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Institute of Java and Software Engineering
Sample Research Proposal for IJSE students

Aim of this documents : IJSE is the professional level institute for java technology in Sri Lanka. Our research aim is that students are encouraged to discover | create new things using their java and software engineering knowledge. This is not a Master or Phd level research.

Copyright © Institute of Java and Software Engineering

Research Proposal (Example) To: Institute of Java and Software Engineering From: Name of the Student Date: Subject: Research proposal for research topic Proposed Research Topic: [provide a brief description or a descriptive title or a research question] Purposes: [Expand on the topic/question by describing what you hope to accomplish. and the desired outcomes (especially the practical or theoretical benefits to be gained)] Background: [Describe the context of the proposed research. when the field work will take place. and the number of interviews you will conduct] Graphical Representation :[just describe graphically about your proposed research and technological areas ] Knowledge Framework: [describe that areas and technologies you are going to study] Methods : [Describe in detail the steps you will take in attempting to answer your research question] Limitations : [Describe conditions beyond your control that place restrictions on what you can do and the conclusions you may be able to draw] Time Plan: [Describe time plan of your research] References: [List all references that are not on the course reading list] Note: IJSE do not take any responsibilities for safety issues of your research Copyright © Institute of Java and Software Engineering . making it clear how this context will allow you to accomplish your stated purposes] Scope: [Describe such things as the time you will invest. the number of participants.

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