding on the edge of cloth,



ni iha ibe, in those parts ; iha ekpo, the


husk of



a large tall basket in which peas are stored, n, a gathering : ikodi9 oko, harvest.

i-h.a-ga-ga, n,

a pre§s, a crowd.

•ko-gur), n.

crust or burnt part at the bottom of the

ko-ko, ko-ko.


a pot

plunder, captivity. : ikoko taba, a tobacco pipe,

See ikoriko.

1-ha-le, n.
i-ha-ri, n.
i-hlr), n.
i-hil), n.


place, this ^ylace, here, hither.

a carrying away, captivity, kor)-ko-SO, n, a kind of rat-trap, ko-re, n. a harvest, a crop.

narration, news, thing, reputation.





a hyena,




See ho.




i-h.0, n.

iho imo, the nostrils ; iho itebo, a socket for a tenon, a mortise. i-ho, i-hd-ho, i-hd-ri-ho, n. nakedness : ni ihoho,
hole, pit, ditch


•ko, n.

n. n.

a sky-light. a perch

ko-ti, n.



i-hd-kilr), i-h6-l§, n.

a cold

a tack


a cough


a skein



See k9.

i-h6, n.



spared for hunting, a park.

i-hd-hu, i-hu-lS (ile),
i-ka, n.


a messenger, k6-dzu-sl, ». a fronting




moving or looking

origin, rise.


a finger.
cruelty, obstinacy, wickedness.



the inner

comer of a thing, a



place, privacy,


a muscle







great wickedness.

koi), M.

i-ka-ni, n,


a large stinging
a waist-band.


(iko ki iko), n. false doctrine. n. the head man of a farm. (ile),

1-ka-ni-la-ra (kag words.


piercingness, or power of

k5r), n.

a squirrel ; mucus ; fulness. a murmuring.


i-kar), n.
i-k&r), n.
i-kS.r), n.




a freshet, (6do), n. the end, as of a box, «.
fatigue, satiety,
(ino), n,

cane with which chairs are bottomed.
the white ant, a large species of termites.

kor)-ra, n.


a grumbling.

a kind of egg-plant.

' (owo), n.


a hastener:

ikaqdzu dzaiye, one



a handful. an overflowing full mean.


haptens to be rich.
extremity, remote corner.

i-kar)-gur), n.




a back yard

a clam.

a loud hotoling, a crying out, ' ko-se (ese), n, a stumbling, a hindrance,

i-ka-si, M.

that which is stale.

k6-se-bfi., n.

an unexpected


a chance.

i-ke, n.





ie ikawo, to subdue.



a path, foot-print, channel: ikpa ona, a
power, circumstances in


a hump

or hunch





a partition, a ring of bread
afidzi, to



life ;

a part, a

an outcry.
i-ke-de, n. a proclamation : 4e ikede claim tlie repeal fif a law. i-ke-le (il6), n. a partition, a room.
i-ke, n. i-ke, n.
indulgence, devoted attention
the end, the last




kpai-ya, n, fearfulness, kpa-ka, n. a corn-floor,


a part.
the hollow


kpa-ka-ra, kpa-ko, n.

a spacious back yard. on the back of




i-ke-hir), n.

ni ikehiij, at




to flee from,

i-ke-kur), M.

a snare.

the fire,

n, n,

a prairie, a mingling, a mixture.
hurt, injury.

i-ki, n.


wood for



thickness of

a liquid, as soup.







ikpalem6 oko, har- i-kil-le


the gable

i-kur), n.

the belly,
(ard), n.


of a house. ; a cavity, bowl.

art in

a place


iwo mbS

ikpana mi, thou i-kur)-ra
i-la, n.

ointment for the body.

my place
n. n.

or seat.




manslaughter, murder.



a largain as

to price.





cleft ; salvation, escape ;


i-kpar)-ko-ro 9-ino, «. a girl. i-kpa-ra, n. suicide ; rust on metal.
i-kpa-r&, i-kpa-rur),

pearing, state,

condition ;

tattoo ;


ila onii), sunrise, the east.




first fruit

of the season.


(ori), n.


i-lai-ya, n.

boldness, courage.

a change, exchange. i-kpa-se (ese), «. a foot-])rint, a i-kpe, «. a trumpet. See kpe.


forcible impression.
ia ilana, to ordain.

i-la-na, n.
i-la-ra, n.
i-la-ri, n.

an ordinance :


se ilara, to envy.




invitation to a feast,

a king's herald.

i-kpe-dzi, n. an opening, interval, interstice, as be- i-la-sa, n. tween the teeth, or between threads of cloth. i-la-sa-dd,
i-kpe-le, n.

a distant

relation. the eye-lash.

i-l§, n.

a kind of herb. a house : ile abere, a
ilo ato,

needle-case ; ilo



a kitchen ;

the bladder ; ile ero,

an inn


small snail.



bird's nest ; lie iso,


stable ; ile oku,


i-kpe-ti, n.
scale ;

a snare/or


of maize or Indian com ; a fish- i-le, n. a bird snare. See also le. a flat stick on which raw cotton is wound. which is above, an upper garment. i-le-ke, n. i-lg-ko. See ileto. entreaty : is ikpe, to beseech.
the shoot

i-kpS-for), M.


bailiff: ikpSfoi) igbese, ^ciiy (ieSis.

i-le-ko, n.

a pistol.

i-kpe-kpe, a scale, as of a kpe okuij, a sea-shell.

a small shell: ikpe- i-le-ra

(ara), n.




i-le-ri, n.

a promise, vow
a furnace.


ileri, to



halter for a horse.

i-le-ru, n.
i-le-to, n.
i-ld, n.

n. young people. i-kpi-lS, i-kpi-le-se, n. foundation, beginning.




ground, earth (see

il5 ini

or nini, a pos;

i-kpir), n.


good genius


a species of rough:

session ; il| oku,

a burying ground
it is



leafed fig ;


division, <&c. (See kpii))





a portion of an inheritance


r&, his

aiye, the earth ;

daybreak ; ile iu, it is dark ; il5 biri, a small piece of ground,


a field.
i-lS-dti, n.

i-kpir)-ka, n.



place, stead,

rank, condition

; fold,

i-le-ke, n.


ikpo ok6, the


of the dead, hades. i-le-kpa, n. mixture : ikpom6 enia, i-le-kui), n. mingling,

black soil, manure. a bead : ileke okp9l9, a grave, tomb.

toad's eggs.

a door-shutter.
the beginning.

mingled people. i-kpo-rur), n. a parasol.

i-le-se, n.

i-lo, i-lo-ro, n. i-16, n.

a porch.

abundance, clteapness.

i-kpor), n.
i-kpor), n.

the greater part, majority.


a using, use : ohug ilo, a a whirling round. n.


a wooden spoon.

Sec kpoij.

i-lo, n.


accusation, a charge.







speak ironically i-loh, n.
i-lo-lo, n.

See l9h.
fetidness ; lukewarmness.
se ilora, to delay, tarry.

i-kpo-ri, n.
distress, adversity.

i-lo-ra, n.



the great toe.

i-lu, n.
i-lu, n.




scorn, contem2H.

squatting posture. a gimlet ; a town. See


end, termination.

a drum.



i-ktl, n.

the gable of a house,

i-lu-ke-dzi, n.

a small


i-kCl, n.

end of a box.

i-kti-du, n.

a clay


i-ku-gbu, n. i-ku-ku, n.

(die), n.

the gathering

of locust fruit.

i-ma, aux. part, a sign of continued ma. i-md.-do, n. a kind of wild boar.



the fist.

a Yoruba inoselyte



i-ma-ra-du-ro (mu



cloud, fog.


the bow-

hearted ;

an instrument for drawing

ino badie,



displeased ;

in6 yo,

i-me-le, n,

idleness, indolence

se imele, to he in-

pity ; ekog 12); ni in6, in, within ; ino midSq, I am pleased, happy ; in6 d6r) mi, / am pained, grieved.

in6, the Julness of a thing (Ps. 50,

i-ml, n.
i-ml, n.
i-mi, n.


no-bi-bi, n.


a breathing. a shaking : imi
a shaking of

n6-dz(i, n.
ed5i), sighing,


towel for the face,
inside the house.

a handkerchief.





i-mi-lS, n.
i-mi-si, n.

the earth.

Ii5-se, n.



breathing on, inspiration.

•ra, n.


a hand-towel.


a kind of rat.

a morass, a bog ; a kind of horse.

i-mo-dug-dzu-o, i-mo-dzu-o,
oru), n.

the fore-finger.



heat of the sun:


i-mo-ru (imu
i-mo-ye, i-mo, n.
i-ni6, n.


ra-le, n.
-ra-le, n.

lathing, laths.

odio, the heat or middle of the daij.



See moye.

-TB.T), n.


the nose.


sight, seeing ;

a propitiation made for the dying. a generation, a race

; re-

knowledge, interpretation, decision
the water ordeal.



•rai)-dl-rar), n.
successive generations, genealogy.

sokai), to agree together.

i-in6-le, n.
i-in5-le, n.


rai)-se, n.

a a


i-in6-dzCl, n.

sujterior knowledge.

•ra-"wo, n.
-re, n.



cotton-spinner. (Pr. 44.)






light : ie imole, to enlighten.

r6, n.
-rh, n.

a conspiracy.

a going forward, haste.
(ode), n.


a trap




an urging


the grass-nut.

goodness ; well-wishing


gait of a horse.

i-mo-rai), n,



revelling, revelry.

a wise man.
t^), n.

•re-gur), n.
,-re-ke, n.




i-mo-ti (mo

a having sold out.
See mu.


i-mb-te-le, n.
i-inu-'b&, n.


,-re-kpa, n.

a passing


sharpness, severity.


means, instrumentality.



a scrap or remrmnt of cloth.


taking ateay.
the fire-fly.

four days

firmness, as to standing.

•re-ra, n.
,-re-ri, n.


a being past harvest



a provocation.
a cause.

•re-ti, M.

activity, in

re, n.
-re, n.




i-na, n.


a flea.



a flre ; a blossom ; a
a whipping, a

See na.



stripe or stroke with the whip.

re-na, n. candle-snuffers. -re-ni-dze, n. a cheating, fraud.
ri, n.

See na.
i-na-bi, n.

sight, <&c.



a plant which
(ki), n.

blisters the skin.

i-na-ki, n.

the chimpanzee, ape.

dew, mist. ri-dzti, n. a steward.
ri, n.

i-nar), n.


-ri-na, n.





sight, vision. n.

rlr), n.



i-nl, n.

sides of the doorway.

a kind of rat-trap.




ih kpc>, his possessions are

rir), i-rio-le, i-rir)-ini, n.

dampness, moisture.


rir), n.



i-ni-la, n.


-ri-ra, n.
-ri-rai), n.
ri-ri, n.

an abomination.

i-ni-la-ra, n.
i-ni-ra, n.
i-ni-rai), w.




the inside,

difilcully, strait, need.



-ro, n.

a a

telling, d:c.



i-n6, n.

mind, womb

an indentation or



stirring, <kc.



bowl (Ex. 25, 34)
se in6 d8r)

ino didoi), pleasure (of mind) to he pleased with, delight in ; ino

ro, n.

the chimpanzee.
grief, trouble.

•ro-bi-n6-dze, n.

o good


ia ino

rfere, to

he kind-

an assembly of

the elders.

torment. such he loves. an offence. seeds. <&c. i-sar)-sa. a deserter. i-sfi. a coupling. i-ru-di. i-SU. i-sir). n. n. : i-ru-ke. loh go to i-ru-kpe-kpe. 24. insurrection. n. a little while. n. i-rg-gbo-ku. n. compassion. . n. «. sedition. a place. n. 71. i-ro-n6. ball. n. a variety of kinds. a fountain. n. i-ta-do-gur). i-SO-di. an uproar. acting for an absent person. n. i-ru-lu. . n. service. paleness. i-si. a runaway. a a feast. a badge. 47 i-sirj-kii-sir). n. n. of. i-s6-rar). palm-cabbage. tenderness. n. a tying . n. corn-silk. i-su-ra. hanging. a producing : i-ro-n6-kpi-wa-da. n. ise. a tumult. custom. consideration. seed of plants . n. n. i^e ase. from food. i-SO-fir). i-se-ku-se. '^ an equal. <&c. i-sar). n. appetite. a bolster. n. a flint and steel. a giving of law. i-se. trouble. n. groaning. n. fast.) pain. work. meeting-place of the elders. i-ror) -gbor). a miracle hard toil . i-ta. i-s3. table. the yam. n. i-si-mi. i-sh-hi. is made. now. n. interpretation. relating. « i-se-kpo. n. the Mohammedan supper after the long i-ror)-g4r). silly or evil talk. See i-sa-na. n. i-rfl-ke-rii-do. n. the tail . an outer yard. i-sir). n. . (91110). a lump : i^u an earthquake. . n. service. confection. n. a hard knot. woof of cloth See a ta. i-su-"wa. ti) : i-sa-dzCl. i-se-le. the lower part. abortion. treasure. i-sa-ga-ti. i-r6. a new invention. which hair : vtoii gauqgaui). i-si. n. m. n. a Jib texture. n. i-SO-ka. i-sai). 55. a mooring-place. n. error of action. i^e isi^. n. station. See si. n. i-sa-ga-da-gba. slackness. n. n. distress . an attempt. eyi ti bi iru i-sa-kpa. prayer by i-s5-kil-S9. marriage. n. n. n. i-si-si-yi. such as (bi . etc. an offender. quarter of tbe town : iso 4gba. i-se-ki-se. thought. i-sog. n. . kind.IRO i-rd-ktl-rd. i-ru-gbir). retaliation. iso melokai). n. artery. species. abstinence the stomach. former (time or state). waves. m. a hem. **• n. i-sa-bo-ti. pungency . n. a being sick. a going in quest n. n. work. n. evil doer. vexation . bottom. n. i-se-kpe. n. i-sa-sur). n. barrenness. i-sa-le. n. i-S9-te. \i& oro. a curtain. flight. n. i-se-ti. n.-fo (local). as of a rope. a bud. a rising. i-r6r). n.r)-dur( (odfii)). repentance. He ami. i-S9-nu. i-S&. i-ro-n6. a kind of hibiscus. M. character. wild yam .fashion. i-se-ur). i-SO. n. w. i-ru. n. i-ru-ru. i-ni-ya. n. small fire-wood. a kind of indigenous fruit. enmity. i-ro-ra (am). seed for sowing. a sauce-pan. i-se. See ^e. rebellion. n. an uproar. i-SO-kpa. i-ni. the a street . an evil thought. to be. ebb-tide. <kc. a gadfly. n. peevishness. i-sa. i-ru-la. See sa^. n. i-ru-ke-re.-se. a cow''s tail carried as a tumult. dtc. a sign sibi . (see su) isu okpe. n. n. goodness of a proposition or act. ru. pain in i-S9. i-roi). a sinetv. <kc. n. a couch. a fold. i-ro-na. n. a new rest. n. n. i-ro. watchfulness. an emetic. n. a tree and its fruit. n. n. i-sh. i-SO-r9. i-ru. duty. n. i-SO. miscarriage. ode. i-ro-kp5. pain. i-si. n. a prohibition. i-sir). n. kindness : iionr) ife. a fault. i-sa-ni. era. i-SO-kai). i-se-n9. i-S9-de. i-ro-ra. n. dr. i-ror). i-ta. i-si-si. a rote. i-sa. n. a pillow. n. the warp of cloth. i-sS. . n. fading.r). sabbath. sa. n. a setting sail. the beard. n. d'c. any kind. this time. i-sar). i-ru-mi. a double. seed. concord. i-s6. set-to in battle. i-ro-xi (ori). i-ru-mo n. n. See pit. i-ro-nu. harvest. n. n. i-SO-3^-gi. n. ITA superstitious worship. i-SO-ra. n. below. loving kindness. patrol. offruit See ro. a fountain. solemnity. jiolice. a regular a siege. a i-si-nu. n. a i-so-ko. okra a wicked work. n. a companion. n. 6 fe. n. an emission of wind . bristle. . vigorous growth. nine days hence. i-SO-lu. or caused a kind of bird snare. (Gen. n. a grave. offspring. ise ikpa. n. n. a flood a vein. seventeen dags. i-ro.

) to act foolishly. scarcity of food. d. i-'we-ri. an idolater. violence . a private sign a nod. the cause. an oar. fine grains . agony. n. n. a bundle. breaking. ni iw5i) i-tu. ibi. n. is iwa ika. <fcc. th<. refreshment: ituraodi6. powder. a a flower. i-t5. 9) : iwh ikpa. i-tu-mb. com- i-"wa-na. pron. to hasten. to. holiness . so long as . form . i-vre-re. n. itodzii. of grain or of threads. i-"we-fa. an excuse. 71. n. child. a man i-"wa-le. relief: \i\S. to be foolish. i-'WO-fa. i-to n. a choice. a eunuch. n. &c. merit. meaning. d. i-tCl. n. n. i-'wp-si. a foot-stool. zeal. i-te-bo.) being. recovery of sight. n. n. accoutrements for war. : a saddle-cloth. iwa integrity. a bundle. a gift : itore fmu. figuratively. foresight. n. a ham . ancestors. i-"W"6-do. dbc. oversight. . n. profit. n. a creek. i-Tva-se. i-to-ri. together. i-'we-dze. origin. See taij. i-tor)-ri-rar). these. the menses. tito. i-'W^O-SO. a long neck. which n. reason . i-te-hir). i-ta-na. 1-111-116. the bite of a sandfly not so shar]) as poverty. poison put in food . n. nitosi. lYA gain. hurry. ease from 2)ain. i-'WO-ro. 4. perseverance: se a gathering an assembly. i-vrS. n. value. pron. dr. iwa mimo. j)ron. suffering : die lya. See tn. to suffer . a horn. overthrow. straightness . crookedness . comfort. a wrinkle. dc. a head-band. (as a curl. M. endurance. shame. n. dx. ie iwara. n. n. i-AVa-ya i-dza. a smithU poker. See t5. a throne. i-'w6. as many people as. • a pawn servant. contempt. n. seeds . i-"we. 'w6r). nature of a thing. n. n. emirii) a thing. before. the present time. i-ti-se. Seeiho. the armpit. n. the treadle of a loom. n. a ball of thread. i-ti. silliness. fineness i-te-ri-gb§. cdo. i-'wnr). iw6i) fadaka. n. husk of certain See I-to-t6. ease. the Godhead . snapping in i-"w6. n. i-'we.c. wisp . conduct. a book. i-'WTi. n. care. i-te-le-se. «. i-ta-mo-ra. alms. loss. «. of a roof. a horn. a fish-hook. 1-te-le. timber. i-ta-le-mo. n. a share : so nearness truth. n. i i-to-'WO. two. n. n. a frog n. n. a tenant. n. n. i-'WOl) -yi. sise : a piece of silver. to ovfrsee. spite : ic iwosi si. caprice. anticipation. meekness . iwa Olorui). duration of life. the lintel of a door. i-'wb-ni. i-'WOl). i-ti-dzu. and attacks people n. consolation . n. i-t&-k9. wound up ready Sec wu. iw5i) linia. consolation. i-'w5. a comparison. i-'W&-ku-'w3. n. a cloth stretched or hung asacuriain. n. wink. to rest. . i-wa-'wi. n. i-ta-S9 (a^o). an earnest. i-ya. entering. wickedness . : therefore. i'tarj-kpa-ra. presence. wo. i-tu-ra. a tress. a rudder. as money. (1 Pet. greediness. n. mother. share. n. n. pmtrrty. a heathen. I'-to-rl. 2irovidence. n. anxiety. n. n. n. mistress of a servant. honesty . iwa die ni ko to lya. life. those. iwa ara. iwil buburu. old age. crowd. modesty. oAio odftij iwk r6. folly se iwere. n. n. the underside the kidneys. brow. interp>retation. n. 43. now. foundation. mischief. a ford. preference. distribution.». i-tai). the thigh. i-te-le. to attract attention. i-tu. n. suitableness. presence (Gen. as of a gourd.ITA i-ta-le. i-'WO-yi. i-'wa-ra. thou. kinship. i-ya. i-'we. i-'wa-ra. tradition. n. n. n. i-"W§. extenuation. 48 n. i-te. for weaving. the thrush in children.c. near. the navel. n. n. n. iwa tiltn. i-ta-so-ri. leaven. i-to-si. a measure of quantity or distance. n. m. a log. n. leading . itori. haste. ard. n. i-ta-ra. a spiarroio. struggling. n. n. i-'WOr)-'WOI). n. to insult. i-Ave-dze. 71. w. i-te-se. n. urine. i-'we. n. i-'we. the igxiana . is poured on the head. the leg of a beast. i-"WTi'-ka-ra (akara). spittle. eradication. the cool of the day. n. an ulcer caused by small-pox. io itii bi. See i-"WO-dzo. dr. brotherhood . blossom. a worm which comes up from the ground i-wa-dze. disposition. sense. . impatience : pletion. i-to-dzu. i-to-re. to persevere. 10. n. seeking for food. hurry. n. the front. i-ya. n. haste. when asleep. n.years of his life. i-'wS. to i-"WO-ye. i-to-ye. son. i-tl. n. i-'wa-dzu. bad behavior. a digger . sheaf.

V. {ki k loh). a midwife. to. as to a net. . to re.-dui) (odur)). ». to gore. doubt ie iyemedil. adv. perseverance. ». Sec n. to be sorry. dust of worm-eaten wood. n. V. as a ring. self. a tree. unevenly. to around^ on . count. i-ya-l&. ka-ka-ra-ka. yam pounded. a pin turn the weaver's beam. i-yaq-rii). about eight o'clock in the forenoon. (li). m. an oven. to. to reap. to enclose. ously. kS. v. TO. n. i-yar)-rar). k&. great price. to be stiff. understanding. . stiffly. n. a kind of trowscrs. a reed w. harsh. kfi-ki-ri. to doubt. i-yo-nu. kfi-ka. i-yg-ku-ni i-ye-ni. wanderingly. drop. a grandmother. to knock upon. n. —adv. to grieve. k&Q. i-yo-n6. a wise woman. to pull a tooth around. n. ka-bi-ye-si (ki ! 4). to set or pute. . v. cook. V. mourn. in. V. adv. K. : ka . the very dust.-na. astonishment. life.-ka. v. 1-yo-kui). the to. a sect. ka-hur). to i-ye--wd.) (iye). separation. denial. wonder. re. famine. See iyekuru. boiled roll. ka-na-k§. to as an ox. owo . V. price : so iye. n. a mother-in-law. mation as the king approaches. k6r). a question in disyai). a bride : ibi-iyawo. an excla- i-yar)-gbe. re. constraint. this. prep. ka-ko. to fold. nimbleness itself. a military generaL i-ye. le-hiQ (ile). See Gram. i-y4l). V. abroad. morose. . i-ya-le-ta. instead of. let to deposit. very. price on . n. a ka-na-ka-na. . precious. a sledge-hammer. kair)-kair)-ka. set a as. . -flour. as water k&r). natural branches of kar). n. . 20. black pepper. kd. one: awoij kaij. i-ye-bi-ye. TO. . that which is dried. relative. i-ye-"WTi. tight-legged pantaloons. V. i-yir). (iye).r). trouble. n. ka-nu. n. natural face. a muscle-shell. i-yan-gbo. to be cruel. quickly. the rest. the last action — the last cowry to ise kaq. to set down. V. to hasten. n. v body i-ya-ri. re. kd. a sling. surround. ayaijfe. V. . dec. i-ye-re. w. to fail. n. n. DivestigatMn. TO. kS-ka-ra. j to regard. k&-la-ni6. i-y6. iyekai).. See yh. n. to add to. n. vivacity. § ITO. nip. in6. v. stiff. others . kai). to i-ya-nu. at once. sugar. TO. i-ye-ka. pull a tooth of. i-yar)-dze. i-ya-lo-de. v. to he the space of a year. i-ydr). 22. abroad. n. touch . i-ye-fuQ. to hang or be entangled ar4 iyara (eyi ard). n. ka-gba. k^. n. adv. num. chaff of millet. to be sour. a wedding. in composition. i-ya-AVU. to gather. . n. i-ye. mistress of a house. the mistress of the house (that is. let us reverence! i-yar)-dz<l. k^-le adv. presumptuously. n. entangle. See i-yar). salt. a pen (li). to . n. respect . adv. i-ye. to write with. i-ye-kai). ka (ki a). comeliness ka . kag-dzu. adv. otherwise . a mother's to. chaffs. i-yfi. (Ps. : i-ya-ra. n. to read not. understanding. n. a crow. n. re. to establish . KAN the flood tide (sec a queen. n. quicksand. to. in composition. i-ye.-se. — which sense. mother. : ka-fo.-n6. . V. mind. . n. take off. fitness. bore. value. sand iyaijrir) dide. i-ya-kpa. ka-ba-ka-ba. to curl. opposed the very branches. pearl. ka-ko. (James to drip. i-ye-n6. dryness. number. painful. contradiction. roughly. pluck. around. praise. re. n.) : i-yi-SO. TO. ka-kar)-fo. . . 1 the remainder. a cheats imposition. to value. is intelligible. compassion. 2>reciousness. yo) : iyo oibo. 49 i-yo. re. i-y§. adv. activity. V. i-ya-gb^ i-ya-ko. i-ye-me-dzi. TO. i-ya-to. adv.lYA i-ya-fii) (afiq). strongly. v. i-ya-lft. to enfold. i-yo-dzd 23. i-yar)-fe. See kauij. kS. n. separation. a feathers akpa-iye. exhortation. the kai). (tc. certain ones. TO. k&. k9. presumptu- i-ya-Twd. ka la-ra . to. to. v. coral. which is strong. adv. ka-16h us go to follow ! «. difference. kfi. kar). tlie first wife). i-ya-nlft. place upon. nail. wing. to re. niirai) a chamber. n. to twist. i-ye-gbe. a female i-ya-le (ile).

ninth. num. n. to introduce a new fasMon . as of a hen . ke-rir). d si). num. ke-ke. clearly (seeing). fifth. the toe itch. touch the head with a sacrifice. v. to visit. v. ke. v. the ka-ra-wor). n. ke-lo. to. to be benumbed. ke-to. as a bird. how many? a lion. ke-hirj. n. kar)-ri-kar)-ri. v. to be dumb.-"W<i (ow<i). or check. V. trona. kar)-rui)-kar)-rur)-f§.. fourteenth.-si-r)kai3 ? (ki kee-do-gur). ke-de-re. tight pantaloons. ka-ta-ka-ta. kfe-vya. proudly (walking). ke-ti. to associate with. in6. k6-fe-ri (Arab. thing amiss ? i)kai). n. eighth. to groan. Desert). k§ le-g&-ke (li). n. as ka-ra. fifteenth. to turn the back on. ke-sai). kS. to call. ke-le. to indulge. V. he docs not regard the word ke-dzo. third. . walk leisurely . to cry out to walk to to cut. vanguard . carbonate of soda (from the Great profound silence. fourth. overhead.). ka-ta-ri.r) (ko). num. k§. k§-ke. . k6-k6. ke. (irora). kar)-kar). v. a of sponge. kar)-ra kar)-ri v. a ka-ti. play of lots .r)-ri-kar(. v. num. kag .-sa. to be stale. to be scarce. num. at the end.-sai). ke-ke-kpa. kag-mo-le. . n. to learn. ke-gi (igi). V. adv. nail a cut-off head to a tree . a custom-house. to grow dirty. v. cherish. n. n. study. . a gland. v. rule over. the next. to nail or fasten to : kaijin6 smallness. kar)-ki. to grasp. a wagon. distaff. names of the gods. ke-re-o-"Wtl. agbe. n. ke'-ro-ra ke-si. adv. (none) ivkatever. ke-ke. v. something. n. V. V. a kind of mat. the second. to be little. to be ka . to read. an ass. gently. a simpleton. v. to cut or chop wood. v. to pierce. n. cotton-seed. cackling. a conch-shell. to terminate. ke-re. n. a heatlien. num. scatteringly. v. ke-dzi. which is full-breasted. v. to crucify.-"we. n. v. 50 KEY cotton is a well. ke-te-ke-te. to to ke-ko count money. to set on the head. adv. callous. n. to be filthy. sweetly (scented) . V. calico. to wind. quiet. kS-ke. num.KAN kar)-ga. to cry ka-rur). ke'-ke-ke. as a little one. adv. V. n. n. infirm. as in mud. adv. adv.-se. cart. as a sore . to recite the v. kaug-kaui). kai)-kur) (ekuij). n. unfrequenf. (ori). V. slowly. place upon. knock at the door. ke-ke-ru. to reel. kd. adv. clamorously. to glow. la-ra (ar4). to impute. to call upon. n. soft fibres used instead ke-k§. to forsake. n. to cry out for pain. . . adv. to set ka-si.r)-kar).-ri (ori). loudly. tenth. to follow. when struck. foot. ' to of God. V. adv. V. kauri. (k9). gently. n. ke-y6r). sixth. adv. (not) at all. to be difficult. ka-'W9r). to read. and fro.. lebu. . seventh. to extend. to stick fa^t. to v. num. k3. a long time. ke-ke. words. to kd. ring of metal. ke-hig-da-sl. ke-rir)-lfi. to call upon. twenty-fifth. n. v. to be in the zenith. adv. ke-de. kfi. V. ke-gbe. ke-le-kll. littleness. hastily. to despise. a stick on which carded for spinning. sweetly (flavored). ka-rfi. gradually.k6-ke-re. n. . tzvm. there is kd si ijkai). ke-d6 (ode). v. adv. to proclaim aloud. n. n. ka-sa. child's <fec. to tickle. kar)-ri. v. k6-re. to assort . kd ka hoarse . . n. ke-ri (ko). roind . ke-ke. quietly. n.-'w6 (owo). (ar4). a black squirrel. V. abstain from things prohibited ka-'w6 (owo). far distant. ke-dze. kaj) . to respect : 6ro Olorug si. kd. adv. v. ticket n. ke-vni. peevish. k6-ni-<i. wound kar)-gur). V. to ke-re. to be to morose. ke-ke4u-ke. to be last. k3. ke-re-de. chop. ». si. k§. . ke-g9. kd. to grow worse. V. v. sarsaparilla. to be weak.. ke-kp6. a spy. kai)-inu-kar)-niu. a wheel of any kind. there is nothing ! 6 si ke-fa. kar)-gi. asleep. ke-ta. to be the last. k§. an unbeliever. ke-le-ke-le. num. V. ke-ti-ii. v. staggeringly. as a child or wife a snare.--we (iwe). —adv. whafs the matter ? is any- kee-d6-g'bor). num. . n. k3. num. V. See karawop.

ko-to. a kind of drum. ko-ki-ki. ko-re (ere). . ki-nla ? pron. to take pro^jerty. adv. to hate. to paint ko-ti. V. dzo. ni beude. . . no ! not at all ! neatly. n. . n. a lawless person. n. riding shoes with spurs. hardly. V. ? ki li eyi what is this ? odi6 ki odio. be. adv. which is hard. happen ki . v. adv. v. k6 . to press. . n. adv. adv. V. n. to meet. if. red. bring them to me. . . the muscle between the breasts. V. two hard substances together : to ko. V. to curry. to discourage. adv. n. to magnify. n. ! ki. (li). entangle. a smelting-pot. . . V. v. kp6. . a mattock. a proper name. ko-16 (ile). as thread. kir)-rir). . to cram full. to insist on. lo-dzfl (li). to encounter. See v. collect . V. warn. . ko'-bi-ta. ki-ki. with ko-ko. is it f n. (omi). what ko-nl-ba-bfi. adv. to steal v. is ki-re-dze. to press one. kd-le-ra (ar4). a small brass bell. to strike k6-lo-lo. w. ki-ni-si. V. y6. adv. M. hefore . V. as oil or bushes ki. n. : take care of yourself. about. ko in a small compass. not : ko ^e kp6. is ki'-ri-kpa. n. to see. V. to off. ko . in a large compass. grass. heap up. a kind of coarse to cry aloud. ki-dzi-ki-dzi. . look. . isaij). an oil-pot. to stutter. . . no doubt ! kl. encounter. pure gold. tremulously (shaking). . to ko-gur) (ogun). ko ko ko . ko-dzu-dza. V. ki'-ni-tl. to take up. k6. quivering. not. . little. the stomach n. ko irira. an insect. ki-ri. : liver to . ki'-ri-m6. . to rob. n. a carpet. . lamp-filler. . take away. nine days. . v. ki-sar) (koq ki-ta. ki-kur). kd'-ri-kd. to ram. extol. salutation. n. . the to be three days. to pray by rote. to collect around. to V. . ni-be-nde. glen. bl 6 le k6. child. (li). ki-ki-ni. loudly.a kind of dove. a play-god of children. V. ki-tir). to confront. koto as a load to strike 6ke. ko-ro. carry lead captive. very. adv. n. to take to salute. v. V. mo-lS. a very v. n. V. hold in with a bridle. ki-ror) (irog). ki-'wo-bo (owo). ko-ro. ki-yax). w. confront : de- ki iwo ki 6 16h. ko'-ro-AWO. something. adv. n. . . ki-k6Q. ko. caution. to inherit. stone split to very bottom. no wonder to collect. infirm. kd-lo-fir) n. bo-mi press into the water. to espy. to k6-lo-b&. to he thick. closely to work. the ankle. up and throw away. suppose that. before he goes . kor)-ko-tO. n. ko-mo-kur). to twist. a ditch. koko ese. ki-we-dze. any day whatever. kiq-kir). n. mourn . to ko woi) to mi wah. immerse. . kd-ko. adv. a thing. <Ae ki-dzi-kpa. adv. only : kiki wura. l&-na lo-no (li). . adv. adv. . a food. with the ko fist. to. ki . V. to be bitter. ki-kuQ-ki-kur). little portion. V. . to thrust the ko-ro-ko-ro. conj. . Sec ko . spiteful. a hole. . to be ko'-ri-ra. to apply k6'-ri-k6. if it teni. kl-W-ti. ki-ri-bi-ti. that which is full : kikoi) omi. n. down. ki'-ye-si.KI ki ? pron. a small particle or bit. v. to v. kl. wen knuckles . from to be feeble. load. . hand into. cloth. ki . k6-ro. ko-ko-se e-se. wrinkle. accurately. to reap. or plunder a house. v. ki-kl. the hyena. a worm. at once. V. wanderingly. k6-lo-bo. may ki a to loh. v. to what that . ki-ni. kibiti. which dry and hard. pit. abhor. ko-ni-gba-gbe. to despoil. ki . ki-gl3§ (ke). to gather. adv. the ankle. n. ko ko . ki. ni-dza-nu. grow hard . alarm. : koko o\v6. v. ko fu. v. ki-ri. v. a deep ravine koto aiya. one ivho not forgetful f also to wander. ki-ni-ki-ni. to hate . a freshet. koto diigorjrog. . to resist. the tania. ko-SO. See keniu. ki-lo. kl-ni-dze-be'. threaten. root and plant. . V. V. thickly (breaking out). . V. . as ko' a cart. to meet. withstand. that thou go . . to rub. d£l-n6. 16h. a valley. to press ko-bi-ko-bi. loud. a fatherless v. the pit of . to . a very v. stroll. if possible. hefore we go. ko-sur) (kun). ki ki . entirely tlte : okuta la dzalekoro. n. . to notice. 51 ? KOT ko iinu. le-ru n. k6-d§-de. attend to : kiyesi ar4. . k6-ko-r6. to press to the ground. . a knot. n. a (li). k6-ko. . v. . to gather. ki 6 to 16h. protuberance. very much. v. n. dio. . V. k6-fi-ri. ki-ri-ki-ri. kl-bi-ti. See ki to . V. v. ditch .

to intimidate. to omit. . to build. V. to hatch . . to to face. to tattoo. V. V. v.. V. V. v. ko-se (ese). to clap the hands. n. iw9 li oba kpa. stick. to to sing. lo-se. v. h. to call.le-rir). to make is sorry. reluctantly. kpa-la-kpa-la. v. . kpa kpa . v. da-n5. w. to . give orders. ko-l&. (li). n. oppose. to hurt. n. refuse. kbi).-la-ka. . k6-ka-rEi. kpa . move towards. green color. k9-ni. v. . v. tall projecting gables kpa-dS. ing V. ko-ti. V. it k6 ? art thou not a king ? k6. crack kpa-li. to make one cease. . gai). or between the my hands are 1 am sleepy. knock off : ebi kpa mi. nl-ya-\v6. (li). fingers. to resist. to fatigue. ap)rairie. to hungry hole. . v. wonderful ! . . v. another (Gen. lids of a book. . kpa kpa kpa . k6r)'-ko-SO. wallow in mire. . or pounce upon. kpa-le rub a dirt floor. kfl. stand in fear kpa-lS. See akpako. . divide. kpa-d§-ru. kpa-fe-fe (afo). to outwit. kpa-f^ kpa-fo a butcher's bench. to write. get the day of the month. one. to mingle. kpa-ko. kpa. color or stain. V. . pitch a tent. in return. v. . adv. very abundant. heavy (Ex. v. ko-kui). in a shrivelled state. as in polish- to peel off bark to relate a parable . wound. v. to to . ko-lo-ko-lo. (ile). V. close . a betrothed bride. v. of a royal palace be hence. to to take the air. to to to meet in soke odzii r| kodia rere. to kill. the iron pin %oith which a weaver turns the kpa-ka (oka). rebel. n. kpa-ki-kpa-ki. . to set to a house in order. to meet with battle. del. kpS-kpa-la. teach . . . a fork. to kill. to trip. which rough. shout . v. crow. kpa-lai.-la. of a stream. . a kind of mat. of earth. return. stumble. very (sound in health). to confound or confuse. ko-dzu-si. V. to fill. to pass by. k6. adv. suspiciously. . a key. V. a sieve n. to for- ko-dzu-dza-si. V. mi. to . koi-koi. secret place. to gnash. to make a loop or button entangle ko okuij. k5-la. come in collision. See k9i)roi). to make a is rope. (li). kpfi. by no means. ko-lu. . not. to to command. v. n. forsake. above far out of his kpa-de-lil. grumble.KO ko. . kpa. . V. . V. dig to flash . as rain to to rub. kor). V. beat in playing a . . a stnall stewpan. . . kpa-kpa. V. murmur. to break up fallow land to set . a nut . kp3. 6 fo kpa-de-gni) . to lose. (ila). a n. of. kpa-kpe the fox. V. to howl aloud. hills or beds to kpa-kpa. to beat extinguish . to refuse k6 . separate from. begrudge. la-nu la-ra la-rS la-se. v. kor)-rir). kd-ro. to fool. to a hook. with difficulty or with much to effort. small goorah-nut. num.. to feel : owo koi) kp§. V. adv. to attend to. (ehii)). . reject. V. / was kpa 6diobo. the ko-le ko-le. (li). indirectly. to deter. closet. to prepare. kpa kpa . to to kpa-le-in(5. . write . kpa-ku-ta. to. . a bird's beak : k9koro kpa-hir)-ke-ke k9-ko-ro. a jMsture. not I. to help. to turn. to smite. to shut. from drying k5 . to it is beyond : de. ko-'we. meet by chance. v. to make one laugh. to hum. mi. . k5r)-ror). 21. . a beast commonly called kpa kpa . n. paint. 15 (ile). . v. . prepare ground. 12) oruq k6i) kpa of palm-leaf. v. teach. to circiimcise. Ie-nu-in6 le-tar). to build a fence. devour. sight. (akpe). meet together. kpa-go (ago). n. v. at once. ko-kar). the casra. make a rope. v. v. . upon. k9-ktl. kp6. as a road.. v. ko-glia (ogba). to be not: omi k6. deceive. (oguij). 52 up a tent drunk . to adjust one's wrapper. . to plaster. . r. adv. v. n. . . to to betray . the bed to fall to kor)-sa. . dze. kpa kpa kpa cut in two . to . to dread. ko-dza. n. ! interj. to put to silence. ko-no k6t). suddenly. . . adv. k6-ko-so. 14) mark. . 71. to k5. again.-kpa. lo-kpe. toarp-bca7n. to build a house. to kpa-ka-dza. adv. n. lo-dzo. heavy . v. ko-ri-si. kCir). V. as of a v. v. V. to be to assault. self.-le-ni6. kpa kpa kpa . to thresh corn. V. violently (trembling) . . . ko-lo-fir). (ono). to hang up. adv. ko-bi. v. renounce. . . v. V. ko-se-ba. adv. adv. to make V. to tattoo. a projection. . (afefe). game . See koqkoso. puzzle one. v. to be full. heavily. kpa'-ki-tl. KPA to to learn. 17. : lay one thing on earth into heaps. destroy utterly . v. n. 71. slammingly. or parching. (ilc).

. V. kpe-lu-kpe-lu. v. to kill a murder. speckled. (ase). v. kpa-ndu-kfl. kpi-kp6.KPA kpa-lo (alo). make ready. rub out. to finish.. to restrain the feet. v. fade away. to to terminate. kpa-ta. turn a thing about. adv. wholly. kpa-sa. n. V. slacken kpa-rur). to persuade change one^s kpe-te (kpa). n. principal. kpa kpa . to still kpa-ru-TjO. kpa-r&. kpa-ni-a (enia). abolish. ni-ye. kpa-nsa. (kpa). with. person. preserve . to v. purpose. resolve. to mean. (ena). n. v. v. kpa-se to command. adultery. . in : kpelu ayd. to mind. v. . from premises . kpe-kp§. kpa'-ri-d&. . suddenly. he v. to kpe-le-kpe. V. to exchange. to n. come an end. a shelf. to shoot forth branches. kpa-ri. kp^ ar4 kpamo.-sar). . an altar . kpl-kp6. an assembly. is right . one's pace. adv. to last long. v. V. with a sudden noise. V.-ti. to turn the back on. . kpi-le-se. an aduUress. kpS. to counsel. to bargain. gently. kp6 . a kpar)-hur). kperi-sai). change or convert him. kpe. to thiiik of doing. kpe-te-le. to keep. . n. to anoint oneself. only. to he soft . to be fiat. kpe-kui). its v. a bramble. kpe'-liir)-dd. kpa-to. to wit. the plate or timber laid on the top of bird-snare . v. kpe-kpe-kui) (oku^). a viper. at one bloiv. level ground. kpe-se-kpe-se. n. to kpe-re. entirely. . the kpa-ro. kpi-dar) juggle. an oyster. a sioitch. a hoof. a shell. . kpfi. kpa . (li okaij). kpa-ra . kpa to fi to he ni6. v. v. kpa-nsa-ga. adv. with joy . to exchange. n. . at once. V. change kpe-se. kpa kpa to . n. turn around to change . devise. kpa-ni-kpa-ni. suggest. to convince «. to v. v. which is to be slain. kpa-re. n. one. an uncut gourd. adv. kpi-dze (kpa). . to to propose riddles. kpe-le-be. refrain. a murderer. conj. n. ro. kpe-kpf i-ye. a commotion or a storm. make a noise. . hear. n. to prepare. keep close. stay long at a place. to drill soldiers. to a bank of earth in a room to sleep kpe-re. v. kpa-ti-re. (ara). to n. a slip of wood. yea. adv. entirely. to hide : kpain9. kp§. kpa enu m6. to restrain oneself. to say. kpa-ri. I/. kpe-kpe-le. to call an assembly. forcibly. to endure. comfortably. to be forcible. n. perfection. enact. v. a plain. to assemble : fi hid . . n. kpa-to-to (atoto). form a line. kpa-ta-kpa-ta (9toto). v. conj. easily. kp9. adv. disguise oneself. destroy. V. to conclude v. . to make a barter . is perfect. a sea-shell. to change v. hurt oneself . in sin. v. conclude. ni-ye-dS. kpe. a wooden shoe. —prep. put out. violent. adv. v. to very much. the money iwa r6 kp6. adv. kpa-ni. to sail complete. his character . kpe-na on. . course. (kpa). v. commence. to withhold . n. ijkai). v. kpe-re-kpe-re. V. to restrain oneself. kpe-ke-kpe-ke. kpa oko mo. to assemble. to kpa'-ta-ki. a whip. gather . kpa-si-kpa-ro. . gently. adv. a duck. kpS-nti-ri. adv. to assemble. kpa-nsa-i-16. kpl-mo to (kpa). n. to kill to a sacrifice. . much. in a crop . to invite. kpe-ri. . — adv. . to call. moreover. n. adv. to crush. a grave. kpa-mo-ra. barter. kp6-se V. abundance. to be right. v. . mud. n. v. to be bald-headed. the jaw-bone. to call proper. n.-ri-'WO (ariwo). (idaij). to esteem. kpe-ka (kpa). to v. humble. to intend. also . kpelu e^e. n. gently. sition. kpa-sar). kpa-ra kpa-rS. adv. gently (striking). adv. V. come to an end . n. kpi. 16h. . kpe-re. to gentleness of conduct or dispo- kpa . dft. v. perfect . rp-ro. n. kpe-lu. to perform sleights of hand. the kpe-kpe. . to last long : ow6 16-kar)-dS. piazza posts. kpa-ti-kpa-ti. character ov purpose. kpe-te-kpe-re. kp6. v. along the coast. a kind of wild dog. v. . besides. violently. v. kpa-ra-in6. 53 kp§. to confuse. . noise. to prepare. twig. to piull ox cut grass for feed. to n. kpe-ge-de. n. tohich is chief. kpa'-ta-kd. kpi-kpa. m6 kuro. kpi-nu. kp6-dzo. (kpa). n. kpe-te-kpe-te. n. to kpe-le. (tearing) into rags or piieces . . to . mire. which is streaked. altogether. consume. a crushing : ic kpeqsai). kpe-se-in6 destroy. KPI that. to he silent . v. n. See kpandiiku. n. kpa-mo-le.

anoint . stem or boll of a tree. V. kpo-tu-tu (kpa). cloud. ku-ru-hil. kp5. not at all ! to make a bold torment. knead. \h. to whet. . mingled. to : LA run here and a blanket there. way : kuro Ile. a thing slowly. to come short v. ktl-hu. to IS. to red . in at hand. to feel cold. redness : V. fast or tightly. kp6. very early in the morning. plaster a house. . to sell kpo-si. to dip up. V. n. through. ku-in6. kpo-so-de ode). ku-ku. cheap : to be busy here and there : kill) si dide. . (kpa). attempt. to be fond of. da). to n. kpu. to divide. kpo-kpo-ndo. to be forgetful. eyii). no. to 14. to afflict. a nut of which snuff-boxes are made. ku'-ku-ni6. (li). to be short. as corn. kii-tu-kill-tu. mist. kpo-rir) v. 8. ku-ru. n. kp5. the cry of a hen when she sees a kpor) . V. to die in the bush : o kugbe ! may you kpi'-'wa-dfi. thunder mutter- kplr)-i-ya. kpo-'we (kpa). n. escape. kpo-si-16. ku-ro. bread of bean- kpirj-le (il|). kporj-gfi. v. 54 kil. kpo-si. aloud. turn away. V. V. to daub. to draw or dip water. separate. v. great. kui). v. v. to to share. whet rusurusu. V. kpor)-nii (omi). n. wade . to cleave to. ku'-du-ru. V. V. cry aloud. ku-ye. V. to to a compound or block of houses. v. . n. to enkindle. well. V. ku-ku'-ndu-ku. out of the house. to love. n. to conclude a bargain or ku-bu-su. kil-ku. the sweet potato. to separate. mixed. 16-dzu V. fine. loudly. to divide. ni. the precipitately. a coney (hyrax). kpir)-ya. divide . common. n. v. to be abundant. rather. common. (irii)). V. to vomit. ku-d5r). closely. ku'-ru-mti ku-sa. sharpen. to spare. V. to V. ISl. n. adv. V. as dust. (Gen. v. si-1^. — w. as thread or meal. to ku-gbu. to brew. v. n. to terminate. to terminate. to charge furiously . ktir). kp6r). kfl-ku-ru. ku-na. kpo. recount ku-gbS. to whirl around. kur)-kur). torment. to increase. kpo-tp-kpo-to. busy in kil-tfi. wither. ! fog. kCl-mo. to be presumptuous. kp6-in6. make much of: kp6i) be n\n6. ku-si. kp6 si. a tunic. a corn-stalk. a pail. to terminate. kpor)-se. kpo-ko. to plunder. to remain. n. kpi-tar) (kpa). V. kti. to smelt iron ore. v. to relate traditions. (kpa . a kind of calabash. die in the bush ! kpi'-ye-dd. V. shortness. kpi-ye kpo. V. V. from 6 diade kuro ni he went brown. throw dust. kpor)-so. kp6. to bum. to to be very busy. from. n. n. See kpikpS. . dream. kpo-ro-kpo-ro. to pass to . kp6-ri. v. V. ingly kil ekuru.) kur)-kur). bewail. adv. kpu-ro (kpa iro). kur)-le kur)-le. n. kpir)-hur) agreement. the globular form . kp6'-hur)-re-re. to get up. to carry on the back. a large wild bean. . kpo'-kpo-rd. braggadocio. V. v. a bticket. v. to kneel. kpir)-kpii). kuro flatter. v. loudly shouting. to ripen. paint. and out. to foamingly lathering. to die. hawk. kp6-ri-ri (ori). split . adv. to turn from. v. V. v. be mire. to be rich inio. out of the in . n. ku'-ku-te. as soap. V. to perish. repent. kpor)-ti (oti). adv. adv. a corn-cob. to be n. flour. . (yppress. mud. V. V. ku'-ru-kti. a coffin. V. to fib. ku-fe-ku-fe. V. n. ku-kpa. to speak a parable. kpu-tu. kpoQ-mu. to be near. multiply or increase. to be together. to to kpu-kp5. the earth from falling in. V. talkatively. to be ripe . to . sticks placed across a grave to prevent ku'-ru-ba. to be blunt or dull. to to be red. V. adv. separate. (ile). adv. to smelt. a cudgel. ku-gbe. ku-sa-ta. (ohuij). to n. n. v. old events. to purr. V. to sift. v. peaty earth. to give kur) sharpen. (ile. kpukpa yolk of an egg. n.KPI kpir). to lack . to be smooth. adv. n. n. kp5r). to lick . V. to change the mind. find dull sale. adv. ku-mbu. to . to appear : . kpu-kpa. be safe devise. v. . . to reform. V.

la-gba. V.-ba. Ift-md (imo). very (white). la-ga. See nitori. adv. beer-strainer. hop on one patience. to be above. to la-ba-la-ba. us without money. . without sinning or being in 16. to follow. can. to sin). because by the angel. take them from me. to strike la 15-na. le-bi (li. to prove. to prevail in battle. ex- Ifi-ko-ko Tik. without his being guilty of offence. n. moneywithout : above. deliver me. (forehead. annoyance. n. prep. he gives to ever. cm. ld. lai-kpe. a leathern hag. 6ke). to hasten. a butterfly. (li). by the hand of. v. 6kar). kiij. v. decree. la-ye. : la-to-ri (lati ori). ring a to manifest. fearless . . Ift-ra. gain a prize. v. imo plan. . tree . conj. 6 . lal. in the la-bu-14-bu. to be satisfied. open a road . often followed by a pleonastic mu u lati oko wAh. vainly : enia l^sai). enact. v.-dzfi. v. a horse-whip. ld. sin. avenge on. lai (li ai). yesterday. adv. (li ori). above . from : me on my enemy . bridle. la-ke-TdX). satchel. they killed him without lb. e. to to reconcile. an egret. wa ? is it peace f house. V. la-yd 1§. put it on the ground. V. n. pursue . v. . to le-ra le-re 16-re le-ri to (ara). to be merciful. ld. prep. la-in. ilo lailai. tree. adv. overhead le eta. make trifling la-gba-mo. la-lfi (aid). of. la-ko. dream. body. perspire. appear . 19. lit.-di (idi). adv. to he destitute of money. : hardy. to go through. he went without shoes.-ka-lfi. lainidi. a girdle. n. advise.-dza (idia). adv. at the time lakoko alted. a n. pass through. v.-gi (igi). . to be stout prove. la'-go-go (W). . V. v. Ifi-ko-tai). lal-lal. not rather. he sent gbowo (li ai gb^). make me strong . to ordain. and prep. (li). la-la. la-kl-ri. . to pacify. without : as. the enemy. prep. of body. gbesai) mi lara ota lara igi tutu. to be hungry. v. V. decree. for ever. nomina- trouble. in vain. amongst : lariq See leriij kaj).-ka-ka. without cause . fat. a prefix.5-rar) (la pose. Ifi-ki-s6. traverse. it is. n. with tive.-dzo (edio). in the midst of. secure. pur- to promise. la-ti. — n. n. (ire). lai-le-"wu (li). to bell. reproached (ba wi) lal-sd (is. on. however. to be alive . at ease . v. to cause infection. or ara. V. finally.LAB li. to be without danger. . n. he stayed there more than to laini bata. to be infectious. V. leg. la'-du-gbo. V. a kind of rheumatism. ld. to be spacious. gbe W91) lara mi. a belt. n. bulky. once. adv. to split V. adv. le-ke-le-ke. la-ra la-re v. lai-16-se (li). n. laiberu. to strive to to do a thing. i ma fi fu ni lai- farm . n. he brought it from lati la-gur) (ogui)). v. a very old la-vru. la-rir) (H). V. v. (li). when the object is a owo. le-16. the head le-ri prep. beneath : d sAij labe igi. lal-lal. to blister. ancientness la-'wa-ni. — adv. people. to be strong. to be troubled. prep. (li). ftrai)). the brow-band of a the v. to 16 ni idio mewa. to green i. pcr2ilexed. urge forward. V. under. n. ld. v. (Ivl ori). is able. verb the . person lati lati odo. before or previously. 6 ba mi wi lay upon . to be strong. oldness. v. then. the castor-bean. to be tiresome. safe. down. to have). la-nli (li). LER 55 la-na (li). kidnappers. we la-ra (li). a living animal. roomy. v. (li). to Ifi-kpa-ta. to be profitable. prep. brow-band of a wood. ground : kd Icle. lS. e. alVs well : alafia ko lawu. adv. ld. heart. the mu is mi le. may. V. (li). 16-gur) (ogui)). saw into boards. Ift-sar) (li). V. in short. piursue. 6 ra^ k it ow6 maleika. a kind offried cake (masa). n. to he strong. lal-lo-vrS less. le-ke le-ke : (li (li 6ke). by . he me without cause. fresh ashes. 161l.-na (5na). to propose. bridle. 6 lob gbe nibS ten days. under a n. adv. to settle a dispute. to drive. adv. la-ba-mo-le. n. —adv. v. too money three (cowries) owo much : 6 l£il-ni. to devise. to win a race. up. la-"WTi. for the Ia-kul-e-gb6. adv. from. healthy more than. la-di-ro. as. v. la-be (li). to sweat. n. from. clemency. to beat back lfi. slept robbers. toithout fear. lal-ku-ku. soon. i. upon : fi 16 1I&. : lai-ni-dl (idi). 16. V. adv. to be prominent. . Ift-ri. mi. la-gba-ra (li). implying not having. prep. upon. v. le-il&. v. V. to be to be free from sin. adv. a large earthen pot.-ka. in. V. fault : nwoi) kpa a laiiS. V. v. to explain. with the hand). punctually. le-kpa on the (ikpa). in need of. healthy. sinless. n. quickly.

