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eBrew Brew like a man 75 Taste Tests Good.THE REGULARS 6 8 Chee.Mail That's what she said 18 Ask Beer Why are you so delicious 20 Here's to You Cheers yourself 22 Beer Anatomy Winter warmers 62 Attend A Beer Fest! 28 Beer Kitchen Hey pumpkin 70 Hom. better. Can. best 81 The Brewery Beer and comics 92 Beer Games Up the river 96 Beer Taps Art that gives you beer 9S Tapped Out I gotta pee FEATURES 38 By the Numbers Beer flows like wine Sierra Nevada 52 Keg. Bottle Which is best 56 Beer 201 : Myths The time before beer 88 The Industry Shop talk [04]:BeeI" .rs Good beer Buzz Get some 12 Calendar Got NOV/DEC 2008 ISSUE 7 a date 14 Beer .

On the Cover." Mt. by Carl Hyndman com I photo Cawww.« 84 Beer Traveler NewOrieans . Mt. mtbaJdylodge. 8aldy Lodge. Anna PamCI at the . 48 Beer Dictionary :[05] ..

P ~ me BinMa!( Beer. •• Donas.l! MOST•• 6r~5e't S.rt beer d'r'in'king 5fi't lOring ~ up thevisionofa~aJflfete" _0..I~ aero..tlE MDn . it's good.THE RANTS 1ll1N~ I WISH WAS &DDD FOR ME 1IIAS.tan~bl'll!!tbV. laughing and dancing to say "if you !. so it might be that what really makes something good goes back to that answer that I felt was a copout"If you like it.fl delinaret'j doo.on c:tbe5\ 'Itley are wrapped Hl:e.tlE MDn . [1~t's not rotten and doesn't have a blJ{l:Ln [t. I can't tell the €:l'lICe between the organic stuff we buy and the non-caenlc.y mere. but does 1I<IN61 WISH WAS SDDD F08"! MOO I IlA"!ETIlE MIISt •• L"'. .$ edgy Tom Leykis show. I1lE OJa'.' Mercedes. even the biggest breweries love to produce their beers for those who love Ihem." Even with that I wondered whether I had actually answered the what makes a good vegetable. fti('s anlmala IFnatwas a ~.. refreshing flavor.f:Ij~lt"lalean'l.ol any li:jl'f~L I answered with this analogy: "You can buy mass produced in the grocery store. Goad toffee makes the bathroom ~ule'k.ring how ~ommon it rs. Ch_ being smaller make them better?' So. Be<. does make a ve'ry good beer? roO.BUJ DOESN'T ••• au'li. d[ffer-4.'' Ir 'ttM:uI':. 3.. '" -:oUJ"Se. After all.. ... .ji~" b. "'I O~E TII[NG YOU wnuw IIIJ"" really only say that a coffee is bad when it is burn! or ashy tasting .BU! DDESN'T ••• A M1k Boo..Ye5ifs.l'llo? [os]:Beer" . how does one answer the question "What makes a good beer?" I think that many of us in Ihe beer industry are searching for this elusive answer..' Are they bad cars? I think what "this is a good beer. 5. •• tnbstar tee l:1"e. o and the other that around What question..:hdr~i~~ Ill! ONE 111100 YOU WOUW lH[M'IlISTE.." Certainly there are makes this question so difficult 10 answer is thai there are so many styles of beers and personal tastes thai it's hard 10 say definitively There are small production millions who think Bud and Coors are good beers. I don't tt'link so.ikeit.fe-_ 1llINGI WISH WAS &DO~ FOR ME WAS.. Tom i. you'di :p-jl1k it w...:'."ElUT DIlESN'T. l am St:!lrting ttl tfllnk that Silobber)'" cernes lntc pJay witli "qccd.!din:raw.!1 FDOD I HIlTI' 1"E Most . it's good. but there are some styles I don't like. Lful IdlOi Ihi1 t1'nu!1Meall~. •• F. one the more the more . Conside."Ill[1lIl YOU WOUW !HlD mS!ES questlcns are ones that don't turn. the questions" but ft costs more man ti:"Je average person can afford.)"" know about. and I think it is why we see so many styles of beer.1l1ut£ l' 1. Bul even some of those flavors are intentional.. "IllE ONE "Illllill YOU \VDUW !HI"" TASTES 'CODD.. vary good host and haa asked on several have a simple answer. them around on you.c.<lI Irie. •• Beerlrt -5mallocses irs.~. or you can get homemade II was like asking somebody ice cream. which is delicious. dog biscuiL and it's really good. i THE ONE "IllL"" YOU "OUW IIIJMK TASTES GOIJD. .ood itd!!a? lllmG I VNIH VIAS GDOD FOR ME 1IIAS.•• 1lmES OW"".rtrer. lind what makes a really good beer might be just that simple. ~Dn~ I HAW:~HEMost •• Raw I\<>"ad iI'I. "What is "'E O~E TII[NG YOU wnuw IIIJ"" 1lmES ru:UlD. ." So the quest to u. IJ you ask "IllING I WISH VIAS GIlOil FOR ME 1IIAS. beers that target that same ligh'!. Beets. roO.f:'. I'm silting here drinking my coffee and asking myself." "IllE ONl"lllrOO YOU \VOUW IIIJIIIC TASTES -GQIJO.otber than th-at \I'i'B pa.~SI!I ~:m~~"~~:L1m~f!a:.t~..1o'-~1-. And I can ~Dllill I'" sr:JGARI WAS.mI~b:u:tfl. "What makes a good coffee?"" I like coffee. .1l1ut£ l'..~ril..wOO". ~fl 1Nas. 6._. and then there are those who don't. MEWAS . •. COmE! TIlE ONI "Ill[llJlYOU WOULIJ THlIIIC !ASTES 2.".:r:e: 't. ". THING. THING I WISH WAS SDOD F08"~ WAS .sdip:p. ice cream from a specially stores.carxfy t.ElUlDIlW'T ••• MenUlb.proul5-• "IllmG I VNIH VIAS GDOD FOR ME 1IIAS. The M-sl answers to really answer phllcscphlcal Godspeed.~~ VER THE PAST FEW MONTHS some promotional work show that we've done radio on a syndicated different some of you m~ght have heard or We've done two upscale Tasting shows..a:rn.lin dims 1216-Derek Buono Executive Editor derekb@thebeermag.l1ealthy ~'dbe a fmess Guru.e it.\ VlISH VIAS GOOD FOA. Nul::.ea occasions.irlhd~:f(:~~. •• L_" wilhlotsofl'eI11Cif!1I:t.! taste ij. With Tom..' someone to think about good cars they mi.. but after some it really started makes a good beer?" really doesn't the subject This is a aeemingly simple question The easy way out to bother me.ght menlion high~end cars like BMW or but then there are Hondas and Toyotas teo. Ugh! I1lING I WISH WAS&DOIl FOR MI 1IIAS.

8 u ffo I 0 rewery .

101 thoug h you pro boolv won' I gel if you feel you're be i r g ~le resp=".S. a facelift See. off tha IS GOOD NEWS! Those of you in the mid-Allonric U." In I~e$'" coses. 16 oz. But tlJal's not the end ot this tale. l another Super Bowl managed to stir 8-tool·diameter some (albeit not as mucft) c{)Jltroversy.. (Seamh YouTube for "Full Throttle Super Bowl XI. TIli s tim e..roadragedeSigns..- i~'snot Ihe bartender's feu t. they created an authentic rcpli na 01 the 70s-era Chicago favorite dow~ to the lego.3 fit ne o diffelel1ce belvveen "proosr pour" a~d a "prolil pour. -111 ". tl% sidewal sand :.:' if yoor Super Sunday memory is as fuzzy as ours. .d 10 spol them... 14 oz.) It seems !he American TruckJng Association di dn't agree witlJ the negative stereotype presented in the com m ercial. but most culp·iis 11m: 25% 10 oz. which purchased Goose in 2006 as on asset Brewing of the Frederick Company and now brews up both 'brands in the same sta te-ol-ih e-c rt Ma ryl and fa ci [oe]:Beer" • www.s: Brown ond Extro Pale Ale.. Mike Grillo and his crew were able 10 tum this portable energy drink promo intO' a can of Heile man's Old style@ Bee r as a tribute to Dave's father. 08~er ideo is 10 visit one 01 I~e myfiad websiles Ihallrad false pinl ussr> Defore you go oul.eolly_ FirM. rernernbei t~a\. some shifty oors and rastouronts around Ihe US are counleroclinq a rise in beer costs by swilc~ing t'am 10-10 14-ounce glosses without lowering prices.thebeergauge. Not fcmilior with Wild Goose? its Flying Wild You may recognize parent company. then sure take your business h one '0 b e esto 01ishmenl.. Dave teach. a self-professed collector of wor1d'slargest items. scored the trailer en eBay.ith brewe. There's ~othing like some Avery® film and.. are corehi rollo to on PINCHING PENNIES BY CUTIING OUNCES be ho. bUllhey do have ihinel 0 The "PIaget'" Beer Gauge K«pY_ Bonrotdu H~I --c. These "c'stes" appear to be Ihe some size end shcpe as ll1eir pin~sized b..5 its flavor and aroma. the 01 any packaging sort of supply is getting 25% of Beer Missi~g..-lender exody m lstreoted. <cf off Whot can you do if vou're seNed 0 "chealer pinl?" Not lot. So Ihsy're oct technlcolly lying or false advertisi"g A.. Dog. Armed w. and as a result 01 the ir protests. and born-on date. Wild Goose's English-style but not because brewer's might have a tougher ales over the next lew shortage. we got to see a can of Full ThrotUe run a Red BulJ-toflng compact 22-foot-long. and after a year of badly needed repair you wa~I)_ You can even gel yourse'! a B""r Gauge 10 show Ihe ~ow much you're m issin9. T REDEFINING woyears "BIG BEER"· up ane.oldstylebeer.:::-=--. th sn request 0 lop off !:a.fU!lction" entered our lexicon. rthe tenn Uwardrobe IDa. A th ick-bottcmed glass looks like a pint but holds less.pI. stock ~umber.. instead of Janet's tight breast. onother cornmor cosl-cutli'1g Irick end ale served a I o-ounce AI we pointed out bock in IheJon/Fea 0' ill Now. round elsewhere. Iet au r 9 0 rious co pita Ilst system work its mag lc 0" d ouy you r next www. a big-ass pri nterm the hands of an expert 10 make us th irsty! www. Coke pull ad it off tlJe air. cdvertise t'neir sizes. BuI. so il can coltorns 10 lip you me owner. a cerloir omounl fa< making your crew lapd you! I less gasS'y and giving you a ful oop-ecknlon 0 oi becd .. ovion-therned large-scale as part of a of their A 'proper pour' at some bars is 14. he contacted Road Rage Designs for a make-over.n. goad whet if you encounter 9 ass thots rnosllv I-I ed wilh Ia: room? Tnat's a differert siluatio~ oltcqeiherl issue. time finding ._ % 60z 63% ~lf n~11 _r 1"'1 HiI If . again. you COl' try demor-dl ng a refund.ry-supplied artwork. you're within your rights 10 let Ihings selt e wi r'~out to~i ng a lip.Il. But. effort to revitalize its brand. Secord. there is . Other components plan include 0 redesigned website and MO add itions gaggle Lager to their yeor-round of goodnes.In what is becoming a very disllJrbing trend. ur-less he's and they don't oWe you sqLJOI De .5 ounces plus a head. so dor-t toke it out on him.

BuIi f the brid e-to-b e hcs helping moke plans. Cynthia say' there are plenty 01 3D coke decorotcrsin the U. Are you hunter? How about 0 deer blind with slond? Abc. you find 0 Cynthio. Simply be sure to csk for photos of their work. but was recently launched inlc national dis!riblllion: From the sensually II ag ship. Cynthie 10 nd excl ted) ond her son. mind you. John. spiced Albino Pytll on '" White Lage r to til eir hoppy. II you aren't 01 chocolate better close enough to Edinburg.PASSION So. com Beer:[Og] . lear not. but we do have an ideo of what it's going to be. coli dlbs on tI1e coke. as that magical delusions of you cctuclly day opprocches your groomly obi ig otions wi II he lim ited to stocki ng the bo r. Which will look bette" cans or boHlesZ starts d sm all: as a local enterprise to b enefH: Brooklyn's Co ney 151 an d lJSA. they cas! off the yarmulkes and circumclslcns for the tattoos and deformities of an American icon 01 HE'BREW Beer get 0 recelpt/ccnfroct. tiered job. pilsner-style the enf re cast should alread y be m akl ng headll nes in you r neigh bornood cyn thiascakes. 01 most knot lying'. leel I ee 10 throw on your oa rnor las It the next Share tile assion subject will be HAVE YOUR CAKE AND DRINK IT. TX tho~ speclcllzes creations lor ony occosion.eball' Ion? Maybe your future wile would like a replica 01 0 Yonkee Siodlum? Feel like you're loking penis to 0 decked-out then mode it out II gomble by getting morrled? Your In-lcws will love oro ulette wheel! Fro m 0 n 0 n 0 Iom ico lit c orrec t coffin. end LagersTM. and butter cream icing. We haven't figured out where we're getting our coke yet.S. then coil in 3D Not just the run-of-the-mill. rno ke sure they're a p proved by the loco I heal th d eportrnent. have heard it 011. She'.TOO! With luck. 0' custom coke designer in Edinburg.

. SA Fern ento Econrn ico Mexicano. Inc. Shasta Brewing Company California.73 $44.96 -0.01 +3. which is illegal on alcoholic kibosh on the bottle caps.. and The are a sure bet during a recession. The ITB reversed its decision. Inc.Busch Companies. and put the Bureau (ITB)..65 "0. BEARS. Inc.97 $21. throw an e-mail t:o the breweitl 'I www. '" .87 $2..86 $0. California.c . and Shastafarian Porter opted to have a little more fun with their marketing. If you ~'t see your favorites here.Aged Barieywine • Sly Fax 0 dyssey • Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog • Goose Island Bourbon County Stout • Victory Old Horizontal Borleywine Keep in mind this is only a partial list. an d amazing s up port from Weed loyalists. . the 1st Amendment finally prevailed.27 -7.:::. Acknowledging their hamlet's unique handle. which unfortunately but also the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade beverages.. Compania Cervecarias Unidas.~2 +0. tobacco.43 $2. we agree that the phrase in question refers to the brand name of the product. Better yet. $55.86 $34..65 +0. We can certainly has been batted and come to think of it. the word "recession" magazine around in the news a lot recently. PRICE (Sept 1) CHANGE $61..tmas Ale • An(hor Christmas Ale • Anderson Valley Winter So Isti(e • Seese n 01 Ale • Avery Mep h islcp heles' Sto u I • Baye rn Dappe Ibo(k • 8 ell's Expedition Slout • Bell's Special Double Creom Stout • Big Sky Powder Hound • Boulevard Nutcracker Ale • Bre<kenridge Christmas Ale • Geary's Winter Ale • Dogfiih Head Olde $(hoo I Barleywine • Dogfish Head World Wide Stout • Erie 01' Red Ceuse and Desist • Aying DogK9 (ru iser • Goose Island 1mpe rial IPA • Goose Island Christmas Ale • Great Divide Hibemation Ale • Great Lakes Christmas Ale • Harpoon Winter Warmer • Lanmste r Winter Wa rm er • Leinenk ugel's Fireside Nut Brown • Long Trail Hibernator • Otter Creek Winter Ale • Penn 51. Peyote Point (Montana).oi store. or poker chips.. SAB." PRICE (Last Issue) SYMBOL ABV BUD CU COMPANY AmBev Anheuser.42 $3.03 +0. As a way to show their local pride. .. PMID. "Based on Ihe conlext of the entire label. Crackville (louisiana). "Try Legal Weed" caps soon caught the eyes of not adorned their bottles. de C.72 NDVEM. residents of Weed named their beers after founder Abner Weed. but they didn't stop .13 $43.J " " " '" :g " MENB.weedales. Inc.47 ~ .. to be exact.61 +0. Inc. and High (lowa)1 after letters to Congressmen. say that "sin stocks" companies like alcohol.99 +546 +0.0. DECEMBER • Dogfish Head Chicory Stout • Dogfish Head Fort • East End Snow Melt Winter Ale • 5(hlafly Barrel.8 Craft Brewe rs All ianee.V. is a small.. citing thai.. are willing to give up just about sympathize with that. Thankfully. Benedi(t's Winter Ale • 5(h laflyBarrel..11 $47.59 $44. in Weed.B:ER • Abita eh rI. " .. .. micro located. contact your local watering hole.84 ConstelIation Brands.55 $2.46 $61.. so let's see whether stock ticker agrees with the "experts.BULLS. Mountain High IPA." Sounds to us like it's time to open breweries in Coke (Texas). the Beer theory goes that people else in their lives before they put down their mugs.77 ~ . $4. The TIB quickly ruled the slogan was a drug use reference.89 $67.9. the minds behind Weed Golden Ale. only customers. AND BEER CANS Economists gambling everything smokes.Aged Impe rial Stout • Shipyard Longfellow Winter Ale • Shipyard Prelude Spedal Ale • Smuttynose Scotch Ale • Stone Double Bastard Ale • Stoudt's Winter Ale • Troeg's Mad Ell Holiday Ale • Vido ry Hop Wallop • Weyerba(her Winter Ale SAM STZ TAP $41. consultations with corporate atto rn eys. Nikolaus Bock Bier • Point SI.Q FMX HOOK .92 $66.OB Mendocino Brewing Co.PK Pyramid Breweries Boston Beer Co .32 $2. $0.42 T nEWSFLRSH: FEDERAL GOV'T APPROVES LEGAL WEED ON WEST COAST he Mt. Molwn Coors Brewing Co.


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First off, your magazine has lefl me speechless. I mean, I'm in the checkout line at the local store, buying groceries and beer, of course, expecting to see another picture of Parisbrilneyjenlind'say on the cover 01 a random crappy celeb rag, when I see a beautiful girl and the title BEER. Good god I almost dropped everything (except the beer) reaching for your mag, and instantly pushed ahead to pay for everything so I could get home, open a beer, and proceed to read Ihis glorious publication you guys (and girls) have created. I'm immediately subscribing lor two years and waiting lor the next issue. The only suggestion I have as a home brewer is maybe adding tips, tools, and techniques for home brewers. It seems you have the recipes, now add the rest. Thank you for your great mag and keep up the good work! Dan Dan, thanks for the compliments; we never get tired of hearing them. We are always listening to our readers and we use their comments to try and improve the magazine. We've got Rob Sterkel rocking out the homebrew section of the magazine and he'll continue to write articles, which will include tips and tricks, for the home brewer. By the way, we're trying to get Parisbritneyjenlindsay for the next cover. -Derek

We're lucky enough to gel your magazine here at the 8th Army PX in Seoul, South Korea, but irs quite bittersweet. Let me elaborate. Every two months I troll the magazine aisle at the PX waiting for this line magazine thai that has articles covering all the things I love ... well, mostly just the beers. However, the lowly package store on base offers a pathetic selection of beer in contrast to those presented in the four-color pages of your fine publication. Besides the lacking choices on-base, offbase bars are worse. I'm not sure if you've been (un)fortunate enough to have an OB, Hite, Cass, or other Korean brew, but it's not an experience you'd wanlto remember. To further my pain, Ihe American beers

Hey Derek, Hope a'll is well and you are staying busy. I know I am. Anywho, a buddy of mine from pharmacy school sen! me these pictures of his son Camden winning a beer crate-stacking contest in Germany where heis currently stationed. The little guy stacked and stood on top of 22 beer crates! By the looks of the photos it was no easy lask! Thought you'd get a kick out of it. I asked if I could share this with you and I was given the thumbs up from Dad. Hope to see you soon and take care, Dan and fsa Wow, we tried a "magazine stacking contest" and we a/I fell off at about three. That;s pretty flipping amazing. -Derek

Bill Bill and I have exchanged emails and discussed what he wants. particularly and Belgian beers. I'm excited to get home and give them a try. your magazine has opened my eyes to a whole other world. MLIS Artist We're always there to support our local Beer artists. I'll never taste them. Even though I still love wine. There's nothing my dog Casey enjoys more than a lazy Sunday reading Beer Magazine. it's one of the few beers my wife will actually drink with me. and it would be nice to give our locals some love. it's your old pal the first letter to the editor these random pies in your artwork would fit right in. Canadianl'tl. Let's go American Brewers! Expand and conquer." I love the magazine. Admittedly. Email me. and Miller.offered in Korean bars are relegated to Bud. Can Beer Magazine help us in Korea? VIr. He wants American Beer to be represented as much as others in foreign countries. Keep up the good work. British. I believe the last issue (#5) had a request from someone asking for a feature on the Spoetzl brewery as well-. Hardly a Flying Dog Double Dog Pale Ale or Dogfish Head gO-Minute IPA!!! While I'm at it. We're glad to hear you've started to appreciate beer a litt/e more. I see all mag. Check out his site! -Derek • Beer":hs] . I wanted to give you and your staff props for putting together one of the most entertaining and informative magazines I've ever read.Iam currently working on a new art piece that is a functional clock without an hour hand. but I need the beers. and being wine drinkers too we love to hear that when people give beer a chance they are impressed with it's complexity. US beer has become its own style and is ready to be shipped to other parts of the world for people to experience and enjoy. So while I may see an article on IPAs or the newest and best American craft beers. and I've enjoyed beer over the years. Coal Township. I now lind myself on the lookout for some of the beers featured in your mag. and have local art showings. and keep those issues coming. plus they are what I would consider a "local" brewery. Their brewery is very impressive and so are their Bistro and gardens. Bill has started a chain of contact that may help any brewery that wants to find out what it takes to export to .anybody who is in the area visit them. and I'll put you in contact with Bill. Justin BEER ART=BART? Devin again. other countries are represented quite nicely .derekb@rc411.. I had in Issue # 2.. all you really need are minutes and seconds. Coors.I would also dig this because I've been a huge Shiner fan for a while now. I've been more 01 a wine drinker than a beer drinker over the past ten years. and when I run across any of them at my local retailers. and I think my design art pieces beenleaturedin Beerman. Devin Singley. so keep reading! -Derek COGJS BEST FRIENDS Dear Beer Magazine. We're pretty close to Stone and recommend that .1 with beer labels. Keep up the good work. We've got lots of breweries to feature and explore. since I live about 30 minutes from them. The idea is that it is always 5 o'clock somewhere. My website: beastotburdenbrewinq. Australian. Canadian (yes. Any chance you could do a feature article on the Stone brewery in Escondido? Their beer is ridiculously good (I'm drinkinq a Stone IPA as I type this). Plus. Times are tough for us serving our country here in the "Land of the Morning Calm. but I think that's about to change. Keep up the good work! Craig F. -Derek We featured Stone brewery back in Issue #3. She's been known to lake a lick of a beer when given the chance. But none are infused with the delectable northwestern US bitter-bomb hops. PA SWITCHING TEAMS Derek.

