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Mahiki Menu 2008

Mahiki Menu 2008

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Published by: Kriti Mittal on Mar 17, 2012
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Mahiki sunset feb08:Mahiki Drinks FEB2



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Tahiti Joe's original recipe. Havana Club Anejo Especial, lime, sugar and mint swizzled over crushed ice. Served long and strong in our Mahiki Bamboo. £8.00

Dark and Stormy
Gosling’s Black Seal Bermudan rum, fresh lime juice, ginger juice and ginger beer, served long and refreshing, like a tropical £7.00 downpour.

Daddy-O Daiquiri
Your choice of rum, fresh pressed lime juice and cane syrup shaken hard and served straight up. Your perfect version of possibly the world’s finest drink. £P.O.A

Windward Island
An energetic blend of spiced Windward Island spiced coffee and Bajan Rum Doorlys XO shaken like a ship in a gale and served £9.00 straight up.

42 below passionfruit vodka shaken with mint, lime, honey and Jules’s grenadine, lengthened with pressed apple and pomegranate juices, served very long over crushed ice. £8.00

Good Time Girl
Finlandia mango vodka blended with fresh mango and passionfruit purees, passionfruit syrup, and organic vanilla ice cream, served £7.50 straight up.

Watermelon Martiki
The ‘Tikinisation’ of a contemporary classic – fresh watermelon shaken vigorously with element 8 rum and elderflower cordial. Served straight up with a smile £8.00

Flamingo Fizz
Guava juice, Jules’s homemade grenadine, topped with Pink £9.00 Champagne.

Mai Tai Trader Vics
Appleton VX, orange curacao, lime juice and orgeat shaken hard and served over cracked ice, The best original Tiki drink made just the way it was meant to be. £7.50

Ti Punch
J.M. White Rhum, Papa Jules’ Falernum syrup and fresh lime, served over crushed ice. The French version of the holy trinity of the £7.50 Caribbean, Rum, lime and sugar.

The Beach Wacker
A long winter drink mixed with Angostura 1919 rum, apricot brandy, spice infused maple syrup and pineapple juice topped up with especially imported sparkling grapefruit juice. £9.00

London Fog Cutter
A bracing blend of Tanqueray gin, Martell cognac and dark rum, shaken with camomile, elderflower, passionfruit and apple.


Woods 100 overproof Demerara rum shaken with apricot brandy, fresh watermelon and lime juice, served long, spritzed with Ting.

Apple Wood Sour
A great drink to keep you warm this winter – a dark overproof navy rum married with an apple “sauté”, maple syrup and bitters.



Moët & Chandon Moët & Chandon Rosé Veuve Clicquot Veuve Clicquot Rosé Veuve Clicquot Vintage Rosé Dom Perignon 1999 Dom Perignon 1999 - Magnum Dom Perignon Rosé 1996 Dom Perignon Rose - Magnum Krug Grande Cuvee Louis Roederer Cristal Louis Roederer Cristal - Magnum £50.00 £60.00 £60.00 £70.00 £135.00 £160.00 £470.00 £350.00 £800.00 £160.00 £400.00 £900.00

White Wine
Pinot Grigio, San Floriano Chardonnay, Round Hill Sauvignon Blanc, Wild Rock Infamous Goose Semillon/Chenin Blanc, Poker Hill Marsanne/Chardonnay/Roussanne 3 Amigos Sancerre, Michel Girard 2006 £4.50 gls £6.50 gls £8.00 gls £19.00 £24.00 £30.00 £35.00 £38.00 £49.00

Red Wine
Merlot-Cabernet, Reserve de Rafegue Merlot, Apple Tree Flat Pinot Noir, Valmoissine Louis Latour Shiraz, Porter Mill Station Zinfandel, Mchenry Honen Rocky Road 2005 Vosne Romanee, Aux Reas 2005 Af Gros £4.50 gls £5.50 gls £7.00 gls £19.00 £22.00 £28.00 £24.00 £55.00 £60.00

sunset cocktails

Non – Alcoholic cocktails £5.00 Your bartender will design your perfect virgin cocktail using only the finest juices and fresh fruit purees. Hildon Water 330ml Hildon Water 750ml Soft Drinks Juices £2.50 £5.00 £3.00 £4.50

Rose Wine
Chateau Du Galoupet Rose £7.00 gls £28.00

Aloha Spirit
Aloha Spirit is the way by which the polynesians live, mutual respect and affection for each other whilst extending warmth, kindness, harmony and patience. This is also the philosophy of the Mahiki, and we hope this shows in our service.

