Student Data:

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S den Da a
S den Info ma ion S den I-Ca d N mbe Ne o k ID Pawlowski, Christine Marie 651549137 pawlows1 pawlows1@illinois.edu 11/30/1989 Female Citi en White, non-Hispanic

Email Add e Bi h Da e Se Ci i en hip E hnici

P og am P og am Ph sical Education Unde g ad a e/G ad a e Undergraduate Sa in P og am P og am S a 9/23/2009 3/30/2010 Da e

Non Cert Admitted \ Accepted

Elementar Education Undergraduate

G ade Poin A e age GPA e m SP11 FA11 FA10 UIUC 3.860 3.870 3.843 C m la i e 3.874 3.872 3.862 Con en A ea 3.967 3.956 4.000 P ofe ional Ed. 3.967 3.956 4.000 G ad a e

* Undergraduate GPAs come directl from our DARS audit. An questions regarding our GPA should be directed to our college office.

Ce ifica ion Ce ifica ion Ti le Elementar (K-9) Sa Appl Da e Comple e Da e Deg ee Pe iod Ma

Active Applied 2/19/2012



Da e Clea ed 9/23/2009
https://www-s2.education.illinois.edu/intranet/formapp/v3/default.asp?form_id=212&action=view&rec 1/2



Student Data:



Da e Uploaded 8/12/2010 7/22/2011



l Te ing Da e Re l Scaled Sco e 269 251 283 Sco e 1 287 279 272 Sco e 2 283 300 291 Sco e 3 249 300 300 Sco e 4 260 250 264 Sco e 5 266 257 265 176 Sco e 6 Sco e 7


Elementar /Middle 02/11/2012 Passed Grade APT - Elementar Basic Skills 02/11/2012 Passed 06/06/2009 Passed

EFE A e men EFE Co e CI 406 C4 CI 405 B EFE P og am Elementar Education Elementar Education EFE G ade Le el 3 4th Grade EFE S bjec Ma e Language Arts, Reading, Spelling, Math, Ph sical Education Reading/Writing, Math EFE ho 311 43.5 EFE ecommenda ion Continue without reservation Continue without reservation

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