I wrote you a couple of months ago suggesting the piece. I put it aside as today was the day to bottle one of my . GE11l. barley.. La and behold I saw the Mr. thank you). Is there any way you can publish a tasting of several gluten free beers? Hell. or I'm just stupid and when I said San Miguel in my head thought Spanish. Thanks. Art Rancho Cucamonga Errr.. This coppery concoction honors those early American brewers with its floral hop aroma and solid malt led to the beginning of our American GEOGRAPHICALLY CHALLENGED Derek.. BEER MR.__-- of over-taxed ale imported from iEngland. hops.. beers in a taste lest. well it's a Spanish name. Good short piece that adequately introduces Mr. By the way. Beer article.guel won the Mexican beer shootout. Love the scantily clad women too.... so I am going to delude myself and believe that it was at my suggestion that the article was written. yeah.b _. colonists grew tired CELL PHONE PROGr-1/\ M yo U~ =:==~ .. which is an extreme gluten intolerance to the one thing she would much like involving wheat. Beer brews..-.\R. Beer to other potential "Newb" brewers . Anyway. keep them that you are listening to your readers and keep up the good work. I was in the magazine once (right on top of the first page of Here's To You. This dissatisfaction home brewing tradition. How? San Miguel is from Manila in the Philippines. TX Since we don't remember we'll give you credit for the idea too! Thanks for reading and thanks for drinking Mr.A. It was a recipe they call the 1776 Ale ( "In the days preceding the American Revolution. backbone._----. great job. I woul. Beer! -Derek TEAM GLUTEN FREE BEER DRINKING This is Cory with the Our Drin'king Team Can Outdrink Your Drinking Team Drinking Team. Here's where you come in. who is the hottie on page 16 of Issue 5? Please show more of her. ----. Ricardo Jimenez Pearland.:> you guys can choke down a few N. I Just named the main ingredients to enjoy but can't: beer. Regards. and the Philippines was a Spanish territory .. -~-. CP - h6]:Beer" ..")... ID:ANER'Q c. and As you might have figured out. .--_-..d like to think you could do a dedicated market reader a great service by showing her what's available in the gluten free Any info at all would be greatly appreciated. COFFEE I got my issue #6 in the mail today. Dos Equis is a great German beer. Mr.NG ruE . now let's see if I can be a two-lime many otherfoods. Keep on wi'th yo bad selfs. HUH? Otherwise. Beerlympic Champion! My wife has celiac disease. .shed bottling and started thumbing through the issue. -Derek Fini. . you indicated in your recent mag that San Mi....


it correctly (foaming over. ergo. is by pressuriznq their big barrels or kegs of linished beer with tanks of C02. though. I don't want to hear it. you may gel a week or two in the fridge.making the beer fizzy in the bottle.e... But the freedom to take home fresh. . But time's your enemy.Otherwise. ok? There are two ways to carbonate a beer: either naturally or not so naturally. The natural way. juice.Sometimes people talk to their beer. iI's also gotla slay fresh. as long' as you keep it tightly closed. Carbonation hits the botU2 after this process. and sometimes that beer will answer your questions. to finish it off . And if you can get one locally. glutton~boy. since there's not a 101 of stray yeaslies waiting to blow up the bottles. or soda in one sitting? Ok. but it is. time after time. you'll have one evening .. After all. tapped beer is one we'd all love. popular wi.. If you're one of those people who don't hear the beer talk back. this is the column to turn to. ask yourself these questions: Is it just me. in those states. just have some manners and pour your beer into a glass. Ask Beer is where you get to ask a question and receive an answer without looking like the crazy person at the end of the bar . [1a):Bea" .is called "bottle conditioning..after filtering. Many states won't allow the sale of growl.. In anI" event.~hhomebrewers and those wacky Belgians. maybe two . but it enables breweries to produce the beer the same way.. That said. or will there be others present for the imbibing? Am I near home. at bottling time (i. The advantage to doing il this way is that not only does the beer end up more stable. Just the way you likei!. The way most large breweries doit.. when did you last drink a half gallon of milk. IS THIS A GOOD IDEA? hat jug is called a "growler. or at least near a fridge? Would I get bored with drinking about eight pints of the same brew over the course of one or two sittings? Keep in mind thai a half gallon of beer may not look like much. cardboardy flavors we all hate).. the yeast munches up the sugar in the bottle and makes C02 as a byproduct. or actually add some more yeast before those caps or corks go on. don't filter the yeast out). filled all the way to the top). If you've gotten it directly from the brewpub and they've filled. that is.. Just do us all a favor and invite a couple of friends over.. when considering buying a growler of craft beer. you're lucky to just get bottles and pints at the local pub. consider yourself lucky. And growlers are great for parties and gatherings . you either leave enough yeast in the beer to eat up some more sugar added.Got questions? Email AskBeer@thebeermag. Simply put." Basically. Once you open that puppy. . it'll go flat and get oxidized (with all those words: Matt Simpson SOME BARS ALLOW ME TO TAKE HOME A Y2 GALLON ~UG OF THEIR BEER." my friend.ers. but want to know the answer to your questions about beer.

light. The in green or really only comes with For some reason. But they're often made with more adjuncts than regular lagers.. Now you get it. right in this here mag? Just sayin'. and hops. we all know.beemecessities. 40s of you're playing Edward 40 Hands or spilling oul some for your homey. either.. Don't Worry and Have a Homebrew!" those beers packaged clear bottles. But whether any beverage above a certain alcohol level that's brewed with grains. they have all'the equipment as well. dextrose (plain old sugar). Brew like a Monk by Stan Hieronymus. it just refers to all kinds are the favorite alcohol delivery systems of thugs and students everywhere. WHAT SHOULD I DO? First things first~have you read our columns and artJcles on homebrewing. with places like More 8eer at www. They not only have everything: you'll need regarding ingredients. high alcohol beverage to the masses. Today.for as cheaply as possible. try to find some folks near you who are willing to show you the ropes. Lastly. The Compl'ete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian. W ATJS THE DEAL WITH MALT LIBUCRS? ARE THEV BEER? brown bottles those nasty UV rays that cause this effect to get in.. . malt liquors are pretty much just regular lager beers.intelyou can. My advice is to iirst go get yourself one of several world-class homebrewin9 tomes. Pepe Ie Pew? Y eah. And while history shows that they were created to simply provide an inexpensive. Hops called that to the UV have certain compounds alpha acids (or humulones) add flavor and bitterness • . When those acids come into with certain natural. Snoop. The last one is the culprit in skunking your precious Heineken. Kits are much simper and can make great beer. but will. both flavor and aroma. How to Brew is actually available online for free at If you can't lind a decent homebrew store nearby. yeast.take some time and dedication for you to follow through from grain to glass. And remember. And it doesn't take much exposure.morebeer. they turn skunky . The next steps are relatively simple.ho1Nlobrew. or The Beer Necessities WHY DO SOME BEERS I DRINK ALWAYS SMELL LIKE SKUNK? A contact s we've been telling you all along. side by side.I'D LIKE TO START MAKING MY OWN . find your I'ocal homebrew shop and 1) pick their brains for aJIthe . as the Godfather of homebrewin9. just remember that beneath all that hype and marketing is an honesl to goodness beer. But this still doesn't problem explain why some beers and others aren't. himself al. Want proof? Take a bottle of Heineken and a can of the same beer. these days. and 2) decide whether you want to begin w~h a kit or from scratch. Beer:hal . and sometimes even enzymes are added to get the alcohol as high as possble. malt.ways says: "Relax. In some states. Use their knowledge combined with what you've read and you'll be drinking your own suds before you know it. water. Charlie P. yo. the term "malt liquor" means different things in different states. right. or one of many others. written by the fathers and experts of the hobby: How to Brew by John Palmer.. try online. Smell them and taste them. simply don't allow are skunky at hwww. but using all fresh ingredients gives you more creative control and is the way the pros do ~.. Stuff like com. beer's made of four main ingredients.

"1 !}. Urban.. AGE: 23 OCCUPATION: LOCATION: ! FAVORITE FAVORITE Philadelphia.~~rk~~!_ . Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Hell for the Cream of Blue Moon BOTTLE. . ViER FOOD: Western omelet and a FAVORITE HANGo.~n~..~!..:>l r /IF-> 11"Jf7< ~ L!f' OCCUPA TJON: Construction Foreman LOCATION: Newmarket.H . a....Miller Chill. Barbae. NAME: Manuel "Gonzo" Gonzalez AGE: 28 OCCUPA TloN: Air Traffic Controller (USAF) LOCATION: Del Rio/Laughlin AFB. FAVORITE CAN DR TAP: Tap HANG OVER FOOD: Chocolate chip cookies BEER: See picture with a big ass glass of milk MOST MEMORABLE college students LEAST FA VORITE BEER: Any beer that's good enough for NAME: Dan Pilz . f h Head Palo Santo Marron. BOTTLE. . C . hlgl-jInl.k . .c:. . [if " f I' '/""ill h"r.. High Life. h' •.. "'Ii J ..~ "'f'~JLVo:.. San Antonio-ask Wheat (Guinness/Hoegardenj FAVORITE BEER.. to a whole new wO/rlT... TX FA VORITE BAR: Flying Saucer. ' MOST ' IPA.~~ after college.' ? ls upwi ith th at stuff? Is th at eve n beer . IlJIT'IS3. S loon in Philadelpla. LE BEER' had no idea existed during college i Gatorade or a. It opened my eyes 1 tried in New York City In 2006. NH BEER: Old Brown Dog or Sam Adams Oktoberfest when its available BOTTLE.e~IOY. BEER: To. Portsmouth.... BAR.~~.:.was the first IPA I ever Harpoon ri .r NAME: Jim longa AGE: 43 r. CAN.~~. h. .11":'1 1 . reminds me of 53 pennys marinated in urine) & Tubor~.. Dog IS I For the long haul. ~ .llrJr r.~a??b_s".l had 2 liters LEAST FAVORITE BEER: A close tie between Cruz Campo (Spain's poor attempt of beer. FAVORITE FAVORITE BAR: Portsmouth Brewery.n 1'--' 1T'~IS't: rcl~[lS' I [11 .. N. it was like 9 in Ihe morning .'.S.. OR TAP: Tap then whatever is FREE! FAVORITE HANGOVER FOOD: A dozen raw oysters w/a MOST MEMORABLE BEER: My first Leffe Triple I had during a field study class in Pa. Coke MEMOR~B_ .~. seriously what the heck LEAST FAVOR . 1'1 a ~. AN DR TAP: Yes please.. k Bartender Server.dEof.

. AGE: 23 j OCCUPATION: Account Manager Red Bull i LOCATION: Ft Worth..28 . BEER: My first Fiji Bilter when I finally arriving in Fiji after 26 hours . CC'UPATION: NAME: Mary Ezerskis AGE: 22 OCCUPATION: ~OCATION: Maine Old Orchard Beach. MO On the Beac n iIn Oregon drinKing a Deschutes ST MEMOR'AB IPA LE BEER: ... TX FAVORITE BAR: Any with cold Texas Beer on Tap!!! d warm an LEA~. · FAVORITE BAR: Great Lakes BreWing ! ort Maine ~~~ORITE BEER: Long H mer IPA Co. FAVORITE HANGOVER FOOD: dry .. ''''''''" .... . th. On par with Bud Light in the "eww" factor. " ' ..p • strong brew known as Baltika.Hllove .. . at a ~"'" hrumt. T'E BEER' Coors light .a Low Fat Blueberry muffin and Sugar-Free Redbull. ...~nd ~Cl~l:lle~ . Amato's ltaliar' (local sub shop) BOTTLE. C 'G OVER N FAVORITE HA .. my taste bUds tell me Great Lakes Christmas Ale and mY. Gm9 Shop.k. but had a clearly distinct taste of sewage NAME: Anthony Castro AGE: 28 OCCUPATION: Magazine vendor LOCA TlON: Las Vegas.r ~AV0R. BEER: Shiner CAN. th... please. BEER: Natural Light . a!1 beer FAVORITE BOTTLE. FOOD.. OH FAVORITE BEER: Leinenkugels to lunch with. FA VORl t N OR TAP: Anything as long as it's cold BOTTLE. LEAST FAVORlifE ! Miller lite 'EER: :"'NAME: I Rachel Leclair \t Pricing Anays ! AGE. SI""""". TAP OR CAN: Glass.. toast and possibly more beer . . BEER. a. OH. CA ANGOVER FOOD: more beer • FAVORITE H..-. Tavern in Cleveland. bottle or a nice frosty mug. ith a bug in it WI ITE BEER: None.. · MOST MEMORA BLE BEER: The one I drank J NAME: Kevin Johnson .instinct tells me Magic Hat #9 rr BOTTLE. FAVORITE BAR.._ Crown and Anchor p .. NV ub · FAVOR'" "TEBAR. b". CAN.. OR TAP: Bohemian Black or Ziegen Bach bottle or Tap FAVORITE HANG OVER FOOD: Waffle House MOST MEMORABLE . . gets the blood flowing MOST MEMORABLE BEER: I Would say Leinenkugel's ummel" Shandy had shown me thaI imagination within beer Can also taste as sweet as Candy LEAST FAVORITE BEER: While enjoying one of my favorite bands. Guinness to go to sleep with and Saranac before I go to work am 'AN OR TAP. MOST MEMORABLE ! Leinenkugels Berry Ale ! LEAST FAVORITE " BEER: . of airports and plane fl 'd as If .Gritty McDuffs Red Hook LOCATION: Lakewood.while. FAVORITE HANGOVER FOOD: Iprefel'.. DR TAP: MMMMM an .. Tap BOTTLE. My heart lells e GUinness.pshh.. hod off_ me a .a sWimming poo I water left in the sun " ' _ . LEAST FAVORITE Dunkels. .

- .

hops provide a heavy upfront citrus or grassy aroma and a welcome bitter aftertaste that lingers on the palate.Belgian Strong Ale. used in Winter Warmers include Wyeast Strains: 1065American Ale.WATER: Most Spiced Beers are ales rather than lagers. While some yeasts are used to add to the flavor of the beer (like the Hefeweizen). These can be bought at to even Cascade are found in spiced beers. Columbus. Northwest clove. Willamette. and Ireland rather than Germany and the home of the lagers). But before you book your plane ticket to Denver to gel some winter ale. or licorice. 1214 . Scotland. Two-row barley tends have a fuller more malty taste with less protein and enzyme content. the Spiced Beer gets most of its flavors from non-tradltlonal like pumpkins. would have been yeast. This fantastic champ) under a microscope HOPS: This may be one cf the few times where the which looks like Takeru Kobayashi (hotdog eating eats the fermentable sugars given off by the boiled grains (wort) and in turn gives off carbon dioxide and the coveted . Some typical yeasts hops will take a back seat to. include anything from Goldings. and mostly in Yakima Washington.istmas Ales possess a dark copper or reddish hue like that of 01' Kris Kringle's rosy cheeks. Texas) and gets softer as it reaches both coasts. The Winter Warmer relies upon its holiday spices to provide a cinnamon. a sweet aftertaste. Zippily do da! YEAST: If there ever was a secret ingredient to beer. the main difference among barleys is in the taste. water tends to be hardest near the center of America (Kansas. With many stronger ales. which could Hallertauer.S. it living organism thereby the type of barley malt used when brewing. Wyoming. Geoloqlcal Surveys. ALCOHOL! Woo hoo." Other than the number of rows of kernels that grow around the axis. to U. and results in beer that is better suited for up-front bitterness and bringing out a wider array of flavors across the palate. leveling the playing field. the other herbs and spices added to the beer.Scottish Ale. that's all fine and dandy. you should know thai modern brewers can easily modify the hardness 01 water by adding calcium and magnesium.S. Well. Two-row barley Pale Ale Mall or Crystal Mall are good base grains to start off with and can be complimented additions of Amber or Chocolate robust character. this means that their origins center around England. The Czech Republic (traditionally your friendly neighborhood home-brew store or online for those of us with running water and electricity. but what about the beers brewed here in the U. 1388 . The term "two-row" with small Malt to add some refers to the number of rows of kernels that spiral around the head 01 the barley plant. BARLEY: The color 01 beer is heavily influenced by water 01 northern Europe is higher in sodium. and 1728 . All of these hop varieties are grown in the Pacific .? According Colorado.. ingredients chilies. and most Chr.lgian Ale. chloride. and sulfates (harder water).Be. or pumpkin pie nose with A wide array of hops. Ales are usually brewed with "two-row" barley while lagers use "six-row.



your taste buds certainly will. The Christmas Ale can be quite a shock to those expecting of-the-mill your everyday runbeer (which this isn't). Hang in there. hefty aroma. ingredients fermentation can be incorporated during with or at bottling lime. Hops tend to be and heavy alcohol overtones played down in this ale. Initial tastes will mirror the scent. More toasted porter. If the nose didn't trigger a non-traditional awakening. warming palate. nutmeg. In the firelight the ale should glow and be transparent carbonation enough to see the burning within. to even a tingling of gingerbread. because the of having eaten a hearty aftertaste is usually warm and soothing and reminiscent piece of pumpkin pie. Their potent spicy flavors.APPEARANCE> Recognized as a darker beer. To preserve their scents. Initial herbs and spices added during the boil may lose some of their nose but still be present in the taste. TASTE> Just think back to your childhood when your big brother had you drinking from the bowl beneath the Christmas tree and you'll recognize the familiar taste. . or ginger and can be almost perfume-like. These beers require a certain environment and appreciation that can only be found during the winter months or holiday season. the Christmas Ale sits heavy within its chalice boasting a dusky amber hue like that of a smoldering Yuletide log. The ale malty versions can be closer to opaque and resemble a chocolaty head which is tan in color. and usually include cloves. posses a thick and creamy eggnog-like SMELL> Aromas are quite fragrant in this ale and range from dark syrupy sweet to Christmas tree Douglas fir. and lasting aftertaste work well in the cooler climates. A good malty base is usually present and hints of fruit peels are considered acceptable in the upfront scent. This also allows the brewer to experiment spices without affecting the whole batch. Its warmth comes not from its exterior but rather from its journey across the palate.


