00000 Smalls Tuna Tartare avocado, cucumber, tomato


14 14 9.5 10 9.5 8 7.5

Tuna Tartare avocado, cucumber, tomato, sesame Grilled Octopus dry cured Beldi olives, roasted red peppers Shrimp sautéed w/lemon and dill Cashew Cheese pink peppercorns, orange coconut salad Leeks & Fennel nicoise olives, over creamy goat cheese Cauliflower & Chick Peas cucumber dill yogurt Vegetarian Onion Soup tomato broth, cheddar & fennel sandwich

Vegetarian tomato, eggplant, caper, olive & feta Farmhouse bacon, sharp Vermont cheddar, Granny Smith apple Pescatarian steamed Cherrystone clams, Parmesan and fresh herbs, w/bacon, add $2 12 13 14

Fare Mixed Greens fresh vegetables, pepitas, currants, miso dressing Caesar brioche croutons, Parmesan Reggiano Gingered Beets walnut chutney, ricotta, baby arugula salad Watercress grapefruit, avocado, Maytag bleu cheese Kale crispy roasted Lacinato kale, tangy bacon dressing and fried egg 8.5 8.5 10 11 9

Salmon coconut curry and vegetables Striped Bass avocado salsa & broccoli rabe Avocado Crabcakes sweet chili sauce, sugar snap peas Scallops whole wheat pasta, spinach, arugula pesto Bison spinach & feta bison burger served open faced and topped w/lemon herb yogurt Chicken Meatballs pancetta, swiss chard Yukon gold potatoes, Romano cheese Flank Steak roasted potatoes, French beans, chimichurri Pork Osso Bucco apricot & plum glaze, creamy polenta, asparagus NY Strip 10 oz grassfed steak, green peppercorn demi, chevre potato cake Vegetable Cakes wild mushroom cake, corn salsa, carrot cake, edamame hummus Seitan spicy BBQ sauce, polenta & broccoli rabe 22 28 24 26 18 16.5 18 24 26 16 15

French Green Beans sautéed with garlic and shallots Broccoli Rabe steamed and lightly seasoned Roasted Potatoes Russian fingerling potatoes Sugar Snap Peas sautéed with garlic and shallots 6 6 6 6

organic. local. sustainable. artisan. crafted.

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