16. to tilings near the ground. to make a move. on. . play a stringed instrument.lo-ri : other. (li). to be eloquent. adv. instead of. lukewarmly : — n. by. squat like a dog. three days ago. prep. down palm leaves. lo-dzo-dzu-in6. V. on). to say. lo-"WO-10-"WO. by . beyond. (li). 16-1&. . yonder. le-se-se. ado. V. gbe to go. to strangle. V. secondly. to to out . adv. V.LES le . lo-'WO-WO. outside mhb lehii) wa. grow. at the foot of adv. «. with. at. adv. V. le-he. prep. above. elastic. by. to to anything narrow and flat. prep. to strike. n. (li). abstruse. down. backwards. to whirl. daily. 7ny affairs are j>rosperous. used adverbially in the sense oioff. to scuttle . immediately. graciously. See Isk&ij. 40. transplant al& le. n. le-"WTi. which is yielding. pleonastic after dzA. n. V. to be skilful. leme. (li). V. it. v. at noon. play a stringed instrument (Ex. ness. adv. prep. adv. the physic-nut (curcans). dtc. on. adv. n. V. in the presence of. le-hir) (li). where 15-rO li-dze-ta (li). le-ba (li). mingle. choke. to bend. . adv. knock to . used for I0-I6. nl-inl-in6. le-se-kari-nfi. pliable . strictly. me le-ti do lo-dzH-karj-nfi. to be distinct. and adv. to bore. V. . 24. to well. lo-ru to be elastic. to lay one thing lightly on an. adv. adv. 16-ti-t6 (li). prep. early in the morning. in lo-dzH. 11. to hint or insinuate against one. after. adv. to drive 16 . docile. wnamented. lo-ki-ti. IS. (li). V. verily. lo-ra (li). prep. (li). See 16. which hard. a drum. adv. V. place ! in a row. adv. how dreadful der. adv. patch . for. thaCs right. adv. (li). destroy. scatteringly. to investigate. jMtash. to conceive. to be Id . a false-bottomed to-day. contrarily. adv. be to crouch. outside. lo-SO lo-to (li). upon. V. . to be difficult. See ni. in regular or. (li). before. . V. 16-ke (li). use sacredly. 16-t6 of. V. to be terrible. adv. to (li. euphonic for (ibi). to be attentive. . very good. lu-k6-ro. 11-le-ll-le. lukewarm- lo-de lo-di (li). lemeta. lo. V.lo-hur) (li). V. v. lo lo-ror). to be timid. l<i. to be. adv.. to be sluggish. to have). V. le-rir)-kar). he will lowo mi. instantly. to be strong. behind. (li). . suddenly. to be 11-le. &c. fill up. be lukewarm. n. cry lost goods . by the side applied lo-ytir) lo. le-lje. by. it is evening 16-rl. vessel for straining le-ti (li. to grind . V. v. transplant . (li). adv. . tinder. lo-dzi-dzi. lo-gar) (li). crooked. to be obedient. prep. of or from you be elastic : 16 gbo. to be grey-haired. to replenish. V. V. le-S9-le-SO. adv. V. LUK S0-n6. where ? ? lo-ro (li). as air. ICl. opposite to. lo-kpo-k6. among. (Gen. ibi yi leru t6 ! le-ru dreadful as. le-vru le. (li). to beat 111. as in chess : . prep. 14. to wrest the meanto If-bu-lf-bu. to be twisted. lu-ha. favorably. 11-1)0 ? (li). . dii. strong.. adv. prep. break into. abruptly. lo-dzH (li). V. V. lo-dzo-dzo 15-fe. yi 6 b5re re . 20. 16-do below. lodzfi. as the wind. . 27. adv. (li). 11-1)1-81 1 adv. to sanctify. he is coming behind us. le. to to be discovered. to (nearly dark). pregnant. contrary . good condition. first: lOkedzi. . from : li-li-ll. is lo-sar) (li). dza. lu. lo-ni (li). lo-ko-kar) immediately. . (li). lately. cowardly. 16 ni mim6. adv. V. is this : 16h. take it away. it was (Ex. adv. : 6 ing of one's words compare.) once. to wear done by me. le-se-e-se. adv. to lo-SO. oral) . up. truly. violent. new ashes. le-ro. to towards. adv. carefully. adv.lo-do-dur) adv. truly. dara dzil loh. (li). adv. lil : tofiee against. he compelled lo-dztl-rS-re.. leketa. 15.) 16-l)0-t'Q-dze. a. immediately. to have. to engraft. se. (li). observant mi Ill . . to engraft. 56 theft. it demand se e I9W9 ^yii). to be rich. adulterate. on the ground. to compel : 6 le away in mi ^o e. n. v. to be slow. yearly. separate. . to wring. ni. different. lo-do (li). V. as a house. See lolo. V. li-kpo 11-li. lazy. n. V. to beat to down. littles. by day. to lO-AWO. le-hir)-le-hir). use . to linger. lo-lS. a fin. 8. v. adorned. very . twice . by night. le-li&i). as an ear of corn. l)0-le. 16. away : e loh. to-morrow. adv. evening . V. . a kind of porcupine. for nil6. daily.) sk lo-dzo (li).

who tells news me-dzig-me-dz^p. ma-dze-^we. V. n. pron. to guess. the two. M. num. mft. another. ('. a covenant. to restrain oneself. a mosque. to breathe : mi v. adv. it puzzles me as to what this means. 2>ron. Imnds off! ^wo). in an mft-di-mi-lo-rur) (mah di mi sical person. for nibe. / must speak. a kind of cake. ten. to impute not. four. me-ta. purity. ma-lei-ka (Arab. ma-na-ma-na. v. num. down. five. to be grateful. me-rir). pron. m6 si is employed mean . (ilB). num. truly. an animal of the cow kind : ako malA. not n. especially the first-bom. adv. to shine. Iu-in6. ma-kfi-lu. ma. more. : iye tinued action. v. esiij ma sare. v. adv. a calf. to be rancid. abd malil. the horse runs rapidly. me-dze-dze. v. an angel. ma-se-gbir). n. by fives. adv. 57 MO there. whole I. a kind of rat. n. to ma-ni5-dza. to suck to build or form of clay. n. the hotel of a wild stick. ma-so. V. a judge of beauty. me-gbe. . v. meditate. as. ml-re. lu-'wd. n. to be sultry. holiness. v. num. a kind of broom-grass. adv. as a substitute for the verb to . me-ne. with a spring.LUK 111 . v. to be hid. mft-dza-la. a sash. li oruij). adv. entirely (burnt up). to assume the form or nature m6. ma-la-dzu. the air. pron. ma-na-ma-nfi. how many ? many (Acts 24. V. grow strong. v. to be mS-'wa (mo). ma-ha-ru. pant. n. again to after a negative. num. n. clean. . me-re-rir). ma-ya-fi. a mealy yam or potato. which is sacred. eight. conjecture. a kind of antelope. V. 71. a drop. v. holy . dividers. a kind of snare. 16 ^e mfe-ro (m6). ml. Iiu-m6. si. to consider. ma-ka-ri. sixteen. See mirai). by fours. sharpness. mi-rar). moi-moi. ma-ri-'wd. adv. in a bright dazzling man- mi. num. seven. num. num. both. eight. num. an : heir. even. V. by sixes. num. m&h. me-'wa. a kind of pancake. n. dc. — mb^. a pair. n. intelligent. mbi. v. very. ina-t6. ma-sa. mfe-lo-mfe-lo. me-se-ri (mu). for a living. ma-ta-kS. ml-e. to be (mu). well : o m^ seui). n. me-te-ta.r). elastic manner. V. six. a smith's hammer. m5. to perceiving. n. . num. ara). strips of palm leaf. n. other. to understand . me-fa. white leather. ma-ri-ma-dze. emi ko mah wi. me-dze. the six. powder of dried to bathe. know. touched . (m5). n. M. omo malil. the me-dzo. . ma-ya-mi. Tcxh-xo (mu ero). not to be drink. a garland. to leaves. num. certain ones. adv.-dze-mu (m4h). an auxil. me-do-gui). to be skilful. through n. by eights. me-dzi. ma-dze-si.. to con- nive at. by threes. V. md-re mo-ru (mo). mo-ye mo. n. 10) egberui) melo ? how many thousands ? m§-lo-kfi. very kind . to lu-le to strike smite fatally. adv. which is triune. ma-sa-la-se. conj. to the four. n. a child. ma-vrd (mu of. to a bull . to slay. ma-ga-dzi. num. ki li 4 16 mo eyi si ? wliat does this mean ? 6 g6 mi bi d ti ba m6 eyi si. to be light (as day). a strolling beggar. two : mcdii medii. a hunter's ba. n. n. n. inter]. 8 n. the seven. to reflect. mi hele.. three. to be inattentive. to adhere. w. num. down . beast. m&-ra-du-ro (mu ner. to shake . pron. ma-ltl'. a person who has no regard for mo-dzu-ku-ro (mu). n. 7i. flakes of burnt grass which fly me-fe-fa. compasses. kpa. v. lightning. V. lu-lu. a forked n. ma-rarj-ma-rai). be clear.). soine. lll-ru. n. a saddle-girth. my. n. to receive strength. ma-de-ko-so. adv. me-ta-lo-kar). mS-lo? adv. only. kinds of food. consider. swim. the miO. a cow . n. discreet. by sevens. to ma-te. n. belt. mi. mo-kui) (mu). num. conveying the idea of con- me-dze-dzi. — mi6. inspire . a kind of snake. the three. v. ma-dze-re. me. for sauce. how much more. you are me-te (mu). to be. cleanness. or. n. mbS. n. particle.gfor bullets. ma-do-fur). V. m. ma-ra-nii).

to employ as a to have. hard by. v. . nl. go. to see to. seldom. dawn. V. guest. adv. make much eh ? of. accusative and verb. ni-bo. ni-bo-ti. n. adv.. V. . he caused n. mfl 6na ne-ga. V. to ino-kar)-l&. . adv. . ni-bu-bu. that. to spread. mu-su-lu-mir)' (Arab. V. day before yesterday. to bring back. adv. make mu mu mu mu ready. adv. Sl-lS. at that time. . the grape-vine. whence. prep. .). . to tranquillize. whereas. mu-ra (ard). adv. build a wall.-tI. adv. adv. to catch. to fool one. madam. load a canoe or ship. ni-gbS. adv. to to NIG spend money. mu. k6r). it in. . to mu mu mu mu mu mu mu Tfxa . na-mai. to fulfil. bring in. me to stand. See naga. to mo-ra (ar4). . to shine. tame. . . . . V. to ni-dl. adv. mu ba. V. na-ro. . . entertain a ni-dze-rir). here. to V. person. adv. oneself. . See nn. ni-bi-kax). n.-ra (Arab. ni-gb^ ni-gba-ku-gba. v. v. closely. already. to be active. to stand erect. to V. (ile). there. V. famine or pestilence. na. niL. to be. v. nl-bi-kl-bi. to devour. on. vrb. ni. na-na. to spend. every day. to hold . ground. as a wild beast does. four days ago. mo-dze (adie). n. v. adv. when ? ni-gba-yi. to sink. . V. V. . adv. afraid. yonder. a wound. prepare n. . v. to be sharp . m9-16-"WTl. must. six days ago. means. hand to hand. v. v. a Mohammedan. in5-dz(i (odi6). marrow. to arise. . "wfih. v. dzi-na. adv. nde. mil. v. to make nl. anciently. always. ni-gba-"wo the. there. interj. naij. to get drunk. a drunkard . ni-ba-jd. adv. ni. elsewhere.-'w6 (ow6). ni-bi-ti. to cause . . to speak to get lame. adv. to stand firmly. now. to let v. dze. to drink. v. v. where. to ni-bu. . to own . . know law as to disputes. kpa-dS. . ni-dfi. . ndai). mo-kpa-ra mo-kur). one. n. . publicly. traffic. (ohui)). ni (cnj). as in a crowd. n. introduce. openly. mu-l& (116). V. (arA). bring to pass. concerning. ni-dzo-gbo-gbo. at any tinu. na-hur) drunk. to absorb. v. 6 mii mi duro. get up. not. to say. . ni-bai. to na-dza na-ga (5dia). go your way. nfl.-ye. he upheld me . when. nl. a Christian. See na. before an ndze. . . v. v. adv. ni-bi-yi. mu 1§. extend. to trade. V. dar) ? interrog. n9. the. . adv. N. n. . . to lower. to try to be mo-du-mo-du. us. daily. to . a gnat called " na-^wo-na-'wo. ne. fiery. ni-dze-ta. See adv. v. v. that whereas. adv. n. to 58 nfi. mo-le. se. hence. strengthen. mo-dzu-mo. adv. whence. adv. no. V. ni-b6 (ibe). often. to ni-bo-mi-rar). brains. to fetch. ndau. . v. .MOD mo-di (odi). was. it is. V. to stretch. to a spendthrift. ni-gbar)-gba. na-g^-dtl. . therefore. mii. to bring.-ye-dfi. to confirm. adv. ro-16. aloud. a kind of trowsers. as. the satne. as to fill. (iga). ? adv. to be light in the morning. ni bi. to fit or adapt to . attend to. v. v. to heal v. . . num. then. to drink spirits. rice. wherever. in old times. n. na-ni. ni-dze-fa. to . then. Tje-ru. near the nar). v. dzti-td (odiu). v. adv. V. mu. adv. adv. Tii-dii-M. . drawn. ni-gbS. to conspire .. by water ordeal. V. mo-ti-mo-ti. to be wise. (li). pron. fiog . oA. to be eleven. to suck. V. ni-gba-gbo-gbo. na-sS. prep. save. extend the hand. ni-bi. miu-ntl. to ni-dz9-kar)-lo-gbor). adv. . mo-tI-y6. . while. ni-gba-nl.). adv. na-vro the (ow6). . to stretch in reaching up. about. adv. down from above. that. V. . . to one. now and then. where. v. ka-le. . v. at : kpoq.l&^v. crossvnse. . to be careful of. mo-tl (mu). mu la-ra-dft heal. nda-vro. to pass from m6-ti-in6-ti. v. mu . restore. a ring with which the bow-string is to build a house. somewhere. closely joining. adv. mb-rar) (mo). disappear. drunkard. to the mo-lS niO-16. . extend the voice." v.-nfi. now. at this time. pron. n.

a parrot. o-di-di. greatness. a rotten egg. party. opposition. no. malice. ns6. o-do. as a O. V. 0-b6. ni-to-ri-nfi. come here . ODD these. 6-bo. ni-ni. acT). inasmuch as. 0-b5. se odale. to be O-da-le. adv. after awhile. adv. in. r)kai)-ki'-r)kar). down. adv. a hail-stone. adv. —adv. adv. prep. a bunch. anciently. ti. adv. for. T)gbh. v. ilI-k9-ko. V. by and by. ni-kpor). not at all. prep. / will. ni'-si-si. prmi. at last. have an end. ni-l9-16. cording to. prep. away. to 6. off. . ni'-to-ri-tl. prep. o-dl. will. and other particles as. adv. to be praised. conin regard to that. . prep. to be intelligent. n. hereafter. ni-kp6. to rest a water in a body. n. n. Hl-lfi (nl4). n6. v. O. r)k6. before. V. nl-gbo-se. o. afterwards. ! I. la-ra (li annoy. : ginning cotton. v. ni'-ti-tl. 6-bii)-ri (obo 6nia). 6. now. as a job r)s6. V. adv. ni-ti. 6. instead in the room of. n. n. to be concerned about. ni-ni. conj. of. . pudendum muliebre. N. they. to go on. blot out. sake of . cmtj. recently. interj. See nio. on the ground. property. n. adv. a small bat. n-wog-yi. n. to be lost . at the time nl "wprj-bl. ni-hir)'. as. adv. brush away. V. adv. pron. a word of assent or : to mi y/kh. (ulv. private information. tree.r) ! hark ! hear. a dumb person. O-bi. n. prep. an auxiliary prefix. the whole. a breaking down amiable. n. adv. trifling thing. close to be large. a a mortar pounding things in. wherefore. adv. after it-is it. O-do-di. stale . you. adv. v. ni-n6. to be not it : i)k6. perverseness. little. of. ni-wo-yi. hence. section. prep. out of doojrs. prep. concerning. nyir). n. to break ni'-t6-t6. at last. to ni . n. breastwork . 0-b6. ni'-si-si-yi. ji. as a board. shall. aloiigside. o-de. about. the outside. ni-hig-yi. nn. adv. formerly 6-bi. press. ni'-ti-kp§. ni-kar). v. (Ps. near. disposition. near. for. ni-AvS. n. a hint. among. cluster . interj. as to. n. to wipe . to. v. to ni-kpe-kui). 69 nwor). pron. ara). a town wall. in. thou. the 6-bi-ri. nl-sa-dzu. li. to be thick. ni-rar). inside. pron. ni-"Wor). therefore. to flourish. 0-di-n6. ni-kai) so-so. of. physic-nut (curcans). a large o-di-de. he. tutu nini. to care. never. an owner. O-di. n. 6-do. now. it is not he . ni-ke-hir). only. near. 14. pron. by. division. adv. ni-ni. as to. I came. and adv. V. prep. cerning. singly. ni-1^ (ni). of work. pron. n. jtart. See ode. See qko. adv. . n. lie is selling. ni-sa-16. . before. v. honorable. a nurse. extent. jrroceed. a passionate person. v. pron. 6 ri i r)k6 ? {he saw is-it-not or did-he-^not) did he not see ni-lai-lai. in truth. n. adv. she. n. the kola or goorah nut. nlfi-nla. a parent a female. to terminate. to be naked. that . within. O-bu. emi li o de {I remember. a roller for ni'-to-si. o-de. (ohui) kaij). ni-kpa-tl. n. which is insipid. adv. n. here. nl-ku-sa. n. ni-nft. ni-kpa-se (ese). . n. jyrep. by (means of). down. to wipe off. that came). lately. for ni'-to-ri. ni'-ye-n6 ni-yir). lastly. wrongfulness : odi si. because. — o-bo-tu-dze. ni-hd-ho. ni-kpa. of cuttle. in private.NIG ni-gbe-hii). denoting an action which is or was in being at the time alluded to in the proposition . adv. possessions . for nd nd. in that.) 6. quite (cold) : plant. to be great : igi nla. v. ni-k6. adv. something. you. . alone. n. used without the tone-mark . for that. vex. 0-d6. 6 Jjta. not. (ni). take it ! r)gb6 r)kfi. beneath. ni-si. noQ-yi. r)yir). secretly. ni-hd'-ri-ho. truly. beloio. concerning. as a river or pond. a foster-parent. yes. . (iye in6). nlfi. n. from. a woman. 92. r). O-do'-ro-di. district. moderately . a a 6 thing. ni-ha. extension. o-de. it? v. for. aux. n. of a good nl-"wa-dzu.

n. scrofula. o-ge-de-mgbe. w. cock a gbe odi<i ako. n. oAHl ow6. shade. grace: ^eodiurere. 0-gO-du-gb6. n. M. O-gbi-gbi. 0-dz9-ro. . n. O-ghQ. n. a busy-body. O-dzu. O-gbu-fo. n. riffhteoumess. forgiveness. «. . a fountain. a calf. the sky . n. 0-gO-do. O-dzu-'wfi. n. o-go-dzi. vaunting. n. knife or sword . n. a doorway. ancientness. appearance. O-dzi-gboi). dream. n.6. ori. daily. colt. O-ge-de. . O-dze. O-dzi-dzi. 0-dz6-ye. n. 0-dzu-kar)-n&. o-dzi-dzir). n. an O-du-a. the young of cattle. immediateness. caldron. three o'clock in a reviving. loss. O-dzu-nlfi. a pit. 6-gi. headlong falling. 6-dzo. a clod of earth. n. morning. the O-dzu-rar). justice. n. the road. n. dandy. n. eye-witness. O-dzo-ro. a mallet. and earth. gbe odz<i abo. a scar. «. a dexterous fellow. odz6 orur). an old bachelor. cmcardice. glory. O-dzo-dzu-mo. by forties — 6-fir). he O-gi-dar). a parrot . pron. a one oppressed. a jealous person. a sore. n. 6-dzi-dzi. 60 O-dzu-mS. a sharer. n. the shin. . 6-du. an army. modesty. a kind of squirrel. n. . n. revival. n. O-go-dze. O-gur). every day. O-do-gl. odio. an eye-servant. n. O-gU-fe. the god of blacksmiths and of soldiers. O-gi-ri. gbogbo. a cheat. See dgo. n. n. a fop. to covet. n. n. calamity. n. a loop. oAiix agbara. n. of a house. came a kind of drum. the palace ivhere the 6-gO-ti. the grave . n. companion of Ifa. O-dztl. forty n. sleep . — n. a ruler. a kind of scorpion. O-gbo. space. edge. sap of plants. n. 0-g6. a battle. of the road. for n. emptiness. n. o-dzi-dzi. an equal. O-fi-dzi. scarlet color. o-dzi-gbe-se. n. O-dzi-a. n. distributor. n. adultery. two large calabashes shut not to shame. n. odiii sama. n. O-dzo. desolateness. covetousness : 0-dztl-k6'-ko-ro. lead. headlongness : li starch of maize. 0-gbo-ni. truth. O-fu-ru-fQ. the space n. dess. O-dzo-gtir). prohibition. w. O-fi. n. n. n. 6-fo-ro. O-gbo-dzu. an interpreter. the ostrich. n. to /at»or. firmament. a person sitting at one's door daily to shame him into the payment of a debt. gum. war. : bread of a day comp. a companion. man. n. igba nla medii d de Jieaven heaven and earth the godi ^i. perpleimy. favor.. 6-fo. old age. O-dzo-bo. the outer corner sufferer. 0-dz§. wdh odiu il|. a wether. half cock a gun. a gutter. n. See ogbifo. a O-gi-dl-gbo. ale. a young or green yam. to a gate . trouble. the o-dzi-ya. forty.M. n. O-gbo-do. at play. a debtor. a coward. d-dzu-sor). n. face. all. O-dzu-lu-m. n. 0-fe-re. mwrn. O-gu-na. adv. n. a kind of wildcat. about lit. n. king takes the a skylight in air. the eye. n. a swinger. n. . rain : odio oti. daily O-ge. n. who cheats a sort of free-masonry a respectable O-dzo-'WU. a gallop). a loom. suddenness. dawn. n. ondie odi6. . n. a covetous person . num. 0-do-d6. M. 0-dz5. only. a law. a leopard. 0-dzu-ti. odifi aiye. n. (money). new weak n. n. 0-f5-fo. n. o-dzu-g9r). odifi re . O-du. a wide to street . odzfi. adv. K. n. a cloud gun . O-dzu-ri. n. in odzukokoro. a yard wall. 0-dzu-kpo. n. dream. an old dog. a time-server. n. himself (after being insane) al4. tlie principal O-gl-ri. O-du-du-a. a shadow. 71. dropsy. O-gGr). n. 6-gO. one hundred and forty. Nature : Odudua. to O-dzu-gba. an iron mace. an one inheritor. envy. n. a boiler. o-gbo-16-gbo. n. OGU morning. partiality. elderly 71. old age. 0-ge-de-gbe. n. n. the the morning star . o-gor)-go. n. num. a coal of fire. o-gbo-gbo. 0-dzu-r6-re. ague. n. 6-dzi. O-gbi-fo. an opening : odi(i ona. a kind of owl. 0-dz6-dzo. an electrical fish. O-fir). officer. O-dzu-la-fe-ni. an acquaintarwe. n. O-dzu-sa-dzu. O-gu-lu-tu. O-dzi. O-dzu-le (ile).ODO O-do-do. n. resin. every house. n. n. greediness. O-dzu-kpor). o-dzo-dzfl-le. a rush of a crowd. a vision. 0-fe. as distinguished from interest. O-dzo-gar). tale-bearer. the middle ogedemgbe . be opened. n. a daring man. as of a O-gi.

O-ku-ta. 0-lo-b6. ale. which has or pertains to Ifa . See ofofo. n. a sparrow. n. o-lo-dzu. advantageous. n. o-k6 i-bog. o-ki-ki. who is famous. o-ku-sa. s. ohuq ini. a lawgiver. a name of 6-ki. oijkEi. O-ki-ti 6-be. glorious. 0-kpo-ro. O-lo'-ku-ror). n. n. n. tattooer. an ill-natured person. a 0-16-gb6. the place of audience in the palace raised place to sleep on. the Ever righteous. an attraction. ale of millet. n. ignorance o-kpe-kpe. heaven. illness. thief. n. hill. o-ku-y e. 0-kp6. distance. bondage. state of death. o-kur)-ror). o-kpe. one 0-lo-di. hardness. 0-k§-hir)-d^ O-kf. n. 6-kfiri. a o-ke-re. a name. as of leather O-lo-fir). slavery. a rope-maker. n. . n. n. a physician. a who duns. strength. n. the lock of gun. 0-ku-sa-le. 6-ke. O-16-dzo. n. o-ke-le-ndze. ohur) ona. o-lo-go. n. instrument 6-llur). saving. o-lo-ni. benevolent. palm-wine. o-lo-r)ka. the king's traditionist or chronicler. 6-gtli). o-ke-16. utensil . the O-gn-ro-do. : a puzzle. 0-li-fa. an old dog. O-ki-ki-ri. o-lo'-ki-ki. O-lo'-gi-ni. failure a gun). vats. n. n. a stone. worn-out land. n. n. chest. dryness and hardness. n. o-16-kur). a morsel. theft. n. perspiration. O-ko-to. . O-lo-ri. n. n. oneself. n. a charm. n. O-ktli). 0-1&. ability. captain. 6-gtir). n. O-kpir). n. a great man's wife. 6-gur). speech. an inheritance a chair. to 0-kui). o-kur)-ra. a stranger. a-mb6. encouragement. tohich is a bale of goods. 6-l§. an old overgrown road. o-lo-gur). a word of exclamation. a kind of to fire (as lizard. a rope. n. God. n. O-gilr). o-i-b6. which has strings . 0-ko-b6. an (ile). leaf. a round pole. ilo. 6-ki-ti. or gives a caution. n. ends of O-ldre. rumor. foot-stalk of a wine-palm o-kli. n. n. a potash-strainer. woof of cloth. influence. one who is gra- cious. : one dull of memory. O-lo-dzu-kai). corn. O-ko. n. n. n. n. n. top. 0-k6. a sick person. n. 6-ka. a package of salt. a white man. one cowry. insipidity. a corpse. the voice. liar. O-kl-ri-bi-ti. n. n. a eunuch. poison. the dead. a ring. n. a cat. o-ku-ku. a cat. o-16-hur) (li). a string : okiiq darkness. O-kpo-kpo. boundary of land. a youth. n. a kind of snail. n. an avenue outside a town gate. 6-ko. rat.OGTJ O-gtiQ. a sound. n. a mast. o-hur)-k6-hur). 6-ke-16. 0-16-14. a man of n. 6-la. n. a knot. o-lo-gbo. o-lo-fo-ro. d-c. boundary. to which walled. a standing upright. n. n. O-kQ. a dun. n. flattery. n. e-i-b6. heap. tool. (5na). 0-gu-s5. tiijriq. n. afternoon's farm work j oko eru. 6-le. n. far of. n. who is hints. o-ki-ti a-ro. the See 0-kpir)-lS earth. compliments. the cloth-moth. O-llO 6-kur). n. n. n. fortified. fame. a professional a See stuttering. —num. the ocean. forsaking. a widow : okp6 oko. n. : a one-eyed person. n. n. . 61 twenty. property. a vessel. a righteous person. n. . n. a thing : ohur) O-hxLl). n. okirikpa n. salvation. 0-kur)-fa. a whitS-ant hillock. n. n. n. a headlong fall. 6-ki-ti. n. mountain oke orug. a summerset. tioine. 6-ke-td. a . end.. n. O-kti-su. ohur) 9sig. n. n. n. adia. n. n. 6-kur). o-lo-fo-fo. n. for alkfl. a bit. dull knife). a wallet n. n. n. stammering. 0-ktl-n9. is honorable. n. n. medicine. a benefactor ol6re ofe. n. a stone. usual. refuse from dyeing a boulder. n. difficulty . a farm: oko 0-lo'-gor)-se. the breast. O-ki-ri-kpa. n. m. 6'-kur)-kur). a n. n. O-kpo. 6h ! the ! usual reply a salutation. or cut (as a O-lo '-do-do. the area of a circle. 6-kar)-ai-ya. a salutation. renunciation. anything rotten. chief. n. who one hill for planting yams. a post . OLO n. 0-16-go. which is common. 6-gu-r6. O-ku-ru-ro. n. See 6. a head man. a tobacco-pipe. O-lo-du-ma-re. a domestic animal. aloof. possessions . M. n. n. that which saves. height. a O-lo-ri. 6-I0-I6. a a roof. 6-ki-ti O-gtlr). any thing whatever. a simpleton. n. . an owner. oni.

-m&-rar). n. . an adviser. O-ml-rar). n. a comforter. up. 0-lu-gb6. a shoe-maker. divider. n. which w. the throat . O-16-ye. O-ni-kpa. n. n. O-lu'-ko-re. variety. olu'-ku-ltl-ku. n. n.-ni. a preserver. a believer. a kinsman. who appoints our lot. 0-l<i. a cudgel. O-lu-sir). the yellow monkey. o-lu-da-re. n. o-ni-ke-ke-re. O-lu'-'wo-dzQ. o-ni. o-ni-ka.r). a beginner. (fi). a noble. n. proposer. poor. 6 de li came the to-day. a redeemer. sharer. M. h£ oni oloni. n. o-mi-dze. n. o-ld-kpa-mo. n. is a nurse. owner. powder of any kind. an owner : old a hammer. a surety. o-lu-rS. O-ni-kpir). O-nde-re. O-lo. kikai). a helper. n. n. n. a barber. o-lu-ko. O-lu-se. the grass-nut. deliverer. n. n. a creator. n. maker. : o-ndze. which is curved. n. every. n. courteoti*. hater. a slave. o-lu-da-nde. : 0-16-t6. is justified. mud floor. n. n. n. one who 0-nI-gfl. o-ni-gb&-dza-m6. a tear. one who takes part in a transaction. o-mi-rli).OLO O-16-rir). O-ni-fo. n. n. a guardian. a giant. savior. n. o-nl-bo-de. a helper. n. n. n. n. n. O-ni-da-nde. n. actor. O-nde. a just person. n. o-lu-kpa. who is wise. n. backer. a devout or devoted person. O-mu. n. this very day . is long-suffering. n. a wise man. a free person. cutioner. or raises. who loves. 0-lo-'w6. a murderer. O-lu-gbe. o-ln-mbxai). conqueror. n. another. n. 0-lu-"wd. O-ltl-kpi-le-se. o-nl-ffi-ra-ro exe- a stipporter. O-lu-to. o-nl-bu-sl. o-lu-kpa-ni. o-l<i-kpor)-dzti. a wanderer. n. n. n. famous. a maiden. o-nl-ki-ri. n. o-ni-gba-ni. a chief. giver. 0-l<l-gba-l&. adds. a helper. n. this day. O-lu'-se-tar). O-lfl-lju-koi). water omi o'-mi-d&i). a one who blesses. o-nl-di-kar). O-lu'-gbo-ro. n. n. or is beloved. an o-ni-fa-ra-Tve. n. n. a reaper. a judge. n. cloth is fulled. n. lifts o-ni-d&. o-nl-fe-fe. n. n. participator. victor. who maintains who who an a who beats a om-ni-ra. a smooth round block on which o-nl-da-la-re. eijyii) onikekekere igbagbo. n. O-lu'-tO-dzti (od^fi). worshipper. emulator. n. tied to the body. ofig. ransom^r. 0-ltl-fi-s5r). See abiku. food. boaster. a parrot. O-mi. savior. director . 0-ni-dfi. pron. a priest. each. a shepherd. n. other. O-lu-'wfi. one who is O-lu-kpir). accuser. is distinguished. O-lo'-su-ma-re. a sender. o-lu'-ko-lo. n. a watcher olu^o agutai). one o-l(i-sa-r6. a proud person. a debtor. o-16-ti-t6. a thoughtful person. O-lu-bO. «. n. n. 63 o-lu-tar). o-mi-to-ro. O-lCl. a small person. a lord. n. a child who has one parent free and n. a washer. n. o-lu-fu-ni. a O-lu-se. (in6). or feeds . a sheep-shearer. a singer. n. distressed. o-lu-kpa'-ra-in9. an officer. n. who is troubled with a cough. crop-gatherer. n. one lie 0-lu-s5. the other. who is gentle. of events. a n. who is rich. a builder. one who brings up a child. n. O-lu-fe. n. n. n. who n. n. n. m. o-lu-ni6. a keeper. 0-lu-gb3. o-nI-gba-gb9. swallowing with ease. a custom-house officer. one who respects persons. o-lo-ri-o-ri. an individual. an amulet n. owner of a shoe. n. a redeemer. a lawgiver or o-nif-rfl. o-nl-da-dzo. an enemy. n. a believer. n. o-lu'-re-ror) (iroq). o-lu-ko-ni. broth. O-lo'-ri-sa. o-ni-gb9-"wo O-nl-ha-le. ye of o-nl-ke-re. O-16-ye. n. O-lo-ro. a person. otvner. n. o-nl-gbe-se. o-lu-Ava-re. teacher. a sharer. n.r). O-loyo. all sorts. n. plaintiff. one who has little of a thing little faith. master. a : o-nl-kpe-ld. 0-lu-f9'-kar)-sI. n. prudent. n. to-day oni. author. n. foul water. ONI a a relative. ». n. o-iii'-ka-n6 one who is crtul. ajustifier. O-ni-kO (iko). an idolator. o-ltl-rar)-16--wo. n. n. n. O-lo'-ru-ko. venomous. pron. an imitator. a gardener. a a a server. (gba). n. a young chicken. n. omi-odzti. who o-lu-gbCg-gbo. : o-lu-rar)-se. the disposer 0-lu'-s6-gba (ogba). or blesses. who is poverty-stricken. the oth^r a tempter. doer. w. n. U catechumen of an idol. n. «. O-nl-ba-ta. < o-ni-dar)-"wo.

n. M. the the lips for sorrow . n. o-ru-ba. • O-ni-roi). O-ni-ro-ra. who is tattooed or circumcised. hippopotamus. a family. or)-nfi. it. morning. O-ri-se fi. / am or was the sun O-rtlr). O-ro-mbo o-ro-re. Sec okpokpo. one n. 6-ru. n. 6r). a jailor. O-nl-tu-'bu. n. n. butter : o-nl-ku-kpa-ni. 0-s6. jug. steam. is mortal. the indigenous mango. o-ru-ga r)dzo. the erect posture. their person. a fauper. 6-r6. 63 O-ri. a O-ro-nu. OX). the large red setting sun. it. n. modest. a meek person. god of civil government. 0-r4. : Hie O-nl-se-gTir). is humble. a peace-maker. n. n. M. is broken-hearted. o'-ru-ka. grace. n. o'-ri-sa. n. o-r6-ro. o-re-re. n. n. a roof. n. a possessor. a stall. O-ni-'wa. a worker. a watching from a tower. a song. lit. n. a smell. n. the club a messenger. the 0-nI-13. n. and. n. n. n. «. office. n. she. who is who who a o-nl-ru-ru. : sun omij la. O-rui). n. o-sise. a name n. a bulrush. n. a wretch. a name o/"Obatala. ditions. sleep the sets . n. a pitcher. thirsty. o-ni'-no-ni-bi'-ni. n. n.ONI O-ni-ku. a a doctor. n. n. o-r6. o-nl-lo-ra. n. n. circumstance : oniwa iwa. n. o-re. oil-pot. n. n. : lam sun sleepy. n. o-ni-sa-dzu. pron. n. an loho is proud. n. or)-ro-ro. n. fortune. a spring. erectness . dread. n. O-nlre-l^. n. n. which heat. O-rir). n. a poor or miserable person. 6-rO. a wriggler. nation. which is fiery. variety. O-ru-gu-du. n. good luck. n. O-re. the farm-god. n. butter. doctor. O-ro-ro. lime. n. the executive torture. n. the 013-ld. a smacking of See osc. Ol)-se. a tying-up place. which wriggles. o'-ri-sor). O-sil). to anoint. all circumstances or con. n. priesCs work. a persecutor. O-ri-lS. 0-ru-l§ (ile). difficulty. bottle. or)-fe. 0-n6. n. o-nl-si-ti. O-ro. trader. O-ni-ye.O-ru. rises . race. the porcupine. or)-ka. n. hardness. n. n. who is slothful. n. n. n. O-si. n. which is tamed. 0-ni-n6 ti-te. n. to be tormented. midnight. o-ri-ke. . oro. n. that which saves. in sorrow. n. O-nl-we-re. one who is charitable. provo- O-ni-ru. fierceness. one who is austere. o-ni-n6 fu-fu. 0-nI-s6-"W0. ori 0^1 the head. yai). shea end of the finger. 6-sir). n. : .^ro?i. a 6-rir). a mechanic. him. O-ni-na (ina). O-rCl. o-re. n. the priestly o-nI-r6-bi-n6-dzf n. a domestic animal. anyone. kindness : south. a nation. n. venom of reptiles . 0-se. n. O'-ri-sa-nlS. O-ni-se. lie-goat. O-nl-BO-gui). same name. O-ru-ko. honey the a stick to stir ale with . O-nl-le-ra. o-nl-'wa-si. a ring. ore o(e. 0-ni-l&. similarly endowed. oil : O-nl-SO-na. wJio is healthy. thirst oqgbe gbe mi. n. the post of honor : osir) yama. physician. an n. a watch-tower.-lu-fa (ise) n. n. or). a powerful or eloquent speaker. orug kor) mi. tribe : orile 6de. a purchaser. pimples on the bitterness. her. of Saijgo. goodness. bashful. a greedy person. n. n. n. 0-ri-so. paint. an orange. thing. n. ». 0-nl-n6 dl-ddr) (ino). O-se. 6-re. o-nl-'wa-su. n. n. who has a disposition or character . M. gall. n. jyron. priesthood. betrayor. n. lemon. 0-m-ti-'wor). a preacher. n. misery. O-rur). a fountain. who . partial.-dz3. one who a a counter. a kind ofpigeon . himself. 0-se-se. a mat of rushes. n. ^e-oruq. saver. n. that. pron. counts. fi ami ororo is tender. idol. conj. one who has a good memwy. a amo. torment o-nl-sa-dzu. a short thick a prehension of danger. n. n. o-nl-re-ra. traitor. is is who hairy. who which pained. night. (oro ambo). a pure-hearted person. O-ro-bo. is is cation. the orui) w6. face. O-ro. 0-ni-sl. he. or)-gbe. n. cattle. 0'-ri-s&-ko (oko). O-nl-'WO-ra. of the state deified. one who «. n. an author or inventor of a n.. top . the left. the 0-ni-ni. a scent. a good-natured person. a^oiM^ of the limbs. o'-ri-ka (ika). a tooth-brush made of a root bearing tune. meat of the first quality. various kinds.

the new moon. rainbow. w. li 6dzo. 0-'w6. o-f5. O-fe-re. to ceive. 6-"WO. n. n. soup. Lord. form a 9-b&. which is : od4 da cold. drought. sorcerer : ie oio to bewitch. coarse white cloth. to hold an o-dz6. need . bees in a hive. old ale do you need anything ? nyii) ? 6-da. presence of . q-de. wages. every day. n. of a house. o-tor)-kpar)-yar). n. w. o-bo. sloven. ])ron. the bosom. a vain struggle. lily. a hand-saw li many days. she. . cord. O-yo. o-dze-hur). O-te. k6 li oye gba. a number : li ariij O-yi. n. n. n. to a grove. n. 0-yi-b6. n. §. prey. n. grove. the creation. so . a baboon. O-to-si. n. aux. : n. (ise). \gax). or place. one toho is shameless. a remnant of cloth in the loom. odio idio. : the being nearly. O-yQr). a comb. n. n. / am dying iwa. n. a piazza. O-tu-tu. ti o-Ag. a measure. see lod9.5-dza. a paion . "n. dearth. n. o-v?"i-"wl. n. O-WO. Ood. and twenty. n. a white 7nan. n. adv. jealousy. the a n. understanding. pregnancy . species of fig-tree. wriggling. hence. a gentle breeze. a day : odi6 ale. to be 2)regnant. the generative principle. dawn. to stand in a grove. morning. a market. a filthy person. 9-dur). 17. a glutton. 9-dz6-dz9-dz6. beginning of odi6 isi. O-su-ma-re. one who creates disturbance. n. derstand . n. cloth of palm-leaf fibres. n. the Almighty. lie. moon. n. intellect : oye ye mi. 0-S0-n6. an a inconsistent story . O-Ave. a o-ba-ra. . the stale of o. n. otito idi. a band. n. n. n. birthday . lodging-place to set : the 5-dzo. n. o-AVO-kaQ-ai-ya. n.oso O-SO. n. a boil. con. 9'-de-de. a title of honor. a beetle 9-b9r)-b9r)'. gratis. customs. a living being li odo. plumpness. n. (Gen. truth : O-to-lo. 9-d6. n. 6. the corner 9-b6. todo lati odo. O-td. n. yearly : li S-AVU-rb. n. pack-thread. talker. 9-b§. odi6 ibi. num. ©-wd-se ©-"wCl. an arrow. 9-dfi. day of being. O-ye. n. truth. oyuij. (insect). gloomy weather. the n. a king n. od9duri li A ri i.-rii). 9-bo-r9. hunt for. fog. n. a cold in wax. traffic : se owo. 9-dzfi. n. 0-y6. 0-"W0. O-ti-tO. n. n. ta^.. the origirmting god (an androgyne). we see it every year. O-'WU-SU-'WU-su. a lamb. a year.a. a father's kinsjKople. n. pledge. a place of settlement. a. odi6 office. green scum on loater (lemna) . oyiq alugbe. sire Oba Ogo. to an owl. a prairie. that which is broken off. n. noon. a knife. I un. a seller. writhing. every year. will. pron. n. shall. wild honey . n. a small owl. world . n. 6-dar). n. honey : oy'iri O-yirj. 1. n. assembly-day . n. O-ya. . a pit to catch a thief or beast.r)-gi-dzi. oLui) ode. a proverb. 9-ba-le. trade. plain (not marked). 6-su-'wor). n. thicket : kpa oAu^u. one hundred o-fa. from. a pawn. hash. ! an exclamation of the street. g-Agi). semicircle. time. old times. tkey set no number (of times). palaver.n. 9-da-dz<l (d4 odiu).. «. a weight. n. . a girth . n. b-fL. the not. si odo. a month. n.g-dig-'k. n. an epoch. a notable day.• : cotton. office : die oye. O-be-do.) 9-dz9-dz9. n. n. 5. g-dg-dvLT). a squabble. money : id owo. the head. n. to make money. melo ? how often ? nwoij 9-dtlr). to trade. o-dai). sauce. O-ba-kar). 64 si. being in 6-fe thou. n. a covenant-breaker. green color. daily. n. O-tu. O-ba. afternoon . pit-fall. a horn. a hunter: de ode. o-su-me-re. o-tu'-di-md. part. n. O-ba-ta-lS. n. n. cowries. the of vertigo. 5-b9i). father. O-SU-SU. O-'we-re. that which separates. See osise. n. he has no sense. n. O-dfi. the young of domestic animals : odo agu9-di-a-kpa-sa. thread . 9-f§. giddiness : oyi r)kpa mi loh. sodo. merchandise. n. OFO prostration. d-ye. an ill-natured person. a honey-bee. n. O-SU. n. an umbrella . effort. n. the true cause or reason. tax. witch. those who carry a corpse through it. n. 0-tu-ni5. n. a hind of antelope. n. 0-bfi. a parable . n. n. 0-i-b6. O. the being almost. 9-fii).i3. n. k6 li oye. 9do . b-fe. n. o-su-kpa. gratuity. ©-wd-bo-de. 6-t6.

vexed . wisdom. d-ka. dis- o-kp6-lo-kpo. a stir- forth spurs. n. disease : oka ikfi. o-go-dzo. num. wisely. the otvner or overseer of a road. wild hoar : a^vain boaster. challenge . to put 0-k6. n. n. n. . 6-gbor). orisa. n. n. canoe. 6-ko. . n. n. a rod . one roho refuses to do a thing. darkness. to. nu}n. olokai} niirao. n. n. of the white ant. 6-kur). much. safety. de ino. a peace-maker. thirty. embryo. any kind of corn. thanks n. there. an insect (Tiilus) a stupid person. a 5-gai). a bridegroom. a travellinggba. a maiden nearly grown. a precipice. a staff. O-har). 9-16-na (5na). O-ko-kai). the n.-la-ba. n. o-gb6r)-gbor). n. o-kpe-le. o-kpo-'wom. the dead. one hundred and sixty. n. 9-19-na (9na). majesty. a husband a hoe. tJiat g-lo-ghdt). num. adv. 9-19-inti 6-kar). O-gbor). 9-IS. (Vs. O-gbarj-gar). a proper name of a man. : da 9kp§. great o'-ko-kai). the place beyond li 61iuij. 0-ge-g6. o'-kori-ri. n. honor..) eleven. a boat. defiance. n. O-ga. ti boat. n. o-go-rui). avarice. O-19-la. O-for). 71. they went by ship. . n.OFO 6-fo. n. e-ko (omu). which has. num. O-kpe. interj. a boiol. a mechanic. a package 0-19. struggle. to-morrow. the banana. to thank. ogbe in6. an ensign. soft. a multitude.ur). a mill-stone. O-gfir). a balance. an instant the large n. a spearma7i. n. did it wisely. the heart. reins. num. a frog. one who is lazy. ara ogbel|. n. to. and twenty. n. : Most O-ke-re. a married man. the oil-palm. policeman. n. H. one hundred eighty. n. n. abundance. n. a hand-bell. 9-lo-dz3. the hilloclc . a pole : okpa ikpo. 9-le. a messenger of Ifa. the same : ie okai). or pertains 9-15-kar). a bailiff. 71. : a wise person. thunder. a garden. a vial. o-go-rir). Guinea corn. «. O-le-le. n.. p-gb6r). a gloomy weather. a maii. yonder. a straight course. to agree. O-ko. which cold is gentle. O-gbe-le gbdro. bristles of a turkey-cock. equality. g-ghSi. n. abundance. a clay-2nt. death with a wide o-kpa-ko. one ivith a holy heart. n. n. (of salt). an ho7iorable or official person. 9-lo-kpa-ga. n. subtlety. club. n. the chameleon. a staff-bearer. a heart : 0-k&. laziness. o-go-fa. O-gerd. n. n. n. num. 9-lo-gar)-rar). a riddle. n. sixty. o-la-ra. n. O-lh. is exalted. n. num. an equal. n. n. n. 9-l9-k9. o-kpo-16. n. name of a re. . : a thorn. the large red millet (sorghum) . n. ^e okpB. an envious person. ship. a foetus. O-kpa-lai. a dispute. n. internal he- morrhage. n. meaning a gun. O-kaiJ-lfi. a squabble. the squirrel. s]war nwofl ba oko loh. : mourning for the neck. n. place. who oga n. a kind of cricket. — 0-kpS. wealth. 5-lfi. O-he. a dare. gauze. a hero : Oga Ogo. an innumerable swarm. o-kpor). O-la. authority. midnight ogaqdzo medze. num. (ile). the O-kpS. honest dealing. e. n. the death 9-19-kpa. O-ge-yi. 9 . OLO a sack. n. 5'-ge-de. each one. n. o-go-ta. a cocFs spur jo ogai). n.-dza. 0-kp6. n. the direction totvards or oiyposite 0-gar)-rar). : d-gbo-do. cunning : o fi 9gboi) ^e he O-kpe-re. 0-gb6r). o-go. coincide. 9-kai). a banner. n. shuttle . trough. 71. the shoulder-blade oko asa. o-ko-la-ya. o-gar)-dzo.. o'-go-do. n. n. adv. an executioner. a wound : nw9i) 0-k6-se. : a «. a depth. a gardener. a fence. one. a pole to push a canoe. n. the direct line . 65 O-ke. n. n. 5-h. 0'-ka-ndz<l-a. a kind of cake. O-kpa-gui). 71. a canoe. n. iku abenu 0-kpai-mb6 (okpe ainb6) n. a master or owner of a ship. the cassava. High O-gar). 0-I9. 9-16-k9. 9-19-re. rup. oko ij^awo. yes. IC. ogbe staff: were cut to the heart. no ! n. num. a miser. a giver. one by one. n. they O-kpa. one hundred. n. n. a stupid person. V. 5-gba. n. the pine-apple. o-gb6r)-ko-gbor) (ogboq ki ogboi)). P'-ke-re. a deep ditch extreme end . n. O-gbe. 71. a pit. dry land dry-land mouth. 6-ko-lo-bi-ri. n. 9-lo-gb3. a bottle.

an iron digger . w. n. a small cowry-bag made of grass. n. the sky. disciple . n. flight. a lale omo alade. a small whip. a son. n. n. a num. O-lo-to. orisa. 9-tfi. n.' e. a pestle . a common pot-herb. n. a dark . salt. o-m9-ni-ke-dzi. hell . a follower. another person. n. from. : fi 5rai) loh. adversary: 9ta foe. 5-sir). O-lo-ti. apprehension. as of a pot. fat. a lastard omo eliiq. enmity. zen. . i. 9-sar)-gar)-gai). a crocodile. n. conversation : oro ikoko. a kind of crane. euphorbia. spirituous liquoi: difference. the neck. a rat-trap . separateness . citi- saying (Ps. convulsions. osprey. the invisible world. holy water in the idol houses. n. beer. a cause. one hundred. o-te-se. decoration. deceit. n. n. a holy-day. eaves of a house. rebellion. 0-X&. very wide cloth. the little finger. space a keg. heaven. n. midday. a fairy. 0-r§. odzu. robbery. a liquor-dealer. pupil of the eye . ant. O-ro. n. w. o-mo-dir). a matter.g. dried okra. a word. the chief of house. shot. OTO diarrhoea: biiij a rich man. 9 -sir). separate or withdraw alms. O-mo-le (ilo). . much talk. udder . tender leaves of a tree. a brother or sister by the 6-SUl). God. the chief of the Coun- of Twenty-two. n. n. appeal. men are different ya si 9t9. O-ril). a switch. show : b-sg. n. fear of results. 9-Sfi. n. . omo ale. o-se-ge. or plied to tlie inferior gods. n. a bow-string. n. breast milk . n. n. a young chicken . school-child . n.r). children of a king. o-sii). n. of an hour. O-lo-sa. hades o-rtlr). n. as to rank. mechanic's work. omo 9do. 5-r9. n. 0-r6. o-mo-ko-ko. (ori). 66 5-rir). 6-ni5-bi-ri (6biri). a kernel: qmo 9-rur). fat 9-na. the 4ika. a road. one who makes a mistake. a private informer. n. n. a hard kind of wood. offspring . n. n. 5re anu. n.OLO O-16-ro. (ese). clay. a licensed roller. «. n. 6kai). exaggeration. : orui) akpadi. a loy. the sabbath. tippler. little toe. complaining. O-lo-tai). the straightforward direction. «. a cascade : osor9 adire. prin. n. ces . 9-ta. a ' name never ap- e. the cil Eunuchs . n. n. n. g-\. thorns in a pitfal.. offering n. a rivulet.r). n. carving. an a grand-child. the female breast. fatness: ora egur)gufl. n. a 9-S9. O-tor). dysentery . Sriq^se O-lo-rur) (6 oruij). marrow. O-mo-dur). O-ni. same mother. «. a young woman. a smithes hammer . a loealth . oke orui). omo 5-sa. an affair a friend. daughter. eighty. O-mu. Jie is sick of diarrhoea. the right hand side or direction . omo ogui). an esculent fruit. 0-s6. omo kewu. (li). q-ShX). a seditious man. n. 6-re-re. n. o-re-re. a rich or distinguished person a child. stick to divide the woof. agbo. ale. n. charity. : an executioner. 0-S0r)-S0r). a lody-scrvayit . an eloquent man. n. n. soap o-se. or9 idiiijle. 5na Isokuij. n. to a purchase. o deadly 0-n9. : O-re. 9-t9'-k9-lu. 4) o-r9r). a long o-h&X). n. n. the god of medicine. 9-ta. 9-S&. O-Td.o-ti. o-mo-no-ya (in6 iya). partment of government : as. o-mo-dd. n. &c. O-mo-lo-dzu a potter. n. om9 O-sa. li edie. n. . domestic animals. n. cattle. decoration. O-mo-d&r). a cord : oikxi enia. a drunkard. n. second. n. to adorn. adv. n. servant. n. n. n. n. M. n. O-te. a bullet. 5na Iwefa. enia 4 ma ya It qiq^ 5-re. lean person. heaven. 9-tI. equivocation. 6-r6. 0-sai)-har). a distant a relel. omo ok1i. enu 9^pr9. 5-rar). n. a Irewer. nvm. n. grains of maize boiled. own. a 9-rur)-la. drippings of rain from the eaves of the «. daytime. n. another. a jmrchaser. a land privateer. a scholar. a child. n. O-re-ke-se. O-se. o-r&. 9-ta-o-l9-dza. n. a ghost. n. n. a kind of O-si-gi. n. a kind of rope. a space of time : 6sa agogo kag. relative. a gift. soldier . a toe. a channel . o-mo-dd. a mystery. omo O-Sfi. retreat : sk osk.0-s6-ro. m. a lid. a bow. an enemy. n. n. very well. the house-lizard. a president of any de. an orphan . 0-in6-kor)-ri (okoqri). 5-na. 0-sar)-hir). name of the lake at Lagos. O-lo-te. ie li 959. 9-t6r). n. all right. O-mo. 49. O-mo-rl o-in6-se 0-xa. present. om9 odo. to flee from. n. the whole population. a girl.

