1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Open Word Document Title it Works Cited Create MLA entry for 1st resource Create at least 5 notecards for that source (if a short source, then only 3) Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each source On the bottom of each notcard list possible genre ideas

NoteCard Method Indicator Fact or Quote Subject Heading

Genre Ideas

Example #1 Micahels Family Life

His father was a barber. Charles talked about it in his comics

Genre Ideas: Comic Strip, Scrapbook

See 3 more examples on back side

Example #2 Micahels Loner

At high school “he felt underestimated by teachers, coaches, and peers. No one ever gave him credit for his drawing or superior golf games.” (3)

Genre Ideas: Dialogue, journal entry

Example #3 Micahels Loner

He always felt like no one loved him except his mom and dad.

Genre Ideas: Birthday Card, Scrapbook, Photo Album, 6 word Memoir



New type of strip; most mid-century comics had action, adventure, etc. Schulz drew the real feelings of his life and time. (1) “Charlie Brown was something new in comics: a real person, with a real psyche and real problems.” (2) The reader felt like they knew him. Genre Ideas: How-to Guide, Recipe, Advertisement, Review

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