Cross Curricular lesson on adjectives and baby animals.

After introducing babies and their mommies, using Is Your Mama a Llama? by Debora Guarino, choose one animal to put in the cage as a class. Use the cutouts provided or draw one on a large sticky note. Have students write sentences telling how the animal looks, moves or sounds and how it compares to its mom. Underline all the adjectives or adjective phrase. For example: A deer looks like is the color of desert sand. It has long wobbly legs. It runs fast and stands very still when in danger. Its mom looks just like it but is much bigger and stronger. Glue the deer down in the blank space or have students draw a baby deer. Glue the cage on top like a flap or put the sticky note cage on top. The next day, have students choose a baby animal. Repeat the above; but students will work independently.

Name: ________________________ What’s In the Cage?

_____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

baby elf owls

baby gila monster

baby horned lizard

baby camel and mom

baby diamondback rattlesnake

baby coyote

Baby jackrabbit

baby desert tortoise

baby javeline

Mom and baby bat

mom and baby mule deer

mom and baby mountain lion

Baby bobcat with mom

kangaroo rat

mom and baby black bear

Baby red tailed hawk

mom hawk

baby cactus wren

Baby woodpecker

mom woodpecker

mom and baby roadrunner

Baby collared lizard

mom and baby scorpions

baby tarantulas

baby black widow spiders dove

mom and baby quail

mom and baby mourning