rar)-se. O-'WO. (Mat. dissipate . its. at a great distance. v. hand . as to price . ©-we-re. ra-dzo re-ti. far. r§. re-de-re-de. entirely. . 9-'wS. to be good . creep. v. ra-ko. retaliation. to be red . re-dl (idi). as an insect. hand time (for hand. fade. as a chimney. re-fir) (ru re-fir). in a high degree. n. as fire or infectious disease. v. soar around. V. n. adv. (ni cti). thee. v. to be peevish. adv. 11. . rS. 67 ra-na ra-nti of rar). v. to journey. gone. rau-rau. re-re. to linger in sickness. sew : . a trembling. to . to cut. v. V. to soak. harmattan-wind. n. . harshly r6-kp5. (i-'wgi). v. owo n. to crumble. adv. xSl. n. to rot. : to much. — adv. send a company invited to do a piece of work. . 0-to-t9. accord. O-Ava-ra. a hedge-liog. to spin. gether.. o-ya. to help. rain. . ih to . v. the whole. (crying or roaring. rai) ni si wa. to be to cross over. (li). adv. n. send on business. rar) rar) rai) . ra . n. re-le. attain to. as a trap. as to ra-d9 (edo).. re. her. to to shine. to to ache slightly. loudly. opportunity. totality. to to v. V. adv. mother has been long barren. go a journey. . v. to pass beyond. as a hawk. said to eject venomous rarj-Avu. look sternly or fiercely. in a goodly goodness .. adv. a wicked ra-rfi. to crawl. to sew small pieces of cloth to to owo fame . off. n. ofiij or efii)). . which is scattered. the foot-stalk of a ^vine-palm leaf. (li). to R ra. ivclL re-l)i (ebi). communicate. n. respect. v. 0-"W9-le. : to be friendly . REL (ina). to stick or adhere. (ile). to cheat. 42. to twist. . to recompense. (re). surpass to tie —adv. V. smoke. ra-mu-ra-mu. to re-ra. pron. rh. to pity. v. travel. scarcity. ra-le ra-le to lath. he aided xhX). ra-hur)-ra-hur). n. off. 0-"WO-d6-'W9. v. . the thief. v. entirely gathered. shear. r8. retaliate. n. humbled . . v. together. well. n. to lath. v. like go . O-ya. 26. the elders of Oyo. to speak o-'wa-ri-rl. to spittle. to increase or multiply. an accomplice. ra-ra. his. r2. . v. to r6-k<l. le-ti v. to be entirely to expect. V. him. to skim milk . v. cloth. a pillar. (re). r§. caravan. V. to wag the tail. dze. ra-di. M. to shelter. V. as a trap. remind. dearness. n. n. perplexity so rahuqrahui). to hover near.-gar)-bl (ro agar) bi). V. . a black snake. tradition. re-ri. n. the Niger wife of Sai)g6). to dye. . V. to ra-d9-b6. to- a kind of perch. to be past harvest time. 0-y9-im-si. to remind. n. adv. to xh. raq loh. agree. . re-ni. O-ya. foolishly. send a messenger. v. re-ge loudly. v. recompense. a broom. honor. rS-re. to craiol. be perplexed. lo-dzu 19--WO lu. grow slowly . to to spring or go a creature the O-ye. a hen . . . to : rag rar) . to lath a house . . spin cotton. a snare. ivarm or dry at the to to fire. the small intestines. to suit. ku-na. as a lion). v. the . 0-'w6. sew cloth.OTO 0-tor)-lS. n. v. re-ke. . buy . re adv. to break a law. a child bom after the re. to cut. v. hire. to b-Ave. to moulder . n. a flock. v. heavy of heart. v. to V. n. to murmur. . to appoint . (li). wound. v. pass by me. ni-rai). out of sight. a column. travel. to rar) . to help . wages. ni-se. to dazzle. abetting : 6 die ole li 6we. O-'VJ'qx). o-"w§-re. to lay one thing on another. to agree. to v. ina. k9-dza. v. all. rub upon . . surpassingly re mi kodia. — manner. n. 9-W9r).-hur) (ohui)). v. M. rfl. to be evening. comfort or quiet . . v. withe?. v. grumble. . raij-so. for ra-le. ironically us. to set (al5). proud. to shed leaves. to endure ikpo. h-'vro. burn . a piece of scarlet «>. v. ram-ram. at 0-'w6r). ra-ndztl a shower (ni odzii). assortment tB. ra-re. v. v. to be weary. to struggle. sp>lenetic . person. thy . n. (tlie to shed to moult. v. . to hover. doing a thing). ra-lji-tfi. to rai) send . n.) to kill. to the day after to-morrow. V. hope pick the ear. to perish. remember. ra-ko-ro.

ri-ro. ri-ndo-ri-nd9. . meditate. seeing.r). r5-dzu. . as water . f . closely Ic . a public enterprise ro-kir). to loither. r6-dzo (odzo). spy . to mingle. to meditate. scrape together. careful ! a road. V. V. . to break ship of a family. V. rl-ri. be to to look sad. re-re. V. ri-rar). to rush. suspend on a thing. to relate. . to open a road.REL re re . ri . to rise. to r6-na . to wither . ri-re. rt-ri. v. V. to farm. si-lS. pursue smile. barren from disease. drip or drop. to repent. n. to tickle : riq. to pro- ri-rar). solemn. common salutation on meeting in the ro-hii) (ihiq). . adv. V. harsh. ru. to be to to solemn. v. to bend or break at the edge . : rodio si. . 6ko na m^ r6-dzu (odzu). odzu. (edzo). to meet by . TO. to conspire . m. v. to post in the ground sley. to to water. . on the elbow. adv.. See ro-ke-ke. gentle. V. into. to flee from. bend down. mo-lS. V. to be easy. leather. v. recline. to be austere. (&na). ro-kpo ro-kp5. slightly (trembling). a sinking. rir) . ri-ru. to yield or give place. to be nauseated. a swelling. . adv. . r5. . clock to cut weeds from ground. v. strength . (weighing) heavily. insist to receive. ro-re. to stir. ri. : issuing forth ro-no. to be pale. V. 16 : (ile). to give account ansxoerfor^ to delay. to ro-ko ro-le (oko). to be elevated. to see a vision or wonder. to to nauseate. to lean . to shear. V. v. to rain . to heretofore. 68 . to sink. to translate. V.. to set a watch for . to be v. sight . he is sick of palsy. v. to rain water on. to he v. duce. mingle. v. as a r6r). V. adv. . . : humble. 16. to strike. V. ro-gui). beset. r5r)-gfl. ri-di (idi). V. : reriij wesi. . to see. rbx) ^gba. to drown. re-yir) ri. of. by relating the facts of the case. adv. go softly : ma rora. 'a sending re. to . to be jyaleness.. sail . V. with a fine red color. v. (ikpo). ease. n. r9r). r6. to RU . as an animal. ri-ri. swell. to V. re-rir). to laugh v. v. n. to re-roi) (iroij). n. See ri. to to slacken. to appointment. to persevere. to lie in wait. brightly (red). to pain. v. xe . to fast. to gbk. V. to be or seem difficult. ro-dzo ro-dzu rd-dzu. the beard. . to urge. v. v. V. V. ro-dzo. n. to hide. n. a sprout of a vegetable. adv. v. TO-guV). to be ivet . the dip chew. to bear patiently. to v. (odiu). a pimple. (oyiij). to explain. to make sick at the stomach. relS. to be tranquil. to be gentle. to plant a tree or a turn from a course or position. See re v. to be sick : 6 n. n. ro-ro. ro lo-dzu. press. hang or lean upon. press to the earth. to — rial. to stand erect . to be exposed . rere ro-n6 (ino). to seem. to be be agitated. as a fountain angry. ro. V. decline humble. to abase . V. . rox)-gbgi). to relate traditions. tell. to . to think. a plot. distil. to find . v. to active preparations for some make an uproar or tumult. V. to excite : ro kal§. defiled. a weight. to tell news. a door -mat of twigs. rl-rl. trim the hair. to till. to gush V. to be perplexed. of a matter. to mix. waves. ri . . ri. . V. understand or ascertain the nature to swing. to be tame. v. to stir up. intend . n. See rai). id.. ri-nd9. drain off. ro-n6-kpi--wa. ro-gbo-kH. wander. to fabricate from any raw mateor ivory. to rebel. an eye-servant. to publish abroad. rl-ki-sl. walk. to mitigate to be soft . V. to sop. ro-koi). v. to sprinkle to to laugh. to throb . to spring up. V. gba-kfi. to be. See ri. an ro-ndor). v. See the root^ ' re' riru onii.-da. greatly (trembling). to sound. rir). to r5r). rll). brightness. to . ro-ro. to col- have . to inherit property. to be lect into a mass. ro-ki-ro-ki. r6-ro. to see. n. to try. to flourish. to lean surround. V. V.. V. V. . to mow. rere. the bearded sheep. that ship sails well or rapidly. to cool. . V. to to succeed by inheritance to the head- boil over. as iron. a pustule. (lie). to travail. to sprout. V.. Ie-d9 (li). V. to take honey from the hive. ril). sfi. r9-nd9i)-r9-nd9r). r6-r9. to take the place of another. ro-in6. out. to make . as rb-M. ro-le. plot against. n. to to relate. sight. V.of stomach. smoke. which is seen or to be seen. to piass threads through the out. to cease. cut doicn. r6-be-re. on . explain at length. as yams. to sprain . Tgi)-Tgx). ro . adv. shun. to to trouble. v. rir)-ril3. r5-ra (ara). to till .

v.conj. Sfi. or water from the ground . v. prep. se. where ? sa-ta. a lohile. in (after a verb of motion). v. to cook. sa . n. they prosper ru-bu-tu. 6 mb6 se o. God preserve one's life or breath : preserve thee! (said to supe- sa-ma. V. sa-kpe-re. Sfi-rir) (si). perhaps. a sandal. confusedly. n. «. ru-ke-ru-d6 (6ke odo). . or token. to be vexed. up . to tie ru-du-ru-du. n. n. to remove sai). 18) . M. to sacrifice. sl. to be. dry in the sun : sa S&-"w6 s6. rd-gu-du. 5. make a pattern. ru in strips or sVqys. adv. of motion). n. a privy. sa-kpa-ra. to be V. v. to shut in. sa-kpa-mo. 19-dza. sa-16h. V. . to a border sewed a blanket or sheet. rClr). a bird noted for v. to cause sedition. sar)-sar). se-SO the stinging bean. to sa-re (ire).-ka-sfi. refuge under a persorCs pro. a writing. n. bear fruit. a seditious person. to consume. to slip from the memory. imprison. dug behind. run away. se-gi. s. to fear . . to crack. n. v. prepi. to prepay sarj esai). back. (ogui)). to to distil. a household. emphatic and nearly expletive: as. to run. V. chew a stick. sa-la-hfi. se . V. barren or unfruitful. adv. Sfi-I). See sa-mi (ami). abscond.-ga-ti to become a close conflict or to battle. a mark or seal on.RU rtl. V. to run. barren land. carry . Obrui) semi sign on. n. v. sfi. mo-16. to bear. . S^ V. day during verb ru-ru. i) 6 / will arise (Luke 15. n. as dew. to be barren. sa-di (idi). behold ! look ! to close kuro nin6 or lod9. sa ? adv.i (omi). recompense. to v. indignant.-ka. sa-ra. V. se. 39. sfi. se-d6 (odo). he denied his Lord. 69 lean : SI V. to break to pieces. for. aiya woij. to stink . to be healthy. n. to be thick and short. beneflt : retaliate . (aga). ru-lu-ru-lu. (sir)). a kind of apron. V. calls the messenger of a society. backward (after a verb of motion). to set a kind of bead. sign. to around . v. . to pay. . la-mi (li). silk. rtir). 8&.) sa-gba-ra-ka cially (so agbara ka). . thunder. as thieves. adv. song. V. sa-ltl-bfi-ta. to a thing ril eb9. V. sar). . against. n. n. the fast. now. to fortify. alms (Mohammedan). to be rCl 16h. tection. to be to V. a group of buildings under one head man. v. to works before a town. sfi-ba (sill)). V. adv. s6. to sit. confusion. n. encamp to besiege. to the members the together. as the earth to interrogate. haply. . ru-di (idl). adv. destroy to . v. only : s4gb6! hear now! miss. for a time. as o ' pleonastic).-se. ! interj. flourish. se-gi-ri (sa). liay. die. V. its to quake. V. milk to deny : 6 s6 Oluvta r6. to rub the teeth sa-re-kpe-gbe. espe- se-si. . sar)-yai3. feeding). sa-ra-hfi. to dye cloth or leather. V. transgress. among (after a sa-r6-ta. to filter. the surrounding neighborhood. ru-fir) (ofii)). sai) tele. m6. lai-ya (li). as with a gun to attempt. . hide. sar)-ra (ar4). n. to flee from. to break the law. sa-lar)-ga. to make a model or pattern. adv. vividly. to be in health . on. se-hir) — adv. dried provender. n. v. to cast up se-se. . the square of a house. se v. sfi. v. sa-ga-da-ga. s6. to aim or point at. sfi-la-lfi. he is a Utile better . to incubate. v. make a feast. —adv. V. to mark. ru-'we (ivve). ru-lu (ilu). . a-ru-lu. v. a cloud. rg. n. shut up. se-m. dig into a house. loudly. to be fat. v. V. Mohammedan meal in the midst. a manuscript. to dam. who with a stick. in the world. sarjma. straight forward. prep. sar) -ma. ru-n6 (iiio). v. v. V. perish. to grow fat. 6 sai) sar) ril-bo (ebo). v. (' sa-ka-ni. to shut a door. V. to bud. (si). outside . . to stir up the town. to offer a sacrifice. v. sa-ri. to split . Sfi-re. n. to put forth leaves. a cigar. . to make a tumult. to . dide he s6. to make one vomit. V. to make : st\ se-bo (ihq. ancient Egyptian beads from the earth at If§ and other places. sa-gur) make a charm. before i\ii)-lh (ile). to sfi. v. . (Acts with stockades. to is really coming to strain. inquire. desert. to sS-mi riors). v. to gird. n. to flee. as to take a hen. V. akpere. to be chilly. (so). n. . sa-ra (si). sa-ku-sa. n. to make a . sfi. in shooting. to sa-ru-ba. to to drip.

s5 itunift. v. towards. to broil. sir)-sir). . v. as one with a cold. n5. kpikpS. (so eni di). 12. on. to tie into a hard knot. . sir). prep. to and fro. off. to move a V. . lose : kc S9n5. to filter . to weep. to shove. n. to dash down. burial. . to mend ? sa ? adv. near. so . to hang up so as to swing. by. SO-kpai)-kpa. V. after a V. lo-ku-ta v. make great . a solitary yellow monkey. to tame or pet. jJrep. v. b6. ndze. break out aloud. prohibit. (Luke 3) . adv. pledge. to pollute. ka-lS. v. . . v. so-lii. pmt in pawn. to throw away. dai-in6. to shoot forth from or . . v. to v. prep. which spoken : eni 6ro siso. . n. . adv. out of doors. adv. Guinea worm. sl-ki-sl-ki. SO-kpa.) to enact. . si-n6. . SOr|-ni6. mock. prep. conj. unite in marriage. v. V. to tie to. scold. to the to. silj-gbfi. . religion. SO-hur) to sneeze. sir)-ka-fa. unto a person. . wound or broken calabash. cut . di. put. or bring down. . to . si-SO. v. to pirohibit. sorj-mi (omi). a child's play. he arose against me . 3. . to burn. . a tyrant. prep. to exaggerate . forbid a thing. n. 'doll. di nl4. (idi). to imitate. sir). sir)-ku (oku). di mimo. mor«. to ajyproach. . . the break wind. .SI si. thing . sii)-sir). s6-bi-a. n. SO. v. to speak. dx. or conto si-"wa-dzu for a so. drip. to space. . . to to before. to desolate. n. sirj-'wii). tion to. adv. v. to v. unto. (li). lay a foundation. it is good. to stone. SO-na-sI (soi) ina irritation. to lodgings. . to worship to to accompany. sodzi. after a verb of down. . into the shadow or presence Sor)-ki. SO . v. to filter. siri-hui).. v. they are far from SO-r6. V. V. n. shoulders : to let ox put down from to the head or motion. complain to si-ha (si). it is well. simi Jmsh / . upon. prep. yet. to prove. . V. to to hang to bear fruit. . pewter. to to move. are ivorthy of death si rejoice at it . SU-ar). V. to serve. he is yet alive. . V. . to cease . to 6 tete do Sli). in regard con- cerning. of. he came before me. here. v. I'. lo-ror) V. 6. s6-fir) (s6). SO-16-dze. to hang a person. to sanctify . di) . s6r). to call name come adv. SO SO SO . v. to shun. to to. into. adv. among. adv. so-kur) (ekuij). sebiij. to marry persons. (Mat. siir). forwards and SO-ni-di before. . interj. expound. n. v. and. speak against. go into the room. so-m6. V. little (si). V. to bring naught. forward : siwa backwards. SO . closely. lead . dl ^saij. . to cause to be or to do . of: send forth water. pewter. . contract y to shrink from. . to . n. (9fa). town. V. . sor)-k6r). (li). at. to tie. n. snuff the nose. s8 odi si. to sniff. in a place.. «. / SO-ri (si). explain gainsay. n. appoint. or make. . to cause si ikii. n. so . to locate . (si). prevent from doing. : so so . crazy. down. See siqwiij. . lo-fir) (li). . to pelt. us . s6 asodSi). prep. preceded hj siq mi. 70 F SON . impers. SO SO so . to sue . si-hir)-yi. Stir). V. %oe go k ye house against. so di si-ni-si-ni. si-hir). still. Sd-ke (si). to sik-sik. first or early: SO-do SO-fa (si). . to . 1 talk. to suspend. drip full of water. to throw. adv. up. 6. V. — adv. (Ps. to to adv. f. dfi-ho-ro (di). a speaking. tete. to make. si-kpa si-1^ Sl (si). V. domineer over. sur). verb of motion. s5. to. as beads . lo-dzo (li). stitute one. V. sl-ni-kfi. . to excite against. SO-yi-gi. . . service. towards. to increase. on the top of. there. si). Sl. here. <fcc. mo y6 si i. as leaves. bo si yara. and adv. wa. sd-de (si). to rest. more: 6 wa sib|. as to a purpose. hiccup. prep. to pound. above. at. used after a verb of mocome. as a fountain. (see so stem. to transmit from town dun . the si-b6 si-bi (si). to leap . to raise cattle. to SOr). 85. a sort of dancing V. (si). to sew where ? a. v. V. to assign Slr)-slp. . yonder. to receive into favor. adv. to quarrel. out. into : 16h si il6. to annihilate . si-Tva. SO-dzi (si). descend. to point or aim s5r). before . si-mi. si-a up . pause — so-dl ! to explain. to to string. to s6r)-m6 (im6). to bury. to accuse. nwor) diina si-ai). excitement : ie who speaks fluently. (si). to to piut in pawn . to the ground. in. . to to value goods for the market. from. pronounce. appraise. mu . . to be silly. 6 dide si mi. one sonasi. bury . to shrivel. .) to plough. so IS. is SO-ini-do-19-to.

sS.r)-'w6 (9W6). V. v. to anu woi) ie sil-ti. whisper. ah. as measles . to perplex. to to strike the feet sar)-se (ese). land. s3. v. to coat with metal. all right. suru imu.-dzo V. or being patient. saij-lfe. to bless or call to : god of money. to despise. to take sfi. V. sa-fa. in throwing at. tune. . to SOW. wound.-ko-k6 (se). se suru. to eat dry bread or yain. taking patience. to retail the socket any liquid. or comnizme with iii soro odi of. sfir)-gb6 (igbo). sa-ba. . to snap a gun. entirely. adv. to daub . go before. the god of thunder. to prime of life. hack.-lu-ga. an iron chain or ring worn on v. S&-kpa-sfi. . yellow presents in hand. to speak . to control. (^e) V. to so-ro-le-hir). V. to occur seasonably. n. pick up. badly a logbe saki^aki. . . V. V. to cease. V. V. Sfi. (^e). clap the hands. having no a kind of tree : iafa kpukpa. sa-ko-SO (so). sd sa-ka. mouths (when speaking). commit lewdness. su--wor). to ridicule. V. sfi. StL. to sjKak well arm. bushes s4r). V. awhile.-la-in&-s9. S&. n. (so).r)-gbe (igbe). to freeze. adv. very well. of double dealing. Sti-a. sa-ni-a-ni to be doubtful. to backbite. uprightly. cut bushes. V. sar)-ktl. well . thick on cooling. burst forth. sa-r)fa-nl to be profitable. . suai). n. swing the hands in walking. v. play tricks. sa. instrument sH-a. (so ire). a blessing upon. s. v. Stir). sa-la-bS. or wounding because the well sa-ki. sa-fo--w6-ra v. by all means. gulate. the rere. : k di su-bo.-kpa-de. as in gilding diade. adv. to be loose . (Jas. ing.) sa-nu mi. to die in the v. to flow. as the earth. sSi-ln. v. to be sick. sar)-ku-ta. speak against to sa-fir). v. v. grow sa-kpe. siir). as : to burst. v. to to happen. V. : 6 siiar). miss. su-re Su-ru. adv. to predict. to coat v. v. ife). li over. to chance. V. to be oppor- See soijino. break out. patient . adv. sil. v. explain. nice. to sleep . adv. V. to so-ro-dze-dze or ke-le. . govern. to to fade. ba to s5ro. to . SO-y e. a short nap. color. to borrow. (se). set a price sa-gb6. V. to beg. V. to pilfer. sa-kpe-dzu-re. loound . sS. cut to clear sa. a morass. sa-fe-ri to seek. patience mu siiru. n. con- sar). su-ai). si. n. ti. adv. adv. : interj. sa-dzu. anxious. to in splits or strips. as oil. as beer sa-h6 sai ! (sc). v. apprehensive. v. a stream . v. V. advantageout. he was badly wounded. as stars . ire). See soi). the cloth dragging on the ground. unevenly. sa-la. to 11 : §AN (se). universally. to coato small-pox. V. n. v. V. to be weary puzzle .r)-"w6. tempt. dash against a stone. v. . . 10. s3. sur). fall lame. to be emptty-handed. strike against something hard . I am V. have dominion enu sui). is good. . to twinklingly. to be saucy. to strike fire. to be guilty so-te-le. to See sakpere. sfl-re {sk n. only to . 5. a bog. talk sa-fo-dztl-di (se). of contempt or defiance.SOE s5-ro soro (&ro). v. V. to value. su-fe (so su-ni6. i. (looking) with surprise : aditi wo rii the deaf look with surprise on people's sa-kpa-nfi. V. adv. (so). to be naught. pity : mo ^anu wojg sorry for them. a title o/Adie. a contemptuous pouting of See the lips . as a gun . with metal. v. cutting. run. precede . sur)-ye. go forward. weapon. to miss fire or snap. tripe. Sa-r)g6. v. to bring forth herbs. talk. sa-gfi. to is V. who elevates. together in walk- sa-d6 (so). to down a forest.-na (ina). move from to or handle . to sd. to to pick out. converse . (so). (so). to smite. erectly. siHr). v. privately. to to be sar)-sar) (see saij). sa-gbe on. fail in impers. to sai-sar) (se). V.-kpa. m. to to prophesy. sfi. to cut su--wa. to re- to be old. collect See ^afiij. See soi]. to be to doze. insolent. 15-gbe (li). uncertain. V. raggedly. so . fortune. to to fail in cutting is dull. v. V. by striking with a Sur)-ko-nu. dash down. to whistle. sa-kpe-re. in a disorderly manner. as thunder aso ijsaq 1|. it is paunch. e. wholly.. select. sa-ka-tfi. SfiJ). advance. sa-ki-sa-ki.

to to pertain serve. treat. . to come to pass. to v. nl-dzam-ba. v. to double. V. v. the crooked shall he made ko straight ki i^e se-ge. (li). not ours . to do violence to. s6-se. to pick out. n. ni tit9. bata se-dS. lo-fo (li). ^e se-gbe se-gur) (se). diminish or remove a part. kui). . se-tar) (se). . v. 8. v. se-sir) v. se-kpe. conquer. recently. se-ur) (olmi)). se-o-rui). dispute. commence. v. la-bu-kfir) (li). to do as v. to treat coldly. . to be speckled. as a stick happen. emigrate.-fa-ra. to clothe. open the door. V. thoroughly: 6 gbede sauij^aur). v. to serve punish. to confer a se favor. to be completed. se .) . se to beautify. sa-sa. . to befriend. to he lost. he . tions. se-tor). v. v. loe serve God to it is se-da. se-se. mock. fetters.. add to the price. a noose on the horse's (se). V. . . V. (li). to go in search to ridicule. prevail over. v. a town . se-ke-se-ke. make it shine . nearly. . a se dishonor. another direction. . contemn. V. to plot. elede. (se). to cast V. . v. V. adv. to rebel. V.. v. shackles. he has like a hog kl ise wa. to do. se ni-kpo. v. n. V. to complete. e4ii). to hem. Ig-gi-ri . se-le-ri . v. which v. of. (se). to deepen. n. ivell. adv. thank saur)-saur). se-be. sa-ti-kpo. . broom-sedge. to perish. good : o seiii). . ashamed. se . sojourn. greatly. v. k6 gug good up se-dzti (odiu). se-le-ya n. V. to create. . . v. (si). to to se-ke (eke). to swear. v. sa-'wo-tai) sa-"wor) (so). a black snake. to he vain. V. to be double. se-mbe. I am avva sorry for le se him . to miscarry. to heal. to s5. to bereave.-"wa-da (se). sa-ro-ye. a rock . v. . sa-ta. well done ! to he kind. suppose. hrag. v. select. a kind of grass. se. to mud. . you. nwoi) se oduq. to be to take appears large. se Id-m5 v. cull. (ileri). to he right. to jest. v. : "sf silk.-rar) (se).SAR s3. . shoes are not climb day . v. to vow.. v. V. IS-AWa. se-gS. See Verona. ridicule. adv. v. as a steward. V. se-i-ro-na. (Exod. wither. beer of maize or to Indian corn. fever ails him . le-ti. v. cure. se ori okuta. v. (se). 11.lO-SO (li). se-ri. se se lo-re (li).-tl. thoughtful. to meditate. to chill. ko mih dia (or aidza). away. V. sa-re sa-re sa-r6. annoy. to dispute. complain. . to he v. to sa-ro-kpii). to to exceed or go beyond one's instruc- dotage. . make into a noose on a thing. conspire. (se). to ail . they are keeping new year's se-fe (se). . make a sacrifice. and rS ai) (ogiii)). se-fe-fe. to se-ke-ke. . (se). v. to to excuse. {id). v. in a flickering manner. V. to trouble. to be fulfilled. n. to se-Tbi. to promise. . 72 from age. se-kpo. joke. V. se-kpe (se). scars left hy small-pox. to he stingy. . a calabash-drum. to be conquer. v. se-ri-dzfi. . he SET V. leprosy to. tambourine. sa-yai) s4-yar) se. to break. to associate with. to decorate. se-sir). what ails him ? iba T)se. . . V. to entertain a guest. to despnse. se-ro-na. to limit. v. make sS. adv. to. (^c). an old hroom entirely. to stink. n.. (sc). to fur. to adorn. sd-ni-a to be se-tu (ie). bo. . . scatteringly. to mal- to he older than. v. to ike setting sun when it se to communicate the le-te (li). to nish. . se-tl. n. the rope into to sin . v. se-ke-te. to set at se-tar). V. se-ke-re. se. dzi-na. V. se-te V.. mire. se he . See make a hack ^e ti . turn into another course. tickets. v. . to deceive. he understands our language well. tlwroughly . adv. V. to ridicule. s6. awa Oloruq. v. loe must se'-i-ye (se). se-la-ra (ilara). . is broken. . revolt. se se . to he . v. v. to break up or subdue as . Ifi-le-dzo (li). to se-bo Be 6 ^e ehig bi ti .. se-n6 (ino). v. naught. . to 5. v. ni-se (ise). to envy. to cast lots . to reckon by give an account. wiwo Had . v. e ? ^e e ki 6 mole. 16-re (!i). accommodating. . sd. . Sk-'WO (so). to jest. must fight. kind. (esiij). to wink the eye. to gain the victory in a se-ni. . wa se. to make a to to to noise : se okui) bo im6 nose. (se). V. «. to be deceitful. behind or last. n. sa-sa. v. if. ». . . v. to be silly in oneh s6-ni-sl. V. to suffer abortion. to make right. v. \h se m^li (or se-hir) (se). i)^e mi. n. to tell se-ku lie. se-gbe.

V. a collection. error. sl-gnr) (ogui)). sl-kuq . to be partial. to remain^ after some has been taken. V. to he si-lo. a rivulet. the point or tip . to run precipitately to he guilty . . si-kdr). . to mistake. ni-ye n5. . V. to trade. move thefobt. to feel bereaved. si-ko (oko). siQ-sir) 6-b6. 62. v. mistake. to do amiss. and a half. to so. SO-16. n. See io. a spoon. to do good. narrow. v. si la-dze. si-re (se). uprightly. surly. to he very slightly (touching). n. close. n. SO-b6 to entreat. si-16h. to miss the way. to lend. to (se). to be difficult. to si-s^ n. . an . make money. pantaloons. to si-vro ! an exclamation of defiance. V.r). sir)-sir). n. 78. to favor. . weary. sir)-sii). to guard. a half . to be offended. V. V. n. BIT). as a room. v. v. open the to si-dzu-"w6. : si-gni). first. ni-kpo. to si6 ! inter] . (ekui)). morose. to hattle. v. sor)-so. a kind of sauce. the white Tnan's s6-ko-to. a key. remind. ni-di to (ni). lo-dzu V. See ih. three ^ikaruq (arui)). to exult. shade. to stop loork . only. so-dzu-sa-dzu. to he to I'd ^OF (^e). si-se. hesitate. so-fo. to be dark. s6-ko-t6. steadfastly. remove. to err. which errs which is . reveal. &c. V. go forth sl-"w6 (ow6). n. si-kpe si-kpo. item. . si-ro to reckon. rinse. tut ! so-so (^c). expose to view . 8i-gb6r). trowsers. or s5na. look upon. rebuke for ingratitude. v. V. V. . v. to V. . for ie 6na. which flows. v. v. (li). V. abo siketa (eta). as wLen empty.. so-go amb6). si . or to fill up. mourn for 10 . (ni). so-so. V. (se). to overshadow. s6. to hint. to he short si--wa-dzu to be before. owo to 9. to be sharp pointed . si-su. to doubt. v. so-kur)-kur). V. (se). V. V. to borroto. to he passionate. five and a half. to disV. si-mbo Hi. . to so-dzu-ko-ko-ro. V. n. . they have knocked off to away (Exod. to he gracious. lit. to rule over. adv. si-se (se). si-SU. . as. which collects. piercingly. drive sik. keenly. to cheat v. si. to regard. n. to remove. si-dzi-bd (se). the papain. to sise oro. v. adv. (se). (se). open. a small sl . v. which can to which is possible. si-se. to alienate. open the door. calculate. V. V. &c. v. s6-fo V. to get to under way. See silgudu. (se). SO-ke-hir)-dfi. to act valiantly. v. a particle. he done. : si-dl (id)). to wash. to misplace. thepapaw. v. v. (^e). so-fo-fo to waste. to take into consi- so-kpe (se). to re- SO-AvS s6-"W0 so-yi s6. eyes. to remove. to si-bo. a porcupine quill. to condemn for witchcraft. slackened or loosened. si . in play. (Ps. n. In Pa. . to si (se). to hurry. make a . v. si-s3. adv. to weigh. depart. v. V. w. to tattle. si-kpa-yS. n. so-kur). pshaw ! to si-ra (ara). reap-hook. lai-ya (li). so-lo-ri. V. . V. si-ka. (se). hi. sickle. off from the shore. to hasten. singly. 8. si-na si si (5na). remove. V. n. lay open. sl-gi-di. (^e). work. a curved grass-knife. v. V. SO-de a stalk of corn or rice (ode). to glory. 31) work . labor. si-dzti. S0-n6. rapidly (boiling). 50. so-dzu-r6-re. the physic-nut. v. so-dzo-ro (io). . si .SI si. so-r6 (^e). V. to command. to he quick. to make a fulness. si-gi-di. a pinnacle . v. to to remove the hand. to forsake. abo si--WOr) (se). to be in torment. v. to be dizzy. v. ignorant. to stimulate or revive. push Bi-bi. si-ri. to See ikig. ki-rab-rax) deration. See nikpo. si-'we-re (sc). See ^ugb6q. furious. to be small. v. to pluck up. (iai V. v. v. n. si-se (&se). v. play. to miss . to start. to counsel. si-fi-sl. sir). . to be peevish. si-re-gur) proach. n. to fade in color. to to patrol. the dead. (se). to covet. V. to he in distress si-dzi. beg pardon. to be daring. a contraction of sc ikoq. si-ye-me-dzi (ie). (so). to suffer loss of property. adv. to bewitch. to be simple. to be spiteful.) n\v9r) siwo. to watch. to slip out of the hand. n. si-si. v. with the grain on it. sir). to he silly. insane. employed as a prefix to numerals after abo. V. . sd. v. it is time knock off. . v. to pale to to rinse. s6-re so-ro. so-di-n6. v. V. and thick. dark darkness. adv. n.

V. honor. v. BO-Wor) (se). obscure. TAN to be loose. (li). ta push down. T. plump. to to to throve to be to press upon. to as the wind. to spread. who ? tfi. V. a n. to to discourse . v. a boot. to contrary fall: bi subu. sor)-gor). V. strike. to be scarce. V. to sound aloud to .. v. commit an (ofa). tobacco. su-dzo. to be one. to light a lamp or candle. n. to complain. n. to one side. is ta-ke-te. be friends. to grow dark. or. to adorn. to censure. to v. (se).-ni-tfi. v. to treasure to be in to be up. V. the breast-bone. young fruit. n. tS. to be a foe. to deceive. V. a partridge (the akparo). so-ra BO-re BO-ro. . to V. white cloth. act SU-SU. le-se V. greatly. ta-dzu ta-fa (odzu). v. lai-ya to. (se). ta-ndzu. v. precipitately. (ara). as the bowels. V. to collect. per- SU . adorn. . ta-dzi. V. n. v. evacuate fceces. to Bil. indeed. dear. V. to to settle on. . conj. forth roots or branches . V. to fine. su okui)kui). so-hom-'bi-a. watch over oneself. V. fectly. ta-fa-ta-fa. to open a boil . cure . to bum. run off. lo-SO (li). of bees to be disagreeable to. v. cast out. calmly. insolently.1u-bo. to abuse. an image made of clay. to into the market. an archer. . V. V. is a (a riddle). to stagger. SO-gba sb-kar) (se). &ii. to marry a widow. B6r). throw a summerset. yet. to shoot to waste. in concert.. ta-ge-re. ni-n6 (ino). ta ire. be careful. . adv. ta-bl. a pair. adv. v. as clouds: il6 to be dark . . spre kp6. to agree. to care for or notice ta-kpa ta-kpe maize. (se). (se). v. to cheat. to . v. v.-lfi. . to be in haste. as blood . 16-h. ta . to imprecate evil upon. ta-gbo-kur). V. he loas my friend. n. sd-ku-rfi. s5-rar) v. t3. V. to work at a trade. . anoint . make into balls or loaves . tai-tai. to run a canoe aground. ta-ka (ika). . perfect . —adv. n. S9-kpe SO-1& . to be See siim6. to cast out. (so ibu). ta-ko-ta-b6 to tie a knot. tfi-kar-da. n. to kick. 811. to to paper. dark. ta-gbor)-gbor). utterly.-ni so-ko. (se). su-lo-kp6 sCl-m6. to carve. . to intrust . t9. (ikpa). adv. to be persuasive : k iofoi) bi alakara. snatch away. V. to associate: 6 b^ mi ta-fa-la. sd si.r). to cast. . v. to sell . V. SO 80-na (se). ^u dzikana. V. . to make bricks . jog_ to spill BOX). BO nI-gbo-"W"6. BU-kp6 (okpo). akin to . a centipede. to be finished. ta-ko-ko. (okui)). whiteness. tai. . he as persuasive as a cake-seller. send over. to kick. v. from place to place : ta ? pron. to pour.SOF BO-foQ. . stem. male and female. precious. v. to be cylindrical . V. hand over. . See sohombia. to be to collect. to sCl-gu-du. coolly. purge. (se). give a gift SU-gb6r). as pepper or shed. to stretch a round as a ball. as ta-kur) tfi. (li). . to to thank. to be anxious. deliver. v. shed blood. v. ta-mkpa. to garnish. V. tfi-ma-ha. crowd V. (ikpe). to. indifferently. difficult to be understood . long slender i. knead. v. v. with a plunge. ta-nd. n.-n& (tag ina). by little at a time.-ba. to snap the fingers. V. to set sail. See soijgoq. as yams or potatoes. See sukpo. adv. v. n. . to fall on . in a tar). to besmear with paint. suppose. as a crowd. v. a canoe. to strike on the breast. SO-"w6 su. ears. to sting. v. v. : to shine . so-rom-bi-a. to shoot or put forth rope.-ndze. which lo-re (li). v. a poor person. to shoot. n. which is long and ta-dze (edze). to be long and slender a. (ino). to decline to BO-s5 b5-SO SO-te (se). V. (li). left when t3. to strike with the elbow. is 74 su-n6 su-ra. talk much. a bote. (sc). to look su SU . which the owner goes slender. (^e). tS. wonum who never reaches the market. to hasten. n. to BOr). stand aloof. n. as a sail . as bees. gather around. a Utile hand-basket. n. V.ur) (li). to keep a garden. to hope. . a heap or bunch. to blacken. soq-gor)-sor)-gor). . su-ru. to to to to awake suddenly. but. to revolt. ?. shoot to go Bog-gor). at the landing-place e. away. to abstract V.. SU-kfl. ta-la-ki. . is poor. su-su. ta'-ke-te. to su-bu v. swarm sCl-b6. as (ate). adv. v. V. v. tfi. what to is amiss. v. V.iox]gqr) obiri asowo trading m4h de odza. ta. to produce.

adv. lently. v. si-1^. . set in battle in wait. to lie tar)'-ga-ra. v. leisurely.. 6 kole ti. to dip into water. ta-se. lohen.lai-ya t'. V. to spread out . v. have. be and narrow. tS-ni-t6-ni. plain -ti. See te-ni-te-ni. fere tatu. his. to be near : te si. from there. v. V. ba-lS. compel do a thing. V. settlement . te-te e-gtlrj. V. aso tedin. accept. hook or pin. that. to dip. adv. scatteringly : cni here te-te-r§. te-do. one te-tu. bend the head down. a slave-dealer. a plate. as tarj-gbo. to fondle. v. to kick. vioas in convulsions. . t&. already. te . very (light). n. to to consume. adv. pron. hastily. to act te-d6. v. adv. to lean against. to gaze ti-be. v. v. insipid. tS-na. to shed. te-re. level. to sustain. to receive. to compel. adv. imprison : ti leliiij. shells of ivhich lime long is made. n. tar)-tar). si-le.. to te th . ter)-yir) ' — quietly. cloth. te . te-"w6-gbd. to spread abroad. of. — conj. . te-dzu-m6. there. v. trample on . habit. nl-kpa (ni). calmly. V. to agree to. an executioner. ti. to t6. n. . to affirm. te m6-l&. support . lo-go lo-ror) . ti and : a ti oko de. to spill. to push down. bS-re. te . to bow. to castrate proach. tar)-sar). ceive. shirting. ti. look after. . to bow. as blood. color. n. te-te-gUr). to miss. v. te-gur). (li). . v. emi ti r6 k loh. . . . . v. v. pursue. to bend . te-te. (owo). adv. adv. to ap- came from tS-bfi. to ulcerate. to consult Ifa. tS-le. we t6. pron. (ti). straightforward. an adverbial particle denoting/a/^wre . part. n. adv. wood very light. aux. at. pron. V. to te-ru te te (ta). edzi tere. he to push forward . where. . superintend. V. (ti). 1&. to shine. had. . tar)-ka-le. shine. te-dzu. to te-in6. a criist. glory or triumph over. ti. to te-de. se. to he meek . soon. tS . ti subu. . See tele. te-te-k6. . to be patient. . (li). te-ru. the word of the mi. ti-b5.-ra. tele. to hoiv. as to to lock or t6 t6 tS . (li). prop. pacify. tf-ri-ba (ori). tin. tar-dft. n. te-ri. ta-ri ta-sa. : to lay. te-re. . v. bind. first . adv. te-ni. first. ta-se. duro ti I and thou will tl. . V. w. a kind of cane. ta-yo. heavily. a kind of piarrot. . n. push violently. to to entice. deal in slaves. to follow. as a lamp. to light. comfort. to soothe. early. to dwell. . ink. beforehand. v. and n. to kindle. te-le. propitiate. sheeting. . a wave of the sea. v. 2^^on. fasten. . de- te-fa. V. awkwardly. to satisfy. strengthen . . tS-nu-in6 (enu). n. prep. V. the leg of a beast. to encamp. adv. n. tin or pewter. te. . prepare food. . abject 2x>verty. v. to th-fe-th-ie. thence. t§. (omi). . v. tS-dz<i. t6-n6 (ino). te-te. . tar)-kpa-ra. ivhite cloth. mine. v. is there how. ii. v. ta-tu. . V. n. n.TAN til). v. thine. to he fiat. far off. adv. scatter taij a lamp molB or imol5. oro strike against . previously. trample . . toni. .. . thump. to fix the eyes on. to be cast Lord . TIB V. si-lS. (sitting or alighting) on the top. (stretching) to the full extent. (ori). . be fiat. t| . adv. a game of chance . . V. te-hii)-gbe-sa. to to ta-S9. to be slender. 6 ti vfk nib&. . to to found a smooth . beat or outdo . stand by me . le-se. gloomily: te-re yi tS-re. . to tS . v. to to expand. a yam-vine left to rattoon. ti. entirely. in his attemjtt to build a house. bo-mi v. te-te. the name of a weed. See to te-mi. lime. to take root. dis- which. already already. as the sun or waves). to go. v. he failed to in- ti-ar). v. sheriff. push. to tie. adv. as : 75 . n. an array. to bend. t& . distressed condition. ta-se (|se). of me. tar(-ta-si. as. n. to gnaw who. . Sec tonitoni. imprecate evil on. V. spread out. adv. yours. to down. immerse hang up on a tl. te-nte-re. array. to tread down. has. adv. to lock up>. this to play is the game called worry ^ igi te-re. gravel. adv. v. v. ti. v. ta . te-ru-tS-ru. wholly. to shine. t^-dzu. sadly. . . a kind of vulture. distant. to bend. to as a tent or an altar. from. to ti. . worship. to Oluwa. to ta-ra.. tere carelessly. vehemently (beating upon. by the farm . to graced erect. fade. bo. ta-AWO. n. v. ti. with a quick pace. war]} thread for weaving. promuhjate. . . gbeg-gbe.

td. violently (shaking). ti-sa-dzu. to pry to into. considerately. to-ge-d§r)-gbe. from. stand on tiptoe reaching upward. n. to . adv. which is former or foremost.r). to-ho. ti-ro. adv. as water to be without clouds. : continually. toholly. before . V. . touch one. te-ni-te-ni. V. n. stored. to copy. . years old. to urge. ti-ha. V. self. to-to. strengthen. to. adv. n. coat. adv. kAg. <idv. inasthe td-kpe-re (akpere). ti ti. which is for sale. all to glorious. even : ko til& sc kpd. dtc. resort to. totally. they are as many as t5-kpa . come tumhling down. TOL to stand or plarx in a row. prep. n. he will be better by to-morrow. ti-lS. . tO mi \t\i\ij. v. odifi to. to follow. to-16. a particle. to-ni-to-ni. v. n. (ino). See t^i). to kindle. ti-t&. from out erf. for ever. to stoop. t6 kp5. to watch v. advisedly. tori odili. to be tranquil: is which you have not met crossed) ile toro. as a broken limb : to dzo. capacious . altogether : ti ogo ti ogo. clock to strike . adv. . . . abash. J?. . to-to-hur). . v. to set in order. satiate. (river). a sort of club or cudgel. (ti iriri). adv. opposite ti-rir). treasure. to follow. to-ri look doianwards : (ti). V. urinate to mi loh. or how big it is / fi & to ogorui). is t8. : to. tbmi ti-ti-ai-ye ti-ti-lai. the and to-ro. direct. with all the heart. trouble. to or ponder in the mind . reject. to look after. true . adv. to stand firm. adv. . to follow. tl-ka-lfi. as sluggishly.) ti-tl. v. ti-t9. you have done well. v. commandments of li>. ti-to-ri. thoroughly. not that. meaning V. t5 da-gba. . to-ro. 6 kdi) there remain the Ogun the slender. . a hundred . as dirty water. adv. to-gb6. adv. V. the nose. le-hir) (li). to-do (i\). from the presence of . See t&. 45. ours. <tc. truth t6-t6. to-hur) reach (ti). . a. V. from. See to. n. etc. See td. discreetly. 76 t6. touch . tl-ka-rfi. truly. enough. td-bi. to follow. (never again) at all. n. which is lowly. . Oluwa to. n. for ever. to lay up. a pillow. to bring up. to split into strips . by means of. ti-tor). . to satisfy. (lake). prep. from within. nicely. ti ti . . is wattled. ti-rir)-ino-16 to v. to a book. adv. . . clearly. arrive at : . t6-dztl (odz6). durable . V. twine . to-ri. adv. enrage . very (employed in commending) iwo seui) tgho. anything written. not much . ti-ktl-ro. te-ni (to oni). (li). follow me. to. to-ni-to-ni. cleanly. 16 behe. till ola. with all the house. the country at p>eace. which is straight. to doze. lead. a napkin. thine. an upper garment. a cushion. to sustain. . to-bi. well ! very good ! to : t5-kar)-t5-kar) freely. to-ye. adv. 13. ti-rS (ti). to be rekeep to be ashamed. sufficient. to pertain to : tl-ri (ori). teui. tim-tim. to lo-dzu. ti-ti. kd to Bk4i). which e. prep. as a child. dkc. pron. over or take care of . n. . ti-kpa-se. to fall to one^s share. to correct . unwilUnghj. take care of. till now. t5 t6. so much. or deceived. to put the eye to. few. towel. the to-kug t6 t6 to . n. ti-t3. to-ro-gbfe. to be straight. ti-tS. adv. come to me . pron. adv. not because. a to settle. to be meritoriotis. his. n. trace out. to be of equal value. V. to tremulously. to approach. to be slender okui) tiriij tirii).s children. Ogar) (a riddle). e. true. tom-bfi^ «. . conj. which pron. prep. . to-ye-to-ye. 71. to-ro. 6 kp5 t6 ! how much to-ko paddle a canoe. to-bi-n5-'w6 (n5 to-dzti-bo. t6. (okui)). V. a loattle. tl-ro-ti-ro. a Mohammedan charm . v. (tu). to taste. to lay up.Tll)k ti-dzti (odiu). he . ti-"wa (ti). with consideration. n. . by. . adv. 6 to bi eni odui) mewa. a towel. to be long. to bring up together. to-to. . before ki . to be narrow. . to go . to-nto-ro. ashamed of. pron. v. ke v. a to be large. that one yonder. educate . n. neio or young. because. : tl-na-b5 ti-n6 (ina). heartily. ivho is cheated. k6 kpade Osa (i. v. to are right agogo to it is time for the is ten la-ra v. wah. theirs. See togbe. ti-'VTOV). 16h. : from on. to cry to. to attend much Lord t6 bl. V. to be V. to v. we come. tiri si. yi 6 sAq titi to guide. closely (adhering). (Ps. slumber. v. to guide. to steer. as as . a^e much as . ti-n6-ti-n6. adv. ti-ra. from the ground. n. . till to-day to-ni. Osa kilq. to sef on fire. v. adv. bring up. v. well. on account of. ti-ni6-ti-in6. to cast off. ki a tcni do. . to-16-to-16. ti-ko. V. : ni t6t6. a small bit. without clouds. prep. ti-16-ti-16 (ati ile ati ile). to v. \. 9\vo). a turkey. right. (ikpa). v. by drops. V.. trail. le-hir). (ti). . ! interj.

woman n. to twist. wa-ga. —adv. array. to offer t9re ann. v. wa-ra-kpa. to taste. once more. V. to take the lead. to break up the earth. v. See tu nino. wa tp-re t6-ro. to make an excuse. to wa-gl. to refresh. ka. a house. to share . v. . to baffle v. as grass in the wind. v. to . to tremble : wa ri. now.). . V. . "wa-su. "Wd. to to spit . to plough. a package of kauij. wa-ri-ko (ori). . n. console. to tremble. plunder. to a secret. . to write on. to curl. as a : crowd . v. to sit head to head. pull a paddle or oar tidings that the bearer's friend is ttl. dig the ground. v. W&rle W3. we. adv. wa-di (idi). to seek for. one of the cabinet. to out. to be nimble. . to beg. raiontss. come. to disclose to epilepsy. V. wa-si. V. . to fold . examine. (bound) hand and foot. mush. as plank) : "wa-rorj-ki obstinate. . us. V. again. v. as . misfortune. a horse wa-gari. time. to set in battle to pour out. . to untie. divide or share. to do homage. to gush. V. nl-ho-ri-ho.-la. V. pron. . our. •WEii. "wa-dzi. to reconcile . foolishly. to wa-ra. wa-ri-fa. "wa. to forage . n. to repent. . coldness. V. to examine into. to bring wa-gug wSh. to go along wft. expound. n. t6r). to tO-'w6-te-se. li aye. respectfully. to to be. "wa-rl-ri. "wa-ri-ri. alms. entirely. v. to be whole. adv.-16. to try "wa-ha-ri. to dig. to twist or wind together. w&-ra. comfort. to trace out. to worship.-la. V. wft. t<l-tu. (odid).TON t5-na tor). . wa'-ka-tl. w§. adv. adv. gain. o die •wa-"Wa. M. home. to pull an laye or oar or paddle : wa imo. to loosen . to strip a plot . "wa-hS. to strip one. wa . lo-dzQ. . v. precipitately. loudly. V. to wa-dzo. . run. "wa ? adv. trouble. war)-rar)-"war)-rar). V. abate. greenness (not dry. 23). n. blue dye or color. wa-'w6. n. to wean a child. evil. tu. : endure. . v. to be end to end. to trouble. the silk-worm. propitiate. to perceive . V. . tremble greatly. v. live. v. prep. a wild hog. wk-lh tu-la-sil). to avenge a t6-'WO-t5-'W9 (owo). tu-ba tu-bb tu-bu.-ra-ka-si. to a serpent. . e iii n. (9r9i)). v. cheese. to pacify. to search to be at V. tu-ko. (li). . V. a board n. . to borroio. n. fres/mess {not salt) tutu. V. tu tu . a leaf of maize. "wa. to give V. a canoe-paddle. . blossom. to cease. wa-yi. to stiffen the neck. to scatter. to dig.-ka-si. naked. tum-bu. a slate. adv. be cheerful. dip thehand in (Mat. v. V. . to ease. track. "Wa. (ile). t6 to . a shower. an oar.-i-dz&. hour. tfir). I wavingly. wa-la. 26. fully. (li). (ile). n. to to to scatter. give a present. to . to tu-n6. dead. again. tu tu . as two persons leaning forward in conversation. wa-du-wfi-du. n. he ate it raw. V. adv. to cease from td 9f9. hurriedly. n. to fail. to abut. ». w. . V. to seek wa-dze. tu tu . n. lohich is wet . to find footsteps. (Arab.. to throw out. to paining. stand . pluck up .-ra. "wa-yfi. a slave See wayi. n. (6na). . 77 the road. to live. ni-no (ino). a jail. to be tu-to. tu-dzu-ka courage. by (means of). v. . iwe mi wa ? where is my book ? we-le. tu-ku. tu-kpu. n. a counsellor. V. V. 'wa-'wi. charm. to come to a close contest. discover. to trace the WEL v. n. V. n. tti-ra-ri. . n. to break up. tu . adv. (till)). affliction. reverently. (5se). la-ra la-SO (li). to . as one does w9. or seize food. season. ki-ri. adv. . "wa-kpd. V. (ogui)). tu-lS V. to preach. wrong. adv. to scrutinize. milk. V. to take n. be cool or cold. to navigate. n. wa-hfi. to console. V. butter. (ti complete . v. . tu-tu. (ta). taken for a wife. to V. as a melon-vine. . w6 owo). we where ? kp6. V. to seek . t5-se t6-to. (ile). tfl. V. le-do (li). investigate a cause . tu-md. to tame. to to-AVO-b9 (te). perfumery of any kind. irregularly. "wa-la-mi. V. . v. to spit. . "wa-ri. explain words. break loose. adv. to tap a barrel to unfold.

