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Rhyme Mary and Embrys Story "After Breaking Dawn

Rhyme Mary and Embrys Story "After Breaking Dawn

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Published by Ginny
*parallel to Renesmee Cullen:Rising Sun* Mary is a normal teenager whose life changes in one day, the day she meets Embry Call. Nessie, Mary's close friend from school, introduces her to this FULL world of myths. What will happen?
*parallel to Renesmee Cullen:Rising Sun* Mary is a normal teenager whose life changes in one day, the day she meets Embry Call. Nessie, Mary's close friend from school, introduces her to this FULL world of myths. What will happen?

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Published by: Ginny on Mar 17, 2012
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The headache returned back on full force as soon as the pain killer's effect fad
ed, like it was waiting for it to fade. I just stayed on that couch that everyth
ing today happened to happen on, not it was much anyways, and forced my eyes shu
t, hoping to fall asleep, either that or the headache goes away. It was still 4p
m so sleeping right now didn't sound like such a good idea; I'll mess up my slee
ping schedule. Again.

And Mom and Dr. Brooke would kill me if I took any other pain killers right now;
they would cause me something that was too long for me to memorize; I decided t
o save most of the memorizing part to med-school if I ever attend it. Bottom lin
e: No.

I just had to endure it. Ugh.

Allen had went up to his room to do whatever he wanted to do that I really didn'
t care about at the moment, truce or no truce.

Thank God, I fell asleep. That was what I realized when Dad woke me up. I found
that, probably my mother, had gotten my blanket for me down here. Thanks Mom.

"Wake up, sweetie," he said," Lunch's ready." I groaned.

"Okay," I mumbled grudgingly. He chuckled and removed a strand of my hair from m
y face. I noticed how he, reflexively, dropped his hand.

"You're burning up," he commented and I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes.

"I'm sick," I said," Hasn't Allen told you?" I asked as I sat up slowly, yawning
. He shook his head and, this time, I let myself roll my eyes. Typical Allen.

"Do you want to go up and sleep?" he asked. I thought about it for a second.

"I'll eat first," I decided; I was starving. He smiled and got up to Mom in the
kitchen and I followed." Hey, Mom," I said, fixing my hair. She looked at me and
smiled after she poured some tomato soup in a bowl. One bowl. Yeah, she knew I
was sick.

"Hey," she replied," Slept well?" she asked and I nodded. Sleeping was the best
thing that happened today, after Embry left. I smiled at the thought. She put th
e bowl in front of me and went to get the rest of the plates for the rest of us.
I began drinking/eating it at once. One thing about soup: I never knew whether
it's eating or drinking; I mean it's a meal that you use a spoon to eat/drink, b
ut at the same time, there's no chewing.

Wow; the cold was getting into my head.

Dad called for Allen who wouldn't refuse a call to food. Never. Especially if it
was the macaroni with bashamel sauce and fried chicken next to it. And it doesn
't even show; he's the type of people who can stay all day and night eating nume
rous calories but still manage to stay slim. Sometimes I was jealous of him for
that; if I eat one too-fatty meal, I gain weight. That's exactly why I don't eat
much; I had been through this stupid chubby-kid phase when I was Al's age. Now,
I wasn't that chubby, but still not what you can call skinny. But I've had enou
gh so I decided to keep it that way.

"Mmm," I said, feeling the soup rin down my slightly-sore throat. From what I'd
seen, it was my favorite tomato soup: With cooking cream and extra pepper." Than

ks Mom," I said.

This whole cold thing better end fast.


Embry Call

"What's with the mood?" Jake asked as I went to "the Pack's secret meeting place
that's not much of a secret anymore" AKA Sam's. I shrugged and grabbed a chair
in the kitchen, AKA "the centre of top secret meetings that usually ended up wit
h Emily's cookies". Emily had made some sandwiches today for a change. I grabbed
one and actually took my time eating it, earning several wide eyes that had sto
pped what they're doing.

"What?" I asked, still half the sandwich in my hand. Emily came beside me and pu
t a hand on my shoulder, wiping an imaginary tear away.

"Someone has actually listened and chewed before swallowing," she spoke like a p
roud mother of a seven-year-old that just passed his first exam. Everyone broke
into laughter and I chuckled a little.

"Seriously, what's wrong?" Jake asked after everyone managed to catch their brea
ths. Quil had finished his third one- while I was here- and raised an eyebrow at
me while he ate his forth as if to support Jake in his question.

"Why do you think something's wrong?" I asked, finally finishing my sandwich.

"You're-" Brady paused, raising his eyebrows." Oh my God, you decided to age," h
e concluded. Huh?

Everyone froze. What was up with them?