- .. l1li- his pumpkin stuffing is one of my favorite recipes for the holiday season. It combines
pumpkin, quince with cognac, pumpkin ale, and sage. The flavors are harmonious, complex, and intriguing-a restaurant complement real crowd pleaser. I have been serving it every holiday at the and carnivores alike and will since we opened. as it is perfect for vegetarians

Dr replace any stuffing you may serve during holiday dinners.


4 cup


medium dice, toasted


uinces are a seasonal fruit available from early fall through January. If you are unable to find them in your local grocery store try an Ethnic market that specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine as they are a very

familiar fruit in that region. Their shape can range from round or oval to pear shaped, looking similar to a pear or golden apple. When you shop for quince you want to choose fruits that are firm with pale yellow skin often speckled like the skin of a pear. If your quinces are still a little green let them ripen at room temperature. Once they are yellow all over and have a nice aroma they're ripe and should be used quickly.


USA" LTP .ES. refreshing drinkability of a lager.USA. with the smooth.5% ABV this is a blonde bombshell ofa beer. YOfU< rn ]MPORT~O SOIi. LTD_ ." MAREOSOUS ANn ADHOI"iIFfl.LOSE YOUR IN NOCENCE At 8. C possessing both the full flavors and aromas of an ale along BELGIAN Duoe1 STRONG NEW GOLDEN ALE www.. e zoue OUVEI. ALSO IMPORTERS OF FINE.• CQOPI.Y ev ouva MOORTGAT.El.d uve lusa.RSTOWN. A!.


At the base of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges is a brewery that put Chico C"lifornia on the m:tp_ Initially known for irs 'parry school' atmosphere. but Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is . Chico Stare college !lOW another reason to rake me five year plan. offers students Chico is a relatively small town with few stoplights and more oak trees than houses. so it's nor like people there are driving horse carriages. To get there you have ro drive about three hours north-east of San Francisco through miles or farm towns or try to catch a connecting 11ight from San Francisco into Chico's single terminal airport. Chico has a Target and \'Val-Mart.

which not only provide natural resources for the brewery but also provide shade lor the cars. and visually stimulating masterpiece of architecture. Your attention is initially drawn to the towering mahogany-colored bar.BEI:::I It-JD IHE BREW THE BREWERY Every aspect of this brewery is state-of-the art. Visitors arc drawn to this modern. perfectly trim med green ivy dinging closely to the walls. \Xlhet1you set foot on these premises. you got!a try their Stone ground mustards. from the immaculately maintained front lawn to the one-of-a-kind ginormous German copper 1 OO-barrel brewi ng kettles all wired up co the most sophisticated computer .\j'S[em a brewery could have. you are lefr with no doubr that this brewery strives for quality and perfection. Just across the street from me brewery is a large parking lot covered in solar panels. Ir resembles something our of a storybook. and brilliant blue roofing. As you pan around the expansive interior you can't help but be impressed by all me copper pipes and panels that glow like a fireplace from the warm lighring. The proportions of this building and its huge bay windows displaying the brewery's prize kettles are truly magnificent. The exterior is a very dean and shapely khaki cement with beige highlights. high ceilings. The brewpub is open seven days a week. and [he food is exceptional. [usr outside the main dining area is a good sized beer garden with plenty of lattice work and ivy to provide ample shade during the hot summer months. and vibrant stained glass displaying the brewery's logo behind the bar. Surrounding the parking lot is three acres of fresh growing hops which create an excellent visual and aroma for us beer enthusiasts. . The interior of [be brewpub is just as impressive as the exterior. vibrantly colored.

[ grabbed' a pint of Hemisphere Harvest beer made Ale. and tourists to the "Mecca of Hops.1987 THE TOUR with a rich 30-year history [0 Our tour started brewery during of the brewery leading and how its rounder used to monitor displays Ken Grossman each beer went from brewing beer in his backyard the craft beer industry technology with [he 2"" largest in the U.1993 by having us belly up to the bar starting grab a beer prior to the tour.1989 • Silver: Stout -1989 • Gold: Bigfoot~ (Barleywine Style Ale) -1988 • Silver: Stout-1988 • Gold: Bigfoot1ll (Barleywine Style Ale) -1987 • Bronze: Pale Ale (Ales) . process was by far one of the most impressive to see the level of "Green" that caprur.hian [0 us • Great American Beer Festival • Gold: Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale . Even the process boiJing step of the production their plate heat exchangers [0 are used throughout recover energy. who's worked at Sierra Nevada fo r abou t 14 years_ Terence started offin proper F".1 megawatts environment. this brewery uses a vapor condenser the gas of natural to the 1.1995 Gold Pale Ale (American Pale Ale) .1997 • • • • Gold: Pale Ale (American Pale Ale) .2005 • Gold: Sierra Nevada Bigfoot@ Barleywine Style Ale . solar panels.1992 • Silver: Summerfest"!(Europ€an Classic Pilsner) -1991 • Bronze: Celebration:!> Ale (Amber Ale) . Sierra Department Nevada State University.1998 • Silver: Bigfoote (Barleywine Style Ale) . In conjunction of California with the Agricultural Chico.2004 • Bronze: Wheat Beer (American Wheat or Lager) .S_ The sophistication the brewing and computer • Champion Beer: Sierra Nevada Draught Style Pale Ale • Gold: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Draught Style Category) • Silver: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Bottle-conditioned) • Bronze: Sierra Nevada Porter • Silver: Stout • Bronze: Bigfoot'll Barleywine Style Ale (2 Bronze Medals) • Bronze: Celebration'll Ale • Gold: Sierra Nevada Celebration~ Ale • Gold: Sierra Nevada Stout • Silver: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 4 • • :. across. natural for the brewery's t~ • Class 2 Strong Ale • Bronze: Celeb[ation'~ Ale II • Award of Excellence: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale III • Best of California: Celebration'" Ale (India Pale Ale) .1995 Gold: Bigfoot'll (Barleywine Style Ale) -1995 Silver: Celebration'~ ( India Pale Ale) . generated Sierra is a self sustaining to recover waste heat from the kettle process to preheat process water.THE opened ARRIVAL we met our We arrived on site when the brewpub at 1'1 am _There t tour gu ide.. It was also amazing that Sierra Nevada fermentation From CO2 re<'Overy mechanisms largest artRy of privately hydrogen Nevada owned fud cells. and yeast. the Southern which was an incredible entirely with fresh hops from New Zealand (Pacific Hallerrau.1990 • Gotd: Pale Ale (Northampton Brewery Pale Ales) . to Wet my appetite was packed even at l l am with college that came ro pay local beer fans. hops. provides feed for beef and dairy cows from its spem grain. I've ever come has gone ro the by [0.1987 • Bronze: Stout . The brewpub students.: Bigfoot1ll (Barleywine Style Ale) .2005 • Bronze: Sum merfest'!l Beer (German-style Pilsner) . homuge New Z" aland Morueka.1992 • Gold. and It WaS extremely hoppy far a brewery Cross). Assistan Brewer Terence Sullivan. The cows in turn give back to Siena fe'-tijization Nevada by providing hop field." • Gold: Pale Ale (Classic English Pale Ale). New Zealand Southern and just what I needed [our.

After taking hops to the extreme. is in anyway tapped out. to make my beer. SWeden.0% 5.BEER BEER Pale Ale Porter Stout Wheat ESB STATS: ABV 5. and India Pale Ale. Who do you turn to wnen seeking advice? Being a part of the Craft Brewing Industry and the BlllWsrs Association provides a lot of camaraderie. Torpedo. dry hops from NeW Zealand. WA in my station wagoo and convinced them to sell me 100 one-pound bales of fresh hops.BE~I~D IH BREW THE TASTING The sampler of beers is one of the largest selections a craft brewery can offer. A 101of craft breweries have followed in your shoes by utilizing hops 10define their beers.5% 5.6% 5. Hemisphere.8% 4.0% 5. All of the beers were great but the best of the lot was the Torpedo. craft beers? We started seiling our beer to the U. Vienna Style INTERVIEW FOUNDER: GROSSMAN WITH KEN Lager.S. What Inspired you to have a domlnall"9 hop quality in all your beers? 1started homebrewing in the early 70s and really liked happy beers. Wheat Beer. I'm a huge fan 01 mustard and I used to joke with friends that' was going to plan a trip back 10 Sierra Nevada just so I could get some more Stout Mustard. There were some Issues with counter1elters In the U. Stout. Has Sierra Nevada considered making one of these hefty barrel-aged beers or experimenting with these yeasts? We've made banal-aged Big Fool and Celebration but it has only been available on draft. Bad< 1hen you rould only glll hops in these red bridls 1t1atwere cluslers of compressed hops and nothing like the quality that we gel today. many craft brewers began developing Belgian Dubbets and Tripels along with otner barrel conditioned beers. This Includes wei hops from Washington. Any chance we'll see Sierra Nevada hit Ihe lelevlslon? Not at the moment. so I drove up 10 the hop farms in Yakima. just at a slower pace ewr since 91 when the excise tax was introduced. continuing to grow Will be a challenge considering the cost of ingredients like barley and hops has skyrocketed. which we began brewing about 12 years a~.5% 6.0% 7.'. providing 16 exception 40z pours of ales and lagers. We coIlaborale w~h many breweries including AB and Coors but mostly on rechnical issues and not anything related to trade secrets.8% 4.3% 5% 4.3% 5. Best Bitter Ale. Southern Brown Ale. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company must have tons of people seeking advice. We usually have a cask conditioned ale at the bfewery on Thursdays..9% 6.9% 5. Summerfest.6% 4. This included the Draught Style. Ruthless Hefewcizen. This is Sierra Nevada's Double IPA and I pray they add .K. How do you stay ahead of olher companies? Sticking to our roots and not pushing our product but rather growing by word of mouth.0% 5.['S only available all drafr at the mom em.4% 5. We use only fresh hops that are taken direct from the field. We are doing some experimenting with Belgian style beers but nothing that we're ready to take 10 the market. it seems most people are still comfortable buying beer. Initially we made our first batches in our kitchen but then production took oft and so we contracted a local source to help us meel 1hedemand. Porter.t to their standard lineup of borrled beers because . Blonde ale. What inspired you 10 make your own mustard and how does It tie to beer? We thought it lWluld be greal for our restaurant to serve mustard that was made With our beer.5% 5.7% 5. We're stili part of a healthy segment that continues to grow.8% 9. Crystal Wheat. Any thoughts 01adding an Imperial IPA or Imperial Barleywlne to the lineup (loved Ihe Anniversary Ale)? We've been brewing our Barleywine for over 27 years and ~'s about as strong as yoo can get without sacrificing the taste (weighing in at 22' Plato). Pale Ale.K. and Denma~ but have had to take caution to protect our brand and trademark. Bigfoot. We primarily locus on heving a good balanced beer thars assertive yet maintains its drinkabillty. which Included Cascade and Northern Brewers. Despite the recession we're in. . but are there other countries that are showing a thirst for U. Being one of Ihe largest craft breweries in the nation. Instead we're focusing on Detter communication with our consumers. What beer are you most proud of? The Harvest Ales.5% 7.6% 5.9% IBU 35 36 50 25 46 28 Sam Adams has done a phenomenal job depicting the quality 01the craft brewing process In television and radio commercials.6% 7. that tried to dupllcale our laool and beer. Where do you want the company to be in 10 years? I'd like to see us continue to grow desptte the challenges with consolidation both on the retall side and in distribution. We're not looking to go down that route.' Summerfest Lager An n iversary AIe CeIebrali 0 n Ale Biglool Torpedo Extra IPA Scotch Ale Ruthless Hefeweizen Pilsner Ocloberfest Soulhern Hem isphere Exira Spec iaI Pale Best Bitter Blonde Ale Crystal Wheat Pale Bock Brown Ale Summertest Early Spring Beer 45 65 90 69 35 20 25 35 66 38 30 32 28 40 45 30 47 [3S]:BiEi' • .S. Not that the U. Being the 112 craft brewery in sales volume must be no easy accomplishment. and even hops from our fields righl outside our brewery.

.. DC . Give it try and find out For herestobeer. ~Bc ~Bc .. __ -_.. lager tile besl beer to The Beer drink when you're eOling a spicy Thai dish? Beer novice or beer expert. 1=. 1IiilllllU i~UI ~'I!i"IjI"lllli._. and the role of each ingredient in determining a beer's flavor. Wo. ~Bc ~ ~.M"91Of!. Why is on American of brewing? inlo beer. beer go Hollertou hops? Whot lmpoct did the Bavarian the ingredien!sthat purity low have on the evolution. ToBeer. _. process.r (onnoiueur Educating you an on possible. there's still plenty to learn from The Connoisseur and appreciate wonts you 10 understand beer like you never thought (I Bee...I~ -- Whot's the difference between 5002: hops and such topics 05 the brewing ond food pairings.-......_ .. .com C 2007 Here'..How well do you really know your beer? Graduate From "Beer Know-it-All" To Really Knowing It All.---""II ~. yourself why to know beer is to love beer.y'IBc ~Bc Experience The Beer Connoisseur at herestobeer.

What's our point. We figured we'd share a few of them to give you a little perspective and something to ponder the next time you raise glass. 100010of the people writing this sentence is having Chinese food for lunch. That's all well and good.S. . For instance. it took longer to compile.: eoff Cozine G .hom. then? Well.S.BEER NUMBERS Making sense of 2007 s U.: Carl Hyndman ack in the May/June issue of Beer. but that doesn't mean we're forecasting a national run on La Mein and General Tso's. but the Brewer's Association has now released its U. but percentages don't always paint a clear picture of what's going on. we showed you a fancy pie chart while announcing [and taking partial credit for) a +12% growth in craft beer sales from 2006 to 2007. ". brewery production and beer consumption 1 lIIor~. beer production and consumption numbers for 2007.

2007 u.S. '" 1 GAL.353 29.714 173.000 55.200.569 476.447 211.073.625.000 7.696 839.857 6.000 20. ""1 BBl) 3.526. Spoetzl Brewery Pyramid Breweries Top 50 Crall Breweries GAllONS (31 GAL.000 193. ""1 GAL.828.000 24.S. New Belgium Brewing Co.000 202.904.000 2.536.889.400.142.763.462 OUNCES (128 OZ.481.760.s.) 31.800 1.694.216 2007 U.792 1.000 6.100 11.1 52 689.704 117.557. BEER CONSUMPTION BEER STYLE Total Domestic Craft Total imports Total Domestic "Non-Craft" BARRELS (BBl) 8.639 14.000 662.507.000 6.947 OUNCES (128 OZ.318.650.249. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.262.386. BREWERY OUTP'UTS BARRELS (BBl) 105.780.250.799.840.453.235.402 GALLONS (31 GAL.837 BREWERY Anheuser-Busch Boston Beer Co.800.536.150.000 1.800. ""1 BBl) 249.) 417.759.120.1 36 Total US .164.353.259.539. U.629.134 5.573.000 801.744.100 380.040.336.943 920.

.isn't getting blitzed one of the main reasons one goes 10 a pro football game? THE MAID OF " '" " 'l. but when you realize how much foam those 75 seconds would create.BLITZING THE FANS (INSTEAD OF THE QBJ Football is like a religion in the great stale of Texas.O a " Q Think of Niagara Falls. ~ ~ c a ze " .000 gallons per second. irresponsible or unruly behavior. The NFL happens to have recently passed a new code of fan condlJctthat threatens ejection for a number of offenses. so we suggest that the maker of Shiner Beers hands football fans one beer for every quarter of this season. But . the Boston Beer Company could actually do it.. we'd prefer no! to wail that 10n9'. lei aJonelhe number of drunken fish. and aside from X-rated honeymoons.. Combine the two images. then.. though. thai the oldest independent bf9WeI)' in the Lone Star Stat&--Spoetzl Brewery-made enough beer last year to provide a bottle to every single person attendlng every single regular-season NFL game for the next 3% seasons? Of course. [40]:Beer" . loullanguage" obscene gestures. I don't think we'd want to risk pouring any Samuel Adams over the edge. albeit only for 1 minute and 15 seconds. Included in the ban are: failure to follow instructions of stadium personnel. it'll take you longer to read this article. How perfect is it.. one of two thinqs will probably come to mind: Superman saving that little kid or some schmuck taking the plunge in a barrel. Q teat of recreatlnq'those '" e E Z Q falls by tapping beer barrels! Even at a thundering rate of 748. and drunkenness. and you get the super THE FOAM '" " sz ea. Granted. Make sure not to throw them all back at once.

Whether you were glued to the TV lor 16 days or spent th e whole time complaining spectacle that your favorite athletic shows weren't on................ could have been made way 10 bring on the better with some frosty beverages. there'd be less reason 10 leave the house. we'd only have enough beer 10 run the United Slates for a whopping days.....THE WATERS FINE! ....5 billion gaHons of suds last year. Warm beer's bad enough when it's caused by the sun (and not your son).. there was no when the Democratic decided to use ethanol derived from thirst for fuel with the Coors' wasle beer for its vehicles... How popular would you beil you had one of those in your house? Jusl make sure everyone does their business before they hop in... At that rate.... National Although tempers have been flaring........... so why can't the rest of us feed the country's ultimate thirst quencher? We the people sucked down over 6. The problem is that we use over 840 million gallons of oil every day........... so we might be able to stretch it to 10......... The most obvious mandatory beer (okay .. .. this worldly we're sure they would be pleased to know that they produced Olympic pools worth of ale and lager last year.. most obvious second 10 keg' stands at each event) FORGET FOSSIL FUELS America's use of oil is definitely a hot-button energy topic 01 this year's election......... y the time you read this... With the shelves alBevMo eight empty.... be but Olympics will... depending HOPS ON IN. so over 22 a memory. That cinches it... We"d still rather use dead dinosaurs to make our cars go vroom................. the summer on your perspective. sadly or thankfully B would be to fill a swimming beer! The New Belgium renowned pool with _ Brewery is for its love of fitness........ with altemative and domestic argument Convention drilling at the lop of the debate list...

beer reviews. and water. but we thought we should take a step back. breweries. and everything in between.BEER BASICS words & photos: Don Osborn EER MAGAZINE is getting back to fundamentals. . In this issue we will start with the ingredient on everyone's mind these days-hops. homebrewing. yeast. We've been bringing you information on specific styles. We are going to profile the four main ingredients in beer: barley. hops.

S. The volume grown of these hop varieties is comparatively is sigsmall. part of the humulus genus in the Cannabaceae family. Since this time hops have become by far the most commonly used choice for bittering and flavoring beer. Bitter.. and China. wrote aboul using hops in beer.. By the 1870s hops were being grown in the Pacific Northwest part of the U. and this didn't occur until the early 1500s. so when people say you can't have beer without hops they aren't exactly correct. II was at Ihis time that we can say hops were taking a foothold tive in beer . On a global scale Ihis latitude also includes hop producing countries like Germany.) cousins. plus or minus five degrees.. which are harvested opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. Beer goes back thousands of years BC.. and soon they began growing their own supply. rows of giant plants heavy with cones is Hop plants are perennial and once planted will sprout each spring.FRUIT OF THE SINE The hops used in beer are the flower cone produced by the female hop plant. China. United Kingdom. Czech Republic. A brief. The vines are correctly called "bines" and they can grow up to 25 feet.. Hemisphere production. etc. Germany. Hops grown in the Southern account The top in for about 5% of world's three Southern-Hemisphere producers order from most to and Fuggles.. Washington. South Africa. Ukraine. but it was not unti I the 11 th century when Hildegarde. A commercial hop farm with an impressive sight.. I!!I """ WH HOPS R least are Australia. Just which country produces the most tends to switch back and forth. but they are fairly even at about 30% each. Czech Republic. . 1Ii " In England. For that beer they use freshly harvested New Zealand hops. Another leafy green genus in this family is cannabis.. Even a couple plants growing in a backyard are a fitting backdrop to drink a beer (see Beer Magazine May! June 2008 for more on growing your own.. USA. Stout.. You knew there was a reason you loved beer.. they didn't immediately become an everyday ingredient. non-comprehensive hop producing ing from most to least: Germany. for example. . right? Hop farmers keep male plants out of sight lest the cones develop seeds. BRIEF TIMELINE Mankind had beer before he had hops. it took a hundred until the 8th or 9th century. and France. while debatably styles of beer such as Porter. The Colonies first had hops in the early 1600s. I!!I as the preferred flavoring spice and preserva- . Poland. Spain...S. and Idaho (main U. The vast majority of the world's hops are grown along the 49th parallel. producing and extends into lower Canada. list of nificant in the way they enrich the countries in rank- .. Slovenia." hops such as East Kent not are vital to many fine GROW In North states). That makes hops and cannabis if you will... . and New Zealand.. •• . America this latitude includes Oregon. England's Goldings technically historical "noble. There is some evidence that hops were being grown at this early point. English Pale Ale. in the Northern hemisphere. The plant is a vine. Poland.. a Benedictine nun near Mainz. years for the palettes of the people to acclimate to the laste of beer with hops.. The majority of the world's hops are grown in Germany and the USA with those two countries growing 60% of the worlds hops.. but the is not earliest mention of hop cultivation Aller hops were filrs! used in beer and began to replace things like sasafrass root and spruce bark. You might have heard about Sierra Nevada's Southern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop Ale.. but the importance world's beer styles.