to wither. to be small. w6r)-SO (aso). them. to go disap>pcar. is swollen. blame. to enter into . convenient. . superintend. house. w6-dztl WO-fi-ri. w6 upon from a See . to perceive. (edz9). wo . dull of action. nb. a swelling. V. lukewarmly. 'wu-ru-'wu-ru. crookedness. to be 'wd. by. nimbly. W9-W0. . V. v. down. to Y. to rise as . V. W6-1S. down. tell k they say. to select to tvarrn. diado. bread . V. v. re. balg. v. IS "wo-yi. 'vrhX). applied to large animals esiq wo. of performance hold in pawn. V. nuisance. "wd. as grains or fibi'es to . WU-ndl-a. "WO-ll. wo-rir) make nails. "Wd-lS to fall v. as water. black or dark. height. to to to drag out. pron. (Luke wS "WS . WO-ra down. he was frightened. (odi4). ('. again. to to . . ba-16. V. which which crooked. to weigh . 'w6r). adv. . abide in a we-re-"we-re. wd w5 i)wi. v. to doze. . to wi-"WO. precious. to wind upon. "WC-lCl. : we-w6 Wl. to behold . . to . to be silly. . n. to the matter . embark. to clothe. V. stingy. drag. . gloomy . V. to draw v. the hands. to look or see there. to enter into danger. V. la-ra la-S9 (li). adv. w5-ko purify. "We-ra to v. . V. to fall . quick motioned. to sit visit. wash.) a grain or seed. n. cut. grind. to prune. to v. look on. wd-le (ile). to cast the leaves. . to publish about. V. V. wS. V. be sprightly. adv. wll). it is wd-le (ilc). V. to to go into the house. ? V. . . gather together. quickly. (ilo). knit . search to look. V. V. . to break a thing down. to be scarce. to swell. v. "WS-re. a pi-ophet. pron. now wo-hur) (wo to castrate. v. is off . V. (oko). . . (Luke 23.) off. WO-ni. to to we-re-kpe. to enter. to wiri-rir). wi-'WU. to crawl. dear. . tinder garment. v. v. the stinging bean. to be (ara). to swim adorn. to look v. to enter a. look at stealthily. to as an eruption . to look. to be fine. be hollow. wo-rar). (ino). to a common wu-re (wi to bless. 17. "WOT). to stir w6-hir) "wo-hur). hastily. v. twilight. to retaliate. to w6 wd . as the sun chew. 23. pron. WO-ro. to increase. to singe. . adv. in6. heavy. re. w6-n6 v. any thing thrown to one to wean . . weave. at this time (to-morrow or next year). m6. . diado. said. WO-ndd. bi 6 ti to please one by ki appearance or character please that it : dzl-na. ya. to distress . "we (ara). to enter into one. to catch . v. "WU-'WO. go or come in. wS . those. to be confusedly (mixed). heal a loound. . to cast V. to sprinkle . V. to roost. the horse •wo-ro-'WO-ro. balB. to be re. now : e se we ? whafs w6-dzo-kp6. V. we-"we. lS-"wa (li). to be warm. kpa-lS. to v. borrow. V. ire). as for conversation. wf. lodge . 35. to enter into one. wl-kl-ri. to observe. (irii)). See w6 . sleep lightly. plait. wti. (aso). greediness. "WO. lasciviousness. put on clothes . aside. V. V. v. la-lS v. w^I-ri-^wl-ri. decorate wo w6-bi-a. is V. regard. to say. for ewe. to a burden : . as a snake to flock : wo . glance v. V. adv. n. gold. . by means. to pick W^i-ri-'Wi-ri. YA V. . "we-re. seem. . at. to put on. n. V. wi-dzo wi-ndi. to be suitable. wd-ye. to look upwards. swim out. v. place. to impend. V. . to WO-ti. v. as a curse . to wu 4 io all {as you be that be). to wait on the sick .WEM we . a virgin. w6-so look at. as dan- . to look here and there. a tumor. V. or push : WOr)-yI. to "WTJ. to shed leaves. wash to speak. dead. an to lend. near a place. w6. (9W0). measure. . to fall (ilS). v. v. look at the wu-ra. we-re. to be copious. wash to oneself. as fowls . to wear. to to descend on. to take soundings. to sport or be to to playful with each other. dead. to aim or point at. . ori re w{i. ground . . hail. an image to worship . "wd-dza. to press down as excavate mash . to to as it may. lively . set. to complai7i of a difficulty. . to wash cleanse. its WO-du. v. to break. v. V. sink into the ground. ohui)). . wS. wl. abate a w5-^w6 (ew6). n. . to these. V. (li). to hasten. to weave. n. to . adv. to be easy to 'WO-'We. salutation. to be lukeioarm. up sediment ger : to look wd-ke w6 (oke). we-AVU (wo). n.

ya-ndzu . to be beautiful. to praise.parch . . ya-nu yar). v. aside. marriage. v.). ku-ro. (ona). V. V. (Acts 14. Iloriq). yir) . v. v. ye'-me-dz4. suddenly. le-nu (enu). to appear. yi-ka. him. n. to lay eggs . v. . V. v. v. ni-kpo-si. yir). annoy. to to be dull or slow in hearing or believing. mew . . postpone. protrude. indulge. . avoid. revolve. yi-gbi. to 71. scaly. adjust . . n. to set at naught. n. (ohui)). n. ! interj. to differ. V. yi. way. n. give place in a crowd. to be comprehensible : 6 tiling ye mi. shoot at. yam-yam. whether. roughly. to : buy food from a cook. pull out. 6 ye W91). ya .-n5. . of. v. to be slippery. (Exod. lo-go (li). yar)-gar). to of corn to cave in. V. yar)-yar). to shoot. to yar)--we (owe). a Jew (so called at to y§. to neigh .r)-yS. admire . si-16. to be trou- YSi-ySL. failure. v. to loalk leisurely. to leave. to rejoice.r). yftlj.-y6 (ayS). v. (ni odzu). . v. y6. yo-nu (enu). warm at the fire. to be plump. v. to err. to threaten. 8. yir)-yir). clay stone cemented with iron. 14. . ya-dzu ya-g&l) (odin). comh. . y6. v. fibrous. to draw. yi yar).r). v. See yor)m9ti. as money. (si). V. . to be full. yS. couj. change. . pron. v. ye-ye. hail. to walk stealthily mq mi yo I pity ya-ra yft-ra (ar4). v. ni ha. v. to eject to lay eggs. to cessation. to pluck c«r& yfi. young bird. to (ina). n. to at. V. a well to depart. to be tough. n. to change one's position. d§. yi. unevenly. to move. to prevaricate. to smuggle. v. . to go astray. to turn. y§. select. to put forth young as the new moon. yi yarj-hai). yar)-gi-di. lo-to n. to be (agai)). to leaves . to open a road. yar(-rar). . v. yi. to to yawn. ivorthy. kpa-da. v. to appoint over. glorify. clear out. . to turn. to chagrin. yfe-ra (ara). . to avert. to kick (applied to beasts).YA yd^v. harass. to be active. or set apart to a V. dumb. to pass away. to warm oneself y6. as a deeply (red). lightly (sleeping). a cat. yo. conspicuous. avert. escape . to shoot. to be pleased . V. entirely. . ni-b9r). to fire to yai>gi. V. ya-ur). yi-yi. to v. yd. pervert. ya-gbe (igbe). . healthiness. . to shake slightly. to turn aside. to live. V. tohake. move. T9 YON to rejoice. n. V. to to add v. . briskly. which ? yar) yai) . V. v. v. to step out of the road. . to toash mouth . ye. ya-kpa ya-kpa ya-la. / understand it. kpa-mo. a room : yara okc. to tear . to be : 6 yh aro. v. appoint. a bundle of emeries. a cat. v. to slip. to cease doing a from company. adv. separate ye. obstinate in one's opinion. to turn out of place. to v.t». .. evacuate fceces. ya-ku-ro. a gun. n. yb-dzH to be different. yir)-bor) (ib9i)). praise. ya-ur). yS. to he ye yd. hasten. saucy. to appear. yi-kpo. ye-tu-ye-tu. to mortify. be ivhich is rough. as . . to be v. he is a cripple. ye-mo-ti. y3. open .fry. (ikpa). to take out from ylr). ya-ra. to ya-htl-di (Arab. spill. to seimrate. yi-yS. a ditch around a toion. to extract 5. ya. to cross the hands in salubrilliantly (sliininjr). yo-dza-de. V. ylr)-fir) (ofiij). v. . tloe mouth : yi-gi. adv. adv. See ya S9t9. . adv. v. ya-ra. make much a little. to set at variance. yi yanu si. tation. to (odzu). the goddess of streams. v. nimbly. (ara). yfe-wu. V. separate from. to lay up. break a law. to be absent. to extol. to be glad. gape or wonder yi-hur) to encircle. . to kick. si i. purpose. V. to feel compassion : . pervert. . V. the ya-to (9t9). (oliur)). .. a chamber. ylt) . adv. excite covetous desires. ndze. satisfied with food. they understand it. suitable. to n. v. v. n. to be fit. to be barren. to melt. v. . V. v. M. v. to dei)art. to cheat. . to surround. n. to among a thorn several. ye-na . triumph over. to separate. n. to be sound in health. v. (enu). — yo . yar)-hur) yar)-kor). to boast of one's knowledge. n. a blossom. . mother. . . . ni-kpa.) attract attention. v. proudly. maize. convert. (li). oh ! alas ! ya-di (odi). V. (9na). yar) le. a musketo. an upper room. yi-si 1 pron. choose. v. . blesome. as a sword. to gape. slum. to get out of yi. v. ni-tete. . to deliver. yar) yar) . v. ya ya . select things to. to overturn. adv. ya-na yi-na the the west. to V. . .) apart . this. to turn ya-ma. . ya-lDO-de. V.

yo-y o. adv. V. to itch. 80 yo-ro.YON y6r). a JlocJc. v. a group. V. to conceive. . the bene plant. yoQ-mo-tl. to be from the midst ydr). to go to and grass to appear. to be conspicuous. with force to (falling) off. pro- minent. as . V. of tall sesame. to ydr). fro. cut or saio deride. YUN vermin on fowls. n. y5r). V. a constellation. in a swarm. . su-ti-sl. to thrust out the lips at. pregnant . n. yo . yo-ri (ori). . . n. to raise the head.

n. free from stumbling. unsettled. See abowogai). a jiroper name. a hearer. n. uncircumcised. a newsmonger. a-gar)-rar). See ki. which is not remaining . berry. a-fQ-re-si-bi. thinks of) robbery. n. n. n. ai-be-le. ai-ktir). a-dze-fo-"WO. the water ordeal. See he. a-forj-ru-gbli). name. n. oknta. dc. garden. See uninstructed. a sower . de orii) ?). See la. a town in Yoruba. n. a-dCir). ex- a-gba-yor). A-gba-ma-ya. which is 2'lanted. name of a town Abe. disadvantageous. a proper name of a man. n. A-dzd. not hard. a planter. a jerking.APPENDIX. n.' a-dza. ai-mS-ro. n. unvisited. n. which is heard the .-d6 (da odo). a-gba-yoQ-kor). dze a mischief- children : agboqgbcre kpete igara. n. ai-ba-de. . is n. a-gur). snatch-game. See the root dza. a petty a king's servant. n. miraculous invisible.-dza.a. ai-kl.-se. ment in a retired situation. which is false. n. void of offence. See dia. d:c. imperforate. n. n. sembles (lit. n. n. n. rides.!). . dagry. unprofitable. insurrectionist. n. ai-dza. See the root n. not owed. an island a-dfi. d'c. a-gb6. See agbasli). unlike. the name of a plant. motes rebellion or enmity. jnst as a person dies. See ko. n. unadmonished. unbecoming. a fighter. untattooed. n. a-dza-SO. which sowed. unsuitable. n. ha. the fowl of propitiation. n. dissimilar. a was not able to procure for a long time after my return to America. n.-gO-ro. See gbii). (broken by war). inconsiderate. a-gbil). n. n. n. a kind of antelope. the ai-kilr). n. a-gb6r)-gbe-re. ai-ko. See h9. n. uneven. A-dzi-bo-kpe. n. finished. belotv ungathered . A-de-gb6. dr. unreconciled. ' a-di-re i-ra-na. a-gba-kar)-kar). ai-dzo. al-ko. port. which consents. n. ai-19. (^pahn-ioorshipper). ai-lu. ai-la-dzo. a riding. ' grape-shot. n. the green parrot. a proper name of a man. a-gba-Tvd. . (abi) a kind of egret. not indebted. A-b9-do-rir) a-bo-gS. kftq. a smattercr. See gb6. ai-ko-la. not saluted. jerked. n. J. which See gui). one toho jerks. n. ai-la-di. son. B] — work which I ABA a-bai-ye-dze snatching re- tattler. M. ai-he. n. unmurmuring. n. . a-he. a proper ai-gbe-se. Sec the root See the root n. a-gai)-"WO. a tree used for timber. which is a-ho. ai-ki-lo. a title of honor. a-gbir)-yi-ka-gba. [Some of tlie following words have been supplied from memory. ' See a-do-te-si-lS. n. n. mouth a-gbe. and others from Crowther's Vocabulary. a town west of Ba. is rid- a-gn-m5-na. the sweet" taste of which remains in the ai-19. n. killed n. not fiat. a-fd-re-si-gi. n. n. gbc) . T. n. a forest bird. a fighting. for a long time. used up. dtc. a-dze. a (a AIM aiyc). a-ba-ku-lu-dze. (see unexplained. a-ge. n. 11 n.. aX-dSX. which does not refuse.' he. n. not warned. See ko. a jMt-herl. a forest the bird. etc. See adSq.' d-c. a climbing. a flying report. a-di-ri (ori). improvident. as a dispute. n. played bv at-mS-te. one n. A-de-rlr). ba . a hedge or fence around a ai-ll-fa. n. one who takes. hausted. See dio. n. n. an ungrateful per. a-he-so. ai-lu. ?t.Ai-bd. n. hearsay. n. a house or settle- a-gbor)-yi. §. a-dz§. a cockatoo. n. a-hu-so. dc. ai-ko-se. unsaved . not perforated. a false re- hu. not lacked up or gathered. n.. officer. a-h. n. ignorant. c&c. a running plant. See dza. n. n. not visited. an who pro- heso. a cawing. den. a falsehood. a-hu. n.

which has a tongue. n. n. just now. h. the majority. ^ when the fire burns (the woods). n. onide ni itodiu awede. (ati ile). ba-uq be-dzi (ba oi)). n. n. (Gram. See ta. a-mu-kar). bi-a-ti-Q'Wi. to refiect upon. industrious &e almele. a a-le. a tree with a broad leaf. A-ki-o-la. a-19-ke-le. dc. a-ra-AVO. See at9gse. V. 1. a-la-dii. mu. a file. a-rfi. a-ru-kpe. immediately. a-ke-ri. a-ru-ko. a-lu-ma-ga-dzi. n. a previous agreement. merriment. ai-mO. a disease in fowls. Be-se. n. a perspirer. a climbing plant. n. dec. a proper name. ai-r9. n. a bird. n. a dwarf.' v. a-la-fe. a hoe-handle. a roll of tobacco. ai-rfi. dull. a-to-ri. name of a plant. a sprinkler . dishonesty. etc. n.r)-ko-ro. a-la-fe-ni. n. bear twins. n. a small bird with red feathers. n. which not drzmk. narcotic plant. al-si. n. a-ya-m5-kp6. n. unseen. ai-mo. {only honor). B. a-ia. ai-ri. n.. n. a small climbing animal which barks a-la. a crier. shears. asia. <S. bi-bd. n. a bending. n. people of the world. n. a saw. See ba. the oracle . not sharp. a proper name. n. unshorn. attainment. (bil). al-ma-ga-dzi. a youth. a-ke. ba-na-ba-na. n.. See is ani. n. K. the name of a pot-herb. the batten of a loom. to think about. at all. a name onibaba ni itodiu orombo. ba-bo. give a false reply. a-la-gba-da. Seeke. be-na-be-na. the a-ru-gbo-ru-gbo. interj. bird. a-y6r). adv. to b5\vo fu hood. a bargain. n. n. d:c. name of a tree . n. n. the young tree. a-ku-ma-la-kpa. a nettle. n. tongued. a kind of insect. n. n. n. A-lu-lii. See fi-ri-ya. al-tnl. a-kpa a-sa-ra. a-ti-16-nde a-ti-nl. scissors.. a-k6r)-ror). n. unshaken. 82 : BIB a fashion. to i-ra. See unopened. the owner of brass looks for awfede. a dishonest person. A-II.-XQ. V. of plant. a-kpa i-kd-ko.' implying the owner. Sec bi. ra. a proper name. n. 4). n. n. the name of a town. leaf of the shea- a-'wa-'wa. a charitable person. n. n. abundance. a returning. th« not lazy. a small bird with blue feathers. a kind of bird . the owner of copper looks for a lemon. ba-na-ba-na. wood of which is very elastic. d:c. (bii). a carnivorous n. n. n. n. a cutter. &ri-y6. n. a-ru-lu (ilu). to utter a false- b6-ke (bii). the a king's spy or policeman. a maker or dealer in the garment agbada. n. Ai-na. lit. Ac. like a dog. a coming again. a-'wS-de (ide). the actor. n. a town in Yoruba. a king-fisher. n. a-md-dze we-Ave. a-re-ke-re-ke. See root ro. respects the aluki (and leaves it uiiburned). the name of a bi-bi. an herb used for cleaning brass: a-Ia-ba-lase of Obatala. ai-mu. n. used for ropes. . ay Cir). n. a-ki-sa-lS. a-rai-ye (arA mankind. n. a-sa. ai-re. a resinous tree. See ba. a saponaceous plant. leavened bread. n. a proper name. that ivhich is pushed. leopard's tongue. a very old man. a-ka. n. n. n. wliicli shoe- a a tassel .' A-wa-ye. re. n. n. a lover. n. the armadillo. sorrel plant. (bi). it b6-ro-fu aluki. a medicinal plant. See a-ra-ra. tree the made. a-ta. adolescent. ^i. § 52. to give life to. at once. a closet. a-ke.c. a running plant. K. n. n. adv. be industrious. bS-mi bi-ba. n. a-tur)-se. unsold. a refuser. n. a-la. cleansing. a washing. See ^-sa. See alraagadii. a-la-ri. that which cleanses. thread is a-ti-0-ro. a prefix equivalent to oni. a-mkar). unhouyht. n. <£t. n.AIM ai-me-le. a-la-h6r). a-ro-si-16. to so. eSc. aiye). one who has a stain on his character. (tc. K. a-kp5-dzCl. a hater . otherwise. i&c. n. n. possession. n. unless. a meeting. custom. which is cut. See the roots ' ' la ' and ' la. bird. conj. a-mgba-du. a-la-ba-wdr). n. n. a kind of a fibrous plant. ». n.h. a-kpog. n. a-re-re-gbo-sur). n. a-t3. a philanthropist. thus. the fig-eater. (ala ba ni a^e). a seditious person. v. a-"wu-ka-ra (akara). al-tS. n. adv. a-lu-kl. a-tOr)-"wfi. a slender prickly plant : bi ina dzo. See See ri. a-la-gur). a-"w5r) e-kur). a-"w6.

mixed with oil to woi) woi) of) Bese. d6-ti. v. n. the rain (i. n. v. . v. as of a rope twins. a poisonous plant. e-sir). bi-bfl. e-ba. n. breed. n. e-hi-ri. bom. collection of n. Bl-d-kfl. da . e-dzi-re. paint. e-de. the flickering appearance of the atmosphere in hot n. color. "wbx). a kind of large bird. di-le-di-le. to to thoughtful about. to bi-fe-dze (ba. da . n. to be careless. that which is full. lit. to redeem. 83 See bo. shut in mention by name. tree. adv. e-k6r). n. made of them. n. so called. do-g^Q-si-lS (da). da da . the The liver is supposed to be the seat of the passions to receive liver). to cross e-d&. V. a confused mass. du-du. e-hil-ru. V. n. bu. n. e-16-si. e-le-ri. length. a proper name. di-yar) (da). da-ru-ko. n. acquit.jire. 6-se. a kind of See ibodzi. bu-su-gba fruit. : sakati ni ida themin(t\\(iiciviw e-we e-ti. . le-bi. n. lay down. to enter. . n. See one olori. e-su-su. n. a haiek^ bo-mu-bo-mu. n. v. dzu-dzu. that ivhich . da-kpa-ra. n. . n. dar)-ka-re. the oil §-gu-sI. to be unconcerned about. . de-htli) (obuq). e-na a-vror) (ena for m&. v. off. n. bl-yo-sl bo-dzi. V. . dudn. v. . who mistaken. be tcith us). tree. leoparcTs claw. love. n. to sneer at. n. e-go-r9. e-kar) a-"wo-di. dza-ndu-kti. a prickly shrub bo . la-so V. n. the leaf of which blisters the skin. v. a casting. of. dry weather. creation. n. (darkness). n. e-k6 9 year. do-te-si-16 (da). v. i. to lower the voice. n. a scraper. n. irascibility . cause en- e-bo. n. : E. a creating. n. n. the e-dzi-e. soft pulp of the locust e-ku-se. coming. n. Bi-ri. a peeling bl-kp5. e-de. completed. awoi). to strip off the clothes. e-go. any soft springy substance. . v. e. ripeness. n. . n. da-o-ru-ko. an acrid poisonous shrub. rageous. e-he. v. milk. (bii). 6-se. a kind of sweet plum.BIB bi-bo.(i. (if he does not die). e-ro-dzi-ka-si. n. e. a kind of palm-bird. e-gui). e-k5. mlii(is. a kind of n. bo-sl. n. convolvulus. slackness. V. to enclose. condemn. a running prickly plant. e-ga a-kpa-SO. See egake. an oil-jar. to cause to e-re. a kind of plant. e-ga. fire-leaf. to e-we-re. encamp against. D. gloomily. name of a shrub. See Buruku. a tree the leaf of which curdles things. besiege. which is cast. the clouds) gathers darkly. n. ku-ro. n. cause war. darkly odzo ^u e-do-fo-fo. EIIU E. a kind of tree. chaos. blackly. a prickly shrub so nearly. that ivhich is bitter. a kind of antelope. adv. the name of a is disease. soldiers. se. n. (li). n.die). to salt. e-ga-ni. n. (igba). da-bd. e-kar) e-kur). sand. claio. (f God e-dzu. V. e-su-O. the winding up or end of the Bu-ku. hence gbod9 (gba edo. a gathering or picking up. d'c. dtir). V. the tortoise). all gone. a liver of foam. a feeding. it is n. . or 6 bu tai). V. to cou- dza-6-ke. V. n. to make yarn into hanks. to make a jest to cease. almost : 6 bu called. that which is fed. to cease. ' a kind of white bean with a black down. nearly finished. a height. to cause enmity. n. bu-su. to be dza-na-dza na. name of a town. name of a disease. da-kur). . lie to cease V. mity. n. a small species of white ant or termes. bu-16. soft peaty earth. censure. dare. water-melon seeds. enter into. to release. eye. loose heavy the e-ko-ro. is given. to breed together : mu bi kpo. bo-dzir). n. e-ha. to be careful. ear-leaf. dx. dza-ta. . n. da-ktlr) (okuq). Bi-o-l9-rur)-kpe-lu. V. to e-tu-tu.lhe marsh shuts e-'we i-na. so called is because the juice of the leaf heal sore eai-s. . the slave of Sarjgo. n. . n. n. . dilatorily. adv. n. n. to sjwil See bu. tlie a wicked person.

west of Idzaye and south of Isaki. «. i-dd-do. to e-ka-do-rur). il|. e-mo. I-dzS. a person with proga-ga-dz6. n. tree. e-yir)-dztl. as. sixteen. i-da-ra-ya. (fi). See V. we e-rir)-di-16-gur). n. V. . num. companion of fire. See adodo. fur)-kur). S-"wa.-kfl.-ti. living F. the seventieth. «. gbii)-gbi-nd6 (gbiijgbii) odo. I-ba-dar) (iba odag). the kingdom. to take comfort. {the meeting of the woods tvith the pirairie). . a pigeon • . house-bird. I-b6. E. tribes.r)-yai). to take (lit. adverbs and nouns of place . £6-11-1)4-16. n. is the product of this plant. num. {here it-is we to-be met selves our). {caught by a town east of gbd-do-gi (gba odo a medicinal employed grain. 6-rir)-di-16-gb9r). V. A away fumigation of the evil spirits. making n. the cheek. twenty-six. bark e-t9. e-ylr). fq fo kpe-te-kpe-te. (fi). adv. planted by the water). n. e-ka-do-rir). to on the Yeriwa name of two Idzakokc or Idik- se-sir). to place the hand on fura. num. fi-la. y9. f6-ri-bo. a bird which (to catch insects) v. n. called hearken. a mixture of boiled e-yir). «. See fa. .. one of the Yoruba I-ba-ra-kpa. charcoal. in the N. n. n. f6-ri-ti. to break to pieces. to pray. e-ka-do-ta. n. the river. one who owns or occupies a oil fu-15-f9-l9-rui). num. n. an elastic wood used for bows. e-le-yii)-dz<l (eyii) odiu). {hunting). fiftieth. n. to pay attention to. the car to. a cap. to take exercise or recreation. that ^ohich protrudes or is prominent. v. . n. 84 lit. . the fourth. i-ba-dd (odo). v. deceit).gbfi.. to be comforted. and Idzakodo (odo). nsed as medicine. . co- e-ko-kar)-la. n. V. prayer). {a fighting around). liovers over the fire prairie when the burning. a very viscous j^lant. to kauke (oke). gb9. fur)-le-fu-l9-rur). fu-lS-fu. n. . tium. e-lu o-gbo. num. . spice. to under- e-ke-sar). the eleventh. the jaw-bone. the tenth. n. baceous plant much like the American indigo. or a or burning earthen-ware. a tree which grows near the water. n. fo-'w6-l§ V. to shame. See foribo. a kind of n. e-rur). adv. fo-ti-si to (fi). house. the ninetieth. v. the name of a jdant. I-di8. I. n. a large town east o/"Ibadar). e. i. corn of any kind . of I-bo-l9. of one's own accord.EIY ei-ye-le (ilc). The fine indigo gbe (to be). . adv. freely. (enu). piously. Sudan w. v. a-du-ra. v. the name of a town. n. disgrace.. an her. n. n. com and a beans. to boast. fU-la. tu-tu. a mouse. IDZ . . e-rtl. . num. pop-eyed. to wrap e-lu i-'wa-se.-16. a kind of brown rat. upper Idzaka. {a fighting for home). is of choice. e-le-gbe i-na. e-ktl-ku. e-ke. the ninth. 71. nihiijyi li a gbe k6 ara wa met here. e-ke-rir). {camping). V. num. put to shame. the water's edge. freely. fo ru-ru. tlie iq . rau-raio. {who is peeled). n. kiln for e-le-TJU. n. the broad-leaved indigo. num. a running plant. e-lu-ru.-16 (fu for the earth). v. v. I-d6. I-d§. to discharge mucus. toions a thanking. f9-nu. a small tree gbil i-kpe. for the earth and for God). E-ru-mu. 71. a town near Abeokuta. igi). the small-leaved indigo. fp-nu take. int-fall covered tvith earth. freely. See foribale. n. n. destroy entirely. thanks. num. a proper name. e-ku.. n. mind to. f3. to put i-du-kpe. n. (lit. f9r)-kur). with very long virgate branches. . a large town fifty miles east of Abeokuta. brag. the eighth. e-ke-ta. . fo-ri-si V. minent eyes. G. num. leisurely. Ibadajq. the eyeball. fo . gbft. a tree growing near streams which bears an esculent bean. . I-ba-ra (ba ra ?). e-"WTl-ru. apply the lower Idzaka. to envelope. See e-k&-"wa. . a town in Iketu. to listen attentively. n. n. foriti. fi . coast. e-ke-dzo. one of the Yoruba tribes. is to drive a kind of leopard. n. a pleonastic particle much used after of up. e-li-ri. n. to destroy. a kind of beer. to smash. greatly. v. the third. shore.

the name of a town in the west- tS-do (te ed9). ta-me-ta. . hope. name of a town. a failure). n. n. erect ears. n. a tumult. w6. n. a raven. appearance . (star). (the mother of young i-ro-dzu. the head-quarters of Orisako. a pushing do^vn. a se-dztl. a fondling. a doubting.. ye-m9-dza (om9 patience. a the west town in (entangled loith bushes?). a fine timber tree. se-hir) sir)-ku (i-se-i). [fiyhting for miles JSf.E. Liberia. (shaded by the itd n. a difficulty. n. evacuation. w6. isir). composure. tl-le-hir). te-ro. n. ' tion of a proper I-le-sai). a running plant. with broad leaves. hoping. I-dze-sa. roots. n. n.Yoruba east of Yoruba. se-ti.E. a carpenter's compasses. i-hu-l&-hu-16. rat's hole . edza). one of the Yoruba idols. ru-ke. 85 a lanje town fifty the I YE ro-ke-ke. n. ra. (the noisy forest?). a town on the Niger. under sail. the twinkling of an eye. a doubt. a a look. a town in a being Yoruba. to n. i-ko. I-ke-tu. mental emotion sQ. n. worn around the n. burial. a heap or height?). a See kajHi. a tribe and town of and small : si-gur). the act SU. darkness. i-ka-nu. W. a felling. (a going to loalk ?). sa-ga. n. to eat ? always eating) kola nuts art thou an iki ?). (the hunter's house). scruple. re. n. the capital of Idiesa. name. a tribe in the N. bi ? si-ye-me-me-dzi. ruba. life). See Igana. i-na-ki-ri.IDZ I-dza. (the making of town west o/"Abeokuta. tenance. se-ke-ke. n. i-ra-"WO i-lS. tree?). which feeds on the kola or goora nut obi. re. the casting n. a n. the state of being dark. i-r6-dzu. a worshipiping. n. a a sharp stick or bar for digging holes in the I-fa-gbe-mi. esculent running plant. The syllable ^a in these two wards is a contrac' ta-gbo-kur). the meeting a town in Ibarakpa. n. I-ga-la. so-n6. i-ro-ko. w6. n. surliness. n.-b6. bitter kola-nut. n. s3. patience. a kind of grass. abetting. n. n. (Ifa helped me). rapid journey. (a doing or an opening beneath ?) a a semi. vexation. tree •y&. n. n. called sassa wood wd. a wrong action. of Yoruba. See ihul5. n. large town in the west of Yoruba. the act of falling. n. t&. n. I-le-sa. SU-bu. 1-16 O-de. a species of tree called also isi or an animal o so iki luith large eyes si-se. 2>erseverance. n. a hem. feeling compassion or sorrow. ern part of Yoruba. n. a trampling on. i-te-"WO-gb&. n. Lander's Bohoo. cuit but now much n. a town in Iketu. a proper name. re. peevishness. in i-rd-ko. a kind of tree. aiding. expecting. Idzaye. (a snapping. n. (enlargement). a large town in the north of Yoruba. n. of Aheokuta. I-lo-rir). n. (ground star). the act of casting out. instantly. given I-f6. homage to a king. a proper name of persons. t§. reception. farm an labor. n. (an opening of the thicket the act a large town of feeling a so-ro. a proper children in honor of Ka. a misdeed. ioien in the cir- a toion near Aibo. fishes)'. n. i-ro-ko. n. the under garment. in a moment. n. acceptance. a forced march. tilling . n. See iko infra. n. n. n. I-lu-ku. iko anu or ikanu. See irukere. i-ki (ikki). See t^. d'c. te. hips. ni isedzii kaij. n. a prairie shrub with aromatic Yoruba. sfi. a toiun on a q/"Iloriij. an instant : ^. name ground. n. a in his cause. n. n. of gathering : . i-kpai)-ko-ro. I-ra-"WO. n. a iwo (art le dze thou art able . n. country. n. n. an uproar. n. n. the tree which bears the a falling . n. (a cutting loose?). tS. i-rir) te-"WO. n. I-gbe-ti. n. severity. n. as of a gun. n. I-ga-ra.-be. n. a lottery. a a town west of the Oguij. n. See te. provocation. abundance).-y6. n. n. se-kpo-lo-hui). emission. n. of Yoruba sa. sadness of coun- "wa-ri. a funeral. n. n. I-ki-si. a considerable town in Jbarakpa. m. See i-rO-k6. si-ko. of lots. a farmer. a town west of Igana. a medicinal plant. the of three streets or roads. a fall. a pitying. gloomy . tree the name of a plant. I-ga-na. n. te-le-di. perplexity. near Igboho. I-la-de. a kind of okra or esculent hibiscus. n. -t6-bo-lo. sa-ki. sa-la. ta'-ma-ha. the act of setting sail. a village near the name of a much used for fuel. of Yoruba. mountain west I-gbo-ho. formerly twenty miles in reduced. a tribe and a town of Yotribe (okii). sd-ro. support of a person o-kpa i-kp5 (walking-staff. a very large town.

it is K. a kind of sour plum. i>'07i customary ^9"^9"S^9i **• pin on which thread is salutation on retiring to rest at night. n. law kpa ete. v. ki-ke.-da. a small river which falls into the Osa west grateful ^^erson. n. not time to go. without k6-i-t6.-si. (see kar)). same person. nothing. v. asori kl ikpa osusu. not the purchaser of the thing which he enjoys. an unI-ye-'Wa. n. kpa osu die. ?«. adj. castellated wall. adv. kar)-gba. adv. . V. to arrive. we? shall I? ynay we? ko-'we. n. adv. and kaloh. hence akelS. kp3. n. suggest. See ke and k5. it is not yet. to cease burning in a flame . kd-su-'wa. See sua. a kind of bird. a large calabash with a lid or k6-gi-o. ko-su-ar). lai-dze-bi. n. k6-ni-lg-k6-15-na a road). ki-ku-na. hint . to a small kind of lizard. n. ile. n. n. n. kl-kar). coffee. wonder. n. to ». the name of a plant. to take care (kiyesi). strenuously. day. a turning. k'a kpe woij ? shall I ride ? k'a so called from its cry. a vagrant. n. a proper name. lal-be-ru. conversion. wrong. (imo). k§. n. a kind of bill-hook or pruning knife. the ke-ke-le-ndze. kar)-ga-ra. ki-ye-sa-ra be careful. ko-si-a. kpa-nti. oko). V. may you : k'a bere. dzai-ye. a vagabond. adv. ko-ri-ko. ka-ndzti (kaij odiG). fineness. ki-ki. v.—adv. to have . to reach. k6i). off. k'S. ko ko. ki-k5. a proper name. kar)-rir)-kar)-rir). lit. cover. boldly. of oneself. to . n.lYE i-ye-re. innocently. ra. to proclaim a ^' the kpa imo. ka-nfi. without fear. Ze/ MS shall let much used in k6-t6. la-gba-de-me-dzi 7nidst. to intend. 7i.. n. out of sight. not good. n. adv. (ki a). only one tree upas being found in a place . kpa odio die. loh. v. not proper. kaij. Additional phrases to those already given kp8i. one of the Yoruha ko-md-re-kd-mo-ra (m^ ore mh ova). earnestly. ka-fe from Ilausa). conversation. ki-ki. n. See kpantiri. far off. See kagba. strenuously. a kind of gnat called ka-nti-ka-nti. 6na. k6-si-r)kar). See ko and kb. kpa-m6 a bird so called from n. n. n. to have filth. See ko and k(). to miss or forget the month . See ki-kar)-ki-kar).-ro. See koit6. a covetous person. the same: enia kana. sourness. 16-na (li). to enact. to be filthy. . cut down . dean kpa-16 (alo). adv. adj. kp6-kpo-l&. the are. lai-lS-se. (our mother). i-y e-y 6. n. n. an optative particle . ka. (kai) na). See koij and lai-bd. n. us inquire k5-bi-k5-bi. an outcry of women away hawks. it is not enough : \h. a kind of bird. i-yi-kp9. ordain. to form a circle. 86 LER the seeds of the African locust. . to drive nestly. See ke. a tree with scarlet flowers. kpa . a house . built in this with many prelections. a coarse grass used in thatching. grass. (li). he knoivs not goodness. See ki and kl. V. ki-ke. si a proper name. lit.. le-ri (li). kaq-rii). form a grove . a bird . kpa iye. the never forms a grove. crooked. «. (ko a kind of bird. there is nothing. or guilt. ki-k9r). n. to cease gone. kS-gi-ro. (introd. ka-ndzQ. ki-k6. ki-k|. kpa-kpa-go-ri. n. one who makes haste rich. n. idols . ear- Ku-mi ku-ru ! (koi) omi?). pron. pose a riddle to he . ke-l|. K5-so-k6 sometimes of k5-t6. yesi See kabi- wound. v. he knows of Badagry. as in dancing kpa al6. chest. See kpimS. unclean. ko-SO-ko. n. v. n.. burning in a flame. not straight or right. ki-k5r). a kind of dove. ko-ro-kpo-ma. . koito La-si-me-dzi. to he far kpa kur)-re-te. adv. to pro. «." a kind of ant. to consult. dropsy in dc. kpa alo. a dropping. ki-kar). its cry. dc. V. kai ! an exclamation of dispileasure. kpa-nsu-ktl. (ni. in the middle or ki-ko. like a shall toe call them ? k'4 ge^ir) ? de be li alafia may we reach there in peace f k'a sill) 1-6 may you sleep well ! a very ! ! The «'» walls of royal cities only are way. smoothness. n. n. ki-ko. drunkard . kpa agbo. purpose to ache. to forage in the farms . to miss or forget the osusu. kar). n. k&l). to command. adv. lit. kpa ase. in an uncovered or unsheltered state. See kaijdzfi. sitt.

n. o-ri ya. n. 0-gu-b6. O-ri e-ya. o-ba-ni-dze. O-mo-lft-la. O-gu-ba-na. O-gu-nto-ro. to feel lively. a kind of n. si. a ki7id of cotton with large pods. to be delighted with the conduct or words of an inferior who is much beloved to yeai-n. n. / will tweli'e. o. to know all things. a small gregarious O-kpo-to bird. at which place he descended alive into the ground. ». be lit. See abanidze. pleased O-ri : ori W9r) they are delighted. V. a trailing leguminous plant. 9-dar)-ko. dicinal tree. me-yar)-me-yar). n. two by two. 0-gu-du-gb6. for that reason n. the south. 71. hand). a proper name. 87 condemned. name of a plant employed the pepper-hird. tree. n. n. me-dzl-lfi. . . n. habit. a kind of wild pigeon. . Ma-dfi. 0-ba-kar)-bI-ke-dzi. n. o-lo-gi-ri. almns. in5-hur)-gbo-gbo to be all-wise. n. 6-sir) v. O-ro-re. O-ni-se. i-ya-ma. o-bai-ye-dze. n. to cure the asleep. not : me dehir) ra aso. a kind of wild fig-tree. well their Mfih-kti. n. fashion. n.. [the ' left hand of west). a kind of bird. 7-ocks. the name of a me. n. King of a Glory. O-gu-mo. species of oiiole. a small aTlimal which lodges under O-dze-re. n. n. o-bo-ni. a kind of cotton with small pods.. n. name of a n. not buy cloth again. 0-se. a proper name. a kind of tree. a large f7-uit si7nilar to the black haw. n. 71.LEB le-bi (li). (oliui]). n. n. si. Ma-ma. n. a kind of banana. Sec ogodugbS. a proper name. ki-ti. O-gbo-yS. n. 0-r6. apro2}er 7iame.O-TVU 6-gO-do. a wild duck (?) a kind of grass . a proper name. a title of Shango who was and a kind of a king of Kuso or Koso in Yoruba. is split 0-lu-ko-nto. always n. O-kpe-re. (broken) O-ru-wo. a title of God. (li). bird. n. a proper name. disease called oka. name of a tree. ??. n. (the left hand eunuch). in the "wu. O-WU a-ke-se. O-Ave-re-dze-dze. useful for timber. n. n. a departure. n. O-lo-gU-ni. n. n. the King of Kuso. Ac. (ci to be guilty. e not). name of a tree. a proper name. n. a small carnivorous animal. 6-ri. a medicinal li-16h. of great a seci-et society power and O-SU-SU. O-fa. n. a dancer O-fi-ki. V. . See modum9du. influence. . 71. n. /. n. a proper name. n. a bird 7ohich is said to be almost 6-ka. name of a tree. n. 0-dz6. O-ki-yar). n. 7i. O-ru-kpa. O-si-kpi. a proper name. See abaiyedie. . the piine-etpple. O-fu-a. n. a kind of trailing shrub. m. n. w. mo-nu-mo-nu. 0-gbo-m9-SO. n. . 0-gur)-gur). O-ba 0-g6. embroidery. O-gu-ro-do. dyed cotton loool. adv. the the me-dzi-me-dzi. n. tree. civil 71. tinel ?). a medicinal plant. a great-grandchild. n. «. to he to he sinful. M. 0-sir) i-ya-lo-de. a proper name. O-ro-fo. [standing erect). name of a a bird. which or to he split. a kind of kola-nut. mal-ki-ri. O-gbu-gbu. See ogboni. O-lo-fe-re. n. v. (the toild cat caught the sena large town in Yoruba. a eunuch left of the third rank. n. a 6-sir) title (a wise woman of the next to that of ot9r)-i3'alode. li-14. species of wild fig-tree. the kidneys. l|-se V. v. num. n. a kind of wild pigeon. 71. a first cousin on the fathers side. mo-ko-ko (ikoko). dialect. O-lo-kpi-ri. . n. i-"wefa. d-Ave. n. doei-). O-lo i-n6. 0-ki-ti-kp6. a ki7id of hedgehog. rah (emi n. to make earthenware. an esculent herb. a going. was deified. O-ra. n. a kind of kola-nut . connected with the religious and government of Yoruba. young leaf of the plant ewere.. w. See 1^. O-ro-gbo. 7iame of a bird. tree. O-kporj si-b6. a town in Yoruba. 6-kpo-kpo. . ma-na. O-ri . d-Ave a-wpr).-ri-ke. o. a kind of pi'ickly bush. head opens. Egba / will custom. num. . n. O-ri. to name of a bird. in small pieces. OMO n. the O-kpe-re. Oba Ku-so. a tribe. . n. n. o-ri O-ya.

to . See se so-siij. rQ. to . <f. to reply when spo- a consuming. rank. O-yai). nfi. a pestle. V. rar)-hur) sedly.tL. n.. n. d:c. n. se lo-dzu or le-ka-na. to confu- le-nu. to j^rovoke. to speak me-yar)-ine-yar). o-mo-ri O-lo. n. way of giving a se-ni-fir)-rar). V. . to he an iron ring worn on n. 9-mo-t6. that which is bought or to be bought. n. V. (dl). dc. <tc. . See si raij-hur). sa-gor) (se). so . a wart . n. who rejoices. n. motions are sup2>osed name of a to suit . he large.maha. . ti-"WOr)-ti-'WOr). See si. tar)-ga-lfi. SO-di-mi-lo-to. a bird so called because to indicate joy. n. the wrist by hunters. . ta-r§ (ire). n. domesticate. See tS. . n. n.h . an unnieaiiing word used by children at play. tar)-gi-ri. . . (ili).-fa. . ta-ki-ri. hide. inter- 0-"w6 to tS. ri-r§. to thorriy shrub. . n. se-ne-'WO. grey color one esii) 9ye. a loise woman of the o-t6r) i-ya-lo-de. {child bends or prostrates). See r9. (kc. . n. . adv. hop along tomb6 . . to enrich. V. : iwo t6 de na ? hast thou si-sdr). monkey. V. push out. taken sa-gbe-sa-gbe. to tame. SO-de (si). . . . v. to struggle. to So-fi-mi-de. name of a bird. {hand bends or come into possession of: owo re tB ol4. . to be name of a bird. to be small. . f/rasjn). sar)-kpa-nfi. So-a-nde. SO so SO so so . be con- ken rd . . se-kpo-lo-hur). se se . to. n.. to adopt. v. . n. its se-da e-le-fil). . nise. H. to be obscure. act as second se gbe-de-gbe-yo. n. n. to ri-r6. se-da yo-ri-yo-ri. the U2'>per millstone. to tickle. See tira. . pieces). bunch or any- the act of forging iron . the north. a grey horse. while SU-na-si. n. v. v. . SO-AVe-ra effort. a going. to exclude. to ti-a. v. V. n. — adv. v.-rtl. . . (dl). the coffee-tree. to attain to. li-11. 0-t6iJ ga-ba-si. the capital of Yoruba. hint. to cause one to sli). See se. V. . de-ru di-di. V. clemency. so-fo-dir). (tc. V. v.. . . See sakpana. to be contentious. perplex. an esculent herb. the tip of the finger. to notice. .—~v. v. See su-rii. n. ironically. . a toion and tribe south q/"Abeokuta. rf . adv. . sti-ru. a running plant. play a game. applied to a applied to a leaf or buncb. v. . See ra. a eunuch of the second rank. preter. . atoms. the solitary yelloiv ti-ar)-ti-ar). n. V. a tying. n. See le. Sfi. stl-ru.T. . used in a cooking. withering. sumed. v. n. he attained honor. See rui). n. submerge abundantly. se ru-bu-tu. n. a proper name. to which is cooked. . a rejoicer. . name of a prickly shrub. 88 TOM s. se su-na-si. n. to write. n. is to to care for. E. v. si-SO. o-y§.OMO o-mo-ri-ka. . v. to complete. so. purple-shaded silk. rub or scratch the body of another. with the pains of child-birth. Sec tS sur). . si-sS. Sec come already \. v. do-mo do-r6 n. . toin-b6. ri-ro. adv. suppress. perplexity . 0-y5-g6-ho-g6-ho. adv. v. o-y6. n. lo-dztl (li). ta-ma-hai). ti . white silk. ni-se. dx. n. v. 0-'w5-'W0. open the mouth. «. n. O-ta. n. make a great rir) . se bai-bai. n. to open one's mouth. V. v. V. to wink or beckon by . . the fniit of s. 0-t6r) i-"we-fa. after all . O-mo-ri o-d6. ni-ffil). n. a bird which lodges in holes. sa-sa-ba-ku. to interpret. . dl rar)-hur) rar)-hur). name of a tributary of the Ogiii). thing expanded. . the dressing morocco leather. ? already imprecate evil upon. : se-tfir). (^e). utterly (destroyed or broken to T. that which ri-rtir). crush v. n. rar)-kpo (il<po). provocation. hopping on one foot ! : lakalaka tonibo ! suu-ru. a sleeping. v. su-si. to to put under. to grotv dim. n. to enslave. .. n. la-ga-ke or le-gi-ni (li). Oyo. a beggar. se-sir). the name of a bird.

to tell mournful news. v. v.« dz6 . n. we-re-"we-re. leather n. an esculent herb. y§. noted for its fatness. 'wg-kg-'wg-so. the table. a plant used for washing horses. v. yg-ti. mi-mi v. 'tuAio. (ehii)).TOR 89 w6-hir) backed. (odi6). the name of a bird. v. a disease in fowls. v. it. Wa-kpa. to measure the depth of water. n. (wah il6). n. v. 16-h. "wk . after or give way under the feet. to seek to entrap in conver- wi-li-ki. n. . w. after a verb ending in ' u. a kind of rat. family y9i)-yor). •prayer. a dwarf. yar)-riQ See warakpa. an esculent herb. (w6). n. encourage. worn by males. n. embolden yag-ril). god of twins. n. bird. n. to tu . to purchase images of the lawless. . u. yir)-rir). name of a 12 . wa-kpa-kai) "Wfi-lS y&-re (ere). yai)-rar)-yai)-rar). her. v. to disperse. adjourn. to brine/ news that a friend is dead.yi-fo (yi. to yield (li).' yfi-be-dzi (ibedii). YOR to be td-ro. t6-fo (tu). yar)-k5-to. crook-backed or hunch- wbxy-dd to (odo). to turn). to be wild.''pron. strengthen. wicked. among Mohammedans. . to dress greens for ground). or yi-yir)-rix).ur) v. v. v. n. n.-ha-na (ahana). being drunk or crazy. adv. "WO-lu-ha. to come to the wdlS (his eye came ground : odiu r§ ya-rir). him. (li). yo . to lal-ya n. the sation. brilliantly. dismiss an assembly : sound. he came to him. to make or purchase an image to to squint. n. self. quicksand. to the worship. {•x[. .


abu'sively. mu . a. prep. 4 16 mu. n. abrupt'. tSnitSni. bu. n. abstruse'. fisilS. irelS. igbel6h. n. abu'ser. . diinle. n. v. sehiij. amu. ni ikpe. adv. ikorira.. atSni. v. v. abortion. a. afidii. v. n. abund'ant. loke. abstract'. ie eguij. ieng. ifisilS. absurd'. ibubu. egfiq. abjure'. agbara. absentee'. v. ti abase'ment. luhaincrease. itfeni. n. soke. ». v. fa. at|ni. absorbable. loke. & lb kparui). v. abste'miousness. ENGLISH-YORUBA. aidzana. oye \%. n. . k^kiri. li ebu (li. iseno : to suffer gbe . ifoyelS. v. abut'. arono. abo'minate. alsi. a. a. a. 16h. adv. a. leke. abo'lishable. n. li aluwala. abuse'. lodiidii. ake kuru. a. idzi- nidi. ti kparui). soke. V. lehii). adv. idodiuti. ebu. soq. laito. . . a. abi'dingly. v. absorp'tion. a'ble-bodied. a. ab'rogate. a. lera. ii abor'tion. n. aron6. adv. n. ^saij. ab'ject. abbre'viate. ABA abaft'. a. n. li irira. adv. v. abreast'. afa. eni o fd. akpanii). ab'dicate. absorb'ent.ireg6i). abroad'. abstruse'ness. absolve'. abhor'. akorira. . ab'stinence. abo'minable. sal6h. ikparui). abruptly. adv. adv. agbemu. n. li akorira. n. . luha. v. leke. binablna. aisi. adv. sehii). agbara. n. absolu'tion. abate'ment. okp6. adilnle. mo. alagbara. ibudioko. n. n. abhor'rence. a. abdo'men. abste'miously. abbrevia'tion. ACC ablu'tion. n. w6. ike kuru. abate'. abo'llsh. . have). ikpa.PART II. abscond'. v. abduc'tion. iron6. a. ab'jectness. amu.abuse'. ebu. v. kosi. abet'ting. abat'ed.. v. arele. a. lohui). lokaqkai). above'. about'. . abet'tor. ab'sent. yakuro. alebu. a'ble. iwakpS. ogdq. adv. n. ke kuru. abjur'er. fi . dioko. abash'ment. n. absent'. afidii. abdiea'tion. odiidzi. li abjectly. adv. ko dzana. n. okui). adv. absurdity. asaloh. a. adv. ti ikuq. li 9kp5su . okp6- abroach'. akorira. See aid. V. n. lodiu. ebu. above'. abhor'red. lodzuti. n. See a^ree. abund'ance. abide'. Mil. v. n. nle. kpikpS. 16h. korira. n. lokpo. See repeal. n. . abu'sive. sa. n. ogkt). abdo'minal. abrupt'ness. n. n. v. dodiuti. kpamo. abstain'. adv. . n. aboli'tion. r9noron6.. bu. abash'. niha. a. aban'donment. v. abori'ginal. ifo. lokpo. n. n. a. prep. dzA. odiidzi. iweno. . ibu. lehiij. kale. ti absorb'ed. See multiply. abomina'tion. V. irono. ehiij. n. li ebd (li. luha. absorb'. mu .. 9l6we. li agbe. kpamo. ti abaii'don. abo'lisher. mu. rele. arel§. gbe. n. n. abhor'rent. abyss'. korira. kp6. v. abhor'rently. atetedelS. to ab'sence. wawo. abase'. abet'. kparui). absurdly. v. niditi. a. ifa. . ab'stinent. abut'ment. abas'er. absolv'er. ikuij. abor'tive. fa. a. alera. abstruse'ly. abscond'er. a'bly. about'. a. n. abjura'tion. bv/e. ikui). adv. n. diinle. abode'. niha. atu. help. in. abil'ity. kp5. arel|. irira. n. abbre viator. n. kiri. n. ron6. with). wakp5. ait6. niha. abste'mious. abund'antly. n. abound'. li arono. alaisi. adv. v. lode.. fakuro. 16. akparug. accede'. a. aseguij.