"I'm not gonna start aging now," I said." What's wrong with you people?" I asked

"Fine," Jake said," We'll know on patrol tonight." I scowled at him.

"Something's going on with Mary, right?" Sam spoke as he joined our 'conversatio
n' in the kitchen. He didn't need wolf-hearing to hear us from the living room.
Well, duh.

"She's sick," I said, grabbing my second sandwich then deciding I wasn't really
that hungry so I put it back down.

"Something serious?" Quil assumed. I shook my head. Thank GOD it wasn't anything
that serious.

"A cold," I answered.

"Okay so we all imprinted," Brady said," But you lost it, man." He made a semi-c
ircle beside his temple. I just shrugged.

"I feel responsible for this," I said. Quil's and Jake's mouths formed an 'o' at
the same time. It was pretty funny.

"December plus the freezing ocean," Mr. Babysitter said," Plus a human," he adde
d," Not so good. You should've known." Well, I felt guilty enough, thank you ver
y much.

"Babysitter," Brady and I coughed at the same time earning a shrug from Quil.

"Just sayin'," he said. Yeah, he didn't mind at all being a babysitter if it was
for Claire. That's my best friend, everyone.

The rest of the day passed by pretty slowly. I spent a lot of time on the cliffs
and thought about her request to take her cliff-diving. Ain't gonna happen.

Then I tried calling her but she wouldn't answer so I figured that she was aslee
p. That's why I didn't call her again, I didn't want to wake her up. I went home
when it was starting to get dark, not that I cared that much about the darkness
but I wanted to spend some time with Mom.

After I came back home yesterday she was already asleep, but I noticed she had a
smile on her face. I felt like a little kid once again and was really happy for

You can't imagine how relieving it is to finally live with no secrets, to finall
y be able to tell her everything. That's why I told Mary about the wolf thing th
e day I met her, doing the craziest thing ever by risking having her run away sc
reaming her lungs out. But, since I could tell her, it's better sooner than late
r. It worked out pretty fine.

I couldn't imagine how I actually could look into other girls before I met her,
I just couldn't. I mean, I dated a lot, but nothing serious, knowing I was just
messing around, looking for momental pleasure and that was it. Being a werewolf,
I knew I couldn't risk getting into something serious. Not after the Sam/Leah/E
mily ordeal.

They were all Mary's total opposites; careless, bubbleheads at times, immature,
hormone-driven. Yeah, literally. I shuddered at the thought.

While Mary's everything great; mature, hard-worker, sweet, funny, so innocent in
a way that it's sometimes...well, too much but I don't mind, responsible and ex
quisite, really. And I don't think she knows how beautiful she really is, on bot
h the inside and the outside.

Mom was watching some soap-opera on TV when I walked in. Talk about irony. I sne
aked behind her back and kissed her cheek.

"Hi, Mom," I said and she jumped then looked at me with accusing eyes.

"Next time when I do have a heart attack," I continued with her; I knew what she
was going to say," I hold you fully responsible for my death." We both laughed.
It hurt the very first time I did that, about 10 years ago or something but whe
n I realized she was joking I laughed along with her. And she still get startled
each and every time.

I sank into the couch beside her. Speaking of couches, I really sat on too many
today, first Mary's and now this. I glanced at the TV.

"Days Of Our Lives?" I said," Again?" She smiled.

"It's a new season," she said. I rolled my eyes.

"Mom it's 2014, when are they going to stop?" I asked. (A/N: Uh- Nessie was born
2008 and she's six now, so, right?)

She shrugged," I don't know," she said and continued to watch the show.

It ended half an hour later. She turned her head to face me.

"So you imprinted, huh?" she started and I smiled- No, more like grinned.

"Yeah," I answered. You see, Mom wasn't the type of person who'd go over what ha
ppened in the past, I knew she wouldn't bring up what happened yesterday again.
It hurt a little to feel that she's taking it all inside, you know?

She looked at me with half-teary eyes and sat on her knees to run her tiny hands
in my short hair.

"It feels like only yesterday when you used to bring Jake and Quil here to watch
the Ninja Turtles-" So a normal mother would say something along 'It seemed lik
e yesterday when I first changed your diapers' or something like that. But, real
ly, Mom wasn't normal. And, believe me when I say this, I don't need my mother r
eminding me of her changing my diapers.

I laughed," Quil still watches it," I said and she laughed.

"Yeah, this little Claire is so amazing," she commented." You know what makes me
even happier about this?" She asked.


She hugged me as she answered," I'll never see any of those Barbie dolls around
here!" She said, referring to my ex-'girlfriends'." She looks like a good girl."
I nodded.

"She is," I reassured her," And, trust me, she's the complete opposite of anythi
ng you've seen before." I didn't really, formally, introduce any of those 'Barbi
e Dolls' to Mom but, you see, Mom had, of course, a key to this house and- yeah.