Due to the processing procedure they may have a higher alpha acid content than the same hops in whole form. An advantage 01 hop extract is the lower volume of wort lost due to no hop trubin the brew kettle.s the growth of the fragrant yellow lupulin i glands along the cones' stems. Whole flower hops are milled into a near powder form. A third way to store hops is sort of a cross between the whole flower and the pellet known as the plug. they can be slightly harder to work with. When you crack open a flower cone and sniff the yellow powder 01 the g lands. and then compressed into pellets (think rabbit load). The cones can develop a slight browning on the edge. and these are known as whole hops or whole flower hops (the term whole leaf hops is sometimes incorrectly used). 'il ~ and believe the results are better. These are pretty much what you would imaginl7-'whole flower cones slightly compressed into bales or smaller vacuum sealed packages.HARVESTING AND PR. is the higher cost to get the same amount of hop bitterness. but they tend to be somewhat rare. Some of them are left whole. The harvest and processing of hops is a mechanized procedure with machines and bines and cones being cut and sorted with impressive precision (search YouTube for "hop school200T or "hop harvest"). though. though. The plug is basically a more compressed version of whole hop without going as far as being a pellet. and might degrade faster than other forms. A disadvantage. Plugs are said to be easy to measure since they often come in half ounce size. This results in a 'liquid thai can be ubllzed for brewing. However. These degrade more slowly than whole flower hops because there is less surface volume. Some people prefer this more "pure" form of hops with. Another advantage is improved storage and consistency. hops need to be converted into a storable format. Another common form is hop pellets. One downside of pellets is that they disintegrate into green goo once in the brew kettle and bring about the challenge 01 separating the wort from fine particles . What is more important.OCESSING North American hops are typically harvested in late August or early September when the cones begin to dry out slightly and develop a paper feel when crushed between fingers. . Sometimes an extract from the oils and resins is used to preserve hops. After they are harvested and dried. you know where hop aroma in beer comes from. They are also easier to measure and in some ways easier to work .

202. It's rapidly a tte ining status as one of the new classics of the Bel gian brewing scene. 78704 512-440-0811 www. AI. but present a make DeuS a very sophisticated 11. pleasing bubble-gum hop bitterness to its substantial and 30L kegs.sparkling wine (fine.artisanalimports. full.5% ABV Sold exclusively in 750ml bottles. A restrained offers perfect maltiness.~~ 'iQ\' sidered balance with the juicy ripeness of grain and a fruity. DeuS has characteristics :Bnut~. costly maturation produces in the Champagne caves 01 France. You can see enthusiastic country. rich grain character with hints of banana. we've been impressed many "competing" their ~I<I'q:l. . mint. tJ ~~ci te f:.~".~. meringue enjoyinq softness. Flavors treat. 750mJ and 30L kegs.aj ~"'~ ~ Kanneliet While travelling in Belgium.· . The elegant and labor-intensive Champenoise" the best sparkling of both and specialty in the world.6M.2oz. generously malty character. aroma. lavender. '~ 1.f.. 8% Pauwel Kwak Hops are subdued. IIU . Tnpel Karmeliet has soft. Brewed with oats. 750ml Kwak is rich amber in color with a slightly sweet.Belgium IS best beers salute and congratulate America I s Craft Brewers! DeuS Brut des Plandros Deus undergoes 'methode beverages a lengthy. with how brewrnasters cite Ttipel Karrneliet as one of favorite Tnpels. of anise. The special Kwak glass is hard to miss in beer drinkers of all ages in every city across the this wonderful beverage Belgium. . :. malt. balance and a gentle counterpart ABV Available in 11. herbal quite unique and special. Artisanal Imports PO Box 41029 AUstin TX.<. barley and wheat. velvety carbonation) and spicy character beer (rich maltiness] but also exhibits a fragrant. 8% ABV Available in 11. and a barely perceptible hoppine.: ·79 "\ 'i¥:\0t~Tripel . and a slight.

leafy hop aroma that can not be accomplished otherwise. Hops can be added at any time during the boil. I have heard of people adding hops to the mash water before the grain is added. gradually hopped throughout their 60. Now such a preservative quality is more a side effect than a necessity. brewers used to use other roots and spices to provide this balance. This willg. Lately alot 01 talk about the hops shortage has been filling magazine and Internet space. Usually hops are dried in any of the forms mentioned.90. but also add fiavor. as well as an interesting technique called "first wort hopping. Whether fresh or dried." First wort hopping means adding hops to the wort as it is collected from the mash or lauter tun before the boilis started. You can see thai there is a 10110 love about our little green friends. adding hops to the mash after the grain is mixed with water.ive the beer a fresh happy aroma.including the inextricable smell and taste they provide to beer. brewers. Hops added at the end of the boil. conditioning If Ihis is done in tanks or kegs. 60 MinIPA). provide hop aroma to the beer. some brewers add hops alter the beer is finished fermenting. The next lime you savor a happy IPA . or 120 minute boils. and the beers are named as such (i. . but some brewers have taken to brewing "weI hop" or "fresh hop" beers right when hops are harvested. I've tasted beer served Ihrough a similar device and the effect is a potent. it is called dry hopping. right before the kettle is turned off. You can thank the hops'~' Is that all you can do with hops? Nope. through which beer is passed before being served. Dogfish Head produces a few beers that are continually. The device is called Randall the Enamel Animal and it is essentially a three foot water Ii Iter packed with whole hops. especially home brewers.e. Most commonly. Hops boiled this long are called bittering hops. A brewer might add additional hops and boil them for 45 or 30 minutes.Indeed. though. before they are might mean just a little bit more. their aroma is not boiled off and will remain in the finished beer. . Because they are not boiled for very long at all. they are added 10 Ihe boil keltle. are getting even crazier with hops. Hops can be added at pretty much all phases of the brewing process. On a somewhat but not entirely trivial note. Recently.LET'S MAKE SOME BEER ALREADY You know all about hops now so let's make some friggin' beer! Hops provide an essential counterpart the malt=-bitterness Remember. Historically hops have also provided antibacterial properties that helped distinguish beer as a safe alternative to often unsafe water. hops need to be boiled for an hour to extract the bitterness. Again the pioneers at Dogfish head created a way to give the beer an even greater hop aroma. These hops provide some bitterness. Additionally. to to sweetness. hop resins also add to head stabilization.

' .. \ ..... " ...

THE-WALK AND TALK-THE-TALK ired of talking out of your butt at the bar? You might be a connoisseur when it comes to naming a good micro brew. B R GOGGLES. T nl!""'J __ DJUNCT. the heel' wasfinalty readyfor consumption. 1101ln' funneling device constructed orne sort of conduit and a lube designed for ingesting beer in a single invigorating gulp: He was the rna ny or lhe charactcrist ics 0 r a specific or beer. as substitutes for malted barley: Micro and regional brewertes cften 7L~e adjuncts ~ dill! 10 Illeir "vai/ubi/it): AGING. Learn them and you'll sound like you have a PhD in barley. water. ALCOHOL BY VOLUME (ABV). when malted is the fermentation agent in beer: Alany major breweries own or work exclusively with/arms that groll' a particular style of barley: WITHOUT WITH GOGGLES GOGGLES . ARLEY. and wheat. four. Here are a few key terms to guide you along. vert: • The process by which noun • 31 gallons or 117. oats. Damn beer goggles. and hops. noun' Unrnalted grains such as barley. or ALE. noun • A universal yard stick how much alcohol a specific beverage contains: The higher the alcohol by volume. rye.3 liters of beer as defined by nited 'tale • tax 1:1\ • B ER BONG. the better. potential mate' is cigarettes and alcohol .DEFINITIONS WALK. such as taste and aroma. which are typically used BEER BARRE . or ix around a centra] stem. 1101111 • 0 errate a ALCOHOL. noun • Beer that employs top-fermenting yeast: The Bass Ale red triangle was the first registered trademark in the Untted Kingdom. rice.. noun' A cereal grain which seeds grows in l'O\\S of two. achieve /1/0111/7 aging process. Cigarettes and Aicoho! by Oasis. rnaiuration: After a three fastest gun in the noeslwith a beer bong. but you're virtually illiterate at discussing the finer points of beer. C{)I1l.. fermentation nmm • Product of of yeast resulting from yeast interacting with sugar' in malt: "All ! need auractiveness during drunkcnnes : Lost night she looked like a 10: this morning she looks like 250 pounds.

lring boiling. 110/111 ·Blend of a pale ale and II darker beer such as a stout or porter in which the latter is relegated to the bouom of the container. usually softball. noun .BEER MAGAZINE. verb. BOCK. AI110l1l11 or Newcastle NlII Brown Ale. which go through a lengthy stern or re lrigerat ion. BREWMAST "R. noun· Full bodied. providing CASK. dud ng.5 to 3. DEUCE DEUCE. noun' The bubbles in beer that regularly appears during fermentation. BITIERNES UNITS. noun • Beer served from a pressurized that have been crystallized alter undergoing a special heating process. CULLEN-HARRl ON A: • 110U/1 ' 'ongressional aCI which effectively ended National Prohibition on April 7. verb' Process during which sterilization of the wort and the adding of hops occurs.BEER. noun • Slang term for 22 ounce bottles or cans of beer. nOlIJ7 ' A game of endurance and perseverance where participants lake a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes: Joining the Century Club was OIlZl' eclipsed by his BEER LEAGUE. Wood or metal contai ner that holds beer and from which beer can be served. brownish or amber in color: Brown ales. DRY HOPPING.. Beer: [49] . where drinking beer be fore. _ARK . noun' How thick a beer feels in your mouth: usually described as full or thin: The stout was a full bodied beer/or a fut! bodied gal. CREAMAL . not quite drunk: Three beers in and the)' were already buzzed. comes in ARAMEL MALT. and/or after a contest is the norm: They came prepared by BODY.- . by International DOPPEL BOCK. give beers a sweeter. noun • A top-fermenting beer brewed with darker malts.• (J . caramel like complexion.2 %: Whichf!1'erdeil)')'Oli believe in. Germany. noun' Highly killed and experience brewer who admini ters every aspect of the brewing procc s. noun 'An adjunct substitute for malted barley. n01l11 ' everythi ng a true beer aficionado would ever require or desire in a publication. noun' Dark cool space where beer has been stored throughout history to combat the effects ofheat and light. CORN.1101111' op fermenting pale American ales. Adding dry hops to fermenting beer to increase the aroma. which areclassified as elrher top or bottom fermenting. BREWER'S YEAST. CENTURY CLUB. verb. (Irepar/iclliarly popular in Great Britain. keg. high alcohol bock with 81\ insane amount of malt: stem from Bavaria. 19T. BUZZED. and cause fermentation due to the extraction of sugars From grain d. CElLAR. 110/1/1 • eneric term for darker brews. gloves. caused by carbon dioxide. buy nva. Buy C1 subscription fa Beer Magazine. also known as a half and half: Black and tans are proof that we can all get along. ot quite sober. such as him or herfiu: tbe Cullen-Harrison ACl. BROWN ALE. heavy lager that originated in Einbeck a variety or sty les. norm • Microorganisms. n01l11 • Malts DRAFT BEER. biuerne s in II beer as determined by the use or a spectroph tometer and solvent extraction Bitterness and measured nits or IBU. increased the amount of ABV from 0. some of which are served with nitrogen. and a six pack 10 thefield. noun The bible of brew. in fact. originated in London over 300 years ago. noun' A strong. noun' An athletic league. membership in the Mile High ell/h. CARBONATION. BEER PONG 1'10/111' A semi-athletic game of skill where two teams line up across from one another Oil a table and try 10 eliminate their opponents by throwing pillg pong balls into CliPS: The best beer pong players shouldjoin theirfootbal! and basketbal! brethrenas scholarship athletes. BLACI{AND TAN. Ihank bringing their bats. BOI ING.

the style has an elevated amount of hops and alcohol. KE1TLE. noun» Beer which has a HARD CIDER. used to boil won. LAMBIe. normally r. IWIIIJ " Bcnom fermenting beer. noun Foam Oil the Lop of a gJ ass of beer res uJ ti ng from carbon dioxide rising LO the surface. noun' Condensed wort taken from mash in either a syrup or powdered sugar form...erts imo ethyl alcohol and arbon ' grains. ll. INOlA PALE ALE nl'A). .~. !lOW7 • OCKEYBOX. typically malt liquor. noun " Naturally \ ere. noun • Belgian beer which GIUST.5 gaIlQI1. FRE5HNFSS DATlNG. 1101117· Milled grains. ~ ~liqUid RAVITY. FORTY. » and tostefulness of their offerings.. AIT. Density ofa ~IS compared to water.i I1gredie~t which .. made of stainless steel. noun" Pressed reduced amount of alcohol and calories. beer is commonly referred to as "skunked . ated . 1I0UII" Self contained keg beer dispenser that resembles II cooler and uses coi Is or cold plates. noun • Water with a high mineral content. 110l1n • One of beer's primary ingredients which is added 10 boiling wort for bitterness and smell. standard US kegs holds seven and a half cases of beer. creation of British brewers to combat the rigors and spoiling that occur during the long trip to India. verb • Labeling beer with the day on which it was brewed: Man]. nonn » A fermented beverage with a exceedingly high ABV: Bilb'Dee Williallls used to endorse I -f j mah liquor: cor [SO]:BeaI" .. 11011n • An HOPS.r " L. and water for coollng and serving.aining and transportation device with a signal hole at the Lop by which contents arc removed with a tap under pressure: AI 15. 1101ll.1101111" Germi".BEER. noun » A light American style lager which has partially frozen 10 concentrate o. LIGHT BEER.STERS. beer holds its head. EG. that have been soaked in water.ERMENTATION. HEFEWElZEN. LAGER. carbon dioxide. /IOU.the shuns the traditional controlled process for spontaneous fermentation wl Id yeast or and bacteria." Beer which has been overexposed to light and now possesses an unpleasant odor and taste: Lightstruck. breweries have enlistedfreshness dating as a means to conver Ihe qualil)' ! .. UGHTSl'RUCK.occu ri during terrnentarion and adds d isri 111:1ive f a VOTS. 0 CE ...l1mm "An exercise where the participant places his or her hands on the rim of a keg while co-operatives pump beer into his or her mouth while inverting lhe participant by holding his or her legs or feet Keg stands are always a good idea. KEGSTAND. noun" all noun» How long a Wheat beer: Felt' things are better a hot summer day than a hefeweizen. trEAD RETENTION. ice. pple juice which is consumed after fermentation: Keep lire kiddtes awayfrom the hard cider: HARD WATER.uid con. ~ QUOR. HEAD. Ice beer call be like EXTRACT. HOI\1E BREWING. noun' Large pot. . ated cere. noun A noun' Nickname for a 40 ounce boule o f beer. )'--) action of yea 51 when sugar conv. noun • Creating your own beer in the comfort of your home.

nolin • Tank in which grist is boiled to extract sugars. Growth . noun • Low alcohol beverage resembling beer but with less than 0. noun' The world's largest beer fest ivs I. noun' German purity of law of 1487 that states the only legal ingredients in beer call be barley."\ 1V ICE. noun • Sixteen US l'luid ounces or 20 English imperial ounces: "A III need is a pin! a day . PORTER. . • The definitive 1 ark Oil prohibition YEAST. often regional breweries that produce amount of beer ina given year.75 gallons or 82 siandarc 12-ounce beers: Pony kegs are" /01 easier 10 loss (hem their big brothers. w. noun • lender glass used far drinking beer. time beer.. noun' is sometimes substituted for malted barley. STEIN. Iight colored lager: Pilsner Urquell claims to be the world s first pilsner PlNT. and Pri ncess I'herese of SaxeHildburghau. beer only lasted a couple of weeks. noun' Stvle of ale chieA~ pale malts.MARZEN.a. n011l1 • Also known as a quarter keg. ARD. STO T.EST. WHEAT. water. om".. /10/1/1 • Dark ale beer that is typically lighter than stout. PruNER.5 ~-""" nt AS V: Nea. PROHIBITION noun » Term used to define the period from 1920 through 1933 when the sale.. noun' Amber colored German beer brewed and named in honor of the German word for March (Marz). Oktoberfest is the happiest place on earth. noun' An adjunct sometimes used in place of MASH TON.. 110/1/1' up that often comes with a lid.ill maintain its best characteristics. noun' Mixture made by soaking grains ill water. and hops.. MASH. MICRO-BREWERY. and manufacturing or alcoholic beverages was illegal: J Y TalJ. noun » ontainer 01ll1CeS. H minor REINHEITSGEBOT. 1101111 • Amount of EAR BEER. Brilliant] BE". or which five typically holds 60 standard beers. McCartney PITCHER. noun • Dark ale similar to porter Munich during late September and early October and boast lin attendance of over six million. verb » ~ ALE. for call he found in the May/June issue 0/ Beer Magazine. SHOTGUN. • Wheat beer.. PROST. originally staged to honor the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig 01 Bavaria is Righi wa~ Ihe best move Ihe)' ever made. it holds 7. can be made from or PONY KEG. the expansive crowd exclaimed. MASH. "Prost!" r"""ol11paSSing Releasing the sugars from them in water. verb • Rapid consumption beer through a hole punched in the side ofa can or with a bendy Straw in a bottle: 11 S 1101 a lailgatl! l1'ltlio!ll shotgunnmg a fe'll' brews. distribution. KTOBERF. German for "Cheers!": A.en in I 10: With all apologies to Disney World. noun' Small. Pall! ~f. noun " Pale. verb • Exposing a too d or beverage to extrem e heal fo r tbe purpose of destroying potentially hazardous microorganisms: Before pasteurization. possession. WEISS An adjun I that which employ roasted malts and barley: Guinness Stout. HELP LIFE. verb.r beer is lerrible. malted grains by soaking PASTEURIZATION.~the liter steins slammed together at Okroberfest. Occurs in POWER H UR. noun • Game where players down a shot of beer every minute f( I' an 110m: Teaming power tun« wilh the Price different material . n01l11 microorganism.

a more significant decision weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of the nation's beer drinkers...••• ~ •• ~ ••• _••• •••• • •_ •• . '" ~ sz '-' c '" '" '0 ... It's a question as old as time itself and one that lovers of brew cannot take lightly: should my next beer come from a can. ••• " •• • ••• . • ••• ~. bottle. or keg? . • ~. • • Which container should you drink from? s America prepares to elect its next president.0 " '" " '" " " ••.


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Like many things that were completely changed by the industrial revolution of the 19th century. it's more likely you're like most of us and consider beer a primarily modern invention. spices. archeologists. oats. wheat. and yeast. But for most 01 beer's long history that wasn't the case. As a result. h.n thOU9.000 years old. rice. gatherer. gods. it wouldn't be as immediately identifiable. We can learn a lot from myths because they reflect those Early man used stories to make sense of the world around him. or groups of people create in order to explain their place in the world. Pre. tribes. beer did not often taste much like it does nowadays. and anthropologists throughout history. and possibly much older.•of ancient family that produces an edible grain. More's the pity.. The exact date when mankind shifted from hunter. beer can be neatly divided into before industrialization and after. you would no doubt be able to recognize what you were drinking as beer. Though beer is thought to be at least 7. such as barley. water. It was often dark. and flavored with such disparate ingredients as eggshells. . Myths are essentially stories that often include wild exaggeration&-no eariy beer drinking-and doubt fueled by fictitious beliefs aspects of culture that people deem to be of the utmost importance. murky. beer has remained pretty much the way we know it today. used in beer at one time or . but as with all the important mysteries of early man. Which begs the question: what exactly makes something beer? Normally. These stories usually involve famous ancestors.bIY 've . which is essentially what beer is today. as thick as pea soup and as impenetrable as an Irish stout. etc. clvillzatlon-startinq beer that cultures.Brooks phaills: Carl Hyndman beer. berries. stories have been told to explain the unexplainable. the simplest definition of "beer" is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting a cereal (which is any plant in the grass E ve. and muqwort. .. From before the 19th century going all the way back to the misty dawn of civilization.Iegends. If you had a time machine and went back to one of the early industrial breweries.heard . Prob. Over 1'00 items have been identified as being. hops has onty been a common ingredient for the last millennium. or corn). But prior to that.a. with a few variations including additional ingredients such as wheat.ISTORY 201 • • THE MYTHIC STORIES OF THE ORIGINS OF BEER wllrds: Jay R. the answer to that question involves beer's four primary ingredients: barley. heroes. and teetotaler to the city-building. hops.. So we know how important a role beer played in ancient societies throughout the world because many myths are filled with gods of brewing drinker has eluded historians. fruit. thick.. From industrialization on.History The true origin of beer is shrouded in a fog of mystery. rye. and other supernatural beings and am quite literally the stuff of .

