Spelling BINGO

Students will need to choose 4 different activities to practice their spelling words. Students may choose any 4 activities. Adults must initial inside the box. BINGO page is due on Friday unless noted otherwise.

Rainbow Words Write each word in crayon. Trace over each word with two more crayons.

ABC Order Write the words in a list and write them in ABC order. You must write them twice!

Fancy Words Write your spelling words in fancy letters like Peaceful.

Silly Sentences Write each spelling word in a silly sentence. Underline each spelling word.

Keyboard Spelling Type your spelling words.

Ransom note Cut out letters and make your spelling words. Glue your words down on a paper.

Sailboat words Write your words like a sailboat sail.
p pe pea peac peace

Spelling test Pretend you are taking the spelling test at school. Have someone give you a spelling test to practice your words. Grade your paper!

Words on repeat Write your words three times each.

Scrabble words Use scrabble tiles to spell out each spelling word. Add up the value of each word.

You’re the teacher Write each spelling word in a sentence for the teacher to use on our test. Underline the word.

Text the words Text your spelling words to someone.

Vowel Highlight Story time Write each word then go Use each spelling word back and highlight all the in a story. The story may vowels with a highlighter. be silly, but it must have Vowels =AEIOU a beginning, middle and end!

Sort it Identify the spelling pattern for the week. Sort your words into at least 2 groups.
ai pain main a_e cane Jane

Cheers! Cheer the spelling of each word. Have a grown up listen to you.

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