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I m God Talking to His Children

I m God Talking to His Children

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Published by chris boyles

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Published by: chris boyles on Mar 16, 2012
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My dear children I created you by specking the word and from nothing I gave you life. I new you before you were born. I watch over you day & night helping your heart to beat. I gave you air to breathe and your eyes to see the new world you will live in. I gave you ears to hear my voice and the nosey world you live in. Yes I know every part of you. I created you. Now I am watching over you as you grow every day of your life I have been with you all the days of your life. I was there when you got your first teeth. I have been with you every day. I gave you food to eat and water to drink all of your life. I have been teaching you the ten commandments . I have showed you all the plants and stars. I give you the sun in the day time to keep you warm and the moon to see in the night. Yes I have watched and help you grow. I have gave you my word to read for you to understand about all the truth in my word and show you the future. But now you have put me and my word away in some dark place. Thinking to yourself I don’t need to read your word any more. So you put me and my word on your shelf then turn your back on me. I have tried to love you more with my hope and I am waiting for you to wake up. But now you have lost that loving filling for your creator. I tried to give you everything you need. But you don’t need me any longer that give me deep pain and disapointment and that make me very sad. I have tried by warning you that this day would come this is it. It has come. I want you to come back to me so I can take care of you once again. Will you come or face the darkness that in coming upon this world. Great, Great darkness. No more light to see. I am waiting for you. Will you come? I am, I am, I am holding the door open just a little beat longer. Will you come now and come thought my open door?

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