"I know," she said," She sure doesn't look like them," she added and broke away
our brief hug to sit back on the couch," And she loves you."

"And how do you know that?" I didn't doubt Mary's love to me but Mom only met he
r once.

"Well, if you haven't seen the way she looks at you and blushes each and every t
ime you touched her, then I had a blind boy." I sighed.

"I know," I said," She's so adorable, isn't she?" I said and she just stared at
me with proud eyes, not answering me with her words.

Amber Call was one amazing mother. I knew that for sure.

And, yeah, I know- Amber and Embry. Weird.


Mary Anderson

"...Yes, I took my vitamins and the medicine you gave me and I didn't drink any
milk, anything else?" I said. Apparently, milk 'deactivated' the effect of this
medecine. She nodded.

"Nope," she said." Do you need any help with your work?" She glanced at the Phot
oshop image I had opened to edit- The cover. I shook my head.

Mom was a graphic designer and most of her work was done from home, that's why s

he didn't go to work often, except on meetings and such.

"No, thanks," I said," I want to do this on my own," I added. She nodded underst
andingly and got out of my room. Before I even reached the mouse, my cell phone
rang loudly on my bed, the sound of the vibrations muffled by the woolen covers.
I sighed and stood up then threw myself on the bed before I answered Matt.

"Hey," I said," And before you say anything, yes, I'm sick." I didn't need his s
arcastic comments right now. He laughed.

"Good morning," he said." How are you, M?" he asked and I knew this was just a c
all because he was bored- or his iPod died and he forgot to recharge it.

You see, Matt is the kind of guy who has this awesome taste in music. I liked ev
erything he listened to- except Metal; I didn't need any screeching in my ears.
Last year, he went through the baggy-pants-hoodie-messy-hair-and-converse phase
and it was just so much fun until he wanted to get a piercing, that was when Bra
d and I had to shake him back into reality. It was still hilarious. But, this ye
ar, he was the typical, uh- preppy athlete. If that made any kind of sense. But
nothing made sense with Matt, really. One day he tries cigar, the other day he-
He snapped me out of my reverie.

"Err- Mary?" he said.

"Oh," I said," Oh, yeah, I'm fine. How're you doing?" he said.

"Someone have wandered to their imaginary world," he teased.

"Well, I was remembering that day when you wanted to get-" he cut me off before
I continued teasing.

"Bad times, end of story," he said and I laughed." And I'm fine," he said," My s
ister just thought it was funny to take my iPod with her today when she went out
." His sister, Chloe, was just a few months younger than Allen. We complain abou
t both of them a lot. He snorted," She says she's actually going on a date," he
said," the lil' kid." I laughed.

"A date?" I said," Seriously? Al is going on a- Oh my GOD!"

"What?" he asked. I just broke into a fit of laughter that lasted for a good amo
unt of time.

"Allen...and...Chloe," I panted, gathering my breath.

"Yeah?" he stretched the word. I laughed again." What the Hell did they give you
? Marijuana?" He always teased about that. When I start laughing this hard there
's no stop. No biggie.

"No, no," I said," Allen and Chloe," I took a deep breath," ARE ON A DATE!" I wa
s finally able to talk coherently.

"What?" he said, holding his laughter," Are you serious? Allen said he was out o
n a date, too?" he asked.

"Yeah," I laughed again," Oh my God," I breathed.

"They both deserve what they're getting, then," Matt said." Chloe Davis and Alle
n Anderson," he said," Prepare yourself for the disaster," he added. Both of the
m were equally annoying.

"And they don't know we know," I said.

"You evil little girl," he said and we both chuckled." Look, I gotta go now 'cau
se I'm almost out of credit-" Typical Matthew-" Are you going to the game tomorr
ow?" he asked.

"What game?" I asked.

"You don't know?" he asked," Tomorrow's the semi-final," he said.

"Oh," I said," When?"

"At 7," he said.

"Nope," I answered.

"Why?" he asked.

"Curfew- 8pm maximum," I explained.

"Dammit," he said," Okay, then. I'll talk to you later," he said.

"Bye!" I said as I pressed the red button.

I heard the doorbell ring and Mom open the door. My eyes widened as I realized i
t was 3pm already- Embry's here and I'm still in my PJ's- I like to stay comfort
able when sick.

I rushed to my wardrobe and decided to wear something new this time so I matched
my off-white, high-neck top with my newest purple Guess bag that I haven't even
used yet and off-white ballerina flats. I didn't have any purple shoes. I went
to Mom's room to get her purple fancy-plastic never-really-used necklace- I felt
like I wanted to change. I didn't know where we were going though.

Mom didn't bother to call me when he came, she knew I heard the doorbell.

