Domingo B.

Flores Memorial Hospital
Brgy. Batasan, Macabebe, Pampanga 2018

Points Totaled At the At the First First 5 minute minutes

0 Point

1 Point Arms and legs flexed with little movement Below 100 bpm Some flexion of extremities (facial movement ONLY with stimulation) Normal color (BUT, hands and feet are bluish) Slow or irregular breathing, weak cry

2 Points Active, spontaneous movement Over 100 bpm Active motion (sneezes, coughs, pulls away, or cry with stimulation) Normal color all over (body, hands and feet are pinkish) Normal rate and effort, vigorous cry

Activity (muscle tone) Pulse (heart rate)

Absent Absent

Grimace (reflex irritability or responsiveness)


Appearance (skin color)

Bluish-gray, pale all over

Respiration (respiratory rate and effort)


Requires Aggressive Resuscitation Requires Resuscitation Requires Supportive Care

Severely depressed Moderately depressed Excellent condition

0-3 4-6 7 - 10

0-3 4-6 7 - 10

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