Topics to be covered

NGN Overview

NGN Structure Network Elements Network Solution NGN New Services

Performance Management and Traffic Statistics Analysis Training

Performance Analysis on Vendor Tools Counters and Formulas of Vendor Vendor Performance Reporting Vendor Traffic Statistic Overview Definitions of Main Traffic Statistic Parameters Position And Analyze Problems Making Use Of Traffic Statistic Traffic Statistic Analysis Cases

MGW & SS working Principle

Technical Specifications Networking and Solution Hardware Configuration Planning Global Configuration Module Planning and Configuration Trunk and RTP Configuration MTP Configuration SCTP and M3UA Configuration

MGW & SS Configuration

SS Inter-Connection Configuration

SS-TG: Trunk Configuration Routing Configuration H.248 Configuration SS-SG: SS7 Configuration SCTP Configuration M3UA Configuration Routing SIP Protocol Overview SIP Network Elements Introduction SIP Message Structure SIP Call Flow SIP Subscriber Configuration Other SS Configuration Checking Alarm Checking GW State Checking MTP Link和SCTP Link State SS上H.248/M3UA/SCTP/ISUP Signalling Tracing H.248/M3UA/SCTP/MTP Signalling Tracing Creating Objects Group KPI Introduction Creating Traffic Task Querying Traffic Results

SIP Protocol Principle/SIP Protocol Practice

MGW & SS Maintenance

Performance Management/Integrated Traffic

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