92 AFT iSoso. ih6kilr). akodio. adult'. ad'dled. affect'. ac'tor. ado'. ya. tew6gb^. ti a le sumo. . elebe. 16. n. a. . m6. a. adv. da lu. n. . . da accept' ably. abebe. n. de. adjoin 'ing. li ebu. n. suq. a. add'. . ibi. admit'. afflict'. adv. adhe'renee. a. s6i). i-a. akilo. v. adjoin'. accept'. gege accost'. adamSrar). acquit'. 16h. fi other roots. . act. accord'ance. akodzo. . adv. accorn'modate. lu. ibiloh. f&ratjmo. n. n. . adze. adulterer.. foro. afisadiu. abukoij. afisSq. ife. v. accept'ance. ase. a. bade. a. fi . rodio. afffec'tionately. v. V. adv. v. efe. afresh'. n.a. mo. kpoi) . amo. kuro. fS . li abakpade. V. adjure'. yig. «. se obu. add'er. kpinu. ^ni. fo. accu'mulated. acute 'ness. onikilo. n. affec'tion. See curse. v. n. v. accuse'. accord'ing to. . v. isum9.. itenum6. kpan^aga. ibusi. yara. li okere. advance'. ighk. fu. v. admo'nitor. esoi). v. . obu. imo. se aqfani. lo^o. . sadiu. odzi. csi. bu . afo. . v. ake gboro. •adul'terated. . . (room). . fi . olubuk6i). adul'teration. morai). busi. idii^e. sehii). ac'tion. accom'plished. li atewogba. iyara. w. accord'. accept'able. awil6. advajice'ment. a. a.ACC ac'oent. am6. 6we. ife. n. ». . ac'curate. n.. ti. se. a^euq (apimu. plied to persons). . adv. alado onise access'ible. n. . v. v.wali41a. ac'cess. V. n. n. muba. n. kpan^aga. da. aocumula'tion. accusa'tion. . ota. ikpe. adhe'rent. ad'vent. afar'. olukpoqdzu. acou'mulate. a. advi'sedly. a. adjourn'. acti'vity. asenu. n. alagbaso. acquit'tal. . lodifi. ka. agoggo. n. n. mu. a. bade. . add'ing. n. abide. ab4kpade. adhe'sive. da. abula. . v. asii)16h. akpinu. V. a. or loh. a. igbeliiij. n. ie. amii. n. alak6q. ibadc. n. acclaina'tion. onidav. aceom'plice. d6i). . n. adugbo. adul'terate. ki. gba. awamu. . kpakadza. advan'tage.. accom'paniment. n. ikpoijdiu. aflFair'. . . v. olufis5i). n. adapt'ed. lehii).. adv. . account'able. akoseba. 6 ba ti ese 16h. afloat'. ni idiiie. n. acquaint'ance. bu. abum6. ni «. itamora. V. n. idzisokpale.». adul'tery. odi si. ac'curately. adapt'.n. faramo. v. si. . ifibu. mu . ase. hk ti ese he went on foot. ni iyiq. kpe. faram&. ac'curacy. oluse. af&ragmo. aceom'plisher. . adorn'. adamSrag. bum6. munumunu. rekp9. v. n. . odzo ale. . abade. a. . diew6. a. beru. aiyaf6. onife. biila. wo. adapt'edness. aqfani. ka koq. ko adieu'. advice'. mu ba. afoot'. . sikpe fu. n. ikpoijdzu. adv. gba. bebe b4 . ib6miw6q. afaram6. n. . . kpa. adul'teress. titoij. ase. aceept'ed. gba. n. ache.ili6Ie. fi . ackno-w'ledgment. akpe. w6. . v. adrift'. aecom'modating. adakuro. goijgo. korisi. a. bl. ti ba w4h ^eni ad'verse. n. aceord'ant. : afraid'. adorn'ing. . kilo. iwadzu. accou'trements. n. agba. afflict'ed. n. . For affec'tionate. accountabil'ity. admoni'tion. afe. tog. ifisadiu. dio. ad'mirably. t». o^o. See farewell. a. accord'. accident'ally. nile.. prejp. adv. V. V. agbasi. ise. accommoda'tion. ac'tive. n. . affirma'tion. atew6gba. ad'mirable. n. tu adjura'tion. v. gba admit'tance. fo. V. im6. ac'cident. n. adv. accus'er. kinikini. ariwo. affirm'. lamSrai). abuld. . a'cld. adalu. V. aceident'al. acous'ed. acconi'pany. n. munu. idakuro. adv. . gb6. a. adv. accent'ed. aceus'tom. ad'vocate. advi'ser. . See consi- abuk6r). ikilo. additional. da. a. adhere'. . mu amuba. n. V. ado. a. atewogbi. w. akpinu. adhe'siveness. addi'tion. atewogba. m6. elefe. ^etdij. . iwil6. imunfi. n. kay. n. gba . n. a.«. after. adhe'sion. . n. n. gbehii).f. accora'pUshment. n. accurse'. accept'er. ^e odi si. . accent'. v. derately. li afb. . a. ibade.bu. see adhere. n. . ad'vocate. . . gba . . damSrag. fi . a. 6rai). odiulum6. act. n. n. . r6. . n. v. fi . n. ifaramo. accom'panying.kp6m6. advise'. adapta'tion. b4 a. idakp6. . . admire'. V. toho. afternoon'. idzew6. wi. 16. esvli). v. kpansaga. . koi). n. koi). li afe. fa . aye. ac'tively. acute'. fi . gbimS. v. across'. n. adul'terous. advanta'geous. tenum6. a. afibi'i. a. barekpS. acquit'ted. afterwards. aladugbo. account'. si. b4 ro. n. . ^adiu. advance'. accom'plish. n. se. adver'sity. lefe. v. ad'versary. wi a. a. afflic'tion. admo'nish. akpinu. mo. adopt'. gbike. . adjust'. . a. itew6gba. adv. adv. aekno-w'ledge. ad'dle. atibb. adv. n. slq. aro- mole.sbx). affu'sion.

ayag n. V. an'telope. ororo yai). ekulu. n. amidst'. v. agbari-gba. abino. fada. n. n. si. «. air. . apart'ment. elegbe. n. bin6. deruba.. idin6. n. so . kpatakpata. era. ye. . interj. tadiu. a. ibin6. a. alas'. fara hag. alive'. . v. anxious. lala. apply'. aggress'or. v. v. . n. akpa. appa'rel. 45kar) tesi. a. al'tar. n. ark. n. H . fi adzo. esuo. a. alayekai). segbin. tu. eruij different kinds are arm. 016! almost'. ^rep. akpofii). ide. . al'ligator. lailai. adv. efufu. mi- fore day. soke. n. afefe. aristocracy. n. n. adzedzi. «. budza. ^on6. a. v. prep. runo gry man. amend'. odifi. pron. . ail. a'gony. ^e. alaiye. |tai). okere to stand anti'cipate. n. ba. conj. 93 |we. dadzo. v. alayfe. n. n. alight'. buba. appoint'ment. appari'tion. ilana. v. dide. n. fi a'pron. v. takete. a'ny-thing. dzo. n. adv. . nigbani. ku^kui). isinu. aim. air'y. nino. asehiqde. fi annoy'ance. an'cientness. afir). a. ariguijgbogbo. adv. adv. onifiraij. . aloof. v. on6.AGA again'. nin6. ila. amend'ment. n. olurai)lo\vo. anxi'ety. dede.. wl. n. n. saraha. n. p/rp. bade. al'so.aloud'. v. . ]ay6. lekc. and. ota. tft. appearing. AEM are called. fi . ogbo. armed'. n. V. ididii. iro. tafatafa. n. . apology. Baq. a^adzu. aid. ale. v. applause'. alrea'dy. gurj. sokpaijkpa. dSkoduro. igbani. V. alike' (be). adv. hari. safiij. ore anu. da. egbiij. aiyato. day. idzaba. all-see'ing. ikaudu. awayA iwayd-idi^. sikpe. liokuij. diibui). gidzi. adv. dabi. adimd. alongside'. apart'. aggress'. ie awayd. n. appease'. yo. akawe. hamora Obaqgidii. sara.. : appoint'ed. firaij. re. interj. adzo. ambuscade'. bar). ma- against'. approach'. sili). n. niwa. v. . n. awawi. adv. annoy'. n. . ^e idzebo. ohuijkohui]. anni'hilate. tira. aso. it9re anu. alms. . a'gue. n. yori. lenu. bamolS. tor). v. agree 'ment. loLuij. various kinds armlet. n. arara. sor)ra6. ogui). appraise'. : appointed a'lien. alaniyaij. oinoiiikcdzi. dzu. adv. adv. pron. at v. maleika. a. a. abudza. n. %k. appa'rent. S9nidi. ti. a'gitated. gui). ikai). . atoijse. akpakai). an'gle. rai) . . alkurani. ape. iba. oi). . among'. an's"wer. sadzo. laiya. v. apo'logize. . conj. v. aloof. arm. baba. inaki. . n. : fi . tu . a'gitate. V. a'gonize. amid'. an'gel. la. v. v. eni to 4 ororo ar'gue. m. . n. ibdra. lara. dimS. n. appearance. diiyaq.itowo. air. le.'. amount' a'mulet. mire. n. kpara. . da q\o. hamora. . n. esi. a. ahead'. am. bare. : . appertain'. tdij. . akporiki. appear'. Al'coran. : anoint'. era. idagiri. dokoro. an'ger. a. idahui). ago'. bi . gala. ba n. arididzi. arugbo. al'legory. dziifu. eni. ati. n. Almigh'ty. ihokui). . saba. a. soke. V. ffi tog n. v. alone'. fi. kpafefe. adv. alarm'. nilia. dia si. esa. adena. a'ny-one. v. an'tidote. amii). die lowo. n. . adv. n. appoint'. die. applaud'. elomirai). apprehen'sive. aniyarj. ne. si a'miable. italemo. aid'er. ogbo. rag. aa. . ru. a. dehiij. . n. eni kai). n. anticipa'tion. vara. ogbo n. roabamole. ^i . . v. arise'.a'ny. uikaijsoso. yai) to ap- albi'no. adadio. . v. n. dadzi. di . am'bush. v. anx'iously. . de : alukawani. v. amen'. isikpe. an an- a. omiraij. an'gry. ta. ru. n. a'ged. kuij. : to. point a day. adze. an'cient. loke. nikai). sarirj. dagiri. V. daba. all'. . adv. kokose. an'ger. apiece'. gbe. . an'kle. n. ifidze. «'. v. n. allure 'ment. n. fi oraij loh. tori. .. }?. aso. BJitece'dent. : to arms ! called. yodzu. s6p. n. kodza. all. gbogbo. w6r). ogbologbo. a'gent. wawi. aji'chor. nde : to arise he- ano'ther. iwa. adv. loh. si. ru. . kpelu. aground'. na. alli'ance. etu. iba- a secret agreement. v. larig. a. ibare. adv. yai). iwadiu. idzaloh. a'lienate. otolo. itara. ti o h^ij. an'cestor. adv. \govi. adv. onifefe. adiele. odzodzo. n. bakana. aye. sumo. ar'cher. adv. dsia. t4i). ni- ap'petite. ah'. e ^e o ? what ails se. to. am'bush. v. al'^ways. diu. agree'.ant. n. anoint'ed. \he. nino. kpada. agboijrii). an's'wer. siiio. idok9ro. appeal'. ibante. kpekpe. age. . rara. ru altoge'ther. . a. dena. olukuliku. . lariq. an'eiently. akin'. nigbagbogbo. oni. fi si. adzude. sise. dSq onde. idaro. fere ofere. se. raij . aa. akporo. v. na. apprehen'sion. ti. dziyar). a. ono. alarm'. an'chor.amiss'. di asar). n. dehiij. n. thee ? lowe. aloft'.n. oti. \i rekp5. n. awo. n. n.

bath 'house.. abanise. a. n. n. n. n. V. V. tidifi. atten'tion. . awo n. kpar9. ha. V. bar'gain. guqle. n. gig5. bi v. ni diamba. kpe. okandiua. n. art'ful. abiya. v. koto. a. agaq. rai) . atone 'ment. ni. . a. attack'. arraign'. 11 aside'. awe. luwe. bad'ness. dio. v. iroggai). asthma'tic. ere die. okpokpo. de. n. n. n. n. . n. a. asto'nish. leba. a. 6ket6. a. a. n. ti . lowo. idi. ka. di li osu. . v. arrive'. . ito. at 'tribute. igb6. band. gb^. ogede. arri'val. avre. n. n. ass'. bale. n. a. d. bi. back of a bas'tard. ridi. sa. oi)roro. arm 'pit. seno. onisadiu. adiadie. austere'. bi lebi. hii]. v. assem'ble. au'dible. iyanu. V. igoke. eka. adv. kp9q. . abeya. n. adv. n. dadiudadzu.q. n. . n. iwa. n. lodzii. sehiij. dzi . . n. bai'liflfj n. |ru. adv. eburu. V. adv. ow6. v. isaij. akeke. gig6. sekp9i). . atide. egbe. assu'redly. agba. tadii. n. a.. backslide. bait. back'biter. bale. akiyesi. akpedzb an assembly for a feast. assure'. agbaguij. alayidayida. adio. avari'cious. adehu^j. prep. attempt'. .iasi. fodzuto. fi ball. i^u. . V. tidzn. v. . avrl. n. n. sagai). . n. n. athirst'. h^ ba'sin. dza. kpa. . buru. {said assort'ment. bana'na. assent'. n. 9m9-ale. adzi. ifetisi. yi . n. assist'ant. ar'tery. a. a'wait'. . : dari aver'sion. ekpo. n. se etutn. arouse'. n. da. akpara. fi . t|b9mi. ashore'. ba. kpe . v. n. sa. bad. enu ^e. v. adv. ogba. V. da . n. . kegbe. a. . ya B. 94 atone'. isa. m6. avail'. awake sud. akiti. {to pack). adz6inokp8. kpari. bubuni. v. assassina'tion. . bienikpe. alenini. diinde. fitr- bathe.ARM ar'mor. ola le. aseno. a"wake'. roro. V. n. eru. v. assume'. ascend'. n. dehui). ba'by. axe. attain'ing. kuro. asth'ma. . ahere. . assist'. agbSij. ti. denly. prep. v. obo. a. avT'hile'.avoid'. v. yagaij. arrangement. attempt'. tetere. dio. olugbesai). ainolekpa. li. . attach'. ihamora. v. 9m9-agbo. da. aseen'sion. ivkn. omo-owo. astray'. bap'tism. . 9ta. back'ward. balobui). alabadie. b5. ibal6h. V. bash'ftil. a. awake'. mudzuto. avenge'. lehii). n. t6. fiyesi. a-wk'"wardly. bar'renness. tB. wadi9. . v. bar'ren. V. ofa. di. aba^e. kuijfa. goke. lenu. fere. n. eru. diere. v. . . kodiusi. ake. v. a. assist'ance. li |ru. aife. as9r9le- attachment. V. orere. to. o\v6 n. dide. dadzu. odia. . n. igbekele. ehii) • : akpo^. n. adv.. n. au'thorize. n. . au'thor. n. asso'ciate. z. akuijyuqgba. band'age. assort'. n. gori. yakpa. sa. v. akpari. n. isale. o\k. bag. si. gba Aio. yi . lehii). of land) a^ale. v. ar'my. v. a-w^k'^wardness. assu'rance. palm) akpako. kiyesi. n. ase- kaw6. . abo. ba'ker. ba'nish. around'. asiiii. sorolehiij. author'ity. kusa. bake v. gbo. back'bite. ic. . dL assem'bly. to hk n. fi avrk'-ward. bi. adv. sehii). . avert'. kolA. at'tic. akpakaij. . diij. olu. a. . . arotele. bald. v. n. a'varice. le kuro diade. agbaerr . asso'ciate. .baptize'. n. baste. arosilS. ogui). 9kpagui). attract'. 14ba. iw9^u. ar'ro^w. n. ira^lowo. adza. assault'. bi . . back. n. . v. alakara. atini. a^way'. adv. n. ashamed'. ' bar'rel. yag. v. v. fi wo. labulabu. V. v. a. v. ba'chelor. or mu . d^aW. n. n. sore. attain'. o^gbe gbe. n. sesiq. . ledio. around'. sakpara. n. rah. n. segbe. bi . onigbadiamo. ask. adv. See barren. adv. abelnq. ikpef9i). bark. backed. n. \k. ash'es. barn. 9lokpa. maw6. n. gboij di . afim6. \o\. nace. attrac'tion. n. nigi. a. a'w'ful. alafere.. ti. at. ti d \h gbo. ijsilo. v. ya. bar'ter. dzo. v. . n. back-door'. olfikpilese. n. adio. a. gbe. afiyesf. adv. bfere. V. asun'der. it§b9uii. . . n5. olodinti. bar'ber. n. atten'dance. a'venue. . etutu. ogi. dagii). arrange'. n. kpa^ikparo.. ball. attend'. lehiq. dzekp6. kpinu. kale. 16h. akpo. kuro. ba . . li okete. alaigbede. ba'lance. kolu. dii : barba'rian. bubuiTi. gbesfiij. atten'dant. «. {wine- asleep'. ibase. . bag'gage. . isii). deniba. . a^vare'. . base. n. iw. bark. n. bamboo'. sa kuro. aisili). . lehiij- n. as. go. ascertain'.seliii). . gai). durode. v. ketekete. bard. {water). base. bas'ket. lere. onisi. fa. n. iya. baboon'. edSij. okuqfa. fodzusi. aveng'er. . baluwe. BAT back. . n. yanu. am6ra. olokandiua.bsir'gain. asto'nishment.

. v. n. n. adia-akpa. beau' igbadie : before'. iwadzu. bambam 14). eke. bimo. . wa. (a . bene volence. kpe. olukpile^e. ^e . fi . below'. olore ofe. gbaqgaij. sehii). hihil. beyond'. v. ba. agogo. n. agbe. asor9 egai).ki. 16wa. n. lodzd : blind beg'glng. n. n. beau'tify. adv. oguij ibi. n. a^agbe. 43. ni. alabilsi. . bit. V. n. gai)gai). lara. v. olugbe. arlwa.1. bee. bet'ween'. . atetese. {of a n. n. v. ikpil6. n. ilese. fn. n. a. n. nitori. V. ayo. v. with brightness. bvlsi. belong'. bear. sedie gbadie. . ogni). olugbo. V. loke. (of grass). bale. dze. |\va. . lori. korokoro. siwadzu. before'hand. tobi. ru. a. bird. n. V. kpelukpelu.. ago. ikuij. . bespeak'. n. alagogo. beha'vior. prep. te . ye fu. bless'er. soro egai). lere. be'ware'. elm. kuwa. ibuk9q ni li ore. ri. v. 19. blasphem'er. sakpere. belief. taij. saw6. bil'lo'W. blast. gamugamu. n. leliii). v. kparamo. bat'tle-axe. fe a. n. birth'right. sekete. beer. bless. dudu. nia- betroth'ed. gbe. is9ka. di. v. ife. n. n. ki. n. V. v. ewe. bu ^wa. bleed. akete. idara. die. blade. lodiu. okpo.. . bird'-snare. bit'ter. n.. V. se. v. . inimi. beck'on. s6na. kiyesi. bimo to bear fruit. te. . adv. se.n. ibi-ibi. akosa. : behead'. blas'phemy. n. v. kpekpe. ya.. a. n. abukoij. black. . v. prep. n. n. bird'-cage. alubara. de. beguile'. iwa. V.a^eseko^e. n. ibustlij. . n. ige- seso to to bear a burden. beresi. v. n. da. beam bean. a. abanisAij. . ofe. V. because'. bell'-ringer. . a. ka. baAvl. become'. ofe. v. belch.bind. eraq nialil. black. beef. awudie. V. atetek9se. dekoso. k9dza. ledie. believe'. niladiu. idoi). larii) kai). v. n. se ororo. benefae'tor. gba gb6. beach. befriend'. n. bu saij. . . blame. onifihaij.BAT bat 'tie. bee'-hive. WOI). kpekpele. iwa. V. iioqgboi). . bee'tle. bill '-hook. big. v. . bed'-fellovr. kAij. n. — beguile'ment. . betroth'. bite. bier. akoij . li (Gen.. tai) dze. . ibusi. be'ing. otf. aibdwi. ^e beg. to en- dure. ada. black'ing. v. . edi. . n. blbe. . igbagb6. onibusi. b9diuyai). lodid. blaze. . di. . birth. bird'-lime. 16. begin'. ba-wl'ing. ewiri. bestovr'er. te bere. . bel'ly. oniku. kpa. v. damn. sagbe. beastly. S9 . bed. best. V. . iwa. belch. dara diu gbogbo 16h. ifo. v. belov'ed. v. olore. idio ibi. betray'er. t|. : a blind person. oltihukoi). asore. a. benumb'ed. n. . . . di . oliifc. tere. hii. kpohugrere. behoove'.?i. be'wair. . isedie. lodo. fo. nisale. ba. gba n. . n. bilil. da. v. a. v. onigbagb6. nin6. v. wo. n. afesSna. ibuk9i). a bleeding at the nose.teni. beast. kikini. kpa. atikpilese. beget'ter. ikigbe. bell. begin'ning. beri.. bi eraijko. eiye bird ofprey. egai). . kpondo. blame 'less. besides'. kpani. lariri. . a. keti. eraijko. See suit. betray'. kSij. bestOTv'. : beak. saij. black 'ness. blad'der. v. ate. bless'ed. oyii). okele: a saworo. n. odi6 birth'place. prep. n. bid. . kdid f9 . n. V. bl. house). ibado. . be'nefit. Ill. belt. gba (an insect). bi. adv. sap. ahariya. n. mayafi. bene'volent. hefore'. nitoriti. bead. kpo. n. wi. . so. bit'terness. n. ebnte. latori. erar). ebo. . bird'-shot. dara. . n. teba. rel6. . prep. blind. blind'fold. a. gufe. adii (b9l9di9).lofo. li beau'tifu. n.behold'. beget'. n. n. bel'loAvs. oboijboi). bo. ' labe. ba. . doti . ibi. . ftiye. ileke : shell bead. Til . ile-eiye. aga-kposi. ibi. ayaijfe. da. fi . n. bet'ter. palm-nut bead. n.. fowokpe. prep. a. lawani. V. V. bereave'ment. n.bless'ing. bilsi.. sure. k9k9ro. seliiij. . anu blan'ket. beset'. dern. fu. . and adv. akose. . besiege'. ow9-ina. segi. ofo. ile-oyiij. bleed'ing. bed'-bug. si. n. begrudge'. fif9i). a. wure. a. BLI kiyesi. n. alakose. . beat. (]<i. . . isale. bear with patience. obi. bereav'ed. siwadiii. awaya. tele. v. beard. nisal§. be . '. birth'day. tori. afodiii. mbe. . w. bewil'der. 95 begin'ner. liilwa. kubusii. idzakpati. . a. believ'er. carry. itai)die. v. demo. di. bilk9i). kpa. n. bind'ing. ikpilese. bridle-bit. koro. be'fa'u'. . n. to beg'gar. bend. yandiu. dze ti. V. behave'. blind. n. heavy mallet). . . alagidigba fossil old Egyptian glass bead. V. aniur9i). be. . fe . n. niwadiu. alakiba. n. ba a. niwadiu siq. alagbe. . lore. . olanu blaspheme'. behind'. n. gbaka. ifeni. diebi. ^iwadiu. ikoro. v. kigbe. n. ketiri. olus6r9 egai). . n. bfe. diuwo. n. bereave'. idzanu. toro. ile ato. araijkai). «. egai). beneath'. . n. edii. v. alabuk6i). didi. haq. da a. se ti. n. conj.

bound'ary. si. V. olokS. broom. idag. se fefe. brim'ful. bo'ny. bre-w'ery. breed. owo. ara. n. n. brisk'ly. toro. bov^'els. ni dide. a. geregrre. w. n. n. ese. 6fo. sasa. both. n. aro. bloodiness.BLI blind'ness. n. bo'died. oruk9 See pantaloons. a. n. etoi) off. bloom. bond'man. akpa. loose. to ifow 6/ow away. afogur). a. w. laiya. n. brisk. m. adv. v. isami. akeru. v. . to bu. |re. breadth. kpekui). n. samba. blood. taratara. breath. bris'tle. 7i. a. kii. See hough. Ji. fe. bold'ness. ayinrir). brand. airiiaij. aw61ew5ri. atuko. Sse edze. afudza. n. ide. boat'man. n. bore.. n. n. bro"wn. dzikanu. n. atfiro. medzedzedzi. n. n. boldly. n. «. abawoi). eledie. dife. brand'ed. n. dag. n. w4h. nibo. ibo. n. 5gai). bright'ness. amado. n. 9mu. ». bibi. boast. brave. bold. odu. bright. elegui). n. awo-aiya. edie. abetele. alikara. fifoi]. . egb9g. . branch. brevr'er. bone. brink. gboqgbo. breathing. w. ara. bot'tomless. boot. akpoti. 71. broil. b6. are called. a. n. bo'dy. adelebd. igbe. feti6 . kparuij. onifefe. breaJc. ebu-oti. boy 'hood. gbii). iwofa. halS. block'head. iwofa 6koi)ri. . ru. eta. a. ide. boAvl. ba. break up. aini- afira. le. brevr. 9kpalaba. bob 'tail. a. : alakpata ko bere oruko. bond. n. n. bo'dily. osaij. a. boar. oko-iyawo. alami. elege. tmhei/s bristle. gbe . bot'tle. bale. n. n. boil. lu. brand. arak9gri. ^ese: broken bread. bound. bruise. da . okilrii. iwadzu: brow of a hill. . yara. v. kusata. itadzesile. bri'dle. breeze. fofo. ior) : kpeka. v. bri'bery. brick. brass. n. se : brook. yai)rai). the butcher does not bo'som. onde. bols'ter. s6. . kpoqti. ». n. sakata. broom'sedge. a. w4h. a. blO'W. okpere. blot. iyawo. a. mi femi. bo^w'string. a. See stupid. ege. d'lna. fudza. ni gboro. V. «. imi. bor'ro'wer. hi V. broach. abetele. . n. n. bring. braggado'cio. adv. V. aye. wo . okpiq. fefe. da. yetuyetu.fe. sami si. ideni. 9l9ti. odzu-ile. bro'therhood. k6g mu bebe. brit'tle. v. bata. onitor9. bond. blot. bog. dzanu. awe. bri'er. . igo. • bloAv'ing. yo lenu. kinds iri the bottom. sobombia. ru dzakuq. di eti. sog. hreak out. 71. block. a. bond'-service. bo. fudia. V. bi. onirobi- bread'-seller. oko. ere. adv. igaq. . bot'tom. . tu. n. v. n. n. board. owokaijaiya. n. V. n. eledie. v. . break'fast. n. vcoti gauggaug : a brake. break hreak to pieces. j'aya. kp6g rusurusu. breathe. variojis dida. block. 71. awotiri. mene. sorombia. w. . m9dumodu. dza. akara m. laiberu. v. timtim. n. rag. cgui). fewoq. ase-owur9. edie. aiya. bor'ro"w. boundless. kufekufe. bril'liant. a. a. rokiroki. eti. braji. ago. m. born. a. boast'er. bro'ken-hearted. n. . bond'age. alara. bond'maid. brit'tleness. sisug. bro'ken. V. n. dia. breast. siq. onisami broad'cast. broth. b(a. . tira. a. sug.. egui)gui). n. n. . box. braTwl. gboro. a. mi. v. boo'ty. bo'a-constric'tor. ategui). . brain. okpiqlS. blis'ter. V. brag. rui) . bribe. n. n. 9gb9g. ibetele.«. bride'groom. brovr. n. . breed. ainisale. oloko-eru. blunt. 6ini. lu. . a. teriba. boil'er. break down. edi. n. V. n. oko eru. bridge. a. breech'es. ba. ide. w. brim. orui). scfefe. braid. k. eka. both'er. 71. akpako. blood'guiltiness. n. abara. iwa omo. n. bond'-servant. oinitoro. adv. mu bright'ly. n. bloom. ami. ati. n. adv. bright'en. V. odi. a. gbodin. a. n. ako elede a wild boar. abetu. blood'shed. boast'ing. blOAV. akoro. boat. a. abilro. isale. n. m. aifbya. iiodze. ko . m. irora. n. bor'der. iwofa obiri. v. id^a : a Mow with the fist. li idianu. n. (of houses). igboro. idianu. foribale. enquire the breed. ailemi. bow'knot. adzadi. V. breath'less. yag. . n. ige. bog'gy. yag. v. \v6i). n. riru. breast'bone. eg6i). ira. 9W0. tanikpa. bride. itana. ifoij. omokoijri. teba. n. feloh. allokpiij. bere. te . borne. tu. brilliantly. dag. bovT. breast'plate. iwe. a. wadzi. adv. a. ide. m. n. See hold. wii). conj. a. tii . n. okp9i). n. n. sukaq. kpako. 96 ifodid. n. n. boil. V. n. bough. ina. w. v. kilduru. abale. w. BRU okpiijlfe. ife. aiberu. tu. diroij. bro'ther. teri. broad. . v. bende. broiled. afefe. egbo. blood'y. iwa ar4. rirag. breast'work. boy. blue. boAvlegged. m. v. dag. book. : bO'W. amona. >vu. bri'dle. . bloat. aketoq.

. iqj). . brute. t§ . n. kokoro. . but'terfiy. n. n. catch. . . (male). bu'siness. ibuke. afeno. n. gbiqgbiniki. idi. a. ainidi. n. n. v. iy6wu. gbo^e. canoe'. n. can'dlestick. n. danilodifi : certain ori amo. care'fulness. keke. dioriir). ». V. oraq. by. idake. a. S9ra. n. bru'tish. catching fire. : airodilj. n. dakedze. cat. n. di- c. . niha. cease. . ologini. oko. n. mu : catch fire. kpe. bun'dle. rqle. ark. oi'isa. iirb. n. dekui). n. dio. mu . ??. v. alakpata. le. kpase. Tib. ceil'ing. a. dakeroro. chame'leon. cane. bullet. abeti. n. eko. ca'sual. ta. cap 'tain. bunch. diorai). camp. n. ko grave ov pit. n. w. abo. . iJ. n. rakumi. fSfe. f§ . n. irudi. alablkpade. 13 car'ry. V. lohur). ra. ogcge. ik6seba. ta. itodzu. a. n. . ibuke. . n. cas'trate. adv. buck'et. n. can'non. rarj. mole. n. v. nikpase. hSi). aitqdiu. be. sati. bul'-wark. v. th. abakpade. care'fuUy. gbagba. V. elekpo. n. car'penter. chain. lefe. adv. bodiuto. gboq. care. . aidd. aux. fatele. n. V. kpok9. iJ. by-and-by'. chagrin'. olele. abole. kai)gi. moimoi. bu'rial. imu: adzorai). cala'mity. sui). n. n. . cer'tain. . 97 calabash. ise. nani. v. idatedo. n. nikpa. bull. V. v. can'did. leba. eta. dakpara. a. olobo. n. 71. . n. aikiyesi. igbesij). idasilS. fi. v. fila. adv. da . gbenagbena. amde. CHA akoto. v. chaffy. yaui). tetere. n. n. ogdt). . hilia. siijsii). cessa'tion. t& balfe. fesi.lit. ow6. . ke. ifole. airowo. akole. a. edi. adza ceiling over a bu'sybody. ewo. can'dle. keroro. agba. V. to. n. kui). a. siha. case. ofoforo. a. did tile. kelekti. igba. dadiiidadzd. «. 11. . care. . gbina. cau'tioner. cen'tral. awimahyihug. n. cer'tainly. . n. draq. kuruba. oga cackle. idakedze. n. ddkedze. cause. Ssir). n. ba. n. 8rai). cap. cham'ber. iwakuwa. . dumo. gba . chain. cassa'va. V. n. aniyaij. capsize'. sq. n. ero. n. rd. siijku. yaij- ako malA. V. diyar). buffalo. caprice'. carv'ing. dab5. ariij. ko. kpa. adv. but'ter. n. bur'glar. ji. n. w. atqqkpa. capti'vity. igbe. car'pet. yiye. w6dia.m. teteguij. wS . idi. but'toek. adqno. odidi. chagrin'. bulb. cen'tipede. eraijko. ologbo. abAkpade. n. a. okpa atqqkpa. 6fq. (female). bush. ya caress'. v. nani. n. n. sodi. aisiyemedzi. abdnio. bur'den. n. ca'terpillar. bulk'y. aga. ikoguij. lewa. wagi. soi). arii). v. butler. n. idi. . . nigbo^e. v. can'nibal. car'rier. ak6sebii. ta ti . ^ugboi). saij. n. caravan'. rudi. cen'sure. mu . ya. ye. yaijgidi. kilr). cami'vorous. bi eraijko. v. butt'-end. n. ikaij. ore. kinisi. egbftro malil. cask. cease'less. dzoa. adiailfi. car'nal. a. suqkonu. budo. ^u . n. olofofo. n. care'lessly. n. cast'away. . en\. awoqkai). ike. dzona. Ota. calm. bolebole. eraq abekana. di lewoij. n. card'ed. cake. build'er. n. bud. care'ful. ekuq. n. n. cal'culate. . dzil. chalk. laisS. ikpe. bud. idi. burn. hni). a. kekpe. carne'lian. biko^e. . ikol6h. esu. agboti. ». gbe. a.BRU bruis'ed. v. cau'dy. but'cher. buy. . cast. cer'tainty. se aniyai). daij. ofofo. sii). bur'glary. emo. y6wu. build. call. cackling. . odi. dkara. buz'zard. n. bodzuwo. da. n. caw. cascade'.i'. idi. bul'rush. tanitani sokq. a. carve. . . siq. d4. ti ara. kole. su. ibudo. cap'tivate. isiq. callous. ewoq. . gbe. n. n. a. a. nisi. n. olori. daq. niha. n. bu'ry. igbekui). cen'tre. dake. mo. causeless. can'ker. w. bur. calmly. capa'cious. n. iwoi)- woi). wawo. tedo. . n. efSij. V. cave. ekpo. a. kekeru. chance. gunugunu. ones. a. leti. itori. cap'tive. . calico. n. fif6. n. calm. modi. calm. adv. adzenia. agbaboi). n. labalaba. . V. dase. aramori. V. m^lokaq. cau'tion. ])rep. burst. lara. n. w. cat'tle. n. but. iJ. ese. igbdro. da.. call. kuro. v. efuij. n. kokoro. . . carv'er. akesi. oyiri. d6. catch 'ing. V. ti- esq. agemo. lodo. n. calf. ibakasie. cause. . aburaij. okpere. camp. ariijko. lesqleso. bu'sy. iyaqgbo. care'less. iti. loh. n. bug. conj. sil^. ibole. dioniruij. bur'nish. cart. dzeniadieiiia. ca'mel. chair. kposile. kilo. chaffy ra. can. ti ariq. folo. alarii. bulk. n. qidiq.

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ase. karaw9i). come'ly. constella'tion. . n. n. con'duct. V. ib|re. n. gbe. a. ba. lebi. elegbe. gbekele. idi9. td . gbimgbam. V. n. commence'. condemna'tion. dzudidzudi. come down. amoIS. kpa consume'. eommu'nicate. V. wuru- wuni. v. okporo. sete. n. adv. t6. hilwa. com'passes. mule. sikpa. agbako. confide'. v. olur|. co'ney. a. enikedzi. adv. esiij. didie. . ihAw^. v. imule.. . ero. ewo. n. kp6. condi'tion. con'stantly. le tu. conflict'. competi'tion. k9diusi. V. .m. n. complete'ly. conceal'ment. kumbu. confe 'derate. console'. consult'. v. a. adz9. . a. odzugba. v. da . n. idakp5. m61§. . v. fi compar'ison. abade. a^e iko. bfiw^h. con'ference. se odi si. yojo. die. itu edo. compact'Iy. conclu'sion. lamu. adzele. conspi'racy. ifiyaqdiu^e. .COL omo co'lumn.. . ruru. con'sequence. . abam9l|. n. consult an consulta'tion. adium9. n. . atibft. colt. irono. ye. n. kpari. n. ebi. n. n. yuq. dudie. a. conglomera'tion. di. con'fidence. ^awo. ibonwlS. compete'. v. ila. v. . concern'ed.'forter. n. confu'sedly. commit'. . com'plicated. dadiu. come. iyaijdzu. n. confes'sion. . gbodiule. considera'tion. v. conceal'. V. r6. ko. is9kai). niniQ. . di . idamn. . consi'derately. constraint'.s9kpo. w41i dawokpS. toyetoye. ikpinu. mul|. adamu de . tu. abad6. olori. confer'. com'mon. n. v. eommand'ment. kpete. commence'ment. . s5. conduct'. iyuq. . adi6r6. idawo. . a. con'stancy. fi . n. iye.im61|. itai). widzo. a. con'summate. a. n. gba. v. lara. com'rade. we. dadz9h\. v. iiitori. comb of a house. . agara. adv. 5mu. eke. commis'sion. diewo ^ye. . . y9diu. iwa. kpatakpata. idadz9lil. v. a. kpinu. complEiin'. compan'ionship. n. commune'. condemn'. com'pliment. . ikpilese. loyfii). . kpari. congrega'tion. im6nin6. n. ko conta'gious. v. da. raq. diebi. conjec'ture. v. n. n. . v. n.conch. buyiq fu. n. n. n. compel'. da . inakiri. adv. . gbimS. da . de. . v. abole. combine'. . li 6wa. . dikp6. by. saroye. come V. . consist'ent. ^i {to . damn. complete'. \in. se in. con'jure. se am61|. con'quer. lase. . kp6. a. baro. con'cord. ale. iwe. mamSdza. . . . gbimS wo. ^et&i). v. . ]9wo. conspi'cuously. nitoriti. w. solori. com'fort. fi . n. niti. a. biliii. con'tact. 99 CON akodza. confedera'tion. yiq.. sokaq. dielesemulfe. n. a. com'fort. wo. eondemn'ed. aida. idiewo. ibadc. anu. adv. n. lodiu. n. atuninino. con'fiscator. tai). di. n. oniraij. olusete. a. awudiii. to come : sir). . v. v. . coneord'ant. v. v. eom'forting. li gbaijn. ba s6r9. dzorui). comple 'tion. com. kpanii). confirm'. n. . kpiijbuq. n. eon'queror. n.boleboIe. bwoi). nisi.. ?. . . complaint'. igb^ro. . dida ebi. ibad9kp6. . . atitunino. con'science. ti. compare'.. s6. com'pensate.. ^eguij. n. dakpd. kpa niye. con'sul. conceive'. idie. kpa . rudurudu. v. . a. . awudz9. nidi. n. . a^etdg . ore 9kai). 1619. a. wole. v. See companion. v. kpere. connive'. rikisi. n. y9ri. con'gregate. diebi. ibaro. 101-91). de . n. v. iy9nu. v. . m^ro. da fi . concep'tion. os5. n. con'stant. . gba. ata. kale. v. commend'. conspi'cuous. sonidi'. com'fortably. kpo. confu'sion. n. 6ki. confirma'tion. egbe. v. b6. . eom'pany. le compel'led. confound'. eommand'er. commisera'tion. fi . comprehen'sible. gba. v. &in. con'fident. v. confe'deracy. kpedi9. a. n. eonsola'tion. n. conspire'. domdomaiye. meto. . n. consent'. confine'. . . oya ya. mol6. compas'sionate. comp£in'ion. n.. saij fu. ituno. n. rkz). v. confront'. .nin9. v. kpileie. v. de fi . v. idikpS. abade. confound'ing. con'fluence. kpase. comb. compas'sion. conspi'rator. . roof-ridge. gbero. dzagbadza.«. adv. da . . abudza. ironu. n. farawe. v. . adiiijsirisii). alaigb9do. bamd. gbero. death) ladie. n. : eoml). confess'. lamu. n. . combina'tion. adv. sokp5. egbe. igbehii). n. consi'der. a. confuse'. do. tiiotiro. con'cubine. n. pass. oracle. die wo. . ^j-f/). . te conglo'merate.dam9rai). nititi. sanu. Ied9. bi. dirikisi. command'. s6kale come'liness. . won6.ra. v. diorui). con'stitute. congru'ity. ru. confidant'. ^e. s5s9. . com'ing. confound'ed. su. idaw9kp6. n. n. n. anu irado. kpidaij. itirir)m9le. diokpa. . adakp5. daij : . n. setai). connect'. simSraq. conclude'. idasilS. damn. ir9. n. itun6. concem'ing. . v. modiukuro. iiin6. li aida. niditi. ^5. aiye.

cot'ton. v. a. corn'-tassel. v. in6 di. create'. v. a. lawii). . itosi. n. isoi)ki. igboiya. afoforo. n. a. a. ». onigb6kugb6. ow6 re kp6. n. tokpere. de . ihxj. 6na. co'pulate. V. .. odiunM. n. oijroro. n. contri'butor. bal|. adehuij. lara. dibadze. n. n. aho. . ogka. convene'. tu. elo iye rS li ? how kpi he cra^wl. conti'nually. ow6. cork. coun'ter. cool. o^ar). n. nikoro. kokoro. n. a.. da . ki . kpa lakaqd^. content'ment. craft. con'test. contrac'tor. 9dio \vik. orere. a. gba. eya. adiuabanise. a. v. ra. V.. contri'tion. corn. n. tu. laro. kpe. idiadu. niyawo.. cook. da^ob6. alberu. control'. itq. V. crea'ture. iso- cotyle'don' w. titi. contri'vance. rakoro. . adaw6. n. n. egbe. a. iron6kpiwada. v. convert'. meek. wo wo. courage 'ously. ta . : n. eko. fe . n. CRO abase. contradict'. cream. ibadze. contend'. n. n. coun'sel. . n. adioso. . n. V. ibirogboku. covmt. corrupt'. or. cro'codile. n. n. asag9r). «. cough. con'trary. cotyle'donous. alalberu. &guf9i). n. cook. control'. conti'nual. See bend. co'venant. odi si. a. onikpele. iyikpada. v. ido. n. lodio. . igaij. die. co'py. a. . soqki to contract : corn'-floor. ibukAi). mo. co'vetousness.. diakoro. odiu. . . to. kpa. conten'tious. person. lenu. . co"w'ardice. rako. content 'ed. rak6ro. «. cord. ikpa. conversa'tion. crip'ple. adv. de. cos'tiveness. odiukokoro. n. contradic'tion. yi- kpada. ida. a. n. conve'nient. n. n. n. n. aka.. cre'dit. V. fe. idino. adim6. cour'age. di\ja. fi co'vetously. couch. crab. ikpaka. . co-o'perator. See V. iroro. kp5. atudim5. a. da. seda. owu. n. n. a.. r&. contempt'. n. v. COSt'ly. n. n. a. afere. ba . crick'et. siqwig.. oni. M. n. eot'ton-seed. obo. cop 'per. wiwo. n. n. crea'tor. ieleya. crook.j). hk. contemp'tuousness. contract'. n.adakpe. agbado. edolo. v. See congregate. iwosi. v. idiere. odio. corn'-stalk. corrupt'ible. eonvul'sion. co'vetous. m. crane. bodio. adv. w. coun'try. a. al6. ba corrupt'ed. imaraduro. ni9l| : bo.. awiij. con 'trite. cool'ly. contemp'tible abese. crib. irukere. fa. awe. contri'bute. v. cra'zy. n. crab'bed. irogboku. gai)rai). a. w. eda. scarlet. . idakpe. a. a. baba. conten'tion. eled4. a. bora. could. . |se. . . eool'ness. cravr'fish. cough. ibal6. CO"W. credu'lity. li n. . sa- obara. r6. crip 'pie. w5. dia. gb^regbere. abevukeru. ilu. da. sim9rai). idawo. ni ibadze. da. n. diiyai). n. cre'dit. cram. kpokporo. abukvli). n. eti. kere owfi. a. n. ote. n. v. cri'er. v. feri. n. v. v. 100 co-opera'tion. correct'. onidd. in6 r5 di. . ikposi. corn'-silk. dakpo. odiu- ikaqguij. al4se. flsi. as4se. V. araba. v. otudimft. cost. v. so asoye. y6. n. corn'-stareh. cra'ziness. converse'. covr'ard. asendie. siiti. etu. ori wara. co'ral. d6. adi6r6. n. n. igag. con'tinence. v. n. da. creep'ing. is costive. tutu. adv. n. courage'ous. v. oontrac'tion. crack. n. n. coun'cil. co'venant. cos'tive. ibora. |se. V. akede. conver'sing. a. a. crea'tion. crime. aba. igb6kugb6. otumft. a. CO 'pious. lo. ose crested crane. convince'. ede. co'vet. n. ar9. «. s4i). antete. edk. iye. ire. V. akai). co'vered. adv. V. crim'son. dimb. iyoi). oku. madiemu. fi aiberu. alawe. sodiukokoro. iko. . crea'ted. n. . ero. coun'sellor. a. cre'dulous. n. a. V. co'venant-breaker.. count'less.lS8e. n. co'ver. cork'wood. words. w6. . crab'bedness. n. rako. ie iwadzu. V. odzo. niali\. \gqri. ti rakoro. coun'tenance. hnkq. il§. eru. olo- con'vict. aro. n. oka. s6ro. ainiye. V. corrupt'ness. se. edidi. ow6 it is costly. ^ado.l4wii). ik4w6. See humble. court. ro. conver'sion. 00-o'perate. a. akoso. correct'. creek. . iyaij. n. eour'teous. igbodzu. lodi. corrup'tion. odzigb9r). cover with a lid. V. gbo . contemn'. n. le. n. crook'ed. cow'ardly. . course. con'trarily.CON contain'. kpe. . corpse. cot'ton-tree. n. contribu'tion. n. ISse. asagoij. Igai). aifoya. creep. eontigu'ity. n. cool. co'vering. idiakpati. abadze. cor'pulent. v. gb^. much did it cost ? 6 kpo. ^akoso. la'iya. n. 6io. n. eor'ner. aux. n. akese. a. ka. copula'tion. dia. n. adv. a. le. adv. ». n. diivd. warifa. asiijwii).

di . n. sedo. sawotii). tag. gbe loso. abar^. da^wn. dam'ned. n. . dare. n. v. a. . igbidza.'cent. . defend'. deep. . cush'ion. ikfi. b9kini. arigdio defend'er. woij. biribiri. ikan6. n. V. dam. . a. v. ro. osumare. olosu- daylight. ge. ke. currycomb. oro"wn'ed. «. thou daugh'ter-in-la-w. 71. . n. . gb9d9. n. timtim. : of the head. damii. cun'nlngly. koro. akatagkpo. V. deti. atitag. . irigl6. gag. n. cross'road. n. adv. fadiere. n. farmer. bode. de . . . ewu. . be. raij. diti. we. Clui'ningness. v. ekpc. a. odzodz9. abudia 6na. ebu. alakatai]- cur'rent. gboij. se . \\k. damp'ness. ikore. . . ^ai) V. deep'en. biri. kdnakana. kp6hui)rere. isai) dark. dear'ness. tutu. gbesa. n. deceive'. agalamasa. decora'tion. a. wiwo. n. li kuna. dam'age. ere. ara. idi6gbogbo. curs'ing. a. curve. kako. a. . art cursed. medii. daily. oya fi . r6. cross'wise. . abo. n. tandie. dzig9i)r9g. diebi. idzo. tag. v. ra. cud'gel. v. eni-etar). See a. dieredi6re adi9. adv. asa. da . lebu. . esiq. V. dearth. gbe . odio. kigbe. cure. da . [down). fi. S9IS. ekuij. alusig. li irig. . v. dan'ger. dam'sel. . odi6. ni kpeijsai). ika. da . ago. . . iin6. crop. le. curl. n. tebirj- cry. raij lodiu. crumb. V. w. . Cus'tom-hous"e. ery'ing. iwedze. dzig.?«. a. dance. v. daz'zle. ». laye. dzo. V. n. ni n. ihaho. cup. cro"wd'ed. n. ikano. cgui). n. V. v. adv. n. diamba. adabobo. crossing. a. cus'toms. okuijkui). . eruq. ade a. ebu. adv. ireguri. . V. TO. . 9da. bu. lodio. 16na. li adc. alabo. n. dam. n. croAV. wo . . tag die deceived. maraqmarar). edale. v. re. n. a. n. cul'tivator. V. crouch. dark'ness. cro'wd. ekpa. adv. dzamba. cur'ed. cross'ljcw. lana. lade. ayamo. v. n. da nigi. igbese. n. . aroko. awog. M. . di ewu. ra crush. . . n. . w&. roko. ^ai). deceit'. bi oku. nibubu . aAoxo. n. . yai). V. egur). wi. odium6. a. rel|. a. ogbog. cur'ry. daz'zlingly. iroko. cus'tom-house officer. deafen. v. . kigriq. . deceit'fully. . iriijmi. . arekunda. onikano. i\v6. . kaq . iwodz9. awot4i). 6gb9do. cur'tain. kpa. forikpo.m. . b9kini. kano. dare. 9dz6. dab. v. olugboro. .deci'sion. cy'cle. mare. kpo. n. nibu. sisu. la . su. dake. : dear. adv. declare'. dag'ger. deaf. alade. ibubu. . a. lebi. crust. oni- dead. isai). cut. daily. : igb9wo. diidzig. isedo. aditi. curse. n. ^etai). n. D. n. S9 . dabobo. 11. . n. dzumo. damn. v. iriij. cul'tivate. gbadze. v. cro'wd. v. cross. biribiri. kpeq^aq. ^e . n. ayida. . . etai. . adiebi. gaga. eletag. dam'age. cud. cvin'ning. . &io tita. . gboij. bode. cylin'drical. n. decei'ver.. n. okfi. debt. v. . n. a. lewu. didadio. . fi etaq. sow6i). «. cross. v. gba : to . cross'bowman. ro. a. a. . n. . «. {ancestral) adasar). V. curse. ku. n. ise. elekpe : 9m9biri. . leti. damp. 1§. ire ni fu 9. .CRO crook'edness. 101 alto. ko. deceit'ful. eru'cible. . to cut in two. v. DEF dan'dy. cull. bi da^vn. kdmo. okuq. decline'. gbidza defend a cause in court. cur'^'ed. diumo. . odo. dasa. 9w6q. lagbedemcdzi ke kuro. oroAW. elegui). . n. diinle. V. fi . defence'. oku. ha . gbese. bu. sar)I§. oni'cify. a. fi gbo. : to place crosswise. crum'ble. su. a. kni). ife. ifoijkpo. to cut off. cultiva'tion. day. curs'ed. curl. V. . ayo. decide'. V. cud'gel. cru'elly. alukaijrii). ikpinu. n. crop'-ear. sa . . modiumo. ire. v. aketi. . n. . crush. 89116. se deep'ness. adiekpo. V. ti. bi osumare. mo agbe- da ke . decree'. ogb6qk9- See maid. deathlike. n. 5fe. agbelebu. . V. owobode. 9- diig. dam'nable. n. afemodiumo. 9sai3. cup. daugh'ter. n. n. cru'el. akedza 6na. iha- cus'tom. de'corate. a. ona. ida. fl ogb6i). crovm. oio. idena. sokuij. fi decay'. V. tenumo. dan'gerous. cru'elty. . . sai). . V. kpinu. v. v. adanikpa. ke. n. n. v. n. oge. cutlass. 9ro. rek9dia. . lebu. gbati. a. atari. darkly. M. gaga. . adv. lidzogbogbo. olufe. imodium6. w6. n. croAvn. 9gb9g. gigui). se 19^0. dan'cer. cus'tomer. . v.ibode. alariridzo. . cu'bit. dash daub. S9kui) : cry aloud. death. biri. ebu. hobo.

badie. v. deti. ibubu. leru. discoiir'age. n. devo'tion.. destruc'tible. ahoro. devo'tedness. die. descend'ant. ya . ba .. dagba. gegere. V. aire. v. isun6. disclose'. defi'cient. olut9. iki. «. a. iyat9. defile'. gbe . n. ele- di'latoriness. discus'sion.. destruc'tion. idahoro. da lodiu. ri. . asaloh. din'ner. v. isokale. . V. eguriij.. ebilisi. tai) . fe. . v. diselo'sure. discour'aged. in. fSnahai).loh. le low6. n.. v. n. agindiu. ^e genegene. kale. v. v. n. 9gbor). iye. desola'tion. n. d6kui]. si direc'tor. a. idiinle. ba a. adv. die. fa . raij deprive'. ki. v. td- n. d5i). . adani- ». didii. akpa- n. labukAq. deter'. se aihaq. n. adv. differ. sehii). aisemele. ibukiip. da. ase-9s4ii. leri. rur). alabukiiq. idamoraij. disagre'able. hum6. de'solateness. ko . ku. i\val§. a^ikpaya. ko . desire'. at9diu. de'viate. . delight'. gbokagle. da. disappoint'ed. de'luge. de'solate. . fi . v. iyato. omo. daiyafo. deve'lope.. v. (ise kaij). . n.ibukui). w6 lule.. dig. disho'nor. alahoro. . tai) kale. difficult. discharge'.. . destitu'tion. v.. wa. a. oto. ge. lu. adiokparni). moye. igbekele. di'mity. b5. desert'er. esir). alakpami). depend'enee. diarrhe'a. direct'. diafara. iwadi. . aiiemele. toyetoye. • detach'ed. n. die. . iyosuti si. omo. diere. ide. ero. dex'trous. devo'ted. . ^e . n. ofo. . v. detain'. kpa n. a. aro iye. tu . s5 awiye. . n. iwoye. disgraced'. gani. depend'. yat9. destroy'er. disappear'. v. See disgrace. ^e nibukiii). v. n. iyaq. despoil'. die. nal|. desert'. alaisemele. defi'eiency. diure. . ko ^e- a. despise'. n. deli'verer. a. a. . lioro. . ro . di'ligent. erupke. . olfigbala. desist'. . v. da . se baibai. diFference. ri. n. n. n. kpete. depart'. .». nidie. n. v. lara. wo. discreetly. da- diwo. ^su. a. diiyai). . dig'ger. dziqdiii). agandiu. diafara. v. V. fi . a. die. igbese. difficulty. v. idile. . t). «. delight'. n. onibadie.DEF defence'less. sal6h. S9W6. yo. a. gbe. aroye. n. ibodii. yisakpa kai). s5. deli'ver. devise'. gboqgboQ. v. so. xovt. v. devour'er.. aroq. detail'. v. . V. asesa. da n. . dia'meter. disgrace'ful. ayaba. dile. yato. ebilisi. v. foya. yi w6. v. dense. . soro. 102 despi'ser. deri'sion. different.^. isoro. v. . . kpa- duro. kale. n. n. n. .silg. li v. aiwu. dierui). describe'. yori. asiri. v. . v. inira. to. idahoro. elegba. be. wadi. . obukui). 11. dirt'y. . descent'. . disgrace'. disguise'. . n. ete. disci'ple. n. iri. dish. deten'tion. isaijsa. w6fl. fi . n. de'solated. di'ligently. ahoro. lil . 4aho. . a. . ela. deny'. orao-^mi. v. gbekele. .. diduro. dim. su. discreet'. delude'. dasa. (in 'plu- dew. ibubu. de'stitute. devour'ing. a. kale. iho. v. . .. . . low6. elegai). ibadie. de'mijohn. ie didSij in6. ikoQ omi. aibo. . rotlzu. w. . gag. dure. ^e ino bole. so . . okikirii]. n. a. b9. devout'. ofe. arekcreke. ate. aisiij. depo'sit. . ete. kparui). detain'er. alalbo. f5kar) si. . soto. v. se . te. a. DI8 gani- n. alaidiafara. disease'. devour. disho'nesty. bere. device'. dim'ly. abadz9. oye. r6bere. ral) iru n. n. aikpade. gii-i. in6 diddij. . di'latory. girigiri. diffuse'. . . v. oluffikaq si. mele. demand'..kilr). n. n. ya. avrokp9k9. . descend'. afara. aiwu. die. disgrace'. . etu. ibu. 19119. deserve'. demo'lish. V. . a. k6. . . . seleya. n. w. v.kal|. woye. adaduro. ona. V. gene. . ti rf. luri. disappoint'. eri. kaqgi. kp9i]. detach'. yosuti si. differently. elenini. destroy'. . di'ligence. oro. . den'sity. n. discuss'. kpare.. . despised'. di ofo. discem'ment. gene- disheart'en. baibai. kparada. w. n. ka. V. v. aham9. af&kai) si. adv. adv. 16h. ba die. . ko . deni'al. s§. 6re. ahoro. v. die. v. bu. ogb95k6gb9Q. deride'. alainl. v. ife. olugba. ri. se eleri. aini. fi. bo. . luha. oluffikai) si. yd a. dil. v. y9 disagree'. ate. . dahoro. delay'. . . v. dip.8esii). di. . gaq. n. lenu. n. v. . . ^e de'mon. de'sert. discern'. a. . . . dirt. mu . ifSkai) si. V. idaduro. fu. n. . so or wi bi . lot9. \oio^ li 919. de'vil. den. . a. a%a. daiyafo. kegag. desert'. . disco'ver. kui). dirt'y. n. a. desire'. n. v. a. rui). devout'ness. v. depth. yera. afSnaliEiij. akpadie. n. af9- V. gba . bukur). te . keri. disco'very. gigiq.. ibu. .