It is considered to be one of the very earliest works of literary fiction.. above ali. and rubbed himself with oil. Sumer was most likely the first civilization to start farming. She was alierce protector of the pharaohs and her breath was believed to have created the desert. I know it was supposed to be a miracle. but Pomegranate :beer. The two go on several quests and have many dangerous and thrilling adventures. drink large quantities of red beer to ritualize the extreme drunkenness that saved mankind." This may seem like blasphemy. But the Egyptian sun god.. Grapes were relatively scarce. Jesus Was A Hombrewer? There's a craft brewery in Eugene. He splashed his shaggy body with water. The finished beer is described in the Hymn's last lines: "Ninkasi.and 'beer goddesses. The Egyptians would dance. and of drinking beer he had not been taught. but it still would have been pretty impressive for someone to turn 120-180 gallons 01water into beer. Drink the beer. Sumer was located in southern Mesopotamia. it is the way one lives. In her most famous tale. of course. Ninkasi was the daughter of Enki. Jesus was a priest. they placed beer in front of him. Akkadian. Then. The Festival 01 that correctly. seeing that it was good. Many myths tell of how gods discovered beer and delivered it to their people.-that has the following phrase on the back of their t-shirts: "Jesus was a homebrewer. a half-wild man.2% water already. and. The harlot spoke to Enkidu. commemorated this myth. that the Greek word for wine. You. Sure.. at the time. and as such was a savage. and was one of the earliest civilizations W6 know about. Oregon named lor the Sumerian Goddess-Ninkasi Brewing Go." The Hymn essentially contains the first written recipe for Sumerian beer (which they called "sikaru") and sings the praises of the beer goddess Ninkasi. Naturally. a king. was not blood. you are the one who pours out the filtered beer of the collector vat. however. and turned into a human. ergo . is confronted by a prostitute named Shamhat: They placed food in front of him. which made Sekhmet so drunk that she gave up her killing ways and became a gentler goddess.. more beast than man. See the sidebar for a list of many of them. but don't judge too quickly. Enkidu. She was born from "sparkling fresh water" and created to "satisfy the desire" and "sate the heart. held at the beginning of each year (when the Nile turned blood red due to silt corning down from upstream during the annual flooding known as the inundation). That must have been some pretty spectacular beer. the Egyptians failed to make a sacrifice to her as was usually done to stop her warrior's such an epic story. Jesus and his followers were considered radical's and rebels by 2800 BeE. Beer was very popular 'in the Middle East and was far more common than wine. The fed Nile." TheOr~inal !~~~gyp~~r~r goddess with the lace of a lioness. drink"-an exact translation which could easily of which did not exist-and Ninkasi and the Sumezians Perhaps the earnest goddess associated with beer was Ninkasi. from a purely technical point of view it makes more sense that Jesus ohanged the water to beer. Supposedly. and Babylonian languages. while beer was the drink of the common people. Enkidu. since beer is roughly 9. as is the custom of the land. itis [lik6] the onrush 01 Tigris and Euphrates. According to Sumerian mythology. because writing wasn't invented until the start of the Bronze Ag6-during the latter half of the is the earliest 4th millennium BeE-that definitive record we have. too." Otvoc'' (orcoinos). The main characters in the story are Gilgamesh. the chief Sumerian god (Enki means "Lord of the Earth")." Enkidu ate the food until he was sated. Some scholars now believe that when Jesus famously changed the water into wine a! the Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-12). Many were based older texts like Hebrew and Aramaic. beer figures prominently. while barley was plentiful. and. . as early as 5300 BeE. and she nearly destroyed all of mankind. and Enkidu. everyone rejoiced. we'd throw a party. There are literally dozens and dozens of gods and godd6sses associated with beer and brewing throughout history." Though references to Ninkasi can be found as long ago as The Epic of Gilgamesh The epic poem Gilgamesh was written in ancient Mesopotamia as early as 2150 BCE and there are versions in Surnerian. may have been a mistranslation of the Aramaic word for "strong. the priest class knew the secret of brewing. play music. Hey. Ra. In Tablet II of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Wine tended to be drunk by the Romans and the rich. Enkidu drank seven jugs of beer and became human. He put on some clothing and became like a warrior! have been beer. Enkidu knew nothing about eating bread lor food. saying: "Eat the food. that was used in post-Classical 011 antiquity (from 300 BeE to 300 GE). alter one particular battle. he drank the beer-seven jugs!and became expansive and sang with joy! He was elated and his face glowed. from the Sumerian civilization. the first nearly complete text is a tablet dated around 1800 BeE and known as "The Hymn to Ninkasi. tricked her by turning the water of the Nile River red so she would drink it instead. the common dialect (or popular form of Greek) . The original texts of the New Testament were written in Kaine Greek. Enkidu is part wild.

when again the devil appeared.Ke beer outside the monastery. Gambrinus began life in poverty as the apprentice to a glassmaker in the kingdom of Flanders. because no matter how much money he had. who rejected him. and you will forget all about Flandrine. at the last supper. Jan Primus was John the Fearless's grealgrandfather. The name may also derive from the Latin "g·aneae blrrinus. In addition. few religious breweries remaining. effectively tuming the monasteries into the first inns. records indicate that one of Charlemagne's cupbearers had the name Gambrinus. He may have been Jan Primus. Th. By the time the Greeks gol around to writing' the Bible.) on in the several feast days that ared. Do I have to spell it out for you? And lastly. and Arnold of Oud!maarde. He grew rich and once more his thoughts turned to Flandrine. like the ones In beekeeping. He fell in love with his master's daughter. On the technical side. planted hops. Gambrinus accepted the bargain and his that the storyis been exaggem. Brigid. secular brewers were allowed to mll. the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and! lertility.. Over time. Gambrinus returned 10 the forest. also known as John It. arguably between 50 and 150 CE. Gambrinus returned to the town. Remember that in the Egyptian story of Sekhmet. more determined' than ever to take his own life.It just wasn't Jesus's style tobe flamboyant and ostentatious. If Indeed he was real.. 'Throughout this period of history. oommefCial brewing was in full flower with 0I'I1y II. it's possible that Noah's Ark was simply a beer-hauling barge on the Euphrates River when a minor flood hit.gain. Burkart Waldis. Christianity helped pre se rve ou r anc ient cu ltu re th roug h the Dark Ages. Gambrinus was. at which he excelled. and made more beer. to filter and clarify beer. and taught him to play the chimes. so he ran away to become a poet and music..n.e Original ~ofBeer: GAM"9RINUS King Gambrinus was a legendary king of Flllndn. It's not hard to understand that when faced with a translation decision. SI. There are also two more possible Biblical misunderstandings involving beer. His origin. as we'll. like Sts. Several. II beer was at the wedding in Cana. bent on ending his lile. appeared a field lined with tall poles with flowing green plants hanging from them that gave off a strong. who lived from l'371-1419). Gambrinus chastised Satan for not living up to his end of the bargain. when suddenly. the monks who would one day be canonized for their brewing f:lfforts came in two varieties: those who breWed miracles and those who favored te~nological innovation. Arnold of Soissons. he still wasn't of noble birth. Arnold of Metz once made It fain beer to satisfy a thirsty group of travelers.1zlngits advantages as a preservative. St. Or he may have been John the Fearless. Brewing was virtually exclusive to Ihe church tor over half a millennia. As he was performing one day.ted Into the great flood story we know today. He called on all monks to be self-sufficient and allowed each a daily allowance of live liters of beer. Duke 01 Brabant. She again refused him. aDd Is considered to be the unofficial pa:tfOt1 saint of beer and brewing. finding renown at both. St. Benedict's rules also required monks to take in pilgrinn and other travelers. a German poet. the translators were elite Greeks who would likely have been wine drinkers. SI.. the reputation of the beer brewed at monasteries and abbeys grew as Christian ministers carried on the tradition of keeping the brewing arts alive. The devil offered to make him forget Handrlns in exchange for his soul after 30 years. Thinking she might now return his love because of his wealth.ian. just like Jesus. "I will teach you how to make beer. Duke of Burgundy. It's hard to believe they would have chosen to drink wine . wh:ich is now part of Belgium. who lived' from 1252-1294.both the Hebrew establishment and the Romans. Once it was to use straw cones. created the monastic system in the 6th century. mystery. playing so poorly that his audience chased him away. and that included beer." After learning to brew. and Saints Preserve Us: Beer & Religion After the fall of Rome. Arnold of Soissons was the first passion for Flandrine was replaced by gambling. also known as John I.edicated to these saints of beer. By the time anne Reformation in the 1i6th century. he saw Flandrine and began to shake. recog." Regardless of who the real.Ra tricked Sekhmet into drinking red beer because she thought it was blood. Gambrinus asked how he could have his revenge on the audience that had chased him away. It was healthier than the water and made fasting possible.. He ran into the forest. But their f4mfllives (SMsldebar. in Iront of him. Flandrine. Benedict. explained in a 1543 poem that Gambrinus had learned the art of brewinglrom Isis.The devil told Gambrinus they were hops and beyond the field was a hophouse and a brewery. pleasant aroma . they would have chosen what was familiar to them. he approached her a. is something of a . but the devil appeared to Gambrinus and offered him a deal." said the devil. were said to turn water into beer. 'Hl1de:gardevon Bingen was the first to write about the virtues of using hops in beer. when finally in the t2tl1 CitI'Itury. though not an official beer saint. The devil suggested an instrument no one could resist. it's not too great a leap to suggest that it was also served. According to legend. he is believed' to be the inventor 01 hopped malt beer." meaning "one who drinks in a tavern. since the nutritious "liquid bread" could sustain a person during' Lent. "Come on.

Gambrinus began to play the chimes. In Hausa mythology.. tlefore maidens) brewed ale in a large pot given to!legir assoctation to brawing is most likely due 10 the foam on II.k. like reaping and malting. is the part of the song that takes place after John Barleycorn has been planted in the ground until the beginning of the harvest. since Barleycorn's body is eaten as bread and drank as beer. the personification of barley. The KIng." He was said tobe very and oft~n made. woo was also a brewing See Dionysus...ialiy wno was voIlrshippe<i bV early Hitlitie brewers. resurrection. God of Wine. billow (G. !legi r was also a terrific host. flll""l. and the pagan for having a good enjoying h".. H. Halki bartey. IAztec): BygQylr was 11. she was aloo the Godde. but he lawgiver an!llover Dionysus of peace. the pantheon of gods incl uded Dumu. espe<. He was also 1I1e "raVier of the "Beer of Imrnm1aIIty.ciety. when at last the devil came to collect his soul. He was tho QOd of 9rowl ng things. Ba-Maguje Goibhniu Golbhniu was Ihe great blacksmith of CalOc mythology who SOJpphedweapon. Oanei ng. D . fertiJlty. "'cerveza is taken from her nama Ca . Eventually the devil begged Gambrinus to stop playing and broke their agreement When Gambrinus finally passed away. s IRomall). baar. Here. but after Gambrinus had played the chimes for several hours and they had danced themselves thirsty.ding 10 one slo. Acco. I n Greek.I0I01". and entertained people on his chimes....!. he returned to the town square and began playing this chimes. many different versions of the story. a God of Wine. She also owned the "witth." Acan was 1I1e Mayan God of Aleoool. was also the 60d of IntOxication." (Goddess to legend were brewed by the married de ities 01 AlooI1oll and Peteca. The first modern miorobr. includlng beer. 400 represented Infinity. These indignities correspond roughly to the stages of barley growing. While the stories differ slightly. fool 01 himself . Aeglr Demeter (Greek) See Dionysus Ceres.. In Celtic mytlloloilY. 111. I". bu II. and possibly even human sacrifice. and drinking. so they nav" was The While BarI'j Goddess.. was also known as Alphlto. name." Bacchus Ba-Maguje (Roman) (Hausa): storytelling. The king of Flanders offered to make him a duke in order to thank him." As ouch.: Tile head God Aboye all. was calleO "rIew Albion Brewing. which began appearing at least as early as 1568.. and the devil could not stop dancing. John Barleycorn is resurrected as beer. \VIId an imals.Father. Huitaca is thE Goddess of Drinking.tIh mosllikely bees aM l)arlej'. Gambrinus's beery rule lasted for 30 years.. IHittite): Halki was a God of Grain..a..knovrn a. and his nine daughlers nh. wi~' al. and more importantly i1s sodal and beneficial aspects.s" lmportant 10 the Romans.e name boiste~us Aegir primarily to (Norse): wenllhlrsty. TIle Disa~lot IBritish. Animals Sat:I>!<J 10 hi m 'incl ude<i Ill. (sometlrnes spelled Oegl~ was the No. AI~lna. wflen guests drained their cups. the substance of the song has remained largely the same. O Acan (Mayan): wiJrn. but was also the brewer IlyThlf. 1I1e Eartll.. was lila IriOO and Welsh cau Idroo of inspiration.huel be affected system. bread. God!loss Dis.parl\'i ng ways ~m' and made her u nfillo and foday she's censcered a bad Infiuence.mselve.. OioojSOJs "as also a promoter of civilization.~ IlIJIlday tflathorlO(S lIle<lJiClent John Barleycorn Long before the iconic album. Huitaca prsoorJI-day (Colombia): Ha1l10rwas the EgypDan GOOof To the Chillcha people of Colombia. After death. aclive side of nature. (Celtic): a m idwi Iller ribJai of d rinl<lng and In addilion to Ninkasi. spirits. and that's why Gambrinus has no tombstone. is attacked and made to suffer indignities and eventually death. Ill. in what is now northwest tJv Intoxication. of AsgaJd. they tried his beer again. Ceres was a "rJ)Illller godde.. and other palls of west Afrlc:a.): make beer.s.· which granted . and beer and ale. There are many. the English folksong of John Barleycorn was a popular allegorical story of death. a." ner name means" momer earll"" or • bart"j. and he offered his new beer for people to try. Albion... where Sh8 was c-alled"Dernster. Dumuzi Sumerian (Sumerian). goal. a beer barrel was found at the spot where he normally spent his days. God of Barlej and his wife Beyl. Some stones even say til.s of Agricu IbJre alld of 111. Isles.e sacred fi res bu ml nq.n The Accla linea): The Ac.S. The Centzon-Totocf1ti. In the story.. representative of the ideology of the cycles of nature. Gambrinus planted hops. r"ferre~ to n ken Goddess of Bad Bellavio. were temele virglrlS chosen by Inti (The InCOl1 Sun Godllo keep U.. ng. The Green to anyone who drank ~. The Horned God the Gre.ek): We think of Oio'jsUS Ioday as th.t. and Is sornetl me. Dis (Norse): Dlsabloll... he slmply chanced his name and his affiliation. His tne God. "Brew of Inspiration and Knowledge. Ometotchtli was Maculllochtl1 was anomer Aztec God of AlcoholiG and he was also known as • Five R<lb~lt" Curiously. John Barleycorn Must Die by the band Traffic. but Gambrinus preferred the nickname he had already been given by his customers: The King of Beer. Ivflieh presum ably 811efilled wilh tlarley 10 make ~e". Man was the spirit of drunkenne. Albina THER BEER GODS & GODDESSES Cerridwen Barley Goddess. He did indeed forget all about Flandrine. The Syria. d'Slre.n which ""cominQ May.I.(Egyptian): Drunkenness. god. Ihey also brewed boor. he was II." (WelsIJ): Cerridw. they decided it was the best dink they had ever tasted. ICeltic). In lI1eir spare lime. God of Be"r under the name "Sa~'los·· As wine become more Imporlant In Greek .. This time. "" such. God of tile Sea.ready. Everywhere he went. the eponymous John Barleycorn.! 10 the Gods. oceaa loo<log sl milar 10 tne foamy head of an ale.! secua was turned into an owl as puniOOm. is 1I10ught 10 come from I. and whisky. and Gambrinus's success spread far and wide. They found it too bitter and also too strong. means lilorally "groan. One of the earnest names for the Britisl. and slag. brewed beer. The CentzOl1- Toloc 111in Wi)l"e the "Feu r Hundre<i Drun ken Rabbit Gods.II. Byggvir INors.. The Scottish poet Robert Burns published his own take on the story in 1782. The mugs in his house refilled lI. and in fact did not even recognize her when she paid him a visit many years later..".molher.ry ln the U. for example. Tile spanish word for beer.1I (God of Medicinel· 1I1e infinite ways that people can In the early Aztec numbering The rabbits represented Hittities liyed in Analolia. harvest. was said to do things ..lIe Into'icated.". Some have also compared it to the Christian transubstantiation. Some scholars interpret the story as pagan. an~ Merry-Maki as 1I1e "Dru and one of the most Bocltla said that Huitaca be a Goddess s . there was no "One R<lbblt" also known as "Two Rabbit· B""""9'" Hatho r.Iornallif..n Man represented the masculine. Ths Hausa are Muslims I'ying In northern N'gerl.

