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Primary Election Day – April 3rd

Teachers Recommend
Jeanne Ellinport Fred Evans

Board of Education Candidates
District 2 District 2 Chris Barclay* District 4
Phil Kauffman


As a Board of Education member I will...

As a Board of Education member I will...

As a Board of Education member I will continue to...

As a Board of Education member I will continue to...

Make college and career readiness a reality for ALL students Continue improving student achievement especially at the secondary level Bring creativity and Imagination back into the classroom and allow our teachers to teach our children imagination and ingenuity, not simply how to take a test Continue to enhance staff and teacher training as we rollout new curriculum

Support our strong public school system through effective communication with local, state and federal representatives Make additional, and long lasting progress, to close the achievement gap among our student racial, ethnic, language & income groups Encourage a careful analysis of what has worked, what hasn’t, and what is missing in our schools, and initiate appropriate improvements

Eliminate the achievement gap. Improve student engagement by supporting enhanced teacher and staff training Engage families & community members to support student achievement Fight to maintain adequate funding to continue our success as a leading school system for ALL CHILDREN
* Candidates in this district race will only appear on the General Election ballot in November.

Ensure that our public schools remain among the best in the country by continuing to improve Produce graduates with essential 21st Century skills Provide students with opportunities to participate in athletics, arts, and extracurricular activities Give educators the support they need to inspire and engage students Provide fiscal accountability
Montgomery County Education Association

Authority: MSEA Fund For Children And Public Education; Terence Borneman, Treasurer