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The name and mailing address including email ID, Tel No should be prominent. 2. Font style should be: [12-point size] [Use regular/ bold/ italics style] 1. The resume should not be too lengthy. The length should be 2/ 2.5 pages. 2. 'References'/ 'Salary Expected' should not be mentioned. 3. Location/s preferred: Metros/ India/ Abroad should be specified. 4. Preference for a particular industry/ company should be indicated. 5. Job objective should be included in the resume/ it should be focused. 6. If you have a varied background it is advisable to prioritise. 7. Your date of birth and not age should be mentioned. 8. Indicate professional qualifications. Mention specialisation, University/Institute, year of passing the exam 9. Check for spelling/ grammar mistakes. 10. Check the alignment before sending the resume, the margins should not exceed the printable area. Professionals 1. 'Summary of Skills and Experience' should come just after 'Job Objective'. It should give total years of experience. 2. Under the heading 'Organisational Experience' you should begin with your current job. 3. The name of organisation/ tenure/ designation should be mentioned. Year should be also mentioned against positions held. 4. Provide company details like (a) name of the company, (b) products/ services, (c) area of operation, (d) turnover, (e) nature: MNC, ISO 9002 certified JV etc. 5. In case of promotions begin with the earliest position and move chronologically. 6. Show how your responsibilities grew with promotions. 7. Highlight your achievements/ expertise more than your responsibilities & Justify your achievements with figures/ percentages. 8. Separately mention responsibilities and achievements. 9. Furnish an account of projects undertaken. 10. Give a summary of training programmes attended (ignore if less than 4 weeks). Freshers 1. Highlight your skills/ strengths like leadership qualities, communication skills. 2. Give an account of the Course including details of projects undertaken. 3. Give a summary of Projects undertaken and skills developed thereby. 4. Mention your qualification. Indicate elective papers. 5. Distinctions (if any)/ Scholarship/s should be properly highlighted. 6. Provide details of the training. 7. Give a detailed account of articleship in case of CAs. 8. In case of Software projects please specify language/ platform/ RDBMS/ Project description/ team size.