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MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH A about above asolute value accurate accurately label work act it out

acute angle acute triangle add addend addition addition fact addition sentence addition sign additive inverses after afternoon algebra algebraic expression algebraic patterns algebraic relationship algebraic relationships algebraically alike all all together almost amount analog clock analyze angle () angle adjacent answer ante meridian (a.m.) application apply approach appropriate mathematical language appropriate mathematical language organize work arc area argument

ROMANIAN despre deasupra valoare absolut precis caracteriza corect lucrul utiliza reprezentri/obiecte unghi ascuit triunghi ascuitunghic aduna termen al sumei adunare rezultat al adunrii expresie de adunare semn de adunare opus (fa de adunare) dup dup-amiaz algebr expresie algebric modele algebrice legtur algebric legturi algebrice algebric asemenea toate toate mpreun aproape sum ceas analog analiza unghi () adiacent unghiului rspuns ante meridian (a.m.) aplicaie aplica abordare limbaj matematic potrivit limbaj matematic potrivit organizare lucru arc arie argument
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH argument conjecture counterexample arithmetic (numeric) expression arithmetic expression arrange array as long as associative property attribute autumn (fall) average axis (axes) B bar graph base base of 3-dimensional figure base of a parallelogram base of a polygon base of a polyhedron base of rectangle base of a triangle base ten number system before below beside/between/on big/bigger/biggest bisect C calculate calendar capacity cardinal numbers (1-10) cent centimeter (cm) chance charts circle circle graph circumference clarify classify triangles closed figure coin collaborate collection common denominator

ROMANIAN contra-exemplu argument ipotez expresie aritmetic (numeric) expresie aritmetic aranja varietate ct timp proprietate asociativ atribut toamn nedie ax (axe) grafic tip coloan baz baz a unei figuri tridimensionale baz a unui paralelogram baz a unui poligon baz a unui poliedru baz a unui dreptunghi baz a unui triunghi sistem de numere n baza zece nainte sub lng/ntre/pe mare/mai mare/cel mai mare mpri n dou pri calcula calendar capacitate numere cardinale (1-10) cent centimetru (cm) ans grafice cerc grafic de tip cerc circumferin clarifica clasifica triunghiuri figur geometric nchis moned colabora colecie numitor comun
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH common factor common multiple commutative property of addition commutative property of multiplication compare compare numbers compatible numbers compensation complementary angles compose a number compose shapes composite number concentric circles conclusion concrete representations cone congruent congruent triangles conjecture connect consecutive consecutive angles constant construct contrast conversion fact convert coordinate coordinate grid coordinate plane corner corresponding angles corresponding sides count back count backwards count on counterexample counting numbers cube cubic centimeter (cm 3) cubic unit cup (c)

ROMANIAN factor comun multiplu comun proprietate de comutativitate a adunrii proprietate de comutativitate a nmulirii compara compara numere numere compatibile compensaie unghiuri complementare compune un numr compune figuri numr compus cercuri concentrice concluzie reprezentri concrete con congruent triunghiuri congruente Ipotez conecta consecutiv unghiuri consecutive constant construi contrast factor de conversie converti coordonat reea de coordonate plan de coordonate col unghiuri corespondente laturi corespondente numra invers numra descresctor numra contra-exemplu numere naturale cub centimetru cub (cm 3) unitate cubic reuniune (U)
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH currency symbols customary measurement system customary units of measure cylinder D data data frequency table day daylight decagon decimal fraction decimal number decimal point decimeter decompose a number decompose shapes decrease decreasing sequences degree measure of an angle denominator density design diameter difference differences digit digital clock digits dime dimension discuss distributive property divide dividend divisibility test divisible divisible by division divisor dodecahedron dollar ($) doubles minus one doubles plus one doubling

ROMANIAN simboluri monetare sistem de msur uzual uniti uzuale de msur cilindru date tabel de frecven zi zi lumin decagon fracie zecimal numr zecimal virgul zecimal decimetru descompune un numr descompune figuri scdea iruri descresctoare msura n grade a unui unghi numitor densitate schem diametru diferen diferene cifr ceas digital cifre 10 ceni dimensiune discuta proprietate distributiv divide demprit test de divizibilitate divizibil divizibil cu diviziune divizor duo-decagon dolar ($) de dou ori minus unu de dou ori plus unu dublare
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH draw a graph draw a picture drawings E edge eight elapsed time ellipse endpoint equal (=) equal to (=) equation equidistant marks equilateral polygon equilateral triangle equivalent equivalent decimals equivalent fractions halves thirds fourths fifths sixths tenths equivalent numerical expressions equivalent ratios estimate estimation estimation strategies compatible numbers front-end estimation reasonable estimates rounding evaluate even number evening event examine example expanded form experimental results explain explain mathematical relationships explore

