The thing I fear the most by Justin Benedict de Guzman The thing I fear the most is being alone

with no one else to care for. For me being alone is being lifeless like in a hole only filled with darkness and death. But this is the real world my fears usually would end up being a reality. Being alone is worst than death itself my fear is fueled by my insatiable quest for love, affection and understanding. Which I long most from my parents. Which my parents could never give. Which I seek in the opposite sex. The thing I fear the most took form last semester. In a form of a beautiful girl. Which took my heart and sweep me off my feet. Yes its love but as they say ‘easy come easy go’. She came and left me as fast as I can realize that it’s over. The pain is creeping in as the days gone by. I steadily fell into the abyss of loneliness. I said I will never again fall love with the girl with the softest lips that lashed out the most violent words. But again I prove myself wrong. Even though were apart and she even though lashed out my heart. I could not help to fall prey to her womanly wails. In my conclusion my worst fear is being abandoned by a girl I love which often happens to me a great philosopher once told me with great power can great responsibility I wish the girls would learn to use their abilities in a more productive manner once that power was used on me and only brought pain and misery well it’s no use whining what is done is done before I was torned but now I’m scorned this is that essay of the man once torned now scorned the essay of the scorned lover

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