I let my bangs loose and held th rest of my hair up in a pony tail- I didn't wan
t the rain to ruin how it looks. I grabbed my cash and cell and put them into my
bag, not bothering with any perfume; I usually didn't, plus, I put on some body
mist when I got out of the shower this morning.

I ran my way downstairs, almost tripping on the stairs. Almost.

I was met by Embry's dimple-showing-grin. The cutest of them all and my personal
favorite. I smiled hugely as well. He hugged me.

"You look gorgeous, honey," he commented and I rolled my eyes, trying to hide th
e blush.

"8pm!" Mom called from behind us as we hurried out of the place. I needed out! A
nd with Embry. Perfect.

I noticed that he had Jacob's car today- not his motorcycle this time. I wondere
d if it was because I was sick or what. But he told me he borrowed it all the ti

"So where are we going?" I asked. By the way, today's goal was try not to say hi
s name- Simply because it would sound more like 'Ebbry'. Yeah, I know. I didn't
need any embarassing.

"I was thinking maybe the mall," he said," Do you want to shop a little?" My mou
th fell open. A guy, my boyfriend, was offering to take me shopping! What happen
ed to the world? He, of course, noticed my expression and chuckled." Jake and Ne
ssie's wedding is on the first of January, you know," he said.

"Oh," I said," Okay, then." It was the beginning of the month and Dad had given
me my money this morning. So I had pretty much a lot, enough for a simple dress
anyways, nothing too fancy.

We arrived at the mall in exactly 15 minutes. I smiled as we entered the place w
e first met. He seemed to remember that, too as he kissed the top of my head and
wrapped an arm around my waist.

"It was a...weird day, but in a good way," he commented. I chuckled.

"Yeah, I remember." That was not two weeks ago and I actually walked alone with
Embry and hugged him and cried my eyes out. That was one Heck of a day.

We walked into one of those stores which you don't actually know its name until
you see the receipt. Like I said, nothing too fancy. Nothing fancy at all.

My phone rang as I entered the store. Nessie.

"Hey, Ness," I answered immediately.

"Hey, Mary," she said," I wanted to tell you-" she was cut off.

"Hello, sweetie, it's Alice," she said. The fortune-teller. I was getting comfor
table around them.

"Hi, Alice...?" I said, she never called me herself. She did say we were going t
o be 'great friends' though.

"You're going to be Nessie's bridesmaid and I have your dress, so-" she paused f
or five seconds-" don't buy anything pink!" She said." And I need you to come he
re sometime soon for the last fitting." I just stared with what I expected was a
dumbfounded expression until it sank in. Embry was, apparently, amused by that

"Really?" I was excited." Great!" I said," But how did you know I am dress-shopp
ing now?" I asked; I knew she couldn't see the wolves.

"Oh," she said," Jacob told me," she said," Have fun! See you on Wednesday!" She
hung up on me. Wednesday? Well, she knew better.

Embry had picked two dresses for me as I was on the phone. One was dark blue, st
rapless and about sho- I mean, long enough. The other was bright red, floor-leng
th but backless. I blushed at even the thought.

"Here," he handed me the dresses," Go try them on," he said. I could feel this w
asn't his first shopping trip with a girl- I just tried to shake it off.

I tried on the dark blue on first; it just seemed more realistic. I wondered why
there wasn't any shopping assistant with us but shrugged it off; maybe it was o
ne of those 'help yourself' shops. Or Embry just dismissed him/her. I didn't kno

It was just perfectly-fitting my chest then it loosened around my waist to becom
e completely loose just right above my hip. It came a couple of inches above my
knees. Embry knocked.

"Done?" he asked. I opened the door and got out.

"What do you think?" I asked," Too short?" I turned around to give him a full vi
ew of the dress. He just kept staring at me." Earth to Embry!" Which came out li
ke I said, 'Ebbry'. I blushed in embarassment. He didn't catch that though so I
went to him and stretched on my tiptoes to give him a quick peck on his lips, wh
ich succeeded in snapping him back to reality.

"No, not too short it's just perfect," he said and, since we were the only ones
in the room he pulled my face into his hands and kissed me, so slowly and gently
and perfectly that I didn't want to stop. And I didn't want to change back into
my casual clothes either; apparently, he liked the dress. That was it, I was bu
ying it. He pulled away after a few- a lot of- seconds.

"I'm gonna go try-" he cut me off and snatched the red one from behind me.

"No, no," he said," I told you, this is, uh, great. Perfect," he added," But, th
is-" he lifted the dress up," would be pushing things over the edge," he mumbled
. I smiled and went back to change as I thought about what he said. I knew red w
as his favorite color on me and the dress-


I see.

He can't be any more perfect.

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