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Abstract Nouns

An abstract noun is the name of something which you cannot see, hear, smell, feel or taste. 1. Circle the abstract nouns hidden in the picture below.

fear elbow cot

2. Complete these sentences. Use the abstract nouns listed inside the shark. He was filled with __________ when he saw the lion. Mark was in great __________when he stubbed his toe. You need _________ if you want to climb Mount Everest. Most people feel _________ if someone steals their things. She only felt __________ when she lost the race.

. disappointment anger pain

brav ery


3. Unscramble these abstract nouns. You have been given the first letter to get you started. ERGIF G_________ ENPANUHPSIS U__________ SNEITRDES T__________

4. Write the opposite for these abstract nouns. (You might find a dictionary is helpful.) HATE __________ FEAR __________ FREEDOM __________

5. For each abstract noun, write another that means the same thing. (You might find a dictionary is helpful.) UNHAPPINESS __________ HAPPINESS__________ BEAUTY __________

For each picture, write a sentence that uses an abstract noun.