ROMANIAN desena un grafic desena o figur desene muchie opt timp scurs elips punct final egal (=) egal cu (=) ecuaie repere echidistante poligon echilateral triunghi echilateral echivalent zecimale echivalente fracii echivalente jumti treimi ptrimi cincimi esimi zecimi expresii numerice echivalente rapoarte echivalente a estima estimare strategii de estimare numere compatibile estimare nainte de rezolvare estimri logice rotunjire evalua numr par sear eveniment examina exemplu form extins rezultate experimentale explica explica relaii matematice cerceta
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH explore mathematical relationships exponential notations extend a pattern extend models extended fact F face fact family (related facts) factor (noun) factor (verb) factorial fair share fewer fewer than fifths first five flip (reflection) foot (ft) formula formulate conclusions from graphs formulate predictions from graphs four four-digit number fourths fraction frequency table front-end estimation G gallon (gal) generate solutions geometric figure geometric pattern geometric solid geometry gram (g) graphical representations graphs greater greater than (>) greatest

ROMANIAN cerceta relaii matematice notaii exponeniale extinde un model extinde modele rezultat extins fa familie de rezultate (rezultate nrudite) factor, multiplicator multiplica factorial mprire n mod egal mai puin mai puin dect cincimi primul cinci n oglind picior (ft) formul formula concluzii pe baza graficelor formula predicii pe baza graficelor patru numr cu patru cifre ptrimi fracie tabel de frecven estimare nainte de rezolvare galon (gal) genera soluii figur geometric model geometric corp geometric geometrie gram (g) reprezentri grafice grafice mai mare mai mare dect (>) cel mai mare
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH greatest common divisor (GCD) greatest common factor (GCF) grid group how many guess H half hour halves halving heavy/heavier height height of a 3-dimensional figure height of a parallelogram height of a rectangle height of a triangle heptagon hexagon higher horizontal hour hour hand hundred chart hundred thousands millions hundreds hundreds place hundredths I&J icosahedrons identify identify the problem identity element for addition identity element for multiplication impossible outcomes improper fraction inch (in) increase increasing sequences inequality input values

ROMANIAN cel mai mare divizor comun (CMMDC) cel mai mare factor comun (CMMFC) reea grupa ci/cte presupune jumtate de or jumti mprire n dou greu/mai greu nlime nlime a unei figuri tridimensionale nlime a unui paralelogram nlime a unui dreptunghi nlime a unui triunghi heptagon hexagon mai nalt orizontal or ac al orelor tabel cu numere pn la 100 sute de mii de milioane sute locul sutelor sutimi icosaendre identifica identifica problema element de identitate pentru adunare element de identitate pentru nmulire rezultate imposibile fracie supraunitar inch (in) cretere iruri cresctoare Inecuaie / inegalitate valori de intrare
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH inside integer interior angles interpret interpret models intersect intersecting lines invalid approach inverse operations inverse property investigate irregular polygon irregular shape irrelevant information isosceles triangle justify K key sequence key to a graph kilogram (kg) kilometer (km) kite L label work language of logic (and, or, not) large/larger/largest last least common denominator (LCD) least common multiple (LCM) leg of a right triangle length less less than (<) lighter like (common) denominators likely line graph line segment line symmetry listen liter (l) logical reasoning

ROMANIAN nuntru numr ntreg unghiuri interioare interpreta interpreta modele intersecta drepte care se intersecteaz abordare invalid operaii inverse proprietate invers investiga poligon neregulat figur geometric neregulat informaii nerelevante triunghi isoscel justifica ir cheie cheie a unui grafic kilogram (kg) kilometru (km) patrulater circumscris caracteriza munca operatori logici (i, sau, nici) mare/mai mare/cel mai mare ultim cel mai mic numitor comun (CMMNC) cel mai mic multiplu comun (CMMMC) latura unui triunghi dreptunghic lungime mai mic mai mic dect (<) mai uor numitori (comuni) identici asemenea grafic de tip linie segment liniar simetrie a dreptei asculta litru (l) raionament logic
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH long/longer/longest longer longer than look for a pattern lower lowest terms (simplest form) M make a chart make a diagram make an organized chart make an organized list make conjectures make observations map legend map scale mass match mathematical statements mathematics mean measure measurement median mental math meter (m) metric system of measurement metric units of measure mile milliliter (ml) millimeter (mm) millions minuend minus minus sign minute minute hand mixed number mode money months of the year more more than (>) more/most morning

