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Kemetic Alphabet

Kemetic Alphabet

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Published by: cfears on Mar 18, 2012
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Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Alphabet

Letter A A B Mtu Ntr Represents vulture forearm foot Sound Explanation a t, ba t, a bout, a Use the vulture for the a sounds in words like at and cross bat or about and across a ble, ma ke b oy, b all Use the forearm for the a sound in words like able and make Use the foot for the b sound in words like boy and ball



c andy, Basket, Hillside c aramel

Use either the basket or the hillside for the hard c (k) sound in words like candy and caramel


folded cloth hobble rope hand

nic e, c ent ch ur ch, ch oose d elta, d ime

Use the folded cloth for the soft c (s ) sound in words like nice and cent Use the hobble rope for the ch sound in words like church and choose Use the hand for the d sound in words like delta and dime Use the two reed leaves for the long e sound in words like reed, read, and Mary

two reed leaves ree d, rea d, Mary vulture horned viper pot stand cobra shelter

ea rn, ov er, e lf, be Use the vulture for the e sound in words like earn and t over or elf and bet f ar, f ort g irl, g o G eorg e, g entle h it, wh o, wh y Use the horned viper for the f sound in words like far and fort Use the pot stand for the hard g sound in words like girl and go Use the cobra for the soft g (j) sound in words like George and gentle Use either the shelter or the rope for the h sound in words like hit, who, why and behind

Ch ris Use either the basket or hillside for the k (hard c) sound in words like kite.rope I J reed leaf cobra basket K hillside open mouth L or l ate. boa t. ph one Use the vulture for the o sounds in words like cot. Chris. O quail chick o pen. j inx Use one reed leaf for both the short and long i sounds like in words bit and bite Use the cobra for the j sound in words like jam and jinx . crum b n ile. and school bi t. phone. back. Oliver. bou ght p et. hot and bought Use the stool for the p sound in words like pet and pond Use the horned viper for the ph sound in words like fax. open and boat. cat. hoo t. and Phoenix Use the quail chick for the o sound in words like moon and hoot. soo t. or soot and foot Use the owl for the m sound in words like mud and crumb Use the water for the n sound in words like nile and bone Use the open mouth or lion for the l sound in words like late and loaf C at. ba ck. foo t O P PH vulture stool horned viper O liver. bi te j am. ho t. p ond F ax. bon e moo n. l oaf lion M N owl water m ud.

where and what W quail chick wh ere. gu ll. fu ll. qu ick Combine the basket (k) and the quail chick (w) to make the qu (kw) sound in words like queen and quick Use the open mouth for the r sound in words like rain or crown R RA open mouth r ain. cow. ray. Barbara. wh at . bo th th e. cov er w ind. cats sh ip. pieces and cats Use the lake for the sh sound in words like ship. both er cu t. let th rough. mach ine t ell. pu ll reed leaf + quail chick U + mu le. fue l Combine one reed leaf and the quail chick to make the long u sound in words like mule and fuel V horned viper v ideo. Sh ine. cr own the sun RE S SH T TH TH folded cloth lake bread loaf cow's belly (unknown) drama. cow.Q + basket + quail chick qu een. piece. Use the folded cloth for the s (soft c) sounds in words like house. Use the horned viper for the v sound in words like video and cover Use the quail chick for the w sound in words like wind. gull and utter or full and pull U quail chick u tter. brave Use the sun for the ra and re sounds in words like drama and Barbara or ray and brave house. shine and machine Use the bread loaf for the t sound in words like tell and let Use the cow's belly for the th sound in words like through and both Use this Mtu Ntr for the th sound found in words like the and bother Use the quail chick for the u sound in words like cut.

pieces. X avier. box and Xavier . combine the basket (k) and the folded cloth (s) to make the x (ks) sound in words like extra. and boys Marry. cray on Use one reed leaf for the y sound in words like yellow. box. Use the door bolt for the z sound in words like Zebra. easy and Yvonne y ellow.basket X + + folded cloth Y reed leaf Double reed leaf Y or double strokes Z door bolt Z ebra. you and crayon ex tra. easy Use two reed leaves or double strokes for the y (long e) sound in words like Marry. X erox. yankee. pieces. boys Xerox. please. please.

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