A report on customer service satisfaction in makanlah!

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Ms. Nur Farhana Lecturer of Business Communication Skills Faculty of Information Communication and Technology Limkokwing University

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109020151, 109021198, 108070907 23 May 23, 2011


ii .Acknowledgements Without the help and support of the respondents it would not have been possible to complete this survey and report. Nur Farhana for her guidance. inspired and determined to work our best on this endeavor. and who personally supported and motivated us towards the completion of the report. especially we would like to express our outmost gratitude to all of the people who are willing to answer all-of-the questionnaire. Our sincere and special thank you to our lecturer Ms. without the help of our respondents it will be impossible for us to complete this survey. which made us. and for that we thank them. Finally we would like to thank everyone else who contributed to this report.

Lists of figures Page Figure 1: bar chart for question 1 6 Figure 2: pie chart for question 2 6 Figure 3: pie chart for question 3 7 Figure 4: pie chart for question 4 7 Figure 5: bar chart for question 5 7 Figure 6: pie chart for question 6 8 Figure 7: pie chart for question 11 9 iii .

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