Interim Summer Project Review

HUL-Vijeta: The Wholesale loyalty program


To study the HUL-Vijeta Program for wholesalers & recommend a wholesaler loyalty program for ITC.

Why Vijeta?
 Wholesale channel contributing almost 45% of the overall HUL sale (Baroda)  The most successful loyalty program in FMCG running for the past 6 yrs.  Well executed  At a very mature stage  Completely integrated into the HUL ERP system  Similarity of product categories between ITC and HUL

STUDY Schedule
 Gathering information about Vijeta  Gain insight at various levels  HUL TSI/TSOs  HUL distributors  HUL salesmen  HUL Vijeta Wholesalers  Study other similar programs for better understanding of loyalty programs

How: The Methodology
 Personal Interviews for HUL  Sales beat with HUL salesman  Research Methodology  Exploratory Research  Secondary Data Collection  Questionnaire Design  Data Collection & Analysis  Presentation

HUL Vijeta: Overview
 A target based incentive program – for the wholesale channel  Purpose  Drive growth through higher circulation  Substitution of competition  Wholesaler earns points on every purchase and redeems them for rewards  Vijeta Presentation:
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Pres

Exploratory Research
 The exploratory questionnaire revealed the following factors for study  Level of understanding of the program  Benefits – Actual V/s Perceived  Evaluation of Rewards  Impact of program  Target related information  Program specific activities
• Mela • Power SKUs
Micros oft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Pres

Secondary Data
 Standard evaluation criteria for loyalty programs  Medium & Large size wholesalers of ITC which would be Vijeta members  Vijeta targets for current MOC  Baroda  List of Power SKUs  Other company program details
 MOC = Monthly Operating Cycle  Sources:  Internet, HUL Target Sheet Baroda, Vijeta Print Material

Questionnaire: Demographics
 Average age of a Vijeta outlet owner is around 36 years (Young & Enterprising)


Sales/Target Average

Average of Dets+PP Average of Foods Average of Lakme

8,49,000 2,00,000 2,11,667 2,12,273 87,500 63,750 1,07,818 40,000 65,000


Average of Dets+PP Average of Foods Average of Lakme


Average of Dets+PP Average of Foods Average of Lakme

Target Achievement

Brand Preference


Letters / Pamphlets

Outlet Profile

Other Observations
 94% of the outlets redeem their points annually. They do so in the annual redemption Mela organized by HUL.  62% of the Vijeta members surveyed believe that they are earning fixed additional margin over other non-vijeta outlets.  82% of the outlets prefer hanging sachet strips over display window as a part of the Vijeta display requirement.  Most preferred reward is Money On Card with 72% respondents liking it. 2nd most preferred reward is Gold with 22% of respondents liking it.


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