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Published by: Shariq Ansari on Mar 16, 2012
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State Attributes

‡ Identifies whether MO is available for use. ‡ Operational State ± Enabled: MO in good conditions ± Disabled: MO is bad or fail condition. ± Operational state value is automatically set by the node. ‡ Administrative State ± Locked: the use of this MO is not allowed ± Unlocked: the use of this MO is allowed ± Shutting_Down: no new users are accepted

‡ CV does not include the actual load modules or the upgrade package. . ‡ CV is used for backup and restore. ‡ CVs are stored on a flash disk in the MMGw node.Configuration Version (CV) ‡ Configuration Version (CV) is a managed object that holds the current network element configuration.

‡ . if any. point to the Configuration Versions folder with the right mouse button and select Properties from the pop-up menu. hours:minutes. The format is HH:MM. that is. The check symbol in the check-box indicates that the function is enabled.Enable & Disable Automatic Creation of CV ‡ ‡ In the Element Manager Software view. ± Specify the time for automatic creation of the CV in the Time field. The Configuration Versions Properties window is displayed. Click Apply to save the changes. check the Auto CV creation check-box . Disable Automatic Creation of CV ± If a CV is not to be created automatically. so the check symbol disappears. Enable Automatic Creation of CV: ± Click the Auto CV creation check-box. ± Click OK to save the parameter values and to close the window.

‡ Restart Cold with Test . the node will be unavailable for several minutes. * All the 4 options restart is traffic affected. The interruption to traffic is longer. The interruption to traffic is of medium duration.Reloads and restarts the node with all software and reset all hardware. The interruption to traffic is short.Restarts the node with the same software. The interruption to traffic is longer than for a cold restart. . This is the preferred restart type ‡ Restart Refresh . ‡ Restart Cold .Reloads and restarts the node with all software and resets parts of the hardware.Reloads and restarts the node with all software and reset all the hardware. Due to the test of hardware.4 Options for Restart ‡ Restart Warm .

Hard Lock & Soft Lock ‡ Soft Lock .traffic is interrupted and the board locks immediately.the traffic on the board is shut down. the board is locked. When all traffic on the board has finished or has been moved to another board. ‡ Hard Lock . .

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