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Prosperity Looms the Pledge5

Prosperity Looms the Pledge5

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Published by: prosperitylooms on Mar 17, 2012
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At Prosperity LOOMS we have taken The Pledge

Are you willing to take The Pledge?
• We vow to deliver our work with the absolute integrity, truth, honesty and conviction.
• We treat everyone who walks on the earth, all life forms with the utmost dignity and respect. • At no time do we ever abandon our mission or our creed to stand by our word and our oath to fulfill our obligations to our fellow human race, no matter what religion or faith, sex, race, standard of living or location. • We decree our allegiance to the truth and to the ongoing harmony and peace of ONE global nation which we stand by unfalteringly. • We define ourselves in the mirror of the world, and our choice is to assist in spreading love and peace across the global landscape, so by doing we define ourselves as the mirror of truth and standards beyond the measure of our own personal journeys. • We continue to deliver to the world uplifting content, in its truest and most pure forms, and hence support our

fellow humans to reach the heights of their own personal aspirations. • We stand in and foremost in our convictions as we support those who tirelessly work for the good of their fellow man, and the entire global landscape, including animals, all living creatures, including trees and such other living matters. • We Endure through mutual respect and understanding, spreading the word of true freedom throughout the world, to create peace, and indeed prosperity to all who seek and harbor desire to live in a world of peace, and harmony for all who share our living earth. • We deliver equal opportunity to whomever finds their way to us, and in so doing, we adhere to our own code of conduct, and in truth the conduct of an exacting Universe which lives in harmony with our own personal desires. • We walk as one, or we don’t walk at all. • We honor the code of those who have walked before us, whether they are our own personal blood family, or the greater family of all mankind. • We never waver from our undertaking, to do so would mean to dishonor ourselves.

• We never take for granted the trust and faith that you have placed in us to stand as pillars of a new way of living, new practices, and a new way of being. • We continue to aspire to even greater heights, and live our lives with passion, and refuse to entertain anything that would take us from our chosen path. To do so would mean our own personal unhappiness, and that is as important to us, as the air that we breathe. • We take an unprecedented vow to protect and care for global resources, and use 100% GREEN technology to deliver our platform of excellence. • Our electronic signature is equal in value to any signed contract. In fact even more so, as our Pledge is encoded in our hearts and minds for all eternity.

We have taken the pledge. Will you take it too?

Raven Afrika Masterson & Ian Charles Heffernan Prosperity Looms The Commander In Chief!

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