Pigs are omnivores and will eat any kind of food: insects, tree bark, leaves, and fruits

. Pigs have 44 teeth. The canine teeth (tusks) continue to grow. Pigs have an excellent s ense of smell. hog = pig over 125 pounds


Goats are browsers and like to eat twigs, leaves, vines, and shrubs. They can stand on their hind (back) legs to get their food! A goat’s tail points UP. Goats like to be independent. A baby is called a kid.


Rabbits eat leaves and vegetables. They like fruit but too much isn’t good for them! A group of rabbits is called a herd. A bunny is a baby rabbit. Mother rabbits pull out their own fur to build a nest before they give birth.


There are many different hors es but the ones on a farm are often draft horses. Horses have 36 teet h: 12 in front and 24 in back. They eat grasses: hay and grain. Horses have an excellent sense of sight.


Sheep are grazers and like to eat tender grass, clover, and weeds. A ‘baby’ is called a lamb. Most sheep grow wool for their coat and this has to be cut (shorn) each year. Sheep like to hang out with other sheep. This is called a flock.


A rooster or cock is a male (boy) chicken. A ‘baby’ is called a cockerel. Roosters can crow all day long. They have cockscombs on top of their heads.


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