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Name_______________________ Theme 9, Week 2: Skills Assessment 1. What happens at the beginning of the story The New Friend?

A new boy moves into the neighborhood. Makoto says goodbye to his friends in Japan. The boys played with marbles. 2. Why did Makotos family move? They wanted to take an adventure. His father got a new job. They missed their family. 3. What did Makoto show his friends? kites cards games 4. How did Makotos parents repay the boys for helping? They gave the boys kites. They gave the boys fruit. They gave the boys cookies. 5. Which word is spelled correctly? dishs dishes dishyes 6. Which word is spelled correctly? puppies puppys puppyes

7. Which word means to do it again ? untie unplug reread 8. Which word means not or the opposite of ? restart unkind remake 9. Write was or were to complete the sentence. The children


flying kites.

10. Write was or were to complete the sentence. The house



Comprehension Skill: Story Structure Match the story elements for The New Friend.

11. Setting

Makoto, Martin, Luis, and the narrator

12. Characters

Makoto misses his friends in Japan.

13. Problem

Makotos house/outside

14. Solution

Makoto makes new friends.