odi. leti. aseiyesate. ekporo. yo. V. w6. iyangbe. (feathers). dissolve'. a. ro. elerukpe. ibudioko. dread. each. n. oda. ifagi. kpero. n. disput'ing. n. dys'entery. v. ni^e. divi'ner. . sirj. siyemedzi. doze. n. l9to. n. n. n. da da . k9n9. drink'er. fa ti. r6 . wari. silS (Mat. dye. la : to dissipate do'tage. sk dry'ness. dry. . ataba. ro. distin'guished. drunk. luIB. dza. disovm'. diiij. ose. dust'y. ala. . nile. n. aife. elekuru. rere. n. fa fa . v. dAveU'ing. v. . motimoti. lowo. ere. . to. adv. ko . ibera. dross. aseiycsate. n. gbaijgba. dove. ekuru. am9diu. alufa. yadi. kirikpa be : alayi- ekuri. n. . laid. . V. togbe. n. idiina. dumb. die. onikpii). tu v. sekpo. drafts. dis'tantly.. . iho. 5. a. . idanikpa. ifa. a. n. seaijwo. do'cile. suijye. alakpii). . . tu . n. n. gedegede. aniani. doubt. ka . 11. V. igbe. V. are called. alawo. a. disobe'dienee. v. n. dayida. ogbe. 16 ikpa si. . ohikpii}. ogidigbo. aro. . drain. n. n. dis'tance. drop'sical person. dull. odo. dunce. distri'butor. adia : olddog. 11. v. bowo. ologo. eletaij. M. 'kh. drum'mer. doff. gbe. n. ataij. . . . . om9ti. ofa. v. kpiq £91) .DIS disho'norable. d^varf. disor'derly. V. biij. diowo n. dra'gon. v. yo. m9ti. dye. oijgS. idiina. tu. a. domes'tic. k&. dissem'ble. E. idaro. mddimi- ba . sokale. crukpe. ^ise. a. motiy6. drive. . afo5gb6. seV. adv. ikpijj. dive. dust. raq . soke. v. v. set4i). distil'. iw4. display'. n. se fari hai). dung'hill. sil5. d'well. n. . bi adza. n. a. rogui). okpa. do. a. n. kpirj. disturb'er. agdbagebe. dou'ble-dealer. . k4q. dra-w'ing-knife. et^qjisetai). V. ologuij. divorce'. mu. drunk'ard. V. akele. sil5. . . fn. n. v. dra-w'er. ianiani. duU'ness. olukiilu. a. divi'sion. dispatch'. dis'sipate. kpor)- n. a. drink. sii). dismiss'. lele. re. dog. iyemedii. agbe. . . distant. Lu. S9i)mi. n. oloruko. dog'gish. a drouth. dzo. dis'taffj n. diz'ziness. . lodzn. aiahki). V. . v. . v. dumb. rai). dispose'. n. v. ^e . . drag. dread. . dari. .. gai)gai3. V. v. arai). I'll . b9. dispo'ser. . bnj). saroye. n. diiyai). ^oyi. sekere. distress'.lagbedemedzijkpala. lo. n. EAG dregs. n. be. adiagadidzigai). akpinti. . disor'der. lorui). gbe. . raij. fSri. iko. doubt. drip. n. se nikpo. . distress'. dlsobe'dient. ik9sile. ikpiqfu. n. dissem'bler. se to dye blue. a. ko . disposi'tion. s&. n. odiu medzi. olukoti. isii). n. dis'trict.ivfL aroye. v. ^6. asoi)k6i). . drop'sy. dou'bled. asekpo. drum'-cord. odiina. . kpekpeiye. keke. imi. cool. li distinct'ly. ilekui). door. ku. a.. oluse. olii- {qfmind). disobey'. wo. V. a. . n. divi'dei'. dog. ikpondiu. dried. dravr. divorce'. M. a. ka. ft. . dissiniula'tion. dra"wn. done. to. ot9qkpai)yai). adv. aiinu. osii). n. doubt'ful. y9. fifay9. . dziqdiii). go. duck. odo. 31). v. a. saniani. ^akpa^akpa. ka. . . distri'bute. . V. n. li okere. adv. n. oyi. n. . n. n. h(3. odiuwa. mokpara. V. le. a. pron. distinct'. He. n. gbigbe. kpii) draught. \k. v. odi. to be dry. se aigbo. idi. okirikpa. ik9kuko. kdr). v. hA. wuwo. ainiu. a. . ararL dzoko. drovT^n. ogodugbe. ibodzu. n. tedo. dream. distribu'tion. adzako. semi. kagri. adv. do'er. koto. n. gbaijgba. fi . du'rable. . adaba.rui) or sorni). v. se. ase. wild drum. 1§. n.». n. n. bata. disinter'. akokpS. dismount'. n. dou'ble. do^wn. doAvn'-ward. iyekuru. iyakpa. domineer'. v. M. didi. kpinti. aid. ara9kpara. drought. ihiibu. dun. sisalS. kekekpa. dispute'. . n. okere. a. yara. on9. V. drill. domes'ticate. n. aigbo. ko. dislike'. aigborar). s5. v. . roguij. d9r)d9i). isiq-ise. dare. ti ile. dung. a. n. se. dream. divine'. sii). olubata. dou'ble. 103 ailol4. oni^oguij. n. n. a. dOAVn. tai). ilii: different kinds v. . tiaq. n. V. v.ainiyii). . ^etaq. kpada or dvrell'er. n. ile. dispense'. V. fu. 9m9ti. display'. V. n. beru. disperse'. ri. v. odzii ala. 1119.ogl. V. . mi. doc 'trine. : ditch. drop. gbedu. heat. dun. diz'zy. . a. korowo. See dispense. ni- kpondiu. divide'. fifa. . n. du'ty. dk. v. dispel'. &c. se alawo. v. lodo. alaigborai). dogoti. se eletai). koso. sai). dedia. iiisalS. ea'gle. drunk'enness. dry. ereketi. diasi. doc'tor. yo. n.

n6. .a. idiowu. v. a. a. 1§. . esu. v. mora. e'dueate. okpaguq. egg'-plant. fowo. v. futefute. ya. da to. isote. aisegbe. Isi. n. : ei\. . kedio. . t6. ». v. to. sisi. V. er'rorist. darudaru. do. ru. fo. east. mo. egbera. a. enc amp 'ment. erect'ly. num. adv. odid. 39 . n. &iii. v. emp'ty. ei'ther. adv. v. . die. efffect'. Ioro. afina. enikpe. ikpe^e. v. fa. n. el'bo'W. a. bo. enslave'. n. ayaijfe. a. 59 . en'vious. eti. a. iu. so . eld'er. n.enlight'en. fii). n. lel§. abeti. entan'glement. earth'quake. asia. itu. a. v. damu. num. . ear'nest. be. entire'ly. mokagla. 9lara. taq. a. tu itu . lesi. . ka v. agba. se. v. . eti : 104 embrace'. ro. sofir). en'vier. 9lara. n. . v. a. . v. igberi. 6r6. n. erect'. sofo. agbara kpase. ilara. e'pilepsy. mora. encoun'ter. il|. to ^asa. enu o^oro. ni gbogbo. . ole. 16. wole enter into . en'vy. eman'cipate. t». . enclose'. a. effort. dzidie. kagba. fi kpi. al4dam6. i>. bSbe. n. ibuke : err. diade. n. erelong'. lulu. ereet'ness. n. . ro. . didiu. employ'ment. v. idie. entan'gle. e'cho. v. fiij. B. lekeleke. yi one. n. nibomirai). ofo. it9. v. effervesce'. n. eriij. em'bryo. a. erase' v. embark'. eas'ily. tai) . ikii. gbiyandiu. V. eld'est. . sagati. isi^e. v. v. gba. ab. ESC . engra'ver. n. a. elevated. 16na. embroi'dery. gaijgaij. n. a. laraya. ni gboijgbo. V. v. yaijyai). e'poch. gai)gai). gba. amuwah. the erro'neous. entertain'. elas'tic. alaakobi. v. i&jj. e'qual. n. v. wfino a house. v. enig'ma. emula'tion. da . v. gba . n. tu. i». eight'y. odio encour'aged. ase. . n. e'mulate. . .. r\b . m9ra. era'dicate. eta. a. odiugba. enig'matist. earth'y. ko l&na. V. ikaq. . a. k6 kpe. encir'cle. . okpiq atub6t4i). dial^. en'ter. enough'. atiwa- asar). . a. a. kpari. &o. n. iti\. v. embroi'der. . so . saka. fu. eighth. medio. . mu .onisiti. siie. end'less. se ilara. e'gret. isele. n. . we. mu la . e'lephant. ki\tukutu.jiM»i. v. diere. eaves. a(^y. equivoca'tion. ko. emp'ty. danS. die to enjoy enjoy'.ol5ro. 6gba. ele'ven. gbolmijgbohiiij. gabasi.adiakale. n. aburo. . . n. okuijfa. . v. v. n. a. |be. sltia. nd. bin6. . ikpe. owere. v. laledio. end'ed. adv. wa. koti. v. mu . kpe n. ele^i. kpese. . eat. fa. adv. ise. . enlarge'. 9te. . endure'. dudie. en'emy. eject'. M. t|. n. warakpa. diab6. v.. ni maikira. : n. to. embar'rass. end. elect'.. adiaka. e'minence. to b6. ear of corn. v. v. n. odiunla. 16fe. w5. v. encamp'. n. . . n. er'rand. agbalagba. . end'ing. : . v. ogoriq. w6. against. encour'age. ataali4m6. tutu. .. enliv'en. da woko. eject'ed. kparui).EAR ear. else'^where. endu'ranee. tedo : effect'. niyaij- epilep'tic. . adiiijaku. ik9i)gu. . elerukpe. v. ila oruij. fa . elerukpe. n. fiq. elas'ticly. eas'y. eight. emp'ty-handed. n. 63-115. itura at ease. • idie. v. e'qual. earthly. earth. bo. V. okaqla. equi'vocate. n. enrich'. v. diaiye. . n. . er'ror. ko. ebbing. v. ema'ciate. . tai). . ifa. a. isa. equal'ity. n. ena'ble. eneom'pass. erect'. bi obiii. roqroi). die. n. odzo. n. n. 9gb9p. n. adv. conj. embel'lish. world. hf". n. . en'mity. ibudo. aremo. abin9ku. isi. num. n. tabi. eme'tic. engrave'. n. a. raurau. oro. die. diu. hee. ekui). didie. budo. egboi). encamp ido. afiqgba. foriti. a. cle. enrage'. . entan'gled. the end of life. emp'tiness. se. a. . n. . gui). . . enter . earn. n. entreat'. v. escape'. n. ir9. aqfani. akai). kpam9ra. enact'. akpalo. edge. e'paiilet. v. ibebe. di. d9r6. en'sign. entice'. deru. ebb. d9gba. S9kai). V. f6kai)sf. n. tefetefe. . ease. . bu ka. mu . ru. tu eradica'tion. daqwo. ylka. eared. emit'. rai). dzai). enve'lope. lel|. . «. . . sil§. a. ko embroi'derer. satikpo. . afiij. n. diade. to se. v. n. epide'mic. maikira. yakpa. . gbe . early. entrea'ty. aguna. . endea'vor. aikor). edio. oni warakpa. iruya. . : emis'sion. . 4ai)w6. lia. aitara. n. e'loquent. n. e'quity. en'vy. . n. engraver of calabashes. eat'able. ebb'tide. kpekuq. 71. encour'agement. se ^1616. ease. ru. gbagbaro. ikehii). oiii). gbadi. ali4m9ra. e'migrate. adv. akodia. fara entire'. effe'minate. yiq. . kpuro. v. n. gba tete. orii]. kpatakpata. era. v. igborjwo. . employ'. wo lara. n. ogba. gberi. digboro. ainikpekuij. . n. . mediaqme- end. egg. . . W9ra. isi. . ^ikpe. 9ta. diehui).

^e lemo. n. fall down. rere. V. diaiye. . abo agntaij. escort'. gbigbe leko. n. ikaijgni]. expect'. aba. exult'. okobo. eu'nuch. exhort'. b9W9l9wo. v. estab'lish. hag dadzu or gbaijgba. adv. a. exact'. fi . feno. expound'. n. w6. fi . faith. . fa'mish. . upon. dayele. ate. ni- expen'ses. a. su. . gbe a. exceed'. . re. ex'cavate. explana'tion. explain'. ikpeijkpedzu. e'vident. ese mills. exam 'pie. . n. fair. til5. V. : alas9doq. sa. n. n. e'vening. fa. estab'lished. . idaijrawo. face. exceedingly. iro. . olukpani. adv. soye. inaku- fe to fan away. 9ga. di . exhorta'tion. . n. e"W"e. n. ko . . expose'. extrem'ity. odzuri.fa'cing. fa'mous. extol'. faith'ful. kparug. as a hole. iyaqdzu. n. everlast'ing. fa'bricate. V. . . m6 . . adv. eye'bro-w. afodzu. w. eke. nina. gbogbo. gege. alaise. . kpare. n. v. excel'. n. diyele. yarj. v. V. odzu. tulasii). ifodzufe. siona. yo. fa'mine. n. V. igbagb9. kale. leke. e'vil. r6. dzina. awiye. a. v. ga. a^cdiu. V. tu. v. tu. n. n. 14 fi . . eyiij odzu. n. iyaq. e'vil-do'er. yo. sogo. wolil . expecta'tion. exhibi'tion. kpar9. . ». n. . . F. ro. V. isi. afihaq. oli'ikulilku. v. ru. afi. expe'rience. burn. lailai. fe . olu. abebe. alasedin. igb9r)se. ariwi. sodi. n. v. eti. exclude. v. ayaij- extra'vagance. event'. iriri. se gafara. adv. subu. kokiki. n. n. n. eleri. fe v. adaoki ladi. . ainikpekuq. n. fu. se. n. asa. adv. oro. excommu'nicate. adzina. face. v. a. n. awawi. kpasia. iga. lai. aloto. alonilowogba. conj. adia. excite'. extent'. excuse'. V. ode. odzd. fi kpe ijkai). odzulafeni. . raiye. kpa . v. .exten'sion. eke. ibi. to. v. n. s9di. a. k&. faith'less. . eye'ball. a. a. v. exter'nal. orilB. exist'ence. fa'mily. asala. v. mul§. abuso. b9]§ . mbS. n. ascleke. . n. FAR extra'vagant. excess'. arale. n. expand'. igbe. n. exa'mine. eye'-service. ila. wolS . wo. V. alawiye. m. iwa. kaq. ti. expend'iture. exag'gerater. haij. gba niyaijdzu. tu imS. fail'ure. eye'lid. logo. gbako. ariwi. . eta. V. wadi. irale. 9l9dza. li eke. daba. fodiuwo. tetu.. so asod!}i). fabrica'tion. fan. v. kale. . express'. reti. bikose. v. n. (door). . V. eye. n. expeet'ing. bi tile. n. false 'ness. ikper)kpedzu. . pron. v. asiijgba. isorai. . n. e'very. . . akpani. n. v. a. ti. leke. iwefa. v. as9.extor'tioner. olokikj. dza. dalu. . to fall gbale. daf6. n. di elese mul&. 105 adiala. ani. adv. exag'gerate. v. so iyakpa. v. exalt'ed. faith 'fulness. . adv. siij. adv. n. dadzudadiu. V. adiabS.fae'ces. extin'guish. idieri. esteem'. e'vil. . s6 iturao. . ibafirj.ESC escape'. lonilo\v9gba. otito. excuse'. v. bikosekpc. V. n. extort'. iredze. n. le or si akpa. dede. nina. deti. k9dzusi. n. n. eye'-servant. . kpar9. 11 fa'ding. ex'ecute. fame. extra'vagantly. fail. da . i'k . gbe a. edzudzu. 91-5. : extract'. n. n. kpa. yiye. se diil. alalgbagb9. extenua'tion. exter'minate. fall. oib. everlast'ingly. . espouse'. yagbe. abdkpade. di elese . oloruko. e'ver. akawe. n. diij. es'timate. . mul&. gbilS. v. 9ta9l9- rere odzu. . alyetitilai. bori. exer'tion. ex agger a'tion. abati. fal'con. sa. imi. . okiki. n. se. dzi. ge. . exalt'. idii. yii) . V. e'ven. ideti. gbe . (weather). v. iwavvi. gbc . tegbeqgbe. d9gba. . ale. exposed'. V. da n. 1§ eye. n. sode. n. kpare. doi). na. n. iburu. bubiiru. asekuij. . asale. si. . n. mahlese. fodzus5na. maso. (action). a. v. ar9ni. exhi'bit. fai'ry. bere. bebe odzu. adzina. a. nigbaijgba. n. sona. S9nasi. e'vidence. fall into. saki. wo. aiycraiye. ka. n. iwawi. febikpa. extor'tion. e'ven. eva'cuate. a. a. wa. far. exact'ly. na. fan'cifuUy. . explode'. execu'tioner. wawi. fan. asedzu. v. estranged'. v. awolelui. akpere. . aliigba. . excite'ment. n. fodiuba. dakii. explain'er. v. rurj. e'vilness. eye '-witness. biifii). . false. fade. okere. tiaij. . n. n. b9se. n. extend'. false'hood. kuna. kale. abumo.m. dziij. euphor'bia. as9ye faint. ini5. scbi. ataiye- aba. n. except'. v. ti . fi or sile. eye'lash. sikpaya. afodzusona. kpa. except'. exist'. . a. exchange'. v. e'vidently. t6se. a. afibi. a.

. aiberu. oiiina. lekaq. feast. kpuro.: flood. idakp5. gbako. atiri. farcivell. fence. 9d9. sembe. kono. flog. the little finder. imul9. : a. gbinikoij. fla'vor. fee'ble. fear'less. n. idzai- bu . fast. fierce'ness. tinabo. fifty. fault. ye. a. soijmi. ika. ekarui). a. imunamuna. fish'ermaji. asemi. v. asa. fat'ted. daba. n. fat. kubusu. die. we. feed upon. adn. a. v. n. n. flay. fari'na. oi-a. fa'vorably. feast. n. gba. a. adzo oixu). fear'fulness. suq. ua. ididii. tcte. n. flat'ter. n. •fe'lon. n. field. kpa . ri sa. num. n. saijra n. ron6. V. dBiio. fa'vor. li sd. fife. n. fe'ver. a. asofeiyedze. iberu. n. V. adv. gbile. b9 : to lara. n. fatigued'. bade. abiye. w. V. lebe. file. sodzurere. 8a. agbe. flock. fid'dler. fa'ther. ya. first. aiaroko. ». fig'-tree. oko. n. v. n. kpari. V. egb9i). fiftieth. flute. v. n. V. n. felefele. idza. as6. ina. aisS. floAv'ing. flat'ten. n. fet'ter. fatigue'. five. alaiyi. \v/o. fear. a. n. fly. . fi'nal. n. . erai). a. erii). fish. fil'ter. ko- flag. 9w6-ina. foam. fir'mament. first'bom. yi. fere. oro. • al6. first 'fruits. a. isise. fear'lessness. abokpa. fierce. v. ow6. fib. egbii). . 9kpagiiq. fa'therless. ebi. n. a. om9dir). eleri. ise. a. . fast'er. akoso. akotai). ayuq. taij. n. feed. gari. esiijsii]. gbawe. fe'male. num. n. are. oba. fine'ness. gbona. n. filth. fi'fer. ef§. kogba. fast. tl. a. farm'er. flaxinel. osa. soij. fast'en. n. adv. flee'ing. elnbo V. wheat- fel'lOAVShip. akadai). n. n. ofurufu. n. V. oro. fefe. n. fi . abo female of fi'riisher. arem9. fib. adzuba. fish. danu. n. flour. ate. dkk. foya. a. flight. y9yo. V. ak9kar). bere. fea'thery. n. iyefui). afoijfere. fash'ion. edza. ekp6r). k6i). . flock. akpedza. flee. . n. V. n. flour. fault'finding. filth'iness. fid'dle. io. fer'vent. dimo. a. fist. n. flo"W. aleru. tetek9. kai)kai). flaAW. kolera. n. . V. n. n. n. kpedza. 9b9ij. n. n. muba. fly. n. fish'hook. da. ikuku. flea. n. flu'ent. fit'ness. munfi. idadzi. 4sia. mi7n. ara. . abade. . fault'less. akobi. guijye. as6. adzae. siwadzu. . fetch. I'. fe"W. fit. flat'ness. girigiri. V. asoro. ate- roko. adza. k9. fledged. wo. aiyi. alawo. fi'nish. V. liii. fes'tival. . 11 i baba. adota. feed'er. gbo. boi). find. fer'ryman. eleri. n. iba. fic'tion. a. n. akuij- fight'er. V. koi). flash. V. a. abiye. n. a. V. idaf5. . a. da gbere. lakotajj. V. ida. fero'cious. itana. V. flat'terer. egbii). fifth. n. a. obi. fit. kuna. isai). v. idana. n. idaso. V. n. V. . float. alara. giri. : flou'rish. fear. lodznrere. egurii). ». to grow fat. edogui). ibade. fast. sisaq. num. adv. tete. fliek'ering. flOAv'er. imure. n. n. a. beasts. fine. eri. ba . n. dze fine. eye. adv. num. beru. abere. feel. alasodoi). alainibaba. bele. yiitjgba. 106 : FOA first. ferment'. V. «. fea'thered. dedza. fi'brous. n. n. ru. . n. sal6h. mu bki. sekesekei. aba. fi'nished. flat. sai). ir6. n.FAR fare 'well. n. nu7>i. n. asetai). flake. semi. laie. baba. idze. as9d9i). a. sase. n. 9dai). olukpari. arui). n. oladota. guijye. flat'tery. filth'y. ho. a. fa'vor. feed. olubo. odui). . aiberu. . fatigue'. fight. n. fil'ter. keedoguij. fin. n. ta. a. ilolo. ba. kor). fajrm. a. idagberc to bid fes'ter. n. fele. fire. fit'ly. firm. awe. kikoij omi. farm'-house. a. fire. alarabara. adzo . fear'ful. flesh 'y. ikpaiya. ak6gba. fi'nally. n. n. iforifo. fill. . oloko. wah. kpelebe. eda. gasa. n. asala. fi'ery. iwe. v. sebo. ri. fat. a. V. fifteenth. V. n. tebi. ohiduru. adv.!ebele. eru. selorc. a. n. didoi). alaiberu. n. te. iye. firm'ly. fovvoba. n. ork. fe'tidness. V. firm'ness. odzureve. duni. V. a. v. ogba. aiyese. fo. adv. V. karui). fin'ger. flesh. farm. n. fea'ther. fere. fire'fly. n. n. mu n. n. yam-flour. gba. isase. n. n. a. fence. bo. lerikai). ikoqra. . fele. fight. asa. agbo. find'ing. flame. V. kpoi). a. eru. fat'ness.






foe, n.

kputu, olofofo.


fright'en, v. ba da giri, da




Icru, deruba,














beru, dii.


a deadly





frog, n.


dzi, ifesedzi, ofidzi.

iwe, okpolo.
ti, ti,


kuruku, owusuwusn.
ka, we.
V. t6,



fork of a







. .





akaso, kpalaka. fork, V. se akaso,

tiha, tiiio, tori.


tokpa, tele, lekpa, ke- for'ked, a.

ya akaso. makalu.



n. «. fe,




kaloh, gbeliii),
n. n.



form, M. iw9. for'mer, a. isadiu,
for'merly, adv.











aigboi), awere, iwere.

for'mer rains,


fruit'ful, a.

aleso, eleso.


sado, sagbere.

fruit'fully, adv.


ondze, idze, diidze, diefedie.
asiqwiq, asiwere.



asado, asagbere.

. .



di, diij, }'ai).

fool, n.






go, kpa se hvere.




forsake', ko le, lokpc.







fulfil', V.











fulfil'led, a.



full, o.

afose, ase.

akebiqdasi. were, se iwere. forsa'ker, n. (be), foolishly, adv. botiboti, dze- forsa'king, «. okehiijda. se iwere, rederede, forth, adv. dzade, loh.


koi), yo.

ful'ly, adv.

ekoi), ik9i).


ful'ness, n.


fortifica'tion, n.
for'tified, a.

odi, agbara.










akpoti-itise, itise.


adie, orobo, s41uga.
o'godzi, odzi.


«. n.

ebu, idana, ileru.
elo, oliuij elo.

foot'step, n. foot'stool, n.



for'ty, num.

furniture, fur'row, n.
fu'ture, fu'ture,

ehii) pla.

b4, de,

for'"ward, adv.

siwa, siwadiu.

for, prep.




sadzu, asadzu.


ola, ti


niti, iiitori, nitoriti, ti.

fos'ter-ehild, n.




mb5, odio

for, covj.

nitori, nitoriti, sA.



lose, so


bi 6


se kpe.

eleri, kikar).
. .


. . .



. .






found, v. so founda'tion,



ikpilS, ikpil|^e,



force, force,




iru, isoij, oAhi&ox),








for'cibly, adv.


four, num. erii), merii). four'fold, adv. ni meriijmeriij.










fore 'finger,



fourth, num.

kerii), ekeriij.

honest gain, erekerc.


ete, elsi, erfii).

dzere, dze, wadie; (a

forekno'W 'ledge,
fore'most, forerun'ner,


frag'ment, n. fra'grance, re.
fra 'grant,

prize), lako.



sb odi





er6, ire.


free, free,


fa, onira.

ororo, idakpa.

. . .

gal'lop, gal'lop,


foresho"w', fore 'sight,



liaq tele.





ilara, inira.






egai), igbo.












foretel'ler, n.



gang, n. gap, n. gape, V. gar'den,



4gbala, 9gbi\.

foretel'hng, n. afose. fore'ver, adv. abada, fabada,
lai, lailai, titi, titiaiye.



arukoi), ikoqdo.

fresh 'ness, n. tutu. inobibi. fret'flilness, n.

gar'den, v. 89gl>a. gar'dener, n. olus9gba, ol9gba. gar'land, re. marivvo.






ore, ayaqfe, enikedii.





loose f/ar-


kuyo, okuye.

ftiend'ly, adv.





re, re.

ment, agbada, akaso 6wu.


ibare, ire.






adidzi, idid^i, idzi.

ciui 911a, odzfi ona.



n. a.







wodzokpo, sumo.


ga'thered, n. ga'thering, n.




n. n.


ikodzo, iwodio.


gauze, n. gaze, V.



gbina, kB.

gratuity, grave, n.




tediu, tedinrao.



odzuori, kpansa-il8.







motiitioti, kaijtikaijti.

atoniod9ino, irandirap.

gray, a. grease, v.

ewfi, 9ye.

ora kpa.





gb9ij, ula, kp9.

16h, re


go out, diade

great'er, adv.


generalis'simo, n. are. go up, goke, gori go i«, wolc, greatly, adv. dzodz9, se, suiu. v. lu\. vv5no. bi, great'ness, k. dnruduru, inila, ge'nerate, riI4nla. n. ake, ekiri, ewure, oniko. atiraqdiraij, goat,n. genera'tion, God, n. Oloruri, Olodiimarc. gree'diness, n. iwora, odiunlA, atomodomo, irai]. wobia. god'head, 7i. iwa-olorui). gen'tile, n. kefcii. a. roi'a. n. biolorui). gree'dy, a. oniw9ra. gen'tle, godlike, ogero, rodzn, green, a. k9ku, tutu. gen'tleman, n. alagba. god'liness, n. iwabiobnii). greens, n. ef9. gen'tleness, n. 5ro, 5so, kpese- gold, n. wura. greet, v. ki. gone, V. rem, loh. kpese. n. atosi. adv. greet'ing, ». ikini, kiki. diediedio, kele, gonorrhea, gen'tly, kelekele, kpele, kpokpe, kpere, good, a. dara, re, siap, snai), grief, n. arokaij, edSi), ibadie,




w. n.


or6, iwii).

. nin6die, bi good, 71. idara. grieve, v. ba lanu. n. kanu, kpa nin9,daro akiI6h, agbere. good-bye', good'ly, adv. daradara, re, rere. grieved, a. binodie.
. . . .






gift, n.

n. oyi.



adzire, aku-








ebui), ibilr), ifibur), itSre,


idara, didara, ire,



ore, rere, isuwa.



(of beads), ableke. kerora.






groan 'ing,



n. n.


. . .

gore, V. gu!), kai). gor'geously, adv.

guijle, taq.

dzimidzimi. grovmd,







damuro, di hamora,



the various kinds are ground'less, a.


. . .







ademo, aha, agbe, agbe- ground'-pea,





dzol9, akpala, ato, igbodze, igba.

girl, n.




group, grove,


abusi, osu^u


a sacred


dzoye, sakoso.

grove, igbodu, igbofa.

igbadza, lawani.

grace, madiewc, gra'cious,
. . .


ikpai)koro-omo, omobiri.

odzurere, oreofe.

grovr, V. dagba, darugbo grow as a plant, fu, rai).



h^, bui),

alore 9fe, sodiu-





t9re, fu, f&i), ta . . . lore. giv'er, n. olufuni, olore.
. .

gra'ciously, adv. lodiurere. gra'dually, adv. k|ke.
le, 16.

gro"wn, V. dagba. grub, 71. igoijgo. grudge, n. agoij.

se aroye, kftq, kill),




glad 'den,






glance, v. wofiri. gland, n. kara.

dzigi, diidiii).

glean'ing, n. ese, idasi. glen, n. koto oke, efo.
glit'tering, n.


grain, n. woro. grum'bler, n. skoT)s\n6. grand'child, n. omolodiu. gnun'bling, n. aroye, ikoi)sin6. ba- grunt, V. n. kui). babala, grand'father, baiila. guard, n. cio. grand'mother,re. iyala, iyanli. guard, V. 80. grape'-vine, ». molewu. guar'dian, n. olut9diu. V. di kaw6. guar'dianship, n. idele. nibo, dvl, grasp, grass, 71. ikoriko, koriko, ogbu- guess, «. amodia.


. . .




se amddia,




. .





ega, eleijga.




iniomo, omu.


gui'danee, n. afiliaij. guide, V. se amSna, fdnahar),



[of a knife), ekur),
dara, elewa.

se dida ara, diina,



. . .












afSnaha^, amona, atoStai).

hand'some, hang, V. fi
. . .






ko, gbe

guile, «.•

ha, hail, kagba, k6, rom6, so, soloroi), sor6, t6 . . bo.

health, n. dida aril, healthful, a. ye.
health'iness, health'y, a.



guile 'fill, a. guileless,
n. a.







ere, ebi.

guiltiness, n. guiltless, a.

idiebi, elebi.

hap'pen, v. salabakpade, hap'piness, n. ayS. hap'py, a. lay 9.







heap, heap, hear,

V. v.

babe, okiti, ()kitiogai).
be, kodzo, suru.
to to

gbohnij, gbo








news, gbpliii), gbolmi)


gui'nea-eom, m.

oka: red guiwhite guineaetn.

kpa, ko,

gburo, gborai).

n. n.







dakpara, mii hear'er, n.


elc, okikiriij, eki-

gbigbo, igbo.
deti, detisile, feti,


rikpa, oro.








iboi). n.


tulasii), aliisii).

gvin, «.




hear'say, heart, n. hearth, n.



aiya, okaij.

ok6 iboq.



heart'ily, adv.
aha- heart'--wood, n.

tinotinp, tokaq-





. .


gun'po"wder, n. r6, tu. gush,
gut, gut,




mora, atamora.





fi V. harp, n. duru. gbona. heated, n. arifi. harp'er, n. oludura. harsh, a. dzagai), kano, r5ro. heathen, n. iworo, keferi. adv. ramu- hea'ven, n. oke oriir), orui). harsh'ly, ramram, ramn. hea'vily, adv. tl, koti. harVest, n. ikodzo-oko, ikore. hea'vy, a. wuwo.

heat, heat,


. .

gbigbona, oru.

ise, aia.




hedge, n.
heed, v. height,

agbiiiy ik4gba, akogba.

itara, iwara. n.




ho, se iwara, kaqdzu,

aga, iga, giga, oke




hack, had, V.



haste, n. has'ten, v.

great height, gigagiga, goijgoi).

ya, yara, sise, tagcrc, tadzii.


hail, «.


ikpo-oku, orui).
yiijyij), nini.



|wo, wowe,

has'tily, adv.

apparent, daudu, magadzi. oruQ akpadi. kaijkari, wiriwiri, hell, n.



akata, akete, ate








a rain help,

hat, agbedzi.

agba, agbdse, agbata^, araqnilovvo, araq^e.




abiroi), oniroi), lirorj.




help, V.





lowo, gb6, kpade,

hall, n.

abo, idadzi, idamedii. baijga, basa.
ayika. dese.



hatch'et, w. ake. hate, V. korira. ha'tred, n. agoij,



abanise, agbani, al4-





akeri, akorira, a89te.

elegba, olugbani,

hal'ter, n.




hamlet, n. ham'mer, n.
owu, iyawu.


have, v. li, ni, ri, haAvk, n. awodi. hay, n. sakasaka.





omo- haz'ard,
he, pron.



hem, hem,







6, o, oi), oij.

hen, n. hence,







hand, n. ow6. hand'breadth,

head, n. eri, ori. head'-band, n. iweri. head'long, gboijgboi),
nigbe, okiti.


nibiyi, iiihiij,



















her, pron. her'ald, n.

a, e, e,



efo. n.




ewebS, ew6ko, ho'ly,



herd, n. owo. here, adv. ibii),

hom'age, hom'age,
nibi, nibiyi, ni-


bari, wari.^



hus'band, n. oko. hush, V. dake, simi. husk, n. egbo, iwo.

nibinyi, sibi, sibiq, sabiqyi.

n. n.


nigbehir). adamo, idanid.

home'bred, ho'miny, n.





he'retic, here'tical,


ho'nesty, n. iwa tito. ho'ney, n. oro, oyii).

hye'na, n. hy'pocrite,

koriko, ikoriko.




damo, adamS.

ho'ney-comb, n.
ho'nor, ho'nor,

afara oyii).


here'tofore, adv. he'ro, n. oga.


ibuyii), ola,






he"W, V. ke, kegi. he'w'er, n. akegi. hibis'cus, n. isakpa. hie 'cough, n. sikisiki, siksik. hid (be), V. lilmo, kpamo. hid'den, a. ikoko. hide, V. ba, ri, kpain6, sakpain6. hide, n. awo, bata. hid'ing, n. iba. high, a. ga, gele.


I, prvii.

mi, mo, mo,
aiyato. imele.



71. 71.

bata, kpatako.

iden'tity, n.
i'dol, n.





tailor's hook,

ainurai), anigogai).


hoot, V. ho. hop, w. lAkal4ka.

idol'ater, n.

abogibokpe, abobi
. . .

olori^a, iworo.

hope, hope, horn,


aba, igbekcle,





various kinds





if pos-


iwo, owo.

bole^ebi, bolcsekpc.

highly, adv. rekc. high'waymaii, n.

agana, al4-




are called, abiga, alig^rimi,


ko, kole.

hill, n.

oke, okiti ebe.
ekui), ekukiii).
a, e, e,

w. ig'norant, elesiij. igua'na, )*. horse'Avhip, n. lagba. hot, a. gbona very hot, bobo, illi'terate,

aimoye, alaimS.

a. a.


hilt, n.



okunno, osono.

him; pron.

6, 6, u, oi),

hot'ness, hour, m.








him'self) pron. oi)nd. hin'der, v. dina.





house 'hold,



idena, ikose.

hint, hint, «. hint'er,


fodzukpe, lukoro, ^obo.

ho'ver, v. ra, radobo. hoAV, adv. bawo, bibawo, li, biti how many? kelo? melo?

immatu'rity, n. aigbo. imme'diately, ttrff. biatiijwiyi,



lesekai)n4, lodzu-


odzukaijna, logai).

hoAvl, hoAvl,



bpmi, t|


ikokard, mahuru.

fi bomi, ki bo. b9mi, te




. .




hip, m.
hire, hire,

ibadi: hip-joint,]gha,T6ko.

. .

hippopo'tamus, M.
. . .



hug, V. gba huge'ness, n.


immo'dest, a. immor'tal, a. immortal'ity,


. .



alagba^e, alagbaro.





r6, tere, tire.



impart', impartial'ity, ».
. .

alsegbe, aiso-

his, jjron.
hit, n.


hum'ble, a. onirele. hum'ble, v. kparamo, hum'bled, n. re.








hith'er, adv.





hoarse, a. ke. hoarge'ness, n.

bii), awoliii).


abuke, atele-

impa'tience, n. iwara. impede', v. dina. imped'iment, n. adcna. impend', v. wii. abeiyami, importu'nity, n.

hoe, n. ok 6, 4kegni) oko, aketor). hoe, V. ro, k6. hog, n. elede. hold, V. dimu, gba, md.

hun'dred, num. ogorfiq, oruq. hun'ger, n. ebl. hun'ger, v. lebi, ebi kpa. hun'gry, a. alaiyo. hold'fast, n. adimii. hunt, V. de, degbe. hole, n. alafo, iho, ioto. hun'ter, n. ode. ho'llness, n. mimo, iwa mimo. hur'ry, v. sc iwara, ^ira.
hol'lovr, hol'lOAW,

imposi'tion, n. impossibil'ity,


impossible, impos'ture, n. iyaijdie. im'preeate, v. ta^e. impreca'tion,n. a8e,egui),ere.
mo, scm(). impri'son, v. ba impro'per, n. aito, aidara. impro'vident, n. aimete.
. . .




hur'ry, hurt, V.









v.IMP im'pudent. v. in'crease. a. v. abiroij. inisi. id. re. amisi. g^sa. idamo- indulge'. inves'tigate. si. . aisetai). alal- in'solently. bi Icbi. inere'dulous. inconsi'derateness. v. tensely hot. v. take. nio. inhu'man. a. elcgbe. taitai. in'side. re. edo fofo. a. re. in'tellect. le. oku. semele. be . lara. re. ayaq. lose. in. infirm'. intention. yaij. V. 'aito. sara. . independ'enoe. d& . . bu w. n. . gbal6. iruno. incline'. akotdi). ele. ibere. re. obu. v. re. informed'. aidzi- inqui'ry. re. adv. aroij. re. in'noeence. in'jure. insist'. n. aiin6. kogiii). aise. V. ai^i- n. ainuba. inexcu'sable. a. amoye. indis'putableness. li. re. n. inter'pret. fi . . a. . aidzebi. incorrup'tion. inqui'sitiveness. inspira'tion. onisi. ogai). insurrec'tion. irukerudo. . iiino. . v. ko. n. incomplete'. erai). indifference. re. in'dieate. fe- inves'tigator. nicle. da lodio. aikiyesi. intel'llgent. inatten'tion. ink. olnware. invisibil'ity. inha'bitant. abanidie. kpa v. insolv'ent. ebi. ingre'dient. . insi'pid. v. se. iiiyano. eke. insipid 'ity. n. imuba. inhabit. onise. aisenia. ere. n. ere. inhe'rltor. aito. . adisi. idi. . intes'tines. n. v. indeed'. re. alya. arailii. ailese. kokoro. n. ingraft'ed. gbaguq. inti'midate. . asoq- inhumi'lity. in'to. re. inatten'tive. oino-ow6. awoye. in'valid. . inflame'. arai}mu. bisi. intrust'. invita'tion. isi. abisi. ibisi. insane'. n. v. re. intel'ligible. role. indivi'dual. ke. aisiij. . odzoguij. indirect'ly. prep. re.. . sa. ailekpa. indulg'ence. n. n. tai. a. in 'jury. re. . lo. irascibil'ity. . alailera. a. inspect'. integ'rity. intermed'dle. n. insert'. . n.ituina. n. impure'. ibiii6. alai- n. w. . I9. in'terest. aisegbe. inn. aimorc. v. dodzude. inhe'ritance. ingraft'. v. impute'. in'stigator. egbeii. v.lere. b5. v. n. 11. aiye. ni. ikpedze. 111 infec'tion. intermin'gle.. . oye. aiso- n. in'eense. ailese.die. da. influen'tial. re. woyc. ke- ka . re. logai). . . prep. n. ai^Ododo. si. indigna'tion. ingra'titude. indus'trious. kpete. aikiyesi.inquire'. aiii&la. n. . iriij. v. be re. a. imo. in'dolent. re. . albadze. a. ed^. abanigbele. ailewi. insan'ity. gbedegbeyo. siwere. . etc. a. olohuij. . turari. ruuo. inac'tion. i'ron. ino. in'strument. in'digo. adv. v. in'stantly. v. v6. a. n. gbero. ibadze. elekerede. inter 'preter. . a. inextinguishable. inspire'. . a. n. saba. n. re. a. inspect'or. v. iwatito. aikpe. sB. a. n. ainiye. da . da . re.. ye. . in'mate. bore. sile. fi. ewi. re. adawiij. insufficiency. tard4 indifferent. kposi. a. agbedegbeyo: haij. in'jurer. ini'tiated. intend'. olo- kur9i). iyeni. 16. agbe. n. . wu. . kp5. alabukui). ailcia. re. ainikpekui). ike. v. a. infec'tious. ogui). tai. mil . iyeafSraqlS. fi . in'finite. adv. in'nocent. kose igbagb6. inburuku dzogui). . siJe. nikpo. IRO in'stant. ibewO. alaikiyesi. anibua. n. adv. v. . laserai). fi in'dustry. inele. elo. . v. alriwi. inter'rogate. be. a. v. 71. airi. da . infe'rior. sB. . aisoto. v. in'solence. . dakpo. inexpres'sible. k\om6. nino. v. afodzfidi. a. lebi. safodziidi. n. n. n. moye. interpreta'tion. aisimi: incessant talking. gbinikoij. a. modzukuro. . . . bi. aikpa. kolera. re. iniisi. a. wo. awiidake. »o. ted6. . v. invent'or. investiga'tion. v. a. abuso. injus'tice. . re. incomprehen'sible. in'stinct. mi re. so n. kj)ikp9. iiiti. n. . indiscriminate. n. elo. n. . interrogation. indig'nant. infirm'ity. idaru. a.. inces'sant. gbiljL'. a.liu. imoye. rai). indifferently. . indue'. riwi. re. fi. rede. kirirao. in'eubate. inte'rior. increase'. infect'. nin6. . ini'quity. instead'. dadz6. . mo. in'sect. koikoi. ilo ero. 16 wadzo. adv. invent'. koi). adv. . te. da . fi introduce'. ardilS. da . ino. in'dolence. alo. n. owere. ina'dequate. intense'ly. re. inven'tion. iniele. sin6. w. a. red ink. dzaijdzai). n. in'fant. wo. inability. airele. aiio. tabi. . invert'. ifoij. innu'merable. . inhe'rit. ^re/i. ba. V. in'fluence. edA.ti. fe- gse. da . invert'ed. rS. a. gbo- re. elu. : interjjreter of dreams. si. wo. ideti. lodzo. wo. fi . w6. . instal'ment. v. aiseinele. . rag. . v. n. : aidibadze. fodztdi. instruct'. v. taitai. v. ate. olmi) instrumental'ity. re. ona. n. .

kpo. 111. lele. ». toe-itch. lath'er. odzowu. joy'ful. le. knave. kins'folk. n. oht^ : lat'terly. V. n. kpai-i. judge. gbebii). a. late'ly. it. jus'tify. laugh. irre'gularly. . nilolo. leafless. feiuiko. adv. ab9se. fatila. w. jerk. last. imodzu. ibawi. joke. keep'er. dzowu. a. i'vory. olofii). ^awada. 6. iinve. ckurj. eke. kpidai). v. kebiij. sise. n. b^dakpo. amiiwah. ore. adaguij. nila. V. ru : koko-9vvo. itch. join. n.eroku^ii. olutaq. knife. lead'er. n. wo V. n. am9kuq. V. iinfi. n.IRO ironically. . adiqgbc. nitete. imu. V. le. ikpa. . fi . lath'ing. «. V. at9kiii). ». n. i'rony. n. siij. la-w'yer. . leaf 'y. n. kill). lan'guage. n. kiln. abe. V. okikirii). ja'velin. klbiti. jeal'ous. kno^wledge. lam'bent. lead. lack. tubu. rai) ikpo. olot9. n. adv. la'ziness. oij. large. . ereko. labo'rious. oludarc. orvl. v. ho. geregere. ^e amona. ai'9kuro. knife. fitila. dzii). boniboni. n. n. ker'nel. j oint. adadzo. lasci'viousness. land'lord. lead. ra. n. ike. judg'ment. biri. large 'ly. n. ni 1916 yi. adzagadzigi. awada. a. oko. justifica'tion. joist. ailewe. leaf. n. waqraqwaij- keen. kpamo. la'bor. M. n. king. n. V. ebu. akaso.. reiiij. eytjs. sonasi. lay. dzare. adv. eha. K. V. n. itaij. late'ness. iseuij. jug'gle. v. idadzo. keen'ness. fa. adzo. n. adza-oko. m. n. knee. odio. kputu. iwe. n. rale. kin'dle. kpa. lad'der. koko. elewe. kick. i. H. efe. jerk'ing. guqlB. n. job. kolotii). koran'. kpo. ewa. ba 11. laAV. goi)g9i). ibataq. latch. judg'ing. si. kind. knock. J. abosc. v. a. jug. ebi. V. ile 9ba. n. lament'. n. knavlshness. n. adv. arokercke. . n. v. knit. lath. keenly. jesting. ero. gbe . pron. ododo. kid'ney. the last born. just. knead. lare. joy. da kpom6. la'bor. . king'dom. odzu sika. n. r5. \o\6. sliarp-imnted lat'ter-rains. alukasafa. tobi. be. la'borer. csu. cni). n. v. jest. idai). n. n. n. ta. . M. dari. n. orike : joint ofyrass. adalare. knuckle. takoko. la-w'less. kurani. kin'dred. n. lame. (TOca/). lamp. nabo. n. n. robi. kolobo. onise. very large. erig. a. jus'tiiied. adv. oba. 6. inu. leading. V. lat'ter. jus'tice. y4r). layS. dii. V. aia. awada. jour'ney. bale. e. dadzo. seuq. ahi- the last state. jail. radzo. 9d9 agutai). a. late. abewe. lame'ness. idzowu. kiii). lioi). igbehiij. dzaic. iru. al4bamole. V. ede. eyoq. aiekeieke. ewe. set'e. kpaku. onitubu. last. nically. v. n. lake. se iiigb9w6. kind. . ofiq. n. judge. boni. V. . n. a. . adad6. jour'ney. job. ekuriir). la'dle. kp5i). jack'al. obute. V. dza. kins'man. . dawole n. ile-asc. V. n. v. jus'tifier. wobia. a. irrita'tion. jack'et.idaclo. dzarjgboro. t'. mokuij. JEiirer. le. V. iiikehii). widzo. lele lay hands ye. idasile. n. abikebiij. ike. fo. n. jump. alarabara. V. lay ole. iiigbeliir). n. kpe. nla : n. bamole. I). n. n. lamp'-filler. laugh'ter. . rii). iialc. elegbe. 01). asise. isokpa. . . oiiidadzo. n. ainofiij. to V. n. ikpoq. gui). . imokuij. ailofiq. adv. ehii). igbak9. lame. tase. knee'-pan. kpoijiere. yiq. olotit9. n. n. asiwa. ti. kokor9. itch. n. ». n. . oniruru. t6. sehii): igbehii). alayS. n. k. a. onise. island. knot. kaAV. ti- n. ikehiij. oko. onidalaic. kui). on. «. sii). dzagba. a. ise. a. da . n. takpa. n. liii. jest. v. te. . a. lamb. n. V. kai)- laugh. lan'cet. la- V. n. large'ness. V. last'ly. n. olut9diu. asawada. v. n. rai) 3kp9i) to 112 speak iro- LEA lade. b6. n. alkuiani. n. ikeliii).' kneel. n. adv. n. jerk'ed. igaijgai). la-w'giver. n. «. lay down. land. yoi). n. n. key'hole. jeal'ousy. kiss. n. leaf. a. la'zy. «. n. ay&. n. fi .. sika. job'-"Work. e. kni)16. n. V. 9in9. lance. jas'per. n. adv. mh. n. is'sue. di. landing. sii. rai). kid'napper. sokpa. jaw '-bone. ito. v. dana. i. kind'ness. kill. yai) . knot. . latch. keyoij. n. V. kai). knoAV. ow<i. a. kick. V. n. n. key. Bwa. asoro. tibo. keliii) . keep. kitch'en. jog. .