Opening times 5.30pm - 3.30am Monday - Friday 7.30pm - 3.30am Saturday

Enquiries 020 7493 9529
1 Dover Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4LD www.mahiki.com

spiced syrup. with Appleton Estate. spices and molasses.00 Baron Samedi’s Samedi’s Brew A vicious voodoo blend of Mahiki Grog. grapefruit. Just to remind you that the summer is never too far. Deadly. Mahiki Grog. Ask one of our mermaids for the range of exotic destinations. some over 20 years old. Papa Jules Mahiki Punch The message in this bottle is the Papa Jules old recipe. muddled blackberries. All our orchard fruits and berries are grown in the UK to reduce their food miles. 6 shots £28. lemon.00 Mahiki Grog A blistering blend of carefully selected Caribbean rums. coconuts and tropical fruit are organic. strawberries and apple juice. topped with ginger beer Zombie Zombie* Don the Beachcomber’s original Zombie recipe. mostly because it just tastes better.00 £12. frozen coconut. sugar and crème de fraise. bitters and a hint of Absinthe. soft and seductive like the finest Polynesian temptress.00 £9.00 £9. treasure chest. fresh lime and grapefruit. so deadly in fact that we limit you to two per person per hangover. served with Woods 100 overproof float. served for eight in a real champagne.000 £7.00 £11. with Myers rum blended with honey cream.00 Rio Popsicle Globetrotter (serves 6/8/12) Try our yummy shots from all over the world. topped with champagne. Creole Schrubb and orgeat shaken with lime.Mahiki sunset feb08:Mahiki Drinks FEB2 25/1/08 09:30 Page 3 Krakatoa (serves 4) A drink to recreate the largest volcano of modern times. We use a lot of fresh fruit at Mahiki. pineapple and fresh lime.00 £18. fresh pineapple and lemon juices.00 Dom Perignon £450.00 Hot Buttered Rum In this cold winter get warm caribbean style. shaken with lime and sugar and topped with a bottle of Moet & Chandon with a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne. served long. anejo and overproof rums shaken with maraschino. Mahiki Grog.00 £7. Organic Pina Colada Appleton VX and Koko Kanu coconut rum blended with coconut cream. Only a few deserve the pleasure of this treasure. fresh passionfruit. £POA £100. grenadine and honey cream. An exotic blend of Trafalgar Limited Edition Pusser's topped up with the Champagne of your choice in a unique 24 carat gold plated chest. Goslings Black Seal and Wray and Nephew carefully integrated with Antigan. served in a frozen coconut.com £8. £50. served for eight in a real treasure chest.00 £9. served as a flaming cascade with cinnamon sparks. passionfruit and lime. Mahiki Treasure Chest (serves 8) With pirate booty. mango. Tony made a “caipirinha slush puppy”. lime and sugar cane – served as a frozen popsicle. blended with secret spices from the ocean depths. Avast me hearties. raspberries. fresh lime. roasted pineapple and bitters. (serves 8) Lover’s Cup (serves 2) (serves 2) Grey Goose pear vodka shaken Wyborowa with pear.00 Zombie Horde (serves 4) As below but bigger. and we mean a lot! This raises some issues. fresh pressed pineapple juice.00 art by tikiracer. golden. Bacardi 8 year old.50 Armada Treasure Chest The ultimate treasure chest brought back to us by Nelson.00 £5. a blend of white. Jules honey cream.00 See back to discover more amazing drinks Jolly Roger . I’ll keel haul ya.00 £60.00 8 shots £35.00 £8. Mahiki Grog.00 £11. £9. Coconut Grenade A fresh frozen and explosive combination of Appleton VX and Koko Kanu coconut rum. brandy and peach liqueur. and are also organic wherever possible. £21.00 £100. guava. Mahiki Ultimate Mai Tai Appleton Extra. and not the heroes! Available individually or as a bowl for larger groups.00 Honolulu Honey Bacardi 8yr old rum shaken with Jules’s honey cream.00 Louis Roederer Cristal £650. fresh ginger juice. Mahiki Grog. Neptune’s Bounty (serves 4) The god of the seas serves up his ultimate combination of Mahiki Grog. All our pineapples. £11. Fresh watermelon shaken with Arette Tequila. topped with pink champagne and garnished with scattered rose petals. pineapple with a magical mix of spices. cucumber and elderflower. Bajan and Venezuelan rums.00 Bikini Blast Mahiki Our signature cocktail. we have to maintain the highest quality standards for our drinks but also have concerns about your health and the environment. We will continue to work with our suppliers with the goal of running a fully organic cocktail menu as soon as we can. Aloha spirit for the world. spiced syrup. Mahiki. lime.00 12 shots £50. £40. this will make you and your friends resemble Dawn of the Dead. exotic syrups and absinthe. blended with secret and honey cream. Leblon cachaca infused with tarragon. An authentic pirates brew. scattered rose petals. £8. (serves 3) £44. Mahiki Pirate Bar’relTender Have you own Pirate Bar’rel’Tender mixing your drinks for the night – Ask our rumrunner now. Appleton VX and a hint of Sailor Jerry shaken with fresh pear and strawberry purees. served in an atomic watermelon with a flaming shot for the brave soul that finishes first. lime juice and a dash of the Captain’s brandy. Served in double shot glasses.

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