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Ielts Women Essay

Ielts Women Essay

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Published by Mytiili Tanabalan

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Published by: Mytiili Tanabalan on Mar 16, 2012
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Most high-level positions in companies are filled by men even though the workforce in many developed countries

is more than 50% female. Companies should be required to allocate a certain

percentage of these positions to women. Though it is true that women in primordial days just evolved themselves handling household chores and nurturing children but we should bear in mind that women can achieve better if they were given opportunities to hold higher positions in a working environment. Women these days have higher leadership qualities, a wider educational comprehension and at the same time violation towards women could be diminished if they were given higher position as men in working place. Women could engage in a higher position since they have equal potential as men in managing tasks and projects efficiently with colleagues as a leader. In nature, women could bear with higher tasks placed on them therefore working on a harder chore would not be delinquent for a woman to handle. In addition to that women may have some functional ideas which may enhance the development of the company since women and men do not share the common ideas. It is incontestable that women these days are exposed to a higher level of education and most of them could even ace better than men in tertiary education. From a survey conducted, at Harvard, 55 percent of the women graduated with higher distinction, compared with barely half the men. This palpably indicates that women are highly capable in becoming a crucial person in leading a company. Apart from that if women were given opportunity to become a significant one in the company, equivalent rights will be bestowed to women that will substantially aid in curbing the discrimination and pessimistic thoughts of women as a weak gender. Just suppose that if a woman is appointed as a directing manager of a world recognised bank, she will be respected and adored by every folks regardless of gender. In a gist, women should be offered to hold higher positions in a workforce since women has many leadership qualities embedded within them, a strong educational background and discrimination towards woman could be eased.

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