V. ogidai). . adv. walaye love. mad'man. «. n. agbede. a. luck. eru. v. hana. V. kase. fe. n. a. n. agillti. n. leg. tu. Lord. V. . n. V. eko. kard. loft. n&. . lid. diusi. diidiii). dzegudura- lukfe'-wrarmly. iya. look. length. la. mad. adanS.. V. daraya. da . luck'y. n. so. gbaiye. lo interj. a. leave. adete. woke. V. n. v. lots. deru. ba. adv. omori. like'-wise. kere. efuri. erQ. MAG loqua'ciousness. lift'er. n. amure. lie. lights. n. al4. lux'ury. kekere. lifeless. ad&rikpoi). 15 n. «. adetisile. lost. n. lean. V. olukpamora. learn. ni. n. . we. the various kinds are. n. lovlng-kind'ness. folofolo. a. . adv. sile : to Us'ten. dase. a. n. le'vel. sil|.. ete. alamSri. n. li'zard. lin'guist. ekug. . V. iye. lull. (down). egbe. nifekufe. so . ofo. n. loose. hd sino. V. lye. akodzo. loi'ter. . a. loud. imodzu. olina. asiki. . kud9i). atem9ra. n. n. light'ness. fi . love. n. araya. ga. yakuro. diakumo. ti. nidu.. loudly. n. lis'tener. wo. igba. lowowo. lend. aro. gb6ro. V. ogbufo. eke. v. a. lose. m6. n. egbe. les'sen. .«. . iseuqife. a. dida. ti. kiyesi. lu'cre. light. ayida- bologi. alabakpade. idaraya. lit'tleness. keniii. lust. k6 manamana. n. [fruit). aiy6. kpclu. fa. kpuro. a. sawo ! ! orobo. akodiu: learned lin'en. n. . adv. . lus'tre. man. itele. n. li'ar. lock. worar). osii). loafer. awodiidzi. dio. ac^i'. okelendze. itobi. lit'tle. . i^ . v. lo^w'er. n. ideri lids of a lo'cust. kiiiij. adv. . bodzuwo. sawo. light. loom. iro. giguri. okobo. le^wd'ness. fo- long-suffering. bino. a. 113 lily. alafa. lime. kekeke. . bere. leo'pard. lift. lie. mag'got. . eleko. . fi . a. em. asaenia. adv. . lei'sure. n6. sorokpiij. tatu as day. n. deti sil|. n. gege. V. n. kd mkh. kpali. luke'-warm. lug'gage. loftily. a. lina. left. . dzidia. daker6r9. fi . ibo. sile. : lodio. ril. lean. li'ver. lei'surely. •*'^. le. n. tana. let. a. akasu. idai). 71. adza. V. li'on. n. fehiqti. . live. saq. akowe. . adeke. ik9. V. olugbe. yida. ife.n. gbai. etu. ramuramn. n. fa a. olufe. . n. so lock. domdomaiye. . d6. adakadeke. V. adilu. . . lie. edo. . a. lu'naey. dzunS. rara. different kinds are called. ahaqliai). living. folofolo. keka li'mit. kikur). leave v. book. V. 8un6. : a. fe . tu. lea'ther. iti. ko. Obar)gidzi. mu made. fere. fo. n. n. learn'er. ofi. die. esusu. mu isu. lo"W. madofuij. loos'ened. akoseba. la. mo. liffht light. v. lus'trous. lest. ma'gistrate. rare. fa . tit§. V. . V. luke'warmness. aluse. V. loai*. orombo. lump. r6r9. n. v. fuye. die. lep'rosy. V. afe. n. bodiuto. n. V. life. deke. elSte. off. lodge. . M. n. n. load. li'ken. n. gudu. alugbor). knijkui). wiij. . loss. n. . a. n. mad'den. m6. liveliness. kikurjkikuq. a. loin. bin6. fidzuwo : to look up. fi . n. li 'berate. leech. like. im6Ie. a.LEA leak. lodging. ala- lo^wly. n. ktiq. awolehii. n. diafara. . . kiflkifl. v. feti. gilij. . lo'cate. diowo. wgvfo. n. n. n. log. load. lively. bente. eni ti i)ko. I9- : . n.. ete. lung. ifa. so. esu: locust tree. V. lick. diru. lu'natic. r6. l9ra. awo. . li'mit. aworaij. . a. deti. gbodzu- light'ning. lov'er. . iwukara. segbe. like. ya. agad%odo. lord. ado. n. loosed. ti to lock up. gigagiga. n. sir). seke. loos'en. dile. oluwa. tere . arokpin. a. gbe n. nana. n. ddke- . tete. bata. m. aye. gbe. n. femi. gba. kpadanS. mag'nify. V. n. ewa. ti . V. ramram. wa. magnitude. kokiki. fe. ]o. lep'rous. n. ifekufe. adv. r9ino. erekere. idiij. n. n. dabi. nh. dubule. n. like'ness. iloilo. hk. tedo. looking-glass. lit'tle. low'ness. ki. a. V. Un'ger. ye. W0W9. le'per. louse. lous'y. b|re. asiijwir). conj. . iguij. n. wd. n. . laye. n. a. v. lea'ven. afere. in a. l|te. onisiqwiij. n. gbe. a. v. hd. awore. dzunS. long. lust. n. eke. n. deredere. ma'dam. bdio. osumere.. lip. learning. olukparamo. leap. V. manamand. .. saijwa. n. light'en. w9r9woro. loosely. v. learn'ed.

oil misfor'tune. n. si iwa- meet'ing. onis9na. v. aux. men'tion. sen6. iyale. toq mend'er. dzise. me'ditator. V. piff's mire. aro. diikeluke. n. da . . dnia. . pron. rubutu. mes'senger. saki. ma'ker. a. . die. n. ik9. abo esiq. maltreat'. satikpo. iye. 6dia. may. V. . ailanu. v. V. n. ko. adv.. v. adaln. meek'ness. rbro. elu. n. ol9na. v. 9gai}mature'. mix'ture. orngai3dz9. mid'wife. n. temi. abata. olubo. ise. n. ebu. maize. mi. mer'ciless. agbado. merito'rious. ks. : mist. okaijdiua. si.\. mind. majority. . kpa . mid 'night. mar'ket-day. k98eba. ok9laya. . might. agba. might. v. mi'mio. n. mock. sata : hum5. n. n. n. v. man'ger. n. kp5. koloba. v. min'gle. . oni^e buburn. mane. n. sig mince. man'ners. asowo. araiye. . mishap'. n. v. mend. ibi. to miss some- kui). n. megbe. ero. mid'dle. wara. ie aro. ii wi. (horse's) g9go. n. miscount'. atiba. mine. do. ko . mash. akpedinro. v. n.05se.olomueko. ino. adamd. akawe. n. mange. se.. v. okp6. : mar'ried. v. might'y. mark. aba. af6. mea'sure. gbo. n. n. idakpo. miss. ewa. m. o&nvior). omodai). aifeni. iba. v. ?i.Mx\I maid. igaijrii). maimed. kpakati. tulisiij. ikpodzu. biok9i)ri. MOD mid'way. mock'ery.. fi enu si. dodzfikodo. fe. 114 me. mali'ciously. kpo. miscar'ry. n. n. ming'ling. J!. ogbo. tite. match. n. dakpo. ik4w6. da . n. ariij. awudin. kurukii. midst. n. 6rai). &i kp6. make. n. adv. meal. mi'sery. mean. milk. mar. me'mory.. : a lari. n. sii) mid'day. mixture. v. kpikp6. imubd. n. n. miscar'riage. adab9dza. n. yaijgai). a. n. kpa . n. . n. daraya. aboia. ma'nuscript. aiaro. mea'dow. die. itumo. malefao'tor. kpd. orufii). (of beasts) ako. mock'ing-bird. n. araya. talc mirror. ma'nifest.. n. ibaiyedie. gbeyawo. bati. mistake'. ka. . n. kiyesi. egba. med'dle. da . mis'tress. a. akpere. mead. eni. adv. onino ten6. a8uw9i). isoyigi. awodiidii alalfeni. n. odi. da . n. iwa-ika. V. de. kpa . mer'chandise. me'diator. aladasi. ru. da. V. . m. hk. sa. mi'racle. we. awase. eguguq. . n. die. r9kpd.. mi'tigate. kpakpa. le. ase. v. w. . si. alasa. a. adarudakpS. billa. V. mam'mon. mer'cy. osise. esi. ise. darukpS. mas'ter. n. ikpakpS. male. dz9. meat. me'ditate. arii). n. n. n. mean'ing. n. n. 2}ron. meek. man'slaughter. n. dari di9. omidar). a. . n. n. da kp6.. agbedemedzi. mar'ro"W. mas'tery. fe si fisi. man'ner. h\i. 16na. n. shooting). okpo 9k9. n. . lya. baba. afom6. amuba. ayiij. n. mer'ry. mar'ket. ketiij. n. n. se. ikpakpo me"w. alat9ijse. n. v. n. kperi. n. daqdaij.. v. mire. n. ladiaij. mill'stone. oluwa. ami. mo'derate. minute'. maintain'er.. n. ma. alusii). egbe. igbo. n. mistake'. n. awoke. mis'anthrope. eraij. . manure'. i^ana. Ifi. n. majesty. n. ma'ny. s6. . v. alabukQq-aror). itoye. 9ra. . man. kp9t9kpot9. a. man'grove. enia. v. die.mer'ciful. mi'grate. v. v. (in thing lost. a. mat. mem'ber. v. mankind'. mis'chief. n. V. alagbara. n. tase . melt. n. 9I0. marsh. . ». me'diate. n. 1§. soyigi. nidzamba. mind. iwa. med'dler. n. digi. n. alanu. . mer'ehant. mer'riment. matu'rity. dze. misan'thropy. w6i). toye. . S9ti. ma'lice. si^e. milk. n. yigi. manly. mix. n. ariij. . 89. v. ogbogbo. n. ekiiru. ok9i)ri. r9kpd. misinter'pret. r6. 16. le. n. . asa. mast. eleda. mecha'nic. kere. mo'del. mallet. n. fura. v. ise. isen9. adiise. a. kpetekpete. means. n. asenu. ase. ibudze. mero. osese. n. n. mellow. m6. rS. ekedzi. si.ra. idaindiscriminate me'taphor. aux. i-wk tutu. niaid'en. iledu. n. me'dicine. n. n. 9dio odza. . n. asaro. agbo. n. efe. n. mar'ry. a. v. mis'tletoe. v. se asaro. 9saogar)gai). ara. mi'serahle. rono. da. mi'ser. meal'y. v. a. a. n. n. fi. iledudu. mer'rily. ie . iri. f9q wara. ni9dumodu. tSdiu. n. n. n. media'tion. ^efe. (person) adzadie. n. men'ses. aw9r). v. . olodi. agbara. . man'hood. mir'ror. man 'tie. . . sami. mate. y6. iw6q. meet. darumes'sage. fi odi. afenusi. akpa. oro. . ogui). a. mat'tock. o\k. medita'tion. iye. ba mare. d§. onida. misplace'. er^. mean. v. kiiii). adie. mat'ter. . n. ruko. iyagb^. v. mer'it. . . He ase. mali'cious. . yaui). odia. . ikpa. misname'. ikpani. n. mea'sure. mil'dew. 9k9lobiri. a. mar'riage. n. ko. . n.

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offi'eial.. wayi. aa ye ! ! or'nament. n. old. adv. ato. omit'. n. kinidiebe. novr. niwoyi. ought. a. ho. adv. adv. aniSkpo. dena. mah. se. oloye. inilara. no'table. kodiudzasi. wara. adv. idina. lekai). iseb9: to make a noose. emu. os'trich. o. ai- re. aninilara. irumo. «. iho im9. off'spring. n. lori. nigbaijgba. kar). v. v. offend'er. nine'ty. V. nod. . odogbulu. night. ! interj. kai). oluto. o'ther'wise. amSse. k. sokehii)da. ehu. idena. noose. nisisiyi. sokuijkui). dagbo. obe'dience. na. a.NIG nigh'ness. . ko. eletf. a(?y. t6. re. a. k9- V. or'phan. a. iba. isokilso. a. ok'ra. aikpato. 6. s4. ke. laf. pron. rai). a. ibura. kfi. Tib. kp9i)lodzu. ^rore. occa'sional. olden-time. v. ourselves'. re. ika. object'. diakoro. n. num'berless. atidio. iyara. aux. old age. V. n. ie. re. obstrue'tion. numb. . so^o. to obtain'. ob6. adv. s'. maso. oppres'sor. n. officer. nikai). oloye. n. adv. obey'. aimu. idayedaye. adi. nurse. re. n. hii. I'. oblige'. leti. 9dz9kariij. nim'bleness. loruloru. igbanoiseless. oppres'sion. a. dese. k3. nourish. ara. o'racle. V. kaka. leae. gba gbo. ogoijgo. re. dze. okuq.a. re. . a. gbo. eni. oath. . sakoko. oflS'eiousness. a. adv. ri gba. ndai). nos'tril. ^ikui). occur'. ororo. V. nn. num. pron. : . night. 9sii). teri. num. . re. egede. tiwa. diade. ordain'. kurumu. re. ero. w. te. n. offering. re. objec'tion. nip. nine. nine'teen. ki. o'pening. noise. at9rui)wah. we. kai). nim'ble. . adziijdiiq by oar. observ'er. observe'. or. re. asaij. n. op'posite. ifetisi. gbS. re. itdko. agldi. «M»i. are. prep. a. idasi. one. dzusi. oppos'ed. dan. lese- no'tableness. ra. re. once. wa. egberi. null. aye. conj. a. nois'y.. nit. eyitawiyi. adv. nititf. noisily. kag. isoTait. occupa'tion. opposi'tion. no'tice. n. adi. bikita. a. n. or'der. Lara. v. n. o'penness. 910^0. ariwa. iwa. tore. iye. re. igb6. lailai. . isisiy i. obscu'rity. 16na. os'prey.en. re. a. V. yaya. alub9sa. v. nurse. son. amohui)gbole. notAvithstandlng. kiyesi. o'ther. ayamobi. 116 o.a(i'?. loh. ba. n. nothingness. odisi. n. driwo. «. or'dinance. . anigb6. ours. eye. awa k9dza. te . m. ni. sara. oh oil. . ostenta'tion. nigbakngba.out. nadwo. 6kai)dil6gui). obstruct'. n. ogbologbo. re. n. ^e. kugba. w. kd. n. conj. ekpe. offer. v. a. ketiri.. oppose'. eni. bo. a. ori'ginal. num. re. 6ru : the adiiq. numb'ness. alami. a. adv. nightly. idasilfe. Ibru. ogede. gbo. o'cean. n. gbo. mire. kosiqkar). ob'stinate. nose. nip'pers. dye. J). num. humS. ad9rur). odioye. V. idioye. no'minate. prep. n. nidayedaye. esai). re. kpala^e. kpere. gbai. n. ami. arfj^. or 'derly. a. omiadv. num'ber. v. ninth. re. noon. old'ness. n. n. tikara wa. . V. nisisi. obli'vion. opportu'nity. o'penly. iliul§. sS. OCca'sionally. . 0S9. iwara. 6. ornament'al. bo. ko- kpato. on'ly. is9rai). ol9la. . igbagbe. alabalase. kpato liio. a. opportune'. igba. alafiyesi. of. ]. v. re. niti. o 'range. agb6. k6. 5re. ese. ike. re. iwoyi. re. kesaq. re. night. 91110. asai). office. omo okii. niye. oppress'. obe'dient. often. nikansoso. north. no. t5. tirisi. idayedaye. afiyesi. walami. ikuqra. i)ko. n. v. aklycsi. hik. itosi. loso. on. mirai). obtuse'. on'ion. orombo. ori'ginate. V. alainiye. offence'. adv. 9kai). etiri. tabi. ti. dead of . nim'bly. ikS. nigbayi. re. offend'. esSse. OUT omni'seient. V. kpariwo. kikl. 9W9le. . o'm. lesese. emi. imo. kpe. omni'potence. atoto make a noise. odiu. adie. pron. old'er. re. gbese. . ise. oinfment. re. afo. te . no'thing. 6k9kar). mbi. obscure'. o'pen. re. non'sense. sode. edi. n. o'rigin. li. arowa. kai). lariq- . waroriki. ikpedii. aluwasi. ob'stinacy. leri. werewere. not. . ito. re. ni. n. n. la or'der. yara. offend'ed. n. iSa^a.. num. ekai). oS". ilana. n. re. ar4wa. no'ble. n. sare. re. le. de . agbaia gbo. elomirai). ila. lona. ya : to open the door. b9. ob'stacle. woye. . biatiijwiyi. out' cry. our.

gbaijga. o'versight. per'fect. overcome'. (yam) ebe. pained'. . V. hy dii. oliiwa. palace. 117 paint.. par'boil. . S9. bo. bo. odiusadiu. gb6r)gbota. rondoi). ediano. egbe. partial'ity. n. n. pain. n. ab9. da. onila- % pearl. overthro"W'. overvT'helm'. dagba dzA. oyo. v. n. eie. fodzuto. n. paAvn. edSij. sum. odino.katari. pad'dler. simi. n. iraijlu. dari par'don. ose. kodia. pantaloons'. so. tuiari. sar). kiii). overse'er. partak'er. ba le. pa'triarch. n. ekai). V. out'side. overwhelm'ed. bekpe. . v. v. le. owl. n. obi. v. a. n. okelo. vvalami. pa'wn. onirora. peace. pee'vishness.OUT outdo'. n. V. . adiokpii). a. ode. yikpo. V. perdi'tion. n.. ^odiusadiu. bibomolB. V. pad'lock. i^i. ikpa. dia. . n. gbol|. tontoro. n. pEirt. ikpase. kpasa. okpe. a. parch. kpikpe. mo. fura. fari. peg. n. percus'sion-cap. ofS.pare. nini. die gbese. pavrn'-servant. pa'ring. 9were. babala.perfect'ed. ode. ero. itodzu. V. perform'. a. oladia. eliii). peg. n. n. kpe. atelew6. ho. akpediure. n. perfu'mery. n. n. n.pen'knife. fiq. lakiri. gai)gai5. w6. n. par'lor. v. ida-asa. ida. a. (fish). itu. m6. enia. overlook'. hk. v. irora. v. onisadiu: tial. V. pas'sionate. pelt. ^okoto. out'going. ikpakaij. perfec'tion. 6tutu. a. V. ikporuij. pay'ment. kpikpe. loke. v. olodiu. . path. sa. v. n. peace'maker. n. paint. woye. fi . elela. alabakpa. overflow'ing. pen. raedii. sai) : to pay overspread'. pe'netrate. V. kpakpa. wa. par 'tide. kpiij. pay. . i]^. oys'ter. part'ner. a. ode. n. patrol'. dawirj. kalaiii9. patch'-work. perch 'ing. n. gbedugbedu. out'wit'. «. wari. ak6qwosil6.. sir)gba. soqso. partake'. V. v. ikpa. pa'paAV.. alfifia. rek9dia. n. n. fiyeden6.' arfv. V. pal'sy. . peel. ata. akpere. kai) . kar)ki. perch. akoto. pack'rope. V. ake. rad9. v. doi). n. adv. taq. tiinin6. se adiokpiq. n. pack. la. a. a. guq. pad'dle. V. \o dill. n. overturn'. agaqdiu. o'ver. lode. waga. oversee'. ehiq. v. OVerwise'. v. ih6. overlook'ing. pause. kuruba. V. . lu. n. v. bo. pain. n. basa. idaridii. be par. n. modzukuro. IBkaq. ox. bata. se. dia. n. n. pa'tience. sehir). n. par'tial. n. ekuro. idino. ofe. dan6. perceive'. Outgro"W'. v. elBgba. prep. pa'eify. parti 'tion. iye. kaijra. tede. n. afii). parade'. n. n. kai). n. 0"wn. n. . n. per'forate. past. . lu. ase. yi . n. gbilS. a. SOIIO. n. ogbigbi. ki. daw6. . atuko. ya. te. abule.patch. pair. pant'ingly. out'er. oi'a. kpa. lehiij. patch. akiyesi. malil. v. 71. n. kinikini. v. par'rot. pad'dle. pea. pa'roquet. n. esaq. tai). kpa bata n. ^likura.. alakpii]. kpasaq. pale'ness. fo. ii. n. paunch. pant. pail. V. saro dzil. iw9fa. pal'sied person. n. «. . n. di. pa'rasite. da . pass'over. dii. ifidii. . n. M. n. pal'pitate. ala- peo'ple. awose. perch. agadagodo. . . v. ro. odo. w3. n. ikoij. n. n. i^9de. moye. yaq. lebir). V. ekpo. V. 0"we. pale. n. pee'vish. pat'tern. ibekpe. 9go. pad. emo. akpa. ehijj. n. V. . pacifioa'tion. v. a^e. pa'rent. n. ikele. . idzure. old. agaqraij. am6dzu. ra. adv. gbara. kpa.am6tai). patrol'. iqA&. out'house. fi par'don. takarda. bu . iso. V. ekedii : in fishing or hunting. par'tridge. instalments. IB. kpa . overtake'. alabakpii). kpalose. io dioni. ikoro. n. raij . ni. egbe. bo billil. hele.^idiib6. sag. pala'ver. palm'-nut. akpere. bori. abimo. outrun'. V. n. pain'ful. adie. park. pep'per. ba. v. . afobadie. v. h8. . kodza. V. 71. letag. gbe. ondere. peep. ik9i)wosile. aluwasi. n. egba. d:i. per'fectly. . owiwi. die. a. afom6. n.a. ikpa. pas'sion. n. ?i. pa'tient. par'ty. la. iyere. . n. n. overhead. V. ogur5. pass. n. alafodznto. palm. v. babanla. n. . idiade. . s9fa. 9bara. iba. . PER paste. n. peck. pa'per.ko. pack'age. asekpe. overrun'. ted9. a. V. f6. pas'ture. takotabo. irekodia. palm'-tree. mu suru. siinb9. deru. a. outlast'. ile ode. abe. V. V. die. n. aladza. n. amodzukuro. iyi)i). «. Oversha'do-w. parasol'. palm'-"wine. part. 0"wn'er. palm'-oil. kafo. . V. . . pat'ter. «. n. atalia. ita. atarere. 6se. abata. dig. parti'cipate. mi bele. n. ^aki. sidzi. akparo.

perseve'rance. aim6. v. ko Icle. ra. TO. pledge. plat'ing. rodzu. ewu. persua'sive. . kpikpo. asisori. I'odzu. pli'able. mo. to. pine'-apple. awo-kpok9. n. asaya. fere: tobacco-pipe. be. slq. hb. v. oril. to. idzaijdia. tu to pick up. ka. . TO. n. 111. oruba oil-pot. perplexed'. kpa niyeda. ibi. V. akpo. gara. gogo. place. . sanu. a. aniohuij ini. a. plen'tiful. pick. kai). a. n. n. to. tu. ini. V. oniso- olukp9i5dzu. yd . ka. point. atoko. 119. aba. V. eba. per'secutor. alaru. to. sii). idamorai). afaim5. gui). oguso. permit'. plait the TO. ». plain'ness. sidi. ileko. ogodo. go. . IS. okpo. plaintiff^ adza. poi'son. popula'tion. pleas'ing. n. . odzukpoi). isa clay-pit. V. kaq pierced. idamii. raq . amona. (sharp) agogori. . odede. «. TO. V. pertain'. V. po'lish. asaro. : pollu'tion. pierc'ingly. soro. foqfere. V. perspira'tion. n. bebe. enikiiku: please. pock'et. dirikisi. tai). V. rikisi. per'son. a. guq. pe'rish. pervert'er. pi'ty.in6did6i). white pigeon. ataba orei)k6re. n. V. dSij. v. n. point'ed. po'ker. foiiti. owe. persevere'. ibebe plead'ing. porch. pin'nacle. . omo-odo. dzogui). ifeni.talaka. n. lenu.oto^i. to. adv. v. akpadi. a. sogbc. rore. oloperverse'ness. philan'thropy. . v. perplex'ity. kpikp6. V.pip'er. n. onini. n. play. to. yi. kolobo. piece. . abi. n. police'man. be. re. to. agaijgai). ^a plat'ter. odo. gigaij. SOIJSO. odi si. V. ologui). plant. ^ise. akpako. ogui). pil'lo'W. ISO. plague. libodzi. TO. ruq. ikpana. elela. pos'sible. n. aisimi. si- TO. V. posses 'sor. fSi). re. : : pot'ash. ese. ye.. to. 9kpa. n. iwana.ra. : plat'form. n. pet. port'er. diure. eri. adv. sofoij. n. persuade'. awokp9ko. plain. ogui). n. perplex'. ploTV. sesi. play'ful. m.. s9. plump'ness. n. il6. iloro. perpendi'eular. plun'derer. orore. koto. w6i). woi). pipe. y6. ihii). poor. plea'sant. TO. pipe. kukunduku. a. oninobini. gb6. y§. em. TO. ni. plunge. ikpo. rado. to. yi kpada. posses'sion. V. TO. ofa. ewu. S9 gbaijgba. plain. kpiye. pil'ing. . a. pervert'. kpiye. iu^u. TO. . slnika. pin'cers. n. igaqre. a. igo. pes'tilenee. v. ikogui). adaba su^u wild pleased. isode. plea'santness. posi'tion. . i". ikoko-taba. ibekpedie. n. aworai). n. n. : . plead'er. n. asa. sire. . v. dai). TO. v. iiini. tasa. S9fa. playfulness. V. abata. v. ore. kp5. dagui).ka. akodzo. pil'lage. n. afinosode. n. n. tule.. atibaba. V. w. emu. 118 afalmo. plas'ter.PER' perhaps'. kiii)le. TO. V. . lekana. peti'tion. V. olufisoij. pigeon.pitch'er. lili. sd. . 6fii). piok'-axe.1odio. TO. ire. ol9kpa. safow6ra. asilbb. . bule. V. . afe. pond. dze. to. {up). per'jure. police'. pe'ril. yaijwe. or6. a. we. plan. TO. possess'ing. adzakft. abebe elebe. w. V. pool. ikpo. plead. to. kpaga. pierce. pleading. per'jury. ikudu. pi'geon. amo. d6r)-m6. gaij. TO. adagui). por'eupine. ware. titi. forib9. asawi. b9ya. iho. pi'ty. postpone'. pevr'ter. n. r. TO. ri.plait. asise. a.\gv&h. dodzukodo. picked. to. plan. ob9r9. pledge. afoi)tere. kiigbe. place. kpetele. pes'tle. v. . a. anu. fiti. pota'to. eiyele. 11. plate. to. fa. pond. kale. plan'tain. awo. gai). to. . afinoseliiQ. dzale. lara. agbagba. oguij. dza perpet'ually. perspire'. v. a. re. plot. possess'. aiawada. V.TO. to. pole. irora. daiin6. piaz'za. akpiye. okp6l9kpd. V. por'ridge. ikanilara. n. owoi). plun'der. pot'sherd. POT plea'sure. ba. TO. okpaimb6. plump. tu. n. gaq. anidokpiq. plen'ty. n. por'tion. bckpedze. pil'lar. gaij. afinosadzere. dirqj}. pierc'ingness. pot. pon'der. damn. n. pil'fer. plun'der. pick off.. abere. pos'sibly. WOT) to hair. kp©i). gUDn. pil'lory. v. lagmj. bura eke. v. point.TO. se itodzu. adv. a. ile nini. m. soijso. ya. ebe. atini. tar)- ot9kolu.6wu. pit. . tori. pinch. ohi. siii). V. siiecial post. pic'"ture. TO. soij. ke. TO. lam oral). wu. scti. khi). m.osise. pluck. enia. ». phy'sic-nut. dzu iyaodzu. TO. gbii). pi'lot. idSq. igbow9. TO. ikoko. okpo. physi'cian. lobotudie. adv. arf*-. sawo. pollute'. n. n. V. piece. v. «. aro. V. n. play. . timtiin. dzowo. pis'tol.agbalu. plank. kpale. pim'ple.

pre'sently. owe.. fi pri'vy. rii). iwoyi. . tele. ibilij. . dam&raij. dede. n. ta. .. publi'city. da . a. kpam6 : promenade'. pshaAV pub'lic. lo. idaqwo. ».. prin'cipal. ta. kpcse. S9di. woi). pre'sent. pub'licly. n. tubu. fi . . pri'mitive. akimole. preach'er. oluvvo. koko. n. pro'perty. preg'nancy. pub'lic square. yuq. . oluwo. . propi'tiator. priest. preva'ricate. w. m. promote'. n. . pro'per. ladi. n. itore. n. (to prey. . pray'er. provi'sion. wi . povT'der. a. v. . . iinura. pro 'vender. v. aijfani. kawfi. . . egbe. . pru'dent. n. lana. prized. pri'son. s5 as9tele. pre'ciousness. luni. v. kaq. d&. v. iyiij. predes'tinate. V. v. v. as9tele.. pro'fit. V. onifefe. nigbaijgba. a. praised. a. onidamSrai). ewo. n. . sile. salaqga. a. proxim'ity. v. n. birigami. ro . pre'eious. saq t§le. praise. daradara. press'ed. kpegede. . ye. ese. press. n. v. . d9bal6. precede'. prai'rie. n. iwadin. da. priest'hood. abel§. a. v. ikpakpa. a. kiroq.oiiiwasu. i^e- propo'sal. {to God) adura. sadzu. povT'er.. orise-ahifa. woll. goijgoij. ikede. sadzu. pre'viously. n. iwadzu. . n. n. alade. kiri. pro 'verb. (out) da. iyebiyo. n. omo ateteko. v. ariij.POT omokoko. propose'. akede. promul'gate. predict'. afo^e. as9i)m6. n. idols) ikpe. pot'ter. pre'ference. ayo. yai) . v. ere. . n. price. iwadze. pru'dence. . pound. n. onirera. . v. a. kpu. irera. . pot'ter's clay. oyui). v. pri'vacy. n. a. ^e ileri. iya. ofii). niyiq. wi . kaka. v. ro. prepare'. pre'vious. to pre- v. sdfii). onde. prostra'tion. pride. preserv'er. dara. v. bori. tele. prohibi'tion. bisi. presump'tion. n. seguq. ebuij. n. olori. ede. . kpdlemo. price. nino. pry. pret'ty. prate. pouch. koqsa. ti pro'pagate. yihui). . ila ii5. (into) todiub9. proba'tion. n. elewoi). sii). fedzefedze. adv. . V. a. lehii). fa. alawo. gbadura. rera. . v. provoca'tion. protrude'. n. pro'perly. oKikpamo. . ^aqfani. rar) v. lofiq. proclaim'er. promising. . so . &i6 ! ore. gberaga. pre-exist'ent. ikpa. asot^Ie. v. tfi. kede. prohi'bit. V. agbara. V. obal§. adv. tele. . n. ileri. a. prosper'ity. s5 aso- pri'soner. provoke'. 119 press. kale. . . ekui). s^kas4ka. V. n. inura. n. ns6. n. adv. prepay'. preg'nant. tore. proof. kpataki. eguij. n. V. ! interj. bilyii). prick'le. ti. arf?'. ki. ta . prop. adzib6wab4. presume'.t61e. prescribe'. v. alufa. a. dabobo. alafehiijti. v. oloye. proclama'tion. kpese n. ka. luke. prun'ing-knife. . provide'. wasi. v. ». ikusa. . presump'tuous. pre'sence. . alagbara. protract'. «. aboyui). n. V. pre'cipice. pro'fit. allagbara. v. taq kalS. ituno. v. v. pro'fitable. iwii. adv. publish. diyele. prepara'tion. foij. v. 71. protuberance. afelui)ti. lana. n. preserve'. present'. amo. a. pre'viousness. . n. kirimo. v. SOI). n. iyebiye. diade. n. . sumo. pro'vidence. iloye. n. propos'er. 6se. fehiqtl. pretend'. pub'lic cri'er. n. wasii. pray. kpata. a.M. n. sot|le. oniwasi. a. v. n. . boyliq. (6y rote) iroij. ri. po'verty. n. n. I9W0. . propitia'tion. v. tu prevent'. pounce. r9gui3. tBle. n. n. preme'ditate. . kasa. serve life. molB. mu ».eti. n.proceed'. v. v. okuq ini. propi'tiate. presumptuously. nikoko. iwoye. V. ase. . v. tele. v. n. sa. fa guij. y9 . v. preach. n. proud. sowoij. yii). odo. agberaga. adv. pro'phesy. adv. pro'strate. adamorar). \v5. . . akpo. protect'. iladi. woi). v. prefer'. bin6. olo. pret'tiness. to. anabf. gbadua. botiboti. dasn. . fi kpe. n. atutio. n. a. pOAv'erless. . . leri. akpa. proud'ly. . eba. kpakpa. oro. . iwase. akede. . preci'pitately. predic'tion. igbaqgba. pro'digal. prince. tukpu. gbai)gba. ohur)-9de. ikugbu. ^eleri. n. aratubu. lekuij. dk. gbu. lari. ^adzu. s9. imunibiiw. dayele. kale. a. praise. tfinit^ni. gbodo. n. «. pri'vately. ku- pronounce'. V. prove. ogboq. ihagaga. alafia. iye. yori. pO"w'erful. odai). lero. v. gup. ki . pre'sent. n. n. semi. pro'minent. ifibuij. pro'mise. ihale. prop. . kugbu. prune. pro'phet. . . nini. igberiko. isofii). pra'tingly. ab&ta. n. produce'. ada. . dew6. n. . pra-wn. prevail'. «. logai). lore. n. v. a. n. ikoko. . pro'vince. adv. n. lariqkai). n. yai). V. pro'phecy. da tuno. PUB pro'mise. proclaim'. s6ro botiboti. pour. n. n. . asefefe. isisiyi. V. adv. .

pu'trefy. ranti. siro. 9W91). . quar'ter. egbara. rain'bo'W. pun'gency. alidna. rake. aikperi. . n. n. ka. reap'er. .. were. . EEC rat. v. puno'tually. ra. v. 120 ques'tion. . rais'ing. v. dzasi. ». ariwo. pump 'kin. idakeroro. . dze n. fi . rag'man. V. kuku. queen. v. toq . adv. lemo. emo. goke. fi . akisa. rafter. v. olusote. gbe. fi sile sile. teno. . ques'tion. {cause). seiye. rebuke'. nil9lo. n. gig9. le . . V. rebuke'. asii)- kd. qui'ver. lokpe. pus. n. fofo. te. ra'ven. rack'et. quit. fi. V. V.1|. reassem'ble.. rea'son. kar). akpani- pur'blindness. . a. ayuba. akaii^e. . recep'tion. «. . ra . awemo.. fi put k& put le. rok9i). alagisa. ko put doton. irarj. r^. dagba. . ram. w5. n. quick'sand. . diedze. ba . V. . fi. tari. ki. agbende. olukorc. n. rain. V. ^e wiri. rai'ment. . rap. gba sodo. eseri. toi) iyeno. V. . called. n. n. mo. race. rag. no. te. afe. n. v. . . quite. ram'ble. kiri. a. iye. . . quick'ly. radi. gba. . adv. v. recollect'. . n. rodzo. v. iyafiij. ar5. n. recline'. ra'vel. . niraij. d4yele. diyele. rere. V. push doion. . idakedze. v. tu. akparoq. n. tu. purge. n. ha. . n. dode. ^ira. V. n. . ase. 16. rii). wo. t6 v. m5 se. n. nide. rate. kuijkui). pur 'chase. bi. dziiide. aso. maladzu. . receive'. ekute. . rage. purse. difierent kinds are puflfed up. re'compense. . y|. to rebel'. olote. . a. dzi. asefefe. receiv'ing. . adv. n. v. n. . kpinu. a. raise. oba. . atigba. merirj. \h. gbokn. . rebel'lion. tutu. . v. akpadie. quar'ter. rain. ebi. v. rea'son. n. abe. oludande. kpa puz'zling. nise. iWo. wi. elesemeriij. puz'zle. re'al. alagisa. qui'ver. . to put away. «. okpe. ago. push. imura. n. 4aroye. . v. kpale. bu upon. . a. reap. reck'on. rancid'ity. pursue'. n. n. ra'diant. aluko. kauijkau^. da dia. rag'ged. . ti : to agisa. gre. ba . dekui). a. read'er. n. n. ravine'. aileri. ti subii. read'ing. v. ran'somer. n. kilo. V. mura. . gba. . is9te. . idile. queer. pure. n. rank. n. . Idkoko. sS. ot6. ri . n. ravr. akawe. . re'ally.PUF pufl? pull. adv. . da nieriij. idi. bi . diagididzagai). adegu^leakpo. 2«to. . pu'nishment. pure'-hearted. pu'rity. rasp. . su. n. to. dii . dide. rea'sonable. le. sodi. v. fS. v. ra'venous. sote. akpo. edii. v. ran'som. . elegede. quick'en. afota. setoi). n. eki. purr. a. atigba. a. r9gb9kA. raise from the dead. rea'diness. . fa. w. ras'cal. dakeroro. toij . ayui). qui'etly. rea'soning. recall'. quar'relsome. kewu. riij . . da n. sin6. . qui'et. akawe. quake. wariri. da. n. kawe. . n. reap'ing-hook. emerii). eiye. n. eblri. kpedio. bale. v. didake. love. v. d^a. rebuild'. si. . soroye. kpe v. \k. fi put. kpe. kore. puz'zle. tog ko. ote. rh. die. . . . . a. . rear. koto dzigoijroi). adv. «. quench. die. meseri. reappear'. adv. . a.. wiri- ratan'. niya. a. pu'pil. ra. raze. . read. re'coneile. n. v. a. niyen6. . furu. bi ^ubn. Q. v. n. n. dakedze. orekese. . agoro. n. ibawi. nino. JO. osumare. agor6. n. pur'ple. imodio. V. eke. g6. n. re'alize. ibi. iye. kpada. dzana. v. . n. nini. igba. n. fi : . v. . a. V. re'eompense. itorf. a. we .. ladia. w6 . rake. idiigoijroi). .. mi. . v. asonidaye. n. V. a. le . quill. ehoro. : n. reck'less. •w§. a. a. aspye. fi sile bale. oninifufu. kpa. quick 'ener. kekekpa. adv. re'cently. . v. . n. v. kaij. lere. yara. v. ye. n. ora. v. kpa. fufu. ita. ibale. arore. pur'chase. v. rea'dy. guqr9i). pu'rify. . a. n. quad'ruple. su purifioa'tion. etne- agbo. ram. reascend'. pus'tule. n. ra'rity. al4so. alafuta. ^ese. in. oril5 idzc. . quick. quar'rel. . n. . V. quan'tity. . asui]w6i). ran'cid. fi. idake. . n. t6i3 haij. pur'ehaser. rore. okcte. atisenise. . pu'nish. idameriq. qxii'etness. esaij. fu. . sS. ito. sag. R rab'bit. kpada. so. ot6. v. n. . omo-odin. v. . n. a. . mim6. iyagriij dide. odzo. asote. kperekpere. n. n. qui'et. ra'pidly. lamdraij. . ra'zor. v. quad'ruped. gbe dide . tew6gba. . pur'pose. re'bel. ora. fi . V. rath'er. v. gboro. a. reach. . . . ora.

remote'. n. rest. siregug. esag. ronokpiwadi. hai). a. n.w. re'lative. renova'tion. a. idie. release'. r5. v. afiyagdiuse. v. gbonu. revile'. v. gba . v. da . . amukpada. repeti'tion. regard'. kpa- . v. sag esdij. n. siijsir). irar). d4wij. re'verently. . ibukui). n. egurj iha. kpa. maraduro. v. rest'lessness. ro. diidiq. n. . k6. . reveal'. k6q. repent'. reply'. . v. akokuq. si reviv'er. de . re'verence. ikasi. v. alugb9i). idande. «. n. ra. rehearse reign. okuij idianu. . isimi. v. . n. restrain'. rela'tion. lesese. .\k. bi kpada. reprove'. qsk. rem'nant. olutaq. diuba. onisu. repent'ance. resist'. odiia. ifefe. n. . revive'. kpiwada. . {after eating) adiekiii). n. bo. abawi. relate'. a. . at9i)hil. k9ti. . kui). iron6kpiwada. v. resolve'. gbodiul6. . re'velry. . beledie. w6i). to. . esi. re'gularly. retail'. resurrec'tion. remove'. idahui). n. tikuro. at9i)da. rend. v.wu. . iba. v. di. diudzasi. remis'sion. remem'brance. . v. dza . reluct'ant. idasi. simi. adv. v. re'verent. n. rohii). re 'sin. a. «. reviv'ing. tura. . {of behavior) reta'liate. responsibil'ity. . . aworaq. raij re'ereating. resolu'tion. akoso. b9la. v. rein. . v. . . ii respond'. v. n. yay6. n. reed. mete. abo. wo. . aisimi. wi. ro. agbegbe. akp9i). n. . n. aladia. n. . v. gba ro. ele. v. ^ikpo. rent. rest'less. afidii. ieajb. n. reign. a. gbe. restraint'. repair'er. su. v. . hari. response'. n. n. v. . respect'. ihiq. dzi. k5. . etutu. 6W9. revolt'er. v. 11 IC ?. refund'. . asebi. relieF. v. eiJo. mu. adab6\v9. n. reserved'. okusu. n. n. . w. akpeta. okehiqda. rest. reli'gion. lara. odii. dna. toq wf. v. relent'. result.. restore'. kodiudia. 15. v. atikpo. ile. v. yi. rejoice'. . elcgbe. V. k&. v. mu . refuse'. ol9tai). at9i)hi\. . kpinu. re'sidue. agbende. {of words) at9i)wi. kpori. y5ay5. reflect'. dahug. sidzuwo. n. ^i. nikpo. leti. asikpaya. redemp'tion. v. reviv'al. v. a. si nidi. reel. res'cue. gbesai). isaij. v. respect'er. asala. refresh '. dze. n. abukuij. raij . refus'er. n. seiye. relieve'. sikuij. v. re'fuge. retalia'tion. n. fodzukpe. v. ». . daliuq. sebi. remain'. s4i). refrain'. sidi. elegaij. n.v. jb. ho. odii. repair 'ing. radi. reform'. n. dabi. . . . v. fi sil|. revolve'.w. ifih^fl. n. . lodiu.w.. gba rent. reside'. n. n. si. gag. dekur). v. . requite'. v. v. reject'ed. respond'er. asikpaya. t6wot5w9. m. re'sident. n. si niye. n. . . oludzi. n. bere. n. 'i v. be. da a. akp4gbeyir). refresh'ment. reject'. rice. s9te. report'. kuro. v. a. bo kpada. reluct'ance. . sigkafa. n. resort'. kpukpa. diiliiij. n. v. diumo.n. a. t5. ida. v. atAnd. reveal'ing.REG re'conciler. renuncia'tion. . ranti. ram6. fi . require'. . feti. ro. repeal'. re'fuse. ikpele. idze. . sag esdg. revenge'. fa . adv. noijyi. red'ness. IS. ekp6i). . resem'blance. wodiu. Idhug. alat9i)se. v. ekui). n. n. . nirai). reput'ed. adiinde. saij kpada. v. dzi. reserve'. resem'ble. arokaij.. nide. kolakuiegbe. itil.dioyb. n. da . inirari. . niraij. arc. v. ahari. iye. lara. respect'fuUy. reproach'. re'sidence. t6wotow9. 6kar). ete. . n. renounce'. tuba. reins. w. v. sikpayd. repeal'. reply'. laisimi. ka . . {together) a. . a. v. reward'. sag. adv. relin'quish. Sgarj.iraij. v. silS. n. da. restora'tion. amuwah. remit'. leseese. ikpele. . 16 . . kpu kpa. n. ka. reeoneilia'tion. hari. n. v. remem'ber. v. . retreat'. v. adv. idarawa. . .tqi)ie. alaigb9do. V. remain'der. revolt'. redeem'. n. n. n. rheu'matism. n. asote. ?i. v. rege'nerate. dzise. remorse'. v. oludande. ii. akpada. request'. . dzina. adasl. v. a. ». n. ki. feri. fesi. n. v. recount'. fi reproach'. k9 . return'. . idi9ba. re'gion. . re'ereate. ibukuij. tu . v. dzow9l9wci. reluct'antly. idie. retail'er. rib. itura. gba . dioba. irede. v. ya. akpada. v. n. to^ibl. reputa'tion. iyokurj. ba rejoic'ing. 0W91). remind'. bikita. alatogse. n. red. v. . 121 remains'. re'solute. tdghu. dakuij. fodiusi. v. kpitaij. bl. adv. reproof. repeat. agbe. retreat'. . rest'lessly.return'. ekuij. v. a. silS. okose. n. da redeem'er. . v. . sikpo. akuiegbe. respect'. revil'er. . kparam6. v. du. iyokug. fenusi. replen'lsh. ifidii. oluwodzii. reform'er. ». . nide. n. . fi . n. b6re. revela'tion. . kpiwada. asati.

rust. run'ning. it^krog. atibaba. . a. root. adv. 9l9to. n. di9kpa. egbo. as5. abose. scale. k6q ikpara.'vor. sailor. safe'ly. a. emiriq. dide. alo. os^. re. V. sauce. n. ri'val. rope. gari. sack. igbala. sau'cy. d§. saloh. gQi). re. sad. roost. SCa'ly. gba .. adimim6. a. ka. n. rid'dle. rug'gedly. n. V. ho. re. la. qkar). adv. rL dod6. . ask. re. Olorui) li roof.. a. V. kede. ole. . Sa'tan. atila. ruins. atuko. 9la. rul'er. TO. rip 'en.^ 9l9ko. alkre : right side. V. oglri. re. ri'valry. n. sap. ^efe. kperi. 122 olowo. iriij. rug'ged. odiu. tand. 5na.RIC rich. eb9. ita. re. sash. wi. idi. fi . n. right. fi right. sa'tisfied. la. a. aku. itehii). rogue. lonli). sare. sure. . n. a. «. v. right'eous. . fadzuro. olododo. . ring. kpa. risk. sui). ri'dicule. kpoi)^9. n. oruka. aruda. a. ^9W9i). v. alafia. rug. «. re. . gbo. ala- sanc'tify. do. fenia itori. ikpa-odo. iyaijrir). orul6. n. road. safe'ty. rope 'maker. laye. v. yai). n. yhi). cy'mk. . ikS. alku. ododo. row. risk. rising. li alari. kiqrir). s. kpara. . iru. scarce. akpokpo. sali'va. san'dal. . alare. seb9. n. v.alabamol|. «. idie.adid5ij. la. okiij. sakisaki. bro. v. eleya. 9m9le. a. n.lor9i). ayo.oloriii). oyuq. adv. isaijsa. run'ner. igara. salute'. esiq. qtorj. . re. V. rough. dia scaffold. w8. n. . ripe'ness. hil- n. arukoi). scab 'bard. ^olori. sasa. sad'dle. dii. . n. V. sk. gesii). re. . agbasa. room. ringleader. re. bole. idaie. ailewu. . igbokui). n. v. re. die. alagi. orere. V. n. kparuij. rud'der. fi olugbala. eleya. ekp6i). V. V. isimi. sa'vage. dodo. ri'ver. akoso. odzu. re. akpdta. ito. rot. sauee'pan. n. sail. dede. idi. dogba. n. right'eousness. ]abamoll. salva'tion. busu. V. rump. se. itori run'a'way.>M. n. yika. gbenagbena.rub. re. rich'es. mim6. okiki. (of cloth). ihul|. n. dzagaq. ring. re. saluta'tion. . edzikai). sa'vory. ayui) re. okfi. dogui). kp41akp41a. i-ub9. eti. ru'mor. ikele. sad'ness. re. (fish) ikpe. w. adidii. lel|. ni. alaierkr). mayafi. . save. dig. n. w6i). . a. mim6. rough'ness. a. re. V. (up) adiinde. rote. t§ . k'kviko. . dioye. re. SOI). roll. ikini. ro'w'er. . n. V. ro'W. didze. . salt. n. re. n. roam. a. ese. fi . a. ?i. ole. n. . sakpasakpa. og9. re. dke. re. . sare. sanctifica'tion. ride. eka. n. sa'crifice. omodo. kabakaba. okuta. (as a lock) bike. kpe. odie. ^olo. salubata.. n. V. rinse. n. iki. ikpekpe. fe . Me. lagogo. mato. bA. ru. roh'bery. hanaliana. asare. oludidie. V. sa'criiice. roll. re. tar)gbo. adidze. . rot'ten. adv. aye. diare. . scarc'ity. . kiri. sa'crilege (commit). a. v. . . . tori ri'val. igbo. n. v. laba. n. ki. ra.M. bebe n. ose : v. adieyo. re. re. ikpa-6na. da . rise. bi\. iyo. sa'tiate. V. a. n. idzimo. rind. a. faro. oldro. itebo. safodiudi yadzu. la. adv. sa'tisfy. okuijra. rod. scar. ol9sa. rook. ekpo. satisfac'tion. n. n. tori odifi. kiki. atila. ik9be. re. rouse. n. . tuka. run. re. room'y. re. n. ebilisi. Mohammedan leru. savr'yer. isodi rightly. round. ^ah6. adv. scar'let. safe. ri'dicule. ododo. fop. ko . w. rise. alakpa. lodiu. n. riij. n. yo. re. dioba. odo. sail'ing. V. ^e igbal^. roar. n. rush. birigami.saint. gbo. scat'ter. sand. V. il^. fi n. salaman'der. the mu . igara. v. V. owoij. save.. 61c. SCA sail. n. n. ba . kand. di . sake. na. or6. oka. saved. so . sand'-fly. rule. sad'dle. roast. re. ola. ailewu. roost'er. say. fogka. odioye. ola. satch'el. h&kank. adiimo. V. Sabbath. di mim6. rim. yiyi. . re. V. gboqgbo. ^i nb. same. ayur). olokui). iesii). bara. n. it9k9. wu. esi. V. iw9ri. adSij. saTW. r*. w. ifadzuro. kaw6. ripe. . as6gb6. sati'ety. as^sig. Sab'bath. tadii. sa"W". bese. roughly. esu. 9b§. salt. n. V. akalambi. V. isasuq. tuko. k4. Scare'croAV. sa'cred. ri'vulet. ^efe. 6de. ak9. rob'her. oi)\k. ni gfivi. v. sab'bath-breaker. sakisaki. odzu. da V. ie akoso. 11. re. a. dikpara. li. . round. rush. . iy9 8!. dboro. to. V. ru'in. sav'ior. alaye. in. ^esiq. fi . n. right. ailewu. or prep. sad 'die-cloth. . root./!. afo. kpoi). asa. rob. n. bata. v. si.

ta. bu ka to ka. n. shack'le. esi. 11. ba. . ewd. a. n. adv. n. arar)S9. scru'tinize.i. yakpa. ak6we. odogi. amikpS. v. seer. sel'ler. kale. odiuwa. v. n. n. . v. n. v. shak'en. V. gogo. letaij. kilo. b9wo. scold'ing. fS. owara. . sidii. . pron. eti okuij. n. n. mii. n. gba n. n. yar). siqsli]. eleya. sege. scratch. secta'rian. ifera. sculp 'ture. v. dition. . . s9. alabakpiq. n. n. adv. n. sharp'en. seek'er. kedzl. num. adv. scrip. adv. 11. ibodziij. ari. n. sea'-coast. : sedge. 6. searched. kpiij. amuya. send'ing. s6. diona. atele. b5. dzadii. kar&. n. n. b6 alafo. de. se'venty. di. yar). sumare. dziij. ik . scorn. ke. la. s9to. seize. dk. oiiii). se'parately. a. ser'vile. shade. seut'tle. asiri. fi . se'ven. v. loto. scent. dabi. okuij. n. self-deni'al. haij. send'er. okpa. ota. irngbiri. itumb. . . odiidiii). shack'le. se'parate. share. awari. n. sect. n. iyakpa. . v. sedi'tious. serv'ant. §gb9g. scorn'er. gai). satchel. scold. . severe'ly. kale olote. aferi. . n. SCOAvl. sha'dy. set V. imi. bi ern. se'venfold. igbamu. aladi9ni. rai) . adzaga. a. mn. k. sell. see. wakati. kd diiij. nise. a. scofi^ si. sa . adv.K. n. saferi. se'nior. abelS. seen. . severe'. a. scream. seal. wo. edze. ». ikparamo. l9to. itori. n. gbe ka. tore. Sya. sense. a.mi. scentless. n. raij^e. kedie. fediu. ti- shade. num. alasedsii. . seep'tre. shan'ty. olukpiq. alar6kereke. ya shar'er. atiri. rirai). V. hands. om9 kewu. n. . n. bdio. bi6. n.. selv'edge. n. sharp 'ly. sew. n. bd. soto. n. ser'pent. seduce'. odiogai). w6. ». shape. se'venth. dia lekana. kpori. n. . wa. adi9kpii). n. . n. bawi. a. . scat'teringly. sami v. gudugudu. akodii\. orao. a. lu. raijso. V. 11. fi alumagadii. n. . n. dodzuti. katakata. sharp. n. se'ver. V. nidzokaqlogbor). se'condly. sel'dom. am6ta. . separa'tion. ha. keseke. n. num. n. seve'rity. . odzo. . a. ibodii. . scourge. n. wadi. . adv. mimu. aferi. self-defence'. scholar. shake. ^bati. scor'pion. degudagudu. gbe. sea'-shell. scorch. 123 se'cret-teller. scent. olurarise. fan. banta. n. omodo. odzuti. ibudzoko. bale. sekeseke di : neck- shackle. rai). ya. sew'er. sea'sonable. ikposi. scram'bling. se'cret. eti aso. secure'. ekedze. di. . sirj. ike. irekpe. adv. fa. ri. to cause se- set down. serenade'. esi. esii). ikpiiiti. idzadu. onigbowo. rai). sha'dow.. V. itidiu. kpoi)mu. a snare. n. a. seed. oluwo. serve. . n. lekedii. . se'nilcircle. 11. shave. ailorui). to set V. ser'vitude. gboi'ui). lilili. sidiib&. n. V. oko era. onifera. etadilogui). . . oniyakpa. num. V. n. eya. v. V. See separate. . scram'ble. na. onibodii. fagboi): to shave se'cretly. iso. n. ted6 water). scribe. ko. n. . tikalA. sen'tence. set'tlement. . seem. v. ba . abawi. ba. v. v. sakoko. v. shame'less. v. select'ed. set'tle. sea'-breeze. adiidiii). imu. sa. n. akpo-agbadagodo. ser'vice. . irai). n. n. emu. asorokele. se- n. ida asa. eleya. okpa oba. 9dadiu. gbe (as . se'cret. n. se'venteen. seedtime. a. self. odzi- self-conceit'. shame. n. ekedzi. i^e-isii). diin. se ti. inimo. igba irugbii). a. awo. . a. igbera. . iwa eru. scoffer. V.SC A scat'tered. lailewu. seiz'ure. «. v. . kpa. n. gboi). sea. l9\vo. scro'fula. V. osumare. v. adoriq. shall. search. seeing. ag6. dadza. See selfishness. . scour. sen'try. seek. idiokarjlogboij. kpakpa. seat. shak'ing. sharp'ness. se'cond. ^e-adiokpiij. ateguij. selfish. wakiri. isote servi'Uty. V. so eleya. gogo. n. alam6. iru. agbami. kpekpekuq. tore. ete. self-^willed'ness. elegai). v. a. ikpo. search. v. a. emn. seethe. n. aux. fera. are. rulu. asetin6. aitidiu. SH A asorodzedie. oto. si. scut'tle. hari. n. odiidii. sasa. a. fi . akeke. ayo. iraij^e. 8. n. medie. fi : . . akisa. ikoko. imu. leviijmedze. scrap. odiidii. a. v. self-Avilled'. se'cresy. 11. select'. n. kpala. n. wk. n. yo suti sedi'tion. scomi'drel. wii. a. goi)go. secu'rity. iyen6. send. w6 to set upon. scis'sors. shak'y. esiij. ka. shame. ila. n. scra"w'ny. . sea'son. n. nikoko. iyakpa. V. n. the head. se'pvilchre. . da nikpa. riraij. asayai). . rege. share. v. n. hag. scrape. awatdi). w. afowobo. oqroro. n. fa. I'.akerekerc. n.shal'lo^w. se'parateness.yii): to«AaA:« . adv. imS. . itedo.