ROMANIAN lung/mai lung/cel mai lung mai lung mai lung dect identifica un model mai mic forma cea mai simpl face un grafic face o diagram face un grafic organizat face o list organizat emite ipoteze face observaii legenda unei hri scar a hrii mas potrivi enunuri matematice matematic medie aritmetic msur msurare median calcul mintal metru (m) sistem metric de msur uniti metrice de msur mil mililitru (ml) milimetru (mm) milioane desczut minus semn de scdere minut ac al minutelor numr mixt mod bani luni ale anului mai mult mai mult dect (>) mai mult/cel mai mult diminea
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH multiple multiple representations multiplicand multiplication multiplier multiplier multiply N negative number negative rational numbers next nickel night nine nonagon nonstandard measure nonstandard representations nonstandard units noon not equal to not equal to number number in words number line number sentence number system numeral numeration numerator numeric expression numeric patterns numerical problems numerically O objects objects created using technology obtuse angle obtuse triangle octagon octagon parallel lines odd number one-digit number ones

ROMANIAN multiplu reprezentri ale multiplilor denmulit nmulire nmulitor nmulitor nmuli numr negativ numere raionale negative urmtor 5 ceni noapte nou nonagon msuri non-standard reprezentri non-standard uniti non-standard amiaz nu este egal cu nu este egal cu numr numr in litere dreapt numeric enun numeric sistem numeric numeral sistem de numeraie numrtor expresie numeric modele numerice probleme numerice numeric obiecte obiecte create utiliznd tehnologia unghi obtuz triunghi obtuzunghic octogon laturi paralele ale unui octogon numr impar numr cu o cifr uniti
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH ones place open figure open sentence operation operational method/operation oral representations order order of operations ordinal number pair ordinal number organize organize work organized chart organized list origin ounce (oz) over P pan balance parabola parallel lines parallelogram part part-to-part ratio part-to-whole ratio pattern penny pentagon percent perimeter perpendicular lines personal references per unit rate physical models pi pictograph pictorial representations pint (pt) place value thousandths hundredths tenths ones tens

ROMANIAN poziia unitilor figur geometric deschis enun deschis operaie metod operaional/operaie reprezentri orale ordine ordine a operaiilor pereche a numrului ordinal numr ordinal organiza organiza lucrul grafic organizat list organizat origine uncie peste balan cu taler parabol linii paralele paralelogram parte raport parte-la-parte raport parte-la-ntreg model cent pentagon procent perimetru drepte perpendiculare referine personale rata pe unitate modele fizice pi grafic pictograma reprezentri grafice pint (pt) valoare poziional miimi sutimi zecimi uniti zeci
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH hundreds thousands ten thousands hundred thousands millions plane figure plot plus point poll polygon polyhedron positive number positive power of 10 positive rational numbers possible outcomes post meridian (p.m.) pound (lb) power power of 10 predict prediction prime factorizations prime number prism probability problem solving strategies act it out draw a graph draw a picture logical reasoning look for a pattern make a chart make a diagram make an organized chart make an organized list process of elimination solve a simpler problem trial and error use manipulatives work backwards write an equation

ROMANIAN sute mii zeci de mii sute de mii milioane figur geometric plan diagram plus punct sondaj poligon poliedru numr pozitiv putere pozitiv a lui 10 numere raionale pozitive rezultate posibile post meridian (p.m.) livr (lb) putere puterea lui 10 prevedea predicie descompuneri n factori primi numr prim prism probabilitate strategii de rezolvare a problemei utiliza reprezentri/obiecte desena un grafic desena o figur raionament logic identifica un model face un grafic face o diagram face un grafic organizat face o list organizat proces de eliminare rezolva o problem mai simpl ncercri succesive utiliza materiale didactice ajuttoare lucra invers scrie o ecuaie
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH process of elimination product proper fraction property protractor pyramid pythagorean theorem Q quadrangle quadrant quadrilateral quart (qt) quarter questions to challenge thinking to clarify thinking to elicit thinking to extend thinking quotient R radious random number randomly range rate ratio rational number rationale ray real number real world math real world situation reasonable estimates reasonableness reasonableness of a solution recognize rectangle reference frame regroup (regrouping) regular polygon regular polyhedron related facts related symbol relevant information