Shadipinyi inllenti"Q a wooden the snow. and society in she married Enlij. in the 'p'ing. In Lithuanian !wo. (Sumerian)! see abov< for the (Sumerian): Ni nkasl was a SUlllerian Goddess Goddess of Dancing.795 verses. to toast and celebrate. And these three men made a solemn vow: John Barleycorn was dead. man mree UlOlIS3Jld yoors ago.." Twice as many lines of the poem are devoted to the origin of beer than to mankind's origins! Osmotar. they w ere sot up on I~and in lIle adventures and stones.JehDvah The OIiginal Hob raw GOO was also Slavic mythDiogy. he Vias the God of PulQue. and tile Zulus belie. they give us endless people. one 01 U. Takes the golden grains of barley. ano Is a Goddess of Grain In India.. Once the industrial revolution perfected the science of brewing and it was understood down to the smallest yeast spore. (Hebrew): mOfe lsa la~gII~gealnd circles... Festi". Ninll (Babylonian): Nil1-Allna was a BabVionian the juice of the . . She's usually depicted willie holding a beer ladle 01 Boor.·Sud.. (Egyptian): Naper Ta.r and was rewarded . also the God of Ileer. loved th e stlong brew-It was ban ned Ninlil VIas the Sumerian Goddess otthe renamed aller Grnin. Ill. was the God of Grain. Tocui him off at the knee. They've hired men with scythes so sharp. in the 23rd century BeE. who evenlually became tile pnm~. and the~ merged into one celebration. He also wore only one be. they've hllffVwed him in. and seethe. because th' Emperor feared future rulers. Filling seven cups with water..d how In brew beer.' Sabzias Siduri east kIlown as PenylaH311an. Sekhmet (Egyptian): All Egl']ltisn warner goddess Kull Gossalh LaJH:aihe Imn'ootals beggar. (Zulu): Mbaba·Mlvanna· Silenus (Greek): and brewi ng. was originallv human. but they're just talking about the cereal grain barley. tneyve rolled him and tied him by the waist. He wou ld nol be able to hold their IiGu. "". or spirits. she was lIle Egyptian Goddess of B.millisn]: ShadlpinyllV8S credited wllll iii Taoism.(. !lad... (Chinese): Lan.n. was worsl1ippod lertili". hops. and 11O"". On the fire she sets the caldron. tneyve let him lie for a very long time. Yasigi (Mali): To tile Dogon people of Mali. long beard. the sacrifice Raguti"ne (Slavic/Baltic): VIas tho Goddess and Ragutiel1e n was!wo festivals held concurrentl~ One rite I""olved at some point unleavened bread and tl"other were partners.lVas made from ri ce. Min Kyawzwa was essenbally Ule God of Dnnking. She was also known cream rainbows Min K"Bwzwa (Burme". to And They Lived tIa~ey and wheat. H... archeologists.gast created beer. but inGorpornted into IT.. Nin-Anna Goddess Ninkasi Br'wing. \'i~Di cootinued dilline nce beer and later aclliov. Masks. They had many tOIl ether Justice L""g ue) (sort of the . Boils Ihe barley.aihe was one of the Eight wilh tbe head of a llonsss. . he cou ld In make his Ill.. The first of til. "The Feast of Unleavened Bread" is believed to have its roots as an ag ncultu ral f1!Stiyal oelebrating ba~e~ h:west Kull Gossaih Iindian) Ragutis.. wiooom minor goddoss of imlllOrtaJily. Tenent appears in tile Bool< of Ill..d as a large· breasted lemale dancing of in one hand.n.1 of Intmdoation was celebrated Samargl each ~ear In her honor. primalily wIliell Vias a traditional beer. and bubble Brewing thus the beer delicious. It's strange imagery. cock fig hter. Taliesln was a minor Welsh god who was the Zulu Goddess of B. Threw clods upon his head.aill. ru world all "'"". Raugupatis Raugupatis and was also bell"""d of Hospitality in to have first known as U'e ·Proteclor of the Barley.. (Savic): Oliginally t. Wine. they've sown.ngl""1 erma. Marduk Babylonian (Babylonian): an aspect (N. Dead and t8K1s during Ill. and Intoxication) Taliesin (Celtic]: and barley. and those used III make be. Rekereke (Polynesian]: On lIle Island of Mangareva In as tile PoI.. John Barleycorn is not a real person . See abolle for the lull sto"!. Itm. Each of Ihe Eight ImlllOrtals represented not allO\W)d into (Egyptian): Thoogh littI' is know" about Ienenit. Sem Gods 01 Barley who eventually beceme The Kalevala Though not published until 1835. God of Sex. PIlllemaiG period. Till he looked both pale and wan. r (Slavic): As the God .!.. . He was a drunkam. and though tile>! were not quite gods and tIlerefore boer by the Kanago p"oples of Namibia. However. and created the pertect brew. Raugupatis was there was eve" a third God. which was 1IDm 3D5 to :30 BCE.o separate gods.ugh.."""ge Vias the A:!tec Beer God.ll and preferred sle. ""'f8 later Neper in made b~ fermenting that was similar plant.ed 10 to signal tlla! it was time to start d n"king. . Tenanit through 1110 16th century.· but sh.. by drinking a beer. Sidurl was an all·purpose hap pinsss..ryt~i"g nmes.1 Goo Qf Ale Brewing.nesian Frencll l'ol\l11esia. And so amazed them all. Takingsix of barley-kernels. 1~"."I~."atzantecatl (Aztec): alcoholic TezcatzontecaU b.. was usually portrayed as effeminate transvestite) boot and (and SOIl'etimes as semi-nude a in and almost allVays drunk.III. mankind no longer needed stories to explain beer or its origins.. Rellereke was I'IOrshipped GOO of Pleasure." and consists of Finnish and Karelian folklore compiled by Elias L6nnrot from ancient texts of what is now Finland. helped a disQuised oogg. Serving him most barb'rously. And little Sir John sprung up his head. He was a god of she made tflll first beer for her people. " u . More properly. M. and Is said to ha"e taught the people and tile wOJI~ might fall apart. tile God of Boer. nil the rains from heav'n did fall. The Kalevala consists and Argl wefe eacl' one god.1Iduk Vias Ofiginall~ a SUn God (Greekl Sea (Sumerian]: Dianysus. these stories tell us a lot about the importance of beer to the various civilizations that make up our collective history.. and perhaps most impcrtantly. He was also a mOlmtainoU" known as the" Evil God of D runken Behavior. Mbaba. In the next issue. originallng 009inally flI a lamb. we'll set aside the myths and stories about beer's origins and examine the best theories that the historians. Pekka osp"cially Radegast (Finnish): Pekko was the God of Fields and Crops. the beer-preparer. and waler. Her original nama 1. the Kalevala is known as the "Epic Poem of Finland.C They've let him stand 'till midsummer's day. After presenting 108m percr Yu-who g.3.fighting team or amt wem the SlJbjed 01 many Taoist 1"lI1lI1rn. And so become a man. its 0WIl. Yasigi was Ill. 01 Chines<) Mythology. He was also associated I~th brewing and _ Buddies and Drinking a Beer-Brewing wno taught GOO of Beer Dionysus (the he knew. Brewer of the drink refreshing. Originally an herb salesman. real and imagined.."ntury Happily Ever After . Yi·Oi (Chlnese]: \'1·01 was the Chinese God of Alcollol. Lan.r Ilk. busker (or street musician).! or chlel deity In later God who had man~ s)II11bols and 50 names. tho annual spring lI1e God of fermentation Ivililo Raugupatis mythology of beer.They've plowed.e major Su merian Gods. and anthropologists have come up with so far about the true origins of beer. divided into 50 chapters. He it full sto. Chapter 20 is called "The Brewing of Beer. Osiris was (Egyptian): Osiris was the God of I\griGufiure. Silenus Vias the Greek Companions. It sounds so brutal.' Lets them steep. "Pass(Ner'" referroo to both of them GOliecti.): worshjppoo Burmese ""lIellt One of 37 ~IS. Taking seven tips of hop-fruit. a." Passover Is the oldest Jewish festival. BUmla!e ~ts predamd Buddhism.MwannaMIaresa Wares. or is he? I""" .(. And little Sir John's grown a long.neral. status of a god..

BEER AND IT WAS EASY! i .COM fail~atin~isan 0 plion with the ~u~s~ 1~V(i~arette Adapier : u~d~ 18SII I__ e_ with tom feyfis LISTEN LIVE SUNDAY'S FROM 5-7 PM PST BEER.MRBEER.~ :JWUlC :J3"U!lt'''tg Made: &6tjl WWW. lifetime Warranty The new Sudsbuddy'll digital displilY temperature control has a rang e of 32 to 65 deg. WINE. " UI ® I WE'V E TAK EN TH E SCIENCE OUT OF BREWING A GREATTASTING BEER AT HOME. AND SPIRITS!!! .LUNG HOME BREWING SVSTEM I MADE . Now has SudsCou nter technology with the ability to (aunt flow 01 beerlrom the faucet In real time on display.AMEIliCA'S ~I SE. then flash how much beer is left in the k~!1 c.

You recall the euphoric excitement. wondering whether it could possibly be as great as you had heard. Of course. .LOSING YOUR hose of you who have done it before no doubt experience a flood of emotions when you think back to your first time. and the sheer disbelief that it was finally happening. and yet you still wish it had lasted just a little bftlonger. your woeful unpreparedness. you also remember the awkward lack of eye contact. You might even have spent some time apologizing and offering to pay your companion's dry cleaning bill.

Don't turn the page if you're a veteran. At each table wil. teasers. and if you're among the uninitiated. or it may cost you $75 to $100. tasting after beer.1be a brewery. but that's pretty much where the similarities CRUT AMERICAN BEER o~~. You'll always leave wanting more. though. you'll have to buy more. Most will allow beer from table to table. but you wi. If you disagree. where ii's usually one punch per only the first set's on the house. you to bounce every festival is unique. but there's generally a time limit of 3to 4 hours. and the punchcard drink. YoU GOiTA PAY TO PLAY: You may get in the door without Opening your wallet.11 have plenty of time nonetheless. MATTER: Sample sizes range or importer ready to feed you beer. when they drop their guard. you'll be ushered into a large area filled with tables. distributor. just try to space them apart.Yes. still jonesing· when they're gone. your first time at a beer festival is definitely a thing to remember. Its SIZE DOESN'T from full pints to 10z.CKIN': A lew events stay open until either the state or empty kegs force them to close. or the drinks may be on the house. you could always sign up for more than one session . You may have to pay cash for every sample. you're probably breaking a few of them! . end.. and your beloved vessel can be anything from a take-home commemorative glass to a disposable plastic TIME KEEPS ON TI. A refresher course on the unwritten fest rules wouldn't hurt. where better beers system. from stout to pilsner to IPA. there's a lot you can do to make your first experience more satisfying. With both tickets and punchcards.O~_:_ 'UII~ UI --~ THE SET UP: Whether you enter a room or walk across a field. o ow QI. or snag your friends' (l BeEr :[S3] .HOW CO THEV WORK? Much like the beers you'll be sampling. If you're \1)Qulrn more tlekets. There'salso the ever-popular ticket system... simplicity is its beauty.

Your event may even be held in a hotel for all-inane planning. Beer fests are more fun from the inside. and watch for discounted attendee rates. lecturers also bring a lew special sel.GET YOUR notches MUSTER DUCKS IN A ROW without a few festival Okay.lh them that you won't find on Ihe not very soft. They'll also help you stumble home! But don't limit yourself to bar buddies.eclions wi. So you've finally realized that life is not complete on your belt.AS ITS PRIVILE. and you may even leave with a larger allowance! DO YOUR RESEARCH: Start by looking at a good calendar of events (like . and the opportunity level... and ask your friends or bartender. Then check out your finalists' websites. of those industry heavyweights festival fl. and not all festivals (or even all sessions for that matter) are lor everyone. Early birds can often get discounts or VIP passes. Most of us don't have the luxury of going to dozens of events a year. so make sure you can get in the door! MEMBERSHIP H. For a more unique experience at a rural event like the Legendary Boonville Beer Fest. a chance to sit down to hear from some Most we mentioned. especially those with special sessions or food pairings at rare brews.GES: Some events. buy your tickets. oonsider camping au! to keep the party going into the night. Mosl festivals also have a limited number of tickets and usually sell out. and trying to find a vacancy after drinkinq all day is neither fun nor productive. Get your reservations ahead of time.. poke around on message boards. Whether it's a certified judge teaching you how you to a fare style. Bring your spouse. NO ROOM AT THE INN: The sidewalk's (a luxury in itsel!). firsl serve. and i"' Brewer's Association's GABF. so do your research and make sure to choose an experience PRE-BUY TICKETS: YOUR As soon as you you':11savor! know who's going. are sponsored you may get a discount or special access for being a member. say . the one on page 12) to narrow down your choices. A festival Is a greal way 10 introduce non-beer-drinkers 10 the craft culture you love or to ease Coors light fans into the magical world beyond the Silver Bullet. The perks may also make for an easy decision if you've beem on Ihe fence aboul joining.. . PREREGISTER FOR CLASSES: Classes and seminars to the next are amazing ways to raise your experience to rate beer or a brewer introducing you'll get some great information. Ilike Ihe by organizations. Now what? THE TROOPS: Good friends make good beer taste better. Just keep in mind that campsites are usually first come.oor.

" "them" a beer! GET SOME SHUT EYE: You'll probably endure some ridicule and may feel a piece of yourself die after a beer event. and look over the local tourism board's website. it will help you convince your spouse to let you go in the first place. Got a friend who doesn't drink? That wet blanket is your magic carpet ride home. if public transportation or a professional driver service isn't an option. Especially if local bars may be running specials for ticket holders . before you start calling us lightweights. You may even run into the folks from your favorite brewery or magazine. Make sure you know how you're getting there. BeEr :[65] . Don't be surprised if there s also a special DO lounge complete with thank you local beers to buy. and local police often watch for D U. of course).. strongly consider bringing a designated driver or arranging for a friend/ family member to pick your ass up. plan to get there the night before.FROM POINT 'A' TO POINT BEER: Your ticket and hotel reservation won't do much if you can't get to the festival. If you enjoy being violently ill instead of using your ticket. DDs usually enjoy reduced rates and are still allowed to walk the convention floor. but get a decent night's sleep. and free non-alcoholic drinks like sodas made by the same brewers pouring beer next door. so offer to buy the ticket and get him/her to go for the perks! to-do list for Festival Eve. attend classes. and that you'll get home safely. planning a family vacation is a fantastic way to "coincldentally" Munich ls wonderful in late September! gel yourself in town on the right weekend. us. Organizers often go out of their way to make HOME. but wouldn'l it be nice to keep festival notice that day's breakfast down long enough to enjoy yourself? And. Check with Ihe organizers for recommendations on things to add to visit and to the 01' agenda (good breweries/bars DRI WHO'S GONNA '_L1 ~/I£. so you can buy er:. There may not be much on our gifts. (sans beer. but also tourist attractions). we didn't say anything about the night after. but it's still worth it. CHECK OUT THE LOCAL SCENE: they're sponsors. etc. then never mind. too. Getting yourself killed will put a damper on your day. So.If you are in a new city is also you also have the chance to start your sampling early with some local lava rites. We hear WOWI WE AtllCATORS OOIiAVEFUN IN NEW ORllAN! I If you're traveling.. looked at another way. 9 things fun for designated drivers. MAKE IT A VACATION: A beer festival doesn't have to be an end in and of itself. since they're abstaining to get fellow attendees home in one piece. massage chairs. The bartenders well versed on the next day's festivities. should be so pick their brains.

EAT. sandals. do a little scouting'. and the same advice also goes for seminars. and ask to be sure. .ARE WE 'THERE VET? Ahhh. These are usually listed prominently on websites especially since you won't be the only one at the urinals with bad consider dressing in layers on lop and aim. 111 IS NOT THE LONELIEST NUMBER: and and so on. You'll be on your FOR SUCCESS. the day upright a splitting food.iti. You won't get to stay longer if you sleep in and get stuck behind 10. so most events The only line worse than the one at the door will be the one for the men's room.000 people.. it's to be comfortable. so eat some of it A full stomach and feel. Well. coolers. is up and handing we've told you so far. DON'Ts: Cameras. grab a hal.Some events do offer a pre-check-in service to speed things along. hog or a slack of you know what makes good will get you through food. Oh. but every event has a list of things that are verboten. and kids. so comfy shoes are a must. Also be sure to drink lots of water or a sports drink the festiv.' fine. so look for that. Those rooms can gel pretty freakin' hot. GET THERE EARLY: There will be a line. Skip the sandals. whether it's hickory smoked flapjacks. recommended. & BE MERRY!: and brochures. and others just gala bit sick reading that. police presence. BUT" I THOUGHT YOU HAD THEM!: before you commence headache. sunscreen" and a raincoat or umbrella because the show will most likely go on "rain or shine. and your arrival time could mean the difference of a half hour or more of drinking . You're not going to be stripped searched (sorry!) You should also slrongly shorts on the bottom. pre-party COMMON backpacks.. The extra trips to the john will be better than If you do nothing else we've told you." will let you in with it. water. but you don't want to freeze on your way home.. and it could be freakishly long. NOT TO IMPRESS: feet most of the day. Chances are there will be more than one bathroom. cigarettes. What you do between more important DRESS waking than anything Don't get ahead of yourself. A grocery bag is not a "backpack. special keg tappings. If the event's outside. over your ticket though. Some say lining your stomach with bacon grease is the only way to start a day of drinking. Respect the organizers enough to not try anything sneaky. bring a plastic grocery bag to carry all your stuff (including brewery freebies). (Leave the rugrats with grandma". spend precious improvising is not because most events have a significant Since you don't want to drinking time waiting to empty your bladder. cigars. Your goal isn't to look your best. The day has finally arrived. pets. MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR TICKET TO THE EVENT! 10 and some cash would be good. too. but you can also call." Finally. chairs. since you won't gel real far withoul them either. and those off the beaten bath are more likely to be line free.

" You're no! in a contest: 10 responsibly try some 01 the best beers the world has 10 offer. get in line. you'll have to pay lor a replacement (usually the original ticket price): at worst. II you can sign up for more classes.cking back and. Lastly. The doors part. activities. but just be sure to observe unwri·tten fest rules below (sounds belter than "unwritten-until-now PACE YOURSELF: of beers calling your name. especially when you factor in Classes. and some of the rules"). consider or style to keep from getting overwhelmed. Remember that dry cleaning bill we mentioned? Getting sick. Don't just stand there in wide-eyed next few glorious expense. --- . and also pick a meeting get congested pretty quick. passing out. There's nothing belter than ki. Take the State Col- lege Brew Expo's motto to heart: "Drink less. Together. but take a few minutes to get look it over. three or four hours doesn't seem like much time. listening to someone else hands you samples. they Confirm class times and locatlons. point inside. repeat! The travel. you'll be on your way home ear1y (especially ·il you're a DD trying to slip on a drinker's wristband).FORM A BATTLE PLAN: Once you've staked your claim in line. get a sample. or gettirlg kicked out for being too drunk are horrible ways 10 end what could haw it's an opportunity WONDER been Ii great experience. and you enter nirvana. take your time. ACTIVATE!: Form of a beer drinker! Your wristband TWIN POWERS. Tamper with or break either and you're SOL At best. THEVJRE OFF! wonder! Pick a table. and food. With thousands hours are the reason for all your preparation. it's time to huddle up. so guard them with your life. Drink the Best. does happenf) For larger events. consider SIGN UP FOR MORE CLASSES: about beer while someone Trust us. Regardless. If you have a program. it your efforts on a single region hilling the corners first. Prioritize on the same page as your friends. do it. Enjoy them to the fullest. talk focusing your wish list so you can hit your top choices first in case they run out (Yes. You don't need to synchronize watches. says you've paid and are over 21: the tasting 9 lass holds your beer. you hand in your ticket. they are the source of all your powers. AND.

lfempty. but at smaller venues.ghout the day. Hearing a k. but It buts a hangover. Last. combine the two. Besides. you'll st1ll come out farther ahead than you would after a :ni9ht bellied up to the bar.palate between samples. Your glass is ha.STAY OFF YOUR 'KNEES: It's tempting to ask for a larger samp'le. but that just gives the head room to grow and your nose room to get a good Whiff. A drunk server is a better ftlend than a well~tipped server.. Make note of which servers are . THEN DRINK: Keeping up YOUfwaterln.. The selVers are operating under orders (and supervision). there's plenty more where that cameffom. then be sure to pay them another 'IIslt or two around last call. and look at It every now andtnen. You don't want to be next In line for a beer you drove four hours to try at last call... so figure out where your water fix is coming tfomaheadof time. so although it'S not optimal. clean towel. and odors Uncludlng detergent and perfume) to keep from tainting your beer's taste and smell.RINSE. or you may even be allowed to bring [tfrom home (with same 'feStrlotions).1 plan of Dew then water may be a little excessive. Just make sure tt'sfree of oils.lrgle ffom the baekofthe line is a sad thlng. but nat by mUCh. . It maybe ftee.. and you don't want to miss that. flannel shirt tied around your waist. some breweries will tap special releases at certain tlmesthrou. WG\ef w1ll also cleanse your . you may have to buy it.a bandana that you're willing to ta1<:eaff.bring .sampling their wares. but not least. TIP THE SCALES IN YOUR FAVOR: Tipping will prObably be discouraged.take may hBve its drnwlmcks. Unt. A " -for.Even at a buck a sample. REPEAn If you have a reusable sound its deathgl. ar even a. and a few well~placed tips could prompt your server to ~accldenta. and you're gOlde~rl WATCH' THE CLOCK: Wear a watch.lndeed. You won't have the time to drip dry. DRINK. and begging won't change yourcartl. It may be the servers' sourt:eofincome •. but late arrivals to class might be greeted by a closed door Of standing room only.IlY~ overpour orfotgetto pun. OF Til'S A TASTE OJ THEIR OWN MEDICINE. rinse it thoroughly aft~ Meh sample to make sure your next beer doesn't taste like itspredeoessof. but don't. [ss]:8eE:r' . Not only that.

etc. but jotting down brewery and beer names is 'invaluable. It may be a really good beer." and you don'. Period. and when Ihe c'ily says it's expired. If you leel the calling. LEND A HAND: Volunteers keep the beer flow. savor the aftertaste. A beer festival often requires a special license. srnel' it. you can pretend you're a tasty crime. drink coupons. Case in point. Interested? Contact the festival organizers or your favorite breweries! ROCK THE VOTE: For competition IN & GET OUT: If there's a line.DO A MINI TASTING: Don't chug your sample. but bring a pen and small notebook. detective (II it helps. Whatever . glasses. and once you get your sample. so call now to what order to sample in? you to do in our Beer 101 articles. the beer stops flowing and you need to leave. In" crowds WAITING IS GOOD?: If you see a long line. so hop on and tough out the wait. IT'S BETTER TO GIVE: Many TAKE NOTES: You may feel like a goober. but slhe can still tell you what's been popular. but you might also score free shirts. or it may be that and more. do what we've been telling (What!? You don't have is not bliss in this case. jAYUDA ME!: If you don't know what to try. they mean it down to the minute. figure out what you want before you get to the table. Aside from license issues. The server may no! know much. it's a great way to cut costs and maximize your experience. and you won't have to spend 10 minutes to out of it. get the hell out of the way. Even though you already paid for your ticket. another session or may just be tired and ready to pack up. It's awfully hard to order "that beer from the corner table with the hot blond chick. you'll receive the appreciation of both the attendees and the organizers. and ~e'li be more than happy to recommend You can also start a list of which locals to pick up events give some percentage of their proceeds 10 charity. the odds are that there's something cool at the end of it. festivals that pit beer against beer. Take some You won't be time 10 look at lt. them all!? Ignorance Whether order back issuesl) Wondering a Homebrewed IPAs go before or after lagers? Check out "Host Beer Tasting.) You don't trying to solve a particularly have to write a novel. Ultimately. Remember that you're not the only person in the room. on your way out 01 town. Check back after the dust settles to see if your pick won or if you overlooked a beer worth trying next time you get the chance. It's your chance to be a part of history! MANGA!: Japanese No. but you'll probably get free admission into another session to off-set that. and a little load will go a long way. not the naked cartoons. You will be expected to stay sober-ish. get something the only be honest and ask. Plain and simple. the organizers when your time expires.'~ may need to get ready for the reason." in Issue #31 Looking for a way to give something back? Here're a few ways to do just that. We're talking about ealing! The food is usually lop notch. If you're lucky you might find yourself face to face with the brewmaster Something GEi based on your tastes. Basically. Use some COmmon sense to keep things moving and keep away from the tables. You might even get creative and make yourself some edible jewelry for on-the-go snacking! KNOW WHEN A GOOD THING'S GONE: When last call hits. want to drop $100 on a case only to be reminded that you hatedi!. Add your opinion of each sample-as liUle as "mmmmm" or "eiwwww" will do-and you'll thank us later. Don't linger or take three steps and stop to discuss subtle banana notes. be sure 10 cast your ballot for Ihepeople's choice award to give your favorite brew a boost. don't be stingy at the collection plate if you fool it's a good cause. do everyone alavor and go. himself. Samuel Adams adds a new style to itslineup every year and chooses between two finalists via beer fest attendee voting.