lorukodie. saisaij. gbara. goro. w61§. iwere. tetn. soi)ki. : dioko to sit down. mb. n. irina. short. re. . re. ekefa.m. v. fiilufulu. . sing. . skip'per. hokuij. skill. . 6. re. re. a. re. keke. iba. okaij. ara^bata. sky 'light. a. V. iho: shouting loudhj. adv. num. se. a. sick'en. shear. sleek'ness. fi . side. ikpekpe. kpdkpala. Ienum6. se. shears. w. re. sincer'ity. shoul'der-blade. to f. re. dabobo. n. m9l6. faramo. skil'fulness. tl. alaileie. jiron. re. slack'en. v. fi (/round. re. wara. shel'ter. . re. adv. aisup. shot'-pouch. sieve. to slacken one's to shoot forth. «. abara. . saijyari. n. oko. koijrii). skip. dfilumo. re. sin'ner. sheet. shri'vel. V. fa shun. . ogota. ho. 5ko. shroud. oni- akiidie. shock. k9. rer6r). re. oloka. kSre. re. n. sakpediure. er9. : to shed blood. ak9. isagati. re. gariki. fi . 9ta. iri. i. kii. ele^e. shel'ter. arabiri. shell. six'ty. sickle.orinj. gogowu. were. dese. re. ri : to sink into the sheath. shouting. a sick per. re. short'ness. a. re. haij. kuru. so. mi edoij. «. jij] kpenum6. slack'ened. shri 'veiled. v. re. ef'oi). taijinole. n. shove. shrewd'ness. sleep. . ta sile. asati. mu. abanidie. I'. . kpekpe. num. alumagadii. inai). m|ro. sick'ness. dai).. . re. soqki. re. id6. m. six'fold. ateru. a.SHE she. n. tag. (5i). re. si'ne-w. ara. sigh.. simi'litude. shear'er. shelf. re. slack. re. ship'master. re. six. killiu. . nikai) ioio. ship '-wreck. shoot. .odz(iorur). alairaoye. aibo. bata. singe.silently. shoe. . V. r§. n. eleru. V. sigh. ri sk. n. slave'holder. ota. adai). cdzika. 6de. eler9. . . I'. soijki. slate. labara. tumbu. . lal- ta. sixth. V. sift. «. er<i. shoe'maker. ag9. re. arere. sil'ver. orui). shrilly. . alagbede slan'derer. iba. ikpo. alsetaij. sleepless. ta. gba wala. shroud. re. re. sehiij. iso. n. k9Q. baruko fa- ba . re. gba . oso. sit. sink. raij. V. V. logboij. . pace. V. re. ba. sin'gly. slap. fere. mefefa. ke gore. aile^e. kukuru. V. imi edSij. . fadaka sub9. idii]. re. ta. bata. silk'worm. wi. fo. adv. dake. re. k9i)k9so. ». a. shel'terless. olorig. 11. akpata. re. sakpere. egbe. shut kii- (in). iraij. sheep. V. shield. v. togbe. odiukpo. re. skil'ful. v. sis'ter. taqsaij. re. sleek. efa. num. fi slam. ifoko. re. num. kobita. ewu. ioio. sokpe. v. gba. shin. ase. didake. . sho-w'er. ef9ko. ship. v. a. 11 ogboi). skin. 9k9. v. kpa. mefa. idake. yii)b9i). f9. sift'er. botiboti. agbaladia. ^iwere. ta. eha. agbo or ile agu- yakpasile. d|. . shut. make a sign. re. sil'liness. re. re. 124 shriek. a. V. sil'versmith.ise. sin'gle. re. h&e. d9do. ifih&r). ta. si'lence. odzugoij. slam. edin6gui]. ago we. isai). awdraij.teruteru. ikoro. shrink. re. v. iko. re. akpa. nikaq. «. re. to be silent. skein. aisai). a. re. v. abd. imSro. si'lence. silly. re. w. re. re. abiroi). eru. cguguij. sheaf. daka. slave'dealer. n. si 'lent. akoijrig. sick. nigbati. aux. sin. lese. «. die. shoul'der. a. sui). silo. . kpesem9. adim6. ilekuij. suij. i*.situa'tion. ar5i). nikaij. rSq. igoi). n. sil'lily. adv. wd . short'en. ^gutaq. . fadaka. re. mo. . . kuru. shout. shut'tle. diure. sla'very. shine. V. v. alai- slave. taq. ami. ige. re. re. skin. siege. sight. adziqdiiij. siqwiij. n. shoeless. a. sin. furu. sho^w. sim'ple. re. v. re. shot. onikpa. se . mu kuknru. . Me. v. slay'er. n. sarai). olurer9i). re. kpekpe. ebAdo. niyen6. si'milar. gbese. tadze. re. shirt. re. r6i]. n. »i. to slack'ness. tafa silk. oluio-Agutar). re. SLE sing'er. re. . lainibata. kpa adiiij. should. sil'ver. sim'pleton. son. re. 8em6. mayami. skull. sip. shoal. shep'herd. V. sinless. sim'mer. re. re. re. . a. ganiki. hqj) : V. kpade. dese. agbari. showing. kara. she'riffj n. a. hk. bebe. 6. bal5. gbagada. shore. V. sheep 'fold. re. se gbagada. slan'der. skim. re. awere. ekuri. re. a. idi. ibi. ske'leton. 9wara. shrewd. slein'der. . slap. since. takpe. sign. r. oko shew. re. ekur). V. shed. ase. r5q : sifting. awo. sky. slay. idzika. 9gboi). shuck. iti. six'teen. radobo. re. iakpere. . : to shoot a bow. dulumo. a. 8|. seda. adv. fidi- shut'ter. sleep.

snuffers. n. dzafara. kodia. soap. n. slen'derness. n. tere. spear'man. {qi). k4i). n. smat'ter. . n. soft'ness. n. slow'ness. gborui).gbii). so. de or spade. eta. n. soft'en. le. akere. q]qkb. daij. irena. edio. kporiq. a. n. egbe. . a. aifo. slug'gishness. 11. song. |de. dzakdwS. were. . a. n. slo'venly. . »i. sley. . 5k9. speck'led. adv. n. obe. soak. sor'ry. . oniiora. a. smoke. SOI) mo. snail. orui). sound'ly. n. small'ness. span. smut. nigbakflgba. rq-Q. akai)se. spear. iho-itebo. o™!) koi)mi (/ alukpayida. V. l9to. fule. n. «. fulefule. da v. dzeka. smith'ery. kaq. niba or siha gi\su. nikaq. . V. af9i)rugbiq. kuiia. s4. kikini. a. . snake. \val| {he is sovr. SOTXi. adv. dzama. V. nikag. ' adv. nawonawo. slow. |tu. adv. spend'thrift. V. Span'iard. . refiij. geregere. kSke. n. smith.fii). v. s4ki: to snap the fin- sor'rOTvful. south'^ward. ekaq. soon. v. tB . n. n. arfu. sfetu. so. gbekaij. . oiiilora. . «. sneeze. manamana. b9nikonu. smat'terer. slug'gishly. smelling-bottle. a. goigoi. n. : soci'ety. kpd. fele. reiir) wcsi. sloping. awd."cfiij. a. orii). take soundings. spar'row. snap 'ping. edc. se dtikpo. gbSij. adu. le. fo. slide. sni:^ snore. adv. fqi) sti. v. small. igi sound in water. slug'gish. r6ra. a. gers. s6i)m6.melon. oloriori. spec'tacles. idiakpati. e^iij. spec'tacle. eii. a. smelt'er. sore. smooth'ness. ta. aland. V. soothe. togbe. space. n. ikpeti. hoijrur). n. n. n. okai). foqru- slum'ber. ege. aiye. smooth. bo. afo. n. aigbo. some'where. soft'ly. so'joumer. na.. a. bour). spared. V. ikekuq. bai. n. V. smite. n. ^fara. akoso. v. ole. snag. ibo. sil§. iti. kpele. io. sound. tu. fi. n. sole. n. felefele. v. v. tiko. V. okqgnx). n. ogero. south. fobuq. fiq. yo. alagbede. sloth'ful. V. ^akpan4. snare. v. . diakawd. n. sour. omo speak. k^nakana. V. akporiij. i\. laye. n. tiriij. asa. snuff. V. soft. slo-wly. a\voijk4i). kolu. anu. n. ki- airckodia. bay). . n. sol'dier. V. laikpe. idi. igbiq. idasi. V. sneer. aro. slen'der. tediu. n. yo. behe. gege. speck'les. smairt. adv. takpa. fiij. n. oniruru. n. yai). . fi . ^4tikpo. . speech. n. . n. fqi). spe'eies. ill. "• 125 SPE soot. akpa. sore. snout. so'bemess. olukporii). i'dinj. oboi). egbo. he n. . ro. awand. gbair. V. n. eku. kini. n. odzu re n. dierediere.. sor'rovr. a. n. slo'ven. n. lu. . sloth. obur) dide. fele. n. some 'times. ayo^e. fo. n. fi . ^okoto a small person. ibir9gb9ku. n. da r9. spa'cious.SLE sleep V) sleepy). ikpere. smug'gle. l)|re. source. n. wond6. adv. n. oliui). w. iforifo. n. gbii). kpara. v. so'lemn. smell. smoke. alaye. smell. Aguda. n. n. kiki. M. . spend. 9kaQ. fele- adv.e. aw6 odzu.gigo. spare. n. dk. sebe. kekere. atelese. spark'lingly. bo. ». . sour'ness. n. ra. kere. adv. sole. «. n. snatch. fi . v. adv.gb6ro. . a. lora. V. efi. adasi. adv. smear. a. ofurufu. small. o^e. solid. sir). n. adv. elefiq. nibikaij. ba. . n. smoothly. sort. sling. mate. ho. . 91119. afara. ini. irono. n. . ^a. n. V. sleight. gba. olo- adzaguij. sly'ness. daij. V. V. si. rh. te fele. idaro. snufi^ soup. a. §de. son. . n. da . V. V. a. n. slit. n. soar. kfinu. w. bomi. some'thing. n. silS. re. egui). slip. . V. la. kui) . sUng. ru. alalieso. okoto. sound. span. soul. slightly. (asleep). owoi). dai). . a. wewe. so'ber. itu. sop. foi). taka. slight. as4i'a. a. so 'da. spark. slip'pery. soil. a. g9. a. SO 'fa. oguij. n. smile. yabode. boi). spell. snap. sole'ly. a. sor'cerer. sow'er. nawo. dS. sound. dida. V. v. v. smelt. n. kpere. kurj.die. wi. sober). nisisiyi. irina. odzu. dza. solem'nity. am smo'ther. gboro. §ro. da . giisu. felefele. aye. atikpo. so. oko. a. SQck'et. ar6. iqi)- dera. imo. mu . igbani. . smok'y. diafara. ta : to slope. special'ity. agbede. kibiti. dzakare. adv. kaug. dai)kare. omokoqri. V. ka. snatch. . a. sort. ya sor'tilege. small'-pox. v. . kini. V. V. laiya or lara. smooth. gbig. goqse. adv. n. idai). so'joum. . r9ii6. ohui).pron. speckle. n.

n. M. abaw6i). strain. kanile. kpa . V. loso. 9lokpa. okusale. ya. aiya. n. n. V. adv. v. spit. t6. fi spread. starv'er. igi. gboku. V. i*. stool. ie aviOi). 126 stag'ger. gboku. is aiyese. b6iniw6i). v. isor). n. idzi. a. agbedze. state. stre"w. ag95. stain. stare. steep. spring. sport. r6. dibadze. v. sti^ 0I9- stafi^ n. ». ehu. osa^baij. aiyese. re. the road. steal. stone'-cutter. v. . ekp9i). strict'ly. a. steer. m. ti . n. squat'ting. it9. adv. sting. ogurodo. n. ailabawoi). storm. iokq. V. n. stab. sayai]. atoijhu. . g<ii). a. ro. still'ness. n. idakeroro. spoil'ed. adv. 11. ayaq. oru. stone. stam'mer. debikpa. labawoi). stiff'necked. n. badie. afebi- stork. steam'er. a. standing. n. stink. . splin'ter. be V. asoro. n. stand up. to stockade'. ekaq. n. naro. gombo. ru. V. inira. gagalo. a. sir). akpadahii. abaw9r). a. spy. n. ofb. stop'per. stand. ikasi. koriko. ste-w'pan. iio. ba. n. split. iwa. M. steam. iro. v. ikpo. Be . starch. die. awoye. V. sponge. fodzukai) wo. . . kpokporo. V. n. ^iqsiij. . rui). stoop. stag'geringly. idigbaro. v. okpa. abawoq. stair. ro dide. fe . t6. strain'er. naga. we. itq. n. adzedzi. ase. straight'en. n. mu straight'ness. a. v. w. store. n. stone. n. n. ehu. ^mo. ibadze. V. . a. ibere. ru. stin'gy. spin'ner. a. . v. stead'fastness. n. akas6. % t5 . V. a. tiri. n. igi. agbara. gbese. lule. ijk. aga. ren. akololo. ikpoi]. . V. stiffly. obu. dibadie. n. g9. daru. n. starve. stream. V. oko-asa. dogba. n. r9ro. di stop. adzedzi. sprightly. aba. igboro. sprout'ing. ibuwori. V. star. v. S9 diduro. mu . is6. sta'ple. n. kukute.5edze. re. akpoti. badze. sprout. 6mi. elefiq. v. ». start. 9gai). n. rona. n. ile iso or esiq. d4. wti. eleno. gaijrai). spi'rit. ladiro. w6. squeeze. spin. lara. a. k4ka. kpe.street. staying. . a. ste'rile. n. silS. tuto. ailabaw9i]. stand. . d4kaka. eyitawiyi. siloh. . squint. STR still. edidi. woi). kasi. ro. duro. adebikpani. spot. ay9se. n. V. awo. n. aba. strength 'en. stench. bu. stern. n. stilts. ihqse. n. tagboi)gb9i). n. stretch'ing. n. n. still. sar). spill. tu. ru. okere. ka. gorigqxj. se. kpa. V. kaijrikai). V. stale. kpa . V. logaij. kpaga. loso. ta. alantakug. aragwu. . squat. n. ikpo. . arapkai). miw6ri. kak9. n. soro. . ta. a. . stain. huko. gba. n. . soro. straight 'Avay. orisoij. hii dzade. n. strike. ak9. . d4kai). sibi. stocks. n. «. stam'merer. gboku. kololo. ibuduro. a. stainless. ro. w. ibuw6ij. kpakuta. iga. stretch. ti aro. rai). . kelekele. \qvqT). sare. ena. sprin'kle. V. tit9. yidanS. sprin'kling. V. aba. ta . n. sta'tion. n. n. spoil'ing. ayoniwo. stay. n. .SPI spi'der. sta'ble. isaq. spoon. lii. d. V. n. . spit'tle. . . spike. bere. a^ati. alagbas5. squalj'ble. 6gi. strength. kai3m9le. n. spy'-glass. sto'ry. awoij. stick. . oko. . strait. straight. n. n. ita. afefe. ekai). ita. . ta. le. V. w. alukembu. iraijwu. febikpa. n. stoop'ing. stir. ami. iraw9. stalk. v. n. stead'fast. koro. squirrel. stack. spur. n. . : to stop spotless. ibo- V. n. sprout. lokuta. staff '-bearer. to v. hi). squash. V. for). dese. tara. aba. idia. agbara. budze. w6r). okuta. stamp. keke. stin'giness. n. Ies9les9. eta. n. v. katakata. a. alaqsasa. . . iwosi. w6q. stir'ring. stout. . I9 stra^w. eiiii]. spot. a. na. agbo. spoil. asa- strange. iridiu. dza Ible. : sto'maeh. See lar. n. {of a house). still. n. spite'fulness. n. step. . sprain. square. okuij. m9le. lebirj. mukale. stook'ing. spite'fUl. n. v. . n. n. stem. adv. a. V. agbekuta. ay9luwo. bu. stall. akaka. raijwu. diindi. duro. v. sar)sai). w&rqjjki. irq. stran'gle. steward. sting. stag'nant. n. ti : strike against. n. buso. . strife. n. diwo. stead. ikoi). spring. stead'fastly. oforo. aledio. olodzo. adv. V. duro. 9kpalai. n. akpe. atSna. t6. sibB. oriso. stick. n. n. n. oki- stealth. V. v. alami. stir'rup. spy. n. spokes'man. n. t6. spite. adv. stran'ger. V. rodio. stag'nate. dzi. . sta'tiu:e. V. dzale. giii). den a. tai)kale. digbaro. kakakaka. adv. la. a. n.

n. n. n. ko. iya. S'warm. ohe. V. . suit'able. «. n. fi . a. surmoiuit'. likpo. n. kaijmukaijmu. I9W0. tel6. ida. string.. sy'rup. s^wim. ina. . fi . a. akug.s-wine. gba . n. wo. string 'y. s5i). . string. v. V. gbi- sup'plement. . stub'bomness. v. kololo. odii. yaij. ikpara. a. r5. SAvear'er. foribale. V. S"weet'ness. kpamo. etu. surpass'. S'wift. stum'ble. sup'pliant. r6.. iwo. onigbowo. oyiij. sur'plus. . ie awaya. iyara. n. abade. . sweet'mieats. kpatire. gboi). sun'shine. supplica'tion. . n. v. fi . gbolil. n. a. 4ono. elekpe. adv. . n. stub'ble. kpe. tuba. «. v. sud'denness. SYR odiidii. bdbudid. nihoriho. it. n. stu'dy. . bura. sub'terfuge. bo S"wing'er. gbe . akui). inokur) a. abo. v. sweat. asiki. Ail. n. iyokui). v. sump'tuously. .support'. . a. moru. fodiuto. . V. agidi.. le sum'merset. S'weet'ly. stroll'er. daku. diilese. . a. a. yika. ra. . ba dia. . n. suppose'. a. . «. aigbo. koikoi. surround'. iw6 oruij. subdue'. b6ri. fi . . V. n. diiya. okiti : to turn suspend'. n. to he supe- S'weep. w6. . bori. n. sebi. strike . mu. abiE. surprise'. . V. . such. success'. strut. tedzu. gigS. S"win'dler. kperg. f re . daba. . ofi. n. ^e. iyara. superintend'. koie. ti. rete gigS. . idiakddi. stum'bling. egbd. n. v. fi . . sud'denly. n. n. ml. suij. . lesupport'. V. akpele. v. da n. stroll. n. suspi'cious. b§. S"wept. da lenu. isiqkusiij. supersti'tion. V. mi. . : kdka. a.maha. . didSij. adv. adv. . 121 with a sword. surly. ebe. sum'mit. v. stupidity. n. v. . v. kose. V. didSq. a. owere. dSq. supplant'. n. n. . gbale to sweep the sweep the ground. kauqkaui). v. akololo. ogiii). . to- .sure'ty. V. tfi. 14kaka. ekokeko. diile^e. adv. keko. stripped. . su'gar-cane. lehii). oxMi). tu . sway. . ase-al§. ki nibende. sud'den. ha. n. . stut'ter. sub'tlety. . . n. fikpe. ka. surprise'. n. n. . strive. be mo. ti. n. strong. n. V. v. . . . bo. le. n. strong man.. n. sump'tuous. dia. stu'pid. . superior'ity. w6. . . . svm'rise. n. S"weat. V. laio. sufferer. yika. sure. re . . sup 'per. wo. 9re. akole. w. . diigbolu. n. n. buke. sul'try. akoni. n. fina. wiwu. ibodiuwo. to. a. V. v. a. with the . S'witch. swarm. hii). edbi). afebiijti. m6 . kill. odiidzi. onibfebe. fiij. lodid. . v. sue. irai) omij. . f i. su'ioide. n. n. w. ili oruij. . n. S'well. fi . in6. . n. fi . sucees'sor. s6r). sup'plicate. succes'sion. v. fist. ogboijko. n. fi ha. rior.SAvear. . . fi. S'wap. w6. . suit. suggest'. gbdra. strug'gle. succeed'. nidzi. gbe suspi'cion. stripe. stut'terer. suit'ableness. . stum'bling-bloek. suspect'. diuwo. gba: . suck'le. are : V. fa . gba. v. n. odiiya. strongly. . v. V. didSq. tl . . abuka. adidSq. V. suffering. y6x). SAval'l0"w. n. s^wad'dle. ye. S"well'ing. adv. V. kpo. tu su'gar. house. . ibSbe. pron. support'er. adidd^. akekiii). bade. diil. bu. etu. ^ekpe. idoq. fi suppress'. kakaraka. lera. submit'. fura. . v. n. Ai\. ala- a summerset.STR da da da . strip. oni- STvin'dle. agbikpo. af9ra5m6. ikose. ti bdia. olokuq. sub'stitute. sii). n. . . SVB^oon. alafiyesi. V. . . . n. V. V. V. s"woll'en. s'word. ru. g6. i(i. akamo. sub'stitute. ycl n. . superadd'ed. awaya. agbe. v. V. n. sue'cor. sor&. n. molfe. tuba. de ika\v6. luwS. lodiidii. sur'name.superintend'ent. alayaqdie. ayika. itele. n. diowei'e. elede. . lida nigi strike with strike . sustain'. odiu. ^are. yara. alafodiuto. gbakd. suffl'cient. isare. beb§. . wiwu. n. V. sun. s-weet. suck. . okp9vvom : in a stub'bom. gbal§. atele. die. surren'der. suffocate. V. gba iru. idii. v. v. striped. alariij kiri. alafehiqti. okiii]. adv. iyo-oibo. takete. ori. ka . V. kpasikpar9. superserip'tion. w6. . fararo. kpa. . a. lio. su^. surround'ing. n. . lese. . survey'. ireke. sur'face. ero. kpimo. forifui). r6. V. lagui). ek6i). awawi. ori.supe'rior. awisi. suffer. V. ro . m. superintend'ence. feliiijti. . adu. omu se fu. v. . .suspi'ciously. a. bii . 1119. . sun'set. afura. strug'gle. S'warm. . bi. sviring. iwaya-idza. S'wift'ness. n. okui). .. n. a stick. n.

s5. num. adv. . iru. adv. ter'rapin. omirig. saro. tat'tler. aimete. osb. ole. dill]. etald. 9. loh . diunS. nvfqj)y\. egtiri. igbe. teat. agogo. . kobikobi. nitori r§. . thank'ftilness. tes'tify. ikp9i). ogb6i). aw9i3 ni. V. adzagb9q. tattooed'. v. V. theft. . lodzu. ya. atamkpako. nikpe. 6hur). k9la. n. iw9. n. n. a. num-. V. iwo. conj. ter§. 128 a. tall. iwo. leliii) igba n4. third.iiidza. n. . telling. iwoni. itori. 59116. n. thou. nin6 r|. nw9r). kui). atubotaip. V. omi odiu. adv. nd. . adv. thing. ak9tai5. v. . deru. V. adv. tamlDOurine'. . therein'. di&throughout'. . tap. V. tile. te'pid. ofofo. ew^. to. kpin. ite. eldlu. throw in wrestling. aidukpe. V. teach'er. a. themselves'. eyi. these. n. adv. V. \di\. n. n. thaw. sasa. ir6. thirst. . aba. talk. airo. lei'idze. ddnu. fele- . tear. ole. there'fore. v. n. num. tattoo'er. adv. thick'ness. adukpe. w6.ohur). . throng. s6so. tenth. tack. prep. vforj. V. iraqso. . gb6ro. da talk. oloforo. eyina. iro. take . n. n. toto. ak9ni. a. tan5 . gba talk'atively. take. amore. ta'ble. tan'gled. mewsi. daiyafo. iro. thrash. hii)dz4hii). tailoring. tib5. ko. n. (place of worship). kiredze. a. thirst. ndze. 9mu. ro. . n. ni. thank'ful. ivfoxiyi. n. . ta'marind. o. . throne. pron. ter'ribleness. n. kpaka. teach. \q\mr). ero. n. ete. . idamewa. v. nw9r). fele. woni. conj. kpe. n. gbe loh. nikpati r§. tar'dy. thorn'y. that. v. airek9dza. n. thorn. s8. eleguij. thir'ty. data dii\ mi. thine. pron. igboroti. to . alawS. n. idiakpa. thank. thatch. n. ro. onila. v. ter'rible. a.kini. . n. bi l9ra. 59. thickly. ki. thresh. 5kar). kilo. conj. thoughtless. deruba. tempt. niha sibS. V. meteta. k§wa a tenth part. adakadeke. kpe. n. adv. itai). n. . . sili). num. idai)vv6. a. thank. diale dzale. robii). pron. tu. n. |rn. talon. dukpe. adv. g6q. V. thought'lessness. thin. iron6. jn-on. tes'timony. eri. V. tat'tle. v. o. taught. V. dzi. thereby'. efufn. n. tu . kporokporo. n. mim6. thrush. imm. a. ter'rify. olusaro. a. THU thief. nikp9i).TAB ten'der. those. am eridie. that. koni. n. num. kase. ioMo. erag ilfe woqyi. dz4. prep. n. ^rore. .^o. da (of the face). idamewa. pron. eta. a\v9i). three'fold. thatch'er. thou'sand. yaijhuij. fi mu. n. tem'ple. a. num. ga. thankless. keta : a third part. fa . tempt'er. thrust. n. tex'ture. a. tax. egberuij. . tak'ing. ko . kpe. ekar). ya. arosil6. tan'ner. taste. nibS. dieleri. adv. bele. v. . ndi. alaso. V. tame. n. lik. owu. oronu. sir). a. ila. k9. omidze. n. n. loflgbe. n. i^o. tem'perance. origbe. onidaqwo. kpiijle. v. igbe. pron. o^gbe gbe mi (/ n. n. to wo. n. they. modzfi. did. tattoo'. dai) . a. oluk9. itafo. . 6diikar). take up. n. nikpekui). diu : better than I. nigbanA. pron. tear. . n. tailor. ikii. termina'tion. n. n. n. okpe. nl4. think'ing. wl. eyini. tail. tell. arotel|. pron. \vqn-a. adv. adv. n. n. adv. adv. osusu. r5. tmqij . idieri. thought. tame. yiyi. . kfi. throat. n. koni. n. ^aurisauq. s9kpe. n. ow6bode. thick'et. . ha laye. akparam9. . ofofo. alaroye. pron. this'tle. V. n. tho'roughly. : : fele. rSdiu. awoij. a. thee. pron. ibB. 9gar). gbeg6. thump. thread. a. tir^. thumb. : to dzil. rd. thi'ther. tall'ness. am6kp6. this. thereafter. tempta'tion. through. bi. n. ki. ten'demess. a. a. terms. thence. ib§. V. tent. tattoo'. 119. s6ro : to talk about. tar'ry. tale'-bearer. bole. threat. kiw9b9. tes'ticle. gba away. n. . three. throb. tem'pest. ele- talk'er. mbe. nitorind. throvr. lati ib§ threat' en. eviOT). thought'ful. aga. . them. n. thirsty). y6. thirs'ty. thencefor'ward. awoij. though. iwui). akonisiie. . n. than. gba thir'teen. V.think. their. V. giga. thigh. alayi. dzale. diindi dii- ag6. talk'ative. thiev'ishly. osiij. meta. asaro. o\6\k. tent. n. ero. thick. ekpoi). nibe. bo. conj. . olofofo. ter'minate. ro. n. V. iki. loh. ikil9. n. 4ekere. . alairo. olu- there. V. K. belebele. v. eyiyi. See lukewarm. bolebole. arariso. daba. then. n. task'master. a. ten. there'about. . n.

ikpase. agbo. tobinSwo. idagwo. tra'vail. t5se. adzorig. ro. agbowode. n.trem'blingly. . tipsy). n. are a. ok9kar). tran'quil. tulasii). egake. th^wart. n. . {together). ara r§ thun'der. saq. V. tired. idanilodzu. timidity. n. n. 17 dekug transfi'gure. tongs. . v. . yiqfii}. iie. 129 toll. to'lerate. iwo n&. a^oro. TRO he ara. n. n. titi. de. a. oku. meta. t6. tough'en. tri'umph. ti'dy. bla. n. silia. on top. kpoglodzu. w. iyara. n. M. 9W9dow9. si. n. eagalamasa. tri'fle. ire- thyself. tick. n. belie. taijgara. ise ikpa. ike oro. adv. odio gfo adj. sori. |ya. trea'son. lala. tradi'tioner. akira African to. metal9kai). tradi'tion. fa . lie egboq. ke. irobi- se. travelling. sogo. le. little toe. kai). trig'ger. ikpa. tri'angle. ko transporta'tion. transact'. gb^mgbam. trade. . iyonu. tra'vel. . trea'sure. si. tough'ness. v. 6se oba. n. n. tor'ment. tomb. sowo. wdriri. odio. tobi. a. . tread. tire. tip'pler. tooth'aehe. v. tre'mulously. iie . yai). a. n. a. n. idamewa. mu . a. nadza. n. till. v. Bom6 foarfs. troop. n. tripe. ». egiihiq. v. hkhndia. baiii). V. yo. . igi. tithe. m. tO'w'el. n. omodig. too. trip. adv. prep. tid'ings. k9so. tick'ling. toU'-gate. . iti.THU thvin'der. eliigdoij. n. . n. emu. . adv. . tovr'er. v. odiukp9i). igi. ile 1^9. loni. M. ohui) M. adiakpa. . ti.. w. tribe. f. f9W9ba. tree. lodio. . n. : ibale. w. to'inahaAwk. nadza. . di. kodia. ro. akoko. to 16h. n.d^ : abadio. n. till'er. tres'pass. n. ebig. so tie fo to. asowo. ek6. t§ a. omose great ikpori . ototo.. w. : trap. V. ilekpa. amodie. awoij. tight'en. v. irii). akpo-isana. igba. ik9ijkoso. n. n. tose. beruberu. adv. TO. di. n. n. telese. trem'bling. gasa. arufii). ra. eyii). ebiti. tin. track. tongue. . robi. tovrards'. in6w6. . nifiq. n. v. . ikpa. tram'ple. V. 16h. tightly. s4i). v. v. Brazilian tobacco. . tooth'less. aradzo. figdiu. V. 9w6. tiro. orilfe. 86rao. beruberu. toe. tra'veller. oni- n. a. . tough. agalamada. v. n. meteta. ?j. kpiij- agaqgai). w. tri'fle. areker6- tire 'some. . trou'ble. akayii). emetal9kai). . ariqko. sikpa. thy. trea'dle. v. n. . taba bacco. onisowo. tor'ture. le. iijkar|kii)kai). n. traffic. tra'verse. flying. tip. trea'sure. ah6r). r9l§. trick. — alarek6dia. . arob9. mu or se gbo. yi. . radio. . kp5. ori a. a. ti'mid. bori. ar9kiij. traffic. n. . n. ti'dy. «. v. tie. to'tal. rebi. al4rob6. wakati : Time is t6. t5na. total'ity. toge'ther. ola adv. time. ^6wo. toil. idzaba. roko. trip. toll'-gatherer. time '-server. transpa'rent. 71. itaq. ewo. m61B. cgb6. rq\\. nodie. afiijdiu. translate'. diumo. . akerekere. 5dia. . dza. tSmo. ^aki. adv. tri'nity. da loro. n. tickle. to'ken.. «. ku. trea'ty. 6na ibode. a. n. or6. oniko. v. n. oti i)kpa tip'sy. toe. lare. tM^. oludaijwo. 6se. lok9. ti'tle. track. n. n. tool. kpig. n. t|. t§ tri'une. lewu. transplant'. trem'ble. . toro. prep. fi ^ura. v. kpara . adv. 16. . tribula'tion. ilu. v. diil. darai). . mo. ij^e. odiulafeni. dasa. kpada. r6. tran'quillize. a. dzuku. V. mi {I am tip'toe. v. touch. n. n. trai'tor. iwedze. top'most. fuij. alasara. sui). siseoro. le. n. train. trad'er. . n. akoko. . fu. tovna. ti'midlj''. adzaba. tor'toise. kpelu. a. kusi. trick. knot. M. toast. . torment'. v. at6wod9W9. toni. wahala. trou'ble. n. n. transgress'or. n. igbowo. V. adv. . rirl. gamugamu. tele. tobac'conist.. wa. oke. lenu. toma'to. V. t|lese. conj. refii). . darai). ariij. sokpa. n. n. transgression. da n. omoti. . v. awog. ii. 9t9to. thus. to. ologbo. was transfigured. tlti. to. rig. loro. trench. gbo. n. v. ». isura. n. pron. . ^01)80. dio. aladiakpa. n. n. itese. . n. transcend'. ke n. . ibode. alafihaij. . wahala. sura. tim'ber. n. qiq^iqjj. to-day'. tight. egani. transport'. iqwqia. n. transgress'. ore. idanilara. tasa. tin'der. lara. ela. ona. adv. tri'er. t8 . trail. n. owobode. torment'or. igba. legake. tin'der-bag. inodiu. till. owo. owariri. S9do. v. owo. tress. tSkpa. kaq. idaraij. kpa. v. tobac'eo. toto. ikol6h. y9 . ikodzusi.trail. ni. v. v. to-mor'ro"W. alaroko. : n. digbati. v. 2)ron. : kukpani. . oligoi) n. . inSse. ara. oni. ege. V. eleye. . trade. tooth. v. V. tri'ple. sile. ikpinu. la mole. V. ida. deru tie a top. diafara. tri'al. edilS. iiqi).

adawole. dododo. undone'. n. a. n. a. ogui). m5. une'ducated. aise. alaik9la. li ododo. a. a. true. alfeni. edzire. saij. trum'pet. aiko. tu Iew9i). n. unfit'. aniani. . n. n. aber9. n. a. afoqnia. airf. unfound'ed. prep. num. sekp9i). m. alaigbagb6. a. unadul'terated. ko le. w. a. gidigini. alaidibadzc. tut ! interj. orii). obor)b6g. a. aise- understand'. labe. aidibadie. V. togedeijgbe. n. imdy'ing. kpatire. trunk. ai8ot8. unaceount'able. a. V. un'der. n. tu'nic. n. adv. daij wo. a. unclothed'. a. kolelS. abenu. a. ailera. aiseloso. aisetaij. rui). 18. . inT). gbokaijle. unbuilt'. aibade. feni. v. num. awor). tro"w'el. n. v. t'welve. ixncut'. . n. nisalS. n. tune. alai- tvrin. lemedii. uncorrupt'ible. alaibukoi). aisA. a. 130 UNH unco'ver.. alaimSre. v. gbekele. unconcern'. V. abadie. aiyakpa. fifi. si6 ! aik6. ohui] kaij. undertak'er. kabakaba. n. k6 se igbagb6. medzi. airo. aigb6. owe. aikpe. tur'key. ySra. a. n. n. ye. edzila. ungrate'ful. unfair'. unoha'ritable. uneat'ableness. n. a. diowere. dk. IS. medii. t'wine. undeceit 'fulness. n. a. aikpe. oko. a. ibodzi. aikiyesi. unaccom'modating. nitoto. . trust. numb. tum'ble. unbar'. unforeseen'. aisetag. dawole. v. undis'ciplined. n. imoye. sinisini. isall. truth'ful. a. n. udder. . kpe. . unaccep'ted. v. u. asaij. unbri'dle. a. V. ikp6. n. aika. adzaba. aigbagbo. a. vmde'viating. aidze. aife. n. ai^iyealais9r)mo. unbelief. igbekele. n. aiset^ij. akpoti. aisoto. a. airitele. aigb&. medzimedzi. uneir'eumeised. n. aisegbe. unehange'able. aif6. si. *prep. «. v. luifVuit'ful. aiko. a. unfulfilled'. . tolotolo. lawir). aikpa. a. ko dara. . n. itaijkpara. eye. a. ainidi. ty'rannize. aibora. unceas'ing.undefiled'. unadorned'. unheed'ed. tu. n. a. t6. iburu odzu. irulu aigborai). trustee'. aisiyeme- uncorrupt'ness. aifeni. tAwist. imfaith'ful. aisojgmo. ti. ekedzila. alorigo. n. . twinkling. n. kede. : bo aso aikfi. twice. tot6. a. . unclean'. a. . iinho'ly. unfeigned'. a. trust. unaceom'pcinied. unga'thered. unbeliev'er. t'wine. a. trum'peter. n. yaijyai). unbro'ken. truth. aibo. a. labe. unavail'ing. v. a. n. unfold'. t'welfth. a. aito. nitoto. a. 11. aikiyesi. abe. are called. uncer'tainty. aidie. foresigi. r6dzu. a. ikpo. olo- ailabula. wiri. tvro. n. wiwu. unendu'rableness. imdiscern'ing. t"wi'light. aiko. n. tu'mult. aikpada. a. aifd. uncha'ritableness. . . . understood'. otito. lasai). a. a. unani'mity. aiso. n. aiye. dodo. turn. l6tito.TRO trou'bled. una'nimous. mult. t'wist'ed. k4. a. iyeno. we. kukumo. aidibadie. ayet4i). une'qual. yi. aisiq. V. n. umbrella. uncount'ed. irukeriido. awoij. v. a. aimo. burn. omu. unblest'. una'ble. agbatodiu. yi . unfre'quent. understand'ing. unbeliev'ing. ty'rant. edii. n. aidzebi. a. yikpo. aike. unoer'tain. unadapt'ed. undoubt'edness. . v. ridi. yonu. a. ug'liness. iinchain'. asaw9q. a. ainiyeno. sakisaki. r9keke. kpada. tAwen'ty. unfin'ished. a. luihap'piness. iye. tur'tle. asekuij. uneircumci'sion. tro"w'sers. unho'liness. imdertake'. se sinisini. itot6. medzila. n. okui) tiririij. a. V. a. unheard'. une'venly. a. aimS. two'-fold. alle. twig. undaunt'ed. . aidiyat9. a. n. truly. alberu. aikpe. unbid'den. daro. aibere. a. trou'blesome. alainigbagb8. t-wo'-edged. unbelov'ed. da ». rar). n. alaife. tu'mor. dil a. a. afo. undefend'ed. aidamu. lohuij kaij. tu'ber. a.. onikp6. kpo. tmcul'tivated. aise. aim6. igbo. unasked'. num. we . kpara kparida. alaik9la. aigb6. imheal'thy. taijkpara. eta. alaibo. medzi. I6t6. a. aik9la. koko. luihe'sitating. ent kinds sokoto differ- ugly. a. flijiiq. tii. unembar'rassed. nisal|. 6t8. a. t-win'kle. aida. 11. da. iyegbe. to make a turukeriido. dod6. alukasafa. alaiye. n. luiguard'ed. ul'oerate. a. truthless. adv. keredzo. a. sanlani. tii. lot6. a. a. undress'. a. v. n. a. V. a. a. si. luido'. a. aimim6. n. underneath'. trough. kpada. a. yS. aikpii). unaccom'plished. olodzu nicdii. tit6.ul'cer. n. adv. undeserv'ed. gbagba. ailot6. efa. unea'sy. a. a. afibikpore. ailabaw9i). ododo. wiri- aiyikpada. try. tu ni idiano. alaileso. V. unapproaeh'able. a. unclean'ness.

aiwakiri. a. t6. unproved'. imshel'tered. ven'geance. ailanu. idikpS. u'nity. ina. aidze. leke. adzooku. a. n. t6. n. tiko. xmskil'fulness. a. prep. alto. prep. vaunt'ing. tu. va'por. aif5.upset'. ve'nerate. a. unla-w'ful. a. n. aileri. n. n. wa. vinyield'ingness. . diana. koro. v. a. . v. n. ewe. ai. uninteUigibil'ity. v. olo- imvrit'nessed. iui"weir. yaij . aikpete. irurn. VER alaisododo. up'right. a. adakpS. imrea'sonable. a. ibimbi. a. ». oliye. n. nikposi. irulu. a. untilled'. va'cillate. veil. uten'sil. a. unsought'. it&. aiso- ato. ti. te. aiyakpa. conj. duro. fi . unreli'able. a. idaw9kp5. : at .uproot'.' a.up'permost. adv. ailabawoi). . olododo. oru. a. . leke. unstained'. a. univers'ally. a. bowo fu. unsuit'ed. n. aigbo. un^washed'. vain'ly. alaibo. a. unripe'. unhiirt'. ait9i3bi. unlov'ing. koto. unjustifi'able. id Ak. a. va'gabond. unredeemed'. eusu. aikiyesi.. . soke. if5. aiwe. sogo. m. V. alaile. iduro sigadv. oniriiru. u'rinate. aimd. a. ve'rify. ibodiu. sai). egaijra^. aikii. akiio. oka^. alalko. alaimose. lui-wil'lingness. a. wada. titi. a.up'rightly. duragudu.kp6. ve'nomous. a. idiig9i5ror). . a. ^iyemedzi. unsta'ble. alaidm-o. va'nity. u'nison. ofo. ailola. 6fo. vain. unlearned. adv. va'nish. elo. up'roar. unwar'ranted. aisoto. yai) unmer'eiful. ve'nom. vmsound'. venera'tion. a. afi. ai. alaik9. u'rine. ais4. alaigbo^. igbdro. . oloro. imtrained'. sori. un'to. a. n. unna'tural. dimu. . sua. vari'ety. . okporo. n. aiye. n. V. aife. lasai). a. n. nikpa. alawlgbo. . n. un^wor 'thine ss. koto 6ke. n. up '-ward. vale. ni gari. variance. ardi). ven'ture. aik6. aigboij jterson. unthank'ful. n. diig9i)r9r). aigbo. n. . unintel'ligible. sir)- unrege'nerate. unoffend'ed. unli'mited. a. a. . 4riwo. mu ve'rily. aimura. alailogbog. toho. n. . n. olugbeduvo. unkind' a. to set . a. n. ailofii). alailere. unTVor'thy. v. tintu'toredness.unsubdued'. a. ve'ry. pron. ver'min. ogo. unkilled'. ibuyig. a.UNH unho'nored. sai). bad^kpS. a. unprepared'. ro. unripe'ness. luunin'gled. u'nicorn. n. ai^anii. unreaped'. V. See fodzi. kpada. n. va'lue. untrue'. diegti- u'niverse. . . n. a. adv. «. awa. ainiye. unquench'able. unrepent'ing. unmade'. ayai)- n.. . unite'. aidalare. a. ov6. unmer'cifulness. prep. n. oldhuijkaj). untie'. va'luable. a. unnvun'bered. n. ^e. lori. kpo iye. fiofio. da kp5. v. aida. aisenia. vein. aiye. dzil. aiye. uninvit'ed. unjust'. n. n. n. vehement'ly. a. td . v. aikpa. bikosokpe. to. V. itoye. ^egug. 131 unright'eous. vegeta'tion. upon'. rak. a. le. idakpb. sikpa. u'nion. mo. a. . us. n. aito. 16. upbraid'. ailogb9i). a. kpa. a. a. . ofonisod9. unlike'. gauij. n. riori. up. unpro'fitable. . airaq. unobserv'ing. ba V. aidie. unru'ly. V. un-wil'lingly. vel'vet. i^aij. aisai). aigb6. n. sir). iyakpa . w. uninfec'tious. a. tu. aise. urge. adv. use. u'sual. adv. ikuku. a. agbaiye. dz9dzo. aito. loke. : van'quish. agbaijrere. unleav'ened. v. n. unhook'. adv. adv. use. aife. vaunt. aileri. esaq. . ida^e. I6t9. ut'terance. ah-akpada. ». iru. n. dodo. a. o. alaimoie. a. unright'eousness. unintend'ed. ». bikose. lovi. a. aidakpd. val'ley. ainiyii). airel§. V. aikpaMra. until'. t&. unknOAvn'. n. adas9. lori. a. n. conj. V. iye. {saying). un'wise'. af9ogb6. use'less. a. a. aiye. n. lasai). vinsad'dle. a. aidanida. n. a. an unwise alail9gb9r). kelekele. sebi. uninstruct'ed. eAk eaia. em6. aXidb. gidigini. adv. ainikpekuq. aiye. ^efefe. van'guard. elo. u'nit. lotit9. aironokpi. . a. V. alaiye. alaibla. «. V. n. unsuit'ableness. v. aiseuij. unru'liness. sir). yoi'9. V. aiwd. vera'city. ro. loke. va'lue. i^okaij. a. a. oyi. n. otit9. va'rianee. xmrepiy'ing. a. adv. . loke. gberaga. va'cant. n. m. wi. asaq. a. ver'tigo. a. aisegui]. gaqgai). unreform'ableness. gbe uphold'. unhum'bled. uphold'er. n. va'canoy. di ofo. gbe luiquench'ableness. a. a. aikpe. ailu. unless'. sii). aibin6. albade. sefefe. oliug il6. . okari. ut'terly. afinSsadiere. afibi. aisododo. v.

. hente. . . n. vis'cid. n. n. irumi.VES ves'sel. atiwo-ornij. lare. iyari. a. n. vici'nity. redi. n. . a. igana. v. tente- watch'er.- (it is). ologuij. vir'gin. odio. is9. vi'vidly. V. a. n. wax. egbe. a. w. n. akabe. n. wallo^w. e. agara. ohiso. ti. koko. V. diqdiq. V. ohnq. edi. what. wail. ya. ambosiij. n. olmi) ilo. wo. adv. tere. watch'-to"wer. vine. V. itutu. riin6. odo. V. kpati. w6i)80. oya. . wea'ther. weak'ness. wade. vexa'tion. n. abesc. whale. waste 'fulness. wa'ter-melon. awoni. n. ki. VOW. ikpa vex. wed'ding. bi. ofo. n. duru. n. ileri. walk. n. lehe. ioash the face. V. n. a. adv. kpo. da n. voluntary. \k. n. . adv. kp^kpa. V. n. adv. n. ibino. ni gbaqgba. dia n. 132 WHE wa'ter-course. m. n. ibSwo. . n. fo. . W613. n. well. : -wbiq to wear out. weep'ing. okete. wea'ry. abodiuwd. rii). sfi. awoq^o : vi'per. . vis'cous. n. . wnndia. . n. kputu. adv. virginity. elekuij. n. warn. n. ablinibutai). n. agboi). a. weaver's beam. q]h. . omi. f5. orb. •washed. v. adano. voca'tion. dii. agbara. iwa wundia. wea'ried. ro. adv. n. adv. n. weth'er. q\oTo. visita'tion. weak'ly. suaq. binodie. ogufe. n. V. sofo. owose. . body. gbona. V. alikAma. ic wele. pron. V. . a. ari il6ko. ise. adv. watch. warm. n. weight. fukefuke. niha yama. aibro. v. wet'ness. okui) (a term applied to all running and climbing plants). n. laga. ekuij. akala. which caus- weav'er. kekeru. warp. way'layer. dz4mba. siaij. akesi. war'rior. well well. kesi. wharf. sofo. ^iwoi). awa. sokui). rana. wag. kaqga. n. n. . wa'vering. watch'fulness. v. lenn. wan'der. wall. . n. : to the weight'ily. vindi'oatlve. warp. pron. alabamole. gburu. odiurai). igbera. wen. fu ara re. violin'. b&. n. V. riq. irukpekpe. wera. vln'dicate. ikpa. wan'dering. n. taso. Tvalled. wet. kati. weigh. v. so dasai). bo. riq. kpafo. waste. vexed. sona. alailera. mo. vora'ciousr. n. V. vie^w. n. . week. n. s6. bodiu no wash . V. viva'city. am- whate'ver. vi'olenoe. Be alainl. ida. n. Sda. awend. odi. walking. onidzekndze. yama. wart. nino. nilara. idia. kiri. ebi. wash'erwoman. kpobui) rere. ara ilu. n. V. weak. wasp. kerede. duro. be vi'sit. . alariijkiri. digbaro. vindioa'tion. what else ? botori. wealth'y. w&i). olodi. kiri- n. vi'sion. agbadu. n. vul'ture. v. bi . yana. gege. village. r&. ab5w6. V. a. a. rere. V. ondie. n. ileko. a. tai5. bara. n. a. adv. n. otiie. fi . . n. no. adiagiiqsil^. gbo. n. wet. ele. . n. biti. tolo. asaq. fura. k. wait. "west'ward. ki. da . tadii. iraij. want. wat'tle. ore. onikiri. wea'riness. alagbafo. odo. wan'derer. bora. V. a. wean. n. tobo. gbidi^. guna. okpdiaba. kakiri. iwa ikpa. ya. h^i). kinla. ogiri. kpatikpati. adiagui). n. n. idze. wash. ^auij^aiiq. gege. wan'tonness. elekerede. alebu. modi. ir6. a. wheat. olohnq. akiri. iriq. wast'er. vi'sible. ik. rii). ew6. ebute. a. ibadze. we. wall. 71. titl. w^ea'pon. vovr. vic'tuals. . . warm. w6i). ileto. ba. n. n. alakele. war. n. weep'er. wake. o^uwoq. ^i . a. wa'gon. . n. . ohui) rere. n. tafala. vi'sitor. 6na. ose. wa'ter. iiin6die. n. V. n. alakesi. ohni) elo. n. a. we. Wlo. a. a. tar)- vl'olently. a. watch. n. "wad. olu^ete. onifo. . v. . 6gure. vo'mit. asuijwoi). em6. v. . akporo. to. y^ra. weep. vo'mit. wailing. lare. n. walk. ieleri. 4wan5. ailera. we. vi'sibly. vi'siting. w6. . n. diagup. n. V. {of a gun). v. saij. voice. tutu. el6. wave. inaij. void. watch 'man. akiri. weed. wa'ter. void. . eso. v. war. ilukedii. wea'ry. vo'cal. kpamole. wallet. isora. kiri. V. odo. war. V. n. ru laiya. wd. vi'al. wele. borukonu. riijriq. ogui) es a^edid. vile. n. a. adv. : weave. 16 n. a. V. re. west. "wad. •wan'deringly. way. . igiii). wealth. a. vl'lifier. wast'ed. wat'tle. wear. kiri. villager. V. n. a. n. n. wa'ges. V. pron. V. vic'tor. adv. vi'olent. ibi-iyawo. n. sora. w6. Avav'ingly.

kpelii. asS. whip. odi. . ogboijgbor). re. worm. wish. fe. eijyii). farakpa. . re. alawikd. . ka dawii. nigbati. diu. eye. kokoro. afend. laini. okp6. wreath. iJ. iiekuse. n. adv. wisp. whereby'. ^ekpe. pron. whereas'. "width. am6. wil'fully. re. e. idia. woof. v. a. ekolo. fui). kiwedie. 6. kpi. 16. agii)re. re. a. g^dn. ifui). re. 16. whirl. withdra^w'. dio. ba. V. igboro. n5 : to ilori. fa withe. igaijgai). n. iburn. V. ife. wa.esu^vI. n6 worth'less. re. ologboc. nigba. kpoij . am6diil. bd. alawikd. n. woo. okuku. wrig'gle. alala. kawu. adv. ke. z. fi "wran'gling. wick'edness. 0'vt6i]. a. whi'ther. wick'edly. edion6. a^«. n5 : win- wor'shipper. gba. n. n. gboro. kowe. aya. alait6. nyi. nyii) ijyig. "white man. idi\. pron. re. n. re. se owere. win. whe'ther. gboro. niboti. . adv. akoko. adv. fu. . iti. n. V. ba. tinotino. a. yard. i& owere. v. oniwere. ambo. "wick'ed. V. 133 wild'cat. oni^e. awirii). . wrong'ness. igbe. ii. wil'derness. furafura. ina. wring. egbe ni fu o. kelo. V. soro. oso. mSraQ. wrin'kle. wise'ly. re. whoe'^ver. ferese. sufe. . 11. kpoij. ogb6i). fe. niu or ao . ^a rai). logbe. n. "who? ^rora. . ikakika. aux. prep. ita. V. which. ototo. "wound. adv. adv. re.w. gbe. tin6. mariwo. wari. write. nigba. adv. whole. worse. v. witch. whoop. Awild'fo^w^l. ti. owfi. n. wool. ti won'derfiil. akpala. wor'ship. re. . win'no'W. ika. "won'der. re. wipe. ro. nigbati. adv. . . re. hli). kpa lara. wrong. ye. . v. . niboti. ogb6i). kodiudia. ya"ws. will. V. yam. iw^ buburu. : wil'lingly. ibu. wick. t\. re. daku. atafo. da. okilri. akpa-iye. oib6. v. bogi. die. withhold'. re. ^vhirl'-wind. olusii). . wrong. adzu. idzakadi. . ikowe. ya^wn. whet. araiye. wem6 to wind together. wrin'do^w. ifoe aronikd. bo. wind'pipe. ^iie. a. w^omb."Wound. n. "wife. re. v. adv. nibiti. re. whirl'ing. lagba. "wis'dom. "wi'do^w. V. alai^oto. ni- igi. ti . writ'er. wing. ehk&e. amo^e. adv. abileko. kpad&. lehiij. igoijgo-ofoi). witch'craft. within'. eie. ow<i. in 6. ku. whis'per. odidi. n. libisi. "whis'perer. idiu. asorodiedie. nibo. when. agaqdivl. adv. iyanii. fa . sia. v^orld. yam. n. adv. adv. wild. 8. re. while. Y. tSto. "wrath. . 5ro. wi'ther. wi'zard. buru. e ^e ti. aroiie o^o. adv. sir). re. n^. ijkaijkirika^. white'ness. gbeijgbe. wor'ship. bibawo. re. igbe. adi6. re. ^ediu. re. v. ewo. a. re. nibikibi. w. rubutu. . etiie. mkk. re. yisi. wil'ftilness. "would. eli4ti4e. eleri. isaboti. .. fofu. ibin6. gbodogi. where'fore. . asOTokele. aggere. wit'ness. emo. nibo. with. n. kigbe. "wil'ling. whis'tle. ogbe. adv. gb6g. •wood'en leg. where. obiijri. V. wekp6.. . §. iroi) agutaq. ibo. tefet^fe. ile ise. k4we. re. OT-orm'eaten.). aisot6. nS. n. work'shop. bi. woe. re. awirii). re. rodio.. ^aka. gbagba.. aiye.wise. re. fi.. aux. V. "whip'ping. nibi. r&rj. word. iwedie. egbe abenu"wide'-mouthed. oloye. n. foribale. te. gbolohui). re. wrhy. fe . . lodo. dzakadi. a. adv. . keke. conj. wood'pecker. wide. do 16na. kpa^ar). i). nitorind. kele. se- akowe. ta? tani? who. bi. prep. without'. where'ver. ewo. asftkpd. "wrap. . YE wood. whit'lo^w. obiri. . yanu. . wid'en. V. withstand'. n. fodiukpe. re. wind. re. . re. writhe. V. writ'ing.WHE wheel. wrig'gler. biti. fe. fi we. akpa. fura. a. oyibo. eiye igbe. sorodiedie. n. n. abadie. re. afefe. re. wres'tling. V. lako. fa. V. . ti. re. "whol'ly. bantu. Avorth'y. sa. fifu. re. won'der. re. g4sa. o^o. wres'tle. lode. lori. : wide'ly. whip. gbawo? whence. isu.pron. whis'tle. re. t41a. ye. gboro. yala. y4i). re. d4. n. ^vrin'kle. unto thee. hari. erf. v. mu. V. kpori. ti. re. efufu. enikeni ti. kpatakpata. wink. sd. e. nibo. fe. V. a. akata. wrest. die. agb6. n. nitl. kpa. a. work'man. work. a. prep. k9.gudu- wo'man. will. arori. work. nowed away. ti. wipe off. o. worth 'iness. ikiwedie. isiij. without'. n. w6we. olum5r45. wind. nin6. «. adv. i^e. wrong'fulness. re.

zeal'ous. itara. e. a. adv. iwukara. adv. onitara. r§ ^/. yearly. v. yoke. tasatasa. iwo n4. zeal'ously. n. youth. M. yoke. eyi. eyip. n. . yoiing. lohug. lododuij. n. 89hug. od9dufl. titoij. yet. bfe. bhxa). n. zeal'ot. yes'temight. yore. adv. akatari. od<ii). iwo. ze'nith. fefakpukpa. sib|. lailai. okpekpe. «. igbona. young'ster. balaga. ikpere. beledie. yes. gbona. adv. your. ana. a. yelk. behe ni. V. conj. oha:). di li adiaga. adv. 134 yield'ing. n. adv. young'est. year'ly. pi. gbonagbona. yolk. kpelukpelu. adv. e^yi^. p-o». adiaga. 6ru ana. n. abikebijg. teijyijg. he. a. kpukpa yon'der. a. deku^i. n. n. aburo. pron. . yel'lO'W. ze'phyr. zeal. yeast.YEA yea. ZEP yourself. n. yield. See yolk. nyig. a. yet. balaga. sugbdq. n. yovLfpron. r6.n. ajidk. nyi. year. katari. 1M§. anl. iwo. a. ewe. youn'ger. yes'terday. lana. heyi.


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