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OBJECTIVE The main objective of this report was preparedfor the purpose to know the main goal is to learn CNC EDM.instructors can assess student ability level CNCEDM DIE denganmengendalikan SENKER Among its objectives: - >To train the students about the use of CNCEDM machine. >To expose the students about the proper use ofcnc machines >To produce students who are able to operatevarious machines >To better understand the more precise handlingin CNC EDM >To find the functions available on each side ofthe EDM machine . students will be more focus on learning. With this report. In addition.

Examples of a few types of parts that can be cut by wire EDM include: Custom gears Custom robot parts Custom jewelry Punch and die tooling Stripper plates Mold components etc. intricate openings and sharp inside corners. controlled.INTRODUCTION laWire EDM Cutting ‹ Machines Wire EDM machine Gear cut by Wire EDM Mechanical part cut by Wire EDM Wire EDM cutting. Wire EDM cutting can provide high dimensional accuracy for close fitting parts. The process can make sharp inside corners. is a process that uses an electrically energized thin wire to slice through metal. The workpiece must be electrically conductive. thereby eroding the metal away. Wire EDM cutting applies to . Wire EDM can cut most any simple or complex 2D shape including cutouts and thin walls. Wire EDM cutting uses rapid. also known as electrical discharge machining. repetitive spark discharges from the wire to the workpiece.

Cost optimization options for wire EDM cutting include: Reducing cut surface area Stacking parts during cutting (this is considered automatically by the eMachineShop CAD) Minimizing the number of holes and cutouts Creating holes by providing a small gap connecting the hole to the outer edge.012". Wire EDM Design Considerations Edges are smooth but matte. .001" to 0. The edges of the finished work piece will have virtually no burrs.008"). Typical surface finish is between 16 and 64 microinches. Custom tooling is generally not needed. Wire EDM can cut material thickness from only a few thousandths of an inch to several inches. Kerf width typically ranges from 0.Aluminum Stainless Steel Copper Steel Brass Titanium Sterling Silver Spring Steel Bronze Super alloys Very hard and difficult to machine metals. Sharp internal corners will be slightly rounded (typically with radius ~.

The EDM process usually does not affect the heat treat below the surface. The spark is very carefully controlled and localized so that it only affects the surface of the material.What is EDM? A Brief History The acronym EDM is derived from Electrical Discharge Machining. With wire EDM the spark always takes place in the dielectric of deionized water. This electric spark produces intense heat with temperatures reaching 8000 to 12000 degrees Celsius. The water acts as a coolant and flushes away the eroded metal particles. Electric Discharge Machining The basic EDM process is an electrical spark that is created between an electrode and a work piece. melting almost anything. Later on in the 1940's Soviet researchers developed a machining process that formed the foundation for modern day EDM. Wire Cutting . This is also known as electro-discharge erosion. The spark is visible evidence of the electro-discharge. He noticed that electrical discharges had removed material from electrodes used in his experiments. The EDM process as we know it today started in 1770 with the observations of Joseph Preistly. The conductivity of the water is carefully controlled making an excellent environment for the EDM process.

Wire EDM Process * Low work holding forces * Low cutting forces * Very accurate process tolerances held +/. The wire is usually made of brass or stratified copper.1 and 0. On a one cut the wire ideally passes through a solid part and the scrap piece drops away when it is done. On the machining area. The wire can be inclined. each discharge creates a crater in the workpiece and an impact on the tool.0. Extrusion dies and blanking punches and various other forms of jigs and fixtures are often machined by wire cutting. During roughing the water is forced into the cut at high pressure in order to provide plenty of cooling and eliminate eroded particles as fast as possible.EDM wire cutting uses a metallic wire to cut a programmed contour in a workpiece. and is between 0.3 mm diameter. During skimming (accuracy / finish cuts) the water is gently flowed over the burn so as not to deflect the wire. Dependant on the accuracy and surface finish required. A skim cut is where the wire is passed back over the roughed surface again with a lower power setting and low pressure flush. To start machining it is first necessary to drill a hole in the workpiece or start from the edge. narrow slots Langkah kerja EDM Wire Cut . Cutting is always through the entire workpiece. thus making it possible to make parts with taper or with different profiles at the top and bottom.0001" * Complex profile capability * No tool wear (the wire is continually replenished) * Hardened materials are easily machined * Small corners. a part will either be one cut or it will be roughed and then skimmed. There is never any mechanical contact between the electrode and workpiece. This will give adequate accuracy for some jobs but most of the time skimming is necessary.

0) Y(0. Proses warm up selesai dan sedia untuk digunakan Langkah bagi memasukkan data: 1. 2.Suis controller EDM dibuka dan butang keselamatan penggunaan mesin dilepaskanLangkah “warming up” mesin: 1. +Y dan +X ditekan sebagai refreshing kedudukan koodinat upper head danlower head pada koordinat Z(0. format lukisan autocad ditukar ke format NC untukditafsir kod-kod pengaturcaraan bentuk yang akan dihasilkan. 5. setiap garisan lukisan diperiksa bagimemastikan ianya bercantum. 4.Suis UV/XY ditekan 5. jog digunakan bagi melaras upper head dan lower head menghampiri plat pemotongan. 3.0) dan Z(0.+Z. bentuk 2D dilukis seperti rajah 1 2. maklumat pengaturcara yang dihantar disimpan didalamfail mesin.Fail dibuka semula bertujuan untuk dibuat pengubahsuaian dan disimulasikan.1.Pada panel kawalan mesin.0) 4. nilai sudut diubahmengikut kesesuaian pemotongan.Suis exit menu ditekan.Pada panel kawalan mesin.Dengan menggunakan perisian mycam. 4.Lukisan 2D autocad disimpan dalam format DXF 3.Setelah pengatucara dipastikan tidak bermasalah.Suis auto ditekan bagi memeriksa kedudukan pemotongan yang akan dilakukan. 5.Proses pada (3) diulang pada paksi U+ dan V+ 6.Suis F3 (reference) ditekan 3. suis memory.Suis utama 415V dibuka2. water. edm power ditekan bagi kemasukan air dan prosesproses berkaitan .Menggunakan perisian Mycam.Suis pada penyejuk (chiller) dibuka3.Dengan menggunakan perisian autocad. suis F8 (edit mode) ditekan 2.Pada panel kawalan.Sekiranya terdapat pembetulan pada sudut pemotongan.Maklumat lukisan disimpan dan dipindah masuk ke sistem mesin EDM wire cut Langkah bagi pengaturcaraan pemotongan: 1.

G02 X30.0 j0.G01 X0.0.0.0 j0.0 Y15.0 Y0.0.0.X0.G03 X10.0 Y0.0.0.0 Y0.0 Y100.0 Y50.0.0 Y100.G90 G41 G01 X50.G01 X50.0 Y90.0 Y30.6.0 .0 j-40.0 i-15.0.G01 X100.X50.0 i0.0 j20.0 Y0.M02 .G02 X85.Suis cycle start ditekan dan operasi pemotongan bermu Kod pemotongan benda kerja semasa menggunakan mesin EDM Wire Cut O0001.0 Y60.G01 X60.G92 X50.0.0 i10.G03 X100.0 i0.0.0 Y50.0.

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