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7 ps of Service Marketing - Apollo Hospital

7 ps of Service Marketing - Apollo Hospital

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this presentation describes the seven p's of marketing of Apollo hospital and a basic idea of Apollo hospital
this presentation describes the seven p's of marketing of Apollo hospital and a basic idea of Apollo hospital

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Published by: Dinesh Babu Pugalenthi on Mar 17, 2012
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Apollo Hospitals
A Presentation on 7 p’s of Marketing

Health Care Sector - Overview
Today the total value of the sector is more than $40 billion

Governed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Corporate hospitals constitute less than 1 per cent of all institutes

Investment of $14.4 Bn needed by 2025 to increase its bed density to at least two per thousand population

Growth of 9.8% between 20002011 Employs 8 million people directly and indirectly

Apollo Hospitals
• First corporate hospital – 1983- Chennai
 Apollo Health Street Limited Apollo Pharmacies  Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited  Family Health Plan Limited (FHP)  Med Varsity Online Limited


– Largest healthcare group in Asia. – Owns and manages 41 hospitals in and around India and has a total capacity of 7000 beds – Declared as a 'Centre of Excellence' by the Government of India – 27,000 heart surgeries with a success rate of 99.6%, on par with global standards. – 70% success rate in Bone Marrow Transplant. – Total Knee Replacement. – First Indian Hospital to receive the ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certifications.

7 P’s of Marketing

Apollo – 7P’s

• The service product is an offering of commercial intent having features of both intangible and tangible, seeking to satisfy the new wants and demands of the consumer. • • • • • Quality Level Accessories Packaging Product line: Brand name

Product - Apollo
• Apollo hospital has more than 53 branches across the country. • Best for heart problems and Knee and Hip replacement surgeries besides other major ailments. • The specialties include – Heart, Orthopedics, Spine, Cancer Care, Gastroenterology, Neurosciences, Nephrology & Urology Critical Care.

A particular product or service is acceptable to the customer at a particular price and if the price increases then the same product or service might become less acceptable to the customer. Pricing prices may be profit oriented, government controlled, competitive or customer oriented

Service pricing follows the principles and practices of pricing of goods and therefore they are either cost based or market based.
1. Demand fluctuations should be successfully handled 2. Service pricing should be such as to provide value addition and quality indication 3. The pricing strategy should cope up with the degree of competition.

Price - Apollo
PRICE The hospital is priced premium and it can afford to do the same because of its positioning and its assurance as well as the reliability on the brand of Apollo hospitals. Along with it, it also helps that there are so many locations and specialties in Apollo hospitals. Thus a patient is reassured of his well being. Pricing in Private Hospitals • Cost based pricing: Price =. In hospital services, this method is cumbersome because the tracking and identification of costs are difficult. Fee for services, however can be used by doctors. Notwithstanding, some hospitals in the private sector follow this method. • Competition based pricing: Heterogeneity of service across and within providers makes the approach complicated. • Demand based pricing: Cost based pricing and competition based pricing do not consider certain criteria. Demand based pricing involves price setting consistent with customer perception of value.

• The means by which services get from producer to consumer and where they can be accessed by the consumer. • The more places to buy the product and the easier it is made to buy it, the better for the business. • The kind of services a hospital is rendering is very important for determining the location of the hospital.

Place - Apollo
• Apollo Hospitals has around 8500 beds across 53 hospitals in India and overseas. • It is located in 15 different places across India which include Ahmadabad, Aragonda, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Bilaspur, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kakinata, Kolkata, Madurai, Mauritius, Mysore Noida. • It is located internationally in Nepal,Bhutan,Bangadesh,Srilanka,kawait.

 Quality of treatment
 Medical tourism  Word of mouth  Major surgery  Medical camp  Social networking

Apollo promotes itself through the Community Initiatives viz

• SACH – Save a Childs Heart

• CURE – Extends preventive as well as rehabilitative cancer
treatment to the economically backward.


•SAHI – Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired •DISHA – Distance Health care Advancement Project

• Currently engages more than 19,000 doctors, nurses,
paramedics, clinical staff and management professionals to manage over 8500 beds across 53 hospitals in India and abroad. Along with this Apollo Hospitals has several courses along with research facilities to facilitate innovation.

Physical Evidence
• Apollo Hospital has been know for its quality health care services, at much affordable price. • Provides the services for all the ailments & diseases, assuring the healthy recovery with quality care from the staff. • Apollo Hospitals conducts a rigorous site survey process as well to take care of various parameters in all their hospitals.

The largest achievement of the Apollo Group has been to take quality health care to across the length and breadth of India. This operation in itself involves very established procedures and documentation. • Apollo hospitals is NABH, NABL accrediated and also has ISO 9002 award.


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