This experience didn't deter my excitement "for homebrewing one bit.5-gallon beer k'its. Tlhe grains all sound good. plastic ferrnenter should have clued me in to the fact that the ingredients were several years old and had probably been subjected to temperature extremes in sameane's garage. With the flexibility 01 adding specialty grains you'll have plenty of new and exciting ingredients to add to your brew. in fact. <= '" '" E " E o a Brown Ale. and let fermentation begin. and even bottle caps in quite a variety of styles. When you're tinished rinsing the grains. combine the twokeltles shop. how they got started of a 2. il gives you the all-grain equivalent 01 the same recipe. Place the grains in a grain bag. but the process I use the most is a two-kettle setup with 150-degree water in one and 170-degree water in the olher. IIInot only lays out the extract and grains you need to make award-winning beer recipes. 8 gift kit my sister found for me on quite a journey. To start brewing with steeping grains. Using specialty grains was a simple way to develop beers with more complex colors. cool the wort. For me.5-9'allon "pilot" kits consisting of malt extract and spedaty steeping grains as well as yeast. Then. That did it I was hooked. Being completely naive to the parameters of homebrewing very few. some work gireal together.5-g8110n homebrew pennies at 8 garage sale started The dusty kit was unopened aside by someone and had obviously been put who wasn't interested The kit included the canned ingredients for THE PROCEDURE Some homebrewers prefer to soak the grains in the brew kettle as the water heats and remove them when the temperature reaches 170-degrees. and I've followed recipes using that method. before the awful flrst batch was ready to drink I was shopping online for my next brew. An amazing resource for these types of recipes is "Brewing' Classic Styles" by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer.. or assemble your own recipe. However. I think I drank exactly half a bottle and tossed the rest. which I brewed the next day. and aromas than using malt extract alone. add the extract. It was awful. I suppose the thick layer of dust on the little. flavors.BREW LIK. This book is easy to understand and is perfect for homsbrewers at this stage in the hobby and beyond. but this method helped familiarize me with grains and their role in the brewing process and made moving on to all-g:rain brewing easier. priming! sugar.. tie it shut. of wort in the larger kettle. resist the urge to throw in a little bit 01 everything. rinse the grains in the 170-degree water for five minutes. I found a small homebrew shop in Arizona that sold 2. pitch the yeast.E A MAN! words and • ~olol: RQ b S Ie r ke I omebrewers all have their "first batch" story of in the hobby. you can grab a kit Irom your local homebrew I simply searched for 2. From this point the procedure is just like any other homebrew: add your hops according to the recipe. of which there were 'f' [70]:Beer . That works. I didn't think much 01 it at the time. and bring it to a boil. and steep them in the 150-degree water for 30-minutes. but they're like crayons. but all ollhem together just make mud.

ith more complex grain has been converted have undergone converted sugars including some Ihat do not ferment fully. This produces Maybe you're new to the hobby and have yet 10 brew a single drop of beer. which in turn provides a pleasant caramel-like sweetness in the finished beer. time." Different from all-grain brewing. Steeping extracts color. PUTTING YOUR GLASS So went my transition from a sonry start with basic extract brewing to the intermediate step of combining steeping grains with malt extract. Maybe you're short on beer. The stooping grain method is a time saver. ftavor. Steeping specialty grai ns is e ntirely a Ieachin g and d isso Iution process of sugars into the wort.STEEPING? MASHING? CONVER. there's an starting and a wealth of resources that will help you make great beer no matter what • Beer":[71] . That's one of the fantastic things about homebrewinq. and aroma from specialty grains. Which means the starch found naturally in the into fermentable sugar: These malts a kilning process in which the starches are maHs w. :1 fermentable sugars. Just brew. Most specialty grains are preconverted. and is a simple intermediate step to pass on 10 a new fellow hobbyist BEER IN PICKING YOUR SPECIALTY GRAINS There are two kinds of malts: those that need to be mashed and those that don't. to sugars. This step is referred to as "mashing. Since you're relying on malt extract for the bulk of your fermentables this leaves a little more room for error. on the other! By no means should you feel like you need 10 work Ihrough every stage before moving on to the next one. According: to How to Brew by John Palmer. mini-mashing still gets many of the necessary fermentable sugars from melt extract as opposed to grain only. or both.ION? There is a distinct difference between mini-mashing and steeping that confused mein the beginning and that needs some clar·ification lor those new to working with grains. entry point where anyone will be comfortable method you brew with. requires the brewer to soak the grains in hot water at a specific temperature for a specific length of time in order to convert the starches found in the grains to After a few years of brewing recipes with steeping grains and extract I determined there wasn't much difference between mini.S. There have been several occasions where I've used this simpler method 10 make homebrew. This is a great stage of the hobby to master because even if you move on to all-qraln brewing you may flnd yourself brewing Ihis way again in the future. steeping differs from mashing in that there is no enzyme activity taking place during steeping to convert grain or adjunct starches 10 sugars. Maybe your friends are so impressed by your beer making skills they want you to show them how.-mashing and actual all-grain brewing. but you're sure you want to jump immediately to all-grain brewing. held out alitlle longer until I was able to acquire the necessary equipment to make the jump to all-grain and skipped the mini-mash stage. Mini-mashing. Go lor .

roasted m ails may be steep ed or mas had and.Carafa intensifies the aroma and color of d ark beers _Reeo m men ded for boc ks. Up five-galion to a pou nd and balch. Use greater amou nts for old ales. and p IlJ nes. bu rnt sugar. lighter caramel m ails wi II contri bute Ii ght color ard some sweetness. Adds colo r an d mild chaco Iate and coffee f1 avo rs to dark m i Ids. roasted mil: flavor.A Belgian malt with a sweet. or colo r ran ngs ran gl ng Irom very lig ht (1OL) to ROASTED MALTS Roasted malts have had their sugars charred by roasting at high temperatures.An excel I enl all-p urpose cerame I malt Ca ra mel40L . . doppeloocks. and Carafa Special I.Not actually a mall.Provides a sweet. Roast Barley 500-6OOL .thls grain imparts a softer fl avo r thanits GOU nle rpart. less th an a half Pou nd pe r five g allon s p rovid es th e color an d sh arp tlavo r fou nd in Porter ar d Slo ut. Pale Chocolate-200-250LHalf as dark as chocolate. this matt has a bittersweet chocolate ar d p leas ant roast character. color. and doppel bocks in moderatio n.gallon batch will lend a pi LIm-like llavor~ . Ga. Usein brown ales.. English bitters. M ore than a h atf -poen din a five.Use spa ri ngly. porters. dop pelboc ks. a half of most caram el m ails can be steeped in a ard stouts.Adds redd ish color and bittersweet cararn el II avor.. II contri b LItes a dee p ru by black color.In small amounts 120l adds complexity. this highly roasted barley h as a dry. pronOLln ced caramel flavo r ar d a slig htly dee p red color. . distinct coffee taste. GaIa m el 20L .Malted Wheat that has been roasted to am u nd 375-450 l provld as a m ell ow f1 avo r with a h in! of roastin ess. while darker caramel malts have iii more pronounced caram el -IIavor and can p rodu ce flavors rem in isee nI of raisin. altb ie r. th e Lovi bo nd ralin g app I les as well.Also known as medi urn crystal Ad ds caram el notes and iii fu II body to pale ales. sto uts. Cara. and po rters.m el 90L . an d especi aHy Sch warz bier. Black Paterrt Ma It-5BOl. Like caram el malls.ra mll. Caramel 120L . Special B 220L. These malls conlri buts coffee or bu mtloast flavors 10 darker beers like porters ve ry dark (120l)_ Eac h has its own un i QU e characteristics as well as different deg ree 01 ferm entab ilily and sweetness. Can also be used in oth e r styl es whe re a mellow roasted grain flavor is desired. which gives them a deep reddish brown or black color.ll and 111-337-470L . Caramel· 80L . Because of their bold ftavors.CARAMEL MALTS Ca rame I malls may be sts eped or mashed and are avai Iab Ie in d ilferent lovioond. Chocolate Wheat Millt-400L . and a b ilfersweet caram el fl avor. Com man Iy used in stouts and has less bite than Black Patent. Chocolate Malt-400LUsed in small amounts for brown ale and flavor Caramel 1 OL .Perfect to r pale ales and amber lage rs.1 60L . they should be used in moderation. sweetness and some body to the extensively in porters and stouts.Adds alight honey-like f nished beer. porter. barleywin es. and stouts.

1 I' . or to • . Wheat DME 1 Toll Free: '~8SS~449~2739 3440 BelUineBlvd Mpls. add water to reach five gallons. making hop additions as indicated. Comments: $7.EER AND 136 W... Cool wort and transfer to carboy. tl-Ilt~ 1'II1""1~.s or one Whirfloc tablet (10 minutes) • • • • ..' • 3/4 cup Corn sugar for priming Procedure: 1. It's like having two beers for the price of one! OG 1.[73] .l 1 vial WLPOOl California Ale yeast or one pack of Salale US-56 dry yeast 1/2 tsp. return to boil and add boiling hops..95 • • • • .' • water to reach five gallons if necessary. • '. Place grains in grain bag and steep in • 6 qts.. add the extract to half of the bottles or right to the glass when pouring from a keg. add 2 oz.010 • • • • • • • • • • 3.:]. remove from heat and odd malt extract. OG 1. Pitch the yeast and ferment at 6870aF for 4-5 days Before fermentation is complete. boil.INE RECIPES To CHOOSE FROM.' " • '. IrishMass or I Whirfloc tablet (l0 minutes) ~tiHfH'EnRBREWER (800) 681-2739 www.' • • • • • • • • • • " . Bottle with corn sugar and let condition at roam temperature lor three weeks before refrigeration. IoIHIJ 1'101 L I".. Magnum pellet hops (60 mini 2 oz.. and add the malt extract. lflIL 11. Muni. Boil three gallons 01 water. fullbodied red (de. 1 cup Corn sugar for priming (if bottling) • Procedure: 1.055 FG 1. Coal wort and transfer to carboy. Add Whirlfloc with 10m mutes remaining in bail. ~T'.052 FG 1.011 III . 01 Columbus hops directly to fermenter.tILlyJ~Li. 5. Pitch the yeast and ferment at 68·70F for 5-7 days. Columbus pellet hops (dry hop) • .. approximately 3-5 days. 2.Steeping • • grains & Extract • • • 6 Ibs Wheat dry malt extract (DME) 1 oz. then • rinse them off in 6 qts. ~.2.norlhernbrewer. Hallertau pellet hops 15 min. Comment.. 99 FLAT • • • • White Lobs 001 California Ale Yeast or Sclole 5-04 Dry Ale Yeast 1/2 I 1/2 oz. . remove from heat..Iot"1 !1M t.. of 150" water for 30 minutes. Keg or bottle with priming sugar and let condition at roam temperature for three weeks before refrigerati I"Ig. Crystal 75l . Mid westsu p plies . • 4. Centennial pellet haps (5 min) 2 oz.I'll. the dry hopping adds great hop c'romo and flavor withoutbeing too bitter. MN 55416 • BeeJ".. Irish Mo. Hallertau pellet haps (30 tm . 01 170" water. better yet.' • • • • • MAKE BEER8c WINE. I. HOMEBREWING & WINEMAKING KITS START FROM $59. " RATE SHIPPING"' In the contig"ous USA.Extract • •••••••••• ••••••• • • · REDHOP ALE 5 gallons . ~. Add Whirlfloc with 15 minutes rerncininqin boil. Continue to ferment unlil finished.5 lb.IlL" .. IMj~'11! .95 To $7. but is also a good base for fruit additions. A beautiful.' • • • • • • .25 lb. It's a tasty wheat beer as-is. Combine liquid and bring to a . Return to heat ond bail lor 60 minutes.R wol'lls:Rob Sterkel WEIZENBIER 5 gallons . AT HOME! This is a great extract recipe to brew if you're short on time. Carofo 1 oz.s: • • • • MIDWEST SUPPLIES OFFERS OVER 102 B.1<11' . '. add . Add a bottle of peach extract of bottling.r. .) • 8 Ibs Lightmalt extract (WE) • • 1 lb.' • 2. Add lest hop addition at five minutes.


. Inc· Style: India Pale Ale We. oran ge. All in all.i.... spicy potpo urri. 14 36 33 even p mea pple .. it's there.. All is performed in the beer's appropriate temperatures.. rose. but oddly tol~rable even lor more s~nsitive tasters and ladi ng after a shu rt Ii me.-bensbeer. aroma. .. g rapef ru it nose wi Ilbe bu sy and happy.. The actual taste is a sm idge he avy 0 n th e flo rals.. . you'll be reminded pretty fast when you swallow. . it doesn't mean you won't. . Of course. taste/body.. of favors the tasting side of the beer and is based on 1 DO-point scale.. If you do forget that Two Hearted Ale is an IPA.. impression of what a typiCBI beer drinker can expect.. . smooth... maybe a Very bitter. . th is is a iaillastically refresh in 9 brew an d a g real case study (p un imend ed) 10 show how addi ng hops can do a 101more than make rna uths pucke r. . a luxurio usly thick head wi II begin 10 grow Ii:ke one of those TWO HEARTED ALE foam creates an intense BeWs jusl·add -water spong e m onste rs in the ti ny pi II c epsu les. . balanced by flowery orang e.~.. ..~~. . but it is still full. . You name ~...~. Our «){ .D58 Alcohol Percentage: 7. but the stron 9 b~e m ess is by no means un bearable and is sao n balanced by other oom ponents from the 0 rigin al bouq uet. and even creamy.~ .. All of our beers will be rated on appearance. Recommendation: Pint -Avall.0% nter"'atiD". your 'Ilttle too m uc 11? Pine.akB'ttepness Rating... and even if we don't like a beer. 60-70 A little Rough Around the Edges 70-S0 Recommended L "tl i"f "'""( S1-90 Highly Recommended Beer Magazine's Top Choice 'tl 91-100 .. .... m ~ring u e foam 8 ru pts instantly and puts down roots.. Bitler with Iruitv orange aest. testing and finish.50/6·pauL _ Original Gcavity: 1. . I cvrYewRllund 55 ... .. Gla" . .. ...... . Ailihal aroma that's home to almost any scent ever attributed to our dear !riene! the hop flower. .~om P"leli} S9. ..~.. . wi Id clove r. <~THE RESULTS A thi ck. ~ range of beers. . .. Our weighted scale container. ~ T he instant you start to pou r.. . . and with all scores averaged.bsite: www. . . 'leaving globs 0 I lace as yo u d ri n k go rg eous dee p ora~ge/ 'honey color wi Ih un I iltered haze. . ~~"\ElwerV' BeWs a'ewery. in a range. . .. method will help provide a more accurate •••• every person's tastes are different. .but mainly 110m!..

.•• Tr5e~s Brewing Cnm.. A powerful bUI balanced comblnatlon of fruit/citrus and sweet roasted malt Syrupy leeling wilh an al co hoi taste and som e lizziness... www. -Ral:i ng<-20 Gta FI . I arewerv. W Trof2Qs Troegenato'-® D'DUBLE BOCK o range with u no ere u rill nts 01 alco 1101.v. but when you look at your empty glass with that warm fuzzy feeling.lnai Or. .. SchwaRbier Webslt .II:tiI___"'..~ __ _ .. aim ost fiuy tan head that thin s but d oesn 1 d isappea r co mplete Iy... $6 ...... :Black Forest is worth tlJling and would make a nice "session beer" It would also be 8. . an d even brown s uqar. Pint 'II IAL too many at one sitting.99/1i--p_3 ell. Roasted malt Ilavo r wlth som e cola -J ike caram el IIIlxed in for good' measure.. il does also have an unexpected atterbita Not enough 10 place it beyond 100 maf1y .. Overall. 4:5(lii11sft1nl) AIQO~I U" .1"'Qtg&.1 ig ht.~~ ~. ••. • Q~. toasl€ d m ah wlth a SW€et. "smoothness" of the style.bitter 110ra I ho as. ." . : 5.dr1 nksrs' pelates. . with rts low ABV and pleasant dri. Pleasant. but soon replaced by crisp 110P bltte mess that lin g ers in the back of the III roar.=n 111111. more involved taste prom i n€ nt as tile beer wa rm s. _ MaH Brewing Cam. "' ... but not so much that it wou Id tum away those in th III anti -h oj) CfOwd. but possi bIYeneu gh to affect your app reeiation of the malt l1allOfSand the traditional... tho ugh burnt. the first thing you'll notice Is tts ruby red color stan ng hack.Vh.Ianal al~ l ••• l1li. •.hen you pour this Pennsylvania-brewed'll still etljOy a markedly lull flavor. ..3% _lnt "'a:cioeoal--Bltt .ith alcohol at first....1III_~d"'lanl OImp1'V19~ ...ico..~~ ~1.. you may want to look elsewhe re Saranac BLACK FOREST S Blac k with 3 re dd is 11Ii nt. rna It. comm .~(dirtillll). e Gravi!.x1 12:. if your idea of a schwarzbler is one that mlies on complex ro asty toasti ne S5 mo re than hops. A high ABV may keep you from enjoy. wery.. But. It sm ells wo nderfu Ily compl!lx.~. . you'll definitely say "I'll be bock" to the TroegeMtOI'®. • • • • •• • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • •• • • • •• • RtflMC's Black Forest has most of the malty goodness you warrt from a schwarzbler: Mlwever. . beckoni ng you. ndation. but fai rly faint.lJreat Mltge for Irrtrod uci ng your embitle red broth ren to the mIIder world 01 black beers or lor proving IMlnot all dark brews are created heavy. Primarily deep fruil (like figs or raisins) and citrusy Sw&el w...iarana-c~com P r.v.. •. a rom a.ra_biti~ l{eaT'Roun ~ _Original .hkablilty.. and altho ugh some of th e am mas do n't qu rte come aerossi n the taste .. a .. but not as sweet as indicated by the s me II: exp ecled a Me r.. nt .bJi&.A.pany Styh a ... bUI m ai nly an unsxpe etec and Ii nqe ring IIOPPY bite that beeom es In 0 re ~ ~..panv II~I D_lboc:t wm.... . som e orang e and Ilowery ho p nates.._ Pf'h:ltll U.. Clea n Ii n is 11with some toasted flavo r. 1_~f!alo Alc:ohcl P . .. .y·! Ytlr IlIlUIICI CTa. ...c . There's a little more bitterness in the anertaste than one miglrt·expect from such a syrupy bee r.TC' 1=1_"". g ..

sl ig ht alcohol s me II w he n warmer. Brewer Sam SpilKer takes the quality of his beer seriously.100.. we 11. 70/1 6.___ _ rt..SQilker HOPLDIA . dry fin ish. a. and those who think they're worthy should read more about "The Gospel of Hops" at the brewery's website..ent:ag. Rating... the sum of wh ieh eq uals an exc ell ent.~ .. Most remarkable is how it coats your mouth like whole milk and how its dry aftertaste leaves you wanting more..ilJ... there's enough to make hop-heads Hops and malt are in perfect symphony Complex hop depth with a woody quality greets the nose (i rst white pineapple. and with its nose before the beer hits your glass. citrus an d (mily wi Ih hi n IS of pears an d golden ra is i ns. Hopluia gets its com p lex c haracte r from d ru m -roaste d carame I rna Its an d generou s d IjI no ppi ng with Northern Brewe r.75 International Sitterne . reddish-brown head that clsslpates In 0 re watery lila n you mig h I ex peel I rom a sto uL Sweet malted In ilk roasted malt s..o.rare styl e is no exception.W. Lightly matty wrth just enough sweetness: a great balance betwee n malt and hops. 7Www:IIUlcasleTbrewinQ.ra" an ced stout th at tastes b greal and goes down so easy it's scary.. Blit don't lei th at scare YOLIoff if you don 'I have much of a sweet tart 4'AVAILABLE I e'rewery.. ~1~.. n utty base to pped by a In ixtu re of sweetness and subtle bitterness ihats In 0 re like baker's chocolate t han ~ ops. A toasted. all d chocol ate witll an interesting dairy'liKe sourness and some dry.-36 G'a". The re are pi enty of othe r fla~ors at pi ay in th is qu ickly: Pilch mack with a creamy. Phantorn. Whether you've never tried a mi Ik stout 0 r yo u 're a con n oisse ur. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • b ovin e-bom brew. J ust crack the sleekly-labeled in anticipation.commendation: English~j((Pinl --A"_lra'i!imt.. a.coin PrICEf: $9.. and pi nesap linger in the background.Ytit . bottle and walt for that.. Recommendation: Pint ".tte"'n .3% .Q52 Alcohol 'Percentage: 5.DO/ti·p·~c. almost musty notes. ite.. c.oom Price: S3..l!ty~ Vear Round OIly . t5Plato AlCohol P. boHI e O~ig'inal Gravity: t.b . Th is beer is nicely dry. and Lancaste r's foray into th is all. this is on e hoPDY beer th at leaves you with al ig ht te el ing and wanti ng rno re. 16 oz.ti... (10 ral.". No one flavo rove rpowe rs an othe r.!~" '.v:n'trirRound' t.ur salivate in this beer. and Col urn bus hops.. Centen n ial.-y :'la"t~~T Bre wing'Co Style: Milk I Sweel StDut W~.'.. .. 34 Com plex hop flavors GO nli flue to bou nee across the to ~g ue. .5. not heavy or sti cky: (i nishes sl ighl. www.iT . yo u owe illo yo urse If to give Ihis one a sh ot. It also makes a great ingredient for the milk stout cake featured in the JanlFeb '08 issue! M Lancaster MILKSTODT IIk sto lim are known for th ei r Iactose -d enved sweeln ess. . ~AL )Availab. 22 . Otrg~revity. Style: Spilker Ales NQtSj1B£lfIed W_. Su bd u eo hopb ittern ess.n.eb .1iopluia."... hop aroma to hit yo..

but dOOl A nice sweet finish that lingers in a good way.. Verydrink~ble.oom R ric .. light body means you can drink more than one Ve ry clear. nderson Valley makes some really. roasted ma It notes are s u bile but very pleasing to the nosa A bu rnt carame I. mask the Iittle to uc I] 01 hops.. J.avlic. 01 Lig ht-to-med ium mo uth feel with Ii nge ring sweetness.2% Ibttoa:-:!1QtlJonale. Boonl Am ber AI e tastes really go od an d iseasy to d ri n k. Eartlly.. carame I.I Alcohol Percentage: 4.weetness ec k.darktruit.11have another.ers. Bre_e ry' Anderson Va !lay Brawlng Co StWl .. It co mes out of the bottle glowing.. Moose Droo I is a refresh in 9 brown ale that make s a statement..lot>"I. brown ish-g am el in colo r A hal I ·inchof Iight tan head lasts Ihe duration a nd is eaaiIi' roused by a owi rl of the Rr.w'. S rffiNe ry: illg ski' Brewl ngCQ m~anV' Style: Brown Ale Websll:e: wwwlilg-sk\'biliw.AL A ilagili Col' Year-Round-STAT'!=" [7S]:Breer' . rna . lear Roun~ CTa""" Q • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anderson Valley BOONY AMBER ALE I A. this ale is Moose Drool deep gamet. We'd never say this beer is bitter" but its caram el an d brow n su gar notes g et th e job done an d 111 sl ig ht ho P II avor ad ds to the e enjoy msnt.81l!6·~a~k . E '" c-. Tasting 1l1e beer reveals a nice sweetness and just the right touch 01 hops. Th is bee ri sbrewedwitll aMi ItS pale. and WHiam ette.50 /22_oz~ _~ ~.Q tickles the .. While california might be famous for th ei r "West Coast IPAs. •• _ 41 50· 45" 40" 35" 32" • ~.iginal Gravit:'L.goOd." sam e am azin g non hop-h ead beers are brewed the re as we II.1I1 co lor and su pe r smooth. not at all heavy. a copper color and the head just sits on top like a good dog.IAL "ai!abilit:y.. Hops in clu de Ke nt Goldings.l:er_"'at:. iu sta _ touch 01 I lora I Caramel and brown suyarsdomlnate. __ __ . chocolate. Garbollafion sides 01 the long ue J nd HIe IIavor ling ers brietly.Bil:l:er"e"&-~ing'-'15 Gl~s Recommendation: Ptn1 tI.. Sweet ca ram e I <1 n d tones with hops.Jk._1!'so Plato Alcohol Percentage: 5. The aroma is mild and sweet. o o ~ "Or-Iginal Gravil:y: 13° .BROWN ALE uch more complicated inch than its name would imply. We'. : Amber Ale ". Malty with just enoug h hops to kee p tIles. liberty. and whole black malts... toasty n uttlness dom i nates the background sweetness and is followed by a hint plums and . be.8% . II finishes clean and swee!.:hsll:e: www. $ 8..'Ce1 $3. the arc rna hints of dark fru it an d sp ice. wilh just a touch of floral hops. Ral:lng:28 Glass Recommendation: Ptnt "I.

...centage..... : www.. b LIt ove rail is missing so math ing that wou Id make it score hig he r... Cold Spring Pale Ale is a nice ave rage be er til at wi II not m aka you tum your nose away.. Once you lake a sip you'll get a M of sharp hops by some toffee/biscuit flavors.... A Finish: (..... ."10/35) littl e sticky on the to ~g ue... 32" :.~ry: Cold·SpringBrewi"g Co Amber .rruNery:: Sac~ets Halbol Blewing 1)0 Style."it .3% In:t . 6.e ... but not encu gh to h L1rt the bear. " . Nice rtnlsh with some lingering bitterness and sweetness. . The first taste reveals the sweeter s de 01 pal a ales til at never allows th e bee r to be overly b ilter..centage: 5_8% [. . . Overall this beer is pretty hoppy for Ihe style. The beer fin ishes well. but complimented there is nothing really upsetting aboutit. New Y.avity: 1.. t'hough yo u won1 mistake it for something different.. It's Iight on aroma and a I iltle lig hi on the hops... ... b. but it mig hi just be there to trick you. or try to put a twist on il..Cold SQrin_g PALE ALE rewing a traditJonat style beer can be a chat leng e. .6i1it:¥: Year Round qyaTC" '?1 ~ T Thousand Islands PALE ALE hose who live in.. cii-!glmtl G.. . either way it might tum o LIt wrong.. It's not a bad beer.:lITHE RESULTS A~~"ilriln"": (.. som e hop notes.IIle Web .ndaticn: Pint 'II IAL AyaIJ. $8/6·p ack . (<.colilspringhrewery. ..avity: NA .c0ip PJ'Ic. Some sweetne So to offset the h 0 ps.ur oilS) Taste: (0"10/401 Aroma: Do we sm ell Pez in the re? Frui Iy. The finish is a little sticky and bitter. Rating: 38 GI!!\".. but takes away slig htly from th e experi ence... Alcohol I'>e. .. ... Sharp bitterness with a slight metallic flavor.ulo/10) (..e AI B.ork might alre.. just 0 ne thai might 9et lost ina sea of pal e ale... it'.....3. b LIt not a bad way to get a mod erats hop fix....t national Bitt . You can eith er go really trad itional.-5!... Sweet earam el and butie rscoteh.... ......: www... n. Rating: NA G!t1i R"ccw"."al G . ady be enjoying Thousand Islands pal. wh ieh mig hI ove rpowe r the hops a Ilttle bit.. " ~eAVA'LA8L£ Style: EJrew...~-- _ ~ C~lg. Pale Ale W .. Sweet sm ell Irom th e maIt.. " " .'" l'l"ca""'n""I"ndation: Pint 'IIluAL -'-AVelI ablfitYFYeaf-Round ~TC" .. .05_6 _ Alcohol Pe r....DDaI Bjtte" .....-' Price:$8!6·pa~k _ . The aro rna is a little stran ge a nd rem iniscenl of fru tty ea nd y.... . candy like..

to be hi 9h in alcohol-a The yeast m Igh I make som floraland pine hop aroma.. $1D 1~..~". but sbou Id be approac hab Ie enough to trick those who don't live on hops.. ~v:eI'1labtlft Y~!lrilound ~ [eoJ:Beef" . This o.!:el' comes lrom ttle same area as Magic Hat (hint..3'lj. • •••• . have ju st th e ri 9 hi am 0 unt 01 lIa vor wh ile retain ing d ri n kabi Iit)!.. Th I S on e wi II satisfy the no p-h sads..pac ked.r O'"i:iginal Gravity: i3° Plalo _ Alcohol Percenl:"g. since it's bottle-conditioned.n. hint) and is an organic ale that's hard to bea!. tion: Pin! . This one 9 0 ~sdown easy but stl II has some nice sweet malts and ami Id hop flavo r. bOH.87 Glass Fleccmmendation: Slem 'flIAL -A)t1'lila~ilit '-fal ~TATC" I • • • • • •• •• •• • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • COMMON ALE Iia vor . -B r . _Rating: 2D GI .ice.oationai BittBl'ne .d o.r.!'~ $BJ_6'llack •••••••••• . Al es Ii ke Ih is are easy to d rin k an d. rga... Original Gravity. Com m on Ale from 0 rlioi sag reat bee r that wi II go down with mit a p rob lern with an y meal on any occaslo n Orlio O .le.Twin Sisters DOUBLE IPA Mast me n have d rearne d about !wi n sisters at some poi [It. l=I"comrn"nd .rganic beer is no exception.. . : ImperiallPA Websl"e: wwwTellhandbrewlng.: 5.n.e otne r big beers. " .5" Plato Alcoh[]1 P"rc"ntag. 20. •• ro'..a.. and. This IPA packs in the hops and isn't afraid stun n Ing 9 6% is packed into th e bottle+out the real preble m is th at you won't taste it.ic every!.". done rig ht.: 6. the yeast aroma can be detected through til e powertu I ho p a rom a. Left Hand's versio n is probably as close as most will get. \Mery~ OrlioOlllaniG Brewing o C S. thi S 0 ne cuts out the" hom ess" 01 hi 9 h ABV with a lot of hop bille mess that fad es to a sed uctive swe em ess. Un Iik. " .nel Pric.. hing is on the rise.. Clean a nd refresh i n g like a nice gl ass 0 ( wale r.0% .Gom s:. but ani ce Ii Silo rp 110p bitte mess g ivi n g way to a pretty nice sweet ma Ity uavor an d som e citrus Pretty nice dry (inish wilh a just a tingle of sweetn ess. e n at to happy. ••••••••••• ~ •••• .0l.B re\Me ry: Left. Hard 10 beat Ih is h as some citrus notes.l:yle: Amerloa~nAm~er lager Website: www:OrlTo. You'll wonder why you need a lager when an ale is this light and slillthis Lig ht am 0 U nt of hops and a nicesweet sm ell. .Hand rewing B Il(I Styl .9% In1::ernatianal Bitl:el'ness l=Iating.

--it down to your belly. and it's just what you need on Hat Brewing Co !l. finishes clean and has you thinking about what you just tasted as youl!ft the M for ag. raisins. molasses and h~te: Com plex. Tn e taste is. Ii An interesting swell! mix of cnocolats so me sm oke.maglcnal.HAS THeiR OfFeR ON THe T ABL. The aroma gives you some chocolate. Jinx is their fall brew.easonal line-up never disappoints.e AFTEQTHEIf2 • . THEse OAMN BEEQ COMPANies AQE PQOFITING ZOOIAC 51SN5 Bf2:EWEt:?Y fQOM BIG MEQGE:QS. YearRound ~l. ch ocotate. a nice mix of on uts. Y CANCel(' AL.j"''' Recornm. <~THE RESULTS Apll83ranc": (OIl' 0(10) ANIma: (II1II0115) (oolol4Uj = ~ I. 0'''5) Srewer-y.. but n 01 confu 5i n g.c..OAT.iC Hat has been a treat for those who have been able to get it. www. I SAID "NO WAY!" WENT BELL.C. and a little bit Of a a cold night.JINX Mqgjg Hat smoKy etTA"'" !II waL 5Y: jIM~DAn~ Au. ras i ns. c bocolate. Their s. glass more..yle: St. as yo u 9 at a n ice complex m ij( of n uta.i nte re 5ti ng.~ndac. Complexity follows finish: (!W. UP.·M. WE NEEO A MEQGE:Q TO STAY AfL.9% n6ernational Bitocerness Rating: Pint 20 ·l\"valiimlll1::y.~ng Ate Website.e. and some sm Price: $8/6'pack Qt~g!PJ!l GrBV..y: 15..4'Plato Arcohot Percencage: 6.efOR us. and smOk.





[os]: .




The American Ale is the first Ale brewed under the flagship Budweiser name and look. smell. but American Ale is a nice middle ground beer that should convert some of those who would normally enjoy one of the lighter lagers from AB. [go]. that honor still goes to Lag.. Some will continue to deny this beer any love. it's new)." but the color. but in the end it should go further into the mainstream (light lager) market than any other beer.BeeI' . Don't forget the mega marketing that will get more people to try American Ale.. M ANY WHO LOVE MICRO BREW might be upset that Anheuser Busch is marching into new territory (well.. Ale is not the most popular style in the country. and taste should impress even the most grizzled beer drinker. which in turn may lead them to try other beers. and it doesn't hurt that it tastes good too. American what it might do for the market is something many will over Ale still has some of that trademark drinkability labeled by many as "session beer. " .er. if you ignore the line of micro breweries they own.'" .


All players gather around the table and have refills readily available . .THE SETUP 1) 2) .-_ Grab your playing cards and shuffle the deck well.



ThaI's 6 hours of continuousexposure 10 acelaldehyde.dialion.oles of slud les have Iinke d acelaldehydelo tlyer disease.. Add Ice and strain.acc.other cells in tile body and brain. This qets worse with age.leadlnq 10 broken veins. renowned 45 a nalurallmroone system booster aqalnsl ionlzlng ra.lf A splash 01 a new lemon lime shol-mim promises to mate the mmninQaftel as smooth as Jour drink the niQht belOie. [nQland. causingilleversible DNA damaQe an. In lelliSllol· and InleJliTabs··lndiJde a proprietary fmmula' of potellinaluralsuper anUolkiants and Immune sy.oy a few 1he Chiet:zprodlKl ~Islomebecluse ijspecifi' Clily larqets oKel4ldMyde melabo lism. aC(OIdlnq to a study by Dr. VictorR. Add other Inqredlen.g the . and even alc. Acelaldehydealtacb the collagen and elastin Ihat. gastroenterolOiJst bepalolo~sl SOUND SCIENCE.• 'Remorseless' Cheerzarita GLASS: Marqarlta METHOD: .ehyde-a powerful musclepoisO!Iprodueed as the.liver breaks down alcohol Ihal is 30 limes mme loxic than alcohol Itself.• says nctlan al shot-mixer thai headS off a p6tential hanqover ~fole it starts by helpinQ the body to more effe<lively process a. And that's J usll'he I mmediate de maga Sc. kidneys.D. California.. and digestive system.edfac. and muscle pain. or prevent any disease. muscle. Alzheimet's. ~cause il inlerleles 'II'lIh thebody's abilit y 10 iIIsolb calcium. It aUachH ilsel! to amino lJIoups In proteins to formadducls thai wreak havoc onvlTlu'ally evely . A standard drink (on. possibly longer. heart.lainsaboul one-half ounce 01 pure &Ico hoI. Acelaldehyde also Increases the lis~ of osleopOJosis.. breast cancer.CheerzHangover. who lelld 10 stole more fal aftel40.obolde pendent y.Ievelsin the blood • .d chromosomal problems. when the body likes longer 10 processakohol. according 10Dr. Unmalabollzedacetaldehyde oyerloads the livel and floods the body via the bloodstream.asa supplement Chem hassigniHcant beneficial biological effects In assisUn. Janel Maccaro.ts and shake. especially !olwomeD. utelUs. shelTri!>le Sec I splash orange Curato Statem ents have 1101 been evaluated by the FDA.ording 10 alcohol lesearcher OnniNiemala of the Unlverslt.stem booslers lneIud Ing succinIc acid. Rim outside of glass with lime peel lind salt. 'There isl1QWinQ evlderKe thai &eelaldhydeIs a main ceuseothellljtWe! symptoms andillso Asian flush. speed up ils converslonlnlo harmless acellc acid. Pfeedy 01 Kin9s Col1e99 in London. Approved as a nutrition supplement by the fDA. 2 shots Tequila Yo shot Lime jutce Y. alcohol. even in smell amounts. and with famUy members.l. Nl.edif youenj. Cheerz (·In aJwiate hangweroVld lIushing symplo ms.Internal organ: !iyet. P~ul Shen of SoVI01e9o. As little as two drinks a day can dehydlstelhe skin enough 10 mntually mate you wrinkle IIk.lhistle Exllact [sUymarlnJ . Squeeze In third lime wedge lind qarnlsh with lime slice.liver in the metabolism of alcohol. elasllclty ilnd firmness.remalkillie prole<lanla9arn~t toIins and sub' slanees harmful 10 the IlYer and. Ph..ea baked apple and ~ye you spidt' veins.and suvenqe unmelabollzedacet· aldehyde. and is remarkably effective In reducing the symptomatic effects 01 alcohol toxidijwith responsible soc. Cheerz wOlks biologically wilhaltohol metillolism 10 help slow and reduce the inillalconwrsion of alcohol into Icetald&hyde. TIle aver8QeIlyer can process about a quart ar of an oUllceof alcohol an hout It tahs about 6 hours to e!lmlnale all the alcohol In 3 glasses of wine. and otherloIins In Europe for mtulles: N'atetyl cysteine 10 Increase the oxidation cycle of alcohol 10 help reduce IGetald&hyde .DYerI nd blain: and filii k.ial use.M.FIII shaker with broken cubed Ice and squeeze two fresh lime wedges Into shaker. nausea. To order call1-888-3Cheerz or log on to www.5ou nce. Cheert® IntelliSllol is a 1.yof Tempereln Finland. !reat. By hel~nQ to IMlOYe this IOIk themkai from the body. 'q PREVENTING HANGOVER HEL. causing hang oyer symptoms Including headache..leduclnq. recommended IntelliShotTN helps your liver flush booze poison 30 times more toxic than alcohol itse. NATURALLY Called·the hanqover Qene'ln arecanl Japanese sludy." DlrkR Siaker. acetaldehyde is the l1ue demon In your drink. No need to be r. It robs tbe body 01 yitamln C and dilates blood vessels. This product is 110t il1tended to diagl1ose. ADVERTISEMENT -Based on my experience as a nvet' trMIspIaIIt spedaIst and my anecd'otal obsemtions both persona".hoids skin .• .celald. Infections.D. John.

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