ROMANIAN proces de eliminare produs fracie subunitar proprietate echer piramid teorema pitagoreic patrulater cadran patrulater sfert de galon sfert ntrebri pentru a stimula gndirea pentru a clarifica gndirea pentru a solicita gndirea pentru a extinde gndirea ct radiant numr arbitrar arbitrar domeniu rat raport numr raional argumentare semidreapt numr real matematic aplicat situaie practic estimri logice logic logic a unei soluii identifica dreptunghi reper de referin regrupa (regrupare) poligon regulat poliedru regulat rezultate relaionate simboluri relaionate informaii relevante
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH remainder repeated addition repeated subtraction rhombus right angle rotation round a number rounding rule ruler S same sample space scale on a graph scale to measure mass Scalene triangle scientific notation seasons in relation to the months second sector semicircle set of data set of objects seven shape share shorter shorter than show side similar figures similar triangles similar triangles square similarities simplest form simplify an expression simplify fractions single event single-event experiment six sixths size skip count slide (translation)

ROMANIAN diferen adunri multiple scderi multiple romb unghi drept rotaie rotunji un numr rotunjire regul linie identic spaiu model scar a unui grafic scar de msur a masei triunghi scalen notaie tiinific anotimpurile n raport cu lunile secund sector semicerc mulime de date mulime de obiecte apte figur mpri mai scurt mai scurt dect arta latur figuri asemenea triunghiuri asemenea ptratul triunghiurilor asemenea asemnri form ireductibil simplifica o expresie simplifica fracii eveniment unic experiment cu eveniment unic ase esimi dimensiune sri numrarea glisare (translatare)
T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH small/smaller/smallest solid figure solution solution(s) solve solve a simpler problem some sort special case special case(s) speed sphere spring square square array square number square of a number square root of a number square unit standard measure standard notation standard representation standard representations standard units stern-and-leaf plot step graph straight angle strategies substitute substitution subtract subtraction subtraction fact subtraction sentence subtraction sign sum summer supplementary angles survey symbols symbols in verbal form symbols in written form ROMANIAN mic/mai mic/cel mai mic figur n spaiu soluie soluie(soluii) rezolva rezolva o problem mai simpl unii/unele sorta caz special caz(uri) speciale vitez sfer primvar ptrat tablou ptrat numr ptrat ptrat al unui numr rdcin ptrat a unui numr unitate ptrat msur standard notaie standard reprezentare standard reprezentri standard uniti standard diagram stern-and-leaf grafic n trepte unghi alungit strategii substitui substituire scdea scdere rezultat al scderii expresie de scdere semn de scdere sum var unghiuri suplimentare examina simboluri simboluri verbale simboluri scrise



T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH T table take away tall/taller/tallest tallies tally mark ten ten thousands tens tens place tenths term terminating decimal tessellation theorem third thirds thought process thousands thousandths three three-digit number three-dimensional figure tiling time to challenge thinking to clarify thinking to elicit thinking to extend thinking together ton translate trapezoid trial and error triangle true/false turn (rotation) two two-digit number two-dimensional figure types of representations ROMANIAN tabel elimina nalt/mai nalt/cel mai nalt marcaje marcaj zece zeci de mii zeci locul zecilor zecimi termen zecimal finit acoperire a planului cu forme care se repet teorem treime treimi proces de gndire mii miimi trei numr cu trei cifre figur tridimensional acoperire a planului cu forme care se repet timp pentru a stimula gndirea pentru a clarifica gndirea pentru a solicita gndirea pentru a extinde gndirea mpreun ton translata trapezoid ncercri succesive triunghi adevrat/fals rotaie doi numr cu dou cifre figur bidimensional tipuri de reprezentri



T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH U under understand unit unit fraction unit fractions unlike denominators unlikely use manipulatives V valid approach value variable Venn diagram verbal expression verbal form of reasoning verbal language verbal process verbal symbols verify claims of others verify results vertex vertical vertical angles vertices volume abordare valid valoare variabil diagram Venn expresie verbal form verbal de raionament limbaj verbal proces verbal simboluri verbale verifica afirmaiile celorlali verificare rezultate vrf vertical unghiuri opuse vrfuri volum ROMANIAN sub nelege unitate fracie unitar fracii unitare numitori diferii improbabil utiliza materiale didactice ajuttoare



T-7052 (Romanian)

MATH GLOSSARY Grades 3-5 ENGLISH W-Y-Z week whole whole number whole numbers whole unit width winter work backwards write an equation written form of reasoning written language written representations written symbols yard (yd) year zero zero as the identy element in addition zero property of addition zero property of multiplication ROMANIAN sptmn ntreg numr ntreg numere ntregi unitate ntreag lime iarn lucra invers scrie o ecuaie form scris de raionament limbaj scris reprezentri scrise simboluri scrise yard (yd) an zero zero ca element de identitate n adunare proprietatea de adunare cu zero a operaiei de adunare proprietatea de nmulire cu zero a operaiei de nmulire



T-7052 (Romanian)