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It's a gas

It's a gas

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Fracking is fraught with risks.
Fracking is fraught with risks.

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Published by: walterrhett on Mar 16, 2012
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“It's A Gas”

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“It's A Gas”


hio had earthquakes. Nine from March to November 2011. Industry claims a pass because on one day, the fracking well wasn't operating. Arkansas had a blitz of earthquakes, 1,250 last year; after state officials closed a well, the numbers significantly tanked. Oklahoma's had


eismic events


to fracking. Despite nearly freezing to death when Russia shut off its gas supply in the middle of one of Europe's coldest winters, Bulgaria banned fracking. So has France. Buffalo banned it. Morgantown, W VA. Blame Obama? His administration supports what mounting evidence says is likely to become a dead end for an international disaster. (How are those million gallons of liquid going to be disposed? In whose backyard? Or water supply?) The whispers say, it's been around since 1947; it drives demand for steel, it's a profitable product with rising demand; but with great hidden, off budget costs. (Sound familiar? Think war.) It's made European cathedrals quaver like jelly. But Santorum says equivocation is “hurting” fracking! Gingrich took 28 video minutes to call the end of big oil tax breaks “an assault.” Romney thinks it's a gas to go after gas with gas, no “secret chemicals.” Finger pointing substitutes for policy (a Republican pillar: don't explain, blame and slime!); not in ignorance, but to appeal to preconceived notions. That list of ideas/actions despite evidence of falsehood and failure, everybody else knows is true. Reply, we'll deprogram you.